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Abilene Reporter News (Newspaper) - January 2, 1974, Abilene, Texas Z\)t Abilene Reporter"WITHOUT OR WITH OFFENSE TO FRIENDS OR FOES WE SKETCH YOUR WORLD EXACTLY AS IT GOES"—Byron 93RD YEAR, NO. 199 PHONE 673-4271 ABILENE, TEX., 79604. WEDNESDAY MORNING, JANUARY 2, 1974—TWENTY-SIX PAGES IN THREE SECTIONS Associated Prest (ZP) Its cold, but tradition is tradition Frigid temperatures didn’t stop Luther Marr, 70, of Abilene from taking a dip into the water at Lake Fort Phantom Hill Tuesday. Temperature during his afternoon trip to the lake was 30 degrees while a 12 mile per hour wind brought the chill factor to 13 degrees. Hubby Prefers Jail Over Wife's Fury Donning a pair of skis. Luther Marr once again carried out his personal tradition of skiing at the local lake on New Year's Day. Marr, who says he’s the first member of the American Skiing Assn. from Abilene. began his tradition 17 years ago. Septuagenarian Luther Marr emerged trom his latest year-opening splash dripping wet but as hale as ever. Besides being a one-time professional skier, Marr is a former professional calf roper and bronco buster. (Staff Photos bv John Besti A 20-year-old man spent New Year's Eve in jail, courtesy of the people of Abilene. and the whole thing was his own idea. He came into the police station about 11:30 p.m. Monday, lugging a stereo tape deck and alx»ut two dozen tapes, confessing that he'd taken them when he burglarized an Abilene home. He was lodged in the t ty jail for the night and released Tuesday morning pending further investigation. PAGE ONE BY KATHARYN DUFF Milton Bishop, staffer in the physical restoration department at West Texas Uehabilitation Center, expressed what might be termed the post-middle-age attitude toward the changing of calendar: “Isn’t it strange how the days can be so long.. .and the years so short?” * * * Now begins a new one and the annual struggle to remember the dating when >ou write checks. You will have it down pat before long. In a January you write enough checks to iearn. It is a year that corresponds in the arrangement of days to 18(11 when the nation began a war and to 1918 when we ended one and to 1929 when the stock market went thataway and to 1935 when it did not rain much It corresponds, too, to 1946 which was a good year when peace was glittery new. The year 1974 of the Christian na comprises the latter part of the 198th and the beginning of the 199th year of the Independence of the United States of America, matching the year (1687 of the Julian Period, according to the almanac. Spring will begin this year at 6:06 p.m. March 20. 'Ihat is standard time and if you want to convert it to the DST that will soon be in effect feel tree to dc so. There will be two Fridays the 13th. one in September and another in December Washington’s Birthday will be celebrated on Feb. 18. a Monday so some can have a long holiday weekend. Poor old boy, the way his birthday drifts around the calendar. Columbus has a like pioblem. His birthday will be marked on Oct. 14. Easter is mid-April, the "first Sunday after the first full moon that falls on or next after the vernal equinox” being Sunday the 14th. Jefferson Davis’ birthday will fall on a Monday, first one in June, but nobody will pay it much mind. Lyndon B. Johnson’s birthday, Tuesday. Aug. 27 is now a legal Texas holiday. however. Independence Day is on a Thursday. And if you really want to look ahead, Christmas next is at mid-week, a Wednesday. jfav all the days be happy! Many stalled this year with football. Iou of football. Among the traditional New Year s football-watching parties was the one hosted by Texas AAM parents. This year the gathering to view bowl games, one after another. was at the Max Fergus home. Mrs. Hay Weber, who is a nurse in the Hendrick emergency ward. was one of the hostesses She was also the one who prepared and mailed the invitations. The invites had to go out during the busy days around Christmas. Mrs. Weber was busy at the hospital and at home and she did the invitations in a hurry She found out she was in too much of a hurry when the phone began to ring. A&M parents asking more details on exactly what sort of a party was planned. She discovered she had somehow got an extra “e” in the word “bowl.” I .ater. police learned the tape deck and tapes actually belonged to him. He'd had a fight with his wife, lost his job. and wanted a place to spend the night. The man later retrieved his property from the police station vault. Inside Today Stock Market Averages Given A year-end stock market roundup, showing the final averages for all New York and American Stock Exchange listings and mutual funds appears on Pg. 6-8A Weary Golda Meir huddles with Labor advisers to weigh close election results in Israel. The right wing claims its improved showing proves Israelis ore in no mood for concessions to the Arabs. Pg. 10A. Amusements .......... 2A Astrology ............. 2A Bridge    BA Classified.........6-9C Comics    SC Dr. Lamb ......... BA Editorials    BA Form    11A Markets    6-lA Obituaries    I    OC Snorts    I    -BC Sylvia Porter    BA Today in History    BA TV Log    2A TV Scout    2A Women's News    2,    3B 1st Baby Was Meant To Come Last Year R\ STEVE MONK Reporter-News Staff Writer Young Brian Scott Hurtless didn’t quite make it in urn lo tx1 a 1973 tax deduction, but his father says the blow will Im* softened by the gifts Brian will get tor being Abilene’s first baby of 1974. Brian, an 8-|>ound. 2-ounce, 21-iuch boy. vva-* u h ii at a:25 a.m. Tuesday at Dyess AKB Hospital to Cant. and Mrs. Robert Scott Harness. Though the mother was not available for comment Tuesday morning, the father, a bomber pilot with tho 337th Bomb Squadron at Dyess, was all smiles. “WE HAD PLANNED to have a tax exemption for 1973.” Uapt. Harness said. “but this is just fine. We really appreciate the interest.*’ Despite being a clay or two late, Capt. Hurtless said the baby could have done worse. “At least I got to watch the iSugar Bowl! football game before Sue started labor.” Young Brian will receive mans gifts. Merchants partkapaUng in the contest and gifts include Mart Dee Maternity Shop, a baby blanket; White Store, Inc., a baby car seal; K-.Mart Food, one case of baby food; Citizens National Bauk, savings account; Montgomery Ward. .Mo roe rehandle cert in* cate; ('ayless Cashway s. large solid pine toy chest, Gandy’s, 30 quarts of milk at on - quart a day OTHERS ARE G. C. Murphy Co., which will donate an infant carrier; Borden Inc., a 520 mil!* supply; WfSlern Mobil IIji u lac., table lamp; Gibson’s, bottle sterilizers; Clark’s, Plavtex nurser kit: The Shoe Tree, new shoes. Mack Fplen. dinner tor toe parents; Sears, $15 gift certificate: West Texas Utilities Co., a gift to be announced at a later date. Last year's winners were twins bern to Highway Patrolman and Mrs. Charles Poe, w ho now live in Eastland Riderless Cycle Kills 2 EL PASO, Tex. (AP) - A Juarez, Mexico, policeman and stunt rider fell from his motorcycle in the Sun Carnival parade Tuesday and the riderless cycle raced ahead. .striking spectators packed along the street. Two were killed and up to 20 injured. Witnesses said the group of Juarez, stunt riders led the parade. One sought to stand up on his machine but fell backward to the pavement. The witnesses said the motorcycle. then going only 3 to 4 miles an hour, speeded up and traveled halt a block before plunging into the massed crowd on El Paso's principal thoroughfare. Montana Street The crowd was so packed that the spectators could not flee One of the dead was identified as Mrs. Soledad Cambio, 66. of El Paso. Her chest was crushed. The other victim was Juan Eugenio Esparza, 8, believed from Juarez. Thomason General Hospital reported 16 injured brought there. Some were taken to other hospitals. Juarez is just across the Rio Grande from El Paso. Although there was blood in the street, the parade continued and spectators remained in their places. The njured were crowded into ambulances and police patrol cars for the trip to the hospitals. PII Paso is at the most western point in Texas. The carnival draws spectators and participants from throughout the Southwest. This was the 49th annual Sun Carnival, each of which last> for about two weeks. The Sun Bowl is one of the features. The parade on New Year's day traditionally ends the carnival The Juarez stunt rider whose motorcycle got away from him. apparently when it unexpectedly back-fired, was later identified as Jose Antonio Segovia. 37. He is a Juarez motorcycle patrolman. Segovia collapsed while running after the runaway motorcycle and was rushed to a Juarez hospital. Others among the injured included*. Brisa Sosa. 8. Juarez, critical condition. Larisa Sosa, 6. Juarez, serious. Roanne Rodriguez, 7, El Paso, minor injuries. Desene Rodriguez. 9, El Paso, minor injuries. Nancy Mendoza, 13, El See PARADE, Pg. 12A. Cal. 8 Panhandle Braces for Snow Bv THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Warnings Of heavy snows were posted for the Texas Panhandle Tuesday. Two inches were on the ground and forecasters said as much as six inches may accumulate through Wednesday. A winter storm watch also was ordered for the South Plains and some snow was expected over much of West Texas and in the Red River Valiev. Travelers were advised that the snow area extended to the west. north and east. Temperatures hung around 12 degrees in the upper a nit middle Panhandle and were above freezing only in the southern portions ut the state. The Weather Service reported gusts of high winds in the snow region and the blowing snow reduced visibility and caused drifts. Temperatures dropped as low as lo degrees at Marfa early Tuesday, with Dalhart and Amarillo reporting 12. Dallas and Fort Worth recorded 18. The freeze line at dawn stretched as far south as Alice and Del Rio. The 14 degrees at .Midland set a record there tor any Jan. I. Outside the snow area, skies generally were clear but imparted little warmth. The See SNOW. Pg. 12A, Cot t Quite calm about it Brian Scott Hartless doesn’t seem overly excited aboul being Abilene’s first baby of 1974, but his mother, Mrs. Robert Scott Harness seems to approve. Brian was born at 5:25 a m. Tuesday at Dyess AFB Hospital His lather pilot with the 337th Bomb Squadron. (U.S. Air Force is a Photo bv 2nd Lt. Larry Burriss) ;

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