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Abilene Reporter News (Newspaper) - February 23, 1974, Abilene, Texas Abilene Reporter ~"WITHOUT OR WITH OFFENSE TO FRIENDS OR FOES WE SKETCH YOUR WORLD EXACTLY AS IT GOES"—Byron 3 STAR FINAL 93RD YEAR, NO. 251 PHONE 673-4271ABILENE. TEX., 79604. SATURDAY MORNING, FEBRUARY 23. 1974 FORTY PAGES IN FOUR SECTIONS Associated Prest (ZP)Gas-Crippled States to Get Substantial Aid WASHINGTON (AP) - The federal Energy office ordered increased gasoline supplies totaling over 326 million gallons for February to 26 states and the District of Columbia on Friday night. This total increase included previous increases of 86.72 million gallons and therefore represented an additional increased totaling 239.75 million gallons.Most of the states had previously been assigned increases in their supplies, but South Carolina was added to the list and all others received further increases. Energy chief William E. Simon told reporters the new gasoline should begin flowing to service .stations very quickly, in some cases immediately, and should alleviate the long lines at .service stations which have plagued some areas. Simon also said the Fede-ral Energy Of:ice was working with all states to improve re porting systems and to allow greater equalization of gasoline supplies in March and the following months. Here is the list of increases issued Friday night by the FEO comparing each state's basic available supply for February, and its previous increase and Friday's revision: Alabama, basic supply 104.7 million gallons, plus 5.24 million, now increased to 10.48 million gallons. Arizona 73.1 million, plus 3.66 million increased to 7.32 million. Connecticut 81.3 million, plus 1.75 million now increased to 8.8 million. Delaware 20.3 million, plus 400.000, now increased to 2 million. District of Columbia 16 6 million, plus 300.000. now increased to 1.7 million. Florida 293.2 million, plus 5.86 million now increased to 17.59 million. Illinois 3136 million, plus 6.27 million now increased to 31.4 million. Indiana 166.4 Million, plus 3.33 million now increased to 16.6 million. Kentucky 103.5 million, plus 2.1 million now increased to 10.4 million. Maine 34.1 million, plus 680.000 now increased to 3.4 million. Maryland HO I million, plus 2.2 million now increased to ll million. Massachusetts 166.2 million, plus 3.21 million now in creased to 16.2 million Mississippi 78 7 million, plus 1.57 million now increased to 7.9 million. Missouri 155.2 million. [)lus 3.1 million now increased to 15.5 million. Nevada 19.2 million, plus 960,600 now increased to 1.92 million. New Hampshire 19.6 million, plus 980.000 now increased to 1.96 million. New Jersey 212.4 million, plus 10.62 million now increased to 21.24 million. New York 402 million, plus 8 million now increased to 40.9 million. North Carolina 171.9 million, plus 3.42 million now increased to 17.2 million. Oregon 67.7 million, plus 3.39 million now increased to 6.78 million Pennsylvania 305.3 million, plus 6.11 million now increased to 30.5 million. Rhode Island 29 3 million, See INCREASES, Pg. 12A, Cfi. 5 'They Frightened Me/ Says Freed Editor B) BILLIE BROWN Associated Press Writer ATLANTA. Ga. iAPi - Atlanta Constitution Editor Reg Murphy, ransomed by his newspaper for $700,000, returned home unharmed Friday night and said he was kid-naped by people who say they want to ••straighten out the damn liberal press and then straighten out our government.” Just another guy, Pg. 12A Reunited with family Atlanta Constitution Editor Reg Murphy and his family outside his home Friday night shortly alter his release are Murphy, his daughters, Karen. IT, and Susan, 12, Wirephoto) know. I of know-of them nilled to th** overthrow oi chat they called the federal government. “They tell me that all the \mencan government is cor-upt, the federal government, date and local government. “You ask me it I'm sure of he authenticity of this. The answer is no. I don don t have any wav ing I never heard before ” The FBI said there were no arrests in the case •Our efforts so far have liven directed toward getting Mr. Murphy back safely." address newsmen and friends by kidnapers. From the left and his wife, Virginia. (AP '.ml Special Agent Richard Hamilton. "And we have no tut t h e r comment at this time.” \ltei speaking at hts home, Murphy departed with FBI agents! apparently to brief them on his experiences. H-SU Budget Hike Okayed; Trustees Boost Tuition Hardin-Simmons University trustees Friday approved a budget increase of 8.3 per cent and raised tuition from $35 to $39 a semester hour The c u r r e n t budget of $3,828,387 was increased to $4,145,872. Trustees also voted to eliminate the $25 activity fee which has been charged each semester in the past to all students taking nine hours or more of course work. and to replace it with a general fee of $2.50 per semester hour for all students There will be in* changes in other fees “WE ARI. still very much in line with what other colleges are doing." Troy Acmes of Littlefield, chairman of the board’s Budget Committee, assured the trustees. H SU President Dr. Elwin Skiles. in explaining th*' ne cessity for both the budget and tuition increases, said that “universities are not exempt from the consequences of the inflationary movements in th* economy.” 'The extremelv high increases iii the cost of goods and services must he met with additional revenue,’’ he said. “While larger endowment income and increased sup port through unrestricted gifts Groundbreaking, Pg. 2A are of great assistance ti* us. we find it necessary to increase tuition to the point where it will be on a par with other local colleges.” He added that the university will continue to work with ail students to design suitable plans of linancial aid. “In addition to all programs of aid to students as funded bv federal and stat** governmental agencies, this new budget includes almost $200,000 in university scholarships and grantvin-aid,” he said. Ill VOTED that 57 2 per cent of the budget increase will bring "substantial increases" in salaries on the campus. "These increases will be See ll si FROES, Pg. WA, Col. I Inside Todoy Farah Strike Pact Rumored A report that Farah Manufacturing Co. and clothing workers had reached agreement to end a two-year strike is strengthen-S company and representatives. ed by union pg the 2A Barbara Ann Allen becomes the U S Navy s f|rst woman aviator in wmg-p.n-*ng ceremonies at Corpus Christi Naval Air Station where she completed several months of flight train ing Pg. SA lf happiness is having a MI tank of gasoline, there are a lot of unhappy mo- tomts en the Lower Rio Grande Vail ey. Pg. IB. Amusements 5B Astrology 12C Bridge 12C Church News 6.7C C ossified 2-7D Comics MC Editorials 4A Form ID.SD Morkets lo,ne Obituaries 5C Oil ha Sports *>•*«** 1-4C Todoy in History IIC TV Log 48 TV Scout 4,51 Women's New* LIB Murphy had been kidnaped Wednesday night bv a group which called itself the "American Revolutionary Army,” a previously unheard-of right wing extremist organization. The 40-year-old editor said his abductors included four men and a woman. Ile said he was forced to wear tape over his eyes and kept bound and locked in the trunk of a car much of the nearly 50 hours he was held captive. “It is important for them to know they didn’t vs in a big victory,” Murphy told a crowd of about 200 newsmen and neighbors who gathered on the lawn of his two-story brick house to welcome him home. "They frightened me very badly. They frightened my family.’’ Murphy said, standing with his arms around his wife and two teen-age daughters. Lisa Swanson, left, of Breckenridge and Bonnie Blakley of McAllen, right, combine with M. L. (Boss) Smith ol Jacksboro to turn a shovel of dirt during the groundbreaking ceremonies Friday for the $1.3 million 4-H Center on Lake Brownwood. Miss Swanson is vice chairman and Blakley is chairman of the Texas 4-H Council. Smith is the first person to enter Texas 4-H. doing so iii 1908 in Jacksboro. (Staff Photo by Don Blakley) 4-H Leaders Break Ground For Lake Brownwood Center By JAMES BOYETT Reperter-News Staff Writer BROWNWOOD - Texas 4-H leaders from throughout the state Friday gathered in Brownwood for the groundbreaking for a SI.3 million 4 11 Center on Lake Brownwood. 'Hie center is being built on a scenic 78-acre peninsula overlooking Lake Brownwood. with Herman Bennett Co. of Brownwood in charge of construction. THE DAY’S activities began under cover at Chisholm’* Restaurant i n Brownwood. The. dignitaries were welcomed to Brownwood and Brown County by Mayor VV. T. Harlow and County Judge James Bunnell. T. Louis Austin Jr., chairman of the Texas 4-H Foundation, acted as master of ceremonies for the event. Dr. H. O. Kunkel, dean of agriculture at Texas AAM University, commended the 4-H for “intensive efforts to assist with the 4-H Center” and for generating statewide interest in the project. Views of what the center will mean were presented by Ronnie Blakley of McAllen, chairman of the Texas 4-H Council; Mrs. Floyd Terrell of Hale County, 4-H adult leader; and Dr. John E. Hutchison, director, Texas Agricultural Extension Service at College Statius Blakley said the center will give 4-H a place to hold county. district and state leadership workshops anti and a place where the 4-H members can gather and work toward a common goal. HILLSBOROUGH. Calif. (APi An additional $4 million in free food to the needy in California was pledged on Friday by the Hearst Corp. on the condition that Patricia Hearst is first released unharmed by her terrorist kidnapers. The pledge, issued at an afternoon news conference by San Francisco Examiner publisher Charles Gould, concluded with this statement: "No other funds will be committed by the corporation or (Hearst) foundation under any circumstances.” As Gould spoke, a $2 million program set up by Patricia’s father to feed the poor begat Mrs. Terrell said the center will provide a place for a retreat for adult leaders throughout the state and a place where leaders can discuss problems and solutions. “A good leader doesn’t develop iii isolation.’’ Mrs. Terrell said. Hutchison said he simply See CENTER, |»g. 12A. Col. 4 handing out fresh meat, milk and produce in four California cities. The food    distribution was slightly delayed in Oakland. and    was    temporarily suspended when a few persons in a crowd estimated at 5,000 Itegan throwing milk cartons. Patricia’s father, Randolph A. Hearst, introduced Gould to a news conference after saying the demand by the Syni-bionese Liberation Army for the extra $4 million in free food "is far beyond my financial capability. Therefore, the matter is    now    out of my hands.” Gould said the Hearst Corp. "is prepared to contribute to People in Need $4 million for Less than three hours earlier. Atlanta Constitution Managing Editor Jim Minter dropped the ransom money at the end of a highway whic h stops in a lonely, sparsely inhabited area about 30 miles north of Atlanta. When Murphy returned home, he spoke briefly with newsmen outside, then went inside for a shower. He reap* pea red still unshaven and wearing a dark blue raincoat. His wife. Virginia had tears in her eyes. “I don’t have any kind of speech.” Murphy said "I have kind words for my wife. who thev tell me is a brave human being.’’ Then Murphy discussed his kidnapers. “About the \merican Revolutionary Army,” he said. * I don’t know enough to tell you all the details. It is a group of 223 members and six colonels who operate throughout the United States. They are com- Pledged a food distribution program for the poor and needy, provided Patricia Hearst is released unharmed.” Gould said $2 million would beprovided "immediately upon her release and $2 million will be contributed in January 1975. This January payment will be evidenced by a binding agreement with People in Need." Hearst, who is editor of the family-owned Examiner, had hoped the $2 million program he announced would .satisfy the demands of his 20-year-old daughter’* kidnapers. But on See GIVEAWAY, Eg. I2A, COL $ BLAKLI Y THANKED the board for its leadership and support iii obtaining the new 4-H ( enter -.......... ....... ——     -A. Additional $4 Million of Free Food Conditionally * ;

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