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Abilene Reporter News (Newspaper) - February 10, 1974, Abilene, Texas HPjtt lHbtlme Reporter 'WITHOUT OR WITH OFFENSE TO FRIENDS OR FOES WE SKETCH YOUR WORLD EXACTLY AS IT GOES" By ron 93RD YEAR, NO. 238 PHONE 673-4271 ABILENE, TEX., 79604, SUNDAY MORNING. FEBRUARY IO, 1974—SEVENTY-SIX PAGES IN FIVE SECTIONS 25c SUNDAY -Fie State Sale* TaiFord: Increased Jobless Benefit Plan in Works DETROIT (AP) - The Nixon administration will ask for special assistance to areas of high unemployment to allow workers losing their jobs to receive benefit checks for 39 weeks instead of the present 26, Vice President Gerald R. Ford said Saturday night. In an effort to ease the increasing impact of the energy crisis, Ford said the ad ministration also would seek to broaden the scope of unemployment programs to allow workers in areas such as agri-culture to collect benefit checks if they are laid off. Ford said the new provisions being proposed bv the administration to allow out-of-work persons to receive benefits for nine months instead of six w ould apply to persons los ing their jobs for any reason, provided they are covered by the programs. Ford, who spoke at a Republican fund-raising dinner, did not make a new announcement in saying the administration would seek these new programs. President Nixon has said it previously, and there currently is in effect legislation that allows state and fed eral government to give workers 39 weeks unemployment in certain cases Nixon's proposed 1975 fiscal budget, sent to Congress last .Monday, noted that another 13 weeks unemployment, above the regular 26-week limit, can be paid if the national insured unemployment rate is above 4.5 per cent. It also can be paid if a state s insured unem ployment rate is above four per cent and also 20 per cent higher than it had been in the two previous years. And Nixon said emergency legislation in effect until March of this year allows states to suspend the 20 per cent provision. 'I'he insured unemployment rate cited by Nixon is the number of unemployed work ers who are covered by unemployment insurance. Nixon also said on Feb. I. iii his annual economic report, that he would submit “additional unemployment insurance amendments to extend the duration of benefits and expand coverage in labor market areas that have large increases in unemployment " There has iieen speculationIntent.. . .. . emphatic . . .. . . expounding the administration might alter provisions allowing the additional unemployment compensation in such a way that a locality with high unemployment might he eligible before the state-wide unemployment figures reach the trigger level. Folds announcement that tile administration would seek to expand unemployment coverage to agriculture also is not new Nixon submitted to Congress last April 12 a proposal to establish minimum federal standards for unemploy ment compensation and to extend coverage to 135,000 farm workers. Ford did not .specify exactly what the administration would propose. Rut he said at a press conference that the program to insure the extra ll weeks benefits would not require additional legislation. Asked what such a program would cost, Ford said he hadn’t seen figures, but he understood "that the experts think such a program would be needed only until about July I.” Ile said he expected the worst economic problems from the energy crisis to ease by then. Ford said the administration's program would include all covered workers who lose their jobs, “regardless of whether their job loss was caused by the energy crisis.” On another subject. Ford told his audience that if the Arab oil embargo is not ended soon, "we may have no alternative than to have gasoline rationing. ” Ford said that "the country as a whole is not going to have a recession. We are going through a period of economic readjustment based on tile energy crisis. • Rut once we’re over it. in the next month or two, I think you ll see economic conditions improving around the country.” Truck Strike End in Sight ^TN°i7 MA    VB    VB ll*    Hawaii Tour As Csryofis Resume Roll 1119    to Be in june By THE ASSfKTATEl) PRUSS showed truck traffic' in Indi- six per cent surcharge on The Reporter News on Cargoes of meat from the    ana. Illinois and Michigan at    freight rates independent driv-    jounces i wi sponsor a Midwest and produce from the    about 80 to 90 per cent of nor-    **r* receive for their cargo and    *our ot Hawaii June 13- South began rolling toward the    mal on Saturday.    guarantees of all the diesel    24. Pg. 20A. N o r t h e a s t Saturday amid    And    he    said    “even    in    the    fuel they need.    dova/ growing indications the IO- states where the slowdown has    Bnnegar,    federal    labor-ener-    ' "LJWs come nome a day-old strike by independent    been most critical, truck    K> expert W. J. Usery Jr. and    year ago Monday. But truckers would be largely over    movements today are reported    other mediators continued on    some will never be comby Monday.    to be approaching normal.”    Saturday    their efforts to per-    pletely    free from the tor- Transportation Secretary    There    continued to be sigm-    suade drivers to climb back in    underwent.    Pg. Claude S. Bnnegar said iii    ficant pockets of resistance to    118s They were having    25A. Washington that reports being    accepting the proposed strike    some significant success. compiled by the government    .settlement, which includes a    The    Fraternal Association of    Lawrence Welk, who'll ap- ------  _    ..... ...... steel Haulers, which claims to    Peor March 8, says .    represent one-fifth of the na-    his musical family and Q    ^    kxl______   _    tinn’s estimated 500.000 truck-    h,s persona! family are tr I Cf    Pl □IU GS InIP ■■    recommended its mem-    same.    Pg    IB. wmm    ■ I w TY    accep( the proposed settlement. Steel haulers locals    Abl!*** Events Calendar .    21 H rn    •    AI • f    bogan voting Saturday, and aJSTmSUmB' 7/1 *? i/imviam a hiaI    mosl r,‘i,"r'i,i~ wem aion*    w.,m..........4* tiUIUWUI IUI I    IC?    I    with their leaderships recom-    ■•* Country Calendar ..... 31 mendations. But one steel     24A AUSTIN i AP) — Dr. Marlin be unwise ,« niter,up, the tun-    'aTr^nt" L Brockette of Austin was stiiutional convention unless    WT „    ^ Saturday Crossword Fusile .. .    21a appointed stale education there is a real necessity... nn(Lman. ;    IditariaU    ......... aa commissioner Saturday, effec-    Brocket* has been deputy    rf    hLTTkw*    ,!f he* under*iwd Gw^lfclph commissioner sinee May I. ers. one of dozens of loosely    TA he understood Gov    1970. He joined the Texas Edu-    organized houds of indeDen-    Jumble Fui*lt    ISA Briscoe s door is still open    cation Agene, in 19(17 as a'- S d7i    *2htoe {SS**?    H    MA for a special legislative SCS-    tom    rn    ironer for re    wnicn    nave    Obituaries ........ 15C cion on aid for financially    mm ant tflmmissionei im ie-    sprung up overnight, had vol-    Oil    TC Sion on ala un    gional education services    r{J tn aiP#nt lh agreement    *««ordim«    ll strapped school districts^    Hr was superintendent of Hayes K an XI of the    ""    *—    " Brockette (db is now depul>    S(h,Ml|s at Htl^bo>u from 1954    "“I    6    %£    ‘iff No^maiTTSlmmLtoner    1    f    £«"«*    f"’"‘    Some    scattered    acts    of    Mo-    T....    JA {W- ™gaH    TS    »    " tewherTif tJilford ut lme <'"",im‘ed    •*    "P"1'    J. ZZmLm, UA fitly The State Board of Edit- . ,9:l4____ _ See PRODUCE, Pg. HA. ( el. I Worn.-, Nm    Cud cation stood and applauded as it unanimously chose Brock- ■ ■    Pf    |%|    I    P    ■ HsHuus Hearst Fiance Pledges Not districts, many of them faced    ^0 ^    »>'    SUSAN    SWARU    way after that." Weed said as ley apartment In the one let- lion.^ will be^addressed."    Associated Press Writer    he talked with reporters,    ter received from the group Briscoe, who has exclusive    BERKELEY, Calif. (AP) —•    flanked by Miss Hearst s par-    ^ys far ,t san! the I ntversity authoritv to call a special ses-    ^e fiance of kidnaped news-    enty, Mr. and Mrs Randolph    ()f california student was alive sion. has met repeatedly with    PaP*r heiress Patricia Hearst    A. Hearst. Weed added:    and m good health school men and legislates on promised Saturday night that    And I hope the leadership    Weed, his right eve extreme- the problems, Brockette said.    nellhei' he nor Miss Hearst    of the Symbiont* Army, I    lv |>|o0(|.slM)l recounted the “The door, as I understand    would make any effort to    iio|)e they ll t>elievp that, for    events that transpired the it, is still open to such a con-    prosecute hei kidnapers if she    the following reason.    night he opened the door of sideration,” Brockette told re-    is released unharmed    "lf    it turns oui that she isn t    Miss Hearst s apartment and porters.    Steven Weed. 26. his face    released unharmed ... or if we    two armed men rushed in and Charles Purnell, Briscoe's    still discolored from a beating    are forced to testify, I think    grabbed the screaming young executive assistant, said “the    he received at the hands of    that would seriously jeopard-    woman. They tossed Miss door is never closed to a ses-    the kidnapers last Monday    ize any future negotiations of    Hearst in the trunk or a car sion that is needed and can be    night, appeared on the porch    that sort that might have to    and fled in a hail of bullets, productive. But as of now, I of the Hearst family home come up.”    ..Thev were very mjutai*is- don’t think the governor is    Saturday night.    The    radical    Symbionese Lib-    tic,” he said. "They had it .so convinced a special session    * If Patty is unharmed, nei-    oration Army has claimed res-    well planned that they needed woi^d be appropriate in this    ther Patty nor myself will be    possibility for the kidnaping of    to say almost nothing’(to each situation. It obviously would 4 involved in the case iii any r Miss Hearst from her Berke- ^ other*. ” Texas Among States That Will (let Additional Gas WASHINGTON (AP) -Additional gasoline supplies, beyond those originally allocated, will be shipped to 12 Mates seriously hit by the fuel shortage, while reduced shipments will be sent to IO oth-eis, energy chief William E. Simon said Saturday. Si mo nsaid that the redistribution will not increase overall supplies but "should pro-y ale a better balance.” " I he original unadjusted allocation scheme had supplies going into sonic well-supplied areas, while other areas were iii greater need,” he said. \s the government reshuffled I he supplies, there were these other energy major de-yi lopments: # President Nixon, outlining hu transportation proposals declared that it is time “to get all tIk* trucks back the road.” Independent drivers appeared split over whether to accept administration offers to end the truck-strike. # Represent at i yes of 13 major enclgy-consuming nations began arriving in Washington for a meeting on Monday. # New Jersey, New \ ork. Washington. I). C.. Massachusetts and Washington state made plans to begin mandatory or voluntary gasoline allo cations by license plate beginning Monday. Simon issued his directive on allocation changes in a telegram to oil companies. "Today’s measure is a redistribution. not an increase in available supply,” he said. "It V' ill not relieve the over-all shortage. "However, over the n^\t several da vs v\e yvill he care fully monitoring the effects of today's action on the states currently experiencing shortages. and take further steps to redirect supplies if severe shortages persist.” The states receiving increased supplies are: Arkansas, Delaware. Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland. Maine. Mississippi, New Jersey, North See ti AS. Pg. ISA.* Col. 4 Officers Investigate Death of Brothers GOLDTHWAITE (HNS> --The bodies of two brothers were found at a farmhouse three miles southwest of Mullin in Mills County at about 4:30 p.m. Saturday, Investigating officers said that Britt Ivan (B igg. 14. and Adam IYo\ Grigg, 15, y\ero shot in tho head with a 12-gauge shotgun The shooting apparently occurred at about 4 p m . they said. [ he bodies weie discovered by the mother of the two boys. Justice of the Peace KH. Thorne of Mills County has not made a ruling. Parents of the tv\o youths are Mr. and Mrs. Jackie Grigg of Route I. Mullin. Tho bodies were taken to Wilkins Funeral Home in Goldthwaite. The investigation is being conducted by Mills County Sheriff Horace G Brooks and deputy Randall Ratliff. Also assisting are Texas Ranger Rob Favor of Brady, a fingerprint expert from the Department of Public Safety in Austin, and Mills County Highway Patrolman Bobby Wilcox. to Press Charges Weed, a philosophy graduate student at the University of California, said earlier that he was beaten yuth a heavy wine bottle and tied up. At one point, he jumped from the floor and ran yelling out the door, he said. Asked if he thought he was going to lie killed, Weed replied: “At Hie time, I thought that they intended to. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have jumped up with two rifles on me unless I thought they were going to.” Earlier Saturday. Hearst, the president and editor of the San Francisco Examiner and chairman of the Hearst Corp., had said he hoped the continued silence from his daughter's abductors did not mean that >he yvas dead. “May lie they just want us to sweat it out some more, maybe they want to extend the publicity,” he said. "I just don’t know. "I certainly hope to God the the reason isn’t because Patty is no longer aliw\” said Hearst, speaking from the family home in Hillsborough. Hearst also said of his daughter; "I would expect f standing it rather well.” Scaffold Drama Ends Happily DALLAS iApt—A drama lf stories above a concrete plaza ended happily Saturday when two workmen were rescued from their broken scaffold. \ cable at one end broke and Hie scaffold tilted at a 45-degree angle above the plaza of One Main Place, a ma* joi downtown office building. Gla^s cutters made a hole in a window The windows are a part of the wall and cannot be raised or lowered The pair Jerry Hawkins, 24. and Don Howell. 20, hung from the tilted scaffold tor about an hour before their rescue. A strong north wind battered the broken platform against the office building while th* men dung to their precarious j»**i ch    \ ;

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