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Abilene Reporter News Newspaper Archives Dec 21 1970, Page 1

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Abilene Reporter News (Newspaper) - December 21, 1970, Abilene, Texas Itje Abilene otters Quot without or with offence to friends or foes w e sketch your world exactly As it goes Quot a Byron _ a Sph Iii Pic Joed Mth year no. 191 phone 6734271-Abilene. Texas. 79604 monday morning december 21, 1970 Twenty six pages in two sections 10c daily 25c sunday Poland s Gomulka and out four others resign in Wake of rioting a wire photo Wladyslaw Gomulka. Termed a gravely 111�?T Edward Herek. Top economist Warsaw apr communist party Boss Wladyslaw Gomulka president Marian Spychalski and three top government officials resigned sunday following bloody riots against government imposed Price increases. Gomulka was described As a Gravelly radio Warsaw said Edward Gierek considered to be the party Stop economist was named to replace Gomulka. The broadcast said Gomulka who will be 66 on feb. 6, quit because of illness. A communique issued later said he was a gravely prof. Jan Kostrzewski polish health minister said Gomulka had been ill a a few weeks. Circulator troubles also have caused temporary sight he said the a illness struck forcibly saturday and a a doctors panel ordered the patients Kostrzewski said Gomulka was expected to be hospitalized a for a lengthy period of Gierek told the nation in a television broadcast that Poland would maintain its close Alliance with Moscow. A we Are going together with the whole great socialist Community and chiefly with our tested Friend and ally the soviet Union a he said. He added that the party a must always keep a close link with the working class and with the whole Gierek said the nations new five year economic plan due to have started in january a will a have to be he added a we will consult the working the radio also announced the resignations of a Boleslaw Jasczuk the economic Czar. A Zenon Liszko considered the communist party a ideologists. A Ryszard Strzelecki regarded As a close associate of Gomulka. Around the time of the announcements of the resignations a broadcast from Szczecin said workers in the shipyards of that riot torn City agreed to end their occupation of two main shipyards. Earlier broadcasts reported a return to Normal in the Baltic tri City area where the riots started almost a week ago. Reports outside Poland said soviet troops and heavy artillery were moving toward the polish Borders. Gomulka had been the first Secretary of the communist party since 1956, after a comeback from a Stalin Era purge. Turn to Poland pm. 2-a new party chief beneficiary of 14-year-old Power clash Washington a the Coster of polish communist chief Wladyslaw Gomulka appears to have ended a 14-year Power struggle within the polish communist Pally Between Gomulka and Mieczyslaw Moczar an franc lated Pratt Hytti analysis the former omnipotent Interior minister but probably not the Page of by Katharyn Duff ii a local service station operator told j t. I baroque one of our advertising executives about a conversation he had with a customer last tuesday afternoon at the height of that Nasty dust storm. A truck pulled in from the West and stopped for fuel. It was a big truck and loaded on the Back of it was a farm tractor. A where you headed a the station attendant asked the truck Driver. A Atli at Way a the Driver said jerking a thumb eastward. A a in a going to plow that 40 acres if i have to Chase it All the Way to East Texas to catch it a and broke into a wide Grin when 40 cowboys wearing Tan chaps from Hardin Simmons University in Abilene tex., chopped the clipping came to Hsu or Man Charles Richardson who passed it on to president Elwin Skiles. Or. Skiles decided Koko might like a picture of the cowboys so he sent along a press kit to the youngster in care of his Grandfather. By return mail there came a warm note from the u. N. Chief. A my grandson Koko is thrilled to have the press packet a he said. A and i deeply appreciate your a the Hardin Simmons i any Cowboy band tied from its thanksgiving to new York to participate e Macy a Parade the school Ved various letters and Ings which showed the Ess of the texans Neone sent a clipping from few York daily news which bed the Parade with a1 mention of the cowboys Texas. Mong the luminaries in the a wine stand was u. N. Teary general u Thant who mpa Nied Ryiant a called his grandson a the news a a a Koko nearly buried in a and while plaid a an i the marching bands Best news Index a a Ann Lander. F a amu&Quot"1. 2-bg.g Antic. 48 or. Lamb. 4 r editorial.4 g Horoscope. A by Tarim 12,13-a sport. A Sylvia to to scout. Now it is Christmas week a Busy Busy bustling week if Ever there is one in the year. There Are parties and package wrapping and last minute shopping and excitement and cooking and Home comings. Amid All this we would like to suggest find time to go to Albany to see and hear its Christmas production a the it opened last night. It will have two performances nightly monday tuesday and wednesday. There is no charge a this is Albanys Christmas gift to friends and neighbors and in a Peculiar Way to itself. You do need tickets however which you can get for free from the Albany chamber of Commerce a the nativity a created by the late Robert e. Nail is not a musical a but there is music the old carols which Are still the Best of Christmas songs. It is not a stage play a but there is drama and some lines by the actors. It is not a tableau a but there Are striking scenes Rich costuming dramatic depictions of events told by the narrator. It is the Christmas Story and the effects of that first Christmas. It makes a better Christmas for any who join its thoughts. Way Moczar hoped tor. This was the Reading of sundays events in Poland by the administrations Central european specialists. No official comment was available on the changes in Poland but High officials in charge of Central european affairs spent most of the Day in the state department studying incoming messages. Gomulka a successor As first Secretary of polish communists Edward Gierek has always been known As one of the strongest personalities in the polish communist party whose political base however was in the Countryside and not in the polish capital. Gierek the party Secretary of Silesia the most important Industrial Region of Poland sided with Gomulka in 1968 when the clash Between Gomulka and Moczar reached its Peak and ended with Moczar losing his important Post As minister of Interior. Yet Gierek definitely was not known As a Gomulka yes Man and managed to maintain his Independence throughout the 14 years of intr party Maneu Werings Between the pro Gomulka and pro Moczar factions. Although Moczar was reported on sunday to have been elevated to full membership in the polish party a politburo he did not replace Gomulka. And apparently he had to accept Gierek As the new party Boss. U s. Officials with knowledge of polish affairs believe that Gierek will not be a tool i the hands of Moczar who has leaned toward an almost stalinist Haid line domestically. One of Giereke a claims for the top Post in the polish party could have been that he has achieved Success in dealing with the economic problems of his country. Mhz so Snow storm strands motorists capt. Joseph enter of the Newhall Calif sheriff Sta deep Soow sunday As a Winter storm socked in a 40-mile Tion checks stalled and abandoned cars along interstate Section of californians major Inland freeway in the Tehachapi 5 in Tejon pass to make sure no Motorist is trapped in mountains. None was reported in danger. A Vav a Reanoto his car. About 1,000 motorists were stranded in knee. Weather 28 die in Tucson fire f. Do abutment of Commerce National weft car Marvica weather map leg. It a Abilene and Vicinity 40-mile radio a Cott Tidwall cloudiness and warmer through tue Jay. High monday 60. Low monday night 4. High tuesday near 60. Wind Light and variable. Temperature 42 40 42 42 42 41 41 41 41 sunday . 1 00 2 00 3 of 4.00 5 00 6 00 7 00 8 00 9 00 sunday . 46 47 50 48 49 49 50 50 51 41 10 00 a a 41h of. 44 12 00. A. High and Low tor 24-hour ending t . 51 and 41. High and Low tame Date lat year 63 Quot Sunset aet night 5 37 in else today 7 36 Sunset tonight 5 37. Barometer Reading at 9 . humidity at 9 . 61 per cent. Tuscon Ariz. A fire swept through the upper eight floors of a hotel crowded with hundreds of Holiday celebrants Early sunday killing 28 persons who a fire official said might have been saved by adequate sprinkler and alarm systems. Asst. Fire chief r. B. Slagel led newsmen on a tour of the 12-Story hotel then said a the Pioneer International hotel met the minimum fire safety requirements. In my opinion no one would have died had the building had an adequate sprinkler and alarm detection in a 12th floor Penthouse. Stein Feld 73, owned the hotel for 30 years before Selling it in 1963. He also owned one of Tuscon a largest department stores. More than 30 persons including 12 firemen were injured officials said. About 750 persons including 650 attending banquets at the hotel were evacuated after the Blaze broke out. Mrs. Lee Atkinson a hotel resident said she heard persons on the upper floors screaming for help. A i wanted to go Back in and help them a she said. A it was awful. Iti never forget it As Long As i live. People were hanging on the ledges Slagel said a the Blaze had a tremendous Start when we arrived at 12 20 . We had to fight our Way up stairways one at a Ile said it May be a week or More before officials determine exactly where the Blaze started. At least 15 persons were carried from their rooms by firemen on ladders. Others escaped Down fire escapes and smoke filled stairways. Rain skips Abilene area Abilene weather easily recovered from a slight Case of the chills sunday and also missed out on some expected rain. Temperatures had been in the Low 40�?Ts Early sunday morning a but we got our South winds Back about noon a according to the weather Bureau and temperatures Rose to the 50�?Ts. The weather Bureau forecast a 70 per cent Chance for rain sunday night but no rain was in sight for Abilene late sunday. Dublin however recorded a 20-minute Trace of rain about 1 20 . Sunday. A a we re hoping for some precipitation but it does no to look like we re going to get it a a weather Bureau spokesman in Abilene said. The Bureau was forecasting considerable cloudiness and warmer temperatures through tuesday with a High of 60 both monday and tuesday. Texas is due for Clear to partly Cloudy skies and mild temperatures in All but the Western portion of the states Southwest Comer on Christmas Day late Long Range forecasts indicated sunday. Flames raced through hallways and stairways so quickly Slagel said that Many hotel occupants became virtual prisoners in their rooms with no Means to escape. Richard Darling president of the Pioneer hotel co., declined to comment on Slagell a remarks. Firemen said the blazes cause of which was not immediately determined covered part of the fourth through 12th floors catching Many of the hotels 112 residents asleep. Rescue efforts were hampered by the fact that fire truck ladders reached no further than the eighth floor and firemen said safety nets Are useless for Heights Over three stories. Firemen said two persons leaped from upper floors of the hotel in attempts to escape the flames. One a Middle aged woman was killed when she leaped from the seventh floor shortly after screaming to firemen below a a in a still Here. In a still the other person a Small child jumped from a fifth Story window and was injured critically. Most of the victims were found in their rooms or in hallways of the 41-year-old hotel. Firemen said death was caused primarily by smoke inhalation and Burns. Among the dead were or. And mrs. Harold Steinfeld who lived plentiful Carp sign of czech Christmas by Gene Kramer associated press writer Prague a this Inland capital suddenly has a temporary glut of nearly half a million fat fish a sure sign of Christmas. Down on the East Bank of the Moldau Vltava River you can even hear them thrashing against each other and against the sides of their submerged cages. The fish Are Carp tank trucked from Breeding grounds in Southern Bohemia. be sold live from Street Corner vats at 15 crowns a kilogram-47 cents a pounds to spend their last Days in bathtubs and Wash basins before taking their places As the main dish at Christmas eve feasts. Fresh Carp for Christmas is a tradition that has come Down from the Days of the Bohemian and austrian monarchies and the first Republic. It has survived nazi occupation and communist Rule. On thursday labourers professionals and party functionaries will eat suppers of breaded Carp fish soup potato salad cakes fruit and sweets washed Down with Beer wine Brandy or Champagne. Local and russian Champagne costs $2 a bottle. For the first time Spanish sparkling Coromis is available and Selling Well at twice As much. Czech housewives have been scrubbing their modest apartments and baking for relatives and friends who will gather Over the Holiday. Most families Christian communist or mixed a will Exchange presents around an Evergreen tree purchased downtown for about $1, probably carried Home aboard a crowded Street car and decorated with candles tinsel and baubles. Catholic Midnight masses will be packed with throngs larger than any the rest of the year. Many protestants will go to Church Christmas morning. A Carol such As a Stieha Nock silent night May be Sung or somebody might read from the Book of St. Luke about Christ a birth at the magic moment when the candles and sparklers Are lit. The religious theme is virtually taboo in Public. This reflects the return of orthodox communism to Czechoslovakia and reverses the trend of 1968. Good Fellows need another $3,400 the 1970 Goodfellow Campaign passed the $13,000 Mark sunday but with five Days until Christmas the fund aimed at spreading the Joy of the season to Abilene a needy is still $3,399.27 Short of its $16,500 goal. Contributions sunday totalled $394.00, making the Overall total $13,100.73. A the Good Fellows always seem to come through a one Mother asking for help for her children said in a letter and another writer said that she believed in the Good Fellows Power to help a give my family a Christmas when no one else the people of Abilene who Back the Good Fellows Are the ones who have made the tradition of the Good Fellows happen each year. Contributions May be sent to the Abilene reporter news p. O. Box 30, Abilene Texas 79604. Latest contributors in memory of Kathleen 25.00 anon vinous 20.00 Anonymous 10.00 Barbara Don Brooks Brownwood 5.00 Irvin d. Ii her 2500 Anonymous too in memory of Buck Mcclure or. Amp mrs. Mack f. Bowyer 20.00 or. Amp i b. Hill 10.00 capt. Amp mrs. Robert e. Moore 10.01 or. Amp mrs. Wier Joiner 10.00 or. Amp mrs. Jim Griffin 2 00 or. Amp mrs. Jack Henry Fulwiler 10.00 mrs. James b. Dunigan 50.00 Sun Valley Lodge 20 00 Anonymous 25.00 or. Amp mrs. Herman e. Scott 5.00 . Amp o. Michels Huo Anonymous 100.00 Louis h. Gleiforst 5.00 in memory of mrs. Mae it Brumley by Lucille / Brumley 7.q0 or. Amp mrs. J. H. Bone 10.00 in lieu of Christmas it As card to Abilene Friend mrs. 10.00 Alma Bynum previously acknowledged. $12,788.73 total to Date. $13,100.73

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