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Abilene Reporter News (Newspaper) - December 15, 1974, Abilene, Texas Witt Abilene Reporter ~JAetoS "WITHOUT OR WITH OFFENSE TO FRIENDS OR FOES WE SKETCH YOUR WORLD EXACTLY AS IT GOES''—ByronMTH YEAR, NO. 179 PHONE 673-4271    ABILENE,    TEX.,    79604,    SUNDAY    MORNING,    DEC.    15,    1974—EIGHTY-EIGHT PAGES IN SEVEN SECTIONS 23c SUNDAY Associated Prest <JP> Ford Tells Giscard: Cooperation Is Key FOHT DE FRANCE, Mart-inque (AP) — Pressing to break a U.S.-French impasse on world energy policy, President Ford told French President Valery Giscard d’Estaing on Saturday night that “cooperation and solidarity among consumer nations” is the best way to blunt rising oil prices. Exchanging toasts at a formal dinner, the French president in turn indicated a willingness to work out a joint approach to key issues, declaring “it is...by concert that we will arrive at a solution to the problem of rising petroleum prices.” Ford arrived on this Carib bean island earlier Saturday for two days of talks with discard d’Estaing. During the flight from Washington a senior adviser told newsmen the President is ready to reach a compromise with Franc* on world energy policy. Details of an energy agreement remain to be worked out,, but the senior official said the move could lead to a major international conference next summer between oil consuming and oil producing nations. The official, who declined to be named, indicated that under the proposed compromise, the United States would ease its pressure for France to join the U.S.-sponsored International Energy Agency, while France would soften its insistence for a quick conference between the oil consuming and oil producing nations. In toasting    Giscard d’Estaing, Ford delated: “Unilateral measures can no longer suffice in solving problems of such universal dimension” as the problem of energy and petroleum. “lf we are to transcend our difficulties and successfully meet our challenges, we seek constructive dialogue, not confr ontat lon,” Ford said. .. The United States is con vinced that cooperation and solidarity among the consuming nations marks the surest way to reach understanding with the producer nations, which we all desire.” The United Stales has opposed a conference of petroleum users and producers — as has l>een urged by France — unless careful preparations are first made to insure the consuming nations will present a unified bargaining position. Giscard d'Estaing in his dinner remarks signaled a readiness to go along with such populations. The purpose of See FORD, Col. 7 Hack page this section ID LORETTA FULTON Reporter-New s State Editor HAMLIN — Sixteen days of sightseeing in six European countries', five concerts plus radio and television appearances. It .sounds like a dream come true for any performing group. The group that pinched themselves and found out they really weren’t dreaming is the Hamlin Stage Band. The band is one of four high inside^ Todaiy Aledo    22 Jim Ned 0 Story, Pg, IC Former Lt. Gov. Ben Barnes, one of several persons selling cattle at the Brownwood ranqe bull sale of the Hill Country Brangus Breeders' Assn., criticizes Agriculture Secretary Earl Butz for not showing "a real grasp of the cattleman's problem." Pg. 16C. Robert D. Hunter, vice president of Abilene Christian College, is receiving an honorary doctor of laws degree today from Pep-perdine University. Pg. 4D. The Bridqe, a "young" organization, has reported a steady qrowth over the past 18 months. Pg. 17A. AM-*# Iwrni* Calender ...    48 Amusement* .........1-68 Austin NntcHoolc.......... 5A Berry'l World  ........ 4A Beek*...................SB Bridqe ............... 6B Business News ......... 9C Classified ........10-15C Crossword Puxxle .......... 5B Editorials ...............4A Form News..............16C Hiortline .............. 20A Horoscope      7    8 Hospital Patients.........14A Jinn1-!- Puxile ........... 5B Markets ............. 7-9C Obituaries............6,    22    A Oil      9C Ref ordinqs      2B Settinq the Scene ........ IB Sports ................ 1-6C Texas ........ • 5B This Week In West Texas 6B To Your Good Health . . 7B Today In History ....... 20A TV Tab      l    l    6E Women • New*.........1-16D school stage bauds in the United States invited by International Jazz Tours, Inc. to make the tour next July. The 24 members and their director, Tim Jones, will leave New York July 21 and return August 4. Everyone 'involved agrees that the trip is a fantastic opportunity. But there’s just one little catch — $30,OIS). That's the amount the band must raise to finance the trip. BUT IF you talk to the kids, their parents and townspeople you get the feeling that they could raise the money by next week if they had to. Jones said he received a letter the latter part of October from Dr. Joseph L. Bellamah of Kingsville inviting the band to make the trip. He made the announcement Nov. I and by See OUTSIDE, (bl. I Back page this section Dancing Belles The Wrangler Belles of Cisco Junior College prance along the street in front of the Stephens County Courthouse Saturday in Bieckeruidge’g annual Walter Lippmann Dies at 85 NEW YORK (AP) -Columnist Walter Lippmann, frequently called the most influential writer on diplomacy and politics of his generation, died Saturday, ll* was 85 and had long been ill. Lippmann, a Pulitzer prizewinner, wielded enormous authority through his newspaper column which for years was syndicated by the New York Herald Tribune and later by the Washington Post. “Lippmann always has his own foreign policy,” said the late President John F. Kennedy when told that then Soviet Premier Nikita S. Khrushchev considered the writer the true exponent of American Mews and government statements only propaganda. “Sometimes it coincides with ours,” Kennedy added President Ford, on learning of Lippmann’s death, issued a statement of tribute: “With the death of Walter Lippmann we have iost a great American. As a newsman, political analyst and author, Walter Lippmann played a major role for more than half a century in the development of public dialogue and in shaping a new standard of journalism. “Mr. Lippmann’s contribution to the good society which he envisioned for his country will lie long remembered ...” Lippmann, a ruddy-faced man with twinkling blue eyes, was disturbed by Kennedy’s position and advised Khrushchev, through a mutual acquaintance, to rely on U, S. government sources for the official view and regard his column a* merely opinion. However, that opinion had See IJ PPM ANN, (bl. 2 Back page this section WALTER LIPPMANN . . . Pulitzer-prize winner Goodfellows Campaign Goes Over $12,000 Mark Hies can be accepted, donations are still being taken. “With food and clothing costa the way they are. v\e sure need to reach the goal. ’ Goodfellov, drive chairman Robert Jordan said Saturday. Contributions may be mailed to Goodfellows, Box 30, Abilene, Tex., 79004 or turned iii at the Reporter-News. The Good fellow icy S'ore, et which need> families identified during the < ampaign may .shop for tovs, will open Monday at IOO Pine. The store will lie open four days. Latest contributions include: Grace and Elbert Basset ter    10.00 Mr. and Mrs. Warren H. Toepke    50.00 In lieu of Christmas cards from Iva Holley 20.00 In memory of E. A. Gentry from Shelby Bom    5.00 Mary K. Pickard    25 OO In lieu of Christmas cards lo Abilene friends from Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Autrev    10.00 Deny Sunday School Mass of First Christian Church 50 OO Anonymous 20 OU Anonymous 5 00 Anonymous 10.00 Mr. and Mrs. Bill J. Burton 25.00 Mr and Mrs. G. G. Fitzhugh 10.00 Debbie, Paul and Becky Padilla 5 OO I>r. and Mrs. J. Graham Bray, Jr. 25 OO Anonymous 3.UU Mr. and Mrs. B. G. Barton 25 00 In Lieu of Christmas cards to Abilene friends from Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Bogar 10.00 The Hanley children IU OO Mr. and Mrs. Mike Sims 10.00 Juan and Bob Dickenson 20.00 In memory of Elizabeth Head by members of her sewing club 11.00 Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Cooper 10.00 Mr. and Mrs. Hubert G. Johnson 5 00 Mrs. Mabel Edgar 5.00 In memory of Lula (’. Jones 25.00 In lieu of Christmas cards from Mr. and Mrs. Sila> Sheek 5.OO In lieu of Christmas cards to my wonderful Abilene friends from Mrs. Untie Gordon    8.00 Mr. and Mil. I.N. Wilkinson, Tuscola IOO no Anonymous 25.n0 In lieu of dtfStiUM cards to l^wn and Tuscola friends and family from Mr. and Mrs. Donald D. Roberson. Tuscola J. FL Moore im Mrs. J. E. Moore I UU Dan, Pat. .Itll and Lindy Wortham 10.06 Mr. and Mrs. hairy Goza and Jeff IO Uh Anonymous SOU Mr. and Mrs. Oscar ll. Ramming 25.00 Mr. and Ahi. J. Willard Vinson 25 00 In memory of Pumphrey and Maryneal School from Ernest and I vela i Jennings Scarbrough, Clyde 12 OO Lour and Owen Wifeless IO OO In lieu of Christmas r aids to friends, co workers, and church members in the Abilene area frow Rev. and Mrs. Mf. Pitts I>avis 25 00 Iii memory of Jesus Christ’s birthday from I apt and Mrs Kenneth A. Lumpkin 10 00 Pern Hunter Hall, Inc. loom) A John and wife IO OO Bills and Bill Tipp* loon Mr. and Mrs. Carter Townsend an oo Maxine Brown 10 00 Mr. and Mrs. John Bullock SOO Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Cheaney 10.00 Mr. and Mrs. Worth Baugh 1500 The Gandy family lo no In lieu of Christmas cards to Abilene fi lends from Mr. and Mrs. J.F. Posev loon The cast and crew of Christ mas Carol honoring their director. Bob Foard 15 OO It) memory of H F. iJacki Casner 1000 Mr. and Mrs. Tommy L. Hanford 10 00 Mrs. L.S. Kingsbury, Merkel lotto Mrs. Wyona Scrog gins, Merkel lf) no Anonymous 2.00 Mr and Mrs. J. L. South 25 00 Total 971.60 Previously Acknowledged ll.ltt.99 Total to dale ITH** g* GOAL 18 ,250.11 These three Hamlin girls may be asking Santa for money to help send them and the other members of the Hamlin Sta ge Band to Europe next summer. The girls helped out Thursday when band direc tor Tim Jones took pictures of children with Santa as a fund raising project for th e trip. Santa is O. IL Weaver. The girls are left to right Deb! Cary, Cheryl Bake r and Kayla Mehaffey. (Staff Photo by Gerald Ewing)    *    t Hamlin Willing to Pay Piper To Make Dream Come True Christmas parade. The Belles repeated a routine they pet-formed a Near ago in Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade in New York City. (Staff Photo by Don Biakley) Imagine those squeals OM Christ* was morning. Rn* there are only S wore days to do-your shopping Th** Abilene Goodfellows campaign was still more (hail $5,500 shy of its $18,2)0 goal Saturday, the deadline for accepting letters from the needy requesting help for Christmas. In last year’s campaign, the contribution goal of $15,089 was reached the same day as the deadline for help requests. The mail Saturday brought $971.60 in donations placing the total raised so far this year at $12,666.61. Although no more letters seeking food, clothing and toys for less fortunate \bilene lam- ;

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