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Abilene Reporter News (Newspaper) - December 8, 1974, Abilene, Texas IWje Abilene Sporter ''WITHOUT OR WITH OFFENSE TO FRIENDS OR FOES WE SKETCH YOUR WORLD EXACTLY AS IT GOES"—Byron 94TH YEAR, NO. 172 PHONE 673-4271    ABILENE,    TEX.,    79604,    SUNDAY    MORNING,    DECEMBER    8,    1974    —SEVENTY-SIX    PAGES    IN    FIVE    SECTIONS_25c    SUNDAY    Associated    Pros    (ft Officials Expect Higher Gas Prices This WinterDocumentsShow Bell RateMethods Inconsistent WASHINGTON (AP) - The gasoline problem this winter will be high prices rather than low supplies, a top government official said Saturday, while President Ford described the nation’s energy-economic problem as “complex as the devil.” Ford held a one-hour, 45-minute meeting with top advisers who have been asked to come up with a new National Energy Policy that he can recommend in his State of the Union message to the new Congress. There were no decisions even discussed, said Press Secretary Ron Nessen, but aides said Ford made it clear he wants some better ideas about how to tell American consumers in more specific terms what they can do to help on a voluntary basis. Nessen gave the President’s reaction to the “broad look” he got from the experts on energy-economic problems: “It’s impressive in the complexity it spotlights. It’s complex as the devil.” Afterwards, the chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers, Allen Greenspan, said the problem of energy this winter is not one of available supply of gasoline, but one of price. “Supply, except In the area of natural gas, where we do have a problem ... is not the problem it was during the course of the embargo” last year, he said. “The problem in December and January is going to be one of having to pay a lot of money for the energy that we use.” After the Saturday meeting Ford was depicted as “open minded” and aides indicated he has ordered his senior energy and economics advisers, who are meeting next weekend at Camp David, to give him a total energy policy plan with options both for short-range and long-range solutions. Briefing reporters after their session with Ford, Greenspan and Frank Zarb, executive director of the Energy Resources Council and Ford’s nominee to be the new federal energy administrator, gave no specifics on any new programs that may be under consideration. But, Greenspan said there would not be any “gross bludgeoning” to put into effect immediate energy-saving programs, like an abrupt ceiling on imports at a fixed date. But rather what he termed a “calibrated” approach that See ECONOMY, Col. 8 Back page this section Uh-oh, I flubbed Poise isn’t a matter of never dropping the baton, it’s picking the wand up as quickly and nonchalantly as possible after the bobble, as Christie Hilliard, 3, of Winters demonstrates. Christie, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leon Hilliard, has an additional reason to try to retrieve the stick as quickly as possible—those people marching behind her are a whole lot bigger than she is. Christie was participating Saturday in the annual Winters Christmas parade. Related story, Pg. UA. (Staff Photos by John Best) By JOHN LUMPKIN Associated Prfess Writer SAN ANTONIO (AP) -Southwestern Bell Telephone Co. obtains revenue increases from the Texas public through a pattern of deliberately inconsistent rate-making methods, private company documents reveal. One independent rate consultant says Bell’s approach in some oftherate-making methods “is inconsistent with Texas law.” .Another consultant charges the methods are “a deliberate attempt to flimflam city councils.” According to one of the documents, Southwestern Bell has used the procedures with city councils from both large and small Texas cities since shortly after World War IL The Associated Press obtained the documents in an investigation of B e I I s rate methods in Texas, the only Related story, Pg. 13A state without an agency to regulate telephone company profits. Bell denies It uses unfair procedures to set rates in Texas. Phone profits by Texas law can be regulated within city limits by individual city councils. Outside city limits, the law does not provide for regulation. Democrats Shout Approval Of Compromise, Scrap Quotas KANSAS CITY (AP) -verting a threatened black alkout, Democrats shouted leir approval Saturday of a nal crucial compromise, [•rapped their controversial uota system and passed the rst written charter of any Miniconvention faces, Pg. 2 V major U.S. political party. The final compromise, a product of marathon negotiations by the party’s governors, blacks and women, was ham-Katharyn Duff to Lead Caribbean Cruise in '75 Again next April, The Abilene Reporter-News will sponsor a Caribbean cruise, Publisher Andrew B. Shelton announced Saturday. Assistant Editor Katharyn Duff will host it. The cruise will be aboard a Cunard lanes ship from April 5-12, inclusive. THE FIRST Caribbean cruise last April, led by General Manager D. F. McCarty, was one of the newspaper’s most successful travel promotions. * The Reporter-News party will fly from Abilene to San Juan, Puerto Rico, on Saturday, April 5, via Dallas and Miami. After arrival in San Juan, the Texans will tour the Puerto Rican capital city before boarding the Cunard Adventurer. The ship will sail at 11:59 p.m. that night. Sunday will be spent cruising at sea. The ship will arrive at 8 a.m. Monday, April 7, at LaGuria, the seaport for Caracas, Venezuela’s largest city. There will be a full day of sightseeing at Caracas before sailing again at 6:30 p.m. Next stop will be Grenada, KATHARYN DUFF . . . leads third tour the southernmost of the Windward Islands, with arrival scheduled at I p.m. April 8. Grenada is very mountainous and picturesque and its capital, St. George, is set on a lagoon in a protected harbor. THE CUNARD liner will sail See THUR. Col. 8 Back page this section mered out in a trailer just off the convention floor as nearly 2,(HK) delegates sought to end the internal feuds that have consumed Democrats in recent years. “We can’t ask the American people to trust us unless we can trust each other,” said Olio Gov. John J. Gilligan, a key mover in the drive by the governors to assert themselves as leaders in unifying the party. For the most part, the charter takes the party’s current practices and embodies them in a constitution that will govern its activities in the years after 1976. But on the question of delegate selection rules, the final compromise removed language that blacks and women feared would make future credential challenges more difficult. It has already been adopted for 1976, but Saturday’s action removed it from post-1976 rules. Specifically,, the compromise removes language that says the composition of a convention delegation “shall not constitute prima facie evidence of discrimination.” It says the burden of proving discrimination cannot be shifted to the challenged state party. It retains language stating a delegation can’t be challenged solely on its composition if a state party has followed acceptable anti-discrim-inatory procedures. It also bans mandatory quotas while putting the burden on state Democratic parties to take steps to assure full participation of women, minorities, See DEMOB, Col. 4 Back page this section The AP study reveals Bell is able to use methods in Texas it is unable to use anywhere else in the nation. The documents show that Bell can make twice as much in Texas on its investment than it tells city councils it is making. In Texas, Bell can claim “fair value” on its investment. In two-thirds of the other states, it must use “book value” minus depreciation, a much lower figure than what Inside TodayChanging Times With Wilbur Mills For years Wilbur Mills was the model Congressman. Then his imaqe started to slip about 3 years ago. Now, Mills is in a Washington hospital and his imaqe is irreparably damaged following his escapades with a stripper. Pg. 10A. A newly - organized black drama group is findmq many talented youngsters in Abilene. Pg. IB. Thanks to modern medicine, 5-year-old Cindy Hall can romp and play like other youngsters in her class. Pg. 17A. Practical education is just as important as formal learning, says an Abilene High School teacher who holds a PhD. Pg. ID. Abilene Events Calendar ... 4B Amusements ........... 1-4B Austin Notebook ......... 5A Berry's World ........... 4A Books .................. 4B Bridqe ................ 8A Classified ........... 7-13C Crossword Puzzle........ 20A Editorials ............... 4A Farm News ............. I 6C Heortline .............. 26A Horoscope ............ 23 A Hospital Patients ........ 15A Jumble Puzzle ....... 22A Markets ............ 13-15C Obituaries........  12A Oil................. 25 A Recordinqs ...........  3B Settinq the Scene ....... IB Sports ................ 1-6C Texas......  24A Th* Week In West Texas .    24A Today In History ..... 26A To Your Good Health ....    9A TV Tab ............ 1-ME Women'z New*.........1-140 Bell could call fair value. A lawsuit has been filed here bv a dismissed Bell executive, James Ashley of San Antonio, and the family of another executive who committed suicide, T. 0. Gravitt of Dallas. The suit says Gravitt, Bell’s top man in Texas, and Ashley, chief rate negotiator for two-thirds of Texas, “advised their superiors that the policies which their superiors de manded were inequitable, incorrect, duplicitous, deceitful and grossly unfair to the public.” Bell denies executives did this. Now. Texas Lt. Gov. Bill Hobby has authorized the state Senate subcommittee on consumer affairs to expand its investigation of utilities into allegations made in the past three weeks after the lawsuit. According to one private company document, the inconsistencies i n rate-making would be hard for Bell to defend in court. However, sources familiar with Bell’s Texas operations say Bell avoids any litigation that would establish legal precedents. There also Is not much guidance in Texas statutes. Ashley See DOCUMENTS, C ol. I Rack page this section Families With Tragedies Seek Help From Goodfellows Two families bearing personal tragedies asked Abilene Goodfellows Saturday to help brighten their Christmas. “I would like for you to help me out with some food and clothing and toys for my children because my husband is in prison and I don’t have a way to give them a good C h r i s t rn a s,” one woman wrote. “I don’t have a way to go to work,” the mother of three said. Another woman said she was just writing a few lines to ask help ... “my husband is blind and sick so -I can’t go out to work.” Goodfellows received 34 letters Saturday from persons seeking help to brighten up someone else’s Christmas. Contributions from 47 sources swelled the cash total by $866, up to $5,844.20 for the campaign. Persons wishing to contribute to the Goodfellows or those wishing to report needs of a family or individual may write Goodfellows, Box 30, Abilene, Tex. 79604. Latest contributions include: Rosemary R. Rivera 3.00 John A. River    3.00 Paul D. Rivera    3.00 Chano and Martha Rivera SJI R. J. Strader, D.D.S. and D. S. Halbert, M.D.    50.00 In memory of my husband, C. Howard Stanley and my brother, C. Howard Casada by Mrs. C. H. Stanley, Sr.    5.00 Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Finley 5.00 Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Holmes IOU Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. White    10.00 German American Club of Abilene    50.00 Mr. and Mrs. Frank B. Hill 10.00 Mrs. Faye Allen, Wingate 10.00 Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Jordan, Jr. in lieu of Christmas cards HOO Mrs. Maurine Miracle Castles 20.00 In memory of Bob Stinehcomb from Winnie Dunlap 10.00 Mrs. Al Stowe    5.00 SSgt. and Mrs. Jerry E. Freeman    5.00 Anonymous    5.00 Mr. and Mrs. Howard Gardner and daughters    25.00 Mr. and Mrs. John Easter IO OO In memory of Leon P. Nova-koski    15.00 In memory of Fred Gartside 15.00 In memory of Helena Horton '&> '2-n Have you forgotten something? You still have 14 shopping days until Christmas. 1500 Mrs. W. L. Medley * 20.00 Anonymous    25 00 Hazelle O’Fallon ‘ 25 OO Mr. and Mrs. Bailey Lewis 20.00 Onyx Oil Company 50.00 In memory of Mrs. Lucille Cole and Mr. Noble Touchstone by Lu and Sonny Dillard 10.00 Mr. and Mrs. Norman Boggs 15.00 A-l Beauty Bar    50.00 Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Chalker 2500 Mr. and Mrs. W. N. Jones, Jr. 15.00 Anonymous    25,00 In lieu of Christmas cards to Abilene friends from Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hemmer IO OO Brownie Troop 119    5.00 Anonymous    25.00 Mr. and Mrs. T. G. Odell 15.00 Soroptimist Club of Abilene 50.00 In memory of our parents, the late Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Webb and the late Mr.    and Mrs. George Masser from Mr. and Mrs. Charlie C. Webb IO OO In memory of my darling wife by W. A. Alexander    5.00 Psi Gamma Sorority    20.00 In lieu of Christmas cards to dear friends in Abilene from Mrs. Grady Weir    10.00 Dr. and Mrs. Erie D. Sellers 100.00 Big Country Dodge Employees 25.00 Bill and Floyd Keeble IO OO .Anonymous    2.00 TOTAL    864.1 Previously Acknowledged    4.978.21 Total to date    5,844.21 Goal    18.251.11 ;

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