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Abilene Reporter News Newspaper Archives Aug 31 1963, Page 1

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Abilene Reporter News (Newspaper) - August 31, 1963, Abilene, Texas 83rd year. No 76 a be or with offence to friends or foes we our world exactly As it goes Quot a Byron 9961 0\� v Abilene Texas saturday morning 3 Enty six pages in two sections a isto cited pres i 18 copters riddled 2 americans killed by reds eau Alit under la Quot Saigon Smith Viet Nam a More americans on Friday in the a it communist gunners shot up 18 War that parallels South Viet i a helicopters and killed two Nam s Buddhist crisis a i a army h21 helicopter was downed in flames and two americans aboard it perished 30 Miles Northwest of Saigon a capita bedecked for a mass demonstration expected saturday in support of pts silent Ngn Dinh diem s government flt our were wounded. Seventeen other h2ls, assigned like the downed Craft to ferry vietnamese troops for a raid on a guerrilla hideout near the cambodian Border were hit by red ground fire. One was reported punctured by la bullets in addition five of the elderly banana shaped transports cd Ere forced Down by mechanical trouble a military spokesman said three americans were wounded by communist shots when other helicopters landed in the area of the Cra a to investigate. Names of All the casualties were withheld the fliers death brought to 54 the number of americans killed in action on vietnamese soil. The toll from All causes including accidents is 99. Hundreds have Bern wounded strained relations remained evident Between South Vici Nam and its giant ally one Issue was the fact the i said Mission a pipeline for american millions in ungrateful that s Whit the policeman was City manager h p. Clifton divulged Friday that an Abilene City councilman was stopped by a policeman while driving Friday morning. The officer said the Man ran a red Light so he got a ticket. The councilman. Whom Clifton declined to n me telephoned the City manager 3d minutes or so after receiving the City corporation court citation and jokingly complained a after i stayed up All night giving those policemen a raise and my this a councilmen late thursday right voted a to monthly Rai get for policemen and firemen. Drivers out Holiday weekend started by Thi associated press notional death log i i t rattle boating drowning totals Radford avows treaty inexact sex chiefs chairman Speaks out w Shin a ton a vim Arthur a Radford chairman of the joint chiefs of staff from Hai to 1957, joined Friday the lineup if former top military men who question the Wisdom of the limited nuclear to to ban treaty his letter to the Senate foreign relation. Committee which thursday voted if t to re rom a Rand that the Senate ratify the pact without reservations de. Hared a the treaty is imprecise it is vague in areas where it should he specific Coles we inns upon clarification now we will find ourselves in great difficulties later on remember our difficulties Elxnit Access to Ber by Iii Assoc at press the last Holiday Jeriod of the returns from Depths Andrew Drebitko. H it is led away by an unidentified mine Rescue worker after he went 300 feet into the Sheppton mine in search of Louis Boca no Trace of Bova was found by Drebitko. A wire photo support of Viet names Economy and armed forces is sheltering summer lured thousands of Early two Buddhist monks who sought starters to the highways Friday Asylum there from the military the National safety Council Esti i crackdown on the Buddhist of diem last week foes mine where 18 perished closed Down Man enters Hole fails to see Bova Moab Utah apr the $4<i Molion Texas Gulf Sulphur co Hazleton Paap a a resembling a Totoy had touched off Cue worker went Soo feet under speculation that ground Friday night into the in the chamber Potash mine was ordered closed yen re throne David fell in Cubi indefinitely Friday pending Acle hut found out nothing about the descent the joint state Federal investigation a it the third missing Miner i i is going Down was not named in underground explosion the ii by. Rescue officials who he killed in men fell and throne wore rescued would to identified Only when he the returned to the surface. Mates that motor vehicle travel during the Long weekend will total 8 4 billion Miles the heaviest in history for a labor Day period the Council also has figured that Between 430 and 520 americans May die in traffic accidents in a he period that began of p m local Lime Friday and will end at Midnight monday. The current record in traffic deaths of a labor Day weekend is Soi set last year. Widely separated Shower areas were forecast for the Early phase Bova might be v wend As motorists head cd for mountains beaches Wix lands big City entertainment spots a air it it of mystery grew around an j borne nuns re pleasant to Man who was spa Ber was expected in Many districts. Who turned off the water the b5-fool fishing mat Martin sits High and dry atop a lug Rock at Lewis Island near Ketchikan Alaska a la Noah s Ark atop mount Ararat after running onto the hidden Barrier at High tide recently. The Marble later was re floated and returned to Ketchikan for repairs photo map wire official 2.87-Inch rain Here Runnels gets 3.50 Abilene received its second delay in getting Call through had fatten by Friday night general soaking in two Days Fri three Inch Rains were reported the temperature in Abilene Day when thundershowers Friday just South of hailing a Ltd of pied 22 degrees Between 5 and i dumped up to 3.15 inches of ram five Miles East of Hawley Aln pm. Friday but weather fail in the immediate area and up Lake Leon and at Wingate fight Bureau spokesman Darrell a raw 3.50 in the Region. Miles further South from Baltin Ford Aid the drop was due to the Ger however at Rowena no rain prese Nice of the thunderstorm lather than to a cold front r Mai in me Region. The official weather Reading which showed bin eau Only 04 pockets of Carbon monoxide Gas last tuesday after i t Day of still remained deep in the 3,000 and Bova were trapped at 9 am he was foot tunnels and Crews had to aug 13 alter a Cave in at a Coal about abandon temporarily efforts to in mine at nearby Sheppton onto a St rout re get another two the first seven month Rover the body of the last victim Andy Drebitko 3ft, of Pott a e. Dozen men in inned three separate year with 22.930 Only two of the even survivors Quot a he in when Lun to safety hoes a which could Tike but travel has incr a cd. Too were Mill in the Hospital and both not h Haft through which up the Slack in Case the. Main the Council said that As a result were in Good condition four of throne and fell were hauled t it broke slowly slowly he the death rate for the seven month rescued hurs Dav safety like hem he was trails was lowered a Feu feet at a to nit period was live fat Little per Loo motor vehicle deaths Are Riding Inch thursday when most Ana of the City reported More than reported that an Inch of rainfall was the upward trends. The Council hat where it rained the five men night after being trap died i ported in an open safety hours spent the night at Home huh looks much like the bodies of 17 men disfigured Bey cd recognition still Lay under Green Canvas covers on the floor of a downtown garage used is a temporary morgue the investigation will Slait la Bor Day and could take week to Complete it will Start with an underground study of the Copio Mon area if conditions in the Tun riels ars Safe. Harness a Parachute Rig. As soon As Drebitko reached the surface and made his report the three drilling r2 resumed attempts to sink shafts in the area where Bova was believed to be napped. They had been quiet lowered into the Shaft traffic deaths reached record second highest total for the City a dozen men holding highs in july with 3.940, and in Friday with a whooping 2 by ff11 inches. Lake Kirby had the Highet total for the City area the i is inches which brought the total two Day rainfall there to 4 40 inches also the High for the in suspense Hung heavy Over the Mil on Miles a a crowd who were kept Back about ear too feet from the Hole. ,. During the four Day Independence everyone j or r. Were fixed on he car was 2w�.l-Hish hoist to which the i a record or tha Houda pro rope a. Attached to provide and the. ,. Of a do tonal leverage for the men Uay we Kend int w a old handling it. The Only sound was War 24fi tha wag a cold. Providing Power million Miles unchanged from a traffic deaths numbered 557a Generator providing Power for along with everything else except Cle or. Ight de in 1946 Generator supplying Power to lower air fare asked a electric Light while Drebitko went Down a what appeared to tie the image members of ,>4 civic and Chim b a Man was it it a tins of the organizations in the Community pour. That had been used to close started a fund and sent vol in up the 12-Inch Hole before they Leer Dor to door with fruit jars widened it into a inches and Olfria s a i to collect Money for the victim by ought fell and throne to the families. Surface Drebitko said. A. A 1�?----�?omy inspection of the area where Fellin and throne had been indicated that it would have been impossible to Tunnel from there to where Bova might be entombed on the opposite Side of the i it Regitko went on. Drebitko volunteered to go Down and inspect the Chan bet Aller an Washington it Ai i a the object resembling i body. A i civil aeronautics Board Aid Fri seen by a television camera Low Ray that it expects the airlines to ered into the chamber Start operating a Low Cost Iran Drebitko. About 5 feet 7. Started Atlantic service without frills. It Down at 8 12 p m is took about 13 has in mind a fare around Sloto minute to haul throne to the reach Way. About sex below the face eat last tuesday morning present Economy class rate. And Fellin about 8 minute. The Board said in a policy stale Drebitko went Down in about 20 men that a it is of crucial in minutes and came up 15 minute parlance to the financial welfare later. Of the airline As Well As in the h b Charmbury tot a mine interest of the travelling pub secret my. Said that a 22 in h Hole lie that these International already started a last of Tho Feln markets he permitted to develop throne est ape Hatch had gone their full traffic potential. Past the 15<> foot Mark and would a this can Best be done it seems be driven Down to the Bottom in to us. By uttering in these markets the continuing search for Bova the kind of Low fare no frill serv it had at first Appeal d that ice that is Best calculated to a Drebitko had brought something peal to the largest number of to the surface with him but a potential travellers and at the to airy what it a was some foam ame time yield a reasonable rubber that he had used to profit to the airline. Cushion himself against the sides a this service would be in Addi of the Hole lion to any higher priced deluxe John Bova brother or in cond class service that the broke into in us after Public in willing to pay for at com-1 reached the surface pen Satory i the report of an object mediate area the Foreca-1 called for possible thundershowers and Cloudy skies saturday with Clearing on sunday and no mention of Shower for that Day. The Thunder showers were generally w widespread Over an area on an East West line through Abilene with Cisco Ranger fast land. For purposes of drawing com he reamed Bottom at 8 52 p m pardons the associated press Hawley Wingate and other Points the men on the surface still made a Survey of motor vehicle reporting heavy rainfall. Held the lines. He was Hack on fatalities during a no Holiday die showers apparently were the surface 15 minutes later and weekend from it p a Friday confined to a relatively narrow went immediately to the to Pital aug 16. To Midnight monday North South band from Brecken tent he was not Hurt however. Aug 19 there were 4fti deaths Ridge the nigh Ballinger. Largest in traffic. Total Friday reported was coming sunday. Hie Abilene 3\tporttr.�eta> a possible candidates against Yarborough to rep texans All the legislative experience me being eyed As possible candidates against sen to Tab Yarborough in b e upending pole col wars Leslie Carpenter of the reporter news Washington Bureau gives the background in the sunday edition in late summer wedding still the women s Section sunday with bride1 pictured on the cover Page and stories and portraits inside there a a series of pictures with a Bock to so Hoot theme the first dateline Dyess season. 3 50 inches three Miles mirth West of Wingate in Runnels county lightning damaged Telephone toll lines Between Abilene and Winters i in Ptg some Servile Between those Points Telephone i officials said tile damage termed a not unusual a did not halt All service but reduce the number of circuits and resulted in some weather of the foil social of i i is Drebitko re monday. Dollar Day in Abilene since most Abilene stores will he Aper monday labor Day. Store it s Dollar Doy and the Dov retire school opening Abilene merchants we per Era eng exciting merchandising news in sunday s edition. You la want to knee the advertising closely. In every Section. S Iii in Vuk i ment of own in i w i is Iii k Al Al is whither Muti in i a Vii Vuk Imis a Ritj 40 Malm Cloudy to pane Cloudy with i lifted . Saturn Rev Alt a Mirt and night partly it Loov and Tim a it on suld Hulth a i i a a s. Lux Nikki to us la la is h l he St tax is Cloudy ind a Atti red yen Wei .m1 thunk i a How Ltd saturday no rth tour div or lev re Rudy sunday with a Ltd a mainly he i noon Thunder a Hower y h id Statt fax in. Soi i la pm Xvi. I k x is in Ertlov i loud so turd try land War m ,.i ter re thu Niki a hmm fit mainly North not a Ini Nitti kith Saiu dry 9? 109 South Soi i kit i to kiss partly Cloudy saturday and sunday Var mattered Hun Nero Hoy or not an Hor saturday hex a saturday Khz it of Dpi Kati r t Frido in f ride it i it in 7< i a m cd 2 Al is 77 3 in n 76 4 nil is to 5 i n4 75 6 of to 74 ? i 72 7k k i 73 Al no 74 k4 in hits be i no no in no h.2h and lox Tor 21 hour ending i pm r4f, and to h a or n and Low a it it me Date la a ear r and 7t san it last nigh 7 no Nunu today 13 rude it tonight a is barometer a Adang Ai 0 p in 2 22 Humour at t or Ltd a Friday 2 i i i toy i Ujj municipal Ai of Jolt 7 87 2 91 total for 5 ear i 57 Norma tot a ear i. A Al i a Yjih s. 33th Loo i to 2718 s. Aith i 82 430 Kirkwood 30 i 75 517 by Chaveu i Al 2 i. I Kew Sewell i 45 2 25 i 4825 stale i to 2 40 1541 n. 8th i is 2 91 1041 Jeff son i in 2 Imi 582 in 23i d i the u. 522 grape i 50 2 i. A 232ft 32nd i �5 2 2 Kirby i Ike 3 is 4 to i Lye fab lift i 26 Ballinger 1,40 South of town 3 of Breckenridge i of Buffalo Gap to act it ish i ail Rufic a Imo i 50 Ula de 1.80 t a Olem an Trace of a rain j City .20 Eastland i 7 3 5 a e. 2.50 Gorek. 15 Haw if \ .81 5 mile e. 3 to Lawn .30 do Ald Trace to k Isi 2 to Ranger 1.77 Lake a on 3.00 r sgt a .03 i 28 4 Miles w. I to m i Anton .50 Sweety Ater showed to Scola 30 wing5tk 3 in 2 i. S. 3 20 3 min. 3 so Winters .80 in Rii font n letter indicated with out to my so. That he Woultz not to consider satisfactory the committee plan to spell out its understanding of the treaty meaning irs a report rather than a formal reservations which might require lengthy renegotiation of the Par a i Dou Heedly a the retired Admiral said a the of Muniot Leader of the i s s r believe that i treaty i to their advantage otherwise they would not have signed it. I a almost certainty of to an Igle Emen which will ultimately result in the user obtaining important advantages in the de voip Merit of More advanced weapons with Alt the disadvantages that this implies for us Radfor did America free world Albe who have signed and w ill Ign i lit t to til except underground Molear testing a Laie doing so because they Trust ii for Thev i Annot possibly under stand the pro and con of he rainfall was extremely atomic weapons development Jaq fitted with some area within sen Karl k Munth , a few Miles of the i Avie train sad he Kris idea vote but which All Nix Irving no rain at All. Get and other members of the for despite tile heavy rams at Lake in relations committee a Kirby during the past two Dav proved the pact without re Erva Latke keeper Theo Baack said therr Lions Doe not necessarily mean won t be any appreciable Gam in in. Senate will not attach Reser the Lake level la it use there were vat ions Only very Light Shower on the Mundt noted in a statement that , generally running be and eve i Othef it in Smittee South from the Lake men reserved the right to vote John King who lives four mile after further Tuv a for and Southeast it Abilene and within needed reservations or Agam to 3io Yard of Kirby Lake s East ratification Quot of toe treaty itself Side reported h i inches of ram committee chairman j u fill fail Friday a it was the hardest Bright dark has predicted to rain i pc Eon in 18 year Here Moi than 2�i of a us senator he said. Keg Aid he could not will vote again ratification see for More than too Yards kiting the downpour Jim Patton of two mile South of Wingate reported 3 2i> inches of rainfall Friday afternoon and Al v ick three Miles Northwest of Wingate measured 3 i inches the heavy rainfall a the weather Bureau Friday moved toe City s official total to within 2 4<t inches of the 159 average rainfall through this Date. Hurricanes bus forecast Eastland Rains Are Peanut est Calif apis Navy scientist claimed Friday that a Jet plane s bombing of Hurricane Beulah last week with Silver iodide proved thai killer Hurri Tanes can tie destroyed at sea the Oakland a Hunt report cd in a copyrighted Story that elated scientists Aie hading the tej no the he mile an hour Atlantic As a resounding 1-24 Eastland Rains Eastland he Eastland storm la Al t Fay Success in Advance of completion of the official report t in washing ton the Day after the assault on Beulah longest Cloud Silver iodide Khrushchev Tilo agreed Yelen be Yugoslavia Lap yugoslav president tit triumphantly told his nation Friday that soviet Premier Khrushchev recognizes Yugoslavia s inc fiend ent Bland of communism a right . Agreed county will have Peanut Tor Peanut festival. That was the general consensus of farm official after heavy ram overed most of the East hum me and South portion of the county Wall with a new p Jav bombing technique the storm officials said the ram was later a transformed into a weakened than would have been Ideal hut lady with to mile an hour wind that it was considered a a life the Tribune reported Saver for the crop major in the technique a developed of come producing crop for much of the China Lake naval ordnance Eastland county. Test station in Southern califor the annual Peanut festival will Maas part of a joint program be climaxed it ept 14 news Index Section a amusement 4 sports 5 6 7 8 Buu Oriel Bunnell Page i 2 Oil Newt i 3 to Lori 13 Section b women new 3 editorial 4 Church Newt Cornic 6-7 form Market i Navy and i s weather called project storm of the Bureau fury. Or Pierre St Amand. Head of the Chinal aka a station division of Earth and planetary science said he was convinced the Beulah produced conclusive evidence that deadly hurricanes can be dissipated before they reach populated areas. It St annatto one of the Proi a act officers cd Only one Cliver iodide seeding pass was mate with or a one plane through one Cloud Watt

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