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Abilene Reporter News Newspaper Archives Aug 18 1957, Page 4

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Abilene Reporter News (Newspaper) - August 18, 1957, Abilene, Texas Says she was in Europe actress denies alleged love scene i n theater los Angeles aug. 17 m actress Maureen o Hara said today she was in Europe making a movie at the time a witness testified she and a latin Lover engaged in amorous embraces in a Hollywood theater. Her attorney said that As a result of the testimony yesterday in manpower woes cited by Hershey in amorous embraces. A sell to expose publication of what his Story titled a when Maureen he called falsehoods about Holly of Hara cuddled in Row 35.�?o a Wood notables geared in the March 1957 conf a right now our people Are Al dental. Most defenceless to protect them mistaken identity selves a the actor declared a this miss o Hara who had previous trial is a shameful procedure. All by denied the Story said in a the old stories Are being rehashed statement issued today through creating embarrassment All Over the criminal libel trial of conf her attorney Guy e. Ward Quot in again. Dental Magazine she will increase an Effort to be charitable to or. A the general reaction in the in the damages sought in her own Craig i can Only say that he is Dusty is one of suit against the publication from entirely mistaken either in his one million to five million dollars identity of me or in his Testi the alleged love scene was de scribed by James Craig an inde she said she has been on Call pendent movie producer who flew As a prosecution witness for the from London and became the first past two weeks and is a ready and defense witness. The defense has anxious to testify As to the com said it will fight the libel charge plete falsity of the confidential by proving stories published about article and As to or. Craig a Testi stars in confidential and its sister Mony. Publication whisper were True. A i will prove by my passport Craig testified the incident of and at least 10 other witnesses Einred in november 1953 when he that it was physically impossible Washington aug 17 of pvt if was assistant manager of Grau for me to have been in the the War should come tomorrow or mans chinese theater m during november 1953. In next Vear maj Gen us Nisi j of a a a a 1 left the United states about Hershey says this country would haired miss Hara and the an act. 6. 1953, arriving in Shannon find its military manpower a in a identified latin Man out o t e Ireland on oct 8, 1953, and was very unsatisfactory theater after twice finding them continuously engaged in making Hershey Veteran head of the the motion picture photoplay selective service system says fire Over a Columbia re that in addition to the present lease in Spain and England Dur reduced Active military forces of ing the entire months of october j less than three million few Poten november and december 1953, artial fighting men Are trained riving in new Ork on Jan 11. If an additional two million were 1954 a mobilized about one million would officers of the Abilene police attorney Ward said papers were come from the organized reserves department wore investigating served yesterday on Craig Nam and the balance either from Veter saturday night the burglary of the ing him As a defendant in miss ans or untrained Young men from Jim Kendrick Home 2125 Cedar o harass civil suit. He said 18v4 through 25 years he said Crest or. Burglars ransacked the a Shell be in my office monday Hershey offered his opinions to Home but it is not known what to sign the paper raising the the Senate armed sen ices com was taken. Damages sought. Mittee yesterday As it considered Kendrick a land Man for stand Call t0 action amp House approved Bill that would Ard Oil co., has been wit of town meantime Hollywood Indiana permit tiie arme 1 services to re since monday. The break in was Jjon Over sensational testimony inject men with of Menta ratings reported by Earl Rose 401 . A trial brought a Call to action witnesses testified that Only 84,-23rd st., a Friend of Kendrick. From actor George Murphy. 000 Rose said a boy taking c Are of Murphy whose Many Public a the Kendrick Yard notified him. Pea Rances about the country have Entrance was gained through a made him film land a unofficial and that this i001 is increasing by bedroom window. The break in ambassador of Good will de 20? w0.eacb fear could have occurred any time be cleared a a we be got to set up the leaves devious Trail 4-a the Abilene reporter news Abilene Texas sunday morning August 18, ip.57 vanished woman sought by Fri took them to Connecticut. Still missing with the Mother and daughter Are three prize Cocker spaniels named Rise and Shine Piccolo Pete and capital gain. Rise and Shine won Best in show at the Westminster dog show at Madison Square Garden in new York in 1954. At that time the Atlanta aug. 17 i Van attractive 5l-Yenr-old Mother whose International Trail of trickery was uncovered by the Fri in the Wake of a $100,000 shortage at a medical clinic vanished from the Atlanta area a towing Money to just about everybody in town a a court official said today. M. M. Armistead. Court a k. B c. F pointed custodian of the property. To Ita r of mrs. Margaret Burton alias a to Quot a go Pomti no he Janet r. Gray said the Buls a a he dog to the woman known ranged All the Way from $59.5� for a mrs Gray several years ag0 a hat from a fashionable store to. Be said is. Burton was $14,000 still due on her $26,000 known by 22 different names and swimming Pool equipped Home. R daughter by nine aliases. Mrs. Burton s clothing accounts mrs. Burton was born in Tient i included $1,600 due at one store i sin China As a British subject and $300 or $400 at several other the Fri said her police record Isroel Ghana to sign pact Jerusalem aug. 17 up rhe ministry of Commerce and Industry reports a Trade pact Between Israel and Ghana will be signer in september As a result of a Ghana missions visit Here. It will provide for a joint Israel Ghana shipping company to operate on a Mediterranean Atlantic run Between Haifa and Accra. Home ransacked while owner away for those Chilly mornings an Oyster White coat lined with Beaver is suggested for Chilly late autumn mornings by its designer. Emilio Federico Schubert of Rome. The creation is worn Over a close fitting three Quarter length Turtle Dove Brown jacket and morning suit of Oyster White Wool. A wire photo front keeps area generally cooler a Cool frontal passage Here saturday kept West Central Texas temperatures below the 100 degree men now Are being drafted Mark for the f5rst time in four from a Pool that contains 1,300,000 Days. Saturdays High Reading was men Between 18vi and 26 years 94 the fronts passage also brings Promise of afternoon and evening Hershey said the National thundershowers for sunday and tween monday and saturday to machinery to prevent such a thing guard Navy Reserve and similar my Day. One the u. S. Weather Bureau fore lice said. A As this confidential trial it is unknown if Kendrick will Ever happening return to town immediately and the actor spoke up after Craig a the value of any stolen articles a testimony yesterday. Will not be known until he does. Murphy president of the motion a. A us investigating the burglary were picture Industry Council and Dij f1? Young who Bave bad no a a i a detective o. L. Bain patrolman j Rector of Public relations for Mem military training. It. Studio proposed establishment of a shops he said. The Pink air conditioned Lincoln in which she suddenly left town july 30 bore a mortgage for $2,121 and a photographer who took Pic lures at a party for her dog Loving friends said she failed to pay about $30 for her services. The Fri said an Active search was under Way for mrs. Burton and her 20-year-old daughter Sheila Joy and clues were being i checked out at several offices j a we certainly done to know where i she is or we would have her in custody a an Fri spokesman said. The Fri wants mrs. Burton on a charge of transporting stolen prop-1 erty across state lines. The search began when a shortage estimated at $100,000 was discovered at a suburban Decatur medical clinic where mrs. Burton worked As bookkeeper. She was asked to visit the clinic and explain the shortage. Instead the Fri said she left town with her daughter the Pink car a station Wagon and a moving Van with about 30 valuable show dogs. The Pink car was found abandoned at Greenville . The Fri said a person who a com a pained mrs. Burton brought five dogs Back to Atlanta two others died from heat while travelling and 20 turned up at kennels at Rocky i Hill Conn at Rocky Hill dog Trainer began 18 years ago. Since then the Fri said she has had bouts with the Law in Honolulu the Panama canal zone Canada Texas Louisiana and Virginia. 10 Calls per graduate yes our free lifetime employment rom Cess an average of 10 Calls for each dec graduate Many Nom big concerns offering $235 to $350 a month to Start. 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Young jr., 29, was1 he said the next million must weather for those two Days with arrested on an Fri charge that come from veterans who already a Chance for afternoon and eve have done required service or Bing thundershowers. High both he met the woman at Greensboro n.c., obtained the 20 dogs and Troy Willis and detective Grover Chronister identifications a permanent organization. He said officer. Jit would hire the a Best Legal coun 4 die in Soldier s family tragedy loomed 6 weeks Houston opposes Dallas air route with a Low of 75 sunday night. The Cool front moved in Early gnlh6$g Art saturday and completed the Pas collector docs Sage about 8 . Temperatures took a seven degree drop from 6. Paris a a a t a to 9 . When he front one of he. F out of the area it May set off a collectors d Dea movie Star Marie Wilson modelling Lee optical frames # Fine Quality glasses a a reasonable costs use your of. Credit. 1 weekly pay As Little As a no inter or carrying charges Lee optical a sacred Trust is your Good vision s of. Look to Lee for better vision when your eyes Are examined at Lee optical. Doctors of optometry with years of experience thoroughly and professionally examine your eyes to detect the presence of astigmatism the degree of nearsightedness or farsightedness and to measure the efficiency of the Interior and exterior Eye Muscles. Your Eye condition is completely Analysed and if glasses Are needed your lenses Are precision ground in Lee optical s own modern laboratories a Yatin action guaranteed Shower line the Bureau added. Art died thursday in Nyon Swit Houston aug. 17 he the duri Quot a the. Past seven Days Meriand his family announced to Houston chamber of Commerce f natures have averaged a 1 Day said yesterday the chamber would fees huh a As 1.3 decrees his body was brought yesterday i try to Block any move to begin Quot or tis to his Pagoda styled Home in the a new airline service from Dallas Samc Kmit it m _ heart of Paris where he kept a priceless collection of ancient Chi Colorado Springs colo., told the clerk to run the Check and fort Worth to the West coast. Aug. 17 a Fly a threat of death through again and the second time Rock Grundman attorney for Hung Over a it. Carson Soldier it was honoured. The cabs Bureau of air opera and his family for six weeks be mrs Dandoy wrote in a letter tons stated this week the Bureau fore tragedy struck it was Learned t0 or. And mrs. Irving Harris would recommend that National today. From whom the army couple airlines be Given a temporary police continued their thu whoa. J rented their Small cottage that certificate for service Between Tion into the triple murder and be Bac one $6,000 in Dallas and fort Worth and los suicide of sgt. Leo Dandoy 41 debt without her husbands knowl Angeles and san Francisco. Can apr and heart disease Ranc his wife. Magdalena 34, and their u. The chamber said National air cancer and heart disease rang sons Danny 11, and Edralin 10, my husband gave me All of his lines does not now serve Dallas n Imper of texans to die last Vear and the debt tangled affairs of the ,Ery ,. A1s to and the recommendation makes of a Totaj 69,671 deaths from All cancer Hearl disease increase Austin aug. 17 pfc the state health department today report Ancer and heart disease grim new records for Nese arts the biggest of its kind in Europe and Only rivalled by that of his new York Branch. I convenient offices to serve you including Lee i newest off a at a 15 River Oaks Village a 233 Pine Street downtown or. , Fitzpatrick now associated with Lee at 233 Pine. St see Quot or. Christian Quot sunday 8 30 .�?-krbc.tv directed by or. Eilis Carp or. Stanley Pearle or. , Shannon optometrists in t t atm Mem i my Mem mid 1956, the health family. Their bodies one Bullet me he believed me about no provision for extending its a spa Durins wound in the head of each were Javell get h Oug paid service to Dallas from the East department said heart disease Ifor the car. I have lied to him and unitc., a a a Pasimeni Saia Neari a ease u0 you to Rwm Houston. Killed 22,888 while cancer claimed found thursday. From notes left by the woman a when i was Back Home in the or from Houston. Houston s application for West Jjo 168. And the position of a pistol coast service is still pending. In. Haj a a a Linn a Philippines i spent All his Money _ her body police concluded shot her husband and sons then herself. Police chief i. B. Dad Bruce not for us but for helping others. An i went broke because generosity of my buried hangars mrs. Dandoy had bought guns out his knowing it. And ammunition three limes since Bis signature by a a i have ruined his future and Viet military air Field of Deutsch twice guns were returned. Our sons. These All must come Wagram near Here. Russians Bur ironically the Check dated june to an end a died the entrances to the under 17 which paid for the gun and am both sgt. Dandoy and his wife ground pens 30 feet Down before munition used in the tragedy was were born in the Philippines. Dan leaving in 1955. The austrian air returned for Lack of funds Bruce Doy served 23 years in the army Force plans to make use of said. He added that mrs. Dandoy the last five at nearby it. Carson.1 hangars. Arabs shepherds clash 31 killed it. Lamy French equatorial Africa aug. 17 inv officials an a. A worst of All i did no to Only spend Vienna aug. 17 a it a austrian said to a an investigation showed his Money i went into debt with authorities have announced Dis i forged covery of huge subterranean Jet bounced today 31 persons were fighter hangars at the former so killed and about 40 wounded last week in three clashes Between local arabs and Nomad shepherds North of it. Lamy. There is trouble each year when nomads Lead their sheep North the across the Arab lands the officials said. Ch001 value if you a no Down can to come in payment use this 1 Coupon j and i $1.00 weekly i order 1 a or 1 mail a Ivy or a w Gray Kay a fall 9m writing a Typ at arithmetic Liam a sing 1�, double and trip a a pacing Calar Ial acting lever far ribbon Colora and Stoncil cutting no Down payment convenient weekly or monthly terms if you cant / come in use this Coupon and order by matl cab i Borgo i i co d. I i now account a Tanto to and Rafa Roncal j now account Plo Aio a and Rofo Ronco. 166 Pine phone or 3-4259

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