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Abilene Reporter News Newspaper Archives Aug 14 1967, Page 1

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Abilene Reporter News (Newspaper) - August 14, 1967, Abilene, Texas Til i 3q iirt0rtosi"without or with offence to friends or foes we sketch your world exactly As it goes Quot a Byron 1 87th year no. 59 phone or 3-4271 r j3 is i fi�?~4 has i Abilene. Texas. Monday morning August 14, 1967 90e�� 31 a sections 9900 Ycu cd. Of 3d�ah3s uht Loc daily�?20c sunday annoy rated press a hit closer China Border business As a Silva a Black Market vendors display american pm goods on a Saigon Street two blocks from the National Assembly building. The political Campaign poster on the Wall backs the government candidates. Chief of state Thieu Premier by in next months National election. A wire photo Page 01 by Katharyn Duff Sharp editors note the Rev. James b. Sharp pastor of Aldersgate methodist Church is guest columnist today for vacationing Katharyn Duff by James b. Sharp the Church is changing we must be aware of the change. To resent it is not the answer. To ignore it will not do. Simply sitting on the sideline observing it will not suffice. Someone has said it this Way a the stained Glass 1 now on the too often institutional christianity has been confined to our of worship Jesus took his Faith a out of the House a we repeat our creeds in our stately orders of service but we find it difficult to translate them into deeds in the Market place. What a the use of saying. A i believe in god the father almighty a not believing in the gospel of turning the other Cheek or going the second mile when we get out on the sidewalks what a the use of intoning belief in the a brotherhood of Many getting out in the sunlight kicking figuratively minority groups in the Teeth during the depression a minister of a fashionable City Church said he was so thankful that none of his members w As in need none was on Relief. He ought to have been ashamed. Not that his fashionable members were self sustaining but ashamed that his Church the Church of Jesus Christ had no outreach no compassion no Universal message for struggling people in a lower economic bracket. I am haunted concerning this fact of a beginning it arose not As a protest against religion but against economic inequalities injustices under the czars. It was a revolution against injustice a injustice about which the important Church of that Day was entirely too complacent. In overthrowing injustice by terribly unjust methods they threw out the religion that complacently allowed it. It has always been the business of the Church to get out on the sidewalk to get out beyond the Walls apply the truths of god in the Market place on the farm in the City anywhere people Are. Christianity is not a Creed to be polished but a deed to be performed just recently someone said that the churches in Bill a be were having no effect on better housing the impression was that people were doing it but not the Church. Come now a a just who is the Church a the Church is people the witness of the Church is the i action of people. True these witnesses Are not always what they should be but whenever Christian work together Tor better housing then this is the Church at work. True too. Is the fact that when Christian people fail to work together then this is the Church failing. There is the Story that a Man came to the front door of a Church at noon on sunday morning. He asked a Little boy who was playing on the Steps. A is the service Over a a with rare Wisdom the boy replied. A the Sermon is but the service has just begun a there is More to being Christian than keeping one s name on the Church Roll one s pledge paid in full time Given to Church activities. Dos Scip Reship is needed. A disciple is a Christian under orders. Have you Ever noticed in Reading the gospels that we i Are to be a go go christians we Are to go preach go work go sell go into the country go to the other Side go out into the deep go to my Brethren go to your brother go s e e a g o quickly go make it right with your brother go go go i tuesday s columnist mrs. Jane Childers. Two Are killed by Park bears West Glacier Mont. A 4 wounded is negroes fire guns i , la a two tanks artillery bottle in China Tokyo aft tank a fifth Lime a p r 1� \ 1 n c a Tillery Battles m mint annoys Miner a right Ingham m the to soul Iwest China near Chung bet a 11 Highlands King Extension of Mac t r it said 120 Ooi j 0 inns. About Tungos dominant a it at die Oia thud of Iho great Wall of China in o Ifuku c hot it prov incl Caput province were among Rofu t turned out for a r. I a Saurd i sunday on red China a were told the Eoin Millee struggle. Had taken control of ail Poi iut a. Nationalist chinese Intelli Fin Arife in the gence sources were quoted a province. The official news Agency on for some doubt Reu Ianu a in wow Mosa As saying anti Mao forces or. Whether the m. Ust at Iulah had captured the Industrial cd had Sirni Contro of p re poof Nanchang. About Milo plated r incite Ith tick Ltd North of chunking 111 the Softli in in Hod to 1 Uhi unit a from Western Mainland province of the Pim. >-1 l it he Sze Chwan. There were not re Muir n. Hiuming prov Knees ports elsewhere of this fighting a i Pivot i Ltd a Titer a Troni the news Agency said Nan . The a amur Iii Chung was taken tuesday after put it chairman five Days of fierce fighting Mac s putt Iti cum to Fiat that heavy fighting was raging�?~<�?~1 up Rov it uti Onais Eoanu Nitice at cd Hungkin world War h m g. Hsutung Shan a capital of on c Hiang Kai Shek t Kwh Cielien province the nationalist president. The Dies i peking Shang it said Chengdu. The Sze Chwan Hai provincial capital site of an american air base in world War ii. Was engulfed in fighting which broke out Friday that Many buildings were destroyed a communications lines Cut j the nationalist intelligence sources also were quoted a r Railroad Yards my special targets 1c� v. Tap in m is Hofem r hive Iii Dos air a 1�?~ack North Viet rain Dinday Iri Dudinec strikes a 1 a in son 10 Miles from Irei use Bordiet other tart. Near China Are marked with at d like in the zone Are marked h a a Wirch Otomas 58 degree Low record for Date 1 pm a j u. A a paying traffic on All main red carloads of negroes fired guns into a crowd of Whites standing outside a bar seven. I Miles East of Hammond sunday night state police said. Four w Hite men were wounded erupted by clashes peking radio in a Tokyo monitored broadcast claimed Mao supporters had set up. Purge committee to take Ove a �?T�1h�?~ Nie Riasia in Abilene Northwestern Seeram. Of the Opp i saturday night. .,.nd a it a. dipped. To an \ Ixia us temperatures rang the incident occurred As a band of civil rights workers marching from Bogalusa to Raton Rouge held a rally in Ham Ratti p again to mond. Officials said the shoot a aim i paper joins my it the bar did not appt a to have any direct bearing on the March state police set up Road blocks in the area around the bar to i rated near the Liny Hamlet of Roberts. A dance was under Way in the at the time i �?o1 Cill for All citizens both coloured White to keep their i head in this time of tension to abide by the Laws of our City As Well As the slate a appealed Hammond mayor Sam Saik state police capt. William Jourdan of Covington said two autos which said the shots came from were found abandoned in Covington 17 Miles East of the bar. Skews in Deus Ann Kondert 2a amusement 7a a ossified. 3-6b comics 2b i editorials 6a Gibson s Section. C sports. 4-5a to l096b to scout68 your Money s Wert. 8a i unemployment Philadelphia api the Philadelphia Quill rom m an Effort to help in the i tvs a Battle against in employ ment announced that it will provide free classified advertisements Tor the unemployed who cannot afford to advertise for jobs the bulletin said that two special Telephone lines How been installed in the la fied department air the a will be manned by ski Iho a takers who can help Sci t. Job seeker in prepaid their . The advert Emels will appear in the Silva tier it wanted column v of the Hull Etin s an Section the bulletin said the advertisements will run thrive consecutive a its during a be nod starting monday ending sept 1 mayor James h j Tate had App aled to private Industry to help racial tensions by offering jobs to the hardcore unemployed. Diop Pofi drop pm j All time Lew it if 5� Dot a see it. The Rei Ord Low crowded or the 61-Mark set in 1686 Iier for the Quot t no per a lure Linin d up the the 88-Ciegrc Mark Ier Sui Ida High the Ion cast died he 0 warming trend no Tibia. With one High Pei Ted at a Freund 92 de Tei a me d meal r should but in Ltd i i w Quot a. Demo y Tui x 6 it of a i to a rung Ifould Irb a k to Rorty a 1 for ii .1 t ooh a High of 90 it in a i Dot. A. temper dare in. Bed up. he we Al ii str i i Rio real mid a a a a a Bowers fell i the Tor we us department of Commerce Evja weather Bureau Wisiner my p9 7 a Abu in pm Lotty or f Fly. A a adv a id is Rel t a a a i d cd do a a a1. M o cd. Temperatures Sun a m. Sun. J or 4 m 5 00 y a 7 4 a of f x de from 95 at pro Idio to 82 at mid. most highs were in of a 8 none f t Odiol the Ini Roark usual a la time of d Quot a i a Only Mea aired precipitation arts a irate at Wink but newer fell in the evening hour inc Dalhart area of in . Or rom Thunder torm de of up d aha t 20 Nule a Uirt a o ave of Daurt a Hort la of a m while in hello Moder. T Thorax r How or it. Were a of our 20 to r a a but of the Ria rom Al Rizio to. Levi. N m u 1 0 a. N m. Back met in d. Lio anted a him if a Hgt Orni \ is Dav 1 of a t or the 0 i i 19 nod called a near Neun to emf nature in Ruth a of it t a 7 Dot a it e b does l n Norri a a. H l Medrai to a. Liiv he Ltd -. P. E put to in. Lit ked for in a a l was with widely a oter fit hut Dei of we exit. Ted in i a Frith it a. Lapi striking Cloer to red China than Ever before l a repair the Ltd in a Irving or damaging More than too pieces it of nil log St k Sun Day m Ranis on three n Orth Vuk a Namen Railroad Yards among the target was a Railroad Yard Highway Bridge at Lang Ison Only 10 Miles form the chinese Forder. Ground fighting remained in a Lull but 21 Navy is thees wire wounded sunday near Danang who n two rounds of i Oman mortar used by american a Riih s Mist in Only land. In the Seabee a Coin Frund seven of the wounded required evacuation. There were no report from the american command of any warplanes being downed in Sun Days raids. Hanoi s Vietnam news Agency said two plane it it re Nhot Down in Lang son town Nghe an province. First time stepping up the 2l-year air Campaign against n Orth Vietnam i a fighter bombers also raided for the first time two rail Yards 19 26 Miles from China the command said. A spokesman said that before sunday the closet target to China was the a to nun Lail Yard about 30 Miles from the Border which a hit la t Modh air Force kt05 thunderchief pilots flying out of bases in Thailand mounted morning afternoon raid on the Lang son Railroad Yard nearby ing. In Lols reported a Large fuel explosion three fire at the siding a dimpled that 39 or 40 pied of rolling Tock Weie lest Royal or damaged. Lang son i. 81 Miles North a a it of Hanoi. Off Arrier us. Bivy Pilot o a i Ifni from Ihu. Art Ier on-1. Lauon i the Tonky Gulf m a cad int a cd raid h pm meted the i a a son Rad read Highway Bridge the a Nuvy said that in Telli Gem p photos taken after the strike showed the Center Span of the Bridge had been Knock i out the Northern approach Cut. An antiaircraft site m the area Alo was report d damaged during thu raid a the a air Force kt05 Thun i chief pilots no Portill destroying or damaging 55 pieces of Roliog Stop k at the Mug Dang rail Niad Yard 26 Milf from China s South he in no order. Idiots said in v rip red up rads in several Piad s Toia hed off four Sec Ondar a explosions rolling mock Thailand based f4 were bedded with destroying or damaging Lis pieces of rolling s�0 k in the Lang Gia Railroad Yard 19 Miles from the Jorder a blots reported sighting 100 Box ears in the Yard but a Complete damaged assessment was hampered by smoke covering the area they said. The rail Ards Are along the main rail Supply line that runs Northeast from Hanoi. In South Vietnam . B52 to Max is mounted a pre Dawn raid monday against Esfi acted Gor Muni t Funk a a a a. Fortis ii j of on m Khanh Hoa province about 200 Miles North a a Quot to of so Iiga in around Clun net significant Tea Iii a. My. Id a a Al in the Anu i k i n a or in que of Silav morning. In t Tori f a i Vitick Viet Cong go Dyllis set off a Clay my Farmr a Early monday at the it Durer of a government Miliha a a amp Iny in the Saigon of in duh inflicting ,., a Ca .11 tit Quot on the company of h vietnamese military a a a a Man Rex voted. I i another Uhi Derit in Gia duh .mind.iy. A \ let Cong Ter ton to a d a grenade at a police wounding five civil lans. The terrorist e Cafield. Crash kills 40 a. A a a go p t 88 Fly d Hig. Ring i Ano a a a a last if ran. Ban Al for Quot p i it were k lib 1 33 a 2 i 0 lit w for 24 a v in Jln a Rvl the Tii rid Noj i ton of two Bue it e Dawn Hun lao 3<1> Ioia = Utica a of less a h d no to uricial re a Day r,.yht 7 0 a la Rise today l8 26 Sunset Torii pm 7 a bar a it if for at 9 p a. 7 23 Ihl Midiaty at 9 p or. 57 pm or c a it pol l ran lbs emissaries see peace overtures by Thieu told not to Rig elections a Dent Johnson warned South Vietnam a military government month that a rigged presi North Vietnam May follow the won Viet politics. Fig. 7-a a remark by by recently that the a a Ocia Teci he thinks the ruling military Junta would president should Quick overturn any government which by appoint a commission to won the election by fraud watch the Campaign dental election there would Cost sept. 3 election no matter who prompt d outcries from ome Strong feeding uth Vietnam the support of leaders m Congre a. No �?z1, h Aida to in ithe american people one of q j Johnson s warn a a p Quot the Saigon government Johnsons emis Sanes said Sun Quot a a us a. Wrong filing in the Day it it Olf was making a fraud a United stakes that the wild marauding bears killed a a Sage two j9-year-old in sleeping a a a a Quot Johnson to by Thieu Taylor commented when a k from presi farce of the election. National Park Early sunday 18 message to South Vietnam selection must be . A Lavus. Kennedy. Sen. John 0 this subject said As Kennedy a charge. . Or a others have bluntly As it can be said that it a a Quot �?~�?~2 _. It irid i saw indicates that the election 1n held tie United govern no it i on an states should consider pulling Thieu. A candidate for presi part which would be calculated honest they Are Mak out of \ Vietnam seriously injured an 18-year-old Nguyen a Nahjere was any one act on their killed were Michele Koons of Dent Premier Nguyen Cao to alienate the american people my every Effort under the con Cavil. Said the proposed com Hel jazz a a t la 4if should be Helgeson of Albert election in South Vietnam. where campaigning is congresi.,Nal leaders repress sesson insure Taylor also visit a it is my private View a he possible with a maximum Senta Tives of the executive was serious in injured. A leaders of other asian a added a that they will do All in participation of the voters. This Branch an it i a haps Distin the Koons girl was kill editions participating in the de their Power to make them fair is Tough doing i Savun Gui hed private citizens when a Bear attacked a group of South Vietnam. Land honest elect is because i Dor the conditions of sooth Viet South v let name a government campers at Trout Lake. Another contribution think they understand very has invited the Congress to Bear attacked miss Helgeson they indicated that the allies clearly the result that will take meanwhile. Sen Jacob k. It of it servers to the elect on Ducat As they up near May step up their contribution place in this country in the , like Kennedy a but leaders m both Granite Park chalet a it 20of troops Aryl that South Viet of support for South Vietnam if Sharp critic of the South Viet parties quickly rejected the air Miles from Trout Lake. Namese peace overtures to they Are not that Way a a namese Electon Campaign told idea target Extension to stir up juror washing n apr my gave the senators a detailed thrusting to the air War much list of oth let previously off limits clo a r t it re 1 China an sex targets which now Are potential ton Lull a the North Vietnam objective for raids target t t sunday to satisfaction tar Tro h Tii fir in these Nat scr John ,ss., Fri it a a a Var the i s. Ute Ommittee chairman Cour in set ugh Ltd at a a a the a members declined to Dis the Strikos at North Viet it u details f f Sharps Testudo Nam s rail Yard in Low a by. But All those contacted sex Northern Hor in a on a Only 10 pres sed at the new Miles torn r d China came strikes a reflecting a More Only a few Fiur. A m a blow at pro ure philosophy behind Hanoi Deuitt Bridge which the panel is virtually by v made a it Clear that presi unanimous Deni a ii led at but if the were pleased Lemp Oraniya. Ome target re the Dove it were dismayed by the stick Tio Long p dec l on new developments a leading warplanes. Rie. Sen j a Fulbright i there Are Strong India Ifni Aik. Indicated he May air his that Oil t targets heretofore dismay on the Senate floor limits will he the object of raid a i think its very dangerous in the near future. extremely the mounting pressure Hatzian of the Senate foreign the. White Houe Refu cd to relations committee told the answer questions As to whether i Aux press Thi. Shirt in tactic traces to re a Ythi is directly contrary to c Antly mounting pre sure for what was the Estall hed policy expanded bombing from of the government in 1964 it Oungre ional urges notably will Lead the country directly of the Senate Mio the most disastrous Conse prepared a sub a Mumic the he Pulican House Lead indictment or. Rep. A raid r. Ford of Ford who last week issued a Michigan detailed indictment of . But it was Learned that the bombing restrictions called subcommittee heard Sec Rei Tes for blows at Many Addi tibial Timony from adm s. A targets declined comment on Sharp. U s commander in chief the latest air strikes pending in the Pacific that Johnson had examination of official reports. Agreed to so the Extension of the he said he does no to Tow just warplanes tipi ions to strike what authority Johnson has Given for lengthening the list approved targets but asserted a a if he has Given author to do Sharp testifying wednesday what top military advisers have what one subcommittee member called a lucrative there were indications that thursday in an inquiry into the effectiveness of the b mob told him we show do then in Mia favor of

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