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Abilene Reporter News (Newspaper) - August 8, 1953, Abilene, Texas Fair hot Tyc gut Tlene reporter without or with offence to friends or foes we sketch your world exactly As it goes Byron vol. Lxx1i1, no. 53 Kri f Abilene Texas saturday morning August 8, 1953sixteen pages i two sections Price daily 5c, sunday Loe crippling French strikes waning Paris. Saturday aug. 8 a the crippling wave of strikes that hit France at Llic Peak of the lucrative tourist season appeared to be waning today. Hail bus and sub Way workers agreed to return to their jobs. The first trains chugged out of Paris big rail terminals Early to Day ending the 24-Honr walkout protesting economies Premier to soph Lanie s government was re Mored contemplating at the expense of workers on the Public pay u Roll i other cities tic rail strike is continued however. B the three big labor unions in k vol cd in the strikes socialist walkers Force Chris t Ian labor a federation a n d communist led i federation of labor voted to Call it off the strike of bits Ami subway i worker. It has party cd trans it port in All big cities since noon i Frida i civil servants Ilso agreed to re Ritu in to their desks. $ strikes in the big government s owned Gas Ami electric Power in Dusl Ries were scheduled to continue a until Midnight saturday m an estimated two million frenchmen from a wide variety of occur a nations ranging from Street sweep ers to Power and Gas ,1 jell their jobs in the against Laniel s was the worst strike France has i teen in 17 years. Although the general strike Drew to and end. The nation s workers. R still appeared in f ight ing mood t. Ready to quit their posts if la Nicks so Cabinet insists on putting through its Economy decrees. The walkouts created a series of complications which left vacationers stranded angrily seeking u Aid from tourist agencies and inf. Many cases led without Money be Ortw Ellaire damages Rig i Haskell aug. 7 r n s i an v Oil Well f i re no the Crown Central of Oil co s Adams Gray no. 1. Producing Well did about t damage to a workover Rig clean ing out the Well. I the fire broke out As tubing \ is being pulled from the Hole v of and Gas escaping around the 1. Veil casing caught fire irom the. Exhaust of the workover Rig to. I Tor the Well burned from about. \ 2 15 until about 4 05 p. A. The Cru said. Firemen from Haskell and Oil Field workers put out the Blaze. A hah Burlon and another nil Field water truck supplied water to fight the f i re. F. Cason of Abilene District superintendent for Crown Central was slightly Bur tied Oil one hand. He was overseeing the i clean out operation at the Well. Jack Wilcox. Of the Oil Uel service company said he is l mat 1 cd damage to the workover Rig and the Mast on the Well at about j12.00q. He said the workover Rig was nearly new and had been used Only one time before. Fire burned tie rear tires o f f the truck on which the Rig was mounted and heat warped the Mast lie said. Cause of the stoppage of Maits and messages. Although Laniel and his Cabinet have not yet announced the results of their Long consultations on How to bring France out of her economic crisis Union leaders claimed to have gotten inside dope that the government contemplated extend ing the retirement age five years from 57 to 62 years and reducing the Roll of civil servants and others working on state Ope Rater serv ices. The strikers failed to heed Lan Iel s Campaign of appeals and tin eats. The Premier issued a requisition of Tole Phi in work ers but they refused to be requisitioned. Ife threatened to suspend All striking civil service employees and warned there would t be any pay for the time lost during the strike. He appealed to the workers to wait until the government discloses its retrenchment plan aimed at saving the nation from bankruptcy before taking such drastic action. He said the Cabinet had reached no final decisions yet. The Union o f f i c i a l s apparently Felt protest action might be More effective before a decision is taken than afterwards. Young rider old Story the perils of motoring come As a rude shock1 to five a ear old Steven Levy of Brooklyn n. Y., As he weeps Over the prostrate form of his Grandfather Ruben Sarapin of Clifton n. J., following a collision with another car near Rutherford n. The boy s Mother mrs Anifa levies injured in the rear of the car and his grandmother mostly hidden slumps in front seat. None was critically injured in the crash which occurred when another car jumped the Road s Concrete divider and struck the group s car. A wire photo latest freed american pcs in joking bantering mood 12 North korean officials purged communists warned u. korean Security pact inked Panmunjom. Saturday aug. 8, of More Allied War captives came Jack today from the miseries and j hardships of red korean prison Camps to the warmth and Bounty of their own people As the big Post armistice Exchange rolled through the fourth Day. They Rode out of the korean Northland in rumbling Molotov trucks led in column by russian made jeeps. Some of Theip joked and bantered As they Wai Ted for the Call to their mess red officer flees Frankfurt. Germany to the first soviet Anny off icer to flee to the West since Stalin s death was in Allied hands today. U. A officers id he is maj. Leonid Renchin. Who commanded an Engineer battalion in East Germany. Clamber Down from the of their captors and join own Side. Where is the Hall several americans shouted. Say who s leading the National a Kue another yelled. And Are the Yankees still leading the american the lightness of their quips contrasted startlingly with the deprive Lions and cruel treatment described by others released from communist Captivity during the past three Days. The communists said today they would turn Over to the allies to Morrow 399 prisoners of War in chiding 112 americans 21 britons 2 australians 33 turks 3 filipino and 230 South koreans. 25 negroes freed the first 100 captives released today included 25 americans All org roes most of these were from the 25th division s 24th regiment which was in the korean fighting almost from the Start. The second group included turks South koreans and americans the latter All negroes too. All except one of the firs americans released appeared to be in Good health. That one Carriet a Cane and limped. One of the negroes earned i skin or Tim. Another wore a red and White Cap a colourful contras to the drab Blue prisoner garb. Some turks began stripping of their chinese uniforms. America guards stopped them. One Turk walked into an Amu authorization of military building gets Ike s signature Washington. Aug. 7 of pics in front Al Coho Var signed Toriaz a Bill authorizing the construction of f t91.ji95.930 of army. Navy old air Force projects at Home and abroad. It author incs $133.671,000 for Hie army. S57.011.130 for inc Navy. J2c3.5c9.000 for tie air Force and $1.401.800 for alaskan com Tunica tons. The Lota is about 42 million Dol Lars less thu originally requested by the services. The Ner Law includes authorizations for army hed River Arsenal. Tex., of Ermiona facility utilities. So. 808,000 Kort Bliss. Tex., troop housing troop support covered Lorage. Land $8.166.000. A by Alice. Tex., land air yield pavements. S2.h3.000 naval auxiliary or station. Cali Aniss Field. Tex., operational training fuel storage ant distribution comm ii Iralia up ill pics utilities. J5w.ooo naval auxiliary air s to t Ion Chase Field Tex., Airfield pavements fuel dispensing and Ai Craf t main to Nancy facilities naval at Swiatlon. Corpus Chrls i. Tex., fuel storage. $510,000 naval auxiliary air Lallon Kingsville. Tex., Airfield pavements fuel dispensing Iran Long facilities utilities $1,480, 000 air Force Abilene fab Tex. Airfield pavements navigation aids operational fact l i t i Stroop housing Messing facilities Artmer. Str Tiv Ami Community fac Miles my Lulles land storage $12.228.000 Berjv Szrom fab Austin Tex., air held Lavenu no and training celtics $1,137,000 cars ecu a b b fort Worth liquid fuel storage an dispensing operational Aicra la in t Enance and storage tac Litie s4so.ooo Fensler fab. Victoria sex. Administrative and comm i by facilities land storage. S67.00c Moore Airfield. Mission. Tex., held pavements liquid fuel Sto age and dispensing. Coni Mineci ions and navigational aids air Craf t maintenance administrative my Community facilities utilities and storage $1.266.000 Bryan a k r. Bryan. Tex., land. W4.000 Ellington fab Houston Airfield pavements navigational aids and Airfield lighting operational facilities land $2,221.000 Gooc fellow fab. San Angelo. Tex., Airfield pavements utilities land $142,000 Harlingen fab. Tex., Airfield pavements. Utilities. $163.000 Connally fab fico. Tex., Airfield lighting land. $117,000 i a redo fab. Tex., land. $39.000 Laughlin fab. Del no Tex., air Field pavements administrative and Community facilities utilities. Laurl. Storage. $578,000 i Orrin of a Sherman Tex., liquid fuel Tor arc and dispensing aircraft main ten Tine a troop housing and mess ing utilities land storage. ,35n. 000 Randolph fab. San Antonio liquid fuel storage Ami dispensing Airfield lighting administrative and Community facilities utilities land storage 52.026.000 Reese fab i Lubbock Tex adm Nistra live and Community facilities $50. 000. Webb fab Rig Spring. Tex. Airfield pavements Light Long air Craft maintenance utilities land ,v?8.000 Kelly aka san Antonio aircraft maintenance a clues $216.000,Ince holding up his pants with is hand1. Despite warnings Jome South Orean repatriates threw away Leir clothes. Chinese Ted Povis going Home Ang in open to Cults As they Rode ast the Allied reception Center. Most of these Tore off their Lothes. Boots canteens and mess its. The Road through Palmu Lom was littered. Civilian get loot korean civilians came Down rom the his and quickly gathered the abandoned Art totes. In All 90 americans were to ome Back today. Besides the 90 americans larg it number in any Day since the change began the group included 25s South koreans 35 turks and 25 British the reds Sato. This brought to 311 the total americans who have been freed n the four Days of the switch a ittle under 10 per cent of the several gis prefer reds Freedom Village. Korea. Saturday. Aug. 8 of some u. Are oot coming Hack Roni behind the Bamboo curtain at least not now. A few Choe to slav. Unnumbered others Are jailed on trumped up charges. That was the grim word yester Day from Tho 81 americans some of them thin and dishes died. Who came Hack from North korean prison stockade on the third Day of the Exchange of prisoners under the armistice. Others Tom of r captured u. S. Officer who was forced to give lec Tures saying he dropped germ bombs. This is a favorite red propaganda theme. It was the f i is t time that there had be a reports that some Ameri cans might refuse repair iat Ion. The repatriates listed several Ameri cans and one British Pri Soinier who apparently had swallowed red indoctrination and decided to stay pining radio said yesterday it would five an accounting of the United nations command of the total number As soon As Psi by under armistice terms such prisoners must be brought to the Panmunjom the Neutral zone when u. N. Teams will be allowed to to to make them change their minds. The report that some u s. Pris Oncas with Liberty in sight Cri being Given prison terms for in stealing against peace was no new trials extended earlier repatriates had Sai some High officers were being Given sentences. Now it App oar he trials have been extended t Enlis Leil men. The first report of americans other Alluri soldiers refusing Tiou Ca Jie shortly after the Ealr Latch began hopping fron he communist Rucks t a t a a rough them Down from Kacson the red armistice base town is Miles of Panmunjom. Pvt. Sieve of Lowacki of Brooklyn n. Y., said lha t at by Oblong. The Camp near them Inch irim Bordo seven americans and one Botto stayed he hint and were having 3.313 americans the reds have agreed to return. The communists Are exchanging 12.7r3 United nations men in All receiving in return 74,000 communists from Allied pow Camps. With today s exr Liangco of 406 Al lied men and 2.759 reds As announced by the respective sides. The totals swapped will be 1.598 Allied pcs Comers and More than 11. 000 North korean communists. And chinese Seoul saturday aug. 8 a Secretary of state Dulles and president syn Man Rhee today initiated a Mutual l Security pact and warned the communists the United nations command would meet any new at tack on South Korea in violation of the armistice. The agreement which provides for Basing u. S. Troops in South Korea was signed at 10 a. M. 7 p. M. Friday Cost. A joint statement said the United states and South Korea would walk out of a postwar political Confer ence after 90 Days if they decide the conference is being exploited by the reds. The statement declared we will then consult further regarding the attainment of a unified f ree and Independent in new York the United slates disclosed that tie 16 nations with forces in Korea had signed a declaration in Washington july 27 pledging prompt resistance to any communist All Csc in Korea. They coup of it with a warning that such an at tack would have such grave consequences that in All probability it would not be pos sible to conf Ine hostilities within the frontiers of 1 it the first t Ime Rliebe has publicly stated he would be con tent merely to talk in the event the political conference failed. He repeatedly has threatened lha South Korea first on alone. Returned Texas pos by the associated press the following prisoners of War from Texas Mere released to the allies Friday in Korea pvt. Harold l. Grant. Head Quad is company 3rd Bat to l Ion 9lh Egi Mem 2nd div. Wife. Rosa be Grant 902 s. 18th st., tem pvt Wilhe c. Green co. A 19th Siment. 24th div. Father Wil am Green general delivers. Edna. Grice Headon garters Aitery. 503 a battalion 2nd ii. Sister. Lena a theirs. 648 w. 9th st., port Arthur. Pfc. Albino Garces. Co. A. 9th regiment. 2nd div. Mother Rose. Garces Mercedes. Pfc. Oliver Smith. Co. A 24tli Lantry regiment. 25th div other. Mrs. Joe r. Smith Oliander. Tex. Up. Tyre g. Wells. Co. G., 24th regiment 25th div. Mother Cal Onia veils Jacksonville. Cpl. Wash v. Havi Ison. Head quarters Battery. 503rd a Bat Ilion 2nd div. Sister. Chhe Mae Arrison in. 1, Douglasville. Party when we news Index if necessary to attain unification of this War torn Peninsula. Exchange of views the statement declared Rhee Dulies and their advisers had a full Exchange of views on the subject of unification which they Hope will establish a preparatory foun Dation for coordinated Effort at the political the 78-3 ear old South korean president had demanded the Mutual Security pact As a condition for going along with the korean armistice which he bitterly opposed. President Eisenhower in june promised r h e e such a treat which must he approved by the u. S. Senate. Tho Khee Dulles statement Sain the United states recognizes the right of sovereignty of the Republic of Korea to Deal with its prob but it added tha t South Korea has agreed to take no unilateral action to unite Korea by military Means for the agreed duration of the political confere unprovoked armed attack Insi South Korea in violation of the armistice would be Mel by he u. \. Com nand including South korean forces such reaction to an unprovoked armed attack would not be a new War but rather a resumption by he communist forces of the a Ive belligerency which the Armi Stice halted the statement said. The u. N. C. Will be constantly Lert against such an conferred 4 times Dulles. Secretary of the army Robert Stevens ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge chief United Stales Delegate to the United nations and High state department officials arrived Here tuesday. Dulles and thee conferred four times. The joint statement said be have today initiated a draft of a Mutual defense treaty. That Reaty is designed to unite our nations in common action to meet j common danger and it will Cement the lies which have brought us to Gether to combat in Korea the menace of communist Dulles Anil thee expressed Hope their governments to ild move quickly to put the treaty into effect. Al though the a s. Senate has adjourned until january the statement said United slates Senate leaders have been Kepi fun l by informed of he Exchange of views which have de 1o the action we have taken to a and it is our sincere Hope that Bis will Lead to prompt and favor Able United states Senate action 10 to die 2 receive jail terms at the same Lime. Dulles Airt warned the communists that 2 planes crash Al big Spring Bik Spring. Aug. 7 a two p l a n e s crashed near Here Friday. An air Force Pilot was belted dead and two Colliers in a Light plane were injured. A training plane from Webb fab crashed in flames about 20 Miles Northeast of dig Spring. Witnesses to the crash sad they saw no one Parachute from the air Force plane. Name of the Pilot had not been released by the air Force Friday night. Alonzo Cash. 25, of Alpine the Phot of a Light plane that crashed while Landing at Coahoma was. A Cri t ical condition. Hay Echols. 23. Received a Bro Ken leg f Rac tured jaw and Throat cuts in the crash. Rob aug. 7 lev the family of 7pf. John Rhoton a Pov in to a. Prays he nil he Home inside if two weeks fits father a. T a t Ong to lice Rhoton 2 n a m e had not appeared today on the list of Pris mers freed by the communists the Corporal has been a pros Mer 27 months. His family last re lived a letter from him in May. His father tenant f a r m e r George Rhoton 47. Learned three weeks ago he has lung cancer too advanced for treatment. Photon s Roclor to5d the family yesterday h will take something More than Edt Cine to keep him alive for More than two weeks. The week after the k o r e a n hex Kyker. Revival plans halted College prof polio suspect Crowell lad drowns Seymour. Aug. 7 if William Bradford Halloway. 7. Sou of b. W Halloway. Crowell. Drowned Toda below Lake Kemp dam. The weather n Errar twixt or Cruor. Abilene Asi Vicinity Gran a hit St Turdiu i1 " hot he a t f rape Thor b a Days 10 kit Emi ird a a red Day m e m o r i a l sculptor Donald de Luc twits the finish ing touches to his full scale Model of a War memorial to be built in Normandy France on the site of the 1944 a Day landings. The 22-foot plaster Model Dis played in new York depicts a nude Man with arms aloft heal tilted and Mouth open As though speaking. Two weeks left Roby family prays for pcs return before father Dies to undergo major surgery. She i now j j f v e n a Good Chance to re cover. W l i i f e the parents were in the Hospital to o sons. Pete 15. And Seaman George Kholton. 20. On emergency leave from the Xavy t Ria the farm. Two crop failures because of the drought bad drained1 the of Annily funds even before the parents fell ill. They have mortgaged and Bor rowed All they Cou a. Sold every thing possible except for one olo cow. The cow belongs to their son in Korea. Cpl. Rhoton knows nothing of the family troubles. The red Cross ill Tell him when he is released London saturday aug. S Cal Moscow radio today announced death sentences have been imposed on 10 top North korean officials accused of plotting armed rebel lion and plotting for the United states. Two other North korean officials were jailed. The sentences were handed Down by the military collegium of the North korean supreme court Fol lowing a purge trial in the hed tradition with All 12 accused confessing guilt. Former Justice minister i a Sung Yop accused As the ring Leader in the purported plot headed the hot of those sentenced to die. Also doomed the broadcast said were Cho vim Nyong former Deputy propaganda minister Pak Hong Wong former foreign min ister and vice Premier Rhee won 10. Former Deputy propaganda iof of the korean communist try and six others. One of the jailed o f f i c i a l s got 15 ars the other 12. The Pyongyang radio monitored Tokyo Antoum de last right that c 12 had been prosecuted for Ying and plotting to overthrow e red regime. The North korean broadcast card in Tokyo asserted the \2 de by be Sung Yop former min Ster of Justice were Briod to spy for the u. S. And puppet Rhee Lover Ornell of South . It said they were directed irom South Korea by a american Mili tary officer identified Only As the Esrher South korean Nielli hence reports had said that hed Premier Kim 11 sunk was conducting the purge to get rid of pro russian off id a is and linked Bis action to the ouster of Lavrenia Beria As chief of Che soviet secret Pelfre. Kirn u As said1 Fien a havoc stronger ties eth red chins As opposed to Russia. The Pyongyang radio had announced last sunday that Pak was succeeded As foreign minister by Jen. Nam ii chief red truce negotiator but gave no reason. Ruce was signed mrs. Rhoton had i and is ready to Fly him Home. Sunday headliners in the reporter news better make Hay kids your vacation is almost Over the cover Page of the women s Section in sunday re Porter news will spotlight the big event school opening. And the Complete schedule of registration for Abilene youngsters Wal be Given. Another big accomplishment by the City of Abilene the new municipal Airport will be the subject o Pic Tures and Story in the sunday edition. Sports news local and National Oil. Farm Church and other specially news will be included in the big edition. Release of the korean prisoners win of course be among the biggest news events which will be covered by the associated press the news gathering service which covers the world. Staff writers and correspondents will round out the news reports with stories on local and area events. Abilene sizzles in 4h hottest Day heat to continue it was hot in Abilene Friday. In fact Only three other Days this summer have been hotter. The 103 degree Reading Here Friday was topped by 105 degrees on june 23, 22. And 24, the first three Days of summer. Friday was also the hottest Day this month with temperatures of Over 100 registered Only on two other Days 100 on aug. 2, and 301 on aug. 3. The last lengthy heat wave Here rolled up 22 Days of 100 plus temperatures in june. That spell was from june 8 to 23, the forecast Friday night was continued hot with the High temperature a Urda y and sunday from 100 to 105. Saturday s Low was forecast As near 73. Hottest spots in Texas Friday were Dallas and Mineral Wells with 107 degrees. For t Worth Alice and Cotulla were close be Hind with 106. So Relief was in sight immediately anywhere in Texas. Red storm troopers attack Berlin food Relief Points sect4on a a Shmil t Noti. Rifo of. Sati. Dict Ion s -7 farm Newt Oil hex Kyker. Abilene Christian College instructor was to have begun revival meeting night at Noodle Church of Christ. Instead the 31 year old speech instructor was admitted to Hend Rirl memorial Hospital As a possible Folio victim. Kyker was admitted to the hos Pital at u 15 a. M. Friday. His not been diagnosed positively As polio Friday Niht. Jom Willis. Abilene Christian p College Junior student., spoke at the opening services of the re j j Viva at Noodle Friday night in 4 Kyker s place. 7 plaster Merkel minis 7 ice. Will continue the revival ser i vices through August. .s39 30 10 10 m. 11 33 is. J3 3jhigh ind in temper at urn for 2 r a nit 6.30 p. A a Loti and Low and then closed in with flailing clubs. Proved March another mob of 300 parted x protest March in Xii Kolln. But _ r 200 police com Nindos slammed in i Tjon project. The total of packages with cubs and Cut them fleeing in handed out climbed toward the less than five minutes. J two million Mark. A Hundred communist laughs suddenly attacked six regular patrolmen guarding a Kreuzberg food distribution Center and tried Toj Teal the registration Illos of ast German food applicants. Three buses with 120 police commandos used nazi tic Loci the East German regime copied or wit tactics today to persecute the needy when they returned to their zonal Homes with american lard and other treasured foodstuffs Anri a water Cannon truck to communist rowdies stoned to this alarm. I men with food packages As they the hods some with blood arrived by train at Fuerste Waide. Streaming Down their faces from in Mecklenburg. Communist clubbing ran off the so sound trucks toured Many towns broadcasting the names of citizens now in West Berlin pc Vonjj up beggar parcels and urging that they a publicly beaten when they returned. The found trucks Gav vet sector a Tew blocks away. The soviet zone news to night described the riots As pro tests by Berlin workers against the provocative food it declared Western jobless Vid pen semen joined the workers from the time they were expected by train

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