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Abilene Reporter News (Newspaper) - April 21, 1974, Abilene, Texas f gfoflem ^porter "WITHOUT OR WITH OFFENSE TO FRIENDS OR FOES WE SKETCH YOUR WORLD EXACTLY AS IT GOES"—Byron ’ *14$    ' JR ____ ARTLY CLOUDY! ; , Complete weather, Pf . th rn s H 93RD YEAR. NO. 308 PHONE 673-4271 ABILENE, TEXAS, 79604, SUNDAY MORNING, APRIL 21. 1974 -EIGHTY-SIX PAGES IN SIX SECTIONS 25c SUNDAY + Ic State Sale* Tai 2,000Friends Honor Omar Tributes Include Bronze Bust, Telegrams from Nixon, Others Judge Orders Mining Firm to Close By HA KOLI) HIGGINS Associated Press Writer MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. (AP) — The Reserve Mining Co., which produces 15 per cent of the iron ore used in this country's blast furnaces, was ordered shut down Saturday by a federal judge. The specific ruling by U.S. District Judge Miles Lord ordered the company to halt dis charge of wastes into Lake Superior and the air as of 12:in I Realtor Week I Begins Today f Realtors are planning I several activities during I National Realtor Week, I which begins today. Sec-l tion F of today's edition I gives details of the week I and features about many r of the men in the profes-1 sion. a.m. Sunday. That in effect closes Reserve’s processing plant at Silver Bay, Minn., and its taconite mine at Babbitt and throws 3.200 employes who earn $34 million ’a year out of work. The company said it wa& shutting down at midnight Saturday but issued a statement saying it would appeal Lord s decision. The ruling culminated a nine-month trial in which the Justice Department accused Reserve, which operates on Lake Superior in northeast Minnesota, of polluting the lake with its discharge. Lord s order demands that Reserve halt the discharge of rock wastes that result from the production of taconite, i grade of ore used in the production of steel. Taconite is mined by Reserve at Babbitt and is turned into iron ore at the company's Silver Bay plant 47 miles away. It is located on the Minnesota-Wis- consin border, at the tip of Lake Superior. Reserve President Edward M. Fulness said. in a statement: “In the interests of the company's 3,000 employes, in th** interests of the thousands of people in northeastern Minnesota who will feel the economic impact of this decision, and in the interests of the nation’s urgent need for continuing steel production, we have instructed counsel to immediately explore and assess all legal options available to us.’ ■ Reserve s discharge creates a serious health hazard to the people exposed to it,” said Lord in a 13-page memorandum accompanying the decision. “The exact scope of this potential health hazard is impossible to accurately quantify at this time.” Lord said earlier that there was sufficient evidence to show that asbestos fibers, which come into Lake Sullen er in the Reserve discharge, constitute a public health hazard to the thousands who depend on the lake for their drinking water. Inside Toddy Putnam Flea Market Sells 'Dignified Junk' Photographer John Davis and staff writer Mike Murphey offer an inside view of the Putnam Flea Market, a place where the owner sells 'dignified junk.' Pg. 17A. Reporter-News Arts Editor Alice Miller takes a look at preparations for the 1974 Albany Fandangle in Setting the Scene. Pg. IB. Sadat Lauds U.S. Peace Push, Okays Envoy's Credentials Sadat then made the unusual gesture of talking 15 minutes with Kilts and then walk ( AIRO (APt — President Anwar Sadat praised President Nixon's peace efforts in the Middle East as he accepted the credentials of the first A in e r i c a n ambassador to Egypt since the June 1967 war. “The wisdom of President Nixon and continuing efforts of Dr. Kissinger have made peace possible in th** region U. S. Weather Service forecaster Frank Cannon said Saturday that if Abilene could have just been moved 20 miles east Saturday night it would have received a good rain. As it was, the city received very scattered and light showers. he said. Cannon said he noticed one light shower directly over downtown, but that the airport received no measurable precipitation at all. However, several area towns reported substantial rainfall and strung winds. achieve their goal, Sadat said Saturday. • I hope that you carry my best wishes to our friend President Nixon and all wishes to the \merican people and my best wishes for your success in your mission,” Sadat told U.S. Ambassador Hermann Kilts. When Kilts handed in his credential letter Sadat said “This is a chance to open a new page in our relations.'’ Eastland reported that it .<■ ceived .90 of an inch in one-half hour and marble-sized hail, while Cisco received .75 inch rain and pea-sized hail. Tuscola reported .40 inch and \\ inters .30. Cannon said Abilene missed the rain because the line of thunderstorms formed after the trout moved through th city. Although he said there had been a very good chance of rain Saturday night.die predicted only light clouds for sunday and Monday with no chance of rain. ing him down the hallway to the staircase of Abdin Palace. Protocol calls for one minute or so of talk and then an escort officer normally walks the new envoy down the hall The ceremony marked the resumption of full diplomatic relations between the United States and Egypt for the first time since the 1967 war. On Friday, Nixon accepted the credentials of Egypt’s new ambassador to the United States, Ashraf Ghorbal. The Cairo presentation was the first time in two years that Sadat greeted a new ambassador. Vice President Bus sein Shafei has been taking in credentials from ambassadors since 1972. It was also the first time in recent history that an Egyptian army band played the I S. national anthem, Kilts "Cid afterwards He said he was “personally very touched to hear the Star Spangled Banner.” tor the first time in 26 years ... I hope the efforts will 4 Area Towns Get Rain .. once in a lifetime' U.S. Rep. Omar Burleson told about 2,000 persons gathered in Anson Saturday to honor him that “this is a once in a lifetime experience ... I wish I could tell all of you how appreciative we are.” (Staff Photo by John Davis! _____________ By JAMES BOYETT Reporter-News State Editor ANSON - About 2.000 persons jammed the Jones County Courthouse Square here Saturday to show their “friendship” for U.S. Rep. Omar Burleson. Saturday was officially proclaimed “Friends of Omar Burleson Day” in all of the 33 counties in the 17th Congressional District which Burleson serves. In ceremonies at 7 p.m., a bronze bust of the congressman was unveiled. The bust was placed on a marble pedestal at the foot of the north steps of the Jones County Courthouse. CONGRESSMAN Bob Poage of Waco. Olin Teague of College Station. Bob Casey of Houston and O.C. Fisher of San Angelo were on hand to help honor Burleson. Burleson was first honored at a coffee at the High School from 2:30 to 4:30 p m. Meanwhile. at the First United Methodist Church, Mrs. Burleson was having a tea in her honor. Visitors to Anson had about an hour’s rest between the coffee and tea before digging into a barbecue supper served by the Texas Trails Chuckwagon group from Albany. The Albany Fandangle members presented a sampler of the show before formal unveiling ceremonies took place. B.F. Gist, chairman of the group which put together the celebration Saturday, told the persons gathered that the idea for the event was bom in Eastland County about a year and a half to two years ago and he praised the Eastland County residents for sharing and involving every county in the 17th Congressional District in the celebration. Gist said the Congressman received telegrams from each of the 23 members of the Tex- U.S Rep. Wright Potman is fighting for his political life against two primary foes but his main opponent is age. Pg. 14A. Being a substitute teacher has some special headaches involved. Four Abilene substitutes give their views. See Page ID. Abilene Events Calendar . 2B Amusements ......... 1-4B Austin Notebook ........ 5A Berry's World    .... 4A Big Country Calendar ..... 3B Books ................. 4B Bridge ............. 4B Business News ......... 22A Classified ........ 9-1 SC Crossword Fusile ........ 14A Editorials ............ 4A Form News .......... 1SA6C Horoscope      I    BA Hospital Patients    16A Jumble Puxsle ....... IBA Markets .......... 20-22A Obituaries .............. BA Oil .................. 22A Recordings    3B Setting the Scene    )B Sports.............I    -BC Texas    23A This Week In West Texas . 14A Today in History ..... IBA To Your Good Health    15A TV Tab    UHE Woman's News ....... Ut20 as Congressional Delegation, Speaker of the House Car] Albert, Senators John Tower and Lloyd Bentsen. Gov. Dolph Briscoe, Texas House speaker Price Daniel Jr., Sen. Grant Jones, Vice President Gerald Ford and President Nixon. (•IST READ the telegram from Nixon, which stated: “For 28 years Omar Burleson has worked for the people of the 17th Congressional District in a way that has inspired both their confidence and friendship. I am happy to be included among the Friends of Omar Burleson and I fully share in the sentiments of your special tribute to him on ibis occasion. My warmest good wishes go out to him and I applaud the good judgment of his constituents in repeatedly returning a man of his caliber to serve in our nation’s capitol.” Just prior to the unveiling. Juan Dell, sculptress who did the bust, said, “I must applaud you for choosing this long lasting tribute to such a man as Omar Burleson. I have grown to love and appreciate and I respect greatly Congressman Burleson.” When Burleson stood to make his response, he received his third standing ovation of the night. He said. “This is a humbling and touching experience. Judge (Leoni T h u r rn o n, (Jones County Judge), I haven’t looked at it (the bust) .vet but I think you’ve got it. It looks like it would be a little difficult to rope and drag off. “AN HONOR such as this can come only once in a lifetime. "When I first learned of this ev ent. I did not know what to think I hope that we have the opportunity to share your love for many years to come. “Many blessings have come our way over the years and I am looking forward to more over the coming years.” Mrs. Ruth Burleson said she remembered well about 28 years ago when she and the Congressman made their first trip back to Anson from Washington when Burleson was first elected. “There were a few printed signs in the windows and even some printed in chalk on the sidewalks. I thought that was the most wonderful coming home there could be. “If there is anyone out there that I haven't hugged and kissed yet. I will be here as long as you arc. “I am grateful, we are grateful for what you have done for us. You have shared our sorrows and you have shared our joys. S'ou have made it possible for us.” SHE SAID that when she See HONOR. Pg. 2A, (ol. 3 Look alikes Photographer John Davis was able to catch both the long, and short, of U.S. Rep. Omar Burleson at a celebration Saturday in which Hie bronze bust in the lower portion of the picture was unveiled. _________ MT. Cornelius, Longtime Abilene Businessman, Dies M.T. Cornelius, 77, longtime Abilene businessman, died at 5:30 p.m. Saturday at his home at 1142 Grape after an illness of several months. Funeral sen ice w ill l)e at 3:30 p.m. Monday in the El-liott-Hamil Funeral Home Chapel of Memories. The Rev. Tim Temple of Wichita Falls will officiate. He will be as-sisted by John Taylor. Abilene Church of Christ minister. Burial will follow in Elmwood Memorial Park. Marshall Thompson Cornelius was born Aug. 9, 1896 in Waco. He married Bessie Sparks Miller May 18, 1917. in Santa Anna. The couple moved to Abilene from Rang-r»r in 1920 and in 1933 he established the M T. Cornelius Music Co. Mr. Cornelius retired (rom that business in 1900 and established the M T. Cornelius Furniture Co., which he owned and operated until six months ago when he sold the business. Mr, Cornelius attended the Bible Center. He is survived by his wife; three daughters. Mrs. William A Helm of Colorado City, Mrs. Gene McGehee of Albuquerque, N M„ and Mrs. Bob Hcvcr of San Carlos, Calif.; two -ons. Marshall T Jr., of Mineral \\ t*lls and Gereld B. of Denver, Colo.; two blathers. A B. of Graham and Victor of Eastland; one sister, Mrs. Florine Miller of Eastland; 18 grandchildren and IO great-grandchildren. Mr. Cornelius was preceded in death by one son. two grandchildren and one greatgrandchild. M. T. (bitNEULS . . . services Monday ss ;

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