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Abilene Reporter News (Newspaper) - April 13, 1974, Abilene, Texas smwm. 3 STAR FINAL' s \#W+r-    \ 'Retaliatory' Lebanon Raid QIRYAT SHMONAH, Israel    used    no    armor    or aircraft. -AP) — Israeli forces carried    “Israeli forces destroyed out a retaliatory raid across    several houses after evaeuat- the Lebanese border early Sat-    . thei|. ^habitants, :ind urday hours after this Israeli    #    n village buried victims of an    avoided huiting Arab terrorist raid that took    population,** the c o m m a n d IS lives.    said. The Tel Aviv command said    Israel reported no resistance Israeli troops entered seveial    fr()m n,y,ujyr Lebanese troops villages in southern Lebanon    d jd ,hp resulars tlaJ during the three-hour raid ami    - evacuated the area.” .    ,    Uew »P hn“ses    10    The command identified the ... amid childhood memories At    raided    "mns Mwh- here Fridnv. angry and embit-    bah. Bltda and Martin, a 0    9 9± I    f    Youngsters    searching    high    grass    at    the    base    of a tree    tered residents of Qirvat    cluster of Aran vmagos i« Spiritual renewal . . .    during    an Easter egg hunt for underprivileged children    shmonah had demanded    miles r    m a Los Angeles park Friday fail to spot one egg nest-    vengeance against Arab ter-    a'onk    ” u . 'l, . Pope Paul VI carries Holy Cross after joining final five of 14 stages of the Via Crucis,    ling    in    a hole in the tree. Scores of children passed it rorists and the states haibor* the Isr»e    ;    . the outdoor way-of-the-cross Holy Friday procession, in Rome Saturday evening. At    by    before a boy found it 10 minutes later. (AP Wire- ing them.    Also hit were the namieis oi background, crowd of worshippers and (left) part of Colosseum. (AP Wirephoto)    photo)    ev e n    n'rth of'the western end of the Pope Ignores Health, Carries Cross Through Ruins ZSemssjs    !SrrH£ ■    w    made no mention of Arab    group    responsible for the at- By JULIE FLINT    and death.    Pope’s absence from the St.    ritual, or Via Crucis.    at the Via Crucis and millions    casualties but said all the    tack on Qirvat    Shmcmli. Associated Press Writer    As he did last year, the Peter's ceremony, the most    The Pope sounded hoarse as more watching on television in    raiders returned safely to F    meanwhile, issued a new ROME (AP) — A frail Pope    Pope watched    as the proces- an and the Way of the Cross    he addressed the huge    crowd Europe and Latin America.    rael. A spokesman said Israel    warning Friday.    ......._ Paul VI carried a wooden    sion went to the first nine of cross for 15 minutes on Good    the 14 stations of the cross. He    a    ||    IMI    ■    ■    I    I    MAI    I f Friday in the annual Way of    sat motionless with hands    ML      ■    Jm    BJ      1_____  JB._ I m m    IHIj zssofTzTvot    attnnr“e jones: it wouio b© jneme to Lose iiooii woitk urn.    final    stations. Vatican officials concerned    It    had rained for 24 hours    _ health had convinced ^im to skies cleared as the starting    Experience Shows New Document Tough to Pass, He Says cut down on some of his East-    time approached.    m,•#» er activities, but he refused to    The Pope has suffered two    By    MIKE    MURPHEY    MW    constitutions. The revisions    of an article, and also amend    ers arc \<»t,n on . < t .m i forego the procession and recent attacks of influenza.    Reporter-News Staff Writer    were turned down in all but other arlicies which contain    l}inLTln°,rol* looked fit as he bore his bur- and doctors convinced him not    Just in case Texas voters    six of those states. Those six.    .    tut»on-s ‘s <ien    to attend the traditional Good    reject the eventual product of    he continued, “are among 12    subject matter    pertaining t)    question to be on the ballot In    his address, the Pope Friday service in St. Peter's    the Texas Constitutional Con-    states which have attempted    the question.’    which would provide for the urged Christians not to forget    Basilica earlier Friday.    vention at the polls in Novem-    constitutional rewriting in the    The    amendment would then    same method of amendment “the abject, the deformed, the    The Pope also suffers from ber, Sen. Grant Jones of Abi-    |j    Past five >ears    be voted on in the next gener- . tho present constitution weeping, the unhappv.”    an arthritic back condition -    lene wants some attention giv-    %    “I just think that it is easier    al election at least 90 days    .    in    ,    P In Jerusalem, thousands of    possibly aggravated by    on to easing methods of    for a voter to vote no than yes    ‘    ’    .' tmn    J    a C h r i s t i a n s earned heavv Rome's Easter rains — that amending the present constitu-    on something as technical as «,lu ^ d ‘    Tf    the    new    document    isn    t wooden crosses to comment o'-    makes both bending and sit-    turn.    constitutional revision,” Jones    This would disallow special    , . ..    PVDlainpd ,.t}u,n rate Christ’s last walk, as Is- ting painful.    “There is a lot of good work    ,^^B    concluded.    elections for the approval of    1 raeli police and soldiers stood    The austere service at St.    going on there,” he observed,    So while he describes the    constitutional amendments in    we can come back over a pe- guard against possible Arab    Peter’s commemorating    the “and it would be a shame to    chances for adoption of a new    which    Jones calls voter turn-    n°d of time, and submit revt- terrorist attacks. Roman Cath-    crucifixion of Christ would    lose it all if the voters don’t    document as “50-50.” Jones    sion to sections of the present olic, Protestant and Greek Or-    have required the Pope to    accept the new constitution.    thinks that the state would    constitution, giving the voters thodox worshippers along with dress in a red robe of mourn-    Jones is in Abilene during a ^wad a jong ^me before anoth- Armenians, Copts and Syrians    ing, take off his shoes, papal    convention recess.    In an inter-    er attempt at rewriting the    AT    THE same time that \ot-  See •50-50',    Pg. 1IA. Col. 1 participated in a series of cer-    ring and other symbols of his    view he explained    some of his    document would be approved. emonies.    authority, and kneel three reservations about voter ac-    ..j would anticipate,” Jones    Tnrlnv Tens of thousands of persons times on his way to the high ceptance of a new cosntitu-    stated, “that if the people are    IflMqc    I UUUy — prelates, pilgrims and tour-    altar.    tion.    HHBHp 9BB&    not willing to adopt the    work ists — watched in the cool.    Vatican officials said the    PBt    SEN.    GRANT    JONES    product of this convention,    AUC    __L XA/rsn* damp evening air on Rome’s    sorrowful liturgy in Roman    “THROUGH EXPLKI-    , .. home from convention    there will be considerable re-    MilD    wOOC/f    fw    On I IxOlUm Palatine Hill as the Pope car- Catholic w o r s h i p, afforded ENCE,” he said, “We have    ....    .    ,    sistance on the part of the ried the six-foot cross of light    him time to rest between    seen that the chances of get-    War II, there have    been    u    people to    vote to call another    The    steel    industry and the    The    last    known    American wood in the ceremony com-    Thursday’s lengtiiy Mass in    ting a new document adopted    states which have attempted    convention    in the near fu-    United Steelw/orkers re-    prisoners of war from memorating Christ’s * agony    the Basilica of St. John Later-_are pretty slim. Since World    to completely rewnte_their_    me „    portedly reach on agree-    North Vietnam came "    _    So in order to provide for    ment providing for wage    home Friday without nulAM%4 AI ii« a    But Camahc    c™-, Pg 7D. IVldltBPCCI I# IDIOmfli AIIYv# BlH JvilOUS pro^LThTt'Tn pger7Ae next ■ ^    B    to the present constitution be    Bridqe    SB CORDOBA Argentina (AP)    States Information S e r v i c e    nessnien.    furnishings in his house, police    voted on    as a separate    ques-    Rodney    Jenkms    re:    Church    News    ....    6,7B cokuuba, Argenuna iAr    i    ph    ...    tion in the November election.    turn as head basketbd    Classified    1-7D - American diplomat Alfred    here was kidnaped early hii-    A communique sent to news    said.    The question would change the    coach at Ab.lene High Com.c* ........ 8,9C Albert Laun IIIJudnaped ear-    day morning, a    media    by the People’s Army    They    added    that    the    kidnap-    way the present constitution is    next year, but that does- Iditoml* .    4a Bswats svrussa    —»     s-s-st-st r- he was shot and wounded, was    guerrillas.    ‘ people's jail” over alleged    dio transmitter and receiver    In    the    new    constitution    *    ,    =    ,i.,    hotnJ    „    ? L    l.tc iound alive but in serious eon-    He wt|s wounded, apparently    ‘‘eouterrevolutjonary activities    t f Laun-S home.    kZre wouldteable to^ubmit    stol led by heod football Tod.* m H»««n    5* jjjjmj*, «—.    y-j-s.vss tsraatfts     -    rpssfssx ssaissu:*    , per Voz del Interior said they    guerrilla    raid.    previously served in some of    ateur radio operator. ment to more than one sect on _1C.    n,., saw Laun when he was found    Laun,    36, is from Kiel, W’is.,    these countries, in the bed of a river that cri-    and is unmarried.    It    also said that Laun would sscrosses this industrial city    He    was the first U.S. gov-    be interrogated over “links 450 miles northeast of Buenos    ernment official reported kid-    with the Fascist military coup Aires.    naped in violence-ridden Ar-    d etat in ... Chile    and other He apparently was taken to    gentina and the fifth American    connections with the U.S. Cen- a hospital by police, the re-    believed abducted by guerril-    tral Intelligence Agency.” porters said.    las in less than a year. The    guerrillas said that Laun, head of the United    other Americans were bust-    Laun had of(ered    resistance and as a result was wounded . Ul    1    in the action. They didn’t say / Newlyweds Find It Was (    he    would 1 k A    f    •    I    /I-    I r 9 J / l    “whh this action, the ERP 1 NxOTG Like rreakV rtluOV I iaimes ^ continuance of its J    IwlxJI C    f I TOI\ J I I    F    I    struggle against the system    of I    WEATHERFORD,    Tex.    away, and found Justici of the    I    exploitation, preparing itself I    (,\p) — \ pair    of airmen    Peace Chester Causbie^ illing    |    to confront the repression of I    from Illinois hoped    for a Good    to perform the ceremony.    I    security forces of the govei n- I Friday wedding but things al- While the couple was being |    ment together with the armed I most went awry Friday.    married,    a    woman passerby I    forces, organized^againbt the l    The couple, Airman    Bas c    outside spotted the out-of-town    I    people and its guerrillas, I    Julie Goldman, 19, and    her fi-    cab and for some unexplained    I    communique said. ) ance, Airman 3.C Mark Cvet-    reason thought a nearby bank    I    it    added there will be    “no ( kovitch, 18, are stationed at    was being robbed.    \    truce    with imperialism,    no J    Chanute AFB, 111. Being tin-    She called police who    sur-    #    lruce with theoppresive C    derage and unable to marry in    rounded the cab.    i    army,” and called on others J Illinois without parental per-    The driver explained why be I    “be prepared and to organ- l    mission, the couple flew to    was waiting and the new Mr.    |    ize against the repressive of- I    Dallas-Fort Worth    Airport in    and Mrs. Cvetkovitch emerged    {    fensive that comes.” 1 hopt V ,bShn,arried al taZC”tS Ut*r Ir0m the C0Urt‘ /    The communique was signed (    ^Unfortunately, the Tarrant    The roundtrip cab ride    back    1    by *h«■guerrillas* Cotdoba    i    nrtlnf    Wpll-mflflp I    County Courthouse closed at    to DFW Airport cost the    hap-    I    command.    A4    pOlfl I    W Cl I    IT1UUG } Friday" °bselvanCe °f    Pta*:a native of I    ^“"kidnapere    Residents fed up with illegal parking by slit- to wall off the view. It turned out the car had been 1 The'couple then took a taxi-    Wichita Falls, Tex., and new    1    broke in at about 8:30    a.m.    dents    at    the Chicago    campus of    the    I    niversity    stolen    from    the    lot    of a car dealer, who claimed it I cab to Weatherford, 30 miles    Mrs. is a native of Athens, Ga.    I    Laun put up a fight and    was    of    Illinois and    finally    took    matters into    their    Friday.    <AP    Wirephoto) 1_ _    _    _    _    _ ^    ^    n—- .—! I shot, and there was blood on    own hands. They used hollow cement blocks "WITHOUT OR WITH OFFENSE TO FRIENDS OR FOES WE SKETCH YOUR WORLD EXACTLY AS IT GOES"—Byron •3RD YEAR, NO. 300 PHONE 673-4271    ABILENE,    TEXAS,    79604,    SATURDAY    MORNING,    APRIL    13.    1974-THIRTY-SIX    PAGES    IN    FOUR    SECTIONS Israel Associated Press (/PI Makes i / 9 ;

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