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Abilene Reporter News (Newspaper) - April 7, 1974, Abilene, Texas Wjt Abilene porter "WITHOUT OR WITH OFFENSE TO FRIENDS OR FOES WE SKETCH YOUR WORLD EXACTLY AS 11 GOES"-Byron 93RD YEAR, NO. 294 PHONE 673-4271ABILENE, TEXAS, 79604, SUNDAY MORNING, APRIL 7, 1974—SEVENTY-SIX PAGES IN EIGHT SECTIONS 23c SI NO\Y + Ic State Sale* Ta* One Incumbent Loses; 2 Others in Runoffs Abilene Voters Also Authorize Boost in School Mainte nance Tax By GARY BALDRIDGE .. Reporter-News Staff Writer Abilene voters turned out in fewer numbers than expected Saturday to oust one school board incumbent, force two others into run-offs and approve a tax ceiling hike. A total of 4,918 voters went to the polls, as Ham Middle-brooks defeated incumbent Mr. Claud (Tid) McAden and three other challengers for Place 6 on the board. Dr. Herman Schaffer, Place 5 incumbent, needed 28 more votes to avoid a run-off. As a result he will face Jimmy Dan Bourland on Tuesday, April 23. ALSO IN a runoff are Plat 4 incumbent Mrs. William K. (Margaret) Rutledge and challenger Wally Bullington. In the tax issue, 65.808 per cent voted for authorization to Vote By Boxes, Pg. 16A increase the maintenance or operations tax from $1.20 to $1.50 per $100 valuation. The Saturday turnout was only about 200 more than the number cdst in Tuesday’s city council election, and it fell far short of the record 5,472 votes cast in the 1972 school trustee election. In the Place 4 race, Bul-ington took 35.4778 with 1.704 votes followe dbv Mrs. Rutledge with 32.5844 per cent, or 1,517 votes. Willie Bane received 613 votes, Jerome Whit-mill 208 and Dr. Earl Harrison 761. IN PLACE 5 Dr. Schaffer finished with 2.398 votes for 49.4331 per cent. He needed 2,426 to avoid a runoff with By The Associated Pres Libyan strongman Col. Moammar Khadafy has been “relieved"’ of many of his “political and executive” functions, but has not been deposed, a Libyan government source said Saturday night in Tripoli. The source, who asked to remain anonymous, stressed that the fiery 3-year-old Libyan strongman remains in charge of the armed forces, although he has relinquished some duties to Libyan Premier Abdel Salem Jalloud. The changes in the Libyan government were first reported by Egypt’s official Middle East News Agency in Cairo, which claimed that Jalloud, Khadafy’s right-hand man.    (0|    KHADAFY ft 1*1 C/irA ti AV    had striPl*d th<' colone! of    ...    not deposed    ...    gains dulise VlU raCe-TUII    power and pushed him into a    .    , Sharon Neighbors, a member of the Robv Volun-    The idea    of this particular event was to get the nozzle firm- figurehead    position.    to foreign embassies in    ■'    '    ‘ '•    s leer Fire Department's Women’s Auxiliary, re- ly attached to the hose before the water pressure got too    A Libyan spokesman earlier Ii.    ,al " presented her team Saturday in Merkel as 13 area great, and before the firevvoman got wet. (Staff Photo l?y John    acknowledged    he    was    aware    ln washington, a State De- Command council ann fire departments competed in “fire-fighting” races.    Davis)    ?[.t:JJS?    partment spokesman said    the    such,    the    po-aku'    <>    i >.i. F    .    rn    rn rn    a    but sad only -that Khadafy    u.S mission had received the    Jalloud    is    vice chairman of «pA    f    a    MA    I    I    14*    I    r ll ■ r    has delegated his powers, ad-    .    but    the deiJaI1rrHn,    the council and premier. Fires in Merkel Soak It to Everyone assess ■  ^3 *    ices for the late French Presi-    The decree spoke of changes    byan    ^ capital were ope. atm„ Bv MIKfc MURPHEY    semi-annual    meeting of the    ling up fire equipment and    FOLLOWING THE women's jin^ ^comm^ronThe^-    to a^tSges1 in HUeL'c'ir-    byan news agency said Tripoli Reporter-New* Staff Writer    Firemen    and Fire Marshals’    pumping    water through it.    competition,    the    men’s teams    ports    ------ -    —    — MERKEL - Women s Aux- Association of Mid-West Tex-    Some of the teams turned in    representing    13    Big Country    It remained unclear whether    A    •    I lliary and Volunteer Fire De- as    good times, but most succeed-    area- volunteer tire depart- Khadafy, v ho has ruled Libya    lCAPlA 1111*%/ pariment gioups tiom .lerj    six woman and two woman    ed in getting themselves, the    ments    competed in similar with a tight grip since taking    V#Qll IriUlIU W WI J Saturday afternoon at t>e 71sj peed.gains, the Cock In neb —- Over ^O flrenren and won,- X&ViXXLZ    D    Iah    HflV MMM ■■    en s auxiliary members at- being eased out of power.    ImCCCiiwi IVri    J Al    -    I    I    m    IAI Al    tended    the    meeting    which    was    Khadafy. an ideologue and a    * Most Incumbents loco won     r-rs?: IiIVmI ■■ AmimBbm Amm^MB™ MOM ■ W    w MM#    wb0 jost their jjves Wjien a protocol normally resented for jur>' messed its dr i at“    mane qia burning truck exploded on    heads of state. More than once    late Saturday in the ti am a    state o.tmals so .it > < m    ^    MM    A    &    Feb. ll.    he has threatened to resign,    conspiracy trial ut    buy stoiv I    MM?__ m a ■ ■ baJLmjb rn    -Thi accru.iotinn unnatpH °nty to withdraw the resigna- lexas Atty. Gen laggone,    ^ manipulated ■ It I'lttfTlltflC lit' Kill I AlimrU ii ™ lo ?hf wrtZ ofte^e turn a short time later.    Carr, former f Jte ‘nuance    said xht ^nim III Llclllllllj 111 VHI VVUIIU I    'J?    Diplomatic    sources    in Beirut    commissioner John Osoi lo ai a    ' Kxchange commission ■■■ ■■VHWVMM ■ ■■    Jj    the    said that Khudafy had “volun-    > a 11 a« businessman David    g0    ;h* offldaLs couM _____________    u    t.*    nounced Wajmion ^    tartly relinquished” some of Hoover.    make quick, large profits. The Incumbents for the most    .    p    ,*    Thre* incumbents seeking Merkel Volunteer Fire Dep>.    his duties to Jalloud, but that    Deliberations    were    to    re-    si r called this a form of part fared pretty well in city - ■■ - * reelection to the Stovall    ”    * *    he still remains the undisputed    sume 9:30 a m. Monday    bribers to -'et Sharp s    pet and school elections through-    .    .    Memorial Hospital Board in    the con .    leader of the oil-rich North Af-    Short Iv before recessing, iii-    banking measures through the Sui tauT a^d Gallagher will    “Lurfa/ Elections    TOE MEN. Ko, Lee Coin.    ^ApSatmiy Khadafv has    rors asked lo hear purl- f    tegiktowre. bents have to try again.    be in a runoff to detemine hek| in Aspermont and Old Ira Roy Akers. Michael Ron- limited his role to something    luiw"aiS'f.^V Alc,'n-    ,' ' th.0.vt’ °.n ”.ia‘ Two places were open on who will serve on the board.    Glory.    ald    f    similar to a Chairman Mao    dant Thano Darner is. the Jayton ISD school board,    There    were elections rn    Defeated were J. O. Kidd. c. Gilmore, died as a it^ult of Tse-tung in Libya,” one of the    ...    . ,    ,    ,    ,    ,    >    , v nlanii)U'a with three persons running for    nearly 50 area towns Satur-    T. Pierce and W. T. Maxwell.    the truck explosion.    (]jpjomatic    sources said    I lie panel all ead> h    i    tions h>ok place, that spot. John Fowler polled    day.    Elected were Mrs. Marvin    Meetings    of    the association    in Beirut.    and    '    Center    of the trial was the 64 votes to be elected to the    A    record    turnout    of    1,306    Crawford, Mrs. Otto Fraser    are held each six months in a    The Middle East News    f1 c 1 ts. l*meietl ru'    ,;nUn, mein aile jation that 1 he board, while incumbents Bud-    voters was    noted in Sweetwa- and Carl Dickerson.    different member town. “We    Agency’s report cited the text    ,ence. In, w ‘;,M> _    deivndants    improperly used dy Gallagher and Bill Sartain    ter for the school board race.    j-m Chestnut, incumbent    hold these get-togc-thers pn-    of a decree issued bv Libya’s    ’,^an    ‘‘    .    V    111    st'K-k of HIC International, ------- —    -    Mayor of Strawn, was reelect-    manly for the fellowship in-    ruling Revolutionary Council    ne    use    gia.st    {•as , , itua! for large I ne Sri    Tnrlnv    I?d in municipal voting.    Chest-    volved.” explained Adcock.    calling for the shift of duties    The    case    was tried    im! i t    Au.    • The government inside I OUOy    nut. who received 92 votes, de-    "We meet to get to know each    from Khadafy to Jalloud. Ii    Iv to Du* 1971 Sharpstown    said the trans-.M-iion was not feaied Dr. William Buckner, other, to exchange ideas, and    said copies of the decree, dab scandals In these, the : oven- registered and that the stock nr r*  i* ^    who was listed on the ballot    to have a little fun.”    ed April 2. had been circulated    ment aile 'z «• d th: t 1.    w..s othe: wise committed. PollCC Corruption Didm6d on rressures and received 88 votes. He also    ——— !3SrS2s    Hearst    Says    Daughter'Brainwashed' on political pressures and    ® "L .    coe ISD school board w'ere de*    J    W hypocritical efforts to bSiS Ca,cndar    J#    feated, but another was re- lenislote morals. Pq. 14- SridM    23A    turned to office. Elected were    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - be released until he sees Pa- statements like that    the escrow agreement specify a    Business News ...... if,    20A    incumbent Herbert Williams Randolph A Hearst said Sat-    tricia in person.    Hearst sa d "the theory that    that ‘soe has to >e released to Classified ........ V-15C    and Bob Joy and Don Rich-    ..rd^v Hp f^iievps his kidnaned    Discussing    a    tape    record    ng    she has been released and can her parents ’ _    ...    ...    Crossword Futile ........24A    b    .    u    ^    disclosed last Wednesday in    come home at arn time is ii-    SLA    Cen. Field Marshal There's an Engl.sh ndmj    "I!''i2c    Deiea.ed incumbents were daughter has been braui- which Miss Hearst denounced diculous. Anybody who is Cinque said on tile latest tai>e club at Dyess AFB and    Horoscope* .....    . •... 24A    Harold Haynes and    J.    R.    washed. 4 Sixty days can    her father an(|    said she had    going to release $4 million on    that Miss Hearst had been airth* West Texas terrain    Hospital Portents ...... 13A    Freeman.    change people 8 opinions, he    joined the Symbionese Libera-    that is a dingbat.”    cepted as a comrade in the provides interesting bar- Jumble Fusile ........••    JJJ    Two    incumbents on the De    ‘s J , ^ s, ,.Jevfs    t ion Army, which claims cred-    He referred to the $4 million    tern list organization and was riers for the horsemen. Au.Ikct* ............ iii    leon ISD school board were some things. I awn think she    f0r    the    kidnaping,    Hearst    that has been placed in escrow    fie** to lease whenever "he Pg. 17A.    Ob.tuor.et    ............. IZA    ^    what was    believes others.    said;    to be* used for a free mod pi 0-    y >h. J. Rccordinqs ............ IB    ‘ very heavy balloting” Satur-    Hearst    said    in an interview    "I    think    she    has been gram. The Hearst Corp. said    Miss    Hearst, who denounced Recordings columnist Jim    Setting the Scene ........ it    day in De Leon.    that it was'‘ridiculous” to as-    brainwashed,”    h<* -aid. "I    the monej would be released    lier father as .1 “corporate Conley offers s^me    com- *DOr*s ................ 25^    Defeated    incumbents    were sume that his daughter,    kid- don’t    think she has been put in when Miss Hearst, 20, s freed    I. said    she had been given ments on Wednesday's    tm. Week in West Teio* 7. 25A    Troy McKillip and Bobby    G.    napod Feb. 4, can come home    a tiger cage....    unharmed.    the choice of being released hi Doobie brothers concert, Todoy in History ..... 11A    Winkles. Elected were    anytime she wants to and said    “All    I    can    say    is the girl I    Hearst,    the editor and pres    a safe area or joining ihe show which drew more To Vour Good    George W. Hodges. Neal Moi- that $4 million promised for a know BU days before the kid-    dent of the San Francisco Fa    SI \ “I have chosen to stay than 7 600 fans. Pg. IB.    wime"'* Newt    1-14D    ris and Eddie Lindley.    food giveaway program won t    napmg would    ne\er make    aminer, said that the terms of    and fight." she declared. a    „    ii    * ¥    f    W    *    I MRS. WILLIAM RUTLEDGE ... in Place 4 runoff Bourland, who tallied 1,806 votes for 37.2294 per cent. Other totals in Place 5 are: Harry N. “Red” Howell. 190; Paul Grohman, 119; Boyce WALLY BULLINGTON ... Place 4 challenger Wayne McKenzie, 1,806: and Kent Book, 7. Book withdrew from the race too late to be taken off the ballot. In Place 6, Middlebrooks re- Libya's Khadafy Has Power Diluted JIMMY BOURLAND . . . faces Dr. Schaffer ceived 2,465 votes, outdistancing his closest rival. Mrs. McAden. by 1.497 votes. Mrs. McAden. who now leaves the board after 13 years of SCH UERMAN SCHAFFER ... in runoff ice. garnered 968 OTHER TOTALS in Place 6 include I'd Cole, 337: Mrs. Jack (Joyce) McGlothlin, 713; and Chuck Harrison, 372. HAM MIDDLEBROOKS . . . wins Place 6 Mrs Rutledge carried all four Southside boxes, gaining her largest support at Voting Precinct, 3. Taylor County Health I nit. with 447 votes. ;

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