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Abilene Reporter News (Newspaper) - April 6, 1974, Abilene, Texas 3 STAP FINALWtlt Mm Reporter"WITHOUT OR WITH OFFENSE TO FRIENDS OR FOES WE SKETCH YOUR WORLD EXACTLY AS IT GOES''—Byron 93D YEAR, NO. 293 PHONE 673-4271     ABILENE,    TEXAS, 79604, SATURDAY MORNING, APRIL 6, 1974—THIRTY-EIGHT PAGES IN THREE SECTIONS    (ff> Domestic Crude I Hooked Insurance Firm Wiggles, Pays Off _    J    OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) - chase a $5,000 policy good for “No/’    Yes, said Mazanek.    N.    Singletary was reached I    m #    I    After Fred Finn Mazanek six months.    Relationship of beneficiary No jury would award $5,(MHI    Friday at a fishing lodgeI AHtI HI B 0 I gulped his last, Globe Life & Mazanek, 24, figured to be to insured: “Owner.”    jor lho dealh of a guppy# the where he and other companyW Vlfl I LII BUCSS    I    Accident Insurance Co. paid around longer than six    Mazanek figured Globe Life Globe man argued/    executives    were    meeting. ^ ■    J    off — but not before    trying to months, so he decided to sign    would return his check, but    Mazanek    offered    to    settle    /irs    sort of funny vou’ll _I    wiggle off the hook.    up his guppy, Fred Finn Ma-    instead it issued policy No.    fo;!la™ 0tleRd t0 fceme    11    s    11IP    BF    011    ■    I    After all, Fred was just a zanek.    3261057. So when Fred died,    „ ’    *    rtmn    6 t0 ad ’ Singlct‘,r>I    L    Md    I AVA VIM#    J    fiuppy*    Before sending in the appli- Mazanek notified Globe.    the Globe man replied.    sald.    “You know we mass-I BB raiTPr    I    The    whole    thmg    started last cation, Mazanek made sure to That's when Globe took a    ,    ..    *    . .    produce    these    policies and■ W B mivl    FFIV WW BW    I    year when Globe Life offered answer all the questions accu- closer look at the application.    have    about 340,000 of them in ■M    I    Stan Mazanek, then a senior rately:    A special representative was reconsidered and accepted.    effect. HOUSTON Tex fAPi —    ovpriftivoc WftmnionHfl4    I    at the University of Arizona, a    Age of insured: ”6 months.”    sent to    Tucson, Ariz., to see    Mazanek said he used pail    “He    put    a    strange    name    on While American rnotorisis    executives,    recommended in    #    special, once only, student-dis-    Weight:‘‘30 centigrams.”    whether Mazanek was    the    of the settlement    to    buy    two    there    for a    fish. and our corn- thirsted for Gasoline at the    November    that some oil fields    I    count life insurance policy.    Height: “3 centimeters.”    kind of man who would    take    more guppies and    a    fish    din-    putor    jUst    isn't trained to height of the Arab oil embar-    be raised    above ^eir maxl*    \    For just $L the company of-    Good health: “Yes.”    advantage of “a clerical    er-    nor for his family.    rdtch    fish,    I guess you could go, domestic crude oil produce    nium efficient rates to help    /    fered, the insured could pur-    In the military sen ice:    ror.”    (Hobe Life President John    say.” tion continued the gradual    Sec MUCH. Pg. 2A, Col. 5 decline that had begun almost    ~ a year before.    BJtL^^^^BBIBHHHHHHBflHBS    .*    ■    mm £    ■    001    # 4fUI w I IIIVI9 ^rtllVII^III October start    /    W    ■ In mid-October 1973, United    BBEBBBK 3HBHBBBbBBb8BbHHB1 RBHhBBBHBBBWBI production    a    ■    4king 8.941,000 barrels a day. By    __|X_    _    .I    _________ ■ h| ||l<f||    ^4 AKI ■ a WPWM 8"ada/IU,e °' ^BRf    B'llM    WUIIlj VI F Cl Jill J Louisiana, the    ^    WASHINGTON    took    reach largest producing states,    I    Dwight Chapin. for 222,000 barrels of the    ' «uf |    J^HBH■    Nixon's    appointments    where he was feline.    ^WB    convicted    Fri-    denning    that    he    knew    Mrs. I). Spencer Chapin The production drop Is a    ft    Segretti had distributed state-    chatted    with continuation of a slow decline HHHMHa \    SI:    a grand j^'investigating po-    friends from his White House that began early in 1973 after HP^wSb' W    litieal sabotage in the 19/2    Despite the split on Dip    days who stopped by. a small and shortlived upward    ■■r ^SgSS    •    presidential camapign.    question Chapin stands eon-    Alter tho verdict. Chapin's .swing.    FT vv * V^raOBGL    Sentencing of the 33-year-old    Meted on that count.    attorney, Jacob A. Stein, com- Federal and state officials    I    Chapin, now an airline vice    The jury also determined plimented the judge on hi' say wells in both states are '^m^0K0000K0kMm^m.^    president on leave, was set bv    that Chapin lied when he said    brisk handling of the case producing practically everv    PBB^^^HBI    U.S. District Judge Gerhard    that he had never given Se-    calling it “a perfect judicial barrel possible but that well    A. Gesell for May lo. Chapin    gretti “any directions or in- exercise.” abandonments and declining    HBbMBIH^HHE^^P'    -    w ill remain free without bond.    st ructions with respect to an\    Stein had argued in advance production fro,,, old wells i.-    “I’m going to continue to    single or particular cand,    rn the trial that extensive pub- not being offset by new pro-    BHB? IS^RWlHKSI    *Sr9fight for my I n n o c e n c e.    date    lo ,tv about Watergate and reduction.    JR    rhapin t0,d reporters    It    found hun innocent of a    cases    and the fact that a The maximum efficient rate    BBncVWB^MBli    wards. “On the day I was rn-    charge that he lied when he    %m)](i    comp    from    prp Is the one at which state regu-    00k    dieted I went out on my front    told    Segretti to talk to the FL!    dominantlv    black WashingD.n latory agencies say a well can    ~    *%    JBK ySKKts tHfl lawn and said I was innocent.    at a time when it appealed    rotild prejudice his client be pumped without damaging    ^VPl    I intend to fight this thing all    Segretti would be questioned    .!htM> wpre spvpn bjapks the oil reservoir, lf pushed be-    BBbRII^B^^^^^^^^^^^K.91    ^'RB^S    the way through. ’    and five whites on the jury. yond the rate the well might    lie    said    “obviouslv    chapin ten his White House bo able to produce more oil    am very disappointed. The    thap.n appeared cidnian,; pressure might be too    one    on    a    p<,riiu'!    IU! *_____ ■    a    ■■    , p(ixon to Arrenci charged that production could    return to their home In    A A ^    ft ^___  ?    J    ^    ,    , be raised above these rates    4LA    rnnviWinn    netka, 111., a suburb of Chica- fVIQSS TOT ■ O IM D ICI OU without reservoir damage, but    Atter MG COI1VICH OII    go by Monday when he must    W the state commissions who    report to a probation officer.    wwe-tu    i    ipirn    , »    ««*    i    m    k regulate oil production dis-    Dwight    L. Chapin, President Nixon’s former appointments secretary, leaves U.S. Dis-    Immediately after the ver-    *    i    Ii!,    «i*    ill/    1    n<    suostan- agree.    trict    Court    in    Washington Friday with his wife, Susan. Chapin was convicted by a fed- dict, delivered by a jury that    imrk ap i^Tsfdent tive discussions witb an-v of The N a t i o n a I Petroleum    eral    district    court    jury    of    Wing to a federal grand jury. (AP Wirephoto) *    deliberated nearly 11^ hours,    '    arrivKrf    Vrirf    iv    ninht    in    1he worid lei|ders attending council, a federal advisory -  i_i-i-±-----±.---—-----—-1- Chapin walked over to hi*    , "a ^    B    r, I the services. Kroup made up of oil industry    __    _    _    __    weeping uife and kissedliter.    ^silnt ('.J?ees Pomnklnn    Ziegler also said another 4%    4^    I •    ll    **e was ^ eighth former    American    ‘'officials    md^    presidential trip lo Europe “isInside Today I lASItllH ■ WAHVC    Dl#Vinfl I III t'hSrLHSvamLTnS    caled he also may meet with still a possibility" during 1974.Z    UPeHlMIl    ^    l^le    KIIIKI    Q    ....y f yP’,    softie European leaders    Expectations for the trip ”    ~    VIV«liM|# VI WWW W I filmily wp fi^iloSTcS^nTn4    <ransa„an,ic relations.    XDelegates Battle    nocent of one count. A fourth    ™<7 indicated the Bi-esident    ef™Before Agreeing «fl    AX*^-    T_______I___ SatSS^"*    i^oX’tiSS On Adjournment J||g Pl6C6S AuBT lOfflBuOGS m^c«S^m wSK A.j^^a.*^1    t/.    ■ ,,V    ■ iVHW# nitvi IVIininVVV    I    and'    a    SIO,    OOO    fine.    from Washington, White    Mndegrtoj The Constitutional Conven-    thapin was inv1t(,d b the    House press secretary Ronald    "solving the issue of policy tion went through o long    Bv NICK TATRO    spokesman said.    ter on last year’s returns.    judge to submit‘‘all the'infor- U Ziegler indicated Nixon’s    consuls!ionsloetween western strugle over teh proposed    Associated Press Writer    Federal Disaster Adminis-    Secretary of Housing and mation about yourself” before formal schedule after the    jwrope^ a na wasnin^on a struggle over the propos-    Cleanup crews began on Fri- tration planned to open ‘‘one- Urban Development James T. sentencing.    service would not be followed.    I L w II!! ed month-long recess be-    day to clear away debris while    stop” relief offices in the af-    Lynn toured the stricken areas    The jury w as asked by the    ,le declined to be more specif-    ,n- int amal anon, fore finally agreeing    on    relief agencies set to work    fected areas on Saturday.    to personally assess the dam-    judge how it voted on the    first ic, saying, “Well let you know    In an arrival statement in adjournment. Pg. 2A.    helping those left homeless,    “These centers will provide age and give a report to Nix- count in which Chapin was when and as it develops.    Paris, the President called jobless or hungry by torna- a focal point for disaster vie- on.‘The President also asked charged with making two    Other officials said lat^r Pompidou "a great and distin- does that devastated a number    tims so they can go one place    federal insurance administra-    false statements to the grand    that Nixon probably would    pushed leader.” Amusement*............13A    of communities in the Midwest    and arrange for temporary    tor George Bernstein to work    jury last April ll.    meet Saturday afternoon or    * President Pompidou wfas a IdZi * .*/.///7/7// 16C    and Soudl-    housing, unemployment assis-    very closely with the major    Foreman Charles L. Wesley,    early in the evening with Bn-    man of extraordinary    intelli- CKurch .7. .7.7.V/.7    IO, UA    The    tornado death toll Fri-    tanee, food stamps, Small    insurance companies ... to see    a retired postal worker, said    fish Prime Minister Harold    gene©, of dedication to    duty Classified ............ 8-14C    day stood at 298, with about    Business Administration loans,    that their assistance is prompt    the jury convicted Chapin of    Wilson and West German    and above all of    indomitable Comics .............. k, 7C    4 OOO hurt. Damage was ex-    IRS help, Red Cross and Sal-    and effective,” the spokesman    lying when he said he never    Chancellor Willy Brandt. They    courage,” Nixon    said iii a Editorials .............  JA    peeled    to total more than a    vation Army assistance,” he    said.    discussed distribution of cam-    indicated the meetings would    brief arrival statement ..............*'    /I    half-billion dollars.    said.    The American Insurance As- paign literature with Donald probably be separate and take    ‘ I bring from the hearts of Obituarist .... /..... '    9a    Meanwhile, President Nixon    The Internal Revenue Serv- sociation said the estimated IL Segretti, an acknowledged    place at the U S. Embassy all Americans our deepen Oil ................... *A    added (leorgia to a list of five    ice announced a 60-day post-    insured losses due to torna-    political saboteur hired by    residence.    svmpathv    to    Mme.    Pompidou Today *» History ....... 7A    states declared disaster areas.    ponement for federal income    does Tuesday through Thurs-    Chapin.    Earlier,    White    House    and to all her countrymen” TV Scout.............. 12A    Jle asked t0 Jjg kept up.tonlate    tax filing dates for tornado    day amount to $407 million.    Hut    the jury found that    spokesmen    had said the Presi- he added Warners Newt 7.7/2 3B on the situation while en route victims and has approved cas-    Tt is our feeling that the    “    -------Sports ........    7. i-5, 13C to Paris, a White House ualty deductions for the disas-    figurp wU1 approach ^ mij.    F" ft I A    rn 0    * . ,. n ., .    .    ..    ssitiSK FBI Agents Seize Documents Indiana Resident Undaunted '-sr*; -. _ , .    ,,    .... Twid„ unvnr n« Form =Hk Relating to Hearst KidnapingDy I wisfer na roc un rarm    san francisco .ar, - ce. H,nuu.»&. Mi,PHuiu«t.ik.udUp- 1    fc    ....... insurance industry $715 mil* Federal agents went to the of- ,0.    fingerprints,    tM>e    and Bv JIM YILLSE    ers of Thomas and others who    poultry    feeder    and    — maybe    Hon    flee of an underground news-    a    «»««* wun-ant l.i.vi rn-    i<„• h ,nriu,.ii,n Associated Press Writer    live “up on the knob.”    10,000 chickens, some dead,    The death count the worst paper’s attorney Friday and Thomas P Druken assistant plarv postmarks or other e\i BORDEN, Ind. (AP) - Dan-    There    was nothing left when    some not.    The chickens had to in a halLcenturv from ton a-    confiscated documents sent by    imas    1 ’ uktn’ u’v ,Ma,,‘    fdentia,PN matet ial' ny Thomas stood in the icy it departed, almost in a mat- die for health reasons, the d *    *    °    01    the terrorist group that kid- special L BI agent in charge.    .    a wind atop Daisy HIU and    ter of moments.    ,    stock farmer said. Those that    Tennessee 46 Kentuckv 71    naped newspaper hen ess Pa-    said the FBI has reason to    d^,    ^    ^.WC?.    y watched as a bulldozer plowed    The violent seconds cost weren’t plowed into a funeral Ohio 37 indiana 37 Alabama tricia Hearst, the FBI said    boliexe that Hallman or his    hoienix a message luesdax 12 years of his life into the Thomas the 21-acre chicken pvre and bullied would be 72 r;e0rCia 16 OntarhT Cana    "T}n^ just came in 'vith 3    ° T, ha(l '‘(ei1aln vnptiy, with a dozen roses saying it ground.    farm he and his wife had pur-    shot. “All I’ve got left is a car    da 8 vorth carobna 5’Michi-    search "arranl and snatched    namely one envelope and eon-    would reveal within 72 hours “It just sunk in this morn-    chased    with savings two years and my family,” Thomas, 33,    ean% IHiSois 2    Virgin a    *1” said John Bryan, editor of    tents, including communica-    he    exact    time    and place    ol inc,” he said. “Yesterday was    ago.    said as the grim operation    west Virgina l ’    tho San Francisco Phoenix.    lions and attachments from    the release of Miss Hearst. just hell. But today I know I’ll    About $60,000. Gone with the proceeded. “But I’m lucky,    Georgia Gov Jimmv Carter “They had earlier asked me the so-called SLA to the Phoe    \\ uh the taped message was Le back whether the govern-    wind.    damned lrcky. There are plen-    se« ur> three reeoverv task    for the material    and I refused nix newspaper, which are cvi-    half of a driver’s license, ment helps us or not.”    On    Friday, the bulldozer tv of folks worse off than    force centers in the north    to divulge it.”    dence of offenses against the    which the Hearst family idem The twister worked its way    wheezed and clanged away at    me.”    Georgia cities of Calhoun.    Bryan    said materials sent    of    the    United States, to    lilied as Patricia’s. up the hollow late Wednesday    the refuse, pushing it together    The    tornado    chose    to ignore    Dawsonville    and Dalton Thcv ^r0ni lbe evolutionary Syni-    wit kidnaping and mailing    Miss    Hearst    said in    a later afternoon, knocking trees    in roomsize mounds - scraps    the main section of Borden a    were manned by Red' Cross    bionese Liberation Army were    threatening communications.    statement released Wednesdav down at random before it of metal and wood, rolls of    held for safekeeping in the of-    Druken    also    said,    “I    believe    that she had decided to re- reached the houses and trail-    chicken wire, a 12-foot-high    See TORNADO. Pg. SA, Col. I_See CLEANUP, Pg. 2A, Col. I    fice safe of his attorney, Vin-    certain information (is pie-    main with her kidnaperse Sure to Vote Today; Polls Are Open 7 to 7 ;

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