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Abilene Morning Reporter News (Newspaper) - May 8, 1927, Abilene, Texas THE,ABILENE MORNING REPO|RTER.NEV»S Sunday Morning, May 8, 1927.News About Women and Social EventsFetes For Visiting Golfers, Luncheon, And Tea To Make Gala Week Here tor ^    ^    *4:    4*    ^ TO BE EWI lay 11-12 At lclurry Climaxing the social affairs of the past week, which has been a very gay one. wa* the party given in the late hours of Saturday afternoon bv Mrs. Byee Pierson, to announce the engagement and approaching marriage of Miss Margaret Bass, daugh- OAST IS v I KJDCn 1*    »    ROM C LASS OF OXF HUNDRED STATT SENIORS "A Tailor Marta Man,** a comedy in four acts by Harry James 1hv-uk ouv*. ~t'r--------- r.    T    e ai Smith will be presented by the Pe ter of Dr. and Mrs. T. B. Bass, to Andrew I rban, Jr., son ct Mr. jnlor cla„ of Abilene High School .n,T Mrs Andrew Urban all of this city. The wedding is to next Wednesday and Thursday ev- XUU ‘'••IO. ■lliuu    ._!    ,    .    a    •»»___ Al    _(.    Cli.    I--.I-,*. \r«»    11.1? rn* It,. Uke Paul nla’ee at ten o’clock on the morning of May 24 at St. •nl** May 11-12 at the McMurry place ai « uut ,    .    *    y,    -j-t.    auditorium. The cast Include » .uUs Methodist Church with several attendants. Hie bride s some of the best talent of a grad-1 lister Mrs Mack Pegues of Fort Worth, will be matron of hon- uating class of on* hundred sixtyj tsr onnther sister Miss Pattv Bass, maid of honor. Mrs. Henry and promises u> be one of the high: Bass will sing. Mrs. Byee Pierson will be the organist and the "£*■ ln dramatic production this! room’s sister, Mrs. A. W. Breihan, will be violinist, for the * groom nuptial music. The week ahead promises to* in dramatic production this j season in Abilene. The action take* one to the smart little shop of A. Huber. Tailor, Just off Fifth Avenue and introduces lilt W ct a. Calf L Civ,* j-* ...... .‘.v-    * I he very cav opening with a den, Halton Hyde, J. Frank Clark,    to    John Paul Bart. dreamer. be verj gaj, op *?    i„.    Joe    Ellis, Pool KobertEon.    fatalist    ^d Scientific Specialist on number of social axiairs OI in    Dinner    for    411    nub.    Success.”    This    same    Johnny Paul, 1    a1 «    i/iiint    r i«»r ti* a luu. terest, planned to honor the,; The Frlday Nlght Forty Two using his own sharp wits, borrow- visiting golfers to the West Club whlrh baa been holding its another man’s drew clothes and '    6    .    emu    i'nr«    anrl    !mnn*ln«i    Vim    nres. Texas ”Tournament and their I meetings In the homes Of mem- j experience.and imposing his pres- j texas J Quinault in o v*     ^    ____.    ence    without    an    Invitation    hut    nev- wives. The entertainment committee of the club, David S. Castle, Dr. L. J. Pickard, Mrs. Kupert Harkrider and Arch Ratjer, will be assisted by Mrs. J. M. Campbell, Mrs. Bon Steffens and Mrs. Tom Sayles, in extending the hospitality of the bors during the winter months, met for .llnnrr Friday . venine at th, " ttdn*. •□creed, in hroakliig into Abilene Country Club. A floral J?1 ?    mort    •wlri.Iv. rerep-l centerpiece wa. reflected In smaller !    ln    *>*»    Y"rl[-    H*    mlk«    1 >f the same hloeenm, down 'f*11 w.nted and aourtt af er by .Ii the Four Hundred of New York baskets the length of the table. The after-math of the dinner was a series of soolel- • forty-two games.    As    a    result    of    his    borrowed    expose attending were    Mr.    and pcrlence    Bart gets into    business Mrs. Rupert    Harkrider,    Mr.    and    right    hand man of    the    presl- ...    •    •    |    i    ..    -    .Tr_    »    j    dent of the largest ship building Country Cub, where the tour-1    JI ooi NIand Mrs.^Bernard    I corporation    in    the    nation,    prevents nament is to be held.    Hanks, Dr. and Mrs. T. B. Bass,    'vha*    w°uld    have    been    a    most    dis- On Monday afternoon a bridge Ljr sn(j -^jrs \y q_ Swenson, Mr. jastrous strike and has the bright-party win he given with play to an(j jjm. j, 0* Sheiton, Mr. end Mrs. outlook of any young man in -start at 3:30 The club rooms are J w j pujw|jfri and Mrs. George    *’55°l15rt    °l no be decorated with early summer U Minter, Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Terry, powers. Prizi s nill be pi'en in the kJr ;ind Mrs. D D. Parramore. Mr*, games, and refreshments served. ^    Rankin, Miss Minnie Lockett. Monday evening at 7:30 a stag din- I    pink    Roses Decorate ner will be given for the golfers. Mra Davis R. Hall entertained A matinee party is planned for    tha Laf-*-Lot Club with bridge Frl- Tueeday afternoon to entertain the    day morning. Pink roses wero used visiting    women    and    Tuesday    eve-Ln decorating    the rooms,    and    durning    a    dance    will    he    the    oomph- hng the games    grape Juice    was    pass- mentnry entertainment to the visl-Ld. nigh score went to Mrs. B. I*. tors. All club members and visi- oliver, second high score, to Mrs. tors are invited to the parties at |l. p. Sugg, and Mrs. Grady Weir, the Country Club, it was announced jiow The hostess passed heavenly from tho committee Saturday Anama! Spring Luncheon The annual Spring Luncheon of the Wednesday Club is to he celebrated at one o’clock Wednesday    , T at the First Presbyterian Church. J. J. Bennett. Grady Weir, J with some one hundred women to I Hall. W. B. \ Casey. A. W . Long. thelClyde Hambrick, L. B. Jackson, L. jealousy and threats of one of his old acquaintances, he is forced to divulge the secret of hla sudden rise to fame and fortune. Out of a Job, hunted by newspaper men. Bart returns to the tailoring establishment of Mr. Huber and calmly goes to work just as if nothing had happenod. Hounded by the society people wha I had once courted his favor but still) a philosopher. John Paul walUi-not long—until Mr. Nathan, the great Nathan—cornea and informs him that his real work has been I realized and offers him a larger1 place than he had held even at I the height of his glory. Of course pudding at the tea hour. During the business session it wa* voted to make this the last session of the year. c.nest^ were Mmes. E. C, Byars, - j^lTanyn, the tailor's daughter,, hasl been waiting and “Voila,” Maybe! he nresent Tuesday evening    __    , members of the G. A. P. Club of tho D. Suggs. Ira J. Austin, IL J. Clem-v av c A are to have aa Em- ents and B. L. Oliver. In the Y rooms.    flub    Colors Stressed. ployer’s Banquet in the Y room* Each club member is to bring her Miss June Wulfman entertained emoVover and reservations are be-1 the members of tho M. T. Bridge r*.ll-L tor more than sixty club Thursday evening in her home Jng made at 1325 South Third. Cut roses and gUOne*'of the most Interesting events | ferns were useil in    |®«    J o n"the 'we e k' s cal en d a r is the tea to I rooms and in carrying out the club h. p'van Friday afternoon between colors which were also stressed in be given Friday attern _    when    the table appointments mi« Jack the" hours of four and six. when I the table appointment. Miss Jack Mrs. O E Jones and her daughter. Wood scored high in the games. vt™ John Guitar Jr. will present to The hostess passed chocolate pud S Wen?. Mrs. W Irones of ding to Mhrae* Jack Wood, Tilda T3arecent bride of Mrs. G I Burton, Irma Bradley. Velma Sha ? Jo;^V.TeTh.bU.'I hon. Toofyv J. W.bb. J.w.1 Hat-•ii In the h.aotltul Jon. i horn, on,ton and Bonnlo JU-ll <.r»v««. North Third Street, with twenty ^    jOi five friends composing the house    OaVeHl    Un Wild Ftower Art Exhibit Mere lls Week Twenty five of the pWze winning pictures in the recent contest held j in San Antonio, at which the subjects were “Wild Flowers of Tex € y/if! t ap," are being brought to Abilene this week under the auspices of the Art Unit of the Woman’s Forum. The canvasses will be hung on the second floor at Carnegie Library. The exhibit will open Tuesday morning, and Tuesday has been set aside by the sponsors as school and college day, with all students of these institutions to be admitted for IO ecr.ts. The remainder of the week exhibit will be open to the public with an admittance charge ol twenty five cents. The picture painted by Dawson-Watson, that won the $5,000 prize, is Included in the exhibit, also the $1,000 prize-winning picture by Jose Arta. This exhibit was recently shown In New Y'ork City, and three of the pictures were sold for excellent prizes. These pictures are also included In the display. The prize money was given by Mr. Davis, formerly of Luling, Toxins, but who now makes his home in New York City. Not only ara the art lovers of Abilene urged by the sponsors to view the exhibit, but they declare that since the subjects are familiar, the pictures will be of general Interest. ++- lavcndar Theme Is Favored Ii Parties Mrs. Nat G. Rollins was elected president of the Social Workers’ Club at the meeting held at the Y. W. C. A. Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. Plller in the chair. This was the final session of the year, and the season will be opened in September with a picnic, at the Hamby home on Lytle Lake. Other officers elected were Mrs. W. L. Plller, first vice-president: Mrs. E. G. Batjer, second vicepresident; Mrs. L. B. Lancaster, secretary; Mrs. L. L. Cheatham, treasurer; Miss Natalie Cunningham, chairman of the volunteer visiting comniltee: and Mrs. J. p. Handy, chairman of the thrift committee. Original Play Be Given at Studio Recital The Cotten Studio of Public Speaking and Expression, will give a recital Monday evening, May 9, at 8 o’clock at the City Hall. The | first part of the program will con-! sist of readings and music. Part two will be a one act play in four Announcements The Auxillary to the First Presbyterian Church will meet in the Morris, Jack Goulding, T. C. Olan- Mrs. Grady Weir entertained Friday with two parties, the first in the afternoon when friends assembled for bridge at six tables, aaa the second in the evening when Mr. Weir Joined her in entertaining the members of the Jolly Dozen Bridge Club In the final meeting of the year. A color theme of lavender was carried out In every detail, lavender larkspur in baskets tied with lavender maline bows adorning tbs rooms, prizes in lavender gtJng lo Mrs. Vernon Carf for higk to Mrs. Campbell in the c*S?. axd Mrs. Gannaway for    and the grape juice served dur<U^ the games also reflecting the chosen color. At the tea hour a plate of salads and ices in lavender was passed. Afternoon guests of Mrs. Weir were Mmes. Vernon Carr, T. B. Campbell, W. C, Fisher, M. P. Brady, W. A. Gowan, V. A. Hart-miller. Porter Gannaway, E. C. Byars, J. B. Bennett, Moore, J, C» church parlors for a business session Tuesday afternoon at 3:30. A special meeting of the G. A. P. Club of the Y. W. C. A. is called for Monday evening at 7 o’clock at the Y. Every member is urged to be present. Annie Mae McIntyre, president. The regular monthly meeting of the board of directors of the Y. VV. C. A. will be held Monday at I o’clock at the Y. All members ate asked to be present. Mrs. W. ’I. Barnett, president. Mrs. Henry Bass will sing for the Loyal Women’s and Fidelis classes of the First Christian Church at the regular Sunday morning meeting. Benes, ••Wild Flower Fairies/’ This    ££.£ "ii?/’11 ®f *U ^     .    churches    for    "Elijah,” the oratorio was written by Miss Cotten. and is.    . the play on which aho won the I t_°_^.Pr!!,€nt*.(1 !n ,th* ?ar* Bu.m* *.    ,    .    I    mer    by    the    Musical    Coterie,    this prize in the recent play-writing  ... contest sponsored by the City Fed-    **    4    1°,    »«**»"h»’ hall of the First Presbyterian Church. Mrs. A. W. Breihan, president, Musical Coterie. clothes don’t make then man, but J they give bim a chance ♦•> make J himself and John Paul Bart is Ini reality a ’’Tailor Made Man." The play abounds In humorous | lines and clever situations and a finished performance In every re-j spect Is promised the lovers of the drama. The cast includes: John Paul Bart, the 'Tailor Made Man”—John Hanna Brewer; Mr. Huber, the Tailor—David Coffman; Tanya Huber—Katherine Cann; Peter McConkie—Jack Goulding; Dr. Sonntag—Jim Cotton; Mr. Rowlands—Bllfy Long:    Mr.    the Sun Stayed in Bed” will be pre- Jellicot—William Andrews; Porn- jsented by pupils from the studio of eroy—1Thomas Sale; Mr. Stanlaw— | Mla> Kila D iy. at the City Hall au-Jack tree. Mrs. Stanlaw Evelyn i ditortum. Frdlay night. May 13th. Cluck; Corinne — Lorraine Free;jA emaU admlasion fee wlll be Benefit Play Be Given Friday Evening 'No Girls Admitted” and “When party Gala affairs holding interest for a number are tho bridge parties to ba given Friday in the home of Mrs. W. B. Guitar on North First Street when she and Mrs. J. Marvin Campbell will entertain to honor 13th Birthday The thirteenth birthday of Helen Cowden was made a happy one for her by her mother, Mrs. C. C. wden, who entertained with n the latter'* sister. Mrs. Clyde An- aurpri*e dinner In her honor. Helen thony of Texarkana. Other days ; return6d late in the afternoon to will bo filled with club events, many heT bome on Hwenson Avenue to of them celebrating the closing of fjnd seven of her girl friends ns-the year for the congenial groups of > sombiPd there for dinner with her. friends.    A    pretty birthday cake, topped Mrs. Plenum Hostels.    wlth 13 lighted tapers, centered the In entertaining friends yesterday, tabie> where pretty cards denoted Mrs. ltyce Pierson made the an- place* and flowers were used In nouncement of the engagement of i d(.oorat ion. Each place was mark-Mias Bass and Mr. Urban, in very Ied with a powder puff in organdy unique way. The corsage bouquets cover, favors for the girls. The of lavender chrysanthemums and I pastel shndea of the organdy covings of the valley, accompanying i ,.r* and the flowers were reflected the salad plate, stood on tinsel pud - in the menu. astals, and about the pedastai w« s , Guests were Mary Helen Horn, a scroll, bearing the announcement Mary Phillips Fry. Mile Catherine The earlier part of the evening Harben, Daphne Green, Ara Dee wa* devoted to bridge games play- 'jackson, Bernice Hart. Dorothy ed in the pretty entertaining rooms ; Swenson with their summer dress of iark- W heating—Mo ward Cotton; Mr. Fltzmorrls—Juanita Barrow; Bobble Westlake—George Minter, Jr.; Mr. Crane—J. D. Magee; Mrs. Kit-1 ty Dupey—Evelyn Collins; Bessie —Anna Cope; Mr. Nathan—Claude Daniels; Mr. Grayson—Tom Bass; Miss Rhayne—Ethclyn Clark; Mr. VVhltcombe—Webb Htovall; Mr. Flynn—John Hutchinson; Mr. Caln —Raymond Little; Mr. Russell— Kenneth Arnold. "A Tailor Made Man” is directed by Miss Madge Morrison assisted by Miss Mary Cloyd Harrison and It. T. Bynum, all of the high school faculty and the advertising Is managed by L. P. Walter and Jack Wiggins. Miss Odell Johnson and Clarence Ford are preparing between act music composed of a chorus out of the Senior Class. J. B. Jones’ Home Scene Gay Party •pur and roses. Beautiful favors went to the top score holder, were given in consolation and aa a reminder of the day to the honoree. Miss Bass’ friends to whom the announcement was made Included Misses Annie B^aa Chambers, Louisa. White, Ann Diller, Mary Cooper, Beasts Marguerite Handy, Patty Baas, Kathleen Hardwicks of DsJlaa, Mmee Henry K. Bass, Roscoe Bunksnshlp, Earl Hoppe, VV. *. Fui'f/llsr, Walla* « Milburn, Hugh %»ndy, J*mea P. White, Franklin charged, the proceeds to go to the playground fund of the Alta Vista I school. Music will be furnished by Alta Vista pupils, under the dl-J rection of Miss Mitchell and by Ernest Reynolds, Jr., eeven 3’«ax old musician, on the marimba. The cast of characters for “No I Girls Admitted” will be: Robert, Charley Manley; Harold, Carroll Hall Savage; Everett, J. P. Carson Jr.; Maurice, Henry Sayles; Dorothy, nettle Logan Clay; Christine, Anna Frances Kilpatrick; louise, Frances Lillius; Grace, Helen Stokes. The following cast will be In “When the Sun Stayed in Bed:” The Sun, Leo Brady; Lavender Cloud. Louise Walters; Rosy Cloud, Fern llinshaw; Golden Cloud, Laverne Yeargan; White Cloud, Selma LlUus: Stars, Evelyn Franklin and Iris Hudson; Shadows, France# Russel and Gideon Waldrop Jr.; Honey Bee, Jean Bowyer; lairk, Ruth Sayles. oration of Women’s Clubs. The program is: Piano, Lillian Gambill. An Address to Ex-Confederates (Robt. L. Taylor), Guy Groseclose.J Two Kinds of Fun (Dialogue), Hanson Granger, Carl Pratt. Callers (Dialogue), Nada Miracle, Francos Neill. Piano (Selected), Lillian Gambill. Doll Drill, sixteen little girls. 1    ,‘r.    _ The Message of the Cross (Riley    <',rc,:f1    of    :Flrf Ba^tlst Cooper). Jack Tool.    1    "    ’    M’    B’    wil]    Tuesday    after- Vlolln Solo (Selected). Mlss|no°n    |oll°win^home8: The John Davis Chapter. D. A. It. will hold the final meeting of the year Saturday afternoon at 3:30 In the home of Mrs. O. H. Cooper, with Miss Mary Cooper and Mrs. L. G. Christian, assistant hostesses. philly, Cullen, Marvin Jon©*, Misses Marie Akermans, Winifred Fisher, Nell Baker. Catherine Brady, Josephine Gann, Tally, Susie Moore, Mary O’Loughlin, Genevieve Shipman, Esther Tapps. Jolly Dozen. Using the same color scheme of lavender Mr. and Mrs. Weir entertained the members of th# Jolly Dozen club In the evening in the last meeting of the year. In th# bridge games high score prize went to Jack Nance, and low to Mrst Riley Peters. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Carr, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Nance, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Powell, Mr. and Mrs. Riley Peters, and Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Byars. Stamford Cflimlb Is Entertained At Rose Party Beatrice Story. PART II The cast of characters for "Wild Flower Fairlee" will be: Mother, Hilda Brookshire; Maid, Melba Ellison; Girl, Dorothy Wroten; Fairy Queen, Betty Curry; Water Sprite, Nada Miracle; Bumble Bee, Carl Pratt; Spider, Geraldine Holmes; Blue Bonnet, Frances Neill, Butterflies, Run Flowers. Elves, Shasta Daisies, Brownies, Blue Bonnets, Fairies. The first scene is a scene of Tex- Robbina, HIO as wild flowers in summer time; lnitoi’iA> 3:30 A—Mrs. J. D. Hickory St., 3:30. D—Mrs. T. F. Grisham, 1531 N, 15th. 3:30. E—Mrs. J. P. Stinson, 1446 N. 4th., 3:30. F—Mrs. C. M. Caldwell, 790 Orange 3 30. H—Mr a. J. F. Jones, 1702 Orange 2:00. The Circle will study "Along the Highway of Service.” I—Mrs. W. W. Murray, 2042 N. 9th, 3:00. J—Mrs. H. H. Ramsey, 430 Vic- Pink rose buds of exquilsta beatify. graced the rooms of the home of Mrs. Mac Castles Friday afternoon when she was hostess to the members of the Stamford Club and a number of additional guests. In delightful surroundings games of forty two gave interest for an hour. The hostess served salads and Ices to Mmes. Nib Shaw, McLendon. Mac Merchant, Shaw, T. Wade Hed rick, James P. Stinson, A. T. Jone.* Bob Jones Julia Bennett, T. J.^ McCarty. Rowe, A. S- Hawes. J. C. Gorman. T. N. Carswell, W. W. Foster. McDaniel, George D. Kiker, C. E. Sammons, Nevins. Harris, Buckley, Grissom, Coombes, Saddler. P. A. Towers, P. A. White. Mary White, Norwood, Mitchell, Jackson, Plumb, Rupert Harkrider, P. G. Hatchett, J. D. Robertson, Dan M. Jones, Miss Mabel Mitchell. Miss Irma Campbell, Miss Ethel Hatchett. **> »* » » va * t \> <» v * cs tit r? t. < ii i 111 vs ( Ii iii v f fill    ^    « the second scene the bumble boe    Mrs.    B.    F.    Mayes,    138    Kansas steals the Fairy Queen; tho third scene opens with the fairies in distress, with good tidings hrought by water sprites, elves and brownies, In Sceno IV after the Bumble Bee is cared for by the spider, Joy is restored to Fairv Land. ♦+- LSght Bearers Im Homme of Mrs. Wylie Jim Cotton. Delphian Club In Final Meetin of Year ‘Si 0-Deal Club With Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Jones entertained friend# In their home Frl-|     ♦♦- (day from 8 to ll, with bridge and Oub Picnic At M —— o> . JI I/’;1 forty-two. Spring flowers were TS. Boyd    used fh carrying out a pink and Friday afternoon Mrs. Boyd green color scheme, while the ta-Klng entertained th# member* ofjb’e# were appointed In the same tne I-D#al Bridge Club In her home j colors. on Grand Avenue. Miss McPher- j Mrs. Adams assisted Mrs. Jones son assisted th# hostess in serving In passing pink and green caps that Th# home of Mrs. M. V. Wylie, 1034 Amarillo Street, wa* opened to the members of the Light Bearer’s Sunday school class of the First Baptist Church Thursday afternoon with Mrs. R. G. Anderson and Mrs. D. W. Wristen, assisting in entertaining. Pink and blue larkspur decora*-,ed the room# where the guests as-ram am J mem b»Ie<l for the meeting which E. J wag opened with a devotional by A most Interesting pr [the report of the president, Mr Ie, Traweek, on the recent district! Mrs. Bradshaw, meeting, Texas Federation of I    rcadlnf*    by    Jean Counselor S Homme Women s Clubs, held in Ozona, were feature# of the meeting of the *** Chambers, 3:30, L—Mrs. J. R. Horn, 1701 Hick ory, 3:30. N—Mrs. W. A. Carter, 802 Sun set Drive, J:30. Mrs. Ryce Pierson Is Triple Club Hostess I Mrs. Ryce Pierson was hostess to j the members of the Triple club Fri- _ ‘lay afternoon using a profusion of ' larkspur, roses, and other spring arui. O of th. nm naptfet IV.; flowers In the room, e.rrylne out s* wlU nia#t Tuesday afternoon I n color theme of green and orchid. at 3:30 with Mrs. E. E. Andrews Tables were placed for bride# on Butternut Street. ♦ Unit No. 5 of the First Presbyterian Church, Mrs. Jim Alexander, chairman, will meet at the church at 3:30 Tuesday. Members are asked to b# on time. H-- JOLLY DOZEN WITH MRS. BILL HUMPHREY. Mrs. BUI Humphrey was hostess! to the members of the Jolly Dozen Embroidery Club Thursday after-1 Hailey, Caleb Reed, John Guitar, noon. The rooms were decorated ,,r > °*ha Jones, Marvin Campbell, games and table favors, hand mad# handkerchiefs fn green and orchid, went to Mrs. Al Breihan. Mrs. Roscoe Blankenship. Mrs. Jesse Winters. and Mrs. H. <’. Hailey. Mrs. Brelhun also won high score trophy. At the tea hour the hostess served a dainty refreshment plate to Mme«. Halton Hyde, Russell Stephens Al Breihan, O. P. Thomar Henry H iss, Paul Snowdon, E. C/ with roses and sweet peas, and the Koscoe Blankenship, Jesse Winter*. Music on the Vie-1 *uest* *P*nt a Jr>Uy hour with fancy I    Pop**.    Franklin    Haynes,    and % salad plate following the game j were worn thro lghnut the evening, hour.    I    and In serving refreshments of Ice Thou# present were Mmes. L. M. \ cream ad cake. Much merriment Hombre#, W. H. Beveridge, R. C. was caused by the unique method ^Myr.es. Oth* Jon#*, Paul Snow-1 a. Gerber. Barnette, B. E. Wilson, A. L. Wood, Ivan Bell, R. C. Parrish, G. SOCIAL CAI,ENB)AE The annual Spring Luncheon of Weoaeeoay at I o’clock at the First Hie Wednesday Club will be held presbyterian Church. of finding the places at the tables, and lemonade was served during the hours. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Cowan, Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Haynle, , Mr. and Mrs. Clay Jones, Mr. and | Mrs A. Hall, Miss May Nesbitt, Miss Ida May Knott, Louis and Roes Pratt, James Hogan, and Mr. and Mrs. R. II. Adams. The Young Girl’# Industrial Club of the Y. W. C. A. had a picnic Friday evening on th# lawn at the homo of the club counselor, Mrs. O. E. Baker. Because of the sickness of two of the girls, a debate, "Should Business Girls Continue to Work After Marriage?” became a general discussion. The picnic supper was enjoyed by Alma Patterson, Bernice Patterson, Viola Parker, Lily Robinson, Irene Schwanbeck and Minnie Carr- Mrs. Will Guitar and Mrs J, Marvin Campbell will entertain at brMge Filduy morning at 9 30 and Friday afternoon at 3:30, to compliment Mrs. Campbell's sister, Mrs. Clyde Anthony, of Texarkana. The Stitched Club will meet Monday Hollowell, 1531 North Fifteenth street. afternoon with Mrs. G. A. Mrs. W. Vo Yotuimig Is Hostess to Club The KU Kare Klub will meet Friday afternoon with Mrs. L Sharpe, HO Mocking Bird Lane. C. Mrs. J. D. Bandefer will ba hostels to the members of the Simmons Round Table Wednesday afternoon at 8.30 at her home. The Utopia Club will be entertained Friday B, Leggett at her home at Hereford Lake. Mr*. Q. E. Jones and daughter, Mr* tea Friday * Bemoon from 4 to 4 at th* Third street to honor Mrs. W. B, Jones J« s’ residence d V r* IL T, CV Bar is to be host* etui Thursday afternoon Mrs. W. V. Young entertained members of the Joi-de-Vle Club in its meeting last week. A dainty boudlor pillow1 wont to Mrs. Frank Howard for high score. , embroidered vanity set to Mrs. R. L. Howard in th# cut, and consolation, organdy handkerchief., to Mra. Fagan, In the bridge games. Ice cream moulded as hearts, clubs, spades and diamonds was parsed with cakes to Mme*. Frank Howard, R. L, Howard, L. M. Lovelily#, L. O. Scott, Clyde Nichols, I Virgil Miller, W. d. Fagan, club J members, and guests, JI mv. J. R. f the Jolly Dozen * McCook, Sam MoConnor, Harry I Hunter. afternoon by Mrs. Kade John Guitar. Jr., will give a .Vort h Summer Flowers For Club Party Shacks!- work. The hostess served refresh-    Campbell. Meta Young and Dollie Lou- m®nt> of orang* Ice and angel food and conversation I s‘luara*-    I    UnU    No’    5    o{    lha    r,rat    Pr Delphian Club In final eezslon for|nn«d th* *ocial hour with plea*-the club year on Friday afternoon at Carnegie Library. Mrs. E. W. Curtis was leader for th© program with contributing talks made by Mrs. L. B. Jackson. Mrs. Holland Holt, Mrs. B. Miller and Mrs. I. it. Dunn. The next meeting of th# club will be held the first Friday In October. BITS OF NEWS Brick cream end cake were served to Mmes. Frances Gillespie, J. N. Ferguson, Rosa Barry, O. C. Pope, J A. Couch, IV. E. Hughes. IT. J. Bradshaw, J. IL Epley, C. M. McKinney, C. II. Creighton, W. W. Powell, E. R. Murphy, T S. Rhodes, W. J. Shaffer. H A. Cook, E E. Andrews, Eugene Wood, ll. Blake, H. W. Hardy. W. 8. Daniel*, E. J. McKinney. John W. Wood.) Marie Ferrell. Miss Lizzie Ander- j son, Meta Young, Dollie Louise Those present were Mmes. O. C. terinn Churoh. Mrs. C. C. Ham-Becker. T. 6. Lankford. W. T. St. brick, chairman, will meet Tuesday John. W. E. Beasley, o. K Jonas, I at 3 o’clock with Mrs. P. C. Cole-L. O. Scott, D. S. Kirk .    I man. .1126 Peach Street. SIXTY ATTE!® TIE MOTHER 'IPU kmil of The pink and purple sprays of larkspur used Friday by Mrs. Robert Jones when she was hostess to the members of the Merry Matrons Club Rounded the color note which was featured so beautifully in all party details. The games of forty-two were played until tea time when the hostess was assisted by her mother, Mrs. M. K. Connelly, In serving a salad plate. Quests of Mrs. Jones were Mmee. J. B. Buckley, (j. O. Hallowell, Scott Hollis, Ii. J. Bradshaw, Jr., Joe Smith \V IL Milstead, Joe White, Edgar Ellis, IL J. Hanks. club members, and Mines C. C. Mrs. C. S. Bass has returned from a visit in Dallas. She wan accompanied by Miss Kathleen jlardwlcke, who will visit her and her uncle, Henry J. Bass. Mrs. C. B. Walker of Dallas who is visiting her daughter, Mrs. W. T. Harris, has returned from a week’s visit in Lamesa and Brownfield. Friday evening In th# basement ring service by Mrs. V. W. Russe!!. ..............     vChUJCh    th*    Those    attending    the banquet were hambers and Jean Shackelford. Pother s Club of the church gave a ..    wh.™ 'mother-daughter banquet with six-    ’    J)°.U    T-    wilson, ty mother# and daughters attend-'ChRr,e11 Galbraith. George Wldmer, Ins. As th* gueets entered they' Jim Young, S. S. Boutwell, J. P» were greeted by Mrs. John Dix, J Rhodes, VV, D. Hutchens of Whor-Mrs. C. Z. Sterling, Mrs VV. V. I ton, C Z. Sterling. C. V. Knot, EW* Russell, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. John C. melt Boyd, T. M. Blaine, L. P. Wal-Wilson and Mrs. Charles Galbraith ' ter, Tom Tarpley. VV A. Riney. R. Dancing School To Close For Summer The regular meeting of the Tom Green Chapter, U, D. C. will bo held Tuesday morning at 9:45 at Carnegie Library. Members arc requested to answer roll rail with quotations from the poems of John Henry Boner and Mary Bayard Clark. My Conj pet ; Parramore. ('. B | Jones, C. I,. John* i A- C Christian, Harris* Manly in. O. P Coke J. IL St E. re Mrs. feet. fro it , J uhn Moor#, D»di ♦ T.on Steffen has returned n In Do ll joe Rurkett, I panled horn* bv Ii Mingus. Mrs. James M Green, who vs ill vt Iggff Urn sever#4 jrsjka. Amarillo t visit to n «c<*om-r-Jn-law Mrs. Lorraine Benson and Mira Evelyn DeLee, demonstrator of the Reason school of dancing, aro spending the week-end In Dallas, where Mrs. Benson is making plans to leave the middle of June for a summer's study In New York City before returning to Abilene the latter part of September to open her school of dancing here. The banquet rooms were beautifully decorated In flowers combined with pot plants, and th# program was one in accord with the Mother’s Day season. Mrs. V. VV Russell was toastmistress, and the program given between courses of the three course Mrs. Reason who is on the boardlHUPP®r Include a prayer by Mrs. of directors of the Normal School. I " •    URI**',    the    song,    "M-o-t-h afU-r;" a I Rho#!ft** piano solo by Mrs. J. P. American Association of Master Dancing, spends her summer# New York in the interest of tl*« | Chariest Galbraith; vocal solo, Mr*. work, Her Abilene school will 18- Boutwell; selections from the J close the middle oi program. ++ Mi *. A. M. Ch a* I Houston, J Hue. with favorite hymns cf mothers; "Re. J sponge to Our Daughters," Mrs. T Blaine: extemporaneous talks is vatting im I i*y Mr-* VV E. Lyon, and Mr*. W. B. McKeown, and the candle light, [served the banquet supp**^. _• E. Burch, John Wilson. Charles Hawkins, T. L. Duncan, L. A. Grimes, D. T. Harkrider. Q •• Scoglr.M, E C. Ilcndrlx, M. D. Hale, ) W. D- Hill, VV. T. Childress, O. 8. Harris, VV. It. McKlnnsy, Burhl Wheeler, C. L. Daniell, Luther Sanders, Jinks McGee, Harley Woods, Liyson Rankin. W. E. Lyon, Clem Calhoun, C. D Hopkins, J. O. Ilaymes, W. L. Athony, J- W. Athony, R, E. Stevenson, R. C. Bell, C. VV. McComb. J L. Morton, W. L. Plller. V. W Russell, John Dix, T. J Dix, VV I’ McKeown, J. F-Davis, C. C. Chenoweth, Miss Ruby RHI, Miss Mary Vgne^ Dryden. Miss Pearl D>* and Miss Mary (Lyon ;

Clippings and Obituaries for the Abilene Morning Reporter News