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Abilene Daily Reporter Newspaper Archives Nov 24 1920, Page 1

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Abilene Daily Reporter (Newspaper) - November 24, 1920, Abilene, Texas Full associated press reports by leased wire to. 33abilene, Texas wednesday Noy. 24, 1920 it in Beh 310 testified la Trust i emd Ferrin controlled steel witness says 3-fourths of wrought steel Industry a sewed up in m Milles injunction against further testimony by witness vacated before building Cost investigators. Wholesale assassination in English towns among possibilities. Thanksgiving makes me nervous 24. A of the by the associated press new York n. Y., nov. Testimony that three fourths wrought steel Industry in America is controlled by three powerful corporations with absolutely uniform prices was Given in the a building Trust inquiry Here today by John g. Cornelljr. A jobber and exporter. The wrought Iron Industry is similarly in the hands of two firms Cornell said and this business is practically paralysed just now owing to a strike in one of their Plant. Today s session of the joint legislative committees investigation of the a building Trust started with the a judging in contempt of miss Elizabeth Odea a stenographer employed by the builders Supply Bureau. This followed her failure to take the stand after vacating of a temporary injunction obtained by her counsel a it straining the committee from examining her on the ground that the subpoena served on her was invalid. A sergeant at arms was sent after the bureaus books. The joint legislative committee today wan temporarily restrained from further examination of miss Elizabeth of Dea stenographer of the builders Supply Bureau of which the contracting firm of John a. Mccarthy business partner of Charles f Murphy. To am any Hall Leader is a member. Anet her temporary injunction restraining the committee from examining Secretary Sidney j. Treat of the association of dealers in Hui Dong materials also was of chairman Asquith takes a former prime minister would condemn outrages but at the same time criticises the government Mason served lit mile Oil company it cts Price or crude $2.r.tt Holston. Texas nov. Id the Humble Oil amp refining company today announced a reduction of 50 a eats Iii the Price of Pip line Oil. The Cut i from $3.00 to $2.50. The company is paying $2 for Oil in earthen storage. The Texas company and Gulf refining company have not yet met this Cut. By the associated press London nov. 24. A a suggestions that is was probable sinn fein agents would attack prominent persons and property in London and other Largo cities in England have been current during the last few Days but nothing substantial has been found to lend color to them. The graphic claimed today that a a High authority had said the British secret service had discovered a sinn fein plot aimed at citizens of London. The newspaper adds the secret service recently discovered a sinn fein plot to destroy property elsewhere. Mentioning the Manchester ship canal and the Liverpool docks a the chosen scenes of sinn fein elaborate precautions it is said have been taken at both places. The sinn fein official publication. The Irish bulletin prints what Pur ports to a a circular from the Royal Irish constabulary Headquarters to police inspectors warning the latter of the sinn feints intention to employ Irish women in committing outrages. Of banners gets 25 years. By the associated press Fout Worth tex., nov. 24.�?a Twenty five year verdict was returned by n Cleburne jury late last night against w. T. Willingham Farmer near Alvarado who was accused killing a. Wells last september see Ell to London nov. ?4.�?h. H. Asquith former Premier Aud Leader of the opposition in the House of commons was prepared today to move a Resolution condemning outrages against Crown forces and civilians in Ireland. The Resolution he had written expressed Abhorrence of the brutal assassination of officers Iii Dublin last sunday deplored and condemned the action of the Irish executive department i i a attempting to suppress crime by methods of terrorism in reprisals involving the lives and property of innocent and declared the urgency of taking immediate Steps to bring about the pacification. The government has indicated there is no objection to the subject but Tea was expressed thai further excited scenes migh develop during the discussion. Viscount Grey was expected to speak in the House of lords today on the Irish Home Rule Bill. It has been reported that Viscount Grey and or. A squish have reached an understating As to policy relative to Ireland and in the future will work together. A jollies of 1920�?o be in res in Ted tonight league to ask United states to Aid Powers in helping armenians a Council of the league takes conform tory action to intervene in Armenia against aggressions of the Turk nationalists. I 4 a of it no i Vita Mixi Ball Al St in. Nov. 2 4 there will no dancing und no inaugural Ball in connection with the inaugural Ion of Pat m. Net f governor elect of Texas Accord lug to a decision of the comr it tee Here which was appointed to arrange ceremonies for the of the new governor. Simmons students to go to Brownwood on special train Simmons College students to the number of approximately 2oil will Aej it in Patty the football team of that in i siltation to Brownwood thursday to wit new the Gam Between the Cowboy and the Howard Payne Ltd Liege i eleven. Final details for the trip were by my completed wednesday by Leonard Glt taillight who is in charge of be t ii. The stud Tbs will leave Here at h of clock tot Row thursday morning Over the Abilene a Southern for Tuscola where ii Bania be special train will i awaiting them tor the trip to i no a t of. A oar ii Roy easterday wednesday that his men Are in Good Oom Lilien and the members of the team Quot to we e unable to play in the game ii to u in at fort Worth on mount f injuries Are expected to he Able utta it part in the thanksgiving Day game St Brownwood. A of tin reservation on the train have in t vet been taken it was announced by or. Goodnight and Aud ii was stated that any local fan win dirtied to it it May secure a place on the train by seeing or. Goodnight be if a to tin Donar turn of til students thursday a a by the associated press Geneva. Nov. 24.�?action in conformity with the Resolution of armenian intervention recently passed by the Assembly of the league of nations was taken today by the Council it of the league. It is expected that the United states will he among the Powers to whom the Telegram is sent concerning intervention in Armenia. Barnyard nov. Heard my tale of woe flock Glt t a hoping of go have eaten i Muat tiie a of i know w Hui a Goiti 24.�?perhaps von will want to it Cal this the a Swan song of for to these Many months i have been treated royally. Win rot wheat and cd. N and Mash. But i have been or irked for a noun of i Iesh. In it in Turkey when Ltd tha rest of every Pound me nervous a hat do you mean thanks giving St Rike if de Kagle pass. Texas nov. 24.�? mexican officials Here today prof iwed in pros a i Tsoi s a element of tilt strike of ten thousand Coal Miner in the state of it Ahu a when report reached the Border that the had agreed to return to to k Ted a fifty per cent wage in Ursa Stead of too per cent originally handed. The mexican government rep reset int Ives however remain firm in thei proposal b a ant an Advance 1 2 per rent. But the officials Here said die strikers Concession indicated an Early break Down of the strike. Dog Hill unemployment to president elect attract soviets undefeated a. Ream to play Daniel Baker on thursday a big crowd is expected to attend the big minstrel show a jollies of 1920,�?� to be Given tonight wednesday at the High school auditorium the show is being put on by Atud nos f the High school and much fun i promised All Whit attend. It is announced All reserved seats have been sold but other seats Are still a Vail Hie. Hessian reds to Send men Here to Start widespread revolution. Harding has Busy Day seeing the sights of the great a pkg Way by the associated press Cristobal canal zone nov. 24.�?-Warren g. . Unlit i Oater stat Ai president elect gave i motoring this morning a personal study of the working Ltd of the canal zone. La to leave Here at 1,30 o clock on a gov ornament mine sweeper and looked for Ward to a leisurely journey the waterway. His Teiji was More than a up god to make pm it i a i planned through spread Over Cit several alleged v age Are picked up and work is to continue of tix. Tom of Crit a pre i i oozed a n a Jet in Tex s i la no. 24�? denial elector re to or 132, rotes its to general elec Tion Cool Lingo a a Ion of pm of. W til 12 Cut in Des missing. I Ade pub c by tile state canvassing Board today. Iia Doi Noci a. Tola was 217-2ci Republican. Is Hajj. Lour yell ago tin vote was democratic 285,930 in pub can h 4.990. Votes of Oiler mini ifs in tile inst elect on Ila pc not Ilieen a belated. By the associated press Washington d. C., nov 24 a russian authorities estimated that the unemployed in this country will number 5.000,000 by the end of the year and two representatives of the the it i International have been sent to organize soviets Here according to official advice from Moscow. The representatives of the International plan to arrive in the United j states in december it was said and form soviets from the unemployed establishing soviets in each their Mission the advices state is it expedition. S Ops were unite the revolutionary movement in f r at a Atun lock and other America into one fighting body to permit close inspection of problems it of bring about an armed revolution. Canal maintenance and management coming of the soviet represent or j f Bis Insp lion being one of the big Tives the advices declared is in a Icoria for or. I Landing a trip in tie Cord with resolutions adopted at the canal zone. Last convention of third internal Ion j or. Harding has taken a keen inhale in Moscow which provided for in Forest in the future of the canal and is t erns t Jonah representatives in every town to believe it to be on of la country in Europe and America. J outstanding National assets As regards while government officials Ditchun foreign Commerce. During the debate sights arrant poems anti Pusl Rael Law War Daphel Austin Texas nov. 24�?the Texas anti Pool Hall Law which prohibits the operation of Pool or billiard Halls in the state for profit was upheld t it Day when the court of criminal appeals affirmed the lower court verdict under which j. A. Davis of loll county was fined $25 for violating the the Law. Contention of the defendant that a lie passage of the Law was irregular and that it was unconstitutional were not allowed by the court which Slid Iii re Gard to the latter a we do not think he legislature has exceeded its Ted the internationales use of the unemployment in this country every precaution is being taken to keep Tim soviet organizers from entering the United states. Death sentence affirmed. Austin Texas nov.24.�?the judgment assessing the Dot Atli a Unity against Ltd Andelario Sabzvar of Victoria county flt r the murder of Arthur Lopez with testimony to indicate the motive to have been robbery wan affirmed by the court of criminal appeals today. Everybody was sitting around the Post office stove this morning in a comfortable attitude and there had bean nothing at All of a disturbing nature until Washington Hoks came in and by his oldest pipe. Mrs. Tet pollocks says Rainy weather has its advantages As husbands ate so much easier to keep track of when its Muddy. # the people of bounding Billows Are up in arms Over the article published in a mexican mob at Piedras Negros tried to take prisoner effect Eagle Pask. Texas nov. 24.�? an attempt was made by a mob in pied As Negros Mexico opposite Eagle pass Early today to storm the jail and Lynch Elpitio Al Grasza held on a murder charge. The military commandant after promising that the Law would quickly take its course finally prevailed upon the mob to disperse. Al Graza was arrested following the death of Jose Maria de los santo., last week s tic Kville tidings to the j agma in a chauffeur who was stabbed that bounding Billows is so of Nti shot last Friday on an isolated a Mississippi mob stormed courtroom and lynched negro by the associated press i Tylertown. Miss nov. 24.�?no arrests have been made Here so far in connection with the Lynching yesterday of Harry Jacobs negro who was taken from a court room after meters of a mob had been refused i admission. I Tylertown was quiet today Che but by of Jacob hanged to a tree Ai a let being dragged through the streets i from thax e of an automobile was i Cut Down and buried. The negro lynched yesterday was a brother of Ben Jacobs lynched two weeks ago. The Brothers Wert said to have confessed to attacks upon White women a special term of court had been convened yesterday to try Jacobs. It was during the selection of a jul v that the no b stormed the court room. In Congress relative to the canal tit problem of tolls for american ships received his particular attention his i Strong conviction for free Passig for j american it helps having been expiry Salt Many times both in Congress and it his speeches during the last Campaign j colonel Chester Harding governor on the canal zone accompanied him on j the trip and tonight will be his Host at a dinner at the Pacific terminal of i i the canal a rho dinner will be follow cd by a Public re of Ion and the Par j will replan on the Pacific coast until Friday. Or. Harding will attend a Din i nor Given by president perms of Pun j a and at the Palace thursday night. When he arrived Here yesterday a or. Harding found a program of in text ailment prepared for him which would have Given him Little time f"1 meeting official of the canal or the Republic of Panama he planned to i a series of functions in his tumor and the president elect indicated he would a accept As Many invitations As practicable. The Steamer Par Lam Ina was welcomed into the Harbor by a swarm of air plan s and several submarines which met Here three Miles out Anil conveyed hot re to in t Dock. A larg Cowd cheer. A cd the president elect and his wife and a formal greeting was extended of j governor Harding. Brig Dir general Kennedy and rear Admiral Johnson c in panders respectfully of military land naval forces in the canal zone. Following a series of bold robberies. Hold ups. Safe cracking and other acts of lawlessness Here Ruitu the past few weeks the police department inaugurated a a clean up i am Pugin Here tuesday afternoon and the dragnet was spread Over All portions of the City. A a result of tin Campaign tuesday afternoon and night a total of eight arrests had been made if in wednesday morning and local 0 flyers were continuing the work a rounding up All suspicious character aul those who were unable to give a satisfactory account As to Why they were in the City. The departure of scores of men who the depart in in offbeats say they have had under surveillance for some Days is report 1 and when the Huslia ious a racier got wind of the Falt t that they Ware duo for a question ing they mad haste to either Frame a satisfactory Alibi or get out of town. The officers have been paying particular attention to loiter around the railway depots and tuesday night when the officers had cause to believe that certain individuals were hanging around with no intention of leaving the City an order was issued 1 that tickets by shown or a satisfy Emoiy i explanation made As to Why they j were there. Quot we re going to continue the. Lean up until we have cleared the City of ail suspicious chief or police j. J. Clinton said wednesday morning. Quot we were successful if getting rid of a Large number of them tuesday night and the work is continuing today it wednesday a with every Man in Good condition and rearing for the go the Abilene Christian College to far unde feat d this season will meet the Daniel Baker College of Brownwood at the new a cd. Park her tomorrow. Thanksgiving at 2 of clock. The christians Are not expected to have much trouble in handling the presbyterian in View of the fact hat the form t hits to considerably heavier team e and a show n marked improvement in teamwork during the season. The presbyterians however Are coming it is stated determined to Cornu. Or tho . Eleven and football fan of the City Are anxious to see Hie contest in a a w of the fact that t o Simmon Coll be cowboys Defeated the Brownwood Elevon by such a heavy or Ore re to 9�? an a according to Nom i fans the relative strength of the Luteal teams can in part be judged by Iii the Mau it r in which the christians handle the Daniel Baker eleven on i thursday. I the of Cian Fili and Payne ii i the Backfield for the christians cube n watched with much interest by i local fans due to the fact that these i two men have played with Simmon Here and in tin line Bailey has attract -,01 onside Abl. Attention by the Man Lite a in which he has broken through and stopped ploys before they got Well started it is expected that the i Christian will Start the game with Tim regular lineup. Von riot is by the associated press Geneva nov. 24.�?projects for an International staff proposed by Leon Bourgeois of France at the Versailles conference and rejected there were reviewed Here yesterday in a prolonged discussion regarding the reduction of armaments. It. Bourgeois first of All declared that the carrying out of the Versailles treaty must be assured before disarmament was possible. He declared that in order to make that treaty effective some military organization such As he had proposed at the peace conference was required. Details of this conference Mads known last night indicated that the sentiment prevails in the committee on disarmament that it is impossible to secure at present a general scrapping of War materials. On the other hand Signor Schanzer an italian Mem Ber pointed out the danger of the league in the disappointment of the masses if nothing should be done. Today a program comprised com announced twitter meetings and meeting of tho Council of the league at which it is expected action would be taken on the Assembly s request for negotiation with Mustapha Kemah Leader of the turkish nationalists through one of the Powers. There is some uncertainty relative to the admission of Luxemburg and Finland to the league but it is Sai l that it is probable they May be invited to join by a majority of the delegates Montenegro # eleventh hour application has not As yet been discussed and sentiment would appear Ltd indicate that Albania May not be admitted. Amendment drought up not h with standing the decision of vont mite number one on Genera organization yesterday which ruled that there should be no amendments to tho covenant of the league at this Sinton of the Assembly some proposed amendment were wrought up again by the Swiss delegation. The delegation will ask the committee on general organization to consider a proposed tiny to choose the four elective members of the Council from among Tiff rent states successively with Only one term expiring each year. The Swiss representatives with the support of a he scandinavian delegates will also ask the committee to report a proposition for giving meetings of the Assembly. Scandinavian countries will be in it. Gtd to Send Small detachment to Lithuania to take part in the work of keeping order there during the plebiscite to let held soon. New nations tonne i from Par the former russian Empire will not admitted to the league for the present at least. Of be Anson business men discuss plans for new depot building Dublin i1 Aper Plant raided by military Mexico City Dent elect Harding a Cruz Enro Ute to to from Panama Inlew cd tristan cd provent a Quot v. 24.�?pre.-, Vin Stop at vein j e United states unforeseen d a Bement special to the reporter Anslow to. Nov. 24.�?represen j to lives of a number of business firms met Here this morning and d Lac use to 1 plans for bringing about the erection 1 of a modern passenger and freight depot to take the place of the building destroyed by fire tuesday afternoon. A officials of the Wichita Valley Railroad will be urged by petition to erect a building of Stone or Brick. Much larger and More modern in every respect than the old building it i will also be urged that the site of the depot be changed to the West j Side of the Railroad tracks. Hgt the associated press Washington i. It nov. 24.�? president Wilson Haw commuted the sentence of Franz von Rinteln a German convicted of War time conspiracy. On it edition thai he leave the United i states before next january first. Von Rinteln. A former officer in the German Navy wms three times con x vied and received sentence aggregating four year and two months. I first conviction was in May 1917, on a charge of having consulted with David a Wolf of Wall Street and others to disrupt munitions traffic Between the United states and the allies ii later pleaded guilty to a charge of conspiracy n connection with fraudulently obtaining a passport and in february Isis. He was convicted of con racy to destroy food and munition ships of the allies by placing a a a ire bombs in their cargoes the former German officer served Hia first Nee of on year in a Nev be soy Penitentiary and then was transferred to the Federal Penitentiary at Atlanta Georgia to serve the balance at his term. A und a the tenths of the commutation of Rente Nee granted by the president urn Rinteln is to give Bond of $5,000 that be will leave the country by january i. The committee of five named from the general committee of 25 to conduct the to. Al drive to raise 200.-000 among Abilene methodists for the Abilene methodist College will meet this wednesday afternoon to arrange details of a mass meeting of Baal members of the denomination to he held at St. Paul # Church next Sun Day morning. A a w. J. Fulller is chairman of was steering the other meet Ber being Oscar Parker. J. W. Cunningham j k. Ward and Joe f. Oar Rte a. I the general committee had a in tuesday afternoon at St. Paul s my when the chosen. Central a pm Mitt is wag i weather for Abilene and Vicinity tonight fair thursday fair and warmer for East Texas tonight fair col Der except in Northwest portion. Thursday air warmer in Northwest portion. For West Texas tonight Lair col Ove in Southeast portion. Thursday fair by temperature tues. Wed. Mexican flt gig Elk princes Given Welcome to Athens off mall Yam Sims had to Back his mule i country Road near Piedras Negros. The three Days later and out of town around before he could turn boy was found died yesterday in Piedras Negros. Dublin nov. 24.�?troops raided the offices of the Freeman a a journal i Early this morning and searched vain in for men wanted in Connetti n with recent robberies. It was declared at the Newsua Iier a office that none of tend the inauguration these men were Ever employed there. I Mexico of general Alvaro Obi ego. Issued �1 the last night. The statement added that Assurance had been Given that senator albeit b. Fall of new Mexico w Ald pro Baldy arrive Here next monday to Attila inauguration As president of by the associated press Athens nov. 23.�? princes Amire j will and Christopher Brothers of sex King Constantine of Greece arrived in Athens today. The p inc h were escorted by Large arid enthusiastic crowd to the Palace from the Duck at which they arrived. Atlanta la., nov. 24�?franz von Rinden German agent serving sentence in the f de Rill Penitentiary he released Bere this afternoon it a announced at the prison today. He has served approximately thre a years of his total sentence. He is expected to leave Here tonight for new York whence he will sail for Germany. Thermometer thermometer a degree . Am. I 67 38 2 69 37 3 70 is 4 70 34 5 67 s3 6 60 33 i 55 33 8 50 is 9 48 is to 46 4i la 42 50 mgt40. Of noon. 55 a or Sunrise 7 16 Sunset 5 36 . 1 r a in. 12 35 43 32 46 55 s3 57 36% 84% 39%

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