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Abilene Daily Reporter (Newspaper) - June 23, 1920, Abilene, Texas Phi fou Abilene Texas wednesday june 23, Jimmu the Abilene reporter a punished daily except saturday. Tei Epi Gones mines and circulation .67 Dot Oral room .829 a Doty and personal .709 us pc Ripe Ion rates Dally and sunday one year in Advance .16.50 six months in Advance. S to three months in Advance. 1.75 one month in Advance. 65c sunday Only one tear six months. 75c three months. 40c above rates for zone i Only. Additional Mata a charge made on papers going of laces outside of zone i from Abilene a subscribers failing to receive their paper regularly will Confer a favor upon the manage meat by reporting the same to the bulk Ess office. Phone no. 67. A erroneous reflection upon the charter standing or reputation of any per a a. Firm or it it corporation which my occur a the columns of the reporter will be gladly corrected upon Biog brought to the attention of the thin. Member of the associated press. Tho associated press is exclusively eat a to the use for republication of All a we dispatches credited to it or Sot otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published herein. Member american newspaper publishers association. Member of muted Presa to wednesday Jim 23, 1020. A m Eric a a i axion. Tho United states gave to tho world the air plane and the submarine. Germany developed the submarine in a great fashion and the world War also forced the development of the air plane. Since the War closed we have Hoard very Little of either. In this country the popu got Busy with politics and business and left such things As the submarine and air plane to a few people whose business it seem d to be to look after them. Congress has however made it possible to continue aviation in this country and the postal authorities have kept hammering along gradually developing our air mail service until there is Promise of results. Concerning the future of the air mall lines of this country the literary digest said a the air mail Bas come to stay. Already it has greatly expedited mail deliveries throughout the country. Be fore Long it will cover the distance from new York to Omaha by Daylight and will Span the continent in two Days a writer in the Aerial age weekly Ltd w York. May 24 tells us that the second anniversary of the service occurred on May la. Altho Only three routes Alp in operation they Are so run in connection with mail trains that tho saving in Tim effected applies not to the terminal Point alone but to Large Section end a mgr Cpd i several statue ill Mamma in which tiie problems involved have been solved find efficiency develop i in til Opi ration of the Aerial mail met my a Bas put an end. We Are told to scepticism As to Toje practicability of Aerial transportation and has greatly advanced the commercial Utility of aviation. We read a when Ila Aerial mail service was established May 15, Isik there was a division of opinion among authorities in aeronautics is to whether flying would be possible under Adverse weather conditions the. Post office department has demonstrated by its daily service that the mail can a Carri d by air plane under All weather conditions. Winter and summer. A during the second year the pus ii air planes covered a Toto i mileage of 498,664, transporting a total of 734 pounds of mail. The average percentage of performance including flights made under the most Advent conditions was St per cent for the entire year. A tin new York washing on Rou e operated Dally with an efficiency if better than to per rent. Los suer.--?# justifies the Extension of the service from new York heros the Allegheny mountains to Cleveland and Chicago and the Success of that und cuu bag resulted in Congress authorizing h dully round trip Aerial mall set vice during the coming fiscal year across the continent from new York to sati Francisco. Quot during the past Winter which has been the most severe in some time. The Aerial mail operated successfully advancing the mail practically nil of the time from twelve to sixteen Hou s a Vee the train time had the to Ains arrived on schedule tinn. However tile train schedules Between new York an j Chicago were notoriously bail during the past Winter t from other viewpoints comparing the cities Elpaso Herald population statistics do not Tell of the great of the cities. It is a City s metropolitan area that counts not the number of people residing within the arbitrarily fixed corporation limits. Chicago boasts that hut for new Yorkus annexations Chicago would by Hie for to City of the country instead of the second. This is True but the fact remains that new York is More than twice the six of Chicago for All of greater new York and considerable territory besides belong to the new York metropolitan area. San Francisco s official population is limited to a comparatively Small territory although Oakland and the other Bay cities Are a part of its metropolitan area. With these cities included. San Francisco would still be the coast Metropolis instead of yielding dust place to Jos Angeles which with its 326 Square Miles embraces a Large area tributary to it. Kansas City Missouri and Kansas City Kansas Are one City but of necessity being in different states they fire segregated in the census figures. Detroit hits built entirely around two incorporated cities supported by the Ford and Dodge automobile plants but the Quarter of a million people residing Iii these separate corporations arc not included in the City a population As compiled by the census Bureau. Evidently it is impossible to compare tho population of rival cities upon census figures alone. The Best basis of comparison is what cities do not the number of Persona they contain. Statistics of Trade finance manufacturing schools Parks and social i service May show tho ranking of cities to be entirely different from that indicated by the census figures. The president Wilson and republicans Temple Telegram the league of nations has been so Thor ugly discussed on the platform my through int newspapers that some i it eople Are no longer very greatly interested in the subject. But president Wilson has started per haps a discussion on the subject with a the republicans that will add a bit of i spice to everything that will be said about the league for the next few Days. In an interview with a new York world correspondent which was mad available to the associated press the chief executive on thursday said a i suppose i should feel flattered i Over being made the Issue of the providential Campati by the Republican party but even the Effort of he platform makers at Chicago to Confer the distinction of being not Only a burning but a living Issue by camouflaging and obscuring the real issues will not deceived the people. This thing lies too deep to permit of any political skulduggery any attempt to evade moral and humanitarian responsibilities much too solemn to treat so lightly or the league is to be an Issue to be sure in tile coming Campaign hut we fear that it will be a Side Issue rat Lier than the main Issue that the president Hopes and believes it will. But regardless of ones attitude on the league regardless of whether he is for it or against it if he is interested at All in the subject he must be disgusted with the Way the Republican convention straddled the Issue. The Republican platform leaves the voter at sea on this subject. It neither condemns the league outright nor supports it with the Lodge reservations. Even though the convention was Little Short of a Senate caucus tho Senate majority which voted for the treaty with those reservations was not even commended. For that reason the republicans will have to make president Wilson find not the league the Issue in the coming Campaign. But the democrats will he Active in the states where the parties Are of about equal strength and they will keep the people informed. The democratic convention at san Francisco can win the a Lection if it puts out a Strong Man for the presidency who is not too closely associated with president Wilson. That would Rob the republicans of All their Campaign Thunder and would show up the emptiness of the Republican platform. The Way to bring High prices Down a by Morris tales for Sandman time hops keeping in \ Chimney whatever or May have thought about it Jamie made up his mind before he Hail gone very far that Cir in a in up a Chimney was no easy matter. I he Felt Mike the Frog in the Well who climbed up one foot and a k two. But at last out of breath and j with Knees and Knuckles that Ach Quot i of talking about it i suppose when i an old enough i shall take my turn Al icing a Hunter. How glad l am that you came up two legs. I have never seen any one hut father and Mother and my Brothers and Sisters not even another Bird. Ooh tee Hee Don t you look funny a the Little nestlings there were five Twitt ered in great glee and Jamie the boy and his string of fish. Horne he comes with a string of fish. A Barefoot boy with a freckled face and a Grin As wide As a King might wish j Home he comes from his favorite place triumphantly trudging the Village Street envied by All he May Chanco to meet a Billy there buddy a an old Man cries a a let a have a look at the fish you caught there s two or three of a decent size Imi bet there was fun in the Way they fought. Give you much trouble Imi Bot they did Well you surely Are a Lucky kid a a a a Homo he trudges and Well he knows that All eyes follow hint Down the Street some will Stop him wherever he goes. The richest Man he May Chance to meet will look at him with a Wistful Eye and envy him As he marches by. Gold or 11 Day where his Joy was for lie has been where the air was pure where no one battled for fume he has lived a sure and comes with tin trophies that All would claim and each of us now could we have our wish would be a boy wit i to string of fish. To from the skinning they had received laughed with them he stood Safe and sound upon the a you Blok funny to me Quot said a ledge where the swifts lived. Quot and this is the oddest House i have a hello. Very one a said lie. A it was Ever seen. I did no to know that there rough work father Swift and a Don i was a platform like this in the i shall every try it again but now that i urn up i am Happy. What a comfortable apartment you have Hen a exclaimed a voice that the boy recognised it one As ire longing to the Little Bird fall a chirpy a ooh it Iii comfortable All right but How would you like it if you had to tint is fashioned of twins and live in a Holt like this we can t Ted together also arid it had to be very see a think from one Day la it lid to an Strong to Bear toy Lively children with a except just that Patch of sky Ney now it was the Parent Birds turn be a mused. A neither there was until we built if chuckled Mother. Father brought the twigs and i cemented them together with gum. I mad. Die Cradle too. Imen the woman who loved Art d earned ii Jane Phelps one in oms instead a Wii hem of Henri or Harding declares that he personally Hopes to see women secure equal suffrage but lie refuses to exert any influence to have state Hui Flutur a called into special set Ion to ratify the amendment to Ute Constitution. It is but the old Dodge a i favor Jour proposition. But do not approve the method you general Wood has Issue an interview in which he urges All republicans to fall in line and help elect senator Harding president. The general says that the Chicago convention is behind and the Road is Iii front. A Fine spirit for a Defeated candidate to Manifest however we do not expect or. Harding to be president. A no real Friend of the president regards his nomination As a possibility Quot declared or. Facuse third assistant s in tary of the Treasury of Hie United rates. That has been the View we have had for Many Mon hts. Or. Wilson is not in physical condition to e were there Are a he Nom hot 1 Ain if it not lie right of Mon in the Devno Zratie died to i e president and no reason for turning to it would a number party Ami we can see or. Wilson again although we endorse his administration without Reserve Aud believe Hunt be has served this nation As Only Arlington and Lincoln served. Of is sometimes it is so Light that we can hardly Lear in i. Of at is end sum times it is so dark that it makes us a but my dear Little son you forget you can see the stars Arni tho Moon and do Mother Swift spoke reproving by. A yes. Brother and often we can see a pretty White Cloud go floating by a added on. Of the children Cag Cly 4 the of . But what is All Dud a a harpy spoke quite scornfully. Quot i mean real things Trees and Flowers and Brooks in Ltd let and father to ii us about i just hate to be poked Way Down Here in the dais when there Are so Many things to look at in the world. Sometimes it be my As if i just can to wait to sweep the skies and catch fat gnats and flies. But there what is the use out bulling to pieces yes father and i love our Horn. Everything is As convenient As can big we have All tile up to Date improvements in housekeeping As you can set. Light and air As my ii a is Good for tho suit babies and a platform where they can stretch their wings when they git cramped lying in the nest. Quot we Are near the human Quot continued father Syf Quot that is the Best thing about this location. We by them for neighbors better than our own kind. Sometimes it does get rather Smoky in Here. By the Way. Boy. Fie Tell your folks in to Burn w t Wood. It Houri chokes us to death. We done to mind Mot dry Wood at a. In fact we rather like it though we Are afraid of a Parka. But of course tha is one of the Charny s we take when we Inuke our Homes in chimneys a just a Little fun 15 years ago from the i 905. Abilene reporter june 2 quite All right a Rector that Sun amazingly e a nhe naivety Hook of prayers you a a Portland a report that the Lewis have. The e la a prayer for almost us Cark exposition exhibits Are to moved to ban Francisco and a Hibl to Ming up to household sex Niue rom i Ort lot in a great returned die us his cd v t ions. A done there cd ins Quot a ooh my o v i looked Pru a r m i life. Men and instil�?T-1, 5 i dear sir Jeu have it. It is a bodied those who Are it condition of but there is one glaring omit is no prayer for Polit det there after the close of the Western worlds fair on october 15 next is i i dented emphatically by the officials of a the exposition who say that such a up i thine is absurd. A goats crops re looking Fine. Oak a i in the Vii hey. Turned out very a a yields. Tile Coats Aud Lawn baseball next of by boys crossed Lints saturday afternoon. F the Franco in to 3 in favor if goats. A Rah for us. New Yorken a a Lueders we Hail a Good rain the upon the new Bdl and 1th. Which everybody appreciated. The singing sunday was be \ much enjoyed by All Diat attend i. \ worker in Ltd american factories in Leavor aug to impress citizens of Hildi i of born asked her class to lives. La for Model in rein one other people youngster bolder Titan tin spoke up a relatives Are the what eat often a i said the ant As cd to tie. Top of an Apple a a it is not As i., go As i life. She Ellinb a i hat. Die i j sour Wulchin i Don in the tin digestion an j serious Dis a bitters it co ides purifies j and makes s i 25 per drug co., sin arse Usa Tom of Nill leads to it prickly Anil digestive Trou hand How is i Good. Pried 1 a a Lem Ore a qts. Chapter 7 Hebert bad Given up his room Iii the Burh Loc Rooming Lions and we had taken the second floor front in the House when i had lived i a nearly a year. I ii a id Only a ,.All loom on the third floor but As we were both working we thought we might hike the second floor room a it seems rather ridiculous to pay As much i or one room As a Flat would Cost a Robert remarked rather wistfully. A but we have no oth i expense no House laundry no lights in or any extras. When we pay our Board and mom rent the rest is ours to do v till As we please. I have heard people who s. Up House say they never have anything for themselves because there i always something take the Money sum. Pens a a i Vorha is they kit a and Ilia Means a limn people a i ii Heil Wistful note still in his Volta eyes roved about the room. It was our first Day at Home. We had seat our trunks to the hoarding House and t act of us had gone to madness. To Vav were i it spend the evening unpacking and getting ready to live As i expressed it. A but Rob it we shall be quite comfortable really the room seemed almost palatial after by smut Quarte in. A the Bath is a this floor it was one it those i fashioned a uses with Only Ora Bath room. A ii you know. Gerry that. To me is be of the greatest comforts people who lie by themselves poop like us who Haven to much Money i mean. Nowadays All the apartments. It matter How Small have a Bath room. It would he a jul eat luxury to a one others did no to Quot some a w Ieti a it gel to in Nullo tires w Miha two it in for you and one for me a a replied lightly. A now a t Busy helping no unpack j we i inc ibis place looking More like j living Iii a Little while. Quot the room a j rather Dingy. Tin draperies and i carpet were were faded and old and i the furniture had surely seen better Days. But i ii and some photographs a j few Gay pillows a Quot throw Quot for the Couch a handsome lamp Madame i be cts had Given i when i was mar i ried and several other gifts front the girls which i knew would change the. Forlorn appearance of the room. Mary 1 Ryan had Given us a Lovely big chair. It had been sent. But was still crated in the basement. A i afford but one so i sent one big enough so you could both sit in it a she had told me. A perhaps we will quarrel and then you w ill have to Trad it. A two Small i had returned with a laugh. A if you quarrel i shall Cut your a j told you what a risk you Tup getting married a Geo but Deli f know rom what wish they was untied a in it a e a bits of Happy married people Mary a i told tier a you have been unfortunate in knowing Iii unhappy ones. Then if folks Are real Happy no one never hears anything about them. But if the y Are not everyone scorns to know when we had die trunks unpacked Robert brought up the chair. He had tolerated it in the basement i told him what Mary had stud so we tried to see if it were big enough and Strong enough Cor two. A it would easily hold three a Robert said As he pull d me Down be ride him. He laughed heartily Wren i told him Mary had also said a j ran a great risk in getting married. And when i told him my answer i agreed with me. A really Happy people live so calmly so quietly it Jerry that there is nothing to gossip anon. But there Are a great Many unhappy marriages a i done to protein to know Why but i guess it is because in Nom Way they Don t get started right done to pull Quot we Are going to lie one of the Happy couples Arentt we dear Quot f asked As i reminded him that ii he were going to get the trunk out of the room he would have to do it at a Nee or the Landlady would be Cross. I started to say something a then stopped with a Short Laught and took the empty trunks Down stairs. To Morrow Robert stops meeting Gerry after work. Kich Bachelor wants wife a Many people not getting m i have Sui be or i roil by medic in that m in j rely get a v tire liars Marrha tract agg which _ liver and int Quot a Quot Rnic it is. T in Star intestinal inflammation Illy All stomach ital ailments including on dose will convince Home Drew. I made a Keg of Home brewed ale i with raisins yeast Ana water and now i in a in a he county jail. Where reason Pron to totter. I mad Civ Gallons of the truck to show that i could do it i drank three quarts and ran amuck and Here i Ain be shrew it my head is out of shape on top my brow frs swelled and Hilly for there die out raged Village cop assailed no with his Billy. When i get out some five years hence this fact i put some stress on. Imi try to brew ii old Stone Fence Ai will have learn of my lesson. It Doe not pay to fool the Law. In measure Small or greater for punishment is All you draw it a s you soon or later. A lot of Laws gov me a pain in a tempted to defy them but in the hours when i am sane i guide my footsteps by them. We cannot pick and Coop the Laws that Well observe and. Cherish we can t approve one with or jaws. And say the next must perish. We have in Tula he i As they come. And not Bonavi like quitters and if a find that gome Are bum. We bravely take our bitters. The Laws against All forms of Boose and when my stretch anxious to i ended i compound no Home harmless made brews of yeast and raisins blended. Me for childhood i and Livo get any me. Now nicely has Ltd mom drug it it. Refunded. Mel More by a Ami d it Gist it v Rya in i i univ papers that it wit lie i be by t Inis raining Oil in China. Gillis Well i should t wonder thu a probably the Bottom falling out it one of those Texas Oil veils it he tho. I bought Stock . relative values m be committee from the High t a i ool graduating it Las were at the new a t Leroh ordering thet us Pius. They welled in original design reprint hug i you to surveying do universe a Gabon How Large would von like i the figure to be a as4 cd the jeweler. A Well a said the chairman of the committee a we thought the student should it Over about three quarters of pin. And the universe the rest of life i 11 i a lure Ranee of in a crop by drouth or other causes. Curtis office Over citizens National Bank. A a a it Kly commend flying Serbu Between Holland a i a to d hat been it idea look inside dog. Your a line Victor this week. Ii the Victor to fug a Genal terms adv. I for insurance Call lift to Cay . Heavy a Cark , and life Al Suret a 6�?~jnds we hav we have not Market for property or come and y Money rom Hie Abilene is Loans on City in you need Money to cd amp Cox offices 300-01-02 citizens National Bank building Telephone 320. I Van Louie the lawyer maybe a Genii could earn More than Joe. Imi my in a s Vieu Well., Joe. Fox How Are a an Hows Rosetta an the babies i of a right Odie in to. Ii a cd Csc Cia a a by m. A Branner Why so gloomy Joe Are sore or 5umpn ? sure i m sore i jes got Page Dan look at my salary l00k at it a great Caesar. What dirty Money it must de full of germs Geria me Eye

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