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Abilene Daily Reporter (Newspaper) - June 23, 1920, Abilene, Texas Paul iwo the Ali Ilene ill Paiulu Balleine Texas. Amusements a lady in love if contemplating marriage a look let before you that is the Little moral whereby hangs the dramatic tale unfolded in a a lady in love a the photoplay in a retch Ethel Clayton will appear at the Mission theatre today. Not that miss Clayton no the charming heroine advocates a Ute of single Bliss. But she indie reply marries a Man about whom she knows Little or nothing and later discovers that he not Only has a wife and child living but also that he is a Crook wanted by the Law. How she is finally rescued amid dramatic circumstances from her predicament through her love for an upright Young Man and wins happiness forms the plot of this unusually interesting film play. Miss Clayton is supported in a a lady in love by Harrison Ford and an excellent cast. Walter Edwards wars the director and it is a Paramount Art Crali picture. A Lix in Stock company callable to Dorothy Dalton whether or not precious experience on the stage is helpful to a motion picture Star is a much mooted question. Recently Dorothy Dalton was asked her opinion on tho subject. A that answered the pret i Star. Quot take my own Case tor in j stance i have often been cited As a screen actress who never appeared on the stage. Which in not accurate. I was a member of a stage Stock company for several years. That experience has been very Liisu Abl to me As a motion picture player though not i the Way you might think. A the dark Mirror a which is at the Queen theatre today is declared to be the Moat usual picture in which miss Dalton has yet appeared and Lobo thrilling in tho extreme. It was produced by Thomas h. Ince for Para mount Hartcraft release and was direct j of by Charles Giblyn. Quot the Fly cop Quot is an l Psi de Down Lom adv j army of peace is moving on Fields of Kansas wheat Hutchinson a Juno 23.�?an army of peace is moving today against a whole Stato of Golden Grain. Countless binders and headers drawn by horses mules and tractors Are slowly working their Way northward Aga net the rippling Fields of ripened wheat leaving behind the stubble and toiling shockers. College students migratory workers City workers who have heard the Call of the country and the Farmers families too follow the humming binders and Shock the bundles to keep the wheat up out of Dew and rain. To the raw help the work puts kinks in the Back and wobbles the Knees. The Farmers Xvi is and daughters pour out the fat of the land. They Cook All Day that this Harvest army May be fed. An hour off for Man and beast and the army moves again on it objective and each group of harvesters stays with its own sector until the Field or a mopped then the Harvest hands move North again. With in freight cars in sight u move this years crop tin Farmers Art stacking their Grain. City boys arc showing Pitchfork movements thai were never taught on the Turin. The Wield the lines like bayonets the Ell thrusts and parries plainly indicating their army training. An Cirpiano butted into the Harvest near Milton Kansas just to carry out the army picture. Two Oklahoma aviator swooped Down in Caille Handy stubble Field because of engine trouble. The plane frightened a team which Rah away overturning a Binder. The aviators loaded Handy into a their plane flew to Norwich ten Miles away and returned with repairs for the Binder in 4 5 minutes. A Tow minutes later the airmen were off to Oklahoma and Handy a Binder again was clipping 20 it us hoi wheat. The labor situation remains a real mystery xvii bout solution. The a Wood Are full of Harvest hands. Every Village is overrun with them. Whether there is going to be a surplus or Short age of labor no one seems to know. A i Las by sin ass Man shot while in of i h i Dallas Tex., june 23�?Charles e. Eubank Dallas business Man and Oil operator a fatally shot in a Law office hem today Allen k. Ltd Harlem lax yer Xmas held by police they said. Eubanks died on hts Way to the Hospital. Police1 said Eubank went to tho Law offices to protest against a Law suit that a being handled against him by Charlton. Charles Xii. King of Sweden. 1697-1718, despised rank and shared All he hardship with his soldiers. A score1 of year ago when new York first subway was being built a fire took place in the Timber and Rafter used for shoring. It occurred on tile West bide1 line at one of the highest Point Broadway reaches on the Washington Heights Section and consequently Cine of the cd we pest cation of the subway. It took firemen a a it to control it and it Xmas a nine Days wonder in the paper w hich promptly dubbed it the Quot upside Down fire Quot a name which hat stuck to the present Day. Larfry semen must have Laid the Quot famous fire in mind when Newa planning his comedy a the Fly cup which will be shown at the Queen theatre today it might lie ailed the a a up Side Down like the lire much of the action take place underground. Hill a it Harry Carey Iii a Fox Ham the Grin today. Genuine humor and homely philosophy tense dramatic moments and a who still retain the gentlemanly i bodied in the Universal production a Overland red a starring hurry Carey which comes to the gent theatre old a y. The picture is said to by olm Yaj the Best in in hic it the on to boy film or has exc Haj cleared he is by a cast that a exceptionally Well hop in. The Story opens with the screen favorite As Overland red n tramp who still retains tin Genet in Manly instincts of better Days. He is enjoying life to la utmost with Collie boy he had befriended. A girl a Olney into both their lives and to Cannes the Contr of two dreams of a Rosy love tinged future. But red stifles his longing when he hots the conflict of their emotions. The unselfish Way in which to relinquishes what he had considered the greatest thing in his life Gina a the Story a heart interest that is irresistible. Then is the excitement and the thrill the virile touch of Western life in Quot Overland red that a always characterised Harry Carey Pic Tures in tin past. The Climax come in a gun fight in a desert town when red avenges the cowardly shooting of his Friend. Collie. The Nhot Elrama if based on the novel of the same name by la. Herbert Knibbs. It was directed by Lynn Reynolds and in Carey support will be seen vol Vale Harold Goodwin. Charles Lemoyne Joe Harris Ami the stars famous flying b us the Fri of co puncher. Toda y Thomas 7. Trace presents Dorothy Dalton the dark Mirror Quot amp picture of you cannot o an y Tiack of indigo is weak. You Nee Tern it is a Fin sides it rids the of the impurity Sinklier s. Price Leforc Bass i it a without j stomach i Ash tit in it ibid bowels bring on bottle. Medal agents. Speaking in a Walls adopted by candidates at a meeting of the Bounty candidates held at the court House this morning it was decided that no general speaking tour of the. Candidates b had Over the county hut that the candidates go Iii a body at such places and times As they should be invited by the citizen of that place. John Bond. Austin flits and miss Fannie Tippett were appointed a committee to arrange for such speaking Date. It was expressed As the Sens of the Bod it of candidates that whenever a candidate set a speaking Clat for himself or herself tha worry to candidate notify ids or her if such speak ing Date. Jt1, Al inert pow owing Mcarthur f come in an i pay up by i july or i will turn Maccou stand Missouri governor May be Quot dark horse Perkins Sec Uta by left by will by United press Jefferson cite mo., june 23. A governor Frederick d. Gardner by Missouri Xmas cited today a a Quot dark horse possibility in the democratic National convention. Edmonston Missouri labor commissioner in a statement today de dared if the convention reached a deadlock Gardner name might be presented. Ile a by ire cd or. Burris Jenkins of Kansas City. Who it confiding offering the name a1 William j. Mcadoo in in limit Jap Gow told nil a Gardner stumped new York june 23.�?the bum of Ico too and in annuity of in too were loft miss Mary Kihm for la Yew Secretary to George w. Perkins by the xviii of the bulk of the estate Vas left to mrs. Perkins and in any Home Cai terms do today. Hall my we have jus Brent of talkie on display at a Call and Sec . D. Ship icy Are Hes nut w player ctr la i. Eek. Call a 5 i visit the mazola j i demonstration j Over ten tinges Money bark Jop mrw famous your a Sui last Rue Ion rate no a a Piktas Lions a graduates. R position. World-1 equipment and individual of june and Mone y. Special in carny mail. Catalon free la Anim tens by 38 adapted by Magnus Ingleton directed by Charles Giblyn a Thomas h. Ince production. Special attraction Larry attorney for a count at the Correct eyesight Cannie enjoy Creyi mt<4 fit Tiu git been our and o a absolute a m plop. Ayes and radically re know upon for Acy. W. Haltom optician Semon in a the Fly copy so not a word Beautiful girls found in underground Den. And they dance they sing they smile they play while say you had better come and see cee50. Mission a today i a a do a Quot a 1 is a a a Fol Typ it a i. Run it Lii Miil if Quot a a a a a a. By a Jive i picture of it heart cd Ipei tvs tilt higly to a conscience said no. Nil was wet vim i to another. Hai Mccun lured through girlish infatuation Tutu mar rage Witter Durn who led a double life. Bort now so Quot a ii want to set it Romance to the end. A picture with All the intimate real life Appeal of a Young mrs. Winthrop a and a the thirteenth commandments a yet with something More by Harriet Ford and Caroline Duer and now have Rosco a fatty Arbuckle a in a ii the waiters balls so come and stay until the Ball is Over prices on army goods slaughtered 11.x15 Square Pyramid tent to in High x till 2-ft Wall. Khaki color. $33.00 16x0 Square by Raenid Lent Asip with Quot it. W All waterproofed by government a a it r42.50 in i i storage in. Stefl a tick i 1-2 fib Wall. A Jole tout. 60.00 18x21 s tor Agte it in it hip 5 1-2 Fly Wall. 3-k>le tent. 80.00 a to officer to cig a Ftp High. Left. tent. 30.00 12.\2 Brand be ural teat White Duck. Vul Well 3-Polc tent. 45.00 All of tile Hgt a twill ure my do of t2 Ansi Ai icy Duk sold Ooton i . Rope and Days. Guai it cd fret Furdin rip and had hoi us or to. Lancet a Brand new. 8 50 and government tag acted 8.00 commit inn. 5.50 excellent condition .3.252.25 a lie Flat when folded Olive hrab/ll-2 la. Wool Ltd a itty v Mooij 4.11 la it of 6> Sam my Inlet. A we and in army a Cim Orta 5-lb gotten Tny Offori j. 6-ib. Potion a i steel a Oil la apr a attached will not can a Kolling cots Brand n 20-lb. Vat ton Sligh army ofe Roats Olive drab a we of May bulged any Cofer i. I.10.50 army list of shirt. Veg Mthr used a-1 Jedi of a. A. 3.60 to Hui air to. Newt jr.1rn. In. 2.50 la. S. Win Khaki in fits Acea Bott Ina. S suitable for in Gina ice or any Flats or Ouw re a Nam a. 1.50 Auva la it Ginga Bland new front or id Lave. 1.5 Vai it Petilos Gtna of. I it. A ool. New a. 3,00 ,.i&Quot. Tto up. A ref Ina a a pc elicit Coli Dirou 1.5# Xiii it either cot. Larch i a length slightly 6.50 5.25 5.00 i Elim of its. New a mph or Quot i Oft Ooi a to it a in i a my. New with Tuncho. In d. A Gwent condition. Lime Isril pig she tic that were and jul Reg Axce tat condition it Back. 1.80 Jcj Amia. 5.00 2.00 re wide repaired new Heel i i. 4.30 Ozeri. Tar Ollu. A11 tent flick and will Rig on m a tui Krie of m be glad to Quot Araw on Cami it it Eai nning 6x1 if a Lothing Adit inured parcel Petit Cim in to. F w Aco. Mall Check of Money cider. No Good Avertt cd o p. Satis a action guaranteed or Money refunded. Array equipment co. 201 pret Orion building Waco Texas in a Zolden Corn filing Short Mug and salads refreshments served j1. A. A Loc Gem t in atre today-20c a is i i f and rom Hod the Vout la i extra the it i he Fine Harry in Rei a iii11 with excitement i touch of a Mhos Loc one of his Hest i it. Jon in a some boy it k ineds Al Jennings reporter want ads. Bring Quick returns m m 1 a a a a Ltd 1�? a a Nim a a uti rur Cyru a la Silt we a a Jav j i professional and business directory a a in i a who a i he ii it ii Quot 1 Iii 1 Nanri Iii Mii pm in Iii in ii a my ins a a or. C. R. Pelton dentist pyres building Pine St. Phone 406 till la it Oil til or. J. H. Warnick general practice special attention pellagra and eczema min a a a a imm Mumm a a a a i a it la in 111 till 11 associated Lawt 0ffice8 a. H. Kirby Harry Tom King h Rob keep a Harry Tom King w. C. Jackson Kirby King amp Keeble Abilene Texas. King Jackson Breckenridge Tex. Or. L. H. Magee dentist office Ilner 8 to 12 a. M. I phone office 13j8 office Magee bldg. 0 a Pine Maddox Nti tur. C. N. Ray Ostofi \1 lilt Imp is i an. Tum Irmmer Nici a Ltd tui s.-i.,.,j a pro it tvs Opal ii v. Keg in Ville to. Alin state of medical i in tree Al Xiv to Ltd y>st-�?~0ili ii hic <1 Nti itch it a of ail Iii i to nil Louisiana. I ii Oik 123 Alk ii exterior of hi8 pm w Ltd it Chambors practice w dental by of Genet i x Ely work. Offices 29-30 is St re. Phone i of 1 yid s. Castle ahc11t1tfgt and Knix a Ford bldg Al it Ilene. Tax a a his k>., m. Up Sun son the on Orts i. I Hollis sir., m of w. , fir in fit m. Hou. Is sift c. Acken service a a a St baggage p#i0? 134. A a night. M. La. M. A. Ai i of bldg to Mhz Natty Reton Stew and office to to miss a. M. 2 to 6 p. A at Nollia Saulqu Flisyn Welting cutting and brazing Elding com pan v 3�0fchestnut St. Abilene Texas ii , farm machinery to Mobile part. Motz amp Curtis notary Public Abilene a Texas Tayloe county ab8tka0t coup Ary uracs u Hobert to use. O. Iii umm Aust Aoto is on Sale in Abilene Adams conf to try City drug store the Irace hotel Comptons no. 2 Corner drug store Paramount Offles North eras Phons lib

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