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Abilene Daily Reporter (Newspaper) - June 23, 1920, Abilene, Texas K. Democratic presidential possibilities by Tillieo meet Start us wednesday no Steps taken to Settle begin immediately after problems facing the arrival of sen. Carter world from War Glass of Virginia number on up predict in defeat question of reparations la left to belief is commoner will be economic experts in various deleted in resolutions com. Entente counties loan Mittee when he tries to be made Germany. Out league Plank by hrs by Wood United press staff correspondent par1h, june 2. Tho latest Allie d conference had pass d in Quot history today without having taken any measures to Settle the problems facing the rid us a result of the late War. The question of reparations was hit to economic experts from the various entente countries who will meet Early in july to draft proposals for submission to the general Allied conference to be held at spa. The experts will also consider the questions of disarmament destruction of Herman War material and resumption of air plane Muht fact lire. It was understood the allies have informed Premier of Greece that greek troops will be permitted to Advance from Smyrna in order to Check aggressions by Mustapha k e in a i Pasha. More British warships will to sent to the Dardanelles. To make loan to Germany. An International financial conference to be held shortly at Brussels will work out plans for a loan to Aid Germany in her efforts at economic recovery. All entente countries will Send ambassadors to Berlin on july i to replace present representatives who have the status of charges in the affairs. The Bologn conference developed much dih Cushion As to the question of resumption of Trade relations with Russia. It was finally agreed that the present conferences Between British representatives and Gregory Krussink Ai London would by conclude without however implying any political re ignition of the Moscow government. Mon time Iii Germany. Premier Millerand declared that while the conference was unanimous on the question of reduction of the German army to i men delay probably would be granted the Bel-1 Iii government As the required reduction could not be effect1 by july to. The French foreign offices issued j statement declaring that Flench military operations in the near East would be confined to policing and a Histing attacks. It was said these operations would not be developed into extensive military undertakings. Amounts of German indemnity to be allotted the various Allied belligerents was not decided. Some solution of the question of inter Allied debts will be sought following refusal of the United states recognize the pooling plan conceived by the premiers at the first Hytho conference. The meeting at spa probably will no held july 7. Wilson third term Imp am is Al Xin i had by l. D. Martin United piss staff correspondent san Francisco june 23.�? platform Confer noes Are to begin Bere j among democratic leaders immediate in after the. Arrival late today of senator Carter g lass of Virginia. Senator Glass who is slated to head the resolutions committee is reported bringing a no him a Bali if a form bearing the App. Oval of i Rex id it j Wilson. Glass conferred with Wilson before leaving Washington. Glass arrival stimulates interest in i the three platform planks concerning which there May be disputes be fool the resolutions committee and perhaps before the convention. These Are the league of nations prohibition and the Irish planks. W. J. Bryan has served notice he will fight the administration forces on both la league and prohibition issues he declared that the demo Erat a dare not go to the country on a Plank unqualified Day the league As president Wilson submitted it to the Senate favors repeal of m Adios Nie present i Looi the volstead act keeps Bobbing by ii \ pity editor definitely decides to Maki nominating no fax la. Leaders Here predicted today a a ill will a decisively Defeated pm hi1 resolutions committee that no Plank will be adopted base i on that written i y democrats of Virginia. The Virginia platform uses this language r by United press Kansas City. To. June 23.�?-dr. Burris a. Jenkins editor of the Kansas City Post has definitely decided to present the name of William Gibbs Mcadoo to the democratic National convention. Jenkins today wired his paper Here from Pueblo that he had reached such decision after conferring with the nth it a members of the Missouri delegation now Enro Ute to san Francisco. According to or. Jenkins two third not three fourths of tho Missouri platform was one a and Cone aliment a eth America with reference to the leagues i delegation favor presentation of mgt 14we advocate \ prompt ratification of do a no a my 11 Vivus Thi a tron a a no the treaty without reservations Whir. E11explained that has would impair its essential 1,h find decision. Bryan also wants a Plank affirming a joke is it Uto wired that he the party a support of the National ahead and deliver his speech prohibition. In that he is to be Vig no to nine a i irk Mcadoo without the lat of Rousky opposed by wet forces headed i a thy Missouri by governor Edwards of new Jersey <j,.�?~ a baft him. Who is seeking the i. Hid. Tial Nom to inn it it refuse Jenkins nation on a personal Liberty platform 23. A ant Erin i by United press san Francisco june other artificial Wilson third Boom was punctured today. The Man who wrote t hut would make a Good dim. Novel author chairman Hummer h. Cummings of tin democratic National committee told the As emeled correspondents today referring to a Story widely published i Iii the Pacific coast that president we son would insist upon a Thrift it t m nomination. The Story went on to say that ii mings had held a or minute i my do Lane Telephone conversation with Secretary tui Nulty monday night <1 oing which this subject was thoroughly discussed. A the conversation was neither so extensive Quot said Cummings. A eth Init ter of a third term was not mentioned then nor has it been both the wets and Drys will Fin i opposition from a great a number of delegates who believe that in View old the supreme courts ruling on Prohic Billon tic question is settled and should not la touched upon by Thih Inoc Rutlt platform. As to the Irish Plank there is a very general feeling among leaders and delegates who or on the ground that some general non committal of pression of sympathy for Irish nationalist aspirations might Well a in eluded in the platform hut a Wrangle threatens Over the form of tin Plank j some Hild the View that Ireland s Hope of Freedom lies in the league of a i tons and thai any reference to Irish Freedom should he coupled with the demand for ratification of the league covenant. Representatives of the league of women voters will hold a j conference in los Angs Les this week to draw up a series of planks which they will submit to la democratic enliven Ion for inclusion in the National platform. I these planks will include in dependent citizenship for married i rotary Ltd the women abolition of child labor un-1 representative be collected s. Does not big fax f Gehm any will of a Hlf to lilt Nam by United press Han Antonio Texas june 23.-�? should the democrats come nut with a definite platform with definite is Ltd a the fat of the republicans would be scaled according to Albert 8. Burleson who was he e today on his Way to san Francisco a Delegate from Texas Quot the Republican of cowardly evasion said or. Burleson. People will support the party that will Tell plainly without misunderstanding just exactly where it or. Burleson expressed the hone that Mcadoo would in nominated ii did not believe any Man should refuse a patriotic Call such As tho i Caid my for Mere personal reasons. Quot the league of nations is the Paramount Issue and Iii democrats should come out boldly fur the league without said or Burleson. A i believe in repeal of the drastic and absurd provisions of volstead Aal. Some of the provisions Are foolish. It is to talk of repealing the net. That would be impossible. But i do believe the ridiculous and unnecessary restriction can be stricken out. Quot the lax Chama be changed to say that u person can make an intoxicating j drink but it can be changed to say that he May Braf Ltd it non intoxicating drinks there is no sense Iii fixing tho Alce bite contents of a drink it a Point far below what is known to be actually by a. L. Bradford United pres.? Stair Forres Pond Washington. June 23.-uriited states government has que made known to France and enet it the let in hum its belief that Hie two allies a an kit i Hope to collect from German the nation ill huge indemnity proposed at recut conferences of premiers it was Lea. In d today it is under Tood that the am t i an position has been mad known t a prune Aud great Britain on event of Cessions in the form of Sunggi St is froth Allm it Rathbone assist to a pc Treasury and Unn Fth the reparations commission. At the same time it was Empen. Of tin United Slat Versal education in sex Hygiene establishment of a comprehensive de a part mint of education increased fed i Era sup to t of training in Home fro-1 comics and reclassification of Federal civil service. Among those who will attend th-1 conference is miss Mary Mcdowell of Illinois. Dog Hill in socratic women Deb Gates an officials also Baile Geun to formulate tentative planks including such provisions As abolition of child labor in Ltd used for teachers and continuation of wartime Protection of women in Industry. Railroad strike status wednesday by George Bingham a a by United press Philadelphia pa., june 23.�? freight service on roads entering Philadelphia Vivus 75 percent Normal today Railroad officials announced. Strike leaders however predicted the big walkout will come Friday. The total number of men out Here was 2,. Passenger service was Normal. Washington june 23.�?switchmen failed to report for work at Brunswick and Cumberland Maryland today according to reports to Railroad brotherhood officials Here today. The men at Baltimore who were expected to return to work yesterday also Nave remained out reports from that City said. By officials Here that this government has not attempted to exit any pressure on the allies to be More lenient in indemnity matters. The German indemnity problem is on of the most serious Allied premiers have to face because of the demand in their Peoples that Germany be made to . Despite the fad that this belief was somewhat encouraged by european just alter Hie armistice the Allied governments it is believed Here have come to a realization that they cannot collect from Germany to the extent of their previous expectations. The tentative indemnity figure reported to have Bien put Forward it Boulogne was 120,000.000,000 Marks. It is assumed Here that this sum is also the grand total of reparations for the interest were not included i i this amount the figure would he nearly double. Included in the arguments official Hen advise against upon payment in full As the allies cannot afford to make Germany them. For Germany to the sum desired by the allies so would have to close her markets to All Iii Ort but the Barest necessities thereby checking the exports of Hie allies Anil would have to Export to the limit making Quot dumping grounds of the countries it is held Here. It hit Galesburg. His., Jun. 23.�?the strike situation Here was further complicated last night try the walking out of 150 Chicago Burlington and Quincy switchman affiliated with the Chicago Yard men a associated. In consequence movement of trains Here is seriously affected. Strikers claim Slown is of the National labor Board in making an award As reason for their step. Hince having read a series of article in a farm paper about what awful things House files a fld by Hancock has resolved not to let a one come on the place this summer. Dab Hancock has derided he done to i now whether in is willing for tho ladies to vote or not. During the past several years he has been on the Fem in this matter being for them in their presence and against them around the men. A Lively shooting scrape occurred Between three or four Fellows at the Fiance on Gimlet Creek saturday night but the Excelsior fiddling a nil was making such a Racket the trouble did no to amount to Mach. W Ilmington del., june 23�?Railroad men who participated in the walkout which began Lier last saturday have All returned to work Railroad officials said today. Embargoes on freight have not yet been lifted in this Section. Chicago june 23.�?"imoatience of All parties concerned is causing a delay in decision of Railroad labor Board. Judge r. Barton chairman declared today. Quot we Are giving our Best efforts to this Gigantic task a he said. A it in first meeting of Bank of Ranger creditors held the Bank of Banger held its first meeting of creditors before d. M. Oldham referee in bankruptcy at Hie Federal building in Abilene monday june 21st. There were fifty or sixty creditors and depositors present. The receiver who had been in charge of the business about 30 Days made his report and the trustee was elected w. D. Girand being the receiver and trustee. The liabilities showed about $37 5,-000 and the assets about $350,000. The deposits alone showed about $214,000. The assets consisted of Bills receivable certain a Al estate including a Bank building in Ranger. Texas also Oil and Gas leases Bank fixtures Etc. Messes. Roland and Butler owners and Qia nagers of the Bank were present and submitted to an examination by the creditors which consumed voices the fixing of hundreds of Scales about six hours time. Quot just what will he realized it is too Early to determine and it will Likely be six months before the creditors will know what they will receive Quot stated or. Oldani wednesday morning. And tables judge Barton could not say definitely whether then would be a decision Quot this week next week or the following talked 3rd term Secretary of state declares president did not discuss Mattek xxx Ith him. By United press Chicago juju 2. I. Secretary of stat Colby has not discussed is third term with president Wilson he declared today on arriving from Washington. Colby Delegate to the democratic National convention from the. District of Columbia is credited with being or Skint i songs personal representative at the san Francis convention. Quot i Havno to i us Sid u third term with president Wilson or Colby said today. He indicated he would strongly uphold president Wilson s views on the league of nations. Quot the league should i adopted an i the treaty accepted As made at Versailles without reservation a Becala it needs no reservations Quot Colby said. A americans say what they mean without the use of trapeze language which seeks to avoid Issue. The democratic party is serious in its league of nations stand and it is not under the same necessity As the Republican to Defeated party trying to get Back into Power. A other publican party is not in a position to indulge in luxurious and outspoken phrases and it is trying to it it old the conglomerate elements by declarations that alienate on one a Colby declared a believed the democratic party would draw a platform that would he a Lucid courageous and retarding the Republican presidential ticket Colby said ii viewed the candidates with a was much Lack of enthusiasm us the Republican party itself seems to regard Colby planned in it leave Chi ago at 7 10 tonight tonight for san Francisco by United press Lincoln. Neb., june 23.-wii#?on Quot need not be consid candidate for the democratic nomination for president. William Jennings Bryan de lated in an article in the i in it i a re today. William g Mcadoo by his Clos relationship with the president a a ? seriously b us ice Fred the chances of getting t or nomination a the statement dec red. Some think Sta Ihm May la ave something i i sufi a f by his actions e by Harold in Jacobs United press staff correspondent san Francisco. June 23.�? the Mcadoo candidacy bearing Nirk of rough treatment and with the Quot Irr Eoo Cable Brick still tied about its neck was Hack from its premature watery grave today and meowing As loudly As Ever about the democratic Back door. Every time its tormentors consign it to death and they include Mcadoo himself the candidacy just a t urn by turns up again and its friends and protectors hastily unpack the old Pul motor shoot a Little oxygen into it and it is As Good As new. The situation regarding Mcadoo and the democratic presidential nomination varies almost hourly hut so for it always has resolved itself Buck to it it the position that certain of the former Sabine term a strongest admirers will Lake la hit in their Teeth and nominate him by main a strength. Each Day the outward signs indicate More plainly that Mcadoo and his personal coterie of friends a determined that he shall neither acquire the Norvi nation nor Dave p thrust upon him. For instance Daniel Roper who was to have been ilium major for the Al ado banal Wagon out Here has cancelled his hotel re Nerva ions a Parentiss accepting his former chiefs verdict As final. Politicians who Are supporting various of Mcadoo rivals for the nomination outwardly Are satisfied he is through and that any unorganized attempt to put him Over would fail dismally hut privately Many of these same politicians have it figured thus Mcadoo is the most us tut politician in the country. Ile realized that he would he in the same position As general Wood at Chicago that is All his opponents would unite Al he Start to eliminate. Because of two thirds Rule in democratic conventions the chances were All in favor of his rivals deadlocking the convention against him and forcing his withdrawal. In View of this he and his chief advisers decided that the Way to defeat this was to let the other candidates deadlock themselves then with the convention impasse Mcadoo would come Forward As a Compromise candidate in ii Quot dark horse a or what you will tipping the convention it a into a landslide. Xxx Omen favor Wilson Many of the women delegates have openly declared themselves in favor of a third term for president Wilson and announced they would vote for hint on the first ballots. Miss Mary Poy Loa Angeles said so would do so and thus hoped to Start a Strong move in int for the executive. Obviously the a blushing candidacies that Are going the strongest at present a those of governor of. Attorney general Palmer and governor Edwards. Only the latter two have opened Headquarters Here though Fox boosters Are on the Job and senator Owen has been on the ground personally for several Days. Things Are slowly getting Start ii along presidential Row and apparently Mcadoo and Wilson will Continuo to form the principal subjects of conversation up to the opening of the convention monday Norman e. Mack Buffalo publisher has let it he known that he is for governor Hulth for nomination and believes the entire new York delegation will ride with him. It has been known for some Tim that the new yorkers who Are under unit Rule planned to cast their ninety votes for Smith on the first Bullot hut it was assumed this was Only in the nature of a compliment. _ i a representatives of the Texas company to meet in Abilene j i i rumblings of discord on prohibition become More ominous. Palmer and Cox forces with my ado out count on 400 votes each Quot a ism Strong noise to is us so far it looks like the Frisco convention is to be distinctly a pro administration convention. Wet and dry question to be debated on floor of convention before the platform is adopted report. By the associated Pressman Francisco june 23. Rumblings of democratic discord Over pro his Trion became hourly More ominous today As the Delegate and party chiefs arrived in increasing numbers for the party convention Hope that the gathering storm Rny spend itself behind the closed doors of the platform committee were virtually abandoned by the Lender unit thar prepare to face a tempestuous a hat on prohibition try the Delegate prohibition took almost la entire stage today As tin gathering Delegate Hoard postmaster general Burleson announcement for a modification of the volstead us to. By Many who Are a custom a i regard or. Burleson a the political spoken Man for the White House the development is accepted is a warning of the Way the administration influence will go by de. L. Keen United press staff correspondent san Francisco. June 23. This is an administration convention so far. Not Only have most of the Early arrivals been ardent administration supporters but All the pre convention in i Chinery anti the greater part if the pre. Convention activities have be it a directed by them. Burh anti administration rumblings As have served to disturb serenity it Fth wilsonian Camp at the Palace hotel have rom from the outside. And they have had Little More effect then yesterday s earthquake at los Angeles a even in tinting the anti Wilson attack made by William of Mccombs Wilsons former Campaign manager at Chicago. Most of the Leader on the ground agree or at least pretend to entirely with Horner Cummings characterization of the Mccombs utterances As a negligible Factor. In other words the president is generally regarded by the Advance representatives of the party now in san Francisco As their Leader and Cummings As his Mouth piece but then Are others on the Way considerable others including w. I. Bryan. Until the arrival of the Lutter it is not expected that administration baiting will assume the dignity of a popular sport. Why Bryan has delayed his appearance is the subject of much speculation. Granted he is to play the part of chief of the unti forces. He is bound to find pro administration sentiment pretty Well dug in Ond eel mainly pro administration publicity Well organized. Also he is very Apt to find a fight on his hands that May interfere with the successful prosecution of any Campaign he May have planned against the enunciation of wilsonian principles in the pit form for it was reported today that senator Hitchcock of Nebraska had finally framed it a Den whereby Bryan would not be Nam d As the states representative on the solutions committee. Among the administration Leader a re there is cordial support of postmaster general Burleson a declaration at san Antonio yesterday in favor of an open honest stand on ail the great issues now confronting the country. And among Del gats generally regardless of their general views about the league of nations prohibition labor government ownership Etc., sentiment in appreciably crystallizing in the direction of such a Clear pronouncement of party principles As will obviate any possible charge of even senator Owen whose views eau scarcely be said to run parallel with the presidents and who is the first occupant of presidential now. Has declared in favor of a platform without equivocation no matter whether it in cts his views in its entirety or not. Volstead loses in race for Congress in state Minnesota by Hugh Baillie unlit i areas staff correspondent san i ban is in ii i a 23. I it Iii of Cradle convention apparently Tare a deadlock leaders today declared the Palmer and Fox forces would conli., More than 400 votes a file cd with Mcadoo not figuring and thro a Compromise Between than would a out of the quest Ion. With Mcadoo in it making time h adet instead of two Compromise would More easily Hale been arranged it was argued. As a a suit of this situation dark Horn bilk is inn earing vice president Marshall ambassador John 8. I Dixie and senator Owen being the most prominently mentioned. The expected deadlock however probably will not carry the convention Over the week end. Leaders Are making reservations to leave Hon Francisco saturday july 3e. Although Mcadoo repeated declarations that he does not want ids name to go crore t to convention has caused Many Mcadoo supporters to swing to other candidates leaders a not count log him entirely out. Different constructions continue to he put on his message. Horne regard it especially significant Hist he a not yet flatly said he will not run even if nominated. Friends of senator Robinson Arkan As. Today started a bosom for him As permanent chairman of the convention. He is an administration Man the tentative i Agron however Calls for Secretary dolby to have that we Sidilou. Dolby is not preparing his speech in Advance and xviii speak extemporaneously ii chosen u was Leal i de. There is much talk of the nomination being mad before the platform is adopt <1. But lids is unsettled. Tin Outlook today was that the wet Arni dry quest would be debated on the floor of the convention be fur the platform is adopted. If a wet Plank is put into to e platform by i resolutions committee a dry minority report probably Xxiii i mad by Drys on the committee and Vici versa. The question then will be on which it port is to be adopted by the convention and open debate will follow. Speaking of the Republican platform today chairman dumplings of the democratic Nutoni committee said Quot the Republican platform is in i a tor Leal excursion which meanders through the greater part of the dictionary and ends in a political e. H. Moor of Ohio. Pre Eon cation manager for Cox discussing the my Cotna statement today said quoth a has fallen int the error of Many men who have the fatal gift of Sorc unum who cannot Resit the temptation to sax things that do irreparable injury to the party represented. The surest method of Progress for hot democratic platform to make tin league of nations the Lead log Issue is for its enemies to attack the of resident. Prest Wilson has not Only party support buts entire sympathy in i Effort to and Vance the cause of human Ity. Besides Beng the titular Leader of the democratic party he is Ais the president of the United hiatus and no Man will get anywhere by subject lug him to either open attack or sneering population x ii in in Nee i Washington june 23.�?den a Bur no today announced the billowing 1920 population Delta Dot. 2.023 increase 235 or 9.s. Montrose Colo 3,581 increase 237 or to. T Halron neb. 1,412 increase lit. Or 4.2. D uncut of la 3,463 increase lit or 39.k. Lions night at the Tabernacle Over 200 have hit Trail tonight wednesday is Lions night at the Tabernacle a members of the club will be Fth est in Ami have reserved seats for themselves and families in one of the Gentr to sections. This service is in place of the one rained out tuesday night. In eat it ruins wednesday night the services will be held at the first methodist Church a great audience As a result of the business houses closing heard or. Culpepper this wednesday morning. The address was ode of the Best of the series. The results so far. Are Over 200 Quot Trail Abilene is the Host for a two or three Days session of the Texas company and there Are some 36 or 46 representatives of the company in the City. The men present Are agents for the Texas company at Poilu from Pecos to Cisco inclusive and from Abilene to Seymour and extending Northwest As far As Snyder. Hunt. P. Ii. Mcnemer. Of Dallas of the North Texas division of the company is in the City and other official ? of the company. The first session of the company opened wednesday it one of clock at the Grace hotel. A a an out thursday evening is on of the features of the meeting. The representatives will be in Abilene probably through Friday. _ the Musty take of cold a Tom eggs is due to the Atra Ebourd in which they Are packed. Camels differ from All other animals in that they Heve Oval instead of circular red blood corpuscles. The Oil shale Industry has been in operation in Scotland since i960. By United press St. Paul minn., june 23.�?jacob a. Opre us easily detested or. Henrik shipload. National non partisan league it und Date for the Republican nomination for governor virtually Complete from the tat in primary election indicated today. L. D. A Dyson. St. Paul won the i democratic nomination for governor j Over a Field of seven aspirants these returns indicated. Representative a. J. Volstead auth a or of the prohibition enforcement act was Defeated for the re publican nomination for Congress by Rev. O. A Kvale non partisan league returns indicated. Kvale was leading by 2,000 votes. Volstead a defeat a credited to alleged quotations from him that he had no objection to Light wines and Peers. Preus Lead Over ships and was Mon than 15.500, returns showed with Only a few Small precincts missing. The entire ticket endorsed by the Republican Stute convention won out it was indicated today. The non partisan league apparently nominated Georg i Siegel St Paul for associate judge of the supreme court. Sunday Moyie Law upheld by appeals court wed by United press Austin. Texas. June 23.�?-constitutionality of the sunday Law As applying to motion picture theatres was upheld by the court of criminal appeals today when it affirmed the Case of j. Ii. Raley from Wichita county fined $50 for keeping moving picture show open weather s. Department of Aff Kahn. Weather Bureau fur Abilene and Vicinity tonight and thursday partly Cloudy to Cloudy weather warm i thursday. For East Texas tonight Ami thursday partly Cloudy to Cloudy weather warmer thursday except in Southeast pro Ion for West Texas tonight and thursday partly Chi Lily warmer in the hand to night. Painful for 2-1 hours ending a. In. .02 in it. Of year 13.65 laches temperatures tues. Wed. P m. . Jimmie wet thermometer dry thermometer relative humidity a degrees. I 89 69 2. 91 �9 3. 93 69 4. 93 to 5. 92 to 6. 9 2 cd 7. 90 cd 8. 71 7 9 tits to., to it la. To s2 my. To. Noon. 94.sunrise. 5 23 Hun set. 7 49 . 7 a in. 12 39 9 63 67 Iosh 36 34 a vol. 33 number Iga Abilene. Texas wednesday june 23, 1�j20

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