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Abbeville Press And Banner Newspaper Archives Sep 15 1909, Page 1

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Abbeville Press and Banner (Newspaper) - September 15, 1909, Abbeville, South CarolinaThe Abbeville press and Banner j by w. W. & w. R. Bradley. Abbeville 8. C., wednesday september 15, 1909. Established 1844, -. " " a. In methodist Church the pastor the Rev. Henry Stokes Speaks of arminia ism. Gives scripture authority for his belief and warns the people to continue to be faithful and to hold fast to that which is Good. Last sunday morning a goodly number of worshippers assembled in the methodist Church at Abbeville. The pastor lev. Henry Stokes conducted the service Takin for his text St. John i us " from that time Many of the disciples went Back and walked no More with the preacher commenced by saying that he feared that the distinctive features of the methodist Church had not heretofore been presented As often or As fully As they should have been. For this reason he would present this morning his belief in some of the grounds upon which the arminia Faith was founded. He thought to inherit the Linal Blessing which was vouchsafe to the faithful by our Saviour we must be steadfast in our Faith and must make a perpetual Light to keep sin from our minds and hearts. That at any time sin might enter the heart and Lead us into Ovll ofor o. Ill Tuo Aoi Eva Ion ice duo Iii pies were furnished to show that some of the Best men in the Pew and even the sacred desk had abandoned godliness for unrighteousness. Men in no station inline were Safe or exempt from temptation or danger. Conversion was no guarantee that we might not later on fall into sinful and evil ways through which we might forfeit our Hope of eternal happiness in the world to come. The life of the Christian must be a vigilant and unrelenting watchfulness to guard against letting sin into the mind and heart. He himself after preaching the gospel for fourteen years Felt the need of unremitting care i guarding himself from the possibility of committing in live minutes some act which would ruin the character he had so Long i and so earnestly Laboured to establish. He thought it was necessary to keep a vigilant watch to prevent the strongest and Thebes of men from falling into that sin which might ruin the character of a lifetime and Send the soul out into that night and darkness which is perpetual. Let him that thin Ceth lie stance to wac Oncea lest he in the scripture we Are often admonished to be on guard or to Arm ourselves against danger. Even human Wisdom would not guard us against impossible danger. Inhuman Wisdom would not guard us against impossible danger Why should the divine Wisdom do so ? the Mother in this Beautiful and level country does not warn her children against the danger of a precipice which does not exist. The divine Wisdom guards us Only against possible danger and the Wise Man will take heed to the warnings of scripture lest he fall. Our calvinistic friends rely upon the following words to satisfy themselves that once converted and brought to the foot of the Cross salvation would surely follow i to All those who embraced the Faith for i am persuaded that neither death nor life nor Angels nor principalities nor Powers nor things present nor things to come nor Heicht. Nor depth nor any other creature shall be Able to separate us from the love of god which is in Christ Jesus our the preacher said that he fully agreed with that sentiment. Every word of it is True. But my friends it is nowhere said that by his consent sin May not enter the heart of Man and do that which neither Powers nor principalities May not or cannot do. Our final salvation then depends upon our own Faith in the redeemer and our service to the father which includes Faith purity of heart and Correct living to which of course is Given or added to us that Grace which comes from above. Satan himself was once an Angel but because of that innate Power which neither life nor death could control he fell and from that time he walked no More with the father of us All did not create the evil. It was in the heart and obeying the promptings of evil satan fell from his High estate. It was the evil in his heart not any outside Power that induced one of the disciples to betray our Saviour at the last supper. The thirty pieces of Silver referred to in the betrayal being about equal to $18.00 of our Money. If the idea that conversion included Assurance of the divine irrevocable decree of Linal salvation was Correct then the a minian doctrine was in no Way shaken. If calvinism was right in the Contention that there was no falling from Grace then the conversion of the armenian was As effect Iveas the conversion of the calvinist and the armenian had an equal Chance of salvation though he might fear loss at the last. Our constant watchfulness does not militate against our chances of final salvation. Some May contend that what we believe matters Little. But i Tell you my friends that a Man s actions or his conduct in life Are largely governed by what he believes. If he believes in the right he is much More Apt to act right than if he believes in the wrong. We must so guard our minds and hearts As to keep out that evil which cannot enter except by our own consent. At the conclusion of the Sermon the preacher read hymn 493, which was afterwards ung by the choir two verses of which hymn Are As follows my soul be on the guard Itell /i1uuoouu 1vco 11 Louthe hosts of sin Are pressing hard to draw thee from the skies. Neer think the Victory won nor Lay thine Armor Down the work of Faith will not be done till thou obtain the Crown. On Bald to Poialii. On a lonely night Alex. Benton of fort Edward n. Y., claimed Bald Mountain to the Home of a neighbor tortured by asthma Bent on curing him with or. King s new discovery that had cured himself of asthma. This wonderful Medicine soon relieved and quickly cured his neighbor. Laterite Civ a his son s wife of a severe lung trouble. Millions believe its the greatest Throat Anil lung cure on eath. Coughs colds croup Haemorrhages be t a. T aim Ore Jjulius in Buicie Quieu by u. Best for Hay fever grip am whooping cough. 50c and .$1.00. Trial bottle free. Guaranteed by p. B. Speed. Not interested. I have called said the Boob the i to see if i can interest you in a Little work. Young Man snapped the woman who answered the door just now 1 am interested in washing my dishes dusting cleaning up after the paperhanger making six Beds polishing the Hardwood floors ironing my Hus band s shirts getting two More meals today darning nine pairs of stockings and stringing my Sweet peas and j might say that that s More work thai you men Ever thought of doing. No you can t interest me in any More Detroit free press. Lowndesville. Happenings of a week in and about the seven Hill City personals. Lowndesville sept. 13,1909. Or. Joe Gibert and magistrate j. G. Huckabee went to Abbeville on monday on business. Lowndesville s quota of jurors for the september term of court were Oil hand at the county seat to serve As above. Miss Miller of Anderson a trained nurse came Down monday evening to take charge of or. T. Baker in his illness. Labor Day last monday passed of Here without fuss and feathers with 110 attempt to celebrate it As usual. This maybe accounted for in part at least by the fact that there Are no labor organizations in or near this place. We Are therefore free from strikes and other such like injurious agencies to Public interests the three Rural carriers resting from their la Borsas such at Home with their families All other labourers so far As known by the writer spent the Day in the Pursuit of the almighty labor Day is rather a Misnomer for the 5th of september. It would be rather More expressive and give 1 a clearer insight into the meaning of it to Call it labourers Day or something More descriptive of a holy Day than the first is. Rumor has it that moving Day will soon be upon us As several important Home changes for this Small place As to ownerships mentioned but As there is said to be Many a slip Between the cup and the lip the particulars Are withheld for a while. Mrs. I. H. Mccalla of the Fork was among friends Here for a time on tuesday. Messes. G. Graves and c. G. Mcallister of Latimer were Here on business on tuesday. 1 the teachers together with a creditable enrolment of pupils of the school in this place were in their places on monday and began work for another Scholastic Vear. Messes. Talmage Harden John Lomax Willie Bowman Dan Latimer and Alvin Harper left wednesday for Clemson Colleg for another year at that renowned institution of learning. The first named went up there during the late vacation and stood an examination for a scholarship and gained it and is reaping the benefits. The Success of or. Harden is quite creditable to him and his friends Are quite sure that he will make Good use of the Opportunity thus gained. Or. Jas. B. Latimer a graduate at of Ford Uon Ege Ai its Katy i Ivi. Thursday for Oswego Union county to to take charge of a flourishing school in that place of which he had been elected principal. Mrs. T. Latimer who expects to make her Home Here went to Anderson last week for treatment. Rev. R. W. Humphries pastor carried on a four Days meeting at Smyrna this place beginning with the 11 a. M. Preaching service yesterday a week ago and ending with the 8.30 p. M. Service wednesday. Miss Ethel Speer who had spent some months at Gaffney s. 0., and Gainesville ga., with relatives returned to this place her old Home last saturday. Or. And mrs. A. M. Speer after a time spent in Atlanta and a few Days at Commerce,ga., came Back to their Home in this place last week. The venerable or. T. Baker the oldest citizen of this place and Section quietly passed away yesterday at 4 a. M. He was born near this place oct. 25th, 1824, and spent the Many years intervening Between then and now of his Check ered career among the people of this Section. While growing up be utilized to the Best advantage the Best school facilities to be had land being Well endowed mentally made Good use of them. For a number of his earlier years he gave his time and attention to agriculture where his labors were crowned with Success. He was among the favored few being endowed with an Energy unsurpassed whatever his hand found Todo he did it with his might. Just before the War he went into business with or. D. #.1 f. Freeland one or the most Succes Mui merchants that this town has Ever known while engaged in above business on oct.28th, 18g0. He married miss m. E. Latimer Only child of or. Marion Latimer a Man of considerable wealth widely known and highly esteemed by All that knew him. Or. Baker the subject of this Memoir is survived by his widow with whom he happily lived for nearly half a Century and a three sons. His eldest son or. James m. Baker is and has been for some years assistant librarian of the United states second son capt. Charles f. Baker of the United states army stationed at new London conn., and third son or. Gibbs l. Baker a prominent lawyer of Washington d. His Only daughter who was mrs. B. Franks of Philadelphia died in that place More than a year ago. Or. Theophilas Baker who first saw the 1 ight near Here spent the most of his More than four score years in this place or near it and All along through life was closely identified with the people amid All of the changes in the citizenship he was Ever Rega Dedas being one of the Best citizens. After the War he moved to this place and until a few years ago was one or its leading merchants. By that time his mercantile and farming interests had brought to him a competency and he gave up the former and devoted his time and attention to the latter till the infirmities of age caused him to give that up also. For some months he became gradually More and More enfeebled and when at last he succumbed it was the wearing out of All that was mortal about him. It was in the family Circle and Anion his rao6t intimate friends that ins True Worth could be estimated and Tor years to come the memory of or. T. Baker by a Host of friends will be revered and by them he will be missed and mourned and the Friendship True and tried formed for him Long years ago. By the undersigned has never in All of those years Felt even a momentary Check so wit i All of his intimates those closest to him. At 11 a. M. Today at the Home the funeral sen ices will be conducted by Rev. R. W. Humphries at the close of which the remains of the deceased will be carried to Smyrna cemetery and Laid away beside his loved ones gone before. Troupe. A narrow escape e n. B#yll8m,a merchant of Robin Sony a del., wrote about two years ago i web thl i and sick nod coughed All the time and u i did not have consumption it was near to it. I commenced using Foley s Honey and Thi and it stopped my cough and i am now entirely Well and have gained Twenty eight pounds All due. To the Eood results from Inkin Foley b Honey and c. A. Milford to co. How the trouble began. Tort Knan razor line who Nonor it la Xic eau Ucucu inv occasionally repeating to her some item that seemed particularly interesting. Thus it happened be ran across an item about the invention of a machine for washing horses. They la have machines for washing babies next he suggested. Huh she exclaimed indignantly i d just like to see my baby washed by a machine so would i he returned. He Ateward explained to some one f at the club that it was an exhibition of the insincerity of woman for while he Baa done absolutely nothing but s agree with Ber she was so displeased that be found it impossible to read his paper in Comfort. \ the Mascot of the s Cloo clears West end. Personal paragraphs. And news items contributed by miss Lily Templeton. Major and mrs l. T. Bryant and their children of Atlantic City Are expected in the City this week to spend some time with mrs v. A Lee. I miss Edith Wardlaw who has been the attractive guest of miss Eliza Mabry for sometime leaves wednesday for Wood j Ruff where she will visit relatives before returning to her Home in Oxford miss. Or. Courtney a Wilson is Home from Brevard n. A where he has had a Good position. Or. Wilson met with some in 1jury by the explosion of a chemical fire engine during his stay in Brevard. His 1friends Are glad to know he is improving. 1 miss Meta Lythgoe is Here from at Lanka spending a while with her Friend miss Man Lou Smith. Mrs l. I. Dean and mrs Elizabeth Dean Hartzell have returned to their Home in t Eufala Ala. After a Short stay Here As the c guests of mrs c. D. Brown. Mrs George Mann Wright and children f of Clinton Are Here spending some time with mrs a. M. Smith. Or. And mrs a. G. Wardlaw of Union j were the guests of miss Mary Lou Smith during their stay in our City or. Ward Torino laxative Lor indigestion stomach and liver trouble and Babl Tual constipation. Cleanses the system and m pleasant to take. U. A Milford & co. An unfounded Rumor. Mrs. Muchmore told me said mrs. Oldcastle that the minister came in his vestments when he officiated at your daughter s it Ain t True replied her hostess As she Flung one of her ropes of pearls Over the Back of a ninety Dollar Rockino Hui p to humic . Him Ofir in us " our automobile.". Chicago record Herald. A very Good remedy and one that we can highly recommend in All casts of kidney rouble Impi Keules the new kidney remedy. They Are especially Good in All cases of rheumatic pains weak Back or backache urinary disorders and weak kidneys. Hold by c. A. Milford a co. Getting an easy Start father what do you Wiah me to be when i grow up 1 tue same As i am my then instead of wasting and More Lime of arithmetic geography and such truck id better be getting at the hypothetical question had t i a. Judge. A Harry up Call. Quick or. Druggist. Quick a Box of Bucklen s Arnica s a the love of Moses hurry baby s burned himself terribly. Johnnie Cut his foot with the axe. Mamie b can t walk from has my corny ache. She got it and soon cured All the family. It s the greatest healer on Earth. Sold by p. B. Speed. Money to loan on improved City or county property. S. Stark president j. E. Mcdavid Secretary. M atm the Best extracts id the world Are Blackl i on Lap Lay Ai Memord a drug store. V death of mrs. Sallie c. Allen. Mrs. Allen died at the residence of her daughter mrs. Jones f. Miller on thursday night sept. 9, 1909. Mrs. Allen had been a sufferer for years with heart trouble during which period she was confined very Little to her bed. On Friday night the 3rd inst. She was stricken with paralysis involving he entire left Side. From that time until death came she was Only partially conscious. Mrs. Allen before her marriage was miss Sallie c. Mccollum of Bennettsville 3. A. Being a daughter of the later John Mccollum of that place. She was married to or. Thomas Warren Allen of Abbeville 3. C., on the 29th of november 1$59. She ame to Abbeville a Bride and spent the list years of her married life Here at he close of the War she return to Bonnetsville a. C., where she lived Many years far Over Twenty years she made spartan jump a. Her Home., she moved to Abbeville several years ago where she lived until her death. Mrs Allen had reached the age of seventy free years. She joined the methodist Hurch Early in life she loved the Church f her Choice and Ever stood ready to do t anything in her Power to Advance its interests. Mrs. Allen was a Sweet spirited pure Nodest Christian woman. In her last uness her bed was surrounded by Loving array a nov frn of Illi Nikfar cd Muu Toiv a in Xvi we very Comfort. Mrs. Allen left surviving her a son and laughter or. Warren Allen of new York my mrs. Jones f. Miller the wife of Jones a Miller of this City and the following Sisters and Brothers miss. Hetti mc3ollum,of Abbeville mrs. 8. M. Cantey. F Sumerton s. A. Or. , of Sumter s. C., and or. Angus Mcollum of Memphis Tenn. Home has lost a Sweet spirit her Church Las lost a most useful example. It makes leaven brighter to our Hopes to remember Ler life. F. M. Law As to signboards. A requires thai All Public roads shall be Foste there has been some discussion in several newspapers lately As to the Law requiring the Public roads to be posted Vith signboards at All Forks or Oros Aings. Che Law is very Clear but it is not generally enforced. Following is the Law on the subject Sec. 446. Any person or persons who Hall Cut Down Burn or deface any mile Ost or Stone erected by the county commissioners or county supervisor of any county he she or they upon conviction Hereof shall forfeit and pay the sum of in dollars lobe recovered by Idle tent r information before any court of competent jurisdiction. "Sec.447. If any person shall wilfully demolish throw Down alter or deface my guide Post every person so offending shall upon conviction thereof before any magistrate of the proper county be fined n a sum of not exceeding ten dollars and he Cost of suit or be sentenced to labor n the Public works of the county for a term of not More than thirty Days and the Money when collected shall be by the magistrate collecting the same treasurer. Sec. 448. The county Board of commissioners of any county neglecting to Sause the Public highways in the or county to be posted and numbered and to have pointers erected at each Folk of said Highway declaring the direction of such Highway shall be liable to pay the sum of ten dollars for each and every said neglect to be recovered by indictment in the court of general sessions of the county within whith the same occurs to be collected and paid to the treasurer of such county for the use of the county. Provided that no county commissioner shall be liable to said penalty who shall have his division of toads the civil Bode of South Carolina has also a Section bearing upon this which gives the county commissioner authority to erect such sigh boards and charge the Cost to the county and the neglect of this can be construed by the Public to mean that they Are indifferent to the convenience of the Public. The Section is a follows Sec 1.387. Each Road overseer within his District May erect and keep up at the the expense of the county at the Fooks and Cross roads a Post and guide Board or Finger Board containing an inscription illegible letters directing the Way and distance to the town or towns or Public places situated on each Road journal. About census appointments. Enumerators and clerks to be appointed some Lime next win uary. The daily papers a few Days ago carried an announcement that about 3,000 additional clerk would be needed in the census department and that examinations would be held in a few weeks in Naify of the Large cities to fill the places. Typewriters and stenographers Are wanted. The pay will run from $600 a year up. The supervisors announce that they cannot appoint enumerators until their own appointments have been confirmed by the Senate this will be along about Christmas. Then they will proceed to appoint the will be one for each township and in Large townships two or More. Their pay will be Between $150 and $300. It is hoped to arrange it so that All will receive about the same compensation. Pellagra. 1 pellagra is caused from eating Musty Mem or drum Imu Muic w it the disease May really prevented by a very simple and inexpensive Mills May be bought for family use at a Cost from three to High dollars a Bushel of meal May by group in less than an hour from selected Corn. In this Way the consumer May be positive that no adulterate a meal or unsound Corn comes to hit table. We have urged our hard wan dealers to place these hand Mills or the Market and feel sure that satire factory results May be obtained sufficient meal Mav be ground in Fly minutes for a Day s consumption the saving in tolls will pay Forth trouble and insure fresh meal just Whei wanted. Ettl Nib inline liver z Nia our Iii iieiuiiuu1 and bilious Ness. They Are easy and pleasant to take. A Cooling Healing. Soothing cleans ing Salve is pm resale carb Ollied. Sold by c a. Milford & co. Don t fall to look Over the new lot of stand Ard novels just received at Speed s Drai Tore. I have Call every Day for lands. Aba have you to offer Robt. 8. Link. Nyler s Candy fresh All Tel time at Mil Ford s drag store. True bravery is shown by perform ing without witness what one Mig be capable of doing before All to Roche Foucault. Laconic from Hoy. V interesting items from i wide awake correspondent. Almost five weeks since any rain has fallen Here and vegetation is marching in a Crisp. 1 3 or. Thomas Hanvey with his pretty i Little daughter Dora Are Down from 1 Portsmouth va., to see his parents or. G. 1 a. Hanvey and family from near Long i Cane. I or. De. Dunnaway a prosperous Young planter from Amity 6a., was seen head ing towards the Home of one of Bellevue s 1 most lovable Young ladies saturday. He drives a spanking pair of fast steppers. Mrs. L. W. 8heppard of Liberty Hill is with her Bister mrs. Job. A. Aasu Odds at Abbeville where another Little son has come to adorn the Happy family. Miss Kate Hunter of Hunters s. C., and who has been abroad this summer in Europe has returned As far As Boston maes., where she is spending some time with her sister mrs. Rebecca Barker. It will be of interest to his Many friends and relatives throughout this county to know that Rev. Lowry Davis son of or. And mrs. E. P. Davis once of Clear Spring but now pastor of Palmer presbyterian Church in Greenville 8. C., will leave soon for Soo Chow China As a missionary. The prayers and Best wishes of All go wit him. Mrs. Polly Bently perhaps the oldest resident Jin the Beu Evue Vicinity and highly respected Christian woman has read the new testament through nine ties this year and she says each time she finds new truths. May her Sunset Days be her brightest and Best. Prof. W. R. Bradley after a rest up Here and drinking this pure water left saturday for his some in Abbeville ready Fortis school work. He is genial and popular with All who know him. The family reunion of the late or. S. 0. Young s families was Well attended and enjoy Dat the old Home last forr Vorns than Nohrr Tirl i fill t miss Alma from be West were Down re i gently to see her son or. Kennedy and family. Miss Bosa Bradley leaves today Lor Linso College where Safe will teach English. Troy school will open this morning wit miss Nora Davis As principal and miss Alyce Dendy . Mcfadden from Clinton will teach the Robinson school another term. She is an experienced teacher birth. To mrs e. N. Creswell a or. Paul Lyon who has been with Home folks for two months will leave tomorrow for the Panhandle Texas. He is leaving some aching hearts. Misses Millwee Davis and Alma Linkscales will hot attend College the coming session. Mrs g. W. A Nev. With her attractive daughters misses Mattie Helen and Bernic after a two Montib visit Here among relatives will leave this week for their Home in Florida. Messes b. H. Taggart and Willie Mars two of Clear Springs Sterling Young men also or. Ale Tennan of win Langton. Spent last week on Abig Fox Chase at Parksville. Cotton Market opened up this morning Cotton bringing l"2l-8 and seed 28cts per Nahal Gtna. Era Hiiva humming Belleview. Miss Annie Mccrary of Pendleton has been the guest of miss Bessie Morrah or the last week. The misses Sewell left monday to visit friends in Mtcarmel they will leave in a Short while for Oakland California. Miss Ellen Morrah is at Home again a pleasant visit to friends in Iva Anderson and Clemson. She also attended the woman s missionary Union in Anderson. There was a picnic at Cades Mill on Friday also a Moonlight picnic at the someplace on monday night in Honor of miss Booth of Athens a. And miss Hamilton assistant teacher of the Wellington school mrs w. H. Kennedy spent Friday in Augusta. Miss Kate Whitley was the guest of mrs j. A Britt thursday night. 8. P. Morrah Era David Kennedy Clifto Lesley and Ben Britt left last week for Clemson. J misses Rebecca and Lizzie Wardlaw Janie Lee Morrah Mabel Kennedy Buth Robinson and Bettle Morrah and several Little girls from Abbeville Are in Clemson attending the House party Given by mrs m. E. w. H. Kennedy spent tuesday in Iva mrs m. E. Wardlaw and mrs w. D. Mor Rah were visiting relatives in Abbeville last week. Mrs c. Lyon and children. Miss Hattie Leonor and mrs Sondley or and mrs ii Ink Rte Ianh met r Noti Wiull i a Wuttur a wow. Kennedy Mistee Bonnie Mabel and ,.mr Harvey Robinson an daughter miss Ruth of Troy or killings Worth of Mccormick or Horman Cason or Frank Thomson or Luther Bradley Mayo Parker or and mrs Edwin Parker and a number of others attended the picnic at Cades Mill on Friday. Or Oscar Morrah came Home from Andersoon Friday on wednesday he was so unfortunate As to get his band badly crushed by the running machinery in the Orr Mills and it was necessary to amputate three fingers of his right hand below the Middle Point his friends very much regret the sad Accident he is getting along Fairley Well and bears the pain and Sorenes remarkably Well. Kills wife and self i Hoboken film every musician carries out aet made with his spouse Shonting har at first husband s grave new York sept. 1.chas. A. Orlam Unider a mus Elan 65 years old shot his crip1 i ill a eled wife dead tonight Ana Taeu Smeu Imseis with the same revolver at the grave of the woman s first husband. The bodies were found in Hoboken cemetery in such a position that it was thought the woman must have been leaning on her Crutch Over the grave when her husband shot her. After she fell he evidently wiped the blood from her head As a hand i kerchief still wet with blood was found in � his coat pocket. J the woman was found dead at the feet. Of the Man who was sitting on a Bench still breathing. He died before he could be taken to a Hospital. 3 a letter found in the woman handbag pointed straight to an agreement Between 8 wife and husband to die together. I Bury us and whatever you will be paid it directed. A card in the crap a the Mil of a Friend Man o Jaa Auu cwt a we who an endorsement explained would e provide Money for the had married the widow of r his employer the owner of a Jersey City " Beer Garden where for Many years he handled the orchestra. A deed of title from the first husband to the burial plot where l the two chose to die was found in the i wife s handbag t " " k the official goil your wife does t seem to care much for that Friend of " no. He s the Man i Lay the blame 1 on when i m detained downtown. 6 Philadelphia poet. J i mod roads. , to. R 1 rhe Poi Toffee department Ami in the g 4 h Buttar lot 1 help the term 1 Becent great improvement in Public x roads throughout the country followed by imitation of the subject until it has i become one of the live topics of the Day i Las resulted in the receipt of Many Linqui ties by the Post office department at Wash Egton concerning the matter. V under direction of postmaster general 1 Hitchcock replies in detail Are made Toi hese communications without reservation while the Post office department has not. Mything official to do with the matter of food roads or Road building it has in the Latureo things to co operate with the a department of agriculture division Good 1 roads where governmental Aid is Necess t iry and in that View the Bureau of fourths Sostant postmaster general has been Ible to help the general cause through the venues of Rural delivery. The Post office department for a number f years has been using every Endeavor within the limits of its jurisdiction to Sej Urethe improvement of the Public i ? is a primary essential to the j prompt and uninterrupted deliverer and election of mail that roads Over which Oral delivery services is established shall 9 maintained in condition to be travelled j Vith ease and facility at All seasons. This does not necessarily mean that the roads shall be of the highest improved Type Bat to does mean that they shall be kept Mooth free from ruts and drained. Whenever report is made to the depart Warfa i who no a. Rural Nufa if f Lucilb Buou Ivy Vul Vul pm Vul. W established Are in bad condition impeding he Progress of the Carrier or causing the to be delayed or suspended the Oad officials postmaster and patrons Are immediately notified that unless Steps d ire taken within a reasonable time to improve the condition of the roads service � Viu be withdrawn from such roads. These Isu Aliy result in prompt and favourable fiction but when ignored the service is withdrawn. W in furtherance of its policy to secure Rood roads the department has been of Peratin with Road officials Federal state Ana to Laivand with Good Road Assoc cations. The result of the departments increasing demands for Good roads and Itsik operation with Toad official Sand others n no Ernedina the movement has been most ratifying to those in charge of the service revolved and it is an established fact that Here has been More Money appropriated or and spent on Good roads during the a thirteen years which Rural delivery has � seen in operation than in any other period 3f the country s history. \ Many letters have recently been receive Dit the Post office department from different states of the Union extending invitations to officials to attend and address Ood roads conventions and to express the a attitude of the department upon the Subr ii sect. Circumstances and conditions have to compelled declinations of Tebee invitations but replies have been made 11ii7 explain u ing Why Rood roads Are. Essential to the g aug Cesnul operation of the Rural delivery a service Ana stating that the department directly through postmasters Ana cat Lere � sends ready and willing to co operate in a a Good roads movements As fax As Oon Fadi Tione will permit. V x 1, Backset to 0001 roads. An election has seen held in new 1 Berry and Spartanburg counties on the j issuance of Bonds for building and t improving roads in those counties and in both the measure was Defeated in j Spartanburg by a Small majority and in Newberry overwhelmingly. \ the result of the elections is to be 1 regretted. It waa hoped by Many tha Spartanburg and Newberry by voting a favourably on a Bond Issue would set % the Pace for the other counties of the state. A waa pointed out in last week s Issue of the Farmers Sun by or. F. H. Hyatt in Hia Able and inter 1 eating article the Only Way to get Good roae is by issuing Bonds. There is nothing objectionable in. This. Ii is Only calling on posterity to help Bear Ita share of Ian expense for that which it will largely enjoy. All this talk about Good roads amounts to nothing at All it nothing is i done. Under the present Sye Teti of the amino in Thea state each sue i Yon can always get what you want in to Itonery and school books at Speed drag store. One Dong generation can do nothing More than Patch such roads As we have i for temporary use. In. The Long ran i this costs infinitely More than to build i permanent roads now. The ancient romans who were far ahead of us in 1 the matter of Road building a Zeindl j cited the proper course. Many of their roads Are As Good today As when they were built and Are among the Ibert in Italy. They Bulit roads to last for Ages. We should build roads for future generations and let those generations Nelp pay for them by issuing Bonds to mature in their Day. A. K Road prescription. It his bomb found Good in this Section. It seems strange Liat Road makers have not Long before this got onto the fact that almost any common soil when mixed with Sand can be rolled into a roadbed which is practically impervious to water said col. W. F. Baker of Council Bluffs. Immense sums have been wasted through ignorance of this fact in Road , there is not a township in that has not a Supply of Sand which can easily be secured Morroa making by a suitable mixture of Sand in Road material the roads of the country can be greatly improved especially in their Abi Ilov t to resist washing from heavy Rains which every Spring undo a great Deal of the work put into the Here is colonel Baker s Road prescription to make a Good Road take two or three inches of Good Sand such As is suitable for plaster with an equal amount of Hill Clay Black soil or Gumbo. Thoroughly mix these ingredients have the roadbed solidly compacted spread the mixed Sand and soil in two Inch layers thoroughly rolling each layer before the the next is applied in order that the whole mass May be Rende Redas solid As possible and you will have a splendid Road that will be impervfnwflfar1uuo w new. We made & test of this plan at a Point where the water ran through a Culvert onto the Road with great Force. It had no effect whatever on the Road which had been build in this Way. Go with Bash. The demand for that wonderful stomach liver and kidney cure or. King s new life astounding. P. B. Speed says he never saw the like. Its because they never fail to cure sour stomach constipation indigestion bilious Ness jaundice 8ick headache chills and vial aria. Ouly 25c. What s Dixie doing. W. R. Smith in september Southern Engineer he sugar in your Coffee an the Lotsee upon your Back he fruit you have for breakfast the Rice they puff and crack he very bed on which you sleepy us furniture,.per Seha Maria in Tahtia for inn from Texas toss. Hey build your House of Georgia Pine it s roofed with Georgia slate of bought the Dails in Birmingham if you were up to Date. The rugs Laid upon the floors the curtains towels and the sheets Ere probably made in Southern Mills whose product can t be beat. Our horse that Steps in two or three the Brand you love the bests first one comes from Tennessee Kentucky Dos the rest. A when you be dined on Southern fruits and roast of Texas beef lie smoke your chewing plug is Fine Virgi Aleaf. ,. Aur food is cooked in Cotton ii it has hog a mile tie folks that use it regularly Wear no dyspeptic smile. Re re lightening half the continent with Texas kerosene. Aey re burning it. Death boilers from Phanel Tonew Orleans. E re Selling shirts to chinamen and Oil to Parley Vous at when it comes to Cotton Bales Well Europe takes a few. Our Hundred million dollars was last year the Export sum a inf to Nard nor Dalvani you la and we it going some. Isle s doing All of this. She s very much on top everybody s hustling Ana has t time to Stop. It when you re deat and do Defor just to Snow our sentiment re la pile gear la Marble on you Ana there s your Monument. Unday Law War reaches Climax. Of Zimei causes most of at. 4 i Usu. Tries neglect of of Law and order league smears oat Lahirt Chait iof failure to of Foree Law a la tic City n. J., sept. 4.the crud against the sunday Selling of liquor i this City came to a sudden Climax late Lis afternoon when mayor Franklin p. Toy was arrested upon warrant charge g him with ignoring a notification from Tate attorney general Wilson ordering Lin to enforce the sunday closing Law. Layor Stoy following the serving of the warrant went before magistrate huges and entered in $6,000 balt for a farther Learng next tuesday. The technical charge which has been Kraght against the mayor is mrs Doe Norin office for alleged failure to in 3 Ore the sunday closing Laws. The War. 5 ant was served by e. Hann son of the Rev. S. H. Hann Secretary of the new Jersey state Law and order league. The warrant was sworn to by James Stelman in agent of the local Reform organization. The order of the attorney general was sued about two weeks ago but mayor toy maintains he was not served legally Rith the document and therefore ignored the movement of the reformers has saused considerable speculation As to the source be taken by the Saloon 1 keepers tomorrow. /. W eight detectives brought Here today Are it tonight endeavouring to secure evi4,Lance against alleged gambling houses. Long House they find open. Rys01. Tiow or the limit. Farm and factory. Your business principles May Beight your goods the Best your service of customers faultless but the Publio x is got to Knower keep always your talking Points before toe Public. Get in the Glare of Eavor Able publicity. Make known the merits of your proposal top. Success comes by focusing the diverging rays of Public buyer s Choice on what you have to offer. � make your ability your commodity and your service known throw on the Light death therein no use of Reading any More rules about How to live a . An nid lady 100 Vears eaten new England doughnuts All her life. Birmingham age Herald. " hidden dangers. Nature gives timely wanly i that Kos ammo Iii Citi Mcm in bad -1 is to ignore Vita Dagger signal no. 1 comes from the kidney secretions. They will warn you when the Sidney Are kidneys excrete a Clear Amber fluid. Sick kidneys Send put a thin Pale and Foamy or a thick red Illin ill to oar Lalmant and Tetli Euing Juliuo luit a irregular of signal no. 2 Tomee from the Back. Back Paios doll and heavy or Sharp and acute Tell you of sick kidneys Aud warn you of the approach of dropsy diabetes and Bright disease. Doan s kidney fails cure sick kidneys and cure them permanently. Here is proof in the statement of a nearby resident. Or. If. L. Motes Garlington St., Laurens s. C., says i have used Doan s kidney pills for some time and have been greatly benefited by them. I suffered a great Deal from Bank acre had frequent dizzy spells and my kidneys were very inactive. The kidney secretions were unnatural and otherwise disordered. Learning of Doan s kidney pills i procured a Supply and they helped me at once. The pains in my Back have greatly lessened my kidneys Are Normal and i feel better in every for Sale by All dealers. Price 50 cents. Foster Milburn co., Buffalo new York sole agents for the United states. Remember the take no other./. It will St on be time to paint your Boose be sure to use the paint that goes the farther and Lasta the s. For tale Only by Speed s drag store. " 9

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