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Abbeville Press and Banner (Newspaper) - October 13, 1909, Abbeville, South Carolina a a Ai t Vitt it i go oooo Tootoo of Ocock chapter i. 2 continued. He took the hand rather pathetically. I am making a tour of Cornwall on foot he answered. Have just 1 returned from Tintagel. And you she presented him in due form to Jacqueline and explained that by the a advice of her London doctor she had i taken a House near by for a few weeks. � so glad to meet a countryman she said with the mendacity Peculiar to her sex. Pray come and lunch i. With me to Day. Probably you Are 1 stopping at the White Hart inn it t Only a trifling distance from our c t he accepted the invitation without evident pleasure. Jacqueline fancied t Irvett of to. He comes of a Boston family that claims descent from the colonial gov 1 errors and years ago i used to think c him a most fascinating person but he seems to have grown old and a wonder poor fellow r this last in a voice barely audible. He was not pleased to meet you f aunt \ so i perceived. I cannot blame the frown never lifted from his face while he talked with r really Yoy observed him very r closely my t yes he interested me. He snot i feel sure a common s mrs. Bradshaw bit her lip and answered nothing. Some Small Pur chases were made in the town and then the Pony head was turned t Back to the Manor House. I in a flutter 01 expectation Jacqueline waited luncheon. Promptly with the hour St. George appeared t and sat Down to the table with the t ladies in a charming Low coiled room overlooking a Terrace Smoth r ered in Flowers. Jacqueline had put on a simple White dress and stuck a Bunch of blood red roses in the ribbon at her Belt. The cold Gray eyes of the guest dwelt on her in a sort 1 of unwilling admiration. T you Are not in the least like your c sister he said abruptly. V she was pouring Cream from a c Silver Jug upon a dish of Crimson strawberries. Her hand Shook r slightly. A my sister she echoed. Do you c t. � k1iuvv Uci no but i have seen her at the f symphony with miss Wingate. And \ in the Wingate Pew at c Good bostonian Are sure to meet g at the symphony and at Trinity. Of \ i am so glad to talk with a person who has Ever seen Doris she leaned toward him her breath com h 1ng quickly her eyes like twin stars f my sister and i have been separated i since childhood. Perhaps i would no longer know she very fair it she tall like All the hat tons she fair bit her head t would hardly reach to your shoulder replied St. George. Trong or otherwise and he answered j it Jacqueline unconvinced stood j nervously fingering the roses in her t Elt. J i am sorry we met St. George of Day mrs. Bradshaw went on. J he has disturbed you with hib a j turd talk and without doubt you in urn started in his mind a train of disagreeable though a Oung Man still he has known some lard � with quiet determination Jacque j Ine Drew a step nearer to the easy hair. Forgive me aunt Bradshaw j he said. I cannot wait till to Morof. Let Settle my future � mrs. Bradshaw glanced up at the � Ace of her Niece and groaned in j voluntarily. T your Milid made up yes. I must go to Jac Jac think of All you Sac Filce if you leave me now i Wash � by hands of you forever. You May Vork with the poorest for daily bread j i shall not pity you you May Tarve and i will not help j the girl sad eyes looked past the peaker out through the Rose Hung t window where in the sunny distance the stiffs frowned and the sea glinted like still i cannot stay she an were. Doris calling me. We will j Vork or starve together. I have Hought of everything aunt Brad j Haw and let the Cost be what it r nay. I must go to Doris chapter n. T the passenger list of the great Iner which bore Jacqueline Hatton o America also bore the name of g George St. George but the voyage t half Over before Jacqueline Misove Edthis fact. She was a bad Ailor and for the first few Days illness confined her to her stateroom my rendered her invisible to her companions in travel. One morning however she ventured on deck and found a comfortable Nook where trapped in rugs and shawls she Reli Nedin her Steamer chair and gratefully expanded her lungs to the rigorous winds of the Atlantic. How do you do miss Hatton Aid a voice and the Man whom she iad met in Cornwall approached her rom the rail and lifted his Travelo Cap. mrs. Bradshaw aboard no answered Jacqueline. You Are not travelling alone nth an intonation of Surprise. am going Home to of i fear you have been ook rather done up. Would you Ike to walk about a Little?.i am site at your thank you answered Jacqueine somewhat a graciously. I do it care to am very comor tables i he stalked away toward Fife wheel ouse. She saw him often during he remainder of the voyage but no Urther words passed Between them. Hey greeted each other Only with a j Ormal Bow. It was a raw Day full of chill and loom when Jacqueline through a Reil of Easterly rain beheld once Nore the gilded dome on Beacon Jill and the Spires of her native 1 Ity. The great liner swept up to 1 Ler pier where carriages were wait no and eager people crowded for Vard to Welcome friends and Kin red. Jacqueline caught the sudden Fluter of a handkerchief the gang Plank Ell and directly Doris with some i allow youth stumbling in her Wake 1 on the Jacquelin i arms and everything else on land ind sea was for tin nonce forgotten. Doris Small and fragile with hair 1 f Buttercup yellow and pathetic Iolet elder of the Twain it seemingly me a Al sister closely and , Lac i am wild with Joy to have you n my arms again yet my heart aches o thine of All you have lost in Leav gaunt Bradshaw or. Wingate Ould not come to meet Lient detained him so he sent his Lerk to look after your Luggage. It Proton " � Yii. X quite Luigi. Ii. Vitt Vul turning hastily to the Callow youth let me present you to my t or. Craven reddening to the tips f his ears stammered something , with her i d Ull of other matters delivered up Ler keys and the Young Man de arted to discharge the duties signed him. The Sisters wore left Oget Ber. I of a. Yon Awe me gasped Ooris. How tall you have grown. 30w stately i know i shall always be like Wax in your Jacqueline scrutinized the speaker anxiously. Yes there were Little i follows in Doris Cheeks and her Beautiful eyes had dark rings under i hem. 1 but von Are not the Doris i hoped o replied Jacqueline her heart throbbing with fear. I am sure you Lave been ill. look an Hough a breath would blow you Doris smiled bravely. Not moping she an i were. I shall grow Strong again Low that i hav you Back. Hold me ast Jacky but you ought to have Een aunt Bradshaw heiress and Nade a splendid feel hat i have cheated you out of a Reat future. Look who the tall air Man just going ashore he staring hard at Jacqueline glanced around. The j Jerson who had attracted Doris at mention was St. George. He lifted Lis hat she bowed indifferently. 1 an acquaintance of aunt Brad j Haw met him in England she said to Doris. The usual delays Over Teddy Crar enjoined the Sisters and led the to a Carriage waiting on the Dier. Rain was now falling in trends. Or. Wingate clerk was 1 about to take a seat with the Driver Ririe into Nofri you will be drenched outside or. must come with j Teddy blundered into the vehicle ind disregarded by both Sisters Sank into a Corner where divided i betwixt a burning desire to Fly and in overwhelming wish to remain the 1 door fellow sat in a sort of mental and fever predominating by turns in his mind. His companions ignorant of the feelings they had aroused began to Alk quietly unreservedly though i 10 third party was present. Teddy j new How to efface himself and on i his occasion he was glad to be Over 1 looked. Doris began the younger girl f did you advertise for employment j Doris sighed. I yes and i have not received a � 4in i single answer Jac Piai i Mic m 10 demand for abilities like poor child said Jacqueline bit Erly i think you hardly realize Low unfit you Are for any kind of Vork. Leave bread winning to stronger women. You Are frail i Flower. You must be sheltered rom the hard things of life or you vill die.1 of Jac said Doris with tears f mortification in her Violet eyes do i then impress you being such a poor helpless creature Jacqueline kissed her passionate y. No no but like the lilies of the i held you were not made to i am too proud to live on ,Jac." and my Pride equal to your in dear i Burn to deliver you rom your miserable Fate. I have a will scoff at to maybe but i mean to execute it without delay i do not ask your help Doris but you must Promise lot to oppose i Promise said Doris. The Carriage was rumbling Over he stones or me Street Una iv.au5 Slatter in which the fresh Young Roices were partially drowned but Graven with heart beating hard trained his ears to catch the next Rord. It was Jacqueline who spoke. Do you remember the Man who robbed papa and drove him to Sui Ide she said. A Pale alarm appeared on Doris Ace. Philip Trevor certainly i was once a constant visitor in our Home. Why do you Peak of him now. He made you and me beggars and orphans while we were yet children for that reason i wish to recall Lim to your memory. You were Jorn to riches and ease. Trevor stole our Fortune. If it could be recon Redit would give you the Independence for which you Pine establish our health and insure both in Tinct and fear of future separation. A Doris we do greatly need poor Japa Money and god helping be must have it wild talk Jac. Philip Trevor Annot he reached. Long ago he fled Vith his Booty and has never been Een in this City he robbed Doris. I shall find Lim and demand Doris Sta. A blankly at her. Sister either noticed Craven who sat la Lis Corner w _ the cold sweat Start gout on. His forehead and his learn pounding his breast like a Tri Plammer. To be continued. Property rights reach sky. A Law framed thousands of years Igo by the ancient romans and the Only one bearing on the subject May Lave to be amended or wholly nullified before airships go shooting about through space at their own Sweet vill. This important fact was brought it at a meeting of aeronaut in London Only a few Days ago. At present nobody has a right to Fly across occupied land. The world governed by the ancient roman Law que and it Means that Ivery landowner has a right to the lir above his head far up he houses to go Ana Cali Gei an juju Ion to restrain any one from flying 1 a rough it. So far nobody has attempted to put the Law into Force t would be most uncomfortable not of say disastrous for a Farmer Sud Lenly to emerge from his barn or smoke House and Pepper one Airship a Vita bullets. The fact that the aeronaut from his lofty Perch could not e expected to see the no trespass a t tint or nip a Mitie Tinc Lul in Feuu ulv. Circumstance with the Rural Magis rat Pittsburg Eagle times. Pane requisite above All others if we ire to be victorious and that god Elt nobility of Christian manhood 61 n the ministry of Jesus Christ. D there was a Man it a 13 Reat moment in any human life 11 when we come to the recognition do w or supreme Mission when every Hing else in life comes to be Seconder to that which holds the first & lace the purpose and Mission of a Ife. Paul Chrysostum Savonarola � Luther John Knox All Felt the j1 nighty impulse of the mighty Mission son which they were sent when allowing the holy command. Of. � that splendid achievements would � -1. I of " Vite Evart r f find Kinc , Picc m _ w com if the members of this Greal Hurch would walk right up to the ight in recognition of their divine " Mission to save this lost world. God waiting for you. He has waited ror some of you half a Century but he emphatically waiting for you j f Oung manhood and womanhood to j econ with the sent element in p Luman life. The one holy Mission i ? for every Man and woman in the kingdom of Christ never less that " i think you will have to dear me out that it has always been j r without a single exception the one j supreme purpose of these years of j Orv ministry among has Beed j y q Lhing less than to fulfil the mis t a of Jesus Christ in this world ii id to seek and to save the lost. V if any Man has not the spirit of e Christ he none of the spirit t of Christ pushed its Way against t 2very broken heart every battered r life every bruised soul against the e Leper the Blind and the lame the spirit of Christ took hold of Mary Magdalene and the woman of Samaria and grasped that wonderful life of Peter and lifted him up into the kindliness and glory of his Man j1 i oct and that divine spirit of out lord went out in every direction Foi � the saving of his Fellowmen. D now Mark you if his spirit to be mine and yours then we must a Davo and Vears fulfil id me Cumins a his Mission to seek and to save j that which was Les j than that. � i am expecting it of you. I would have the disappointment of an in 1 tire life if you fall in this holy mis purpose of this great Church j 1 of Jesus Christ to save men to j 1 help our lord to redeem his lost j 1 world to bring the gospel to Bear or j j the sin stricken lives of our fellow men. If you lower the Standard i shall be disappointed. I shall think m teaching and my ministry have partially failed. "t1 Ore was a Man sent from t if thru Climax not placed on the j Sermon and on the life then All Musi ii be a failure. At this hour with so i Many impressions on my heart this a one uppermost for every fraction of Success in these years for every w note of Victory in All the music of this h Church life for everything that maj be to night to your credit and you f glory a Church i want to stand in your presence and say that it All belongs to almighty god. I i. F info sun&au-&6oop nternat10nal lesson comment for october 17. Subject Paul a Felix acts 24.golden text acts 24 16.commit verses 25, 26.commentary on the lesson. . D. 58 or 59. Place Caesarea. Exposition. Paul defense before Felix 10-23. Paul was in the est sense a gentleman and a Diplomat of. Cd. 26 2. By All pro or leans he sought to gain the favor of Hose he would win for Christ. One an be faithful without being brusque and Boorish. This spirit Given tact and Winso meness much needed y the one who would acceptably save Christ spirit filled boldness f utterance. Paul took up the terms f the indictment brought against in v. 5 and met them with a Flat and unanswerable denial. It one Hing to make accusations itis another thing to prove them v. 13. Paul Ras a Model preacher he believed All things which Are written in the in and the prophets v. 14. Havir. Via men. A Vin ran Eav that p j 0 Lluu Huv i fays Here of. Luke 24 27, 44 John 0 35 Matt. 5 18 Mark 7 13. His nervies accused him of departing rom their ancient scriptures he bowed them that on the contrary e believed More fully than they did. T often the Case that the real Infiel Scall the believers heretics. n athlete keeps himself in rigid physical training so Paul kept himself i rigid spiritual training v. 16 Cor. 9 24-27. The object of Lis spiritual discipline was to ave. A conscience void of of use. That a conscience that id not stumble or cause others to Tumble. He sought diligently and disciplined himself strenuously to ave such a conscience not Only tour god but also toward Man. He ought to have it not Only most of the me but All the time. The kind of athletics Paul cultivated Are sorely in eed of cultivation to Day. It was to ring alms to his nation and not to 0 wrong to his nation that Paul had me to Jerusalem. Ii. Felix terrified 24-26. Tho themes of the enemies of Paul and f Christ had already resulted in give Gpaul an Opportunity to preach Christ to persons who would other ise been beyond his reach of. Ps6 10. There were few who Mora rely needed preaching to than this Ime Man Felix and this same woman Trusilla. How Many preachers have Sce ived inspiration and instruction of Paul dealing with these two rofl Gates in High society. How Lany hesitating people have been Rought to an immediate decision Foi Christ through the study of the Folly f Felix. Felix had a Mere Specula. Be curiosity in the matter v. $4 it Paul gave a very practical and personal turn to his exposition of the Faith in he showed Elix it was not some faraway thing 1 the Region of metaphysics and speculation but something close ome to his own misconduct. Paul always adapted his preaching to his audience but not in the Way some modern preachers adapt their preach to their audience studying to say thing to offend. He went right at the conscience of the people before in. Righteousness and self control Ere just where Feli and Drusilla Here offenders. Paul had an Influent Al audience of High social standing it he preached the preaching that sme would have believe Only dated for the slums. Felix was Well he might be. He conducting himself in just the a that makes the judgment of Tod a terror. We would do Well if e would so preach that we should Trike with terror offenders in High laces. Terrifying preaching great 7 needed to Day. Indeed just Luch in our fashionable churches Here there Many a modern Felix in our Mission Halls. It True the error of Felix did not do him much Ood but it came near saving him and there Are Many Rich sinners and Lany poor sinners to Day whose Only Ope that they May be so terrified that they will forsake their sins and accept Christ. What a fool Felix was. In had seen the blackness of his sin e had seen the certainty and the Awil Lessof the judgment to which he hurrying he had been terrified and there was but one Wise thing too turn from sin and accept Christ and Only one time to do once Lut he waited for a convenient never came. It never does or those who wait for it. With Many now or never repent to Day or e lost eternally in a few Days All Bat Felix was thinking about was of he could make Money out of the Ian who had opened to him the Gate f heaven. / a writing in the heart. men and women add year to ear of patient and Loving service Here writes itself in their hearts and q their faces the language of a dim and eternal life. To the seeing be what Beauty there in the faces hat have been lined and wrinkled by roubles bravely borne by the Sorow Sof other lives shared and lighted by unconscious heroism and s. Merriam. The Law of Moses. The Law of Moses was in every Art tinged with mercy it stood for Liberty and it had for its ultimate Oal Freedom from ignorance a despotism Rev. C. Ross Baker. At 79 spells Down thirty. At big Stone Gap va., John w of seventy nine years old lather of 1 if nov Nigist a tired thirt5 i Rua ot., ii _ contestants in a spelling Bee at the summer Normal school exercises those retired included members of he faculty students and citizens a veil his Fon. Who sat Down of Lic cough spelling the word in Sinai lifted form. The novelist and Hii life formerly Fritzi Scheff Are learn the simple life in the Fox Bungalow guests of his parents. Senim reduces mortality. Or. Salamini the discovery of Hose serum and vaccine for the treatment of cholera has recently Een announced at Paris Calls attend onto the decreasing mortality in Tussia where the serum was injected to a Large number of critical cases be believes it certain therefore that f the serum were used in the Early tages of the disease the results could be More successful the serum been prepared a result of much Ork with formulas suggested by press Orson the Pasteur Institute. Trading Stamps outlawed. The Georgia legislature has out wed the use of trading Shamus. J rth crusade against drink Progress made by champions j fighting the rum Demon Missouri Brewers in Teai Ful plea. That prohibition sentiment has made itself Felt in Missouri demonstrated by the almost frantic efforts of the prominent Brewers of St. Louis to Stem the tide. Adolphus Busch has addressed a letter to the. People of the state in which after telling them of his great Confidence in their Good sense he hints that if he mistaken in them he will leave not Only the City but the state. I personally would deeply regret Leav j1ing St. Louis he wails because i love the City but of course if we Are forced to go we would not Only i move ourselves across the River but to every Point in the country Possi ble a conclusion that sounds if or. Busch had been taking too much j of his favorite beverage. to the reasons Why his business should be 1 conserved the big Brewer with that blindness to the larger interests of the race which characteristic of Saloon advocates everywhere says our Industry a perfectly legitimate one. It one of the greatest j 1 Revenue payers to the National state and City governments and one of the largest employers of labor therefore 1 a Viv of Irmah it not he mint ninth anal sustained if or. Busch really wants an answer to his question he might consult the records of the jails almshouses and Lunatic asylums throughout the country. If that does not satisfy him he can ask the Homes in the state of Missouri which liquor has practically destroyed. After that he might get Busy trying to explain How big revenues to the various taxing bodies can make amends for losses such have been indicated. Or. Busch real complaint of course the fear of himself and his associates losing Revenue if prohibition wins. The average Brewer interests in the people May usually be counted with a certain figure which has a definite re j com Lanpo to the letter i North. Western Christian advocate. Honor to whom Honor. The trying times through which Tennessee passing have brought to the surface not Only criminals murderers mobs rafters bribery liquor advocates and the like but flashes of the Noble and True Well. Three cases Are worthy of record. 1. One of the members of the lower House of the legislature has a son in the state prison. He was Given to understand that a Pardon for the son could be had if the father would vote against prohibition. They talked it Over and the son said employing the homely dialect of the mountains Pap you go and do your duty. Vote right and drive out the saloons so that other boys wih not be tempted and ruined i was. I will Bear my Burden and serve out my May Well be believed Pap voted 2. One of the state senators left the sessions of the legislature to visit his father who was sick. When he had spent a Day with him the sick Man said now you have done All you can for me. I can Only last a few Days longer. Go Back to you 1 place and help win the fight against 1 the son returned to Nash 1 Ville. And in the very midst of the hottest part of that fight the father died. In due course he was buried the son holding grimly to his place in the Senate not leaving even to attend the funeral. 3. Another state senator though seriously ill had himself carried 16 the Senate chamber and though unable to sit up All the time firmly cast his vote throughout a Long and elicit ing session for those measures which he thought morality and the Public conscience Demande Christian advocate Nashville Tenn. No near Beer for Mississippi. The supreme court of Mississippi where state prohibition went into effect january 1 last has lately t handed Down a decision to the effect that no beverage can be sold within the Borders of the state containing any percentage of alcohol whatever i this decision will help to shut out j something which has been the Means of rendering facial the enforcement of prohibition in parts of certain j other states. J the logic of it. 1 the liquor men Are too few to j legalize the liquor tem j Perance men too Good. When the churches pass resolutions that the liquor traffic can never be legalized without sin they Are just beating the air. Nobody legalizes the liquor f traffic. For the first time in All his j tory a thing done and nobody does t prohibition Board. New Jersey has a new Law providing for what known a Board of t protectors for inebriated. The Board � at Newfield composed of three 2 prohibitionists. They will Black list j habitual drunkards in the township 1 and will also prevent the Sale of f liquor to residents of dry towns who Are in the habit of coming to i Newfield for liquor. R no intoxicants on trains. E a Bill has passed the Iowa legis lature prohibiting drinking into i cants on trains. This ends the Sale of liquor in dining cars for con � sumption while on trains. Members 6 of train Crews axe Given Power to 3 eject offenders and Call upon local p officers to arrest them but May not make arrests. The regard. Last fall Ashtabula county Ohio j i voted dry and now new shipyards to a Cost one million dollars Are to be a established at Ashtabula. This in a Dusty will employ several thousand e men and there will not be a cordon w of saloons about the Plant to tempt the wages from the pocket of the i employees. . The Nebraska Stato journal the j l. Latest big daily to announce that it will accept no More liquor advertise j ments Temperance notes. C it will be remembered that a vote v of the people of Iceland was taken in september by order of the icelandic 1 parliament on the question to p whether the Sale of liquor should be h prohibited in the Island. By a majority vote of 14c4 the people de j Clarid for total prohibition. At a National convention of the j labor unions of Norway held some time ago a Strong Temperance plat v form was adopted but a Plank for total prohibition was rejected. This p however Only a temporary set Back. V " a to a child. Try Little one it a 80 hard to see thee toil through pain and disappoint ment Oft up life Steep Hill Tain would i smooth thy pathway Clear and free trom All that hinders see thee mount aloft not knowing ill. Jut i must stand aside and see thee choose Vith shut lips lest life prize of discipline be lost to thee. Doth god so yearn and Long his Power to use a or then sacrifice did but begin with Calvary. A a a. W. S. Rejoice in him. The sainted Fletcher in writing to i Friend said use no forced labor of raise a particular Frame nor tire ret and grow impatient if you have in in fort hut. Meef Elv to Quiesce. My confess yourself unworthy of it a prostrate in Humble submission before god and patiently wait for the Miles of perhaps while sitting in the Sanc uary or amid life pressing duties a ired tagged feeling steals Over the spirit. What shall we do get right still before god. Then breathe a prayer like unto this a r va11wijuru, x Telal we Unur 1u1uc, Auu Lulu it All mine. I wait before thee Lve me the bread that i need for this work whether it be to sit in humiliation and self abasement or in agony ind Travail of soul for others or i he Garden of temptation beset by Bowling demons or in holy quietness aging into thy blessed face or with be heart leaping Irth unutterable of i will accept it my portion Tor thine Honor and will go away rejoicing in having thus been i but better still look away from ill kinds of feeling to him who i by portion. If thy life All Given o him he dwells in thine heart rejoice in having him reigning with in and it matters not whether thou it thrilled with pleasurable Emo ions or Art passing through sever rial. The lord thy treasure and Hou canst rejoice continually in har. No him thine own. Brother when thou Art tempted Fca. Feel discouraged it because Tho v it looking too much at the take thine eyes off these and 1 t i Ai. Infix mein pm a bub Bucu Vij Byng win be made glad in the lord. Peter did lot begin to sink until he got his Eye off Jesus and went to looking of he Waves rolling about him. The rouble gets larger the longer Wook at it whatever May be the a dressing influences around thee keep. By mind stayed on the lord and1 he will keep thee in perfect peace Isaiah 26 3. Living water. What we cannot lose. In that great Day no Honor done to Christ on Earth shall be found to a vhf been forgotten. Not a single kind Vord or deed not a cup of cold water r a Box of ointment shall be omit tech from the record. Do we know Whai t to work for Christ if we Doi i it take courage and work on that greater encouragement can Wele Siretha we see Here we May be laughed at and Raldi ruled by the world. Our motive maybe misunderstood. Our conduct nay be misrepresented. Our Sacri ices for Christ Sake May b e called of time waste of Noney waste of strength. Let none f these things move . The Eye of 91m who sat in Simon House lib Bethany upon . He notes All we to and Well pleased. Let be steadfast unmovable always abound no in the work of the lord Foras Nuch we know mat our Muur u lot in vain in the lord. Bishop. Lyle. 3 character controls life. Our lives Are the strongest part of else the weakest. A Max knows the least of the influence of Lis own life. Life not Mere length f time but the web of character w consciously weave. Our thought imaginations purposes motives Ove will Are the under threads out words tone of voice looks acts Hab to Are the upper threads and the passing moment the shuttle Swift a ceaselessly relentless weaving Hose threads into a web and thai web life. It Woven not Only. By. Or wishing or willing but in i stably unavoidably Woven by what be Are moment by moment Houi after hour. What your life Wea Ngout it attractive because of he Power in it of his presence?.s, 3. Gordon in quiet talks on Power Christ in Yon. Life a period of witnessing. B it by omission by speech by silence whether you will or not Youir forever testifying. Hour by Houi of Are testifying sometimes much Nore loudly than by words either or or against your master.,to be firm for chri6t, when Ali he tide of opinion business pleasure uns the other Way you need a Cour which will never come to Yoff ept upon your Knees. If you Only Lave his spirit if his life flows into of if believing on and clinging to Lim you have inward pulses which keep time with his heart you Wilt tand in the evil Day you will who oils you will recommend the Gobiel you will live teaching and die witnessing. W. Alexander. Man frail. The truly virtuous do not easily Redit evil that told them of their neighbors for if others May do miss then May these also speak miss. Man frail and prone to Vil and therefore May soon fail in Ord Jeremy Taylor. Allurements. Difficulty abnegation martyrdom nov earn Are uie univ he heart of Man Rev. Charles f. Liked. Banker a suicide. Former president Herman f. Jahanf if the first National Bank of ,mich., committed suicide by hooting himself through the heart he Bank failed in june and the resident and other officers were to ave been tried on criminal charges. Maine double eggs. A Norway. Me., boy has a Hen that ays Many double yoked eggs but within a few Days the Hen went her revious record one better by drop Ingan egg within an egg. The outer hell and egg were perfect and inside Ras a smaller egg also perfect. # a my

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