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Abbeville Press and Banner (Newspaper) - October 13, 1909, Abbeville, South CarolinaThe Abbeville press Rajsl by w. W. & w. R. Bradley. Abbeville 8. C., wednesday october 13, 1909. Established 1844 Tillman s defense of general Gary. The speeches delivered by senator Tillma govenor Sheppard and judge a id Rich recently at Anderson Jive stirred up new interest in the scones of 1s7g. Whan the people Rose in their night and threw of the Yoke of radicalism. In order to throw additional Light upon those events we reproduce in to Days Issue the remarks of senator Tillman in the constitutional convention when an Effort was made to Call Saluda county by the name of Butler. We Are now laying the foundation for the truth of history besides the people always read will interest any remarks of senator Tillman. Senator Tillman spoke As follows allusions have been made to Butler and Gary linking their names together As the heroes of "76". I acknowledge that Butler did his full duty but he was not the Peerless Leader the other Man was and i assert Here from personal knowledge it a " "1 which won vjo.1 v o Xhuvi j Usu the Light for Anglo Saxon civilization in that trying period and redeemed the state from the Thra Dom Aud degradation in which it had sunk. Two startling incidents. Memory brings to mind two incidents of that memorable Campaign and i cannot refrain from relating them As they will feelingly illustrate the temper and Charae 1 Ter and services of the two men. who Are of enough will i remember that after the famous joint de 1 Bate with Chamberlain at Edgefield court House on the 12th of August in which that dirty carpet Bagger had been so badly worsted the troops were sent to Edge afield and a pretext was sought to declare martial Law. The Radical managers Felt that the wave of Liberty was sweeping them out to sea and that something must 1 be done to Stem the tide. Notice was sent out Ito negroes in Edgefield of a mass u2.u meeting to uen in at i ecu Vul umut Ilai would again attempt to speak under the Protection of troops and naturally Large number of coloured people were on hand the Day appointed. When Edgefield was United. Geu. Gary who was county chairman had organized Edgefield More thoroughly than has Ever been known in the history of any people. Every Man in it Able to ride a horse belonged to some company with regularly elected officers and Many of these companies had armed themselves with improved weapons and such was the state of feeling that Gary could at any time mobilize and concentrate a thousand red shirts in ten hours. Chamberlain however did not come. He was too cow ardly to risk it. The speakers who ventured into the lion s Den for Edgefield was As much in a state of revolution As Paris was in 1794, were two or three of the minor state officers including Jillson Nagel and Smalls. Gary had sent out orders for a Large number 01 Rea shirts to de 0111hand and upward of one thousand were in and about the Public Square when the hour for the Radical speaking to begin had arrived. The Eagle did not Peck at flies. It was decided that such game was unworthy the Eagle s talons but to show that the presence of troops had not cowed the spirit of Liberty in the Whites it was determined that red shirts in procession should March by the stand where the negroes were assembled and then disperse to their Homes. While the procession was forming Gen. Butler took it on himself to ride in Advance and pick out the line of March. He had a conference with a Scal Awag White Man who was acting As to marshal for the negroes and agreed that the procession should take a route through the Academy Grove upwards of one Hundred Yards from the stand. When the Bald Eagle at the head of his red shirt legions making a procession Over a mile in length reached the Edge of the Grove he was met by the Radical marshal and told of the agreement which Butler had made. In a voice which rang out so that the negroes and Whites could hear him he exclaimed get out of my Way you Damn White Puppy. This is Public property and i will ride on it where i and lie headed the column straight for the Academy passing within Twenty Yards of the stand about which the negroes were massed forcing some of them to move to keep from being run Over. Another incident gives even a More striking illustration of the claim i put forwarding behalf of my dead Friend that he deserves the Honor More than any other of redeeming the state. On the Day of election there were twelve companies of United states infantry in oui county. They had been sent there to Ove Awethe Whites and encourage the negro s to vote. Six of these companies had Bee distributed at various election precinct sin the county where the heaviest negro vote was usually cast. The other six were at Edgefield court House under command \. Of Gen. Kuger. The negroes in Large numbers probably 3,000, massed at the court House before Day the morning of election. Gary had anticipated this and the evening before the election about 80u picked men Over half of them from Saluda with their baggage wagons provisions and arms had taken Possession of the court House and masonic Hall and were in readiness to obey the orders of their chief whatever Thev Miert be. There was 110 sleep. The Camp fires gleamed out brightly for it was cold and drizzling rain and Oakley Hull the general s residence was like a military headquarter while fiddling and dancing were going on in the two buildings i have mentioned. It had been agreed Between Ruger and Gary that the Whites should vote at thebon in the court House while the negroes should vote at the school House another precinct one half mile away. A White company was detailed to watch the balloting at the latter place and All d Long the voting went on at both very rapidly at the court House and very slowly at the school House. Late in the evening Cain the mulatto county chairman finding that it would be impossible to vote his men at the schoolhouse determined to make a desperate move and try to capture the other Box. At the head of his Black Phalanx of 2,500 negroes armed with clubs and pistols he marched towards the Public Square. A Swift courier notified Gary that they were coming. He immediately ordered that the court House be packed Steps portico Sand All and so promptly and thoroughly was his order carried out that a Flea could not have crawled Between the men standing on the Steps. The upper window sin the masonic Hall in which the rifles and other arms had been placed were manned with sharpshooters and All the other men who could be spared were ordered to mount their horses and mass themselves on one Side of the Square. How Cain and his Black cohorts were met. When Cain and his negroes reached the head of the Street leading into the Square filling it completely seeing this preparation made to receive them they halted and a message was sent to Euger. Ruger left his quarters some two Hundred Yards on a Side Street and came towards the court House. Gary advanced to meet him. After the two had Salute with military punctilious Ness Gen. Ruger said general i am informed by the Republican county chairman that lie can t vote All his men at the other must make your men give Way and let these negroes get to the ballot Box. My orders Are to see that there Are no obstructions to the one was dressed in the Blue uniform of the United states army and had been sent to Edgefield by Grant. Theother had on prey coat of the Confederate brigadier and military boots. Al the crucial test of xe11ve. It was the crucial test of nerve. South Carolina s destiny Huny in the balance and glory saved her. The Bald Eagle straightened up his eyes gleaming and Clear and shrill for his voice always rang like a Silver Bell he exclaimed by god sir i la not do it. I will keep the compact i made with you this morning that Whites and negroes should vote at separate boxes and if you think your Blue coat can make Way for these negroes to vote again try there had been the stillness of death while these two confronted each other but when that voice rang out the Whites caught up the yell of Defiance and for several minutes pandemonium reigned. Ruger quietly turned on his heels and went Back to his quarters. The negroes slunk away Lika a dissolving Mist and in less time than i have taken to Tell it not one of them was to be seen. Concerning Hamburg. Allusion has been made to Butler s service at Hamburg and 1 know that those services were great. But the people were ready to act without his leadership. You All remember the despicable and cowardly Stab he aimed at me last summer with reference to the riot. For All his services to the state he has been amply rewarded and had he possessed a scintilla of genuine patriotism he would have died before a entered upon the role which he played since August 1894. We Are asked to name a county after this traitor. Will you disgrace yourselves by giving his name to the county but the Clouds will Roll by we Are told my when reason shall regain her Sway the prejudice As my colleague terms it against this Man will pass away. Editor j. Hemphill among those who were in attendance on the reunion last week was editor j. Hemphill. Major Hemphill met Many old friends some of whom he had not seen in thirty fears. His memory is Good and when his Many friends spoke to him he was Able to Call them by name. Major Hemphill made one of the Best talks to the veterans that we have heard in a Long time. His speech was listened to with closest attention. Or. Hemphill is not Only a writer of note he can make speeches As Well As write. When you want to hear something Worth listening to we advise you to pet the editor in chief of the news and courier. Bitten by his own Cowan Hackman no. 12 of Abbeville Public service went Home at a Clate hour one night last week to find that 1 a Strang dog had followed him Home. A lawyer owns a dog of the fire eating a uru Lian Oun variety a Man began at once \ to Chew up the strange dog. Cowan tried 1 to take his Bull dog Oft of the other dog r when his own dog turned on him biting his lacerating his leg severely. A people who keep such dogs should Post p a notice to that effect so that no inocent t person May come to harm through ignorance a of the i act that there is vicious animal h around. mrs. Lawton Robertson inherits t according to the last will and testament of the late Marion e. Mitchel who died at � his Home near Beurn last week mrs. Alorton Robertson of this City come in for j a share of the estate. The estate is valued at something Over n$50,00000. R the first item of the document requires that the executor collect All Money due to 1 the estate and convert All real and per s Sonal property into Cash. From this is first to be paid All debts of the deceased and the balance is to be divided into eight equal parts and paid Over to the wife of the Clec eared the live living children and the children of two deceased children. Heavy Taxon near Beer d Nashville oct. 8.it was announced Shere that the near Beer dealers Are liable n for a tax of is. 500 per year each the state o county and City each being entitled to $500 preparations were made by the state re b venue agent for Middle Tennessee to begin t at once the collection of this tax. Although the last legislature passed the Revenue act which included near Beer saloons the tax has never been collected. T frightful Fate averted. I i would have been a cripple for life. Roni a terrible Cut on my Nee Cap t writes Trank i Berry Kelliner minn., without Bucklen s Arnica valve which soon cured inf Al Lible for wounds cuts Aid bruises it \ s on cures Burun scalds old Koren boil skin eruptions. World s beef for piles. 25c. At Speed s drug at re. J women s woes. \ in Bevelle women lire finding Relief at last. Ind Many echoes from kidney ills. Kidneys cause More suffering than any other Organ of the body. Keep the kidneys Well and health is easily maintained. Head of a remedy for that helps and cures the kidneys and is endorsed by people in this locality. Or. V. Gril Riu 225 6 Zwygart St., Greenwood a. J., says i bad amp loins of kidney trouble for years. The complaint would generally Start with a Dull pain in the Small of my Back soon followed by a languid feeling add i was tired Aud worn 6ut nearly All the time. Was told that Joan s kidney pills were a Good remedy for such troubles Aud i procured a Box. I am now a great Deal better and have to hesitation in saying that r consider Down s kidney Pille to be an excellent remedy for kidney for Sale by All dealers. Price 50 conts. Foster Milburn co., Buffalo new York sole gems for the United state. Remember the Ake no other. 1 i 41 Courtesy Chicago record Herald letter from auditor West on closing dispensary j october 4th, 1909. Ear sir. As dispensary auditor it becomes my Lute under an act of the general Assemi y of 1908, to provide for the closing oath Elevera county dispensaries in this state Iid for the Sale of All stocks of liquors be rages fixtures and other propety belonging to the several dispensaries to Nake investigations As to the conduct of Hes dispensaries and to approve All claims Frains the dispensaries before same Are Aid. It is my Earnest desire to have hese dispensaries closed in strict the Law and in order to d so i hereby request that All persons having Aims against the county dispensary3oards shall report same to me before the 5 the Day of november 1909. I also desire hat any and All persons who know of any irregularities or wrong doings in the management of any dispensary to report s me o me in order that a thorough investigation of All such matters May be mad or or o november 15 that which time the busies must be closed. I am sending this request to All of the counties which have recently voted against the Sale of whiskey hat i May have the assistance of All Peron who May be in position to Aid in such letters yours respectfully w. B. Vest dispensary auditor. Dispensary Stock g0in6 fast. The Stock of whiskey left on hand is fasts tapering. Those who intend Tolay in a apply before the doors close had better of wait until nov. 13 the. It May turn it a Mother Hubbard Case. There will be nothing left on nov. 13 thut Odds and ends and there is a probability hat there will be nothing at All left. Money comm in Bunches o a. A. Coif Tholin of Treadwell n. Y., Low. His reason is Well Worth Readus for a Long time i suffered from Uluig Chiwu ii Pau Ler Vout esp and general debility he vriie3. I could t sleep Bando appetite nor ambition grew weaker everyday 111 spite of All medical used electric biters twelve bottles restored All my old time health Aud vigor. Now i can attend o business everyday. It s a infallible for St Mach liver kidneys blood and nerves. 50c. At Speed s drug store. Vlaj a Mokluk to your Iucker it. Call add see me at once As i Bave two deat 5ottane dear Public Square to do note of at a sacrifice. Three Sale of dwellings Bave recently been made id the City to new Comers idd Ibet Upp y ii running Sori. Cad sell Ruu a number of Paradt lots but unless you apply Early cannot fill Jour Bill Jov improved property. Not a vacant dwelling in the City ind the Supply is not equal to demands so you bad beet look alter the two cottages . E. . Kills fleas cures worst Case of Mange. By Alt Elmange cure. Not poisonous. Full line Liatses Doe remedies for Sale by the Schurra drug co. Why we Are stronger. The nah no orc Nurt Rumana Warp great admirers of health and strength their pictures and statuary made the Muscles of the men stand out like cords. As a matter of fact we have athlete Sand Strong fed on Fine strength making. Food such As Quaker would win in any contest with the old roman or greek champions. 2 j it s a matter of food. The finest food for making strength of Bone muscle and nerve is Fine Oatmeal. Quaker Oats is the Best because it is pure no husks or stems or Black specks. Farm ers wives Are finding that by feeding the farm hands plentifully on Quaker Oats they get the Best results in work my Economy. If you live in a hot Cli Nate buy Quaker Oats in hermetically sealed tins. It keeps Sweet and fresh. Rhe ilk 1 j1si Ifil full f Winil a letter. Cornelia ga., oct. 6,1909. Editors press Ana Banner dear sire.having1 seen account of or. Crawford s recent troubles and the accusations brought against him i very my desire you to publish the enclosed statement. I am certainly Story any trouble arose and i feel sure it is not or. Crawford s fault. I certainly want his name and rep i station cleared of All false reports. If i knew he would come Back Here i would not care whether South Carolina allowed him to practice Ever. I do not speak for myself alone but Forth people Here. Yours truly George w. Hill. For the Benefit of All concerned i wish to make the following statement in behalf of or. W. Crawford formerly of this place now of Donalds s. Or. Crawford came Here something Over live years ago from Western North Carolin and immediately secured a very l be and lucrative practice that continued to grow so Long As he stayed Here. He was successful beyond the anticipation of any one performing the Moat tedious difficult and skillful operations of the various kind known to the profession without a single fatality and he was equally As successful with his medical patients. When or. � Crawford first came Here my wife was very much in need of a serious abdominal a operation. But before it could be done he general health had to be built up which. Crawford did. He Only having come \ Here and this being a very serious opera Tion he asked me to carry my wife to Atlanta,ga., and have the most skillful surgeons of that place do the work. 1 did so � and expected her health to return this info Inri hrs Hmura Var Cha his Ranf cnmft1uuuu we us f Al v i a guv Usu Qew Lvuv better. About two years after this she was seized with convulsions and had As Many As fifty a Day. I with the balance of my a family lost All Hope of her living. In fact at one time i am confident she was dying All present thought the same when or. Crawford revived her by almost superhuman Effert and by his skill and faithfulness so assisted her to improve that in about three weeks he was Able to re perform the operation remove the cause and restore her to her former health. This is � Only one instance i mention there Are j Many others i could name. T to say we appreciate him is not express King to the fullest extent the truth. We consider him one of the Best physicians and surgeons anywhere and would be glad l to have Nim Back among us. He certainly had no trouble Here. He stood at the top 1 of his profession. To thoroughly satisfy 1anybody, if they will take the trouble to come Here in person they will easily and t out enough. I can Only say that in enjoin s. 6 1 lib Sci to Cefes shall the Shi Hir car Kew Kwi 8hto pm Price of Cotton too High. Lari the manufacturers association governors the favor curtailment sea Charlotte n. C., oct. 8.that the 0 present disparity Between tic e Price of the Otton and Cotton goods precludes the dec possibility of the successful operation f Southern Mills is the unanimous opinion f the Board of governors of the american aft Cotton manufacturers association which Sho Vas in session nearly All Day. Resolutions i vere adopted by the Board setting Forth Bis fact and appointing a committee five to formulate a curtailment agreement which every Mill in the South will be urged act o sign. The follow ring prominent Yea manufactures were named As the committee l. W. Parker Greenville s. A a a y. A. Erwin Durham n. A d. A. Lug Ompkins. Charlotten. e. , the Greenville 8. T. H. Jennie Pelity Ala. V. Charlotte was selected As the place for Sho 910 meeting of the association which will def e held the fourth tuesday in May. Atlanta attic hmong St. Louis Memphis and a half Ozen other cities extended invitation. Mt1 Nesli solid in five years ithe 10v. Ansel says the South is go the ing dry. " mat Roy n interview in new York he predicts the that the entire South will declare for the Iron Idison. / Edi new York oct. 11.according to Huju governor m. F. Ansel of South Carnida the South will stand solidly for 00 prohibition within the next five years. Pro be expressed an opinion to that effect be Oday. The governor in in the City to Sili attend the annual meeting of the Pri 3eorge Peabody educational fund. The it looks to me As if the South would the e solidly prohibition within the the next five years declared the governor. Prohibition is making tremendous be strides All through the South. In my Feri in state the cases where a thirsty con Nan can get a drink Are few and far Sou and then he proceeds to w0 Ell Bow prohibition bad gained afoot Ber old in the state and spread prior to pm August last. Fifteen additional counties went dry at the elections in that month a be continued and after november 15, Hun � a. 211 i a Alwy i Alexi u win be pubs Iuie in Gei a nun my id Only six counties of the slate and win heu Only through the medium of the 0fjounty Don governor Ansel d cussed other of the liquor question and conclude by saying that there is no doubt Roa that the prohibition movement has a Jome to slay and that it is making Anc steady such a Factor has it become throughout the South he stated that All political parties Are forced m of recognize the is be. A Dot Acta Pill Manzan the great file remedy is for any Meiland of piles for it can be applied directly to can be parts affected since it is put up in a tube for Vitta the Dozzle Atta Obed. By this Means to blog bleeding. Blind or in fact any Kidd f Pillep Oan be quickly and satisfactory re it Leved. Bold by 0. A. Milford & co. A s Prei Orrt Huyler s Candy fresh All the ulnar at Mil c., Ord s drug store. Pan list your real estate with id. Costs you 1,01 nothing unless a Sale is made. Robt. L. Link or pm Neulest by assisting the kidneys to pass 0 poisons from the system is a very Excel r ent remedy for Al 1 Kudo by trouble. They Are Taft ?8peclally Good in cases of backache urinary Etc. Sold by A. Milford it notice. Be Are sorry to hear that or. Aquila Orbison is going to move Back to his old me at St. George sometime in no Emir. H. Green would like to rent out farm to some Good Man so that Helid have More time to attend to his bus a which is of More importance to him it now. We Hope he Iii Nave Success undoing. Jowie Brothers have begun to prepare another big crop of Oats. This looks e farming he constantly doing so Mengon the farm and you will not have thimble about the Price of Cotton. Make Grything you and your beast want f to 0 on at Home and some to spare your fortunate neighbor. A bidge Bider. If or nrirrrnnoituiitait5i or 5iaitrain5 7ery0ne will be in Columbia nov. 1 to 6. 4 j events sorts of rates. / be forty first annual state fair to be to in Columbia november 1 to 6, promises be the Best in the Bostory of the South Ollna agricultural and mechanical Only Are the premiums uttered Ker than Ever before but the Ottie ers of organization have arranged a program t will bring hundreds of visitors from in by states. Of saturday november 6, the feature of closing Day will be the visit of Preslin Taft he will make a address at the r grounds to several thousand people and Erward will be taken through the City and in the principal Points of interest he Premium list issued some time ago is that a number of valuable prizes Are red for the Best display of farm was one of the features last in in which there was Lively Competition i Farmers throughout the state Are for information As to conditions for Entrance. Nother feature last year was the Bench in. There were so Many entries in this or tent that the society has decided increase the prizes and classes to be and Ted and a special Span of .11.imij, Jiuu inc i Usu Oiivia 111 me Cluj be lined with shows under the control the officers of the fair society. And t forget the Carolina Clemson football be on thursday. Of course All the Raili swill sell specially reduced tickets for visitors to the state the attend promises to be the largest on Recor. She was pleasantly surprised less h e. Bell. Wausau wis., write be i commenced to take Foley s kidney s 1 bad severe pains in my Back could sleep add was greatly troubled with first few doses of Foley s kidney s gave me Relief and two bottles cured the Quick recalls surprised me and honestly recommend A. Mall co. Is of interest to note the bleh standing of a them institution. Statistics have been pared that show thit the Jefferson Standliy reinsurance company of a Letb n. Is one or the strongest insurance comi Esin America and is stronger in propor1to its assets surplus and insurance rest ban any other company was at its age. Wingfi ii apr Fiir Are very eary 10 a Are gentle in action and produce a very chant effect. Whenever you need a Salve Pines Lve carb Ollied. There is nothing Ter for Cut. In Rah bolls or bruises. Sold d. A. Mil Ford � co. Have Call every Day for lands. What re you to offer Robt. 8. Link. Tie Mascot of the s Cinco cigars West pm. Personal paragraphs and news hens contributed by miss Lily Templeton. The ladies Bridge club enjoyed one of the most delightful meetings the club has t1had for some time Friday afternoon at % miss Mary l. Robertsons. After number of interesting games a delicious salad course was served. Miss nettle Russell will of the hostess at the next meeting. Or. Whitfield Cheatham has gone to Charleston where be will continue his " a studies this Winter. Is mrs. W. T. Mcfall and miss Fannie Harris attended the races in Anderson last week. They went Over to Anderson in an automobile. � v a miss Mav Beile Saunders was. The pretty guest of miss Elizabeth Norwood Friday and saturday. Miss Saunders came Oyer Tosee Borneo and my a. W. Bowden of Baltimore my. Has " been Here spending a few Days wet Jais sister mrs. W. D. Simpsonf cd miss Carelle Harvey of Charleston la expected in the City thursday for1 a week s 1 visit to her Friend . D. Brown. Or. E. Bamsey a Sophomore class at si-4 Erskine spent sunday herewith or. A. B. To Morse. 1 far. . Speer was in town monday on business. Or. And mrs. M. H. Wilson went to due. I West monday to attend the funeral Bel r3gs vices of eve. D. G. mrs. Lewis t. Bryant and her two handsome Little sons went to Elberton Satur -. and were the guests of mrs. A. 8. Of Hanes until monday. Mrs. W. P. Ferguson is at Home again after a pleasant stay at Lithia Springs near Atlanta. Bev. Or Parkinson of theological Semi $ nary due West preached on Sabbath morning at the presbyterian Church. Or. I Parkinson is a Fine speaker and his filled with help and Comfort. Or. George Cannon is Here from Atlanta spending a few Days with his Mother mrs. . \ mrs. Claude Jones is at Home again after a pleasant trip to Williams of Greenville tenn., is the handsome guest of her sister mrs. Robert Hunter. That of Mich i rerun a. " /--3 to or. W. G. Zinnerman is announced. The wedding to be solemnized Early Inu december. Mles Mary Stark is in Cheraw spending a while with her Friend miss May bled. Mrs. M. E. Mcintosh and mrs. Guy Mcintosh have been on a visit to mrs. V. D. Lee \ mrs. Fannie Thomson is in the City the guest of mrs. W. W. . Frank she rare Barney time. Bay Mckenzie or. Pettigrue Giber left tuesday for Arcadia fla., where they / will work this Winter. These soldiers of Fortune will spend the Winter in the land s of Flowers count thing pleasure and work or. W. E. Hill went to Atlanta Sci widay mrs. M. Gambrell was called to Williams Tonon account of the death of her brother-in4aw, or. Austin Clement. Or. Aaron Colun was in the City monday shaking hands with his friends. Bev. E. B. Kennedy came Home Friday from new York where he had been to attend the Celebration. Or. James Patton of Boston mass., Wasin the City monday the guest of Hon. And mrs. F. B. Gary. Board reports crop condition estimates Spring wheat Tittl at 211,141,111 bushels. Figures for com states. Average condition for United states � " 73.8 As against 77.8 october 1,1908 tobacco tl.5. Washington crop reporting Board of the department of agriculture to iday made Public the following estimates of crops on october 1, last Corn condition 73.8, As compared with 77.8 on the Sam Date last year Spring wheat Quality 90.5. As compared with 88.1 in 1908 Spring and Winter wheat combined average Quality 90.1, As compared with 89.4 last year Oats Quality 91.4, As compared with 81.4 a year v1 e indicated total production of Spring wheat is about 291,848,000 bushels against 226,694,000, the final estimate in 1908 of Spring and Winter wheat combined 724,768,000bushels, compared with 664,602,000 last year and of Oats about 983,618,000 bushels against-807,156,000 last year. Comparisons for Southern Corn state follows ten year oct 1. Oct. L oct. States 1909 1908 aver. Texas 50 82 72 Georgia .87 842 oklahoma46 73 74 v Kentucky. .82 75 80 Tennessee 74 8272 Alabama 73 83 79 North Carolina 77 82 81. Arkansas .64 79 76 Mississippi 67 81 75 Lousiana 84 81 78 \

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