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Abbeville Press and Banner (Newspaper) - November 17, 1909, Abbeville, South Carolina The Abbeville press and Banner by w. W. & w. R. Bradley. Abbeville 8. A. Wednesday november 17, 1909. Established 1844 1 s contributed Sood Man and reverent editor. Rev. S. A. Nettles editor of the Southern Christian advocate was in town last sunday and conducted worship in the methodist Church. Or. Nettles is one of the Best men in our acquaintance and we respect him for his reverence. The columns of his paper do not abound in flippant and irreverent use of the name of the father of us All. is just As reverent As the average Layman and he preaches the gospel of righteousness and truth from the highest standpoint. His reverence his character and his ability Are such As to enable him to impress All who hear him preach or read his paper. The earnestness and the piety of his nature is apparent to All. is so far remove from the irreverent use of the store name that he is in a different class from those who make a plaything of the name to the disgust of the finer and the better sentiment of the gentler and More reverent natures. never assumes to be chief clerk or business manager of the office of the holy one in his absence. We too frequently hear in Church More flippant and irreverent use of the name in one half hour on sunday morning than we hear on the streets in six months. No preacher or editor has a right to talk As if he thought me and god were intimate associates on the same level or were so chummy that he could disregard the command thou Shalt not take the name of the lord thy god in vain for the lord will not hold him guiltless that Tabeth his name in the preacher who in one hour s worship takes that name on his lips fifty or a Hundred time should be cited before a Church court and if he Lack signs of repentance he should be turned out of the Church and then turned Over to the town Council to suffer the usual pains and penalties that Are inflicted upon an honest and unpretentious inner who has never desecrated the holy Temple by irreverent use of the name in the presence of pure women and innocent children. We Are prepared for improper things occasionally on the streets i in a Rownin a n but i tile to Sivu us Givia Luiu Iii a devout people should not be offended by the act of a irreverent or Sac religious preacher. The carnival is Here. The Long looked for carnival is Here with its various shows and its High dives. We notice that some holier than thou towns have objected to these shows because of their moral tendency or other alleged Short coming. Some of our esteemed Brethren of the press too we believe have discovered that these shows take off More or less the towns which they visit. As to morals we assume that those who speak of the moral effect of a carnival do not speak of their own knowledge of either the men or the show. Many of the men Are no doubt about As Good As some of our citizens. We certainly know nothing about the carnivals but suppose they Are at least As Good As the average show where there Are no animals. As far As we have noticed or know they Are not especially objectionable and we. Are rather glad for our people to have a cheap entertainment. As to carrying off of Money these carnivals carry off a very Small part of the Money As compared with the Money that is thrown away and lost to the country by collections for alleged foreign missions but which Money is spent in Good salaries for favored men while travelling in Distant lands. It s rot dangerous. The Cannon which congressman Aiken secured from some of the Cannon Despai tientsin Washington and which has Iain on the ground in the Park for a Long time has been mounted on a pile of Brick with the muzzle pointing up the Street Down which or. W. A. Lanier comes when visiting the City. It is not aimed to him at All and would not Hgo off under any circumstances unless he refuses to give for a Hospital in Abbeville $10,Coo of the spaniard s bounteous gift. As we gave notice last week or. Lanier has Only to Send a sea Telegram to get a Fortune of $160,000. In Case he does not build the Hospital we expect him to provide a Home for old bachelors. Abbeville is not going to hold up or. Lanier. We shall always be glad to see Hira As Wall before As after he receives his Fortune. The Best bargains by the Best Man on Earth. Or. W. W. Edwards of due West has a heart As big As a Mountain and his Stock of goods Are in excess of description. You have to look through a Microscope to see the prices which Are marked Down to figures almost too Small to be seen by the naked Eye. has in Stock everything that men and boys May need from boy s sawed off breeches legs to men s overcoats. For the women he has All sorts of goods to ornament and to make More Beautiful the most Lovely of the creator s Best Handiwork. And for those who May need it he has the Best of upholstering goods including rats and hats of the greatest proportions and of world wide dimensions. can dress up anybody from Angels and divinities Down to Ordinary every Day plodding creature who wears bifurcated garments when the goods go a Little fast he just throws in a wedding present to the boy and the girl who do not expect to marry this year. And or. Edwards has no joined the Boycott either. Puzzling situation. It has been said that too Many lovers Puzzle a maid. And in like manner it May be said that too Many trains Puzzle an old Man. Before the change of schedule last sunday an old Man might by enquiry at m the station find out which train to go off in on but now where Are we ? when a Man now gets aboard a train at Abbeville he scarcely knows whether he is going to Columbia to Greenville to Anderson or to or. Hodges depot or simply coming Back. \ music due West has an elegant Audi of thorium in the Erskine College building the than which Are few better yet Enterprise Kiing citizens of that town have inaugurated or a plan for other people to build for them a us new auditorium otherwise called a music in Hall. The proposed auditorium or music a Hall is to Cost $10,000. Non residents Are the solicited to build it or to contribute largely be to it. The when Abbeville wanted an auditorium or we opera House the people levied a tax upon is themselves without asking other people to or build it for them or even to help build it. Re a Good Way for due West to get a new jjj1 music Hall would be to Levy a tax upon their own people or else Issue Bonds for the Pur 2 c i k. ,1. Of a nil Ducal ill 10 1/iic Nulf Vuu a Auto Pic and we have constructed All the Publio buildings that we have without asking any j0 body to give us a cent. Fil we Are now building a $20,000 school i House and we do not propose to ask any 8itts, clerk in the establishment added at they brought More than they were rth. Except Little matters the following the Sale Bill n Safe d. Poliakoff $ 35 50 11 top desk j. E. Jones. 12 00 it top desk r. R. Tolbert 6 50 Ater w. A. Calvert 9 75 t pipe or. S. G. Thomson 2 25 Topper pans s. F. Cromer 3 30i stove. County 4 75 Box r. S. Mccomb 2 50 Box or. Simpson 4 50 Box p. Rosenberg 3 10ling machine s. F. Cromer 4 00 rhe Stock of liquors had run Down con Erable before the Sale. The sales on sturday being Only $456. On the follow monday the last vestige of the liquors re gone at ten o clock the sales up to ii time amounting to Jiso. Fun rhe expense items have not been added t or. Jones said when everything was id up that something like $20,000 would Nain to be divided Between the county schools and the town of to each. And now we shall look to the Blind tigers give Strong drink unto him that is Idy to perish and wine unto those that of heavy and then we must it him drink and forget his poverty d remember his misery no ready the Blind Tiger is being charged the doing business in Abbeville and the Graceful acts of Law Breakers and the duct of their informers will be known All men. Ive must now look to Washington for if. Other Refuge have we none. I new Comer greek is to occupy the re room formerly occupied As the will open a restaurant where hunger May be satisfied while allow the stomach to continue to thirst for it which brings men victorious Over All ills of life. \ advantage of a Cotton Mill Why should the spinners of South Caroa import foreign Cotton we confess it the Wisdom of some men Are foollsh38to those who know nothing about in business and we have never made a Cess Ful Cotton Mill manager so Are not a Patent to give advice but we can Wonju Stathe times. Is this scribe sees it it matters Little Here the Cotton is grown the Mills have pay More for it than anybody else will a or they Don t get it. Rhe chief advantage of a Cotton Mill to a in is that All fhe Money to run it about 0,000, annually is brought from a disc and paid put to men and women in in. Children of poor folks Are not Al fed to work in South Carolina that Ney gets into circulation and does Good everybody. When self respecting poor men kick men out of the legislature who would Ike their children live in enforced Idle is the profit will be much greater. The poor have enough to contend with Hout being subjected to the cruelty Ich Northern into meddlers would list in the name of humanity. Blind est Man on Earth ought to see Ough this nothern trick against child or. I while it is True that children should not allowed to go into dangerous pursuits 8 a Little hard for the Ordinary Man to i any Justice in refusing healthful and flyable work to children. Beggars he whole country seems to be overrun a beggars of ail sorts the tid the lame or otherwise afflicted seekers of alms. L8 Long As begging is the most profitable Sines a Man can engage in it is fair to itsume that it will Ever be thus. Such cormorants should be de by the City authorities and the Seal condemnation should be placed upon cheating of Well meaning and who earn their Money honest beggar should be required to pay Jose even As honest men Are required to y for the privilege of earning a living at re. There should be no discrimination inst honest toil in favor of Paur Ismor vagrant ism. Ill beggars should be required to pay a Jose or should be arrested As vagrants ing off of the substance of others rhe Union times of lost week uttered be remarks which Are Worth consider during the John Robinson circus Here it week there was a fellow who sat by e Wayside he had lost a t. The stump was held up for the Parsby to see and at the same time the hat 16 held for a Little to help the poor unit Nateman. Now the times Man Els that he is no hard hearted Man he in claims to have a kind and . But we do not hesitate to a that the one foot hat extended fellow no a 4 via a w no Tuuu. J 11 Tuo in 01 e plenty of men with one foot or one rambo Are earning an honest living. The orld holds opportunities to even Thel aimed the Haft and the Blind. The poor gear at the close of the Day s business ent to one merchant wit Small change mounting to $14 and asked to be give Lis. No telling How much More he got hat was a big Day of itself. must Ive caught Many suckers. Mayor Mcmillan has done much for in but there is one matter which he is neglected and that is to instruct his lineman to put in the Ca Laboose Begir Sof Al degrees. A beggar should be int to the Chain gang. An Able bodied and energetic beggar we have been told averages about ten dollars a Day which is a Little Lens than the Union beggar s Success. A. Innocent and sympathetic people should b be protected from unconscionable robbers. Let the police lock them up. They Are g worse than the carnivals. It. Is to prevent accidents a the Elberton Star publishes an account of the death of the Brainy big hearted in and popular citizen William m. Mcintosh � who was run Over and killed by a Railroad train and then in the editorial column t there appeared an article which seemed e to us to be an Appeal to popular prejudice against the Railroad. L while All Good men must regret the g death of any Good Man through Accident or otherwise yet As Long As men Are accountable and responsible beings they should exercise proper care of themselves. If a Man lies Down on a Railroad or places Al himself in Range of the locomotive As it speeds along he must expect evil result. The engine has the right of away and there is no provision made for its sidestep of Ping. And All men know that a train can t1 not be stopped suddenly. 9j according to the published facts in the he Star we see no Good reason to excite m prejudice against the Railroad because of the lamentable Accident. ,. _ a 4k in a Good example Taft has been much in evidence in the no South for several weeks. Geart honors i were paid to him every where and he As far As we know has conducted himself Well. His speeches have been a objection i Able. We Admire Taft for his total abstinence from intoxicants More than for anything to else. But we do not see the propriety of asking the president to witness our drink leg Iulg. Y i disc an open question a in newspapers Are discus eing the acquittal of a negro Man who went to the House of another taking his be Crun along a scuffle ensued when the at inn was discharged hitting a woman in the Arm. The woman died. The old negro and not the surgeon doctor who Cut i off the Arm was indicted for murder and p was acquitted. The question of the Phy m Simian s responsibility for the death has Ai not been settled by the jury. � it seems that some Folk lie awake at night studying out Good schemes by which Good people May be relieved of their Money. As a Rule it is Well enough to let b fakers work out their own schemes while in you attend to your own business. The a Ker to his end of the line. Yon need not be a party to every Man s Little scheme. Is of 1 to we see that another pretty girl has been married. A Chromo is offered to the first i ugly girl that marries. To Why should the City Hall and the court House grounds be kept in darkness let 1 i w us not Nave Aaric Ness were most Sukul in needed. In / i the work of digging the Panama canal is half finished. This scribe Hopes to live Fri to see it h new York is quarrelling with the sugar refineries. Abbeville has just closed its Al dispensary. I " 01 they be got Small pox at fort Mill. Abbeville is trying to get religion. Go Rock Hill wants a county fair. Abbeville wants a Cotton Mill. It in d of late there has been a lot of unjust criticism of juries. Is 01 wedding in rhyme. How a judge of Maiben miss ties nuptial knot judge Norman Moore the rhyming Jur Riat now mayor of Maiben performed in verse the ceremony that made James Jav Vii and Bettie Johnson Man and wife. The exact words were j8. Jim will you take be without regret b to love and cherish until one of you perish c and is Laid under Sod a so help you god � d the bridegroom replied in the affirmative 0 then turning to the Bride judge Moore in said c bet will you take Jimj Jand cling to him both in and out. Through thick and thin holding him to your heart until death you do part Ujj the Bride blushed with a modest Bow of t consent and judge Moore dismissed them h As follows a through life s alternative Joy and strife t i now pronounce you Man and wife. Ego up life a rugged Hill. Until you both reach the level. And now Salute your Bride you big but trusty Devil. \ crosses of Honor for Veteran and 1 sons of veterans. � on Lee s birthday the 19th, of Jan. 1910, a crosses of Honor will be presented by a add Vuie chapter daughters or the confederacy to veterans Ana sons of veterans. F those wishing same will please make application at once so that their names May be authenticated and crosses obtained. Apply to mrs. Lucy or or. Jew. A. Templeton adj. Secession Camp. F Ethe Rosenberg mercantile co. Will save you Money on i bagging and ties or. King s new discovery skills the cough. Cure the a jews. I for misses Speed and Klug from Spartanburg a pleasant event of the Day was the pret afternoon party at which mrs. Chas. Thirby entertained in Honor of two attract St re Abbeville seniors attending Converse tit Oll Esre misses Jessie Speed and Margaret a Lugn. The artistic Home was Lovely in a decorations of ferns and vases of Chry in Mth mums. Progressive games were slaved in the Hall parlor and dining room the a the guests scores were kept on pretty Aujorie cards tied with Converse colors Urple and Gold. Mrs. Kirby was assisted the i entertaining by misses Eulalie Earle wind Eva Crews the fonder serving Tea in to be dining room from a Side table. After we be games a salad course followed by Dain an 7 sweets were served. Those who enjoy 0f 1 mrs. Kirby s always charming Hosp Erdity were misses Jessie Speed Margaret no lugh Janie Hamlin Bessie Gibson Maud 6r be Lancaster Kathleen Morrah Eva Tal news Eulalie Earle messes. Vernon to i a John Wright Horace Chapman Frank if ogers Allan Rogers a. Chrietzberg. the Debutante i Washington Herald a in springtime the Sweet girl graduate 9icupfes the Center of the stage and we All he w in submission. The fairest of the fair Jie eclipses Olleise and the laying aside her books begins a new Era in her life in month of june belongs to the brides Eitts again we yield All in paying court to manhood at the most auspicious time of in life. These two occasions create no 1 Ore flurry among the fair sex than does Loc e coming of Winter when the Debutante Bei Mes into the limelight. Thi soon the society Bud will be the Center of As i admiring throng. She approximates the e Bride As an attractive personage. She by is reached the Midway Point Between the Bei imme Cement Day and the altar. She of a sets out on her Conquest for social hotties in the feminine world Are As Busi coi iss pursuits to the masculine portion of Sui e population the there is no More interesting time in a of re 8 life than the period following her first Ere production to society. She looks Forward a round of pleasures such As have been Nied her while at school or Seminary e theatre receptions dinners teas Andin Cong parties All combined to add gaiety Toher Lew years of Freedom from school peonage and preceding the More serious is which Are certain to follow. The lies or me Nave not Deen Iaia on Ner boulders and the cares of a household Are 1 unrealized dream i the Butterfly of fashionable life is a Sii Lewell used. The Chrysalis of the school Lys becomes the Bud of the Winter Seari and the sight of the Multi coloured variegated Butterfly flitting tout in the sunlight is no greater source enjoyment from an artistic standpoint an the smile of the girlish face As she for it. E first time participates in life s pleas v/1 is. To her life is a Romance the fairy Tel incest of fiction seem almost real and Sal e Golden age of song and music and is not a bygone period but a present d. And tangible one. A1 us . U Ivi nay h01 Mug n Naumam do the people of the South realize the to agn etude of the annual Drift of Popula a an toward Canada r last year 60,000 persons crossed the m order line to establish permanent Homes the territory of the King. On an average it is Safe to estimate that Aitch Emigrant was Worth approximately Vil 00.in consequently the amount of Money p in tracked from the circulating medium to the United states by this exodus May j figured in round numbers at $60,000,000. A for the current year it is stated in off 11 Al circles that an even greater number of americans will Transfer allegiance to de Lai Ard Vii. Vil and most of the emigrants belong to id in sturdy scandinavian Stock. M now what does this mean for us n to be direct and explicit it Means that if e Are not putting Forth our Best efforts to Rac this enormous Drift southward we an sed to do so at once. Not Only the Mil cons of dollars but the Enterprise and Mii rift which belong to this sturdy element be uld be used to splendid advantage in the it gilding up of this Section. We seem to counter Little difficulty in enticing the " Ardes of the Mediterranean but some at a we fall to attract in sufficient numbers Opie energetic the even tempered the Lawai Dinand the Home Irving races which co ail from the North of Europe. One reason for this failure is due to the omnipresent negro pro diem. But the evil results of Contact and of petition with the Black race at the Nuth Are overestimated. T. And in View of the wonderful inducement which this Section of the country Ideal unsurpassed Utility of , churches bogey ought not to cast the Eldin vote. J. The marvelous resources of the South imply need exploitation. Let us bestir georgian. The i status of the Lien Law. To attorneys Grier and Park of Greenwood Ive this statement h by the act approved March 190fl Section d 59 was reported. The repealing act goes a Ito effect on the 1st Day of january 1910 w Lere fore after the 1910, no Lien for and 8j, ances under Section 3059 will be valid p the land lord s Lien for advances and the Borer s Lien for services in making the to Rop Are still in Force and Are not affected at y the repeal of the general Lien Law to the Law in relation to the mortgage of in rops however is not repeated Ana a ten 8a it has the same Power now to make a Anav la Neft . Uci to. And before the repeal of the Lien Law. The Only restriction on the mortgage of a crop i that provided for by Section 3095 of the ode which is that the mortgage must be Lade during the year in which the crops re grown and the lands upon which th6 rops Are grown shall be described and m mentioned in the mortgage. It is also a necessary in order to make a valid Mort Geof crops that the crops be described a the mortgage either in writing or Type writing. The printed form in general use heretofore is no longer sufficient to convey a by interest or right to the mortgage. While under the Law As it now stands a tenant cannot give a Lien on his crop except to his landlord he is still Able to give mortgage Over the same and with the. Exception of the preference which a Landara 8lien for advances May have he is i a about the same position to secure and at ances made to him by a merchant that at o we Honra a Neal of the Lien Law. P f anything the modes Operand has been Imp lifted for before the repeal of the t. Len Law a tenant could make both a Lien f1 Ida mortgage and this sometimes gave a ise to confusion in the enforcement of y he papers and the determination of Miniri Orty. By the simple Means of a Mort o age he is now Able to do exactly what he Ras Able to de before to secure his and a ances the Only difference being the form find the labourers Lien for advances which i merchant can always protect himself a & inst by obtaining a waiver from the landlord of his preference for Advance a cents made. The landlord need not i raise his Lien for rent but May simply m raise his Lien for advances. This will 0 Nake the merchant As secure As he Walinder the Lien Law provided he takes a06 mortgage Over the crop. A p n Iii ski pm q is the Only genuine Arnica Salve or Taft a total re we believe that president Taft s visit rough the country has exerted a very Rong influence in an unexpected direct and one upon Wycich we have not be n by comment in any of the does not drink alcoholic liquors a any form on any occasion. The fact Reain that be does not drink at All and is of itself exerts a Strong influence upon i who come in Contact with him. To at most if not All of the banquets that Al e president attended on his Long Tri u nes were served. The president did not ski Uch any of them and those who dined Yuth him Felt constrained to follow his sex aple. A Man dining with the president & the United states does not feel like tic inking wine if the president himself does a t drink. And Many a Man will feel aft a Ward that he might just As Well be a to Jei abstained himself. We have no idea would object if 3 friends should moderation of a we believe that the fact that a Nas set the example of total abstain Ance at so my places throughout the country Itla Tever his reasons for it May have been _ s done a great Deal of Good Fop the cause Temperance. It has done More Good than could have been accomplished a Yir. Taft had been of the Roosevelt Type ced had said to the people i Don t Dunk self and therefore you must not drink w Fli extinction of chinaberry tree. Phe Atlantic coast line has taken Steps a King to the extermination of the China Curry Trees. It has Lone been claimed that m 6 tree is a breeder of the White Fly and the government has taken a hand and " j experts have declared that the pest is a i to an alarming extent in the China Legal hours of Sale a following described land to wit rj1 that tract or parcel of land situate a no and being in Abbeville county the state aforesaid containing i of six and one fourth 56 of res More or less and bounded by0. Robinson Enoch Smith and act no. 2 and designated tract no. 1. Also All that other tract or parcel of 1id, situate lying and being in abbe Ulie county state aforesaid contain. It fifty eight and three ruths 58$ acres bounded b act no. 1, lands of l. O. Robinson d s. S. Mccurry and designated As it act no. 2. A Iso All that other tract or parcel of 3d situate lying and being in abbe re lie county state aforesaid contain be Twenty four 24 acres Are or less bounded by lands of l. At Robinson and Enoch Smith. 0f terms of Cash bal Tjce on a credit of twelve months be Fig red by Bond of purchaser and a pm-1 1 us Odo Gage or one premises Wim o pc us. Interest from Day of if pm becomes necessary to collect same by w it then ten per cent to be added Asj Torney s fee. Purchaser May have Ion of paying ail Cash. Or purchaser to pay for papers and re sol ring. R. E. Hill master a. C., 8. Blaster s Sale. Q he state of South Carolina _ county of Abbeville. Court of common pleas. Moore plaintiff against Janle jj1 Barrett defendant. D by authority of a decree of Sale by s e court of common pleas for abbe to lie county in said state made in a e above stated Case 1 will offer for tale at Public outcry at Abbeville c. Be 8. C., on Sale Day in december a. Ai. 1909, within the Legal hours of g a Noriko 10 re Tel in Iii Liiv Wing Tuuu a it All that tract or parcel of land 0i Tate lying and being in Abbeville p aunty in the state aforesaid con lining two 2 acres More or less id bounded by lands of Jim child Bomas Childs and Oliver Devlin Bethe Jot of land conveyed to the Idva Debarrett by j. G. Hamilton a terms of . Purchaser to by for papers. R. E. Hill n master a. C., s. Master s Sale. � Al he state of South Carolina of county of Abbeville. Court of common pleas. Esbe nine e. Dansby plaintiff against w. I. Napier and others by authority of a decree of Sale by in court of common pleas for Abbey county in said state made in the Ove stated Case i will offer for Sale n Public outcry at Abbeville c. H., 8. In snap slav in december. 6th1. A. 1909, within the Legal hours of Sale in following described Laud to wit 0i 11 that tract or parcel of land situate of ing and being in Abbeville county a Juthe state aforesaid containing 8t be Hundred and ninety remand one half 193 cres More or less and bounded by b Unter Bros Robert Mccombs John Aughman and others. Terms of Cash Bailee on a credit for twelve months be Redby Bond of the purchaser and a by mortgage of ,.said Bond j1 Bear interest at the rate of 8 per i0int. Per ,.and if the paid Mort b Ige has to be collected by foreclosure proceedings Thui ten per cent actor a fees to be added. Purchaser to pay Lor papers and re w ring. R. E. Hill master a. C., s. Of master s Sale. state of South Carolina county of Abbey Hie. Court of common pleas. B. Stark it Al plaintiff against h. V6. Anderson it Al defendants. By authority of a decree of Bale by in court of common pleas for Abseil Lecounts in said state made in in above stated Case i will offer for Ile at Public outcry at a Bellm a b. C., on Sale Day in december 1909, Witton the Lega hours of sate in following described land Tor wit ii that tract or parcel of land situate ing and being in Abbeville county the state aforesaid containing Ive 5 acres More or less to Etherith the buildings thereon and incited g one 12-5 horse Power Corliss engined a lot of other in Abbeville furniture factory plan bounded by lands of s. F. Cromer aboard railway co and others. Voided that no bid of less than for Tousand dollars will be entertained. Also at the same time and place will sell a lot of about 8,000 feet of St class Oak lumber suitable for the Tiu future of furniture. Terms of Bale one Balf Cash bal s ice on a credit of twelve months Sei Redby Bond of purchaser with a mortgage of the applies ily to the Plant proper which emacs the land buildings engine anther machinery. will be id for Cash. Purchaser to pay for papers and Jerding. R. E. Hill. Master a. C., s. _ 11 sheriff s sate. B. White & co. Against Bessie jul . By virtue of an execution to me diced in the above stated Case i will 11 to the highest bidder publicist Lon within the Legal hours of Sale / Abbeville on monday the 6th Day december a. D. 1909, All Tihe right be and interest of by vie m. Cade in s e following described property to t All that tract or parcel of land a aka trullo Pannett a sofa a in Nevi Vuu Uver j a vow. Vik Ruvii Irolina containing two Hundred and fifty nine and Oneal 259j acres More or less under by land for of j. E. Calhoun Este East by lands of r. Q. Jones est by Savannah River known As it of the Dubose Quarter land. Red to said land recorded in deed of no. 24, Page 567, clerk s office Axeville county South Carolina. Levied on and to be sold As the prompt of Bessie m. Cade to satisfy the Dre said execution and Cost . Jwj c. J. Lyon a sheriff Abbeville county. Sheriff s office Abbeville c. Ee., s. 11-8-09. Sheriff s Sale. Invert & Nickles against Toboc. Cosby execution of by virtue of executions o me dieted in the above stated cases i will ii to the highest bidder at Public action within the Legal hours of Sale. Abbeville on monday the 6th Day december a. D. 1900, All the right a and interest of Thos. Cosby in the allowing described property to wit ight 8 acres More or less bounded r lands of a. Hill & sons p. A. Oche the Street running parallel it the Southern Railroad Tabby won and others. V levied on and to be sold As the Propis of Thos. Cosby to satisfy the Afore executions and costs. . J. Lyon sheriff Abbeville county. Sheriffs office Abbeville c. H., 8.11-8 0jl executor Sale. By virtue of authority vested in me Ader the will of Nimrod c. Davis ceased i will sell to the highest bid rat Abbeville court House on Ile Day in december 1909, the folding described real estate to wit ii that tract or parcel of land Connin seventy 70 acres More or is situated in Donalds township id bounded by lands of William Higins James Williams and others. This land will be sold in two tracts thirty five acres More or Lees lats of same will be exhibited on to pay for papers. . T. Drummond " executor. State of w. T. Cowan deceased. Otice of settlement and application \ for final discharge. Take notice that on the 15lh Day of Decem r.1909,1 will Render a final account of y ild is and doings As administrator of the state of w. T. Cowan deceased. In the office judge of probate for Abbeville county at o clock a. A. Aud on the same Day will Payfor a final discharge from Tny Trust Zaich administrator. V All persons having demands against said Tate will present them Lor payment on or fore that Day proven and authenticated or forever barred. Manett l. Rice. Administrator. Estate of George Wallace or. Otice of settlement and application for final discharge. Take notice that on the 1st Day of december 09, 1 will Render a final account of my stings and do lugs As executor of the estate George Wallace jr., deceased in the office judge of probate for Abbeville county at o clock a. M., and on the same Day will api for a final discharge from my Trust As 10b executor. All persons having demands against present them for payment on or before that Day proven and authenticated or s forever barred. K. F. Stone executor. Notice to creditors. All persons having claims against the a Hlll furniture company Are hereby not Leto present and prove their claims Belore in undersigned at Bis office on or Belore the the Day of december next for adjustment. Y order of court. R. E. Hill nov. 10th, 1909. Meier a. Is. If Yea v 8dt to sell your real estate Flat Ltd me. . Link. Huyler s Candy fresh 11 the time at mild a drug store. Is

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