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Abbeville Press And Banner Newspaper Archives May 30 1888, Page 4

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Abbeville Press and Banner (Newspaper) - May 30, 1888, Abbeville, South CarolinaThe press and Banner. Abbeville . I wednesday May 30, 1888. The editor of the Abbeville press and Banner is pleased that he is alone id open opposition to the establishment of a separate agricultural ollege. Time he says will prove the correctness of Bla position that the agricultural ollege is not needed and that such a institution must be an utter and absolute what objection can our contemporary have to the establishment of the College if the formers of the state desire it they ought to be As capable of knowing whether they need such an institution As does brother. The obstacle of expense in its establishment has been partially removed if not entirely so by the bequest of or. Clemson. And if the Farmers want a col Lee for the Benefit of their children Hill or elsewhere for that matter to be maintained by the taxes paid into the state Treasury in great part by the Farmers themselves Why should the press and Banner interpose an objection or throw an obstacle in its Way the Farmers assembled in state convention As Well As in numberless club meetings throughout the state have asked the people of South Carolina to give them such a College and we Are heartily in favor of its Hill Herald. We think Weare not understood. We think the greatest objection to the agricultural Coll Gelies in the fact that it is on impractical which will certainly bring disaster. We care no More for the Money that will be wasted on that Enterprise than we do for the 914,000 which is thrown away on the military. Bat we do object to establishing a College which All experience has proven must be a delusion and which must cause the worthy youth of this country to fritter away one or More years of the Best part of their life. It takes concentrated Effort to succeed at any thing. The Farmers will of course succeed in establishing the agricultural College if any of or. Clemson s estate is left after the lawyers get done with it but suppose the College a established and endowed with sufficient Cap ital to give Captain Tillman and other leaders to the movement with Nice places in the faculty without any Cost to the tax payer the boy who would go to thu school would do n very foolish thing. It is the Wate of the boys time and the Nan w and contracted views which he must imbibe to which we object. A Hoy to us oozed ought to go to the front and be a Man among men rather than a Leader in a More circumscribed position. Suppose Calhou nand Mcduffie had gone to an agricultural College. They had an agriculture l institution in their own county and at their very doors. The Preu and Banner objects to the assigning of our Farmer s sons to second class colleges. In the Days gone by they stood at a t it their number came states Iuo a Uruu a men. Judges lawyers doctors Farmers. Shall Tate boys of to Day be practically denied the privilege of ailing these High places by energies and wasting the heyday of their lives at agricultural colleges we do not believe the sons of Abbeville Farmer would go to the agricultural College 11 established. They take front seats. The Pren and Banner opposes the agricultural College on the ground that some of the leaders in the movement May become tax eaters instead of if there i such a thing As tax eating going on who has a better right to such delicious food than the Wermers or the state 1.florence times. Oar neighbor and Friend does not under stand is. We object to the state making appropriations to support private College As our Friend would oppose a proposition to give Ersk no College 940,000 a year. The Clemson College la a private institution which the state has no right to support a Long As it denies Aid to other colleges which have just As Good claims on the people a have the Farmers. An agricultural College is based on an explode theory. An agricultural educate Oral institution has been an Experiment in Abbeville county for a Hundred years. Its doors Are closed. If the agricultural Annex at Colu Biais a fraud the agricultural College would seem to be a cheat. There is no Royal Road to either wealth or learning and the poor boy s lot is a hard one. But his prospects in life cannot be improved by sending him off to College to learn to dig ditches to grub roots or to plug Green of paying his Board at Colleg and tuition fees for scientific teachers in the Art of burning Brush and scattering stable manure the old Man or some of the neighbors can give the boy lessons and wages too. If the boy can get a literary education he will and the doors of half dozen colleges open to blk where he will be gladly Welcome with or without Money. If a school la established for Farmers Why not establish one for the Brick layers and one Tor the blacksmiths ? As a matter of fact we presume the press. And Banner is about As True a Friend to the Farmers As those who May assume to run on no other virtue than that of Bamboo Ling the Farmers by making them believe that some of their neighbors Are enemies to the human in a few instances. The Linton Enterprise. Prom the Lauren Tville Herald we learn that some of the citizens of Clinton Are inclined to reflect on colonel Crews for discontinuing the publication of a newspaper at that place from which Many of the business Bouses bad withdrawn their advertising. It May be remembered that the press and Banner said at the outlet that the publication of that newspaper would never be a paying business there was Only one thing for the publisher to do when the advertising was withdrawn. And that was to Stop its publication. The Enterprise was one of the very Best papers of the kind in the state but it could t live without support. If the citizens of Clinton would do As our friends at Greenwood have done they could have bad the paper still. When the publishers of the Greenwood a Yijune became con .4imjad that the paper was not sustaining Nomee was Given that the paper would Stop unless material Aid was Given. Parties interest Din the welfare of the town we believe immediately came to the Rescue by making no 160 a month in advertising. With an advertising patronage of 860 a month the Tribune will be published indefinitely. If Tao citizens of Clinton bad acted in this Way we presume there would now be no complain against colonel Crews on account of stopping the paper. It Wou a have been a paying investment and the paper under such conditions would have gone on forever. The salary of judge. Or. E. T. Slack House of Little Rock s. A write to the Marion Star referring to the exl Oess Lve salaries which we pay our judges and suggests that $1,000 be Cut off of from the salary of each. This would save 811,006 a year and would not cripple our Bench. We would get just a Good men As we now if those now on the Bench should refuse to be reelected under the reduced course no Law would effect the salary of those who Are in office. If the Able writer to the Marion Csisar a oui advocate the election of the Best men for of whether he was in of. Tic or would do a still Turt Lier service. The sentiment Onoe a judge always a judge in South Carolina Mua yield to Justice. Aftera Man Baa ceased to be Able to discharge the duties of judge he Baa no right to draw bit salary and he has no right to claim a judges Are unfit unable or incapacitated in any Way let them stand aside just As other officers do. The world or. Henry Clay Lueins of new York Well Bownas a first class newspaper Man Bas come to Charleston and is now in control of the Dally world. The world is a Good newspaper but is Little known in these Parte for the reason that no one Bas Ever been Here to press 1u claims although we have been asked about Charleston s new Dally. The world is an enterprising newspaper always readable and entertaining. Eight pages 17. V ii i. Ii pension Cheeks inconvenient. Col. Assmann clerk of court has several pension checks still in his hands for the payment of the april instalment for the Soldier Sand widows who have been granted pensions in this county. It would be More convenient for these parties if it was so arranged by the comptroller general that the clerks of court could pay the checks issued directly to these individuals instead of giving them the checks. They have within our knowledge been put to great inconvenience in having these Check dispatch. Clerk Zeigler or his assistant or. L. D. Conner and the pensioners of this county have been put to an incalculable amount of trouble because of the checks. Why not let the county treasurer pay them ? Greenville s big time. The rally ones have Given for the Greenville gala week the lowest rates Ever Given on such an of one cent a mile going and coming. The City is making great preparations and the week will be historic. Abbeville will be there in great numbers to swell the crowd of spectators. And to extend Good will and Good Wasbes for the Atlanta of South Carolina. The new Railroad from that City is being pushed toward Knoxville and when completed it will make Greenville seconding importance Only to the City of Charleston. We notice that the coloured democrats Are dying out in All parts of the state. We do not see exactly Why a dead negro s politics should be deemed of sufficient importance to publish his political Creed unless it be As a warning to other negroes not to join the democratic party. It seems now most of the democratic negroes Are dead. Thirty two years ago. We were in Laurens one night last week the guest of editor Crews of the Herald. Leaving Columbia at 1.40 p. M. We arrived at6.26 o clock going by Way of the Laurens Railroad. The Railroad from Newberry to Laurens has been greatly improved since we travelled overt in 1836. The farms along that Road show evidence of Thrift and Prosperity and the farms were pleasant to look upon. By far the pret tie8t town on the Road is Annton the Home 01 the Thorn Well orphanage and a Trade Centre where Active energetic business men Supply he wants of the surrounding a is to Laurens what Greenwood is to this is the highest Praise that we could give any town. Viewing the Tow from the cars we saw massive Brick and Concrete structures on the Public Square an Beautiful residences and Church Spires in Al directions. The Bank was a prominent the Railroad were immense piles of Small Rock in readiness to be put in a Large building. We have Long been impressed with the excellence and cheapness of Concrete Walls in localities where plenty of rocks May be easily had. Concrete Walls Are said to be equally us Strong As Brick wans Ana much More enduring than Walls made of cheap Brick. The Rock May be hauled with As 111tlecost As Brick and we presume the Concrete May be put in the Wall much cheaper than the Brick can be Laid. We have plenty of Small rocks hereabouts and we Woula like Tor some one to follow the example of Clinton and build a Bouse of Concrete Walla the town of Laurens shows every evidence of Prosperity. Great numbers of new elegant mansions to Many lots in Ever part of the town. The Public Square present san array of Beautiful fronts. The court House stands in the Centre somewhat after the fashion of Abbeville court the Centre. The railroads which Centre there or run by has Given the town a new lease of life and All its citizens have caught inspiration and the town has waited up from its sleep and prospers and grows apace. The effect of the railroads on the town has been As marked As the rejuvenating influence of Patent Medicine son the disease stricken life despairing Hope deserted citizen who survives to writing. Owing to the Peculiar circumstances Abbeville will watch the result with interest. Once for All. The clerk of court publishes state Menti in reference to Pentti onh. Enquirers after pensions answered the Best. I can in the Hope tha tall will see and realize that i cannot control the pension Board in Columbia any More than i can Boss the Man in the Moon in his work. Inquiries come to m frequently both orally Aud through the mails to this effect i Don t see mrs. A s and mrs. B s name among the list of Lucky pen stoners in the papers. Please Tell to How All i can Tell is this i have arranged every applicant s paper As directed by the pension act and Given to the widowed Apoll j cants in every instance my Hearty endorse ment of their claims and recommended pay ment without a single exception. How they discriminate i am just As unable to Tell As the pensioners themselves or any one else. I Nave always said that the widowed applicants of our county Are All destitute and should be cared for and also All destitute soldiers who have Losta limb or rendered unable to earn a living and i have acted in Good Faith according to that belief and rather than put die least hindrance to the consummation of this worthy purpose i would willingly have my tuxes doubled or even quadrupled out when the people undertake to hold me responsible for the Success or failure of the claimants As it appears after i have discharged my duty so fully in every Branch of that sacred Trust pay ing out at least one Hundred and fifty dollars to parties to do my office work that i might do this work the More effectually and going to Columbia mostly in that interest at my own expense that i might deliver the record sin person and take receipts that there could be no Chance of their getting misplaced to say nothing of postage used in sending and receiving Blanks before i could get them in shape yet i did it willingly and am still working on the same lice entirely disregard ultime or Money in behalf of the faithful and worthy heroes of the noblest and grandest cause though lost that patriots Ever fought and died for and then for Rome to intimate that probably i might have been a Little remiss it seems it Little like adding insult to injury and let me in closing say that Hope All entitled to this tribute from the state will get it but i do not know who will or who will not get it nor do i know the reasons of the Columbia Board for their decisions. Very respectfully to to May 18$sattention, Tourno ladies. Ail Opportunity for a year s tuition in the Winthrop training school. The following received by senator hem Bill explains itself dear sir there will be a competitive examination for women july 3rd, 1887, at each county court House in the state for scholarships in the a Lathrop training school for teachers under the provision of the act no.405.1887. The successful candidate will be entitle to a beneficiary scholars help for nine months and the state guarantees 8150.00 for school expenses. You Are requested As soon As possible to name three Good men who will serve As a Board of examiners and i will appoint them. Please give the notice of the examination All the publicity truly. James h. Rice supt. Of education s. senator Hemphill has named for this Board of examiners messes. Henry e. Bonner j. Macc Nikloi of that female College. The Abbeville Rifle. The military company at this place drilled on the Public Square last monday evening and a better looking company of men is not to be found anywhere. Belr drilling was excellent. The company so to speak moved As one Man. An election was Neld in the armory and the old officers were re elected except in the Case of lieutenant Lythgoe who is away from town filling the office of stenographer Tor the Augusta exposition. Captain Mcgowan has reason to be proud of his company and the company have reason to be proud of their Captain. The company consists of about thirty men. The officers Are As follows. Capt. W. Mcgowan was re elected Cap Tain of the company. I a. W. Smith first . H. Harris second . L. Douglass orderly sergeant. Mcd. Cater second sergeant. R. S. Link third sergeant s. J. Link. Fourth sergeant. A. M. Dupre fifth sergeant. J. L. Perrin Secretary and treasurer. Headquarters for canned goods. Just received fresh lot consisting of lobsters Mackerel Salmon oysters tripe Corn beef american and Ham Pine apples peaches porn strawberries and tomatoes. J. F. Miller. Try a Magnolia Ham. Fresh lot at j. F. Millar s. J or. Benet in Atlanta. Interesting report of his recent speech in that City. Atlanta Constitution. The lecture of Hon. W. Benet delivered at delve s opera House ia9t night for the Benefit of St. Luke s Church was a Brilliant Success. The audience was Good. The House should have been crowded. Seated on the stage were mayor Cooper major Livingston mems. Rev. Or. Chaney Rev. Or. Barrett and or. Donald Bain. The distinguished speaker was gracefully introduced by Rev. Or. Barrett. Or. Barrett stated that the orator was thoroughly equipped for the handling of his Bull and that a Rich treat would be Laid before the audience. When or. Benet stepped to the front of the stage he was greeted with Hearty . He is a handsome Man of about thirty five of medium height has dark hair heavy Lightbrown Mustache and easy bearing. He read his lecture and read it remarkably Well. He spoke about two hours holding the closest attention of his audience throughout with his wit Wisdom depth research instruction and magnificent rhetoric. The lecture May be described As a literary historical and intellectual feast garnished with wit satire Apt illustration and pure dec too. It was too elaborate for reproduction in a newspaper notice and even the striking feature presented below can give but a glimmering dear of its finish Beauty and Power As a whole. Or. Benet began by saying that he had never delivered a lecture. He had been startled to find that he was advertised to Delivera lecture. The word lecture was a did not intend to speak to the audience in the sense of lecturing them As Caudle had been lectured. This was the first time that be had Ever spoken in Public for Money and even now he was speaking for the Benefit of St. Luke s Church. John Bull and Jonathan was his subject. He would u6e the names As typical of England and America. Twenty years ago he came to thl country to study America. He liked it 60 Well that head concluded to remain. Before the late War Between the greatest civil War which Hud Ever been knew Little of America of the Topography of this country of her grand mountains and valleys and lakes. But since that War England had com to freely acknowledge the greatness of America. Edmund Burke one of England s greatest statesman with his far seeing prophetic Eye had predicted the greatness to which America would attain. He saw this greatness in his mind s Eye As far Back As 1872. Before the late War England s ignorance of America was dense. Alter thut War the tide of travel from England set Westward. Tourists travellers emigrants came Over to see the great new country and the speaker came with them. On a Village Green in the North of Scotland he has heard the great struggle Between the american Stales discussed. He Hud seen men get Black eyes and bloody noses in these discussions for Lee and of Grant in Scotland As Well is in America. He spoke of the Southern confederacy As that Short lived nation which arose so White and fair and fell so pure of crime which s Nti ment was greeted with tremendous and prolonged applause. The speaker said that be knew much ofo.i1 Fah manuf asunder two countries which god Hado ined together. Applause English people were not foreigners to America americans were not foreigners to had tried for Twenty years to and out if he was a foreigner in America and if he was had never been Able to and out. Applause he condemned in Strong language the practice of the majority of the English writers who have Given them impressions of America and american writers who have written about England As a Rule they had fallen into the Haltof magnifying local eccentricities into National faults and the sensational press was guilty of the same bad taste. Old Samuel Johnson had once Caid that Amer leans deserved Little less than hanging Lor their uncivilized ways and not Long ago an american editor had warned miss Chamberlain against marrying an engr Lynman because of the brutal manner in which englishmen treat their wives. Both worn wrong somebody had asked Mathew Arnold on his first visit to this country if he did not intend to write a Book on America. Arnold replied that his Brief tour afforded him but Steht Opportunity to study America and it would be an impertinence to write under the circum51fill c68. What a pity it is that Dickens Trollope find a Host of others did not take the same View. Alas that Arnold did not stick to his View and spare us his impression of he then showed How the average English writer on America cult sized everything he saw in a Way favourable to England and gave illustrations of How american a rotters on England English Silver Wendel Homes and Richard Grant White were exceptions to this Rule. They wrote of England in a genial and kindly English writers never failed to touch upon the negro question particularly in the presence or Southern people they knew nothing of the negro except what they had read i books while the knowledge of the Southern people on the subject had come from experience and common sense. Richard Grant White had paid that american women were than English women but that English women were More lovable than american women. This was delicate and dangerous ground. Doe thing was certain. In the contest the Olden Apple must be awarded to the women of the Southern states for All English speaking worn in they Are the fairest and loveliest applause.1john Bull and Jonathan wer Brothers. General Grant had said England and America Are natural allies and should always be the Best of the speaker then gave a graphic historical sketch of the Anglo Saxon race showing How begin Long to move Westward in the fifth Century it Nad swept everything before it and a length established its powering England. Its next move was upon America where the aborigines had fled before its Power. Monarchies May perish. Republics May pass the Anglo Saxon race will move on. Of ail inferior races the negro Lias been Able to see me angst Saxon Nice Anu live. He alone of inferior races has been Willingto accept the position to which and assigned him. Thus has he escape the doom of Tho inferior there can be no amalgamation of the Anglo Saxon and the negro. Pride of race will forever prevent it. The Anglo Saxon race unlike the latin races never intermarried with inferior races. America is now the Centre of the wealth and Commerce of English speaking people. It will one Day be the Centre of Power. The speaker closed by eloquently forecasting the future of Anglo Saxon race. The Day is coming when there will not be room in America for the Anglo Saxon. He will not move to the North nor to the tropical South. He will stick to the temperate zone As he has always done. He will Cross the Pac Lff to Chin and Japan. Though those nations struggle never so Well they will go Down before the Anglo Saxon in his grand Anarch Westward he Wil trample All races under his feet or put them ont of his Way and the Anglo Saxon race will in the end gird the Earth with its possessions As it 1c now girded with its applause if the Iron come Nail it Down. Aiken journal Anu next eau Muyo. Having promised brother Bacon of Edgefield to try and find out the prospects of the Early completion of the a c. G. & c. R. A on monday morning we hunted up some Railroad men about town cleaned the following facts and statements from 1 hem from or. 8chofleldwe Learned that the Iron had not arrived but he thought it bad been , perhaps to Lay half of the Road of Tenn Aik Enand Edgefield. He was also of the impression that an engine and some cars had been purchased for the Road. Or. Echo fled spoke of receiving letters from or. Potts posting him of his movement while in new York. The next Man we met was capt. Parker who is employed on the Road As overseer of hands. The Captain said be received a letter on saturday from or. Potts ordering him to commence at once putting the Road bed in condition for the Iron. The Captain expressed him Telf As feeling confident third the Iron was men in route for Aiken and he believed it to be in Charleston. "0 yes he said you can say everything is moving on nicely and As soon As the Iron arrives 11 will take no line to get Down the later in the Day we met a gentleman who informed us that he Nad just received a letter from or. Potts he must be a voluminous writer saying that he had not been Able to ship the Iron yet but he hoped to get it off by next wednesday which is is All we could find out about the Road and we publish it for what it is Worth. 5 Lead pencils for 5 cts.12 slate pencils for 5 cts 1 Blank Book 40 pages for 5 cts. 1 copy Book 40 pages for 5 cts. 1 quire note paper for cts. 1 package envelopes for 5 cts. I Cabinet 100 assorted hair pins for 5 Els. 1 four Hook cloths rack for 5 cts. 1 Large Box blacking for 5 cts. 1 spool Good silk for 5 cts.6 spool silk twist for 5 cts. Straw hats for 8 cts. A piece at e. A. Ten -1 Pleton. Tf1 i. The presbyterian general Assembly. Another letter from a. Lindsay. Philadelphia May 23, 1888. Editor press and Banner i have seen so much und thought so much and Felt so much and eaten so Mueh since i wrote my last letter that it seems As if one of the geological Ages must have intervened. I Don t know where i stopped and of course i will not be Able to hitch on this letter by any link of connection with the previous on e. The Southern general Assembly left Baltimore at one o clock to Day under charge of the Oom Mattees of the two assemblies and arrive safely in this City this evening. To stopped at Over Oak a suburb of Philadelphia and after walking about a mile we entered the premises of or. Wistar Morris a Man of wealth and As i was informed Quaker and there we met the Northern Assembly in full Force and president Cleveland and mrs. Cleveland. The president and his wife stood in the front Piazza and he made a Short address that was very pleasing to the presbyterians and our Moderator prayed an the whole crowd Sang the Long meter doxology and some went to shaking hands with the presidential cart. And others adjourned to it tent near by in the spacious grounds where a most sumptuous repast was spread and to which hungry men did ample Justice. Such an entertainment is indeed a rarity Reightor nine Hundred men fed with the riches viands in most profuse abundance by one person is not a common occurrence. This Man our Host amassed a Large Fortune is a leading Man among the friends both he and his wife preaching at their meetings. Their daughter married 11 or. Woods a presbyterian minister and this accounts for their warm Side toward presbyterians. Or. And mrs. Cleveland went through the ordeal of shaking hands with the two of our Assembly ladles a former citizen of Abbeville mrs. Neal of Farmersville va., formerly miss Annie Latimer stood by mrs. Cleveland through Thelong and tedious service. I stood near by an looked closely for a Good while at the couple. His lace was grave and dignified tie seemed fatigued and overworked As one who had wrested with great problems. But she was cheerful and Loyous As a wife should be. I was surprised at her ability to keep up. Without flagging that pleased expression of smile never went away from her face through the whole performance. Found or. Woods and gave bin my name and asked him to introduce me to or. And mrs. Morris they wore the Plain homely Uruci guru i ice Roiti Sci j Ulutu ii Baodu with the interview and i regretted that the other members neglected to pay their respects to our Host and hostess. Walking Back to the station about six o clock to were soon brought into the City and distributed to the several hotels. About fifty members of the Assembly Are staying at the hotel where i am lodged. Our Railroad fare hotel Bills and All our expenses since leaving Baltimore Are paid by the Philadelphia people. Thoy have treated us with a remarkable and delicate hospitality. To night at the Academy of Fine arts we were treated to a reception. Thousands of people gathered in the various rooms viewed the paintings and sculpture listened to band of music heard speeches from several speakers and looked upon and Shook hands with or. And mrs. Cleveland whose arms i know must yet ache at what they have passed through to Day. The weather has not been propitious to Day a cold East rain has been the Feu tire but fortunately while we were at the Homestead of or. Morris the Clouds stayed their weeping though they Hung Over us Turkily and threaten Ingall through the afternoon. Tiie rain at night did t keep away the crowd from the Academy of Fine arts. This reception was Given by the presbyterians of this City to the members of the two assemblies and there were said to be Over 12,000 people present All of whom jmj emed to enjoy themselves very greatly Rne president in 10 go Duck 10 v Asnin Tonto Morrow morning while mrs. Clevelan will rerun la through the Centennial Celebration. May 24.the East rain is still on hand this morning and it is not Likely that the nun will give the presbyterians hug smiles to Day. On this Day the general Asseran Lyslof the presbyterian Church of the United states of America As the Northern Branch of the Church is called and the general Assembly of the presbyterian Church in the United states by which the Southern Wing is designated Are to meet in commemoration of the Centennial of american presbyterian ism. The general Assembly was first organized in this City on the 24thof May 1783. At that time the whole presbyterian Church in the United states consisted or 400 churches 200 ministers 16 presbyteries and 4 synods. There were in the first Assembly 23 ministers and 11 elders. Or. Rodgers of new York City was the first Moderator and or. of Princeton College and one or the signers of the declaration of Independence preached the opening Sermon while this was the first Assembly there bad been presbyterians in this country More than a Hundred years earlier. The first presbyterian Church in America was at Jamaica Long Island in 1662. There had been a schism of Long standing in the presbyterian Church accompanied with the usual bitter feeling which War fortunately healed by the organization of the first Assembly. Foolish division shave Ever been a characteristic of presbyterians. About the Only apology i can offer for it is that they have More to fight about than other denominations. A butchers convention is to open Here to Day. They operate on the dumb animals but wet Krnc Holer Mim Wuria us Yuwu umm u i Luna of u and the committee resolved to raise funds sufficient to defray the expense. Adjourned to meet at 10.30 Sale Day. Rev. J. Y. Jones will preach at Bell s 1 Chapel sunday. 1 " _ Lively talk it nicely Sli. Ninety six s. C., May 22,18s8. Miss Lillian Maxwell of our town was mar. Red on the 15th instant at the residence of her brother in Law or. A. J. Quattlebaum to or. A. J. Deas jr., of Augusta a. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. W. in the presence of a few immediate Friend. The attendants were or. Edward Deas and miss Lulu Maxwell or. J. R. Littleton and miss Anna Walker or. Thomas Cal Houn and miss Mamie Littleton or. J. A. Calhoun and miss Malta head or. Jas. Quattlebaum and miss Mollie head or. W. J. Miller and miss Emma Nicholson. The bridal couple left the same Day for Augusta. " or. Roland Calhonn of Greenwood was in our town last week for a few Days on business. I mrs. W. J. Gayer of Charleston is Here i called to attend the funeral of her father or. Lark in g. Carter who died very suddenly at. His residence near ninety six on the 17th list aged about eighty years. Or. Carter was a very old Man and leaves a heritage to his children that they should be proud e of honesty and purity of heart. Blessed Are the pure in heart for they shall see . Geo. Probst has rented mrs. Quarles s House and lot and will establish a Stock farm at or near ninety six. Or. Probst is very fond of and a Fine judge of Stock and we hone he will succeed. _. Don t forget the entertainment Esmar Nida on thai night of the first of june. The proceeds Are to be used in improving the school building. General Hemphill passed Down to the convention the other Day look lug finer fatter and happier than we have seen him for Many Aday. The general is acquaintance with the Farmers needs and will look after them. Or. W. H. Frazier has sold to parties in Mulber Rya Fine Young registered Jersey Bull son of his Premium cow fran Isle. At a recent game of base Ball Tommie son of l. M. Moore had his a bolder dislocated. Or. Julian was present and soon set him All right. The recent Rains have raised the creeks and a Good Deal of Bottom land is submerged. Cur state convention sat Down on the primary plan of nominated state officers. Old Abbeville however plumbed the track Andis generally found on the right Side. We that the people have As much right to nominate state officers As county officers and whenever they Are directly heard from you will find that they think that Way. It seems to us that according to the terms of or. Clemson s will that the state is Likely to go into partnership with somebody. Now can the state accept the proposition of the will without subordinating itself to the trustees of said estate ? we think a direct be better and let the state ave nothing to do with its management. No partnership arrangement will give Satis faction. Saoi v. Ninety six 8. C., May 29, 1888. A Small show in town last Friday and saturday nights revived things somewhat. Capt. has had a slight attack Offar Alisyn but we Are glad to say be is Mpr Ovnand will soon be out . W. B. Merri wether has shown us a Cotton stalk ten inches High with squares on it but we have found out since that it was of partial Winter growth in a protected manure pile. The oat crop is poor and very much blown about by the recent High winds accompanied by rain. Or. John Watson who has been confined to his room for some time is out again to the Joy of his Many friends. Or. James Rogers jr., has recently sold to col. We. Johnson and c. P. Roberts each a Tine pair of English pedigreed Berkshire pies. Or. Thomas Lane of Newberry is in the neighbourhood buying lambs and Beeves he buys none but the Best. Or. W. H. Whitlook and daughter of new Market were in town last week visiting friends. I the Rev. Or. Grier of due West will address the joint sunday schools at the presbyterian Church in this place on the fifth sunday in the Rev. W. P. Meadors preached a Dis j course on last sunday evening on Christian education and we wish every Parent in the surrounding country could have heard it. It would have done them Good an Well As the Little ones that Are growing up in nearly every household. Or. And miss Hackett of pc Nix were in town last Sabbath and worshipped at the presbyterian Church. We congratulate you or. Editor upon being elected one of the vice presidents or the Temperance organization recently in session Stcolumbia. Or. R. L. Blake has gone to Lanford on the Augusta and Knoxville Railroad to take positions Telegraph operator. Mrs. W. L. Anderson jr., has been on a visit to St. Georges has returned. Miss Bessie Hill of Greenwood was in town last sunday. We Are glad to see that col. Cothran has covered himself with glory at the Philadelphia Centennial. The entertainment on the night of the 1st of june will be held in Seignous Hall South Cambridge Street. It will be for the Benefit of the school and everybody will be Ontl Mill Harp 4 Liuio Paiua a a u Vul. Dared. The commencement exercises of the ninety six High school will be As follows recitations dialogues essays and original speeches by the pupils on the evening of the l6th and 7th Friday june the 8th at 11 o clock there will be an address by the Hon. W. Benet before the pupils and patrons of the school. There will also be a picnic on Friday to which the Public Are respectfully invited to come and bring their Basket of course All the candidates Are expected to be present and an of i port Unity will be granted them to speak on the Sun Lect of education. We Hope general � 1 asps Aviv of. News from Greenwood. Tail mar kaolin colleges preacher and other thing. Greenwood s. C., May 29, 1888. Arthur love one of Jol lest comm Deans Sver in our midst returned to our City and Bis excellent company save a repetition f his laughable play. The Hoosier doctor n Durst opera House monday evening. May Mth. The company and play met with a Learty Recap ton by our citizens and the Good impressions made the company was Emp a led by their returned engagement. It 1h the Vlash of our people that or. And mrs. Love vill visit us often. The commencement exercises of on colleges will begin june 11th and continue until he 14th. On monday evening the Lluli there will be a Debute at the male College. Tuesday evening the 12th calisthenic Panto Ninean fan Drill at female College. Wednesday evening the 18th music and relation female College. Thursday at 10 30, a. M. W. ,3sq., will deliver an address at the femal College and thursday evening there will be Mother debate at the Maie College a nigh Hlll close the exercises for this term. The elite of our City Are getting up a picnic excursion to the Sulphur Springs of cokes Ury for next thursday. We know it will be l Success for our Young people never undertake anything but what it is attended with iucce3s. Or. George Collin the Jolly commercial Jurist presented the Greenwood club with a Tery handsome picture. The original from which this duplicate was taken hangs in the Argent museum of new York and is valued at�80.000. Greenwood can boast of the Best organized club with the handsomest club room of Iny City in the state. The furniture is exlus Isle and its rules Are As strict As the most rigid Laws of our state. Miss Bessie Hill spent a portion of last week n ninety six where she has Many friends my relatives. Or. E. G. Mccants spent last sunday at his lome at beg brother Vaucluse to please give As a rest of Rev. J. Lowry Wilson of Abbeville has accepted an invitation to preach commencement Sermon in the methodist Church at this lace on sunday june 10th. Or. Wilson is Nell known in Greenwood and no better Hole could have been made. Or. W. B. Bell returned from Arkansas on ast saturday where be bail gone to attend to iome important business for the inter state copy Long co., of Indiana. Mrs. J. K. Durst returned from the electric Mound on lost saturday looking exceedingly Well. There must be some virtue in the Power of cure at this Well when mrs. Durst left Here she was not Able to walk alone and y candidates on the 2nd Juno at Morton s nulls. Committee of . T. W. Morton w. H. Coxe k. J. Warren and j. A. U Inaz. Or. G. W. Collins will introduce the speak Irwin Hla usual felicitous style. The picnic is Given by and under the quip Lesof the Smithville school which in aught by that Princeola Good teachers doctor Rohn Morrow formerly of West Virginia now f Verdery. Abbeville s most distinguished Acher was or. Waddell and 8mlthville has a worthy successor in or. Morrow. " messes. Graydon Moore Lites and professor Hodges and Mccants Are expected to Bej resent. All the candidates will be Welcome. Or. T. W. Morton the Young lord of the Nanor will give the Young people the pleasure of a dance in his splendid Mill. The Beauty and chivalry of Verdery Greenwood and other towns and the surrounding country will be present. The editor of the Preu and Banner is . Youdka America of Smith tile own shop would like to Send him to the . Long Cane 1b Over the Bottoms. Some of he Farmers will replant. Mrs. W. O. Cromer has been appointed by alumnae association of the Willianston Fenale College essayist at the approaching reunion of the alumnae to be held on 21st june. Roland. Or Bate court matters. Judge Lyon has been busily engaged Durn the past week. Letters of administration have been Grant to w. H. Daniel for the estate of Nancy peer to s. B. Whateley for the estate of k. I. Whateley will of or. James h. Mccrery deceased proved Aud mrs. S. T. Mccrery Qutul Ildas executrix Aud Captain r. J. Robinton till qualify As executor in a few Days. The judgment of this court in the matter of he Dower of mrs. E. A. Callaham has been 11 Jna i Lan at Aman ant. Moo a 111c Publ Luil u1 of a % a Nassed with costs to defendants. We expect o publish the decree in this Case next week. T is an interesting Case not Only to the Parie litigant but to the Public generally. Ani peal has been taken to the circuit court byte demand ant who is represented by & Cothran. The defendants Are presented by messes. Benet & Cason. A decree fixing the principles of Law for the Lettler ent of the estates of James Gordon deceased mrs. M. J. Gordon deceased and Vars. Georgia Gordon Miller and of w. Joel Smith As executor and go Ardlan has been full Maud accounts stated. The time allowed for appeals has not expired in the latter Case. Phoenix s. C., May 22,1s88. We Are having a cold North East rain. Messes. Hilton Hackett and Adams Are Donga line business in the lumber line. They have a Large lot of Fine lumber on band. Miss Mamie Blake s sprained ankle is . Or. Pierce Holloway is clerking for or. J. H. Gaines. Pierce is u Nice fellow and makes i Good Salesman. Or. G. P. Chipley will open a Large Milliner establishment Here soon. The Sweet fragrance of Orange blossoms is rafted to us on the soft Spring Breeze and we �. I i i r Iani to of in Porto i n Marc mud in did thu i Ouw us. Future we detect the indistinct tinkling of a coaching wedding Bells. The school at this place is progressing Andrews has made an average of0, and Harry Watson us. We congratulate Rou boys. Or. Editor when a Young lady in her reply of request to cull from a Young Man Bays Bat she will be glad to see him if she is at lome what is he to do or. J. L. Hunter will begin the publication f a newspaper at Brooksville soon. Hubof Cewill be Over one of the new stores. Miss Claude Townes who has been spending lome time in Florida is visiting her sister Urs. S. P. Brooks. There will be a wedding in this neighbor Roodin Lei s than a month and your Corres Onden received an invitation to Duy. Several of our Young ladies attended the picnic at it. Moriah last saturday,.Way they lad a splendid time and All on account or Jeome Rev. J. S. Jordan will be absent some time malting relatives in Maine. Or. D. H. Mayes one of our Best Young men Las gone to Kansas where he is in a Fine . Une Gnu renin Lauren Shiue Herald. The Atlanta journal says that it is reported hat a movement is on foot to defeat senator Colquitt and that already a distinguished Cit zen of Georgia has been agreed on As the of to this the yews and courier adds there s really no reason for alarm. Senator Collu Ittis a rather hard Man to defeat judging a the Way in which he handled the recent convention in Georgia and it is presumed hat he and his friends Are not senator Colquitt is an Able Man intellectually and As a senator and otherwise a red it to his state. But we hardly think it Ery complimentary to the recent Conven Ion in Georgia to speak of the Way it was handled by the Junior senator. Male con eur tons of late Are not above suspicion it s True but we Are not willing to believe that senator Colquitt or any other Man or dozen Aen could Load or did Lead the recent coned Ionin Georgia about by the ears. Hut in is talking about when it Speaks of handling a convention. It knows us much bout such manipulation doubtless. As any ther journal this bide the there arc live newspapers in Abbell Mccoun two at the court House one it Greenwood be at Mccormick and one at Lownds Sallie and there Are eighteen or Twenty candidates t it for Ottlo already Anil Huv been announce t d in each paper. Wise candidates know 1 unt they cannot afford to slight a local paper � Rindin so they will slight that Community and in doing that they will be left in the cold. J. Matthews silk stator t Tiik new York store in Greenwood is the sensation of the Day. Customers come to it t pm the four Quai tire of the Earth. T to 1 do judges come to the Rescue of murders ? a the prese and Bonner replies t he Columbia record. Last week we wrote an Deltoral tit which we intended to commend the action of judge Kershaw in refusing bail to a White Man woo Hud killed a negro. It was the first instance r of the kind of which we remembered where Atman for a similar offence had been Pat to much More inconvenience than that of employing a lawyer to go with him to a judge for Ball and afterwards attending court where the jury might promptly acquit him of All guilt or blame in the matter and we thought judge Kershaw s action highly corny bendable. Ilind you we did not say that no White Man has been punished for killing a negro but we do say that we have no recollection of any such fact of Ming to oar neighbor the Columbia record copied what we said and commented on our article. As we understand the Reata a that paper in aiming at exactly the rame object for which the Preu and Banner is Only difference being thai the record adopts one method and i be Preu and banna1 takes another route. The record deals in generalities and never once attempts to show exactly where the Preu and Banner is wrong. The record says it is a common thing for those whom we Call the Public to form an Ophalon of a Case As the Case in first Given in the new spa. Pers and to be very much astounded to find that a jury acting under the Sanction of an oath take a Dlf Lerent View. The jury men act under a responsibility. Their critics unfortunately Are responsible to this talk about the Public being inferior to jurors is somewhat autly rated. The juries Are presumably taken from among the people and Thoi e of our citizens who May attend court and be As Well informed or the facts As the jurors themselves May forma reasonably Correct opinion. Because a jurors under oath is no reason or excuse for bin. Returning a verdict contrary to the Katf and the record talk of juries doing their duty and the Lack of evidence to convict a Ftp go Lor nothing if a jury commission can draw a jury for the purpose of rendering a particular verdict. The record says we Aro sure that every one of our judges has Tuku pains to hold the Scales of Justice a in even poise and at every stage of any Judi Cla proceeding to ignore every distinction Between men on account of race color or stationing a. We would not gainsay one word of that agree with every word of it and would go further and say that each and every on of the judges stands the peer of any Man in any stale. But for All that there seems to be evidence that different judges take different views of the enormity of crime. Our neighbor no doubt remembers that the Railroad trains about Greenville were robbed a year or two ago. We believe a negro and a White Man wore in argue Wii in of ouch. Xuy juror duty and convicted both. The negro received years in the White Man appealed was tried again and convicted a second time. His Bente acevas two years in the Penitentiary. Will the record claim that there were Dlf Ferent degrees of guilt or that one judge considered done robbing of a train with five time the enormity that his brother judge considered the same offence the tracks Poi t in a certain direction. The record says we cannot admit that our courts do not " look with Dos Vor upon the net of killing negroes and White for Olga labourers we do no believe that any judge in Booth Carolina has Ever come to the Rescue of murderers " 1 we think the court records will show that our judges have done exceeding Little to Dos � courage the kill Lugof any sort of people. The question As to whether any judge in bout Carolina has Ever come to the Rescue of murderers must be determined by a definition of the meaning of the term. That judge have Given nominal Ball to almost everybody who has slain a fellow being we presume will not Hahan live that in Manv Oise Ball wan sought chiefly for the purpose of using the fact in vindication of the accused we presume will not be denied. That Small Ball or. Ball of any sort has had the effect of breaking Down sentiment against the accused will we presume not be denied. If theore going propositions Are admitted then we submit that it cannot be successfully denied that some South Carolina judge have gone to the Rescue of of course everything depends on the meaning of . We contend however that the South Carolina judges Are not blameless in the matter of giving easy Ball to murderers. The record says but that there is or Ever has Beeh the con Dot Lono things which the Preu and Banner alleges to have existed we Are not yet prepare to but no proof is brought to Controvert a till Gle statement. Ii our brother will produce any evidence or facts to show error on our part we will be glad to be convinced to his Way of thinking. It is useless to deny that there is race Reju Dic. It is useless to assert that the crime of murder has been properly punished in South we believe the record admits As much. Will any Man deny a belief that Justice has n Enma inn Ancas. Miscarried because the juries were fixed. Even though the prets and Banner be in error the Public morals and the safety or the private citizen Bave nothing to lose by the pret and Banner is in error it will be easy for the Able editor of the record or other respected Brethren to do the Public a service by showing wherein error has been promulgated or lodged in any part of the pub our idea is that the negro gets exact Justice when brought into Coart but we believe the court shave been too lenient to White men who Havo committed crimes against the person v just received another lot of fresh nuts at e. L. Wilson s. � a for Plain and fancy candles Call on e. L. celebrated a. L. Douglas $3 Law a full Hue of his other advertised goods May be found at White Brothers agents. 3-7fc in politics our motto Tariff Reform. I drugs lowest prices and purest goods. Bertn Frost urn it for pc mild Ratiu Bucu Imus ton work paints oils f children shoes at 1. Rosenberg a co. One Case of White goods and laces to arrive his week you will ind some pretty Stylis la his Case new gooks just out. No. E. Bell. J a 1 it to

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