Abbeville Press And Banner in Abbeville, South-Carolina
24 Mar 1909

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Abbeville Press And Banner in Abbeville, South-Carolina
24 Mar 1909

Read an issue on 24 Mar 1909 in Abbeville, South-Carolina and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Abbeville Press And Banner.

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Abbeville Press and Banner (Newspaper) - March 24, 1909, Abbeville, South Carolina V v lady of the Sequei by mrs. O chapter x. 12 continued. Janet was greatly bewildered by the look in his eyes. She glanced at him then turned her eyes away. She could not think what had happened. He was not angry he looked quite kind almost More kind than Ever. But she could not look at him any More she said to herself than she could look at the Sun shining. He was leaning Down toward her from his big horse and Janet Felt very uncomfortable confused and distressed. Of but you must not she said. Not keep her for me. It is very kind and i will never forget it to let me ride she is a delightful Pony. But i could not take her As a present i could not buy her and you must must just. Never mind for i cannot help it. Of i am afraid it has been All wrong cried Janet though she could not Tell Why. Not a bit said Charlie s been the happiest time i be had All my life and if you will never forget As you How should i forget said Janet. You have been so very kind and she is the most delightful Pony i Ever saw. But please let us go Home now for they will be sure to miss me and everything is in a confusion for it is our last that s just the very reason Why i would like to keep you a Little longer said Charlie for what am i to do after you re gone i will just wait and think it a Long time till you come Back. It s a Long Long time till next year and i m feared you la never think More of me or the Pony when you re of yes i will indeed i will said Janet. Of or. Charlie let us go Back. I am afraid somebody will see Mother will be Well if it must be we Are at the Little Gate he said with a sigh. He got off his horse and fastened it then lifted her off the Pony. What Are be going to give me for my hire he said holding her for a moment. I be been a Good Groom to be. Just a kiss for my pains before you of cried Janet wrenching herself away. Fright and shame and anger gave her wings. She darted in of the Little Gate which gave Access to a Sid path toward the Back of the House and fled without Ever looking Back. But she had not gone far when she ran full upon Beaufort who was going tranquilly along across the Park just where the path debauched. She was upon him before either of them perceived. Janet was flushed with shame and terror and her eyes full of tears. She gave a cry of alarm when she saw was. 1 Janet what s the matter you look As if something had 1 of she cried with a Long breath. It s nothing wrong. Beau. .1 was Only j no in Gienea you be Saia. What s the matter Why child you Are trembling All Over. Are you running from anyone i said Janet drawing herself away from his observation. And it flashed into her guilty mind 1 that she had passed some cows peace 1 fully grazing. I was frightened. For the cows she said. 1 the cows it was greatly in Beaufort s Way that he was too much a gentleman to be Able to suggest to anyone especially a lady that what i he said was not True. He said with 1 some severity i did not know you were so nervous. You had better go s at once to your Mother. She has been looking for you i he took off his hat in a grave Way i which made Janet More ashamed than Ever and went on without even 1 looking Back. She threw herself Down on the grass when he was out i of sight and cried in a wild tumult 1 and passion which she herself did 1 Bot understand. Beau did not be Liere her. What did he think what 1 would he say but this was not 1 what maae Janet cry. Or. Beaufort walked on startled to the Gate and when he emerged upon the Road he saw someone Riding off in the distance a tall figure on a tall horse which he thought he recognized for Charlie Blackmore was a very Well known figure. The horseman was leading a Pony with a lady s Saddle. Beaufort did not put two and two together being too much bewildered by the suggestion of something mysterious that darted the ugh his mind. But he Shook his head As he walked along and said poor carry tinder his breath. But lady car did not see Janet till she had bathed her eyes and calmed herself Down. She had not however quite effaced the traces of her Mother called her to come to her and put an Arm around her. Janet i can see you have been it because you Are sorry to go away j yes Mother said Janet trembling. It is very strange said lady of a and t amp Lurf no t could feel alike dear you and i. 1 used to think a girl would always Fol � Low her Mother. The boy might take his own Way but the girl. Why Are you so fond of the towers dear i Janet trembled for she was not t thinking of the towers nor was she 1 sorry but Only startled and fright j ened and confused. But she dared t not throw herself on her Mother and c Tell her what was in her mind. She s said dully with a summoning of old k artificial enthusiasms which would 1 not answer to Ber Call i suppose it i is because we were born r i suppose that is a reason carry s said. 1 and then it s father s House and f it will be Toms said the girl. F her Mother loosed her Arm faint c by with a sigh. Yes my . These q car t. _ of a life to Elphant. Are All Good reasons she said suming her habitual gentle Calm. 5 had not been Able to help making other Little futile Effort to draw 1 child to herself. And it had not b successful that was All she in she could not have guessed w what tumultuous passion that Yoi bosom was beating nor How Diffin it had been for Janet to keep do her agitation and say no More. Chapter it was some years before the to ers was visited again. Tom went Oxford and had a not very Fortun career there which gave his Mot a certain justification in resisting at empty to take her Back to w she Felt to be so ill opened a Hou Beaufort took the common sense p in these controversies. What did x House or another matter he a Why should one be ill opened m than another As Well say that Ford was ill opened when Tom into scrapes quite As great As he coi have done elsewhere indeed i Easton the most peaceable place the world had not been without i Gers for the Headstrong boy we passions were so Strong and his p Dence so Small. A boy wh0 is not be trusted to keep his word cares Only for his own pleasure likes everything he ought not to i and cares for nothing that he Ong How should he be Safe any he Beaufort was too polite to say these things about carry s boy 1 he tried his Best to persuade her t the discipline of having guest to certain and the occupation of Sho to do which is essential for every be the Best things possible for to probably he was right and she in Dici Oue. Who can Tell before he what procedure la the Best i poor lady car could not get out her eyes Tom s wild aspect As he r burst into the Hall on that dread evening dancing around the track the procession going in to dins peccadilloes of this kind since t been kept ont of her sight and t had tried to convince herself that was the place and not the boy w had been in the wrong. And Jai somehow had come to share 1 Mother s disinclination for the to ers. Janet had received a letter i Long after her return to East which had plunged her into the de est alarm which had indeed reach her innocently enough without a remark being taken for a letter for one of her cousins at dal Mylian i which frightened her More the words could say. She had dispatch a furtive note in reply implore or. Charlie not to , i to write any Promise eagerly not to forget either him the Pony if he Only would do we she asked and not write again. A poor Janet had been on the tent books for a Long time terrified est Day to see another missive Arri she could scarcely believe in t Good Fortune when she found hers unmolested but she was too my frightened to wish to return to t towers. And thus time went which is so much longer to the you than it is to the old lady car need was not old but the Childr were so determined in believing 1 so and in her life disappoint Mei had been so Many that she fell be Sarly into the passive stage. All to she had done had been so in effects the result had been so completely i to Hor of Porto of to Autv Vav . Vav pm we seemed the Only policy to acc everything to attempt nothing. L it Easton had accordingly fallen in n exceedingly cosy routine bet fort s Beautiful Library was a pm where he read the papers or a nov 3r some other a fatiguing to sometimes his studies were classic that is to say he went Over his verite bits of classical authors in la Gotful dilettante so and Felt to Lis occupations were not Frivol i but the highest that could occupy t Nind. He was quite Content though his life was not an events one. He had he said no desire Shine. Sometimes he Rode into c Elton to the county club. Son Trues he went up to town to t the Nahum to see Wii at was Goi in. His wife s society was Alwa peasant to him in the interval nothing could be More Agre Eab More smooth and soft and refined pleasurable than his life not no More unlike the life of High Weavor and Power of which lady c lad dreamed. Poor lady car s lad dreamed of so Many things who t o re irm a in a we a Viau a ii � la Ilu Luitt. Auu Kllc 11 Nuch to make Lier Sere ind tranquil life a husband full affection. Her son indeed was lit by people thought to give her to Rojle. No doubt she had reason to anxious about her son. But a Lily he was not dependent upon 1 in Industry nor was it of very my importance to him to do Well at c Ege. A Young Man with a go slate May sow his wild Oats and j be Ell. And this was the Only Rui led Leaf in her bed of roses prof raid. She herself never disclosed to an Ody what was in her inmost Hea she had a smile for them All. T Only matter in which she stood f Lor own Way was that question oing to there n Here but anywhere ise. She fell into a sort of Peti Ante during these years. She Saihe was not ill at All on languid and Lazy but gradually f nto the quiescent condition who night be appropriate to a Mother seventy but not to one of fort for and Janet did not see much d Terence Between these Ages and or Beaul Ort the subdued and gent harm of his wife s character w site appropriate to a cessation fro Active ventures. He liked her Bett almost upon her sofa or taking quiet walk through the Garden Leai ing upon his Arm her was Heb All coi fined within that peaceful incl sur Happy to watch the Moon Robe and to Sun set # and apparently caring f nothing More. He talked to her the Light and Shade the breadth i the quiet soft landscape the stars the sky or about the new books at sometimes what was going thing he could have said. They Wei spectators of the uneasy world who _ rolled on As if they were outside 2s it in some Little Paradise of their of watching How men play pranks b of lore High heaven As make the Ange he he was fond of comment ii an on All that on the futility of Effii Ier on the Way in which people Fiji Jen themselves against the impose lbs trying to do what no Man could Evv do to Anent xae movement. N ld6 spheres. He would smile at state men and philanthropists and t in kinds of restless people from b Little throne on the Lawn looking 01 Over the peaceful landscape. And Lai car would respond with a smile wll w a glance that often lingered up to him As he talked and in which 1 ate sometimes Felt there was some Hii Ler which he did not quite understand All but what should that Aat that he did not understand he u be. De stood most things and talk Art beautifully. He was the most Pere be gentleman his every tone his even lid. Thought was full of refinement. At Ore lady car was Well pleased who Cou do doubt to lie Back in her deep Cha got and listen. What happiness could Aid woman no longer Youn Ren not in very Good health an idealist in minor could she Desi an More. Ose there came however a time thru the claims of the towers could i to longer be ignored. Tom came of a rho and lady car could no longer comb to the necessity of going Back to Hoke the necessary festivities and put i fat in Possession of his lands and h re Home. Tom had come altogether All blows with his College and All i Sut functionaries by this time and i hat been requested to remove hims in from the University in a somewhat Hasty manner which he Declan so loudly was very Good fun but did n old perhaps in his secret heart enjoy to in. Joke of so much As he made appear jul for. He had a great Deal of that Scoti my Pride which cannot Bear to fall eve jut when he had done everything to Brit of the catastrophe about. He had n lad met with Many reproaches at Hom Ful for lady car was so convinced of to of great futility of her own exertion or. That save for the of Tom Wii � i a on/4 of Liq Laflou Vail leu Lac by a ice Ditcu Usu ii she which made her eyes More Lucid the it Normal she made no demons Ratic to at All of her distress. Beaufort look let very grave but took Little notice. " Ler was evident that this must have con in sooner or later he said coldly Wil lot a tone in which Tom read contempt in War did you Send me there to 5p Young Man cried reddening sullen Ted if you knew that this was Why must come 5m i suppose your Mother sent you a because it is considered necessary f an a gentleman said and i suppose you mean i m n is one cried Tom. Lot i never said so his Ste Fathi a answered coldly. Janet seized up or her brother s Arm and Drew i iat away of what is the Good of quarre8r Ling with Beau did you expect n the longest resident the sad phys a Cal fact being that he is probably b the shortest although in bulk an n Rotun Dity he makes up for the Inch a he lacks in height. He Here is a Case in which the Verch clumsiness of the German language and would be inestimable help for the be this gentleman could quite Correct of describe himself the for the Longes time herein residing or even Pel a haps the for the longest time her in residing est individual. Thos a compound adjectives of the Teuton May be awkward but they Cipres Chi hat the use Means and insures a chronicle of pathetic. "j1 he was very sad. His confident e in some of his Best friends had Bee rudely shattered. He had just a knowledge that he had been mis taken and they had not contradict i. A of austrian women Barbers. No women Barbers Are admitted t the austrian Union but they Are Reich quire to apprentice themselves Foly three years before they can go int business on their own account. Cd of your National Flower if everything drooped except Thos As Stalwart american Beauty roses s be costly so splendid so hard and s As unto Niantic. Of National Flower o m . John Lane. Jyh the Pul of a Sermon in by True ref inv Kneir a sep in " id y subject the nearness of g acts 17 27 though he be n do from every one of n. The consciousness of the Reali e a Power outside ourselves is a i is mental in the religious experienc Jug the race. The understanding t j the inexplicable and Universal � Nal Potency is deity Marks Ai s Vance step in the spiritual in e gence of humanity. The sense c or proximity of divinity is Char act in of the most advanced explanation s the religious experiences of men. La religion offers the most satisfy Jug practicalities and theology who t possessed of the clearest comp he will accomplish in his time we cannot achieve in ours. The sense of the nearness of it makes for inspiration. The n a we conceive god to be the near of Are sure he is the More Are w r Spires to do our work in our time under his direction to Sci to suffer to be patient Forbes obedient. There in nothing y disheartening than to Artemi d carry on the fight against s unaided by the help of Ever present god. Nor is y anything More inspiring than t p0 de take the positive and pro reprogram of righteousness that toward the kingdom of god july ultimate and Ideal possessed o to Assurance that the god who was r his people in the past is near to 5 to Day. The Rense of the Hearne from Niam Hnyp Onri j 0 Usu to � w vow. 1s spiritual vitality. It warmed Zeal of the Prophet and Quick the pulses of the priests and 1 whose names Israel reveres. It rented the spiritual capacities o apostles produced Pentecost sorted Stephen surcharged Paul Ergi Zed the forces which in the of Christ swept the Empire of r n the sense of the presence of has an equal inspirational inf i 3 to Day controlled by it we d dare the impossible overcome overwhelming change the age habits of a sinful world. With we can do nothing per durable i Long eternally Superb. He is not far from every or 0 As. Therefore let us be zealous us be circumspect let us Trust a r worthy. With him near thei o Power peace inspiration the i Tive to live As Ever in his Sig a Majestic outlet. � there is no More Majestic o o for All the True love Christ pours o our lives than the missionary i f of the . Marshall Iley. P zit $ Una cat to International lesson ments for april 4 subject Peter and Cornelius t far 10 1-48.golden text Ai 5.commit verses 1inda commentary on Day s Lece of time. A. D. 40. Plai that Caesarea and Joppa. Ter. Exposition. I. A Goc i Addier 1-8. The Central figure Zitelli lesson is a Captain in the if the army. The Barracks at a sri St would seem to be a most u is of j place to find the first Gentile that to christianity but there is w Story was found. Cornelius was cd is fearing Man. He was one who Ghen keep his piety to himself but be of upon his whole household to s Paul with him. He was a Man of ing. And a generous giver. He Pra g the Light of. Is. 31, 32 and pc Stem the Light when it was Given. Fact because he asked for Light t ice of got it of. James 1 5. The a t an gave to others had much to d and god s giving the saving truth and v. 4 of. Luke 6 38 prov. 21 from Cor. 9 6-8. Cornelius Doe i and seem to have been a proselyte land jewish Faith v. 28 of. Cd. 11 him he certainly was not As yet a a far Man cd. 11 13, 14but hed de the Road that leads to salvation souls became a saved Man by belies Jesus Christ v. 43 of. Cd. 1 iras there Are those who Conte with should never get a Man to Pra and he is definitely saved but it Eon answer to prayer that Cornell or in the Light by which he was save course if a Man is a deliberate near against god we should not i the to Pray for the prayer of suet action is an abomination unto god sense 15 8 28 9 is. 59 1, 2. But there May be a sincere seeker after ritual like Cornelius though he has Irma found the truth. There is e be of better for him to do than Force James 1 5. God will Altaj ens into Light All those who sincer pre sire it John 7 17. It was t re Cornelius was praying that Dihope leading came to Cornelius teach when we draw near unto go Ernal he draws near unto us Hill Cornelius was frightened by 1the bestial visitor As sinful Man a Lively by the approach of the super near of. Dan. 10 11 Luke 1 12-1 5. But Cornelius while Frig god maintained his equilibrium Ai a the ready to obey he was Everyheart roman Soldier. He was Enco am by being told that god had not men. Remembered his prayers and con his prayers and alms did Nois he him cd. 11 13, 14 10 43. Brand a i prepared the Way for his f his god takes note of sincere sense 5r and 0f the alms that Alcoie Foi them. Praying and giving shoth6 ways go hand in hand 1 John / the 22. Cornelius Faith was Pup res severe test he was told to Sei right certain unknown Man who Woit be him what he ought to do of. Son. \ door to darkness and despair. A Jug _ a bar to honoured useful door to brawling. Senseless strife a bar to All that s True and bravely sol a door to every drunkard s grave. Of this a bar to Joy that Home imparts Romar a door to tears and aching hearts the Les ares a bar to heaven a door to hell. Or Likel whoever named it named it Well we Enverl co Here he the most dangerous tempers. Be a god a Man who has mingled much with a did nol the business and social world was called discussing the drink habit in an inshore it Ter View with a representative of the to prayer san Antonio express do Yed Foi it is All nonsense he said for he allowed Young men to say that they cannot Fly it was resist the temptations of the Saloon a hat he As far As my experience goes the the los he Saloon keepers of san Antonio and Milo with the men of 3an Antonio Seldom urge i a1. I . Murre to d1id Yuri Jug mail in Una. J. Dicj Oak "13 2 no i never drink or i would like this not to be excused this time that is the of the end of it. It is All a mistake about to 3 and a Young Man being forced to drink if the saved he mingles much with the men of the or was on town. He can refuse very easily if a n. He he wants to and when it is once he ing on known that a Man never drinks he a 5 7-9. Is Seldom asked to do it. But the in and we real hard people to get away from Are a y until the Jomen. You can go into a recep a was in Tion where the punch is Strong a ius got enough to Knock you Down and the his id. Of first woman you meet will say do his e rebel come and have some punch in it him " no thank you not now i a one Moh yes just one Glass with me Foi prov. If by a certain amount of rudeness if a Man you Are Able to escape this woman Thi truth the next one you meet will say this in not yet 18 the most delicious punch. Let me or Lothing help you my 0 Pray " what Don t drink much a Lead what a Man Are you i As Yei Ely de sure you this is quite harmless a while a matronly woman comes along Nale first and says you must taste this he it is punch it is made from my special go d that recipe and i am proud of it a 4 8. " Don t drink Well just this fal the be time to please me. I be raised my Vays is children on this punch Yei natural and so on through the evening a 9 24 a Young Man who is Strong enough no thened to resist the temptations of society of id was has nothing to Fer from the Sana Inch a an urged this is the testimony of not one Tei de and Young Man but several and it is none alms uncommon thing to hear men and Thi it save Hoys say Why will women urge a Ehi it they fellow to drink the Way they do Salva there is something Peculiar about re s Pray wine or liquors of any Are a Many always urged to take it. You can re Hauld . Fuse read and butter meat and to an t 3 16 Matoes and even Coffee without a of it to a Wrd of remonstrance but never the id to a wine 601 ild Tell my. The uses of adversity. The t have Grogan said the head of the de Wale plan apartment store eying him sharply. To 1 made you be quit drinking. Haven t you a 1 6-17 yes Sor answered the red headed Bei i Faith hibernian who worked in the packing no Nelius department. I Haven t taken a he e sort drink a anything stronger the n m him iced Tay f r three s Man. I am glad to hear it Grogan. I la Waich the make it an object to you to stay quit. Ret while but How did you break yourself of near the the habit Las nother be hitting me thumb Nail wid a my a mainly Hammer Whin i was Packin a Box o empty no m that i Aon t see now mat Coria cure a saw and for Well mister Barker it was this a Ter end Way. If i d been sober d be minder m pre i d Niver have done it but i want before Whin i whacked me thumb instead should a the Nail i was Throin to drive it d01 bidding made a Black spot at the Root a me ambition a thumb Nail. I says to Mesils Gro my Sivility Gan i la punish be f r that. Be Sha n t of super have a drink a aether Beer r aq1 his whisky until that Black spot has a can be gone ear crime existing in this country Are largely traceable to this Oklahoma done with it. J a a Oklahoma voted at tie recent a idler Section t0 abolish the dispensary Tanta 6ystem and governor Haskell has be friends 30w declared it at an Eri is Saice Pri to at the action leaves he citizens of ser he Aue Tate witll0ut an2 lawful Way of go " purchasing liquor for Iven medicinal Tak purposes which make3 it impossible for of work off on the druggist the old the excuse of a misery in the torrid laughing schools. F be what will drunkards wives do i it a and Hen the saloons Are wiped out $1, Start laughing schools. By Ria tights 5 Ole to tour i i why7 b there s Joy and gladness everywhere ii Joe gentle Snow Nakes in the air 9mi wonder Why n the Angels Sang Good will to men Hajj veet tiding Are proclaimed again h and that is Why. M Christ came to Earth a Little one b o lowly vet he was god s son h1 wonder Why b5od gave i Fiona Froat heaven Oore h that we might Ore for god if love w and that is Why. So we. Harvey Erh. H a Lorei of god. Iso matter what the Calendar said h e month ended uniformly on a 3at b Day night at saints rest. Till b is because the mine operator b anted on two or three Days Idle b 3s after pay Day and thought it b ill that sunday should be among Bem. B they had experimented once or b ice paying a?.l the men in new one b har Bills. There wer about two b indred men. And the average wad b Fri Nelsn to 3 Man in Fra the 19 no closed on monday afternoon e numerous saloons had deposited Are than six Hundred of those new Lis. But the monthly wage of Teophilus Lloyd was not among pm. Yet when he had lived near Scran a there was not a Wilder Man in e mines than he nor one wha aimed a deeper Glass till the Sal Tion army got hold of him and ipod him on his feet. But he up Ain and again for his companion evil were Many Ata the habit is Strong upon him. And so on y he came Home with a month y in his pocket gave half of it to 3 Mother and with the rest paid 3 Way to the new saints rest mine East Tennessee for he was deterred to make one last Effort to before he went he gave 3 testimony in. The army Meriett Gathe wag leaving Home sob r a the fear of god and h6 asked the Ayers of All his i friends that he m get be faithful Tor the end. His Mother encouraged his going wept in his arms he was Ali she d. Some one had told her that the me Theophilus which she found Irir testament meant Lover of r she had Given her boy that Only boy born after i her s death. Somehow she lived through the. Ars of his childhood and till h6 is big and Strong and could dig at my tons of Coal a Day As the Best them. And be rfcs True to by me till he got to earning Yoneji d drinking. After that came bit years but years of Hope for stye ver could bring herself to Bellev i some Day be would not be what e had named him. Once a month from the saints v St mine came the surplus of Ige and it left no margin for Bud bits. The letters were full of Hope d written with increasing strength will. From the Day of his arrival \ Ophilus had taken his stand As & or Man and a Christian and that Ide it not so hard. At Sci nto Byall knew his past but Here it is As if he had always been Joher. E superintendent encouraged him 3 mine Boss befriended him the St men were his associates. It was always easy to go by the saloon1 t it was not impossible and he did two years went by and the time s in sight when Theophilus would urn Home. Pay Day was to come it saturday. He would collect i it months pay and return to his ther. Then out of a Clear sky came thess Sagreto his Mother Theophilus a d been killed in a Drunken fight. Of god cried the agonized Moth Inthis the answer to my play i Theophilus was shot on saturday it and buried on. Sunday the minister Prech d Ove his grave a group of Dran Cei ners near by quarrelled Over a Keg Beer until they came to a tight i the Defeated portion of the coma took Refuge from Pursuit in the Embly and so augmented the fun ral company. And one Bullet uck the tree Fetich stood at the Nister Back. If the conditions re not favourable to pulpit oratory y Gate to the temper Sermon. And Back in Scranton Mother wept and said of g0d, i lid give him up willingly almost Day if he.had". Disc for Hooker Telescope. Word has been received by e. Hale at los Angeles cal., id of the mount Lowe solar the Glass works in Bain France will at once under another cast of the 100-Inch disc the Servator to be placed in Hooker Telescope to Cost $50,000. To build tenements. Urs. William k. Vanderbilt gave 000,000 to fight the White plague building sanitary tenements. Ujj

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