Abbeville Press And Banner in Abbeville, South-Carolina
17 Mar 1909

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Abbeville Press And Banner in Abbeville, South-Carolina
17 Mar 1909

Read an issue on 17 Mar 1909 in Abbeville, South-Carolina and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Abbeville Press And Banner.

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Abbeville Press and Banner (Newspaper) - March 17, 1909, Abbeville, South CarolinaLady the sequel by mrs. Chapter in. 11 continued. Janet stood in the Hall when she had managed to twist out of her Mother s hold. Her eyes had a wild sparkle in them. Dazzled from the night her hair was hanging Dank about her shoulders her hat tied on with or. Blackmore s handkerchief. She looked dazed speechless guilty with fear in her face and in her soul. She looked As if she might had the habit of and beaten standing trembling before her Mother who had never harmed a Fly in All her gentle life. Mother we went too far and then came . The lady and said i was too tired. He was to drive me Well and that was All god be thanked there has been no Accident. But where is Tom f or. Tom is just coming up the Avenue my lady said one of the men. Then All is right and there was re by nothing to be afraid of said lady car with an agitated laugh. Was Janet to be let off so easily she stood watching her Mother with uneasy Susie inn. While All attention was diverted to Tom who jumped off his horse in a similar Pale suspicion and fear but with brows lowering and eyes half shadowed by the had made up his mind As he came along what he was to do. He did not wait for the fury which he Felt sure was ready to pour Forth. It was t my fault he said with a gleam of his shadowed eyes to where Beaufort was coming in behind him. She had made up her mind she would see the Mare and i had to take her. I knew it was too far. " Janet stood aghast with her Mouth open taking in every word. A cry of protest Rose up in her breast which she had just comprehension enough to stifle. Never mind just now my boy said Beaufort All s Well that ends Well but you have Given your Mother a great fright. You can Tell me after How it i d better Tell you at once Tom repeated. She had set her heart on seeing the Mare. There was no harm i suppose in telling her about the Mare. And i thought she was More game than she is. That s All about it. I thought we could have gone into the stables without people you made me Promise about Beau. But i could t help it when i saw How tired she was. And Charlie drove her s All the cry of protest in Janet s Throat did not get utterance but it produced a gasp of horror and astonishment As she stood staring in her Mother s face. She could not look at Tom. Lady car was looking at him unsuspecting with her faint smile which Janet Felt meant something More than any one thought. And there was no More said. Chapter x. Janet went upon no More expeditions with Tom. His lie struck her like a shot going through All her had almost lied for him according to Charlie Blackmore s instructions lied or at least suppressed the truth giving her Mother to understand that there was no purpose at All in their ride but Only that they had gone too save him that he be not blamed. But when Tom arrived with his lie All ready in which there was no hesitation Janet standing aghast looking on too much startled to contradict him or say a word Felt As if he had suddenly landed a blow at her Flung an Arrow like the Savages she bad read of. Which went through and through cutting not Only to her heart but to the last Refuge of her intelligence. The recesses of her not too Lively brain. It was not Only pain but a painful desire to understand which moved her. Why did he do it what did he mean by it it seemed almost impossible to believe that it was Only the familiar childish Effort to Clear himself by blaming her it s Janet it s not she had said herself in the Nursery Days it s not me. It s Tom in the sudden Shock of a fault found out. Was that All he meant or was it something More Tom s explanation afterwards did not mend matters. Well he said it was you wanted to see the Mare. I told you you was t game for it but you swore you were. And whose fault was it but yours for breaking Down and letting it All out?.spoiling my fun in every Way. For the Black mores Are As proud As the Don t speak like that cried Janet with a shudder. They Are though just As proud As the Devil though Thev re in think hut horse couplers. I knew i was done for when i said that i had Given my word. The old Man fired up like a rocket and i la never be Able to go there any is All your "b.ut, Tom of you gave your Don t be silly cried Tom that s not like giving your Honor Between you and another Man. What s Beau he s like one of the masters in school. They know you Don t mean it they know you la get out of it if you can and they re always on the watch. Not the least like another fellow of your own sort that you give your Honor to. Of course i should keep that. But Mother or eau Are quite different. You re forced to do that and they know you never mean to keep it All the this reasoning silenced Janet though it did not convince her. She did not know a Hurt reply to make. A boy s code of Hilnor was a thing she did not understand and she had always Beer accustomed to serious discrepancies Between his ideas of what � / car r. L of a life Oliphant. Was meant by a Promise and h own. Their training had been t same but Janet had always dust in the Depths of her mind put a d Ferent meaning to words from the which Tom adopted. It was posit that Nis Point or View might Deng for giving one s to to a master or to Beau but her Mil returned to the question that co corned herself with a Keener sen ment. " i Don t know about that s said but you need t surely a said it was me Why i did please you cried Tom. I thought you d Rath they can t do anything to you. Ai you never promised. And they i do a Deal to me said the boy i Al actively. They can Stop All my i or nearly. They be got All Money and whatever i say it do matter. People will take Beau s to sooner than mine. But they can nothing to girl at Horn Mother would never put you on brei and water or Bhat you up in to room or that sort of thing. You have a jaw and that will be a now they would never let me with a jaw. I thought you d be to first to say i should put it upon to once More Janet was silenced. A Felt vaguely that to take it upon lie self and to Bear the blame throw upon her by another were two d Ferent things but at the same tin she Felt the imputation of not Havivi put herself in the breach at once defend her brother. She had do so to her own consciousness Flatt singly putting Forth Charlie Blae More s fib. But Tom did not inc that and he thought her in Gendrot wanting to vindicate herself n ready to screen him so that she w silenced on All sides of the question and could not make any stand. B in her heart Janet still Felt t startling Pang with which she Bea him make his excuse. No doubt the had been already similar crises her life but she was no longer the Nursery age. This made her be anxious for his company during to rest of his stay before he went a to school though Janet was Safani to his Side and refused to breathe word to his duing the serious jaw which she t Cei Ved. Even lady car s jaw i very mild. She put her Arm Roui the passively resisting girl and talk to her of what was a woman s duty a sister is such a thing for Hoy she said often while 1 will not listen to anybody with Ai Hority he will listen to his Siste if instead of going with him on i expeditions she tries to persuade i the other to go Ali Janet listened with a great Bent of wrong in her heart but she r strained everything that would har Tom. All that she said was we went out merely for a rid Mother. We did not i i am willing to believe tha Janet said lady car. And thei the incident ended but not the effect of it. Nothing More followed indeed till Tom had gone but the next a after that Janet going t 4 her Cousin at dal Mylian where she was allow to ride alone upon the old Pony us Denly came upon Charlie Blackmor walking along the Road. She recognized him with a leap of her hear of would he Stop and talk o what would he say to her and she 1 him it was with terror yet wll a thrill of pleasure As Well Thi Janet saw him Start As if he is suddenly seen her and stand Sti until she came up. He meant 1 keep up the acquaintance it a Clear. Miss Torrance i scarcely Hope i would have had this Chance seemed Owre Good to be of yes it is me said Jane embarrassed. You need not Tell me that i a it was you As far off As in Coul carry said Charlie forgetting h dramatic Start. I Hope you Are qui Well but i need a ask for you Blooming like any Janet Felt herself grow red in r ply to his compliment. She Kne that she was usually Pale and did in Bloom like the Rose but it was Kir of him to say so. She had a consciousness that in books girls a generally things like this said 1 them and she was not ill pleased. I Hope said Charlie All passe off Well miss Janet Yon of to " Niri inn of Quito Roll or. Tom never came Back to by us Good by and deed it was Bett not for there s always a rabble Loose Fellows about a stable Yar and he was just As Well away. Your lads at his age Are better to be out of Long As the can.". Tom has gone Back to school said Janet demurely. Dod cried Charlie it s a Drc thing to hear of a lad going to Scho that s Man grown like or. Tom. Had the care of All the beasts on n hands at his age but hell be Goir in for parliament and that kind thing and much learning no doubt of no said Janet he says it to a much sop. He would like to t with the horses and you Are fond of horses to miss Janet said Black Raore Vil an ingratiating tone. We be got Bonnie wee beast yonder that Wou just do for you. If or. Tom Wei the master Himsel i would ask i to rend it Over to let you try it. It a Bonnie Little thing just fit for Yoi Riding. But i Daur not take such Liberty said Charlie while to Giuld Folk Are my Mother is not old raid Jam i with some a not her Ladyship but there. More than her. I would like to let you Cee that Little beastly miss Janet. Some Day if i should be Telb Way with you mount and try you re too Good a rider for an old brute like of Mother would not be pleased cried Janet alarmed. It would do her Ladyship no harm for she need never la take my Chance if you will but say be would like to see of " said Janet. But some one just then appeared on the Road and Blackmore took off his hat and hurried away. The girl was much disturbed by this encounter bul a there was something in the Little mystery of it that pleased her. She Weny on to dal Mylian with her heart beat ing a Little thinking that or. Charli Ewas very kind. He was a Man much Kip older than twice As old. To and he was a handsome fellow in his velvet coat with a Blue tie which was very becoming and Blue eyes which seemed to say a great Manj things which confused Janet. Next Day she went out for a Little Wal Che along that quiet Road with a fail be expectation wondering if might be possible and to there was Charlie on horseback leading the most charming Pony. He jumped of his horse when he saw her and fast Nening it to a tree showed her All the a beauties of the other. What ails in be to jump on he said and i Llvy take be for a ride not far nothing to tire you of i am not so easily tired said Janet her eyes lighting up "bu1 in i have no then Mot Hader her Ladyship will be none the11 Wiser said Charlie and she knows i would take Good care of you. She would never do you thing so said the girl la and in a seemed but a was pacing along by the Side of the big horse every a movement of which was restrained 7n to Harmony with her Pony s smaller paces. Janet had been Tom s Vic time to follow at his do what he la pleased. She had never before knet0 the Delight of being cared for Conn Eldered As the first object. She Rode in for an hour by Blackmore s Side excited delighted half persuaded thai a she was a fairy Princess with Everyll thing that was Beautiful and pleasant of made for her use. As this happened again and again and nobody found it out. It was it thought at the towers that she had taken to wandering in the Woods it re her loneliness now that Tom had re gone away and though lady cat a remarked a changing color and thai Janet s eyes sometimes were Brig he so Fla Mafima r?00m or to Tiff to afro would not let me buy her and i la have no Money of my own for a Long for five re Money he cried did you sup Spose i was thinking of Money be do me great injustice miss Janet. In but it s no fault of s of she cried it was because you said she was mine. Now she 3 cannot be mine unless i buy re i cannot buy her. Of what have i 5 said wrong i did not mean to say t anything that i m sure of said Charlie to and maybe you re too Young to understand that the Pony s yours and her master s yours and not a Penny to something 111 to be continued to is general Jackson s Way. When general Jackson returned to it Washington after the Seminole Warhis first act was to Send for a fashionable tailor of the name of Ballard to make him a pair of breeches. Ballar was very fond of being by great men who had been Luiis j customers. A few Days after he had finished Jackson s garment he saw the general conversing with a come Pany of friends in front of Tennison s hotel and stepped up pompously to speak to him. Jackson thinking him t some distinguished individual very cordially gave him his hand but not remembering him in a whisper inquired his name to which Ballard re plied i made your the general deceived by the sound immediately turned to the company and introduced him As major breeches a. Title which poor Ballard was after Ward obliged to Wear to the d y of his York press. A j1 longest Cable ropeway. A work is at present in hand on the a construction of what is claimed to be y the Ici est Cable ropeway in the world. It is being constructed by a German firm and is intended to connect the collieries of the society de l in Austrie Char Bonniere it miniere 01 de turkestan situate about eighty j Miles from Samarkand russian Turk yes Tan with the nearest railway Sta lotion. Hitherto the Coal has been 0 transported by camels the journey � on account of the very Hilly District s occupying Nve Days. Ine new Rone Eway which a ill be fifty four Miles Long is intended to carry from eight 0 to ten million goods a year and then trolleys which will each hold Twenty a goods will travel at a Speed of six l j Miles an record. R p. Owner of historical mantel. A William Hemstreet of Brooklyn 6f for National lesson com i ments for March 28. J Sperance lesson proverbs 23 29 t 35.golden text at the last j it bit eth like a Serpent and sting eth like an prov. R 29 32. Ime. All times. Place. Iry where. . Six great evils c it result from indulgence in be 29, so. Solomon Here gives us i Ery vivid picture of six evils that lit from indulgence in wine. Ceni shave passed since Solomon a but it is As True in our Day As it l in his that these evils pursue the Bibber. Note them carefully. literally of i e., the sense pain that leads one to cry i How Many ohs Are arising h Dav from the Lins of men and 1 Lien whose bodies Are tortured to the Many ills that arise from the of alcoholic stimulants. I can still the Man that i once carried ily through the streets of a City eking of of of in ind Escrib c 5 agony from drink and i see him j iras i held him Down with my c upon his Chest As they strapped j to a bed in the Hospital. 2 \ Row literally alas i. E., the j p seated and abiding grief that i ses one to cry alas alas this i of of the drunkard is of Minnum t ble forms. Sometimes it is the \ of of seeing loved wife and Chil 1 u reduced from plenty to poverty i betimes it is the sorrow of being c sed upon the Street unnoticed by s time friends and associates. Some sit is the sorrow of standing by � grave of the once Beautiful and r by wife who has died of a broken i it Over her loved one s degrade c i. 3 Conten t is at Home contentions in society c mentions in the place of business t to entices on the Street. Alcohol i thers most of the broils in this id. If a Man wants perpetual War t him drink. 4, t a wine injures the stomach Breaks Down the nerves and � Reby spoils the disposition. The � Iker soon becomes a Grumbler and t Grumbler is miserable under any y a stances. 5 wounds with go to the police court t Norrow morning and see the Black � a broken noses crippled arms and 1 a chewed ears and More serious s entirely unnecessary wounds that t come through drink. 6 red i s of eyes the sign of Dis tempered 1 in and premonition of approach � insanity and death. Be that so things come from wine not t Rev from the stronger distilled lors. I. The Only Wise attitude to d wine 31. Look not thou upon this is total abstinence h a vengeance. Not Only Don t a but Don t it is Good ice inspired advice. If a thing it to be left alone leave it alone Ray. There Are Many who do not in to sin but they will just look the sin. That look is fatal. Eve t looked then she lusted then she then she died Gen. 3 6. Many Tan and woman has taken the same h to the drunkard s grave and the Nard s hell. I would t drink in for anything but i do like to to at it. It has such a Beautiful r. It sparkles so. How smoothly Ould go Down just look there t a sip now. Delicious another t one More. What is the matter m dizzy. I am drowsy. I am d. I Don t look at it. Ii. At the last 82. At the three significant words. If a could Only see the end from the j inning How Many things they t lid leave undone which they now j before entering upon any course action we ought always to ask ire it ends. There is a Way that � meth right unto a Man but the j thereof is the ways of death j a. 14 12. The Way of the wine 1 Iker is undoubtedly such a Way. J v. The wine Drinker s eyes and " it 38. Thine eyes shall behold Tnge r. A indeed y shall. They shall see things out All proper proportion they shall double they shall see snakes and asters and devils. The drinking a has perverted vision physical ital moral. Folly looks like wis and Wisdom looks like Folly it appears wrong and wrong apr right. A Man who is truthful honest and pure when sober will and steal and commit abomination in he has drank a Little. Wine in acetates men for business for i 3y, for decent living. If we take rendering of the a. V., the verse till True for when the stomach is of wine the eyes Are full of lust. Alsus. As to the expense of this the ice great As it is that we least de the lore for the loss of a Ney we hate. T least. On the contrary we should Velut Content were the Money and the Rice to perish together. We should t Content to pay that Hundred Mil that ions As yearly tribute would this fee enemy to god and Man this foe tour peace and piety leave these with Hores. We wish to keep and were it possible to get Back something far to at Nore precious than Money. Give that the nother Back her son As he was on the Lay when he returned from his a god her s grave and in All the affection f his uncorrupted boyhood walked of the House of god with a widowed keeping woman leaning on his Arm. N3ive that grieved Man Back his Rother As innocent and Happy As in those Days when the boys twined in � Sach. Other s arms returned from school Bent Over the same Bible slept in the same bed and that the Day would come should Blush for Broth. Or. Give this weeping wife who sits. Before us wringing her hands in tears dripping through Ler jewelled fingers and the lines of j j sorrow prematurely drawn on hex Beautiful her Back the d Nan she loved such As he was when. Ler Young heart was won when they the stood Side by Side on the nuptial Day my receiving her from a fond a a her s hands he promised his love to Jne whose heart he has broken and hos once Graceful form now bends. Vith sorrow to the ground. Give me track As a Man the friends of my a Mouthful Days whose wrecks now lie. Hick on this wreck strewn Shore relieve us of the fears that lie Leavy on our hearts for the character ? my the souls of some who hold Par ? by with the Devil by this forbidden � a ree and Are floating on the outer " de of that great Gulf Stream which sweeps its victims Onward to most p t woeful ruin. Could this be done we a Ifould not talk of Money. The Hundred millions which drink costs this Jovand is not to be weighed or even 5 mentioned with this. Hearts Are broken which no Money can heal. � � Rachel is weeping for her children a refusing to be " nov tits . Bald and deadly drugs in whisky. The or. B. H. Warren state pure food this commissioner of Pennsylvania has a a Nade a startling discovery regarding Wou he cheap grades of whisky sold All Pec ver the state. In Altoona he said most of the cheap whisky sold in Pennsylvania i have discovered by analysis is manufactured from Wood alcohol and red or India Pepper the Atter element giving the deadly dose he desired snap i was astounded a when the chemists informed me of sity heir findings in a number of cases ten ind immediately had Over 1000 Sam Down Les taken up Over the state. Ninety Best Ive per cent of the samples so Fai a examined have shown the presence Cess f Wood alcohol in poisonous Quan and cities along with the Pepper. Some won samples contained arsenic turpentine this my traces of prussic or. Succi Ivarsen said he had instituted pro noun endings in Over 100 cases a there the Peai deadly stuff had been sold. The total t lumber from present indications Junit vill exceed 1000, and May before deed he investigation is completed reach to is 000. No wonder said the doctor than that our asylums Are to is evid c6ss ten to one. To b where the Saloon exists it damns Achien souls for every one that All the j Ger a churches save. It cannot be right sue my nothing can make it right thai Faliu ill these forces of love and pity and philanthropy the life forces of any lation should be perverted and rendered Barren by the Wanton selfish j w less of the careless the ignorant the ours different and the . Charles draw p. Aked in Appleton s. Be d. Our Lincoln s influence. Heart men Are living to Day who were in Enn Lucid to sign the pledge by Abraham Lincoln s convincing arguments Van that he thoroughly appreciated the. Menace of liquor evils is evidenced Ness. Y his declaration on the very Daj h the if his tragic death that the next t Marl we have got to straighten Oul Wujec s the liquor . A helps in Broadway Magazine. Hrncir change your doctor. J in the thaire of the Crystal pal be London Cardinal Manning Waje addressing a great meeting of it deem members of a Temperance or Cranza j Ion. I will confess to you he said Fentus that i do not practice what i preach oenj2 am not a total abstained myself j5. Lecause m. Doctor won t let me be thereupon a voice came be Topmost gallery change you thank you for the hint Slid the Cardinal i and from that time a total a a Sta incr. Mola put l p whisky against bibles. If the so called reformers of Des Loines insist on interfering with oui _ business As we conduct it under the Tourn in or try to drive us out of Busi state Ess. We will see which will go the us farthest in the barrel of team risky or a bus Iel of bibles said George Judd who was recently Recor elected president of the Des Moines of co retail liquor dealers association. In oink Boston has apparently t feed for lib Cense by from 8000 to 10,0c/0 votes by reduction of about one Hraf Avon the Ajjie majority of last year. Field freed for up Dally rare j11tytonono Rev pfc Jan Fields Jill w holy writ 1 Muford Gimel a &.25-- cd a the aching spot. Not surely Tell if this be so Ruer or to me it seems to grow it every life holds hid some aching spot will not heal however time May go not know How soon it strikes the heart bitter stinging pain that leaves thu smart Only know it clings through Wear years Tift to come and sluggish to depart. Merely through the measure of Delight Nerry madness of a Festal night re comes the slow Dull pain of sold thought the world seems wrong and lacking quite. 1 even mid the holy things of All solemn music beats the outhit Wall. I 1 half the prayers of priests apostles saints Jitter wails of grief that Rise and fall Little Novice in her strange cramped lot aider nun who Long ago forgot big Broad world in narrow Convent life. E veil and Black they hide an Achion spot be i wonder if the White Clad throng walk the upper Golden Street along 1 that vague want and Droop a satisfied god s great lilies and the cease Lear song yet. They Tell me sorrow there is not pain is swept away and every blot n. When we climb the shimmering Steep of heaven pity us and heal the aching snot j a. P. In parable of the prodigal son. Iver certainly in human language so a world of love / Wisdom and sed into such few immortal is. Every line every touch of picture is full of Beautiful Eter significance. The poor boy s for All that life i give leaving of to hts journey to a far coun the Brief spasm of enjoyment the mighty famine in that the premature exhaustion of hat could make life Noble abysmal degradation unutterable misery that followed coming to himself and the Reo Ilion of All that he had left bet the return in heart broke tence and deep la Star off sight of him and the r of compassion Over this Pool ring ringing Job the whole household Over him who been loved and lost and had now i unjust jealousy and o complaint of the elder brother then that close of the parable in 4 Ain of , thou Art even me and All that i have is thine Ras meet that we should make by and be glad for this thy her was dead and is alive again As lost and is found. Ii this is indeed a divine epitome the wandering of Man and the Lovo Rod such As no ear of Man has heard elsewhere. Put in the scale All that confucius or Sakya no or Zoroaster or Socrates Ever or they wrote and Many Beautiful and holy words. Put in the other the parable of prodigal son alone with All that single parable Means and can candid spirit doubt which scale id outweigh the other in eternal iou Ness in divine adaption to slants of Man?.the late Canon i. Farrar. After succeeding. Lere is no test of character quite Jere As that of Success. Adv Rishard on a Man but Success i times harder. Adversity or right failure challenges All the that there is in one to Rise up conquer in spite of defeat. Such rings Challenge go improve upon the Success already but it is harder to respond to Challenge. If at first you do 5ed" is the title of a Sermon anic Edby that vigorous pastor a d Cher or. Ernest Bourner Allen Oledo in a Winter course to Hia. R congregation. The message Iff de. More people Are succeeding by and in More different lines Ever before. It takes strength succeed and that very strength need and developed by the Auci which it proved itself ought tolerant of past and present vement and to press on to big find better things. Unless it does 2ss Marks the beginning of times. 4 getting ready to Pray. E would take care so to manage saves All Day especially when it s toward night that we May not i fitted and put out of Frame for evening devotions that our to May not be overcharged either a hand by surf Eiting and drunks As theirs often Are who Are of pleasure or on the other with the cares of this life As s often Are who Are men of Busic Otthat we have command of our thoughts and of our time we May finish our work Well h will be aft Earnest of our finish Aurline s work y. F Icline an i 7o/inn%swl/nunujiicu Auu a Ucci Sivu whatever May be the defeats of j age it is distinguished and Reed by its deep interest in for missions in the for future this re of our generation will be rec Edas its chief . Watkinson. Be Ever mindful. Y Christ about whom you do not is As Good As a dead Christ As s you Are . Or. Ren. W world s Bowling record world s Bowling record for Ament scores was broken at the Bowling tournament Colum Ohio the Krollman five Man from Cincinnati scoring a total 31 in three games beating the d of the Bonds five Man team Lumbus made at the tournament Cincinnati last year by four a Honing helps convict escape. Ben a Flash of lightning put out gets in the county jail at springmo.,Oscar Rowe escaped to of through a Coal Chute. K

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