Abbeville Press And Banner in Abbeville, South-Carolina
3 Mar 1909

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Abbeville Press And Banner in Abbeville, South-Carolina
3 Mar 1909

Read an issue on 3 Mar 1909 in Abbeville, South-Carolina and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Abbeville Press And Banner.

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Abbeville Press and Banner (Newspaper) - March 3, 1909, Abbeville, South CarolinaThe father of a hhhh1 is Smarr 03sbjsm i in the Garden of the Tuil eries ii erected to the memory of Charles Perr stories published in 1697, the literary sleeping Beauty Little red Riding h Cinderella Tom thumb and othe per s weekly. The country s smallest House c great Barrington lays claim to the smallest House in America. The House 0 is on East main Street in a densely c populated part of the town and is but eight feet wide twelve feet Long j and nine feet High. It is occupied by Charles Wright who claims that the dwelling is As Cosey a place As could be found and that he has lived there for the greater part of four years and found it very comfortable. In order not to overheat the House Wright Cooks Only one meal a Day. The House was put up because there was not room enough to put up a larger one says Wright and i wanted to make some use of the Wright who while not wealthy is possessed of comfortable Means declare that the House answers his fact he believes that he adds to his Comfort by having the Kitchen dining room parlor and re i caption room All in one. I the House is a Little Small and at i times i seem to have my feet too ii close to the stove but i Only burned t about half a ton of Coal one cold win c Ter and a Peck of Wood will make the s room very comfortable says Wright g there Are four windows and it is As o Cosey a spot As one could ask for. I p Only Cook the morning meal Here for to if i cooked later in the Day one could h the smallest hoi i not stand it at night. For a time i c had another Man living in the House c with me but now i am living a Boston Post. I s the oldest Symbol. C the Swastika is the oldest known t Symbol having its origin in the Cross i and Circle. The Swastika is now held t in common acceptation to be Ligniti i cant of Good Luck. Investigation of b the records of every known race has a Rornolo to Apoc of Trio Cwa Ahern Tho o Symbol was Early introduced into in c Tia apparently in connection with 1 Sun worship. O improved Tennis Marker. E two Illinois men have invented a r decided improvement on the old style 1 Tennis court Marker for with their t i. I device either liquid or powder can be s used and a clean lasting Job can be r Dona in a very Short time. The Mark i Mother a a a. A Bow Ryer fun so Doss Deneb Khuans a a Paris a Monument has just been Ault through whose Mother Goose y world first Learned to know the Ood bluebeard puss in boots r immortals of the out undesirable seed. The real up to Date Farmer follow the most scientific methods in the operation of his ground is taught 0 make use of the selected material my in order that the species May be instantly improved following the i in of the survival of the fittest. For stance in the selection of the seed a be placed in the ground he is not intent merely to select the Best species but wherever possible he will o carefully Over the seed and pick it Only the largest specimens to be laced in the ground. If this manner a product is generally of a much higher Standard. It is difficult to 7se in America. Arry out this selective scheme in the ase of Corn and similar seeds which re made use of in great quantities n the Case of Corn however the mall kernels Are generally at the tip if the ears and in order to get rid of hese undesirable pieces a Corn Tipper Las been invented. The device seems o have been suggested by the Famila Pencil Sharpener. It is operated y a Small Crank and has a Cone with tooth Interior the top of the Cornar being placed in this revolving up All the Small seed Are Cut off having Only the full sized kernels n the Star. T consists of a hollow wheel profiled by a handle bar. The Edge he wheel which is about two inches via is Perior Atea Ana it revolved upon a hollow a is. Extending up Long the handle bar is a Hopper with extensions communicating with the to now Axis and into this Hopper the material to be used for marking is toured. A Cord is Laid Down along he line desired and by trundling the Heel along the Cord the White substance inside filters through the peroration Sand leaves a Broad Well de Nedline the edges of which Are not r r\1r Divinc re Amii i & a Ujj of Ivy Uvo Oulu As air ice t Hen a Brush is used and which often Oake it difficult to determine when a fall is in or it takes a few minutes to Mark an entire court with Uch a machine. Speaking of the engagement of Princess Jularia Zug Osenburg und Jud Ingen to adm or Robinson of Baltimore the Vienna Neue Presse ays this is the first time that a Eal German Princess goes to the Ollar the pulpit. Tow 1 of to Mav a scholarly sunday Sermon by Mer father Murray. Ear Twoie Esta Constitution of the Church. Enact Sho Nom Jtj of Long Island City n. Cam Murray of St. Mary s Church one preached sunday morning on the som Constitution of the Church from this text All Power is Given to me in head a j in and in Earth. Go therefore teach thei be All nations baptizing them in the pow name of the father and of the son a and of the holy ghost teaching them tie to observe All things whatsoever i Wou have commanded you and behold i am with you All Days even to the of consummation of the father read Murray said u8e s this is the Constitution of the Wou Church. We find it at the end of the. First gospel. It is the greatest Docu Selv ment of All time. It applies to every q land till time shall be no More. It is Ujj Brief and it is perfect. It suiters no the amendment. God is its author. Jas it is god that gave it it is from Guje him it derives All its importance. The and its importance is to be measured Tbleby the importance of its author. Gun other constitutions there Are framed Gide by men Rich in blessings but they Are for nation. This is for a world. Fall nations die and with them their Coto thee Salt muons. I is will ensure As Iulg jux w As the race. Manifold Are its blessings As was to be expected from its author of whom the Meek and in to Spires Moses is the head of the Book by records. In the beginning god to created heaven and Earth " such is a god. The Prophet Isaias tells us that he saw the seraph the highest choir of Angels in the presence of their creator and that he heard them cry Bing one to another holy holy holy l h i the lord god of hosts All the Earth is full of his great then Constitution of the Church. M i have told you that it a god iat a that gave the Constitution of the h Church. Its words Are the words of a ? Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ is god. The second person of the blessed Trinity. From eternity this person had All Power in heaven and in f this same divine person Ashe person of Christ s humanity Zvy. Which he assumed that he might suf tier for us has now also All Power in \ f heaven and in when a died � As Man for he could not die As god a. He merited All Power. This is the. Power he refers to in the preamble of the great Constitution that he gave the to his Church. This Power is the j a source and strength of that cons Titu j Tion. L it was for us Christ died. With ? out doubt when he died for us he. Showed us the deepest affection. To use Lincoln s expression on the Field of Gettysburg he paid the last full 1�, measure of when he gave his life he made a sacrifice so. Much greater than the sacrifice of our lives would be As a divine person is greater than we. Jesus has been r. So Good to us that we ought to regard him As an other self. 5� t the Power that Christ merited we a find him shortly using in our inter ests. He first uses it in sending his i apostles to teach men the new thing that had come to pass. How else could they know that they had a Saviour his command was teach be ? All great As was that command it was not equal to the Charity de that prompted it for Jesus is love it self. And in what was he their Saviour he was to save them from " their sins. That we do not App re you elate the evil of sin is Man s great a for misfortune. We know that if we a Aidini predate the evil of sins we would not which commit them. If they Are blotted out she Only by the blood of the son of god tons it is no wonder that we do not under her. Stand them. We do understand sin feel enough to know that it is disgusting Essa and injurious. How disgusting and of w injurious then must it appear in the t1 sight of god the philosophers give Swee us another aspect of sin. They Tell Able us it is a privation a want of some Man thing we ought to possess. Want first sometimes becomes very hard to Bear May sin in the soul is the greatest want. It. For it Means want of spiritual life. A like Dagger will kill the body. Sin is the int roof. It us see now the Way in which one Church uses her Power. Certain if a was Given that it might be used. Uses it in baptism according to command baptizing them in Prii name of the father and of the and of the holy con ring that we Are so very weak be Jose we have the misfortune to into sin after baptism what i a. Christ s heart was too big. On As Christ that said whose sins con shall forgive they Are forgiven Vair it was Christ also that said Gist less you eat my flesh and drink _ blood you shall not have life in " if the substance of the Vir p i body became the body and blood n Christ Why should it be hard Farr Laxa to whom All Power in heaven in Earth was Given to change the ton stance of bread and wine into his a 1 and blood would it not Rath 500,1 e a legitimate use of that Flat Power that he received a Over he received it to use it. Is not Christ present with Hia out cd to Day Active though invest he Church has seven Sacramenta. Cali has a special sacrament for every rant juncture of our lives. Pentane the eucharist May be re. 3d frequently. Therefore Power / h should be a prominent charac tic of the Church is most Gener Jaq y applied to us. Rne in urdu Aiau i her Power in her Many blessings. Us lie Church in her labors for the vation of souls comforts the poor n must always be the Many with Promise of riches in heaven. She them that they do not suffer poverty in vain. The Rich she w0 its to Charity under the Promise Reward. The powerful she re Colo ins from oppressing the weak Byng them that they will have to an account. The poor and the. It Are her special care As they 1 the special care of Christ when said the poor have the gospel hav Ched to therefore they Aga e All should fill our churches Gale Rould be hard to Tell the Many pee ovations the Church has brought you he poor. To use the words of is through the Church every a shall be exalted and every any stain and Hill shall be made Low you the crooked shall become straight we the rough ways Plain. And the just 7 of the lord shall be revealed Don All flesh together shall see that Mouth of the lord hath � personal feeling. C a no matter of principle Elzi know answered a lady when a lend expressed Surprise that in Cros la to carry out an Enterprise in Oral h she was engaged with others of c had accepted plans and Assoc a. I known to be disagreeable to it was Only a Little personal ring of mine and it was not near that it should have the right Hii ay.". Cum in reply revealed a character Dek it and Strong trained to reason Peri Tiess and unselfishness. With too Nai y the personal feeling is always and claims free course whatever to be hindered or pushed aside by of a mood and prejudice like and Dis Latic Toko the right of Way and Dom i the life everything with which have to do must go carefully Jha d them if it goes at All. 1 is rare self control when one hat wo1 led to govern one s likes and Dis Irather than he governed by i to say to such feelings you \ exist but you shall not Rule your Justice the right of others git take precedence nes l Lor to develop child Faith. In thoughtful biographer has re go Jed in dealing with the life of a a i. Ted missioner whose Early man1had been spent away from St that careful observation ha9 iced him that when the hearts c be Young Are turned Christ Ward Des Jugh Early impression May seem descent the first directions Rea Termany naturally As strongly deprecated that Dos it gement of Early piety which h. Is by no Means an uncommon lat on the part of thoughtless a Jujj 3. This he terms a terrible and a e awful mistake and adds be the right course is by every Lod and by a religious Atmos. 1 e of Home ? and school to form 1?. Clinging of Faith which is Natu 01 in o a child. Where there is a Rich re there will be emotion. To image the emotion in such a Case b be to prevent or kill the Fai a. A Fly child emotion will be corrected Ime the Faith through it May � t to falter will through god s t a assert itself Stian. Vej the convincing argument. � definition of truth or argument h Ruth can equal the effectiveness go life. It is important to re Mem w this As we find ourselves being de away with Zeal for our own Vej statements about the gospel. P Sley in his preface to hype it says of the fifth Century that churches of the East were Van before Mohammedan invade strongly living Trust in that whom the christians while they 3 and persecuted each other for ments about him. Were denying blaspheming in every action of _ men try to prove by that certain courses Are right thing that what you Are thus that i cannot hear what you _ our one universally convince g argument for christianity must i go on two is. Only touched. Present we have Only touched Reat Enterprise of foreign mis with the tips of our Finger definite commands of our lord adequacy of other religions the needs of men. The blessings that Spany the spread or the gospel i re us to put our hearts into the 1 Rev. Charles drown. J he exceptional equipment he California. Fig syrup co. And the Nti fic attainments of its chemists haired possible the production of syrup figs and elixir of Senna in All of in Allence by obtaining the pure Media principles of plants known to act of a facially and combining them to fully in the right proportions wit wholesome and refreshing syrup c Fomia figs. La there is Only one genuine syrup 3 and elixir of Senna and As the Gei 3 is manufactured by an origin Hod known to the California Fig syrup Only it is always necessary to buy to line to get its beneficial effects. L knowledge of the above facts Enath to decline imitations or to return thei Pon viewing the package the full Nan he California Fig syrup co. Is not four item on the front thereof tie Hong King Harbor has a water Are in Miles and is regarded a one of to St in the world. Domestic Eye remedy pounded by experienced physician forms to pure food and drugs Lawi is friends wherever used. Ask Drui 3 for Murine Eye remedy. Try purim reads average annual Rice crop j de at 2,560,000/x 0 pounds. Harmful drugs in Garfield Tea nature , is composed wholly of Clear it health giving herbs for cons tip liver and kidney troubles. Joey Island is sometimes visited b Joo people a Day. Good honest remedy for Breu Matisjr Ralgia and sore Throat is Hamlin Ara Oil. Nothing will so quickly drive All pain and inflammation. Tie largest Orchard in the world is fornia. V""pin\siyl.1 cures the Aidi i to Uil Given on the Tong in Isle Sidney remedy 6 a Jpn i sold by All drug paid by the main Spohn medic urn am r Joro Pood brighter and faster colors than Adye any garment without ripping apart. I kentuckian s Defiance. O All your whimpering nonsense have this Only to say if to e any grievance in your syster inst us for anything we have done i insinuated or even thought Jue ise come to our office invite us t is Call us by phone or meet u Street or arrange a Meetin Way to suit yourself and spit of r grievance to us personally 11 gladly cuss quarrel fight o merely jaw with Democrat. Cucumber oranges. Outdoing Burbank a new England Ard Howard s. Hill of Gardner is., has produced a vegetable i s Between the Cucumber and Thi nge. It is Fine grained said delicious taste and yellow. I had Orange and Cucumber on and without thought mixed to Ler some pulp of the two sail. The product was mostly cd Iber but the Orange gave it a mos Citable flavor. Then i began sex Home Jour Irkey holds the record for the number ged persons in proportion to the Popr n. Only one Bromo quinine t is laxative Broma quinine. Loo the signature of e. W. Grove. Used thid Over to cure a cold in one Day. 25 Hen a Possum gets a big head. Vatch out How you come and wha Gwine i never seen a Possum de big head w in he Felt his fats but some hungry Hunter com in wid a dog an a gun an Foda sum snowed Dat Day Wiz break de Hunter had him in de bag be Home wid him Ter Brakas int Constitution. 1 1st Pittsburg. Hea Liness is not next Godl a it s next to vs.n.y.8 Rory woman will be interested. You have pains in the Back. Urinary Laer or kidney trouble Ana want Sant Herb cure for woman s ills to her Gray s australian Leaf. It is a Rel regulator. All druggists 50 Samp e. The Mother Gray co., Leroy n. I Lere Are More women members of club jew York City than in any other to s in the world. Fortar Toiani. 5 per cent. Pertici Pallait collateral Trust Bonds 1 c per cent. Per annul m � payable Seuile annually w denominations $100, $500, $1000. Foj Koch individual Bond a absolutely y secured by improved income bearing 9 Boro. Of Manhattan City of new York h Kopl estate. Held in Trust by full u warranty deed to a responsible Trust p company. 9 the bit the safest h the most profitable Fol Security in the world h offering equal ratio and stability of j income with safety and profit to t principal. M we offer these Kondon at Pak. H subject to prior Sale write Tor full information and Story of an Ideal new Netherland holding t Security co., Soo Kluth air. A Lork. Profit. B before the constant hacking tear la lungs exposing them to the Ravi Wei goes straight to the seat of the grf the lungs and quickly relieves u it pleasant taste and Freedom from mra remedy for children. At the Majl the Little ones you will saves sure but not at All improbable. 3t the matter is of timely interest Yin View of the differences of Opi nation As to the transmission of Bovine Edh tuberculosis. The vast difference be. Of tween Bird tuberculosis and the he toe Man variety has Long been known and it raises the suspicion that there yield May be very Many kinds of tubercle Bacilli some of which produce in Tylke Man other conditions than tuber culo. P Sis As we now consider it. By. In the revelation that bubonic plague is in reality a rat disease and that get some rats have a tolerant immune � 59 to to the germ has raised compare at of n Tive pathology to extreme import dance. It is now necessary to study c c t1 Jcj the parasites of every lower animal with a View of discovering which of oui Thorn Nan Prist in Man either a form. A Lessly or medi their in Cine. Peruna paid. Piles cured in 6 to 14 Days. 3. Pazo ointment is guaranteed to cure any s. Case of itching Blind bleeding or protruding Vij piles in 6 to 14 Days or Money refunded. 50c. The Tunnel which will eventually connect � is Sicily with Italy will be nearly nine Miles Moul l0ng Brown 8 for irritation of the Throat coughs � or hoarseness Brown s bronchial. A troches Are exceedingly beneficial. In boxes 25 cents. Samples mailed free 1 y John i. Brown & s what you ask for because genuine articles e 9 imitations Are not advertised but depend. Be ability of the dealer to sell Yon something 1 Good when you ask for the genuine Beca j on the imitation. Why accept imitations 1 t Lune by insisting i refuse it Latiol r More than 5000 tons of hides and skins Al hip i Are exported annually from Siberia. Kuffa mrs. Winslow s soothing syrup for children m8 teething softens the Gums reduces int Lamma Kuju k Tion allay pain cures wind Colic,25c a bottle mme Japan gets 188,006 recruits yearly for her a regular army. I j Hale s Honey of of horehound and tar i l gears the Rea the voice j i Holm a sold by druggists 9 Tea Mim i and Ever looked in i i Iri Ooshi Pike s Toothache drops i � my cure la one minute i up. 4tjmi/ methi 1.11 11 fix lbs. Nho Eit amen b y/11 caution it color toilet Antiseptic Phi nothing like it for w Cea Tup tuft ii it be Axce j by Dentifrices it i i i n in cleansing whitening and removing tartar from the Teeth besides destroying All germs of decay and disease which Ordinary tooth preparations cannot do. V Yiju of Lulitu Baxtine used As a Mouth might i Jiuu Iii Wash disinfects the Mouth and Throat purify Ian the breath and kills the germs i which collect in the Mouth causing sore Throat bad Teeth bad breath Grippe and much sickness. To Picc Wen inflamed tired ache Mai fit l l to my bum May be instantly relieved and strengthened by Baxtine. W rat add puke will destroy the germs Iannon that cause Catarrh heal the inflammation and Stop the discharge. It is a sure remedy for uterine Catarrh. Baxtine is a harmless yet powerful is. Germicide disinfectant and Deodorizer. Used in bathing it destroys doors and a v leaves Pic us ukr a Ami. �. For Sale at drug st0res.50c. A Flor postpaid by mail. Of urge Sample free he the Paxton toilet co. Boston. Mass. The i the Repa and the t All la the prove Loren s cough r 25. The delicate membrane of Throat and in r i ii i a. Ives or deadly disease Rusov Urc pkg 134-l trouble stops the cough strengthens set healthy conditions. Because of its dangerous ingredients it is the Ideal cd Gist symptoms of a cough or cold in rj9 Jarrow and suffering if you m m h Piso s cure bar exp %3 1 i � Al article e of an imitation. Imi article. The genuine is j i Are the advertised ones. For their business on the 11\ claimed to be Jost As use he makes More profit Hen you can get the Gen i r pc get what you to ask fori a Csc St Brockton mass. I Blain plasters of Relief and permanent cure or Money med. One plaster does it. By mall Fletr to. Ghat specially co.,, n. Cd r Jtj Iasi he in shaving i ids More or less than extra a h pay a big Price fora safety razor. M it part that counts for anything Kab do. But Pood Blades even the i Lades Doi t warrant the Price demanded for the razor. Cost Rit of what von inv for a cafe to razor is for the Frame of Deta in that Don t figure it h razor s value. 9 this for yourself. H can Stamps Bra prs you one of these postpaid by mall ook i b. Hol Sei Onard Street new Vork

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