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Abbeville Press and Banner (Newspaper) - July 21, 1909, Abbeville, South CarolinaLove. Love is jealous of command richly clothed and Tine. Love is just a Little hand tightly clasped in s an ache a Stab a smart or a Balm divine. Love s a Little tender heart and that heart is mine. Love walks wondrously Complete with jewels All Ashine. Love s a Little pair of feet. Keeping Pace with mine. London chronicle. I by Frank Lillie Pollock. To the Trent River runs a tumultuous course among the Canadian rocks be fore it finally tumbles into Lake us 1 Perior. It is so broken that in most parts passage in a Canoe Means As much carrying As paddling and the 4 shores Are so rugged and covered with tangled undergrowth that travel afoot verges on the impossible. Probably the difficulty of fishing it has helped to keep it one of the Best Trout streams on the North Shore. A camping party from Duluth consisting of Walter Pearson and his brother Joe with three companions four canoes and five Indian guides attempted it last summer however and reached a Point about fifteen Miles from the River Mouth. Here the party stopped and a couple of Days later Walter and Joe dropped Down the Stream in one of the canoes to try the River a mile or two below Camp. There were rapids on an average every fifty Yards but most of them could be run. Between them were stretches of deep rapid water where the big fish Lay. If they had wished they could have half filled their Canoe with Small Trout but anything under a Pound went Back into the water again and they even began to despise any fish that did not give a ten mint i Eric ref Honro Hornc inn Ripert about a mile and a half below 1 Camp however they came to a diff c cult rapid which had been audible for a Long time. Here the water rushed t through and Over a Medley of Irreg s near boulders and then after some s ten rods of smooth Swift current s poured Down a Cataract of several feet. Huge Black rocks split and c tumbled broke up the Cascade and the hoarse Roar filled the Pine Woods f with sound. 1 even if the first rapid could be negotiated the second certainly was impossible. The intervening space looked exceedingly promising How Ever and As there is hardly room v for two Fly rods in a Canoe Walter f landed to fish from the Bank. To a then dropped Down As near As he � dared to the rapid anchored the a Canoe to a Boulder by a Buckskin t thong and began to throw his flies 8 into the Foamy water just at the foot 0 of the fall. Al Here the Shore was less encumbered than usual the thickets were a farther from the water and Walter c had reasonable space for his tack r cast. There were Trout Between the a cataracts As they had guessed. Wal s Ter was kept Busy from his first cast and when he had time to glance at h Joe s proceedings his brother seemed a to be equally fortunate. D but at one of these hurried glances h his eve caught something that and a called him. The Buckskin Loop that a held the straining Canoe seemed to be v in danger of slipping from its hold on t the Rock. He shouted but the Roar of the e water drowned his voice. He hurried up the Bank opposite the Canoe. It s was True the thong was slipping from u its hold. It is difficult to tie a rope round a Rock with Security. 11 he yelled again but Joe had just d hooked a fish and his attention was n fully absorbed. At this Walter took v to throwing stones. He succeeded 11 finally in sending one with a thump d into the Canoe and Joe looked up. He caught the direction of his Broth e or s pointing Arm glanced astern and 1 seemed to grasp the danger like a � Flash. A he dropped his Rod and snatched 11 at the paddle but it was too late. The Loop slipped free the Canoe shot Forward and before Joe could dip the paddle overboard it whirled broadside on into the rapids. 1 instantly it capsized. Joe went out 0 of sight in the foam and water and e then Walter saw him floating Down r on the current below the rapid. He a was on his Back with his face just 11 above water and he did not move a limb. Walter shouted again but got no response. Joe had not been submerged Long enough to be drowned but he had evidently been knocked senseless against the stones. Then Walter realized the new and greater danger. Joe was Drifting rapidly head Foremost toward the secon Cataract and no one could dive Down that fall and live. The rocks at the Bottom of this Cascade would brain the strongest swimmer. Walter dropped his Rod and rushed into the water. The strength of the s swirling current came near sweeping t him from his feet. It was clearly too deep to Wade and he was a poor knew Well that he could never reach his brother in time. They Wouita go Over me ran to Geiner. Joe was More than thirty feet from c Shore. Walter thought of a Long 1 pole and splashed madly ashore again. A caught sight of his fishing 1 Rod. With its Hundred Yards of Strong and perfect silk line on the reel. Joe was now about Twenty Yards above the Cascade and it seemed to i Walter that he was moving slightly As he drifted that he was beginning to struggle As if he were coming to his senses. But it was too late to swim and struggling would Only put his head under water. Rod in hand Walter ran into the River again As far As he dared to go. I his brother was Twenty feet farther 1 out and coming Down fast. He 1 measured the distance with his Eye. Reeled out the line waving the Rod in the air and then with a turn of his wrist the delicate Rod shot the pair of flies out across the water. I the difficulty was not in the i Ngali of the cast it was to Hook the flies in his brother s clothing. The flies Fel a Yard beyond Joe s body. He Dre them in. They slipped Ove his Chest one of them seemed to catch for a instant but it came free at the first tug. Desperately water swished the flies out of the water for another cast. Meanwhile Joe had floated farther. He was terribly near the Cataract and moving faster As the current quickened. And now Walter saw that he was unmistakably moving his hands feebly in a half conscious attempt to swim. He saw that he would have time to throw but once More. This cast meant his brother s life or death and Bis nerves grew Cool with the waded a Little farther into the Stream leaning against the current to keep his balance. The line whirled again and shot jut and again the gut fell across foe s shoulders with the flies in the Vater on the other Side. With the greatest care Walter Drew in the line. Be of the flies dragged Over the body is before. The other caught broke Oose and caught again in Joe s coat Lear the Collar and then the Rod Bent Vith the sudden Strain of 150 pounds loading downward on the Strong current. Walter was using a steel Rod lighter and stronger than any wooden one it he feared for his line. The current pulled hard and he dared not exert too much Force. Joe s body swung round the head up Stream the get toward the Cataract and the currents lit and ripped in Spray Over Lis head. The Lithe Rod Bent hoop like there was a struggle for a moment i deadlock Between the Stream and he new Force and then Walter Felt hat he could not hold it. His tackle Rould never stand the Strain. With the Check on the reel he let it line Inch by Inch to ease the resistance and meanwhile he endear Trento swing his brother across the current and nearer the Shore. He was partly successful. Joe ame Over in an arc of a Circle under he pull of Rod and line but the current pulled harder and for every Nch he gained thus Walter had to let Tut a foot of line. Yet he thought in was going to Cin and he might have won but the Ilow Sid Wise motion suddenly Leemei to Shriner toe into a swifter trip of the Stream. There was a stronger tug. A Yard if line went out unintentionally and Lefore Walter could Check it Joe was poised at the very head of the fall Langing at the end of the taut vibrating line while his feet wavered d the Rushing current. It was the crisis. Walter stopped he reel and brought the Rod backward bringing All its Stift Nesa into Lay. It seemed minutes but probably it was not two seconds. The it cast parted with a loud crack and the line snapped Back into Waler space like a whiplash. Joe was one like lightning. He had shot Iver the he had gone feet first Walter splashed out of the water and ran round to the Bottom of the attract. Joe was there Drifting found and round in a circular Eddy and As he came within a Yard of the Hore Walter dragged him in. His face was Cut his coat was torn Talf off him and he was unconscious gain a evidently half drowned if nothing else. Walter worked Over in for what seemed an interminable time before he came to himself and then he was far too faint and sick Rith the knocks he had received and he amount of water he had Swald Weto be Able to walk. His Broth finally had to leave him while e hurried Bact ror a Coupie or xae guides who presently transported the Lucky Fisherman to Camp. The Canoe was found stranded a Aile below in a badly battered himself was battered Ala Ostas badly. From head to foot Heas covered with bruises that made movement impossible for a couple of ays and unpleasant for a week. His legs had suffered worst howver and they had saved his head f he had gone Over the fall head first he would never have come out live so that Walter s tackle had held Ong enough to save him after All. Fouth s companion. Saving the lobster and the cod. To insure against the extinction of he cod and the lobster in the Waters f Maine the National government is making unusual efforts this year in stocking. Millions of tiny cod eggs re being collected by the fish commission Steamer Gannett and Deposit Din the hatchery at Boothbay. Since he government began to take an a Ive part in the propagation of the of the fishermen have been making Etter fares and the fish Are now Nore plentiful than they have been or a great Many years. Much credit or the present satisfactory condition s due to the fishermen who Are cooperating with the government in he work realizing that it is of great Benefit to them. Although much of Lannett s time is devoted to the interests of the cod the lobster is not eing neglected. Plenty of seed lobsters Are being secured and these Are related in the same Way As the cod journal. In the Asylum. Yes said the head keeper that s a very interesting Case. He ame to us from Milwaukee last the vi3itor."what caused him to Ose his mind civic Pride yes. He worked Over hours Tryn to make Milwaukee famous.". Cleveland Plain dealer. Army nomenclature. Now then. No. 3, what s a file recruit after deep thought. Any number of men less than Ere. Of Many Nore times do you want to be told a Ile is two men now what s a Deale recruit brightening up two men of d . For Short spurts the Salmon is the fastest swimmer of the fish tribe. Blades that do not need grinding i by e. L. Vincent. At the time of the great Are in san Francisco a big hotel was burned. The Mammoth Iron girders which bad helped to keep the building in shape went crashing into the cellar a confused mass of ruins. Then the question was How to get those heavy crooked girders out. No engine was Strong enough to tug them up. Clearly they must be Cut in pieces before they could be moved. Then some one thought of electricity. A huge Dynamo was brought to the place and set to work. Great streaks of lightning. For that is what they really were. Were directed upon the girders. Straight Down through the hard substance the Blades Cut their Way chopping the Long pieces of steel up into lengths which could be handled by machinery on the surface. So fierce were the rays of Light from these knives of electricity that they could not be watched with the naked Eye. The men who did the work wore Fine strange cup shaped goggles to protect their sight. But the problem was solved and the work went on rapidly. Old sayings. Elegance of appearance ornaments and dress these Are women s badge of distinction in these they Delight and Livius. Nature has Given Beauty to women which can resist Shields and Spears she who is Beautiful is stronger than i Iron and . Women can rarely be deceived for they Are accustomed to . Nothing is better than a Good wife and nothing is worse than a bad one who is fond of gadding . Wiles and deceits Are woman . Would that the race of women had never for me alone. Euripides. Whoever allured by riches or High rank marries a vicious woman is a . Youth feeds on its own flowery pastures in pleasures it builds up a life that knows no trouble till the name of Virgin is lost in that of wife. Sophocles. If a wife can induce herself to sub j m to to tier him hand a Mode ill in paix Culi a of life she will have no difficulty to manage . A woman is most merciless when shame goads on her women Are formed by nature to feel some Consolation in present troubles by having them always in their Mouth and on their . Have a useful and Good wife in the House or Don t marry at Sunset in the red the numerous entrances to the old town of Rothenburg Are guarded by Beautiful watch towers which Are inhabited by impoverished old women who rent their Ariy lodgings for a nominal sum. The red twinkle of their lamps High Over the Dusty streets of Rothenburg at it is As medieval in its lighting As in Many other very charming 1 a of Honan pin elect. Me wans i. D Are a constant Delight to visitors who by dint of much squeezing through narrow passageways and Goping in darkness Are Able to make a circuit of the City getting glimpses on the Way through loopholes of the Green country outside. Wondrous views of the town Are also to be had from Many of the Distant Hills. At Sunset the sight of its Graceful towers and clutter of red roof tops is like a fair vision of Romance. The City blazes for a moment in the fiery Mist then suddenly melts Mirage like in the gathering dusk leaving a sense of something born of a dream the illusion of an enchanter s to Vogue. Importance of Lake Marine. The statistical position of the uni Al Ted states among maritime eau Una is in no Small degree due to the activity of the Lake ship builders. In april they launched 35,255 tons of the total42,091 added to our merchant Marine. While but one steel Steamer big enough to be Worth noting was launched on the Atlantic coast seven took water from the Lake Yards. One of these was of 6528 Gross tons not so Long ago regarded As the dimensions of an Ocean liner. The Lake Marine grows rapidly in Quality As Well As in Quantity. Its new steamers have both High Speed and great carrying capacity and would be easily convertible into warships should our supremacy on those Waters Ever be challenged in a hostile spirit. Not even our naval alarmists worry because our Navy is represented on the lakes by the Wolverine said to be the oldest Man of War in commission in the world and by the antiquated cruisers used by the naval militia As training transcript. Rattling a witness. I will ask you or. Giles said the lawyer proceeding to Cross examine him if on the night of May 16. 1904, you were not threatened with bodily violence by your neighbor for beating your old father on the head with a club sir spluttered the indignant witness what do you mean "oh,.Well," rejoined the lawyer it in t fair perhaps to ask you that question. It has nothing to do with this Case. You need t answer u. That s All or. Giles. You May step Tribune. First to be photographed. To lord Avebury who recently celebrated his seventy fifth birthday belongs the Honor of being the first person in England to be photographed. M. Daguerre brought his famous discovery to London and showed it to lord Avebury s father. To demonstrate its value the inventor snapshot Ted the present peer who was then a Mere . The capacity of the Atlantic cables is 300,000,000 words annually. Only 25.000.000 Are sent. New York areas thai can be worn with or without a Grimpe As the special Day May require is one j that fills an important place in the t girl s outfit. This one is simple yet attractive and can be made from any seasonable material. In the illustration one of the simple Inex pen Ive printed Wash fabrics is finished with piped edges but there Are a great Many available ones. The testis male with Waist and i�k7oiotol Lyuke ainu Tut Iru i a Iii. Maun. Iucci portions. These last Are finished at their upper edges and arranged Over the Yoke. The skirt is straight and the two Are joined by a Belt while the closing is made invisibly at the Back. The Quantity of material required for the medium size ten years is four and three Quarter Yards Twenty-1 four four and one eighth Yards thirty two or three and an eighth Yards forty four inches wide. Striped petticoats. Petticoats of striped Satin Are to be worn this Winter beneath cloth frocks banded with a hem in another color a Black and White Stripe having a band of Pale Blue a Gray and White Stripe having a band of Leaf Green and so on. The greatest attention is being paid to their fit As skirts Are to fit closely about the hips again and to flare out More than Ever at the feet. Waistbands will be tight and neat again and we Are once More to have the perfectly round Waist. Popular Pongee suits. The popular models round at the Waist departments Are the Ecru ones made of real Cluny or of Pongee for two piece suits of Pongee or natural coloured Linen. Such suits Are in especially High favor and the variety of models found to go with them attest the fact. The Cluny Waist is in higher favor than the net one had a rather strenuous Vogue a year ago. 1 Irish lace parasol. An exceedingly ornate parasol is that formed entirely of real Irish Cro t Chet lace. The woman who would t beside Wear a coat of the lace must 1 have marked style of figure and Good height else she will look weighted 1 Down. L Linen braid. Strapping of the Linen and Linen braid trim a Princess gown and coat i of Linen and even the buttons Are Linen covered. The effect is exceed 1 singly soft and Beautiful. 1 i go Iteni Jabot of net. There Are Jabot of net Linen artiste and they Are various rimmed. Silk petticoats used. A considerable number of silk p Coats will be used. But it Loo Low As if lingerie ones would Alec Ake their place. The lingerie on hat Are to be worn Are Dainty a Tilly with lace ruffles and flounces girl s Sailor jumper suit. The Sailor jumper suit is one of t test and Best liked developments hat favorite Model and Here is o Nade from White Linen with bands Lue which is smart and summer i n the extreme. The Long local ouse is drawn on Over the he i without an opening and the big a r Collar makes its pretty and App Iriate finish. In this Case no Shu s worn and for very warm Days a Lor Tennis and other outdoor spot hat style is a most desirable one b he shield can be used Chenev liked. The suit consists of the jumper a he skirt the skirt is straight a an be either pleated or gathered to upper Edge where it can be join of a fitted body lining or to a be the Blouse is made with front a ack portions. It is faced at t front and the Collar is joined to t Leek Edge. The sleeves Are Simi lain ones with cuffs finishing the Ower edges. The separate shield c e used and adjusted under t Louse or the body lining can be fac o give the effect or again the is an be worn without the shield we he skirt should be attached to a by n place of the body lining. The Quantity of material require or the medium size twelve years Lix and a Quarter Yards Twenty Sev Ive Yards thirty two or three a free Quarter Yards forty four Inch Vith with two and a Quarter Yards Jan Diug. The new dress. Since Low Cut gowns have Beconi he Rule for restaurant dinner a theatre Wear the Demi Toilette h received much attention from Lead designers with the result that no c ume has More Charm than the planned for such occasions. Dyed nets. Fet is not difficult to Dye so to those women who have White Crew 3r Ecru blouses in net or lace Suhich they Are tired May safely tempt colouring Tham at Home. I or popular science $ an apparatus used in Berlin for j o training butchers apprentices in the by killing 01 a. Is by due a Amici method is described in popular apparatus has an indicator and scale which tells the Force of the brow so that the apprentices soon learn just the Force they require j to make the killing As humane As leg possible. The Academy of sciences at Vienna has decided non the creation of phonographic archives which will be divided into three parts and which he will probably be the most remarkable of Library on record. The first Section be will be devoted to examples of euro of Pean languages and dialects of differ Kent Peoples spoken at the beginning tse of the twentieth Century. And. In under the new Laws in effect in "0 new York state there Are of cultists id opticians and optometrists. The Pond Titian seems to have lost importance its As the optometrist is one who Ascer attains and prescribes the character of or the Lens. The technical optician Sim 1-Tiruv,1 y i Suud Lluc i Clio in a i eau Chiwu and directions from the optometrist and and manufactures spectacles and Eye glasses. The Oculi St is a surgeon de who treats the diseases of the Eye. It. A crusade was begun recently against the nun Moth which haste caused havoc among the Pines of the Joe Rausnitz mountains in Saxony. Two big reflectors and an exhaust fan were set up on the municipal electric Plant � of the City of zittau. All night longed two great streams of Light were thrown on the wooded mountainsides a about half a mile away. The Moths came fluttering along the ribbons of Light by the thousands and were de drawn in by the exhaust fan and destroyed. The result of the first Experiment was Twenty nine Kilos of dead Mottys and besides these thousand were destroyed by the arc lights of the City from which the globes had been removed. A Coventry firm has produced an astronomical watch showing the various functions of the heavenly bodies. By its Aid it is possible to Tell what constellations Are visible at any particular time and the relative positions of the Sun and Moon. It shows the Ordinary time and strikes the hours and quarters in the same Way As a clock. The time of Sun rising and setting is set Forth on one of the several dials. The Advent of the seasons is also announced together with the tides. There Are altogether seven dials four being on one Side and three on the other. The watch being not More than two and seven eighths inches in diameter is Little larger than an Ordinary timekeeper. Over four years have been occupied in its production and the value set upon the watch is nearly a thousand pounds. For charge customers. Various schemes for identifying them quickly. When the Trade of a department store is so Large that the floor men and sales people cannot recognize credit customers Vii duo a pediments have been adopted for establishing their identity. The usual system provides for Long Waits while the customer s name is looked up but a quicker method is based on an identification Coin bearing registered number which is sent to the cashier with the credit payment if the customer takes the Purchase with him. One new York firm has augmented this system Byj Small books containing gummed and perforated slips bearing the custom Mer s printed name and address. When making purchases says system the customer merely tears off two of the address slips and hands them to the Salesgirl. One slip is i stuck onto the package As an address a i Label if the goods Are to be delivered and the other is attached to the cashier s account. The scheme saves time and trouble and eliminates the chances of error in transcribing the name and address. It is said to avoid More errors than any other plan in use. Soap tree in Florida. Side by Side grow the soap tree and the tallow tree. The soap tree yields a product from which is manufacture the purest article of soap that is possible to be made. Indeed the pulp of the Berry is a natural soap and will make a lather almost like the manufactured article. The soap Berry tree is now creating widespread inter stand the berries Are being imported from Algiers and China. 1 to f Rone o n lit will pay la ii aut a pvt look after their cultivation. The product of the tallow tree also enters into the product of soap and the two together make a Nice combination and their cultivation should be looked after by those interested in new soap the soap berries make a very Fine Oil and when the Virtues of the tallow tree Are fully known it May also yield a Fine and profitable Oil. The Young Man who now plants out a ten or Twenty acre Orchard of these Trees May drop into an easy Fortune. The happiest. 1 a pin Lonh in the Stone Ruuti i my � ,discussing a june wedding Andrew ies Carnegie said and thank goodness it was t an i International marriage though the i Bride did have eighteen millions. Not appended or. Carnegie be j that i object to International Marn drages wherein the two parties Are. Is Good and honorable and Well no matched. But so Many of these a cards ridges Are like one that a Boston ise cynic described to me. " was it a Happy marriage i asked this bostonian. Of quite said he. The Bride iat was Happy her Mother was Over Joyed. Lord Lapland was in ecstasies of and his creditors i understand were at j in a state of absolutely and uncontrollable Bliss star./111,1 11 .m.g. Assouan. Although he was mild in his speech 9fl and manner the old gentleman played Golf Well. But once when he made j a Footle he ejaculated vehemently the is word Assouan a few minutes later when he made another bad h play he repeated Assouan the he fourth time one of his friends said a i certainly do want to be Insul Eltive but will you Tell me Why 9r y u say Assouan so often Well Raj said the old gentleman in t that the is biggest dam in the world he was in a City journal. Bird struck Engineer. W. D. Rinehart a Veteran engine a on the Midland had an unpleasant sex by Prience last night. As he was bring Flag in his train in from Ladoga a Bird h blinded by the headlight flew into the cab striking him in the left Eye. He was blinded by the Shock and the i fireman had to bring in the train. A Cut was inflicted below the Eye but a for no permanent injury is anticipated. 1h Waveland correspondence Indian Apo so Lis news. H the i exceptional 1 equipment i of the California Fig syrup co. And the a scientific attainments of its chemists have a rendered possible the production of syrup of figs and elixir of Senna in All of its a excellence by obtaining the pure medic Inal principles of plants known to act Moet beneficially and combining them most h skilfully in the right proportions with its wholesome and refreshing syrup of in California figs. As there is Only one genuine syrup of 9 figs and elixir of Senna and As the Gen h line in manufactured by an original m method known to the California Fig syrup co. Only it is always necessary to buy the genuine to get its beneficial effects. H a knowledge of the above facts enables h one to decline imitations or to return them he if upon viewing the package the full name of the California Fig syrup co. Is not found h printed on the front thereof cheering him up. 9 Bill said the invalid s Friend h i be come to cheer you up a bit. H i be brought yer a few flairs Bill. I h fought if i was too late they d come in my Andy for a wreak yer know. Don t get Down earned Bill. Lummy Don t h you look rashly but there keep up h yer spirits Ole sport i be come to see h yer and cheer yer up a bit. Nice h Little room you ave Ere but As i 9 see to myself when i was a comin up h wot a Erkard staircase to get a h coffin Globe. Fly when your Back aches h. J a. Venava a n ii in u warning mat u

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