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Abbeville Press And Banner Newspaper Archives Jul 21 1909, Page 1

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Abbeville Press and Banner (Newspaper) - July 21, 1909, Abbeville, South CarolinaThe Abbeville press and Banner i 1 by w. W. & w. E. Bradley. Abbeville. 8. C. Wednesday july 21, 1909. Established 1844 i interesting Story of Patrick Calhoun Jno Temple Graves Washington Patrick Calhoun t f san Francisco traction magnate Whas been on trial for bribery Ami Atli graft since january last is a grands of South Carolina s great statesman John c. Calhoun and made his Hou in the East until about Twenty Yea ago. John Temple Graves chief sectorial writer of Hearst s new Yoi american formerly editor of the a Lauta news and of the Atlanta to Trian is a of Abbeville county s. 5 these facts lend interest to me of i lowing Story told in the new vol Ameri Cau from the pen of John Geupie Graves in 1892 or. Calhoun was the Vii president of the Rich oud Termini now the Southern railway. He a Headquarters in Atlanta Aud Coti Duc de the affairs of the Richmond the Minal through a Stormy session of to Georo legislature in which its inert Persaud consolidations were fierce assailed by the popular element of to Assembly. Col. John d. Wiiliamson was to president of the Chattanooga Ron and Columbus Railroad later Brann of the Central Railroad of Georgi 1 re Nna of the Hoo Fri Zarifi a Hof a the legislature committee Williams insulted Calhoun Calhoun who i never known to lose lies Tempe tranquilly demanded an Apolong a bib Williamson refused. The lie Day Calhoun renewed his demand f an apology which Williamson Agai refused. Challenges Iii i sulter. Then Calhoun formally Challenge Williamson to a Duel. Wll Iiams promptly accepted Calbone s second was capt. Hari Jackson of the Best blood of i Eloigi and himself a famous dualist and e Templar of the code. The prominence of the parties Mac the news of the quarrel and the probable a general throughout to state and the authorities every Whei were on the Lookout for the men. Calhoun and Williamson disappeared from Atlanta with their rest Chi seconds and devoted 22 hours to Strei Nous efforts to Dodge the sheriffs two states in order that they might reach a dueling ground in Alalami Kome sixty Miles eave 01 Nirum Igims on the Way Calhoun curled Bise up of two seats of a passenger car an slept. The fatal spot was reached at 6 p. In., and ave minutes after Calhou and his second or. King of Georgi appeared upon the held in disguise one of whom was the famous col. E Burfey of the Atlanta Constitution use ral id Kire revolvers. After a Brief consultation betwee Apt. Jackson and or. King the of Nier announced that the weapon furnished by col. Wili Rumson. Were be five barrelled revolvers of a new a Tern which could be discharged wit Reat rapidity. It was stated Thi each Man was entitled to five shots i the other in any order which he a fit to employ standing in their place the usual distance was marked o by or. King who upon a toss f position won for his principal to Rig tit to turn his Back to the Sun the time just setting. Capt. Jackson gave the word a simultaneous la five shots with a Moi inconceivable rapidity rang out from the weapon of Williamson who a practice diligently the accomplish Aiena of shooting five barrels Wiebi As Many seconds. With extraordinary quickness Ca Boun who was a dead shot realized Ali tactics of his enemy and instantly d lined that such rapidity of shot in is not Likely to be accomplice with food marksmanship. When upon after his first shot which i not intended to kill he dropped h weapon to his Ide and received Wii perfect Tranquility the entire voile of col. Wiiiiam sons pistol without scratch. After the discharge of Williamson weapon Calhoun still held his list Arm at his Side. Warned As to dueling code. Williamson impulsively started t Ward his second saying reload the instantly the Steru voice capt. Jackson from Calhoun Corn rang out Back to your place sir c j will fire on you myself under to Rales of the Duel you cannot Leav y or place until my principal s wet Pon is discharged Wylli Finson himself a Man of Daun less courage returned to his place an faced his adversary. Calno Wujs voice unruffled address his opponent across the 20 paces in to fast falling Twilight. Co. Williamson said he i committee room of the Georgia Lej Slature without wan but in fact revocation from me you impugned Ray personal integrity whereupon Calhoun turning fire a a Small with Wiliamson from him. The Bullet Cut clean in Twain. Now capt Williamson your life in my hands. I have a right Audi the rules of the combat to take it wit out Dishonour. I have no wish to d Prive your family of your service once More i ask you to repair i he in Juttee of your words before the legit nature and to disclaim the Refle tic Japon toy i will Aee you damned first r piled Williamson hotly. I Demac another pistol and another shot. Of Ives opponent s like to Fantl then said Calhoun to the Secor i give this mail s life to his Fame who needs it. And raising Hie right hand he d charged the four remaining Barre of Hia revolver into the sir bowed the opposite Corner and left his place c Apt Jackson impulsively Rueh Forward and embraced his Principe for an expression of moral heroism great As his personal courage. And the next Day the details of the Roet romantic of Southern duels Rai throughout the country. I Thiu an hour after the Duel w Over co 1. Williamson moved by to extraordinary conduct of Calhou came to him and withdrew his Rema and the two men went away from t Battlefield in will Tameon s private c with a Friendship that has survived in is should be related that the on by sed May run for governor. He says Rich folks can still get their list Honor. Temptation should be remove from porn dear Genu ice 1 Reck in hits Verbout time you was r Berle from Shady Grove on this Here dad 19 blasted dispensary. 1 guess i started Tabeli War on Tami me Sheue us ils Verbout time i a was count in fur my Sere on the credit. Some on my usher bin Lowth to me thai it Anter run fur guv Ernar. They say the Man r time hates the dispensary Wust and been or � Tia in it the longest have got the clearest title to the gunners seat. Now this Bere judge Fetherstone is bin k hone run prob Lollon fur or Long time but Al the while be been or Runnin fur some than. Folks Are Kinder up Luclous of proverb Slonus who can t see Ebay duty clearly on this Subjoc 2e Tepin where they duty an a lat office lays bide i by Side. But i m or Goin to let my race fur gunner rest at present As my Al Rel duty is to my proper Buslon Frens in Abbeville county t we bluer Heron or Neap Verbout �60,000 _ of Rutlt made by the dispensary a year. That o went to the county _ 0,000 the Skoolis an a .o00 to the town. No body Musen be fooled it. Of Muse log figures. The s20 000 that goes to the town pm be dispel cd with entirely v so Case we would have or few Blyn tigers it Here an there hut if tha got too plentiful we cud alderhout 4 Mills to our i axes to pay fur constables and police. The so 000 what goes1 t Ibe county is spent on roues and Bruges. In whups the use us Haven a lot or Iron Bridges h and inn to Maks All the roads like railroads.1 Kin mine the time when it Tui two Days � in Curry a Linin Arnm Fri adv Grotja to Bovill re he Ducic bom Uuie you travelled or Good m part us the note. Then folks wuss t Tryon Ter carry Evert Long to town an try in to Hail the lows Buck Ter the country. By Rodes Kep a urn at Home an made urn Rase tha own stuff y Susae us the Bruges the Brig whats Down a keeps Ibe Larmer away from town is the Bent Brig. I guess that or clincher on that Hartjr us the dispensary a Germont. Ill we will next take up the �30,000 what goes to the Kooles an tbi8 is the one that we hear so much Verbout. Well i Kin mine when we be paid our teachers or month an tha had Ter git that Dos coupled. We got Teu Berx then an i recon we cud get us Erglyn " at this Fleer. Thurs or Many or poor Gal that it us Lack to work Lor thai Aud if thee that or Gittli i forty and f Fly dollars or month ult Willen to cum Down j rather than use dispensary Muny kick urn a out and hire these Deservin gals. Tha May �. Not have As much Vej Callou but tha show thar Publick spent by been agin the Despen Public spelt we want first Andle than eel Catiti n. Fur my part 1 Don t believe p. In so much a Catlon no now. Uejio Atheall Thep Orfo Ksau tha will All git Ter be or few Elmer crash is Nec eur. A Kolfs got Ter have sum body Ter look up Ter. But if you Vej late ail the poor folks Iba wed Stan Almos us Good or Chance As the Rich one rim eign it. The Best Way Ter keep poor re Fokes useful is Ter keep us ignorant. I no1-Tlce or lot of dispensary Money is been wasted r Putin up new Stool houses Byln desks ben31ch 8 and the like. Tea Alt Bosence in that it i got my education in or log House or Aeton on a or slab Bucu an i guess i got or nuff Ter do any Ordinary Man now gents i Wanter have Jester word Serif say Ryou. It seems like Bince my Oie Orlend or. Wilson a Jet you. You Alt been or Haven so much Ter a fur the dispensary. I Don t kno we either youre or fixin Ter come Over or 51 not. If you ant Goi no Rice in vue we use n you of but i youre Lookis fur or office Al the places id the ban Wagin is filled two Oriarte time Over. All the same you better a come Over an jes vote her out. Its the Bess the auditor says Bat 12 Olhs on the property us Abs ill county will raise As much Asj the dispensary raises. We Are or pain Verbout 12 Matua Aow. While As 1 explained above that i dont Berleve that we need All us this Youny if it is necessary who wed object Ter d pain twice As much taxes As be la now pull a f be nowed it wus All Good Onest Money. I alot gotaut or thou can dollars on the tax8t books an it comes me 812 or year now. I la to make it is or 24 or i win sen my children Ter of Skull three months ids Ted of eight if its Neces. Ary to gel rid on the dispensary. " Bare is sum Good filers that would like to �5 vote with us but tha Are afeard tit y can t 1 Geier drink when the Proberb Slon Gavuer Geis in. Now i likes or Friuk myself. I Talent w my much in Cicer i m Erglyn As the dts Pessary � s you to s Klu take my word fur it that hit Foj Hinter Kolu Ter be Teto Terly dry. 11 i Aldu t no that id Bave Ter shift my own Perl Tlona or Little. We cant prompts you in nubbin. But 1 guess its no harm or you to see buts done happened. Or. 8bererd. The mayor of Anderson has Bener Ensor can at the put Uva the Barnet. He fined an old greek thai a was t Wuhib More than 200 at Best Joo for sell locker. This same or. Shererd Rote or article it fur the papers an he said that thare wuss in Oul Ircul Uvo Luu Unnur a i Idun a no Iongi. Reserved la the express of Floc to Anderson Duran the year 1908. Us Cone Tbs doot count t Wagon Trade an the like our it Don t count Itiat goes to Helton Hony path Piedmont l Peizer Iva 1 and Leto an or lot of Little station that ban express offices us tha own in la Doit Beni esp Anderton Alt got tue no i 2000 Fokes in it that More then 2 Galun a tied fur Ever Man woman an Oliu la Anaerson or Lemout ten Ollous a bed for Tetil men. Now Cwm that or Good Many us the to men Don t drink thers or. Chance Lur or drunker Ter git or bog bed outer ibis. Avritte. H Ier gentleman Kin be acoomer1dated mos any War la Anderson n Ltd be h the same to Abelli. But poor Fokes but v Alt not the Many Ter spare Lur Licker an a Ter have it unless Tea Ken git or Little now 8 lid Tien from or Tiger has got Ter out it out. That shows Bow unselfish or i is. He is a Lllan Ter put by sell Ter All Kensus upon sentence an order Bis Stonfer thous 1r 500 bushels on 7 acres. D or. J. A. Ellis of Long Cane township promises to take the rag off the Bush in the a matter of raising Corn. Or. Al Lis is a quiet. Diffident Man himself and this information does not come from him but from one of visit near neighbors. Or. Ellis has seven acres of Corn planted. And worked on the Williamston plan. Heis used no fertilizer when the Corn was planted a but since the Corn came up he has applied i we lbs of guano and we lbs. Of nitrate of soda to it. E the Corn is about 9.or 10 inches id the Drill g. It is said that too bushels is a Safe estimate Lor n. The seven Farmers Are going to examine the s com add see for themselves How it has been n worked. If one Man can do this another can Flo the Sime to bldg. There is no potent right on6 making Corn and the Farmers want to make id the a nil Norn at the least pm snap. This Nar Ilc ular crop is being watched with a great Deal of interest five Hundred a nobels on v. Seven acres and in Abbeville county Upland Fields toe id Mamm a Xix it rider s ital i. Is the worst night riders Are Calomel is Croton Oil or aloes pills. They raid to your bed to Rob you of rest. Not so e. With i r. King s new life pills de they never distress or inconvenience Al but always cleanse the by Stern curing As colds of headache constipation j ialaria.25c. At Speed s drug no Don t fall to look Over the new lot of stand Ard novels just received at Speed s drug store. Jul re casualty resulting from the combat of Honor came to col. E. A Bruntey of Julie Atlanta Constitution to who Lead a thumb shot off in the wild Ful Sade of col. Williamson s ily original Volley of bullets. Motherhood. O god i know Bis sins Are red. That. It were better he were dead but wat not though o lord who raid out of thy master mercy though i by ulna be to. And his Are caries lord. I know. They shall be made As Wylte As Snow then hear kor of i Pray through All the night and All the Day since Ever that he went Awa. Tray As i Serk him in the Street amid the myriad tramping feet Down snob rough foods and even ask thy favor at the housebound task yes Pray upon weary bed until the Gray of Dawn glows red though none May guess o mighty one father Deal gently with my son i know the Law Tyre f didst say for every sin some soul must pay. Hut i recall his clinging hands his tender Mouth his big eyes wet with tears it seemed from heavenly land o lord he is my baby yet so if a payment there must be for one so Sweet Aud weak As he exact it o my god from me Ruth Hammett the throne of individuality. The Carole. Every Man reigns a King on the throne of his individuality. He should not Only reign but. Rule his individuality is Hla True self Hla nest Elf his highest Seir his self victorious. His thoughts his words his acts his habits nos feelings and his Powers Are his subjects. He Muk Rule them or Ibey will finally tear from his feeble lingers the reins of government and Rule him. Man reigns Over the miniature kingdom of self As actually As god Rule the universe. Let blk draw around him the Royal Robes of Hub kingdom and see life with a now grand simple a Gully. When god created Man in his own image his first gift to blk was Dominion. And the greatest Dominion is Over self. Man must reign and reign be shall reign rests with blk. The would needs More individuality in its men and women. It needs men Aud women a Ltd Joy of Freedom in l heir minds the red Moon of purpose in Belr hearts and the Nouraee of truth in their Bouls they should tee it a privilege to live bravely on the higher Levels of life fighting on for what they feel is right undaunted by trial sorrow and failure. Belr hearts should be Ever fresh simple sincere Sweet despite All the world s injustice. Through their whole natures should surge the old inspiring consciousness that they Are rot Mere units on u census list not unman Brooks folded in deadly uniformity by Ronve Claitty but , of course it is not was not intended to be easy . It 1 Worth while. Individuality is the Only real life. It is breathing the Ozone 01 mental moral spa ritual Freedom. All other living is an excuse a substitute a near thing. Nature put her stamp of individuality on Ever Man. Some people seem to spend most of the time trying to soak off the stamp. They Wear a uniform of Opl Lou they seek to keep in step with the line they March in solid sameness along the comfortably paved Road of other people s than pc. Nature intended life an an individual problem different for each Man she wants an Ludl Viduate solution. Individuality Means self knowledge Bel con fluence self Reliance self poise self control self Conquest. It Means the fullest freest expression of our finest self As the most perfect Rose Best represents the Plant. It is the Complete self acting Unity of Man s whole mind nature heart and life. It is moved Ever from within not without the automobiles a Type of is neither pulled pushed nor propelled by outside Forcer it is self inspired self do rented and sen moving. The Conquest of individuality the finer attunement of rett. If we would bring Forth for ourselves and for others the fullest sweetest mus a of living we most put self the instrument id Best condition. The violinist knows he must tune his violin to its perfection in order to bring Forth its truest purest notes. Rot suppose be should say Ibe Bridge is broken two strings have snapped the sounding Board is warped the Bow is frayed and the instrument is out of tune but i will do the pest i can As it would seem sheer Folly. He realities Well however that be must first put Bis violin in perfect order then he May seek to play Bis Best. We Are unjust to ourselves and to those around us and through widening circles of influence to the whole world if we do not master any trait that keeps tie from our Best we should do Jit today. Today is the Tomb of yesterday the Cradle of tomorrow. All our past ends in today All oar future begins in today. Be v us peek to reign nobly on the throne of oar individuality for just a single Day filling every moment of every Bour a Ltd our finest unselfish Best. Then there would come tons a vision of the Golden glory of the sunlit Heights such a glad glowing tonic of the higher Levels of life that we could never dwell again in the darkened Valley of Ordinary living without feeling shut in stifled and hungry for the Freer Ait and the broader of look. Were we suddenly to have made Lum Nant to us in every vivid detail the wondrous in flue Ceol our Dally lives we would stand stunned by the revelation As did Moses before the burning Bush we would then res ize the possibility of our reign on the throne or our individuality and the pettiness of our selfishness and of an the other lower qualities in our nature would be revealed in their . N if at the close of Day we think of even pne human being whose sky has been darkened by our selfishness one whose Burden has been new weighted by our in Ludness one whose Pillow will be wet with jobs for our injustice one whose Faith in humanity has Oten weakened is a crucial Omesi of our bitterness or cruelty let a make Quick us write the letter our heart impels us to write while foolish Pride would stay the hand let us speak the confession that will glorify the lips we fear Jiey May humiliate let us stretch out tie band of love in the darkness till it touches and inspires the faithful one that never paused us pain. Let us Jave that great prip0 in our individuality that would scorn to let Petty pique or vanity keep us irom doing what we8uowlsrlghl.no matter what the Cost. Wear the Robes of your Royal Pride in such kingly fashion that it would not seem sacral Floreto stoop to Brush off that which might stain them let us seek fairly squarely and zealously to discover the elements within us from of priest and tight Day by Day and hour by hour till they be vanquished and we victorious. Let us live with our faces pm Fol Ever courageously to the East for the faintest Sunrise of new inspiration. Let us Realise that the four supporters of the in rape of individuality Are right Justice a Ruth and love. Jet is make right Ona highest Gulle Justice our fluent aim truth our final revelation and love the constant atmosphere of our living. They truly will reign and Rule., w . Or. Charley 8cbram and miss Alice Ferguson were married Here last sunday Rev. Henry Stokes performing the ceremony. Or. Schram is a son of or. Nicholas Schram. Miss Ferguson is a daughter of or. John Ferguson. She had been spending some time previous to her marriage in ban Bridge a. The two make a Fine couple. We wish for them All the pleasure and happiness to Begotten out of this old world. They will make their Home near Watts. Merge f local. We have again reduced prices on Jard enlers and Flower pots and Are uttering Thip for a Mere song. Amos b. Morse co. Scovel and handled hoes Bow sweeps Victor wings leads and bolts. All slates of fruit jars extra tops and rubbers. W e have a guru Bryie 01 ice Cream Iret Zera. Prices right also i. C. Salt. Time to Bow peas and Cane eed. Come and get your teed trom us. Come to us for wire Horbe muzzles and calf weavers. Seines fish Hooks and lines and sinkers together with All kinds of base Ball goods in abundance. Wright & Dotson s templs ballsb5 cents each. Foley s Honey and tar not Only Tropa chronic coughs that weaken the Constitution and develop into consumption but heals and strengthens the lungs it Flords Comfort and Relief in the worst cubes of chronic bronchitis asthma Bay fever and lung . A. Milord & co. The Mascot of the s Cinco Calgari a big lot of Standard novel. Repro nos Only fifty cents each at Speed s drug store. Brother editors i write of or. Wilson retired after More than fifty Wilson former editor an proprietor of the Abbeville press and k tuner and after a proprietary interest in the newspaper business Lor More than half a Century most of that time in to editorial capacity from the tripod. In thus relic Long tie Doe so with a handsome comp Tenoy which be has accumulated by Abdur n try close attention to business and fair Hoo c est dealing. As an editor or. Wilson was an of nil incisive writer thought for himself in f dependent in Bis views of Public p Alloy yet i fair and courteous in expression. Ai in the retirement of or. Wilson the state loses one of its a est journalists and it is or hoped Bis Long Arlen Day Elbow touch will yet r be Felt and that be May after a season Olk rest return to his Long journalistic Servole if u not to his Alma mater his first mechanical it Art preservative of nil m print log office for he is a practical Printer As Well As possessing ability with the pen. Y the messes w. W. And w. R. Bradley the i worthy successors of or. Wilson in the proprietorship and Editorship of the Presh and3anner, Are Young men of Energy ability and y High character to that grand old paper is in d Good hands add we bid it continued Success Ai and Herald. Or. Hugh Wilson who for filfly years was editor or the Abbeville press and Banner has retired from journalism and will spend his remaining Days in quiet. The printing business in Abbeville in the press and Banner it office ban been exceptionally successful under or. Wilson s management. B it May not be known to Many citizens of Newberry Bat it is a fact that or. Wilson Fri worked at the Printer s Trade one year in Al Newberry. We believe it who the year 1856 we san ciely Hope that or. Wilson s r m to rement May be pleasant to him and that c he May enjoy Many years yet Newberry i Herald add news. Y editor Hugh Wilson who has edited the Abbeville press and Boner for fifty years or More has retired. He Warrles with him b the Best wishes of All the editors in the Al state for Complete happiness while be sojourns Bere and id abundance on Entrance Mio to better land when life s fitful fever is a and Democrat. 4� w judge Memminger dismisses jury a 81 refuses to allow men to serve who u failed to convict those admitting carrying weapons Columbia. S. A. Jul y 14a special from a Yorkville Sayr judge Memminger this morning dismissed a panel of York county i jurors As unfit for farther service id his court n a scans it bad deliberately failed to convict of i carrying concealed weapons in a Case were two defendants openly admitted that they Ftp had pistols. A the Case grew out of a picnic Row at to Rzab blast August where there was promiscuous w shooting and two russells add a Robinson a bad been indicted Lor assault and Battery 1 with intent to kill add carrying concealed weapons. There was a Good Deal of id the Case but both of the � russells admitted that they had pistols. The jury last Leht brought id a verdict of rot guilty Odall counts. This Rooming judge Memminger bad the jury called and m quickly told it Bat if it saw it to make itself and the county of York ridiculous a Ltd Job a verdict be did not propose to allow it to make blk Rydl Coloni. If the jury saw proper to act not of the ground of Seif defense men who bad so other men in the Back an in this Case that was not Bis Lookout for be 1e Conid not help by Milf but when it came to 01 Arenlt Tang defendants of f carrying concealed of weapons where there bad not even been a p denial of the charge it was More than be to would stand for. He did not care to criticise w the jury or lecture it but be won id not con do to Lune to try cases before it. He therefore told the members of the panel to consider g themselves dismissed from further attendance h on court and instructed them to get their Poy r and go their ways. Then turning to the to clerk the in be ordered the drawing of a spa biota Ventre of seventeen men with a Blob to a fill the 0i8cp8 of the men dismissed. The jurors were dumbfounded for a few by moments and finally left the court room very it much crestfallen. Judge Mem angers action la though coming in the nature of a Surprise Isar met a Ltd unqualified Pullo approval. Troy. Mrs h. F. Mag of e and Little daughter i Edna Are Down from Iva. Also master David Kennedy who has a position there. They Are Ellb their parents or. W. H. Kennedy and family near Buffalo mrs. Fannie Thompson and Ron Frank Thompson Are Bere among Tel Many relative. Or. And urn Harvey Robinson spent saturday Ltd Ber sister mrs. Barley Lyon a a top Ancrum mansion near Abbeville. A Troy orchestra accepted and greatly Eloy fed the hospitality of or. And mrs. W. D. Morrab at a 0 of clock Tea at their Beautiful b0borne at Bellevue going from there to Lethe cd where they furnished the music at the olo ail pm exercises of prof. Arable Talbert s school re and they were very much pleased Ellb the of evenings program. In a the near future some of our Bome Talent will dramatize three glasses a Day for Thebert 01 of the a. R. P. Ladles Aid society miss Ruth Robinson one of mrs. N. E. Smith s pupils has our sincere la rfcs to at tend the closing recital of Ber class 011 july 81st wednesday. She is one of roofs Dearest girls. V n. In the death of j r. Wilson the Southern presbyterian Church lost one of its shining lights and the Abbeville Church a Moat Iov Bible pastor and excellent minister and All Oan Polte in these words servant of god welldone., the Battle fought the Victory won. Rest trom your works employ. It miss a a cllnck6cales is in Lowndesville a and Anderson spending a part of Ber Vacari ton Days. & or. 4 w. Bradley Bas bought the desirable w and Beautiful Bome of the late or. T. M. Jay on cd orb Street its not fair to Tell tales out of school. 01 on the evening of the 27th the woman 8t missionary Jolon of this Piv Slon of the Abbeville rapt St Assoc Tarlop will Convene herein the Baptist cur cd lasting until Fri Day about delegates Are expected and am \ pie provision is being made so entertain All who come. Prominent missionaries from Over the South we l be Bere and so from 11 Italy. On thursday a special program has at beep arranged for the Day has been Sef apart q As the Sunbeam rally Day. All the similar. Societies of other Church be Are to take a part " id these exercises. Lunch in the grounds Sibouth Days and on tuesday and wednesday evening at 8 30 the general Pullo 1b in Vlf a Only the ladles and girls on the Days above e mentioned. All Are invited 4 to attend. Miss Ethel Lyon who belted the part of a heroine in the runaway in n. C. She is the bul jul us Lou j Vui ill Riold Vic we Cicur u is known and loved. Not one in a Hundred would have bad such presence of mind. G p to kill the horses s Ocala times. S tomorrow morning 4q Bend of tie horses p afflicted with glanders win be shot out on the a Blitchton Road. The trenches that wll be dog into we Orji the horses will be led and " shot will be 10p feel Jong seven feet deep and to several feet wide. Or. Abaffy Byra and r the jutted states veterinarian who arrived last plight from new Orleans a Ltd the Board p of appraisers or. Esd Carml Bael or. Porter and or. Abaffy Are at Wor cop the matter e. G Ibl a v in or a Monn Lna t Roa Mont for a Ollah d irregularity that could have been cured quickly by Foley s Rodney remedy May re Rule in a serious kidney disease. Foley s Sidney remedy Bullca up the worn out tissues b and strengthens these organs. C. A. Milford t1 & co. 1 81 61 torture it in a Horne n for ten years i could t ride a horse � without Benir in torture from pile writes in. S. Napier of Rugless ky., when All doctors Aud other remedies u failed Luck Len s Arnica Salve cured a me infallible for piles Burns j scalds cuts boils fever sores dec i. Zema Salt Rheum corns. 25c. Guar j sauteed by p. B. Speed. Attention Farmei big Union rally at Sharon picnic dinner and Barbecue a abundance. Abbeville county vol a will hold Leet ngon . 8t to Al feb with Baroi ii. The Obj of of the meeting is this to treat the Farmers of Abbeville county ii armers Union an that one great Good in the pint and will do Dri better work in the future. We know thai there Are Nhonh is of i 8 in this county who Kay the Union 1 of. These men have done great Ham eur influence in retarding the growth o non la this county. When la a Ernei in Farmers inn Lon and their elves Len should come and Bear the Union s will have sneakers with us that will an what the Union has done and what Ling. Remember every Farmer in Abbeville is not Only invited but is urged to c of will be served a Ltd Bash and picnic or. Ice water will be on the ground Sundance for your Comfort come. Car. S. Go apr pres., county i Fairfield. Mrs j. W. Young la real sick at this ?. She has the fever. Mrs. Peggie Mcbride is not any better. By been Alck several weeks. Or. Yonng and mrs. Mcbride Are bolter or. C. L. Kennedy s treatment. He St Ola a doctor. Miss Cornelia Mcclaln from Green and mrs. Aggie Moody and Little Ore Laud from Lake City were the Plet nests at Tbs Home of or. And mrs. Bang of last saturday. Miss Zelller Langley is sick. Miss Belle Creswell miss la Beauford. O. Beauford. Mrs. J a. Brown miss la Reagan and mrs. Y. P. Reagan we old Spring attend the Sabbath school Netlon. We won t Sav but one of the ladles ent to bold Sprog has entertained a of Way Down there since be came b lit we won t Tell. But be said i girl in Best piece that was there and i la b As Coz. Mrs. Sallie Brown is improving some. The Farmers Are Laving by their crops ibt., a Oay give a lick and a Promise in is getting i o hot. J. A. And b. C Young want to Start in mall by August 1. They will saw i in me j. C. Fia Osby the first outline 111 do. They like to. Bear the saw Ali Ell that they Don t take any Iest Sun or Winter. J. A. Creswell spent the night with us a night. The Young folks of love Valley Ermoye a Cream supper at or. J. 8. Creswell i ight last week. All had a big time Lenly of erf9m. Mrs. Mary Creswell and daughter mar 3d children spent last tuesday with us. Ould like for them to come often As ring two big chickens to us at a time e Are sauce of chickens they were i up related. Tankard Oil to make hear but machinery for turning Petroleum stuff that made bread far completed. Alton 111., Only 18. The first Roll of p us butter the sunward Oil latest pre benevolent assimilation is to be to hat the Wood River Refery near a reparations Are being made to Roa Nufa in product Here and the machinery Iii do to the my lab cow what the Antom id to the horse a been shipped the announcement that the Standard Long into the near Dairy business was 1 Fobe corporation last Friday on Job of Maieller s 70ib birthday the process int no Petroleum into the stuff that 1 read famous having been completed iveral year s trial. Me new product will of known As j utter. It if said to be of the Fame cot icy As Lac Teal Batter but Brown in Colo its great Deal lodger than real butt said and does not become rancid. Prison for scandal mongers Sorgia Senate passes Bill making penal offence to utter any false i defamatory remarks about woman Atlanta Only 15. The Penitentiary s andal mongers in the face now. Be Nate passed a Bill today making it a i Fence to utter any false or defamatory Ark Labonta woman hereto Ore the Wod famed bad no recourse except in vol courts. Bat the Mccarry Bill Cuba 1 that and will it is believed put a bold Andalon tongues. It was not paused it Long debate Many senators the re get of free speech. Heavy increase in Moons hindi using past year 616 stills Destri in Georgia alone. Atlanta georgian and Pew Only 16, Starling increases in the Makin Loone Hine whisky Are shown in Nual report of Revenue agent. Surber which Ham just been added to Washington during the fiscal year of 1909,, More illicit distilleries were Romeu leu in a Luau were Estert 1 the Stales of or Surber s Divisek Georgia Alabama Florida and a year in the year just closed the reve Ien under or Surber raided and Royed 872 distilleries in the Divi distributed As follows Georgia Mabama 231 Florida 24, and i Sippl 1. Only 420 stills were destroyed in tire division in 1907 and in 1908 70. The report also shows that do be year $60,000 Worth of property Een destroyed several Hundred is of whisky thrown away and ral tend red More seized and sol Public auction As a result of the years work lumber has recommended Over 400 Dos to the department of justic rpm Section. Toe great increase insolation of the Federal Laws conc g the manufacture of whisky i Ribu Ted by my. Surber to the 1irices received for illicit liquor Siroub Ibitson went into effect. W makers of thib Brand formerly Recd one Dollar a gallon they Are etting one Dollar a quart for t Laduct. If people with symptoms of kidney ladder trouble could Realise Belr i key would without loss of time coma i Long Foley s kidney. This great Rei a and builds up there organs and Tai o danger Orbr lbt s disease or other f e Worder. Do not disregard the Early s m8. J. A. Milford & co. You can always get what you want i lottery and school Book at a Peck a Tore. 111 1 1 til of family Medici is. Empties dives in Chinatown police Captain drives out whi1 so in women and checks gambling. Scam landlords in fear of empty tenement t a Are much concerned now by the j3" great new York july 15 capt. Michael j. Of h in flu of Lee Elizabetn Street police station by i he just taken a census Folb e chinese Quarter Ruthn Hod out what effect his work of cleaning r run the District has bad add How much Long Heap Chinatown would continue to be the Urac Oiron saturday to monday Reso to for the chinese the metropolitan District. He found la. More than one half of the former demzenb11 the Quarter had sought new Homes leave Little More than one thousand Cal name amp living where three months ago nearly thai of the Abbeville people. N d. After a most pleasant summer s ont i for among the mountains or. J. M. Lawton Ai nude family returned borne last saturday. After the ready friends of mrs. Carey Are d lighted to Bear that after several weeks of Pjetro vere illness she is now much better. Wei Isitt Hope be May soon be restored to Sperre r. It Bealts. Or it or. R. A Hill is remodelling Bis dwell it on Manila Hill and when finished Law be Moon More room and comfortable As w As greatly improved in appearance. The Gary Bonse that has recently bet moved Forward on Magazine Street is no Lon bldg Zalte pretty in Ltd Retsof White. Mibs Ellen Gambrell left last monday eve Nung Tor Beach were be w it 9 spend a while. We wish for Ber a very plea ant. Trip As we know be will have. A miss Bessie is spending a n. 0 with Ber Friend mrs. Edwards Nee i Mottle Mann formerly of Abbeville or. Thomas Tolbert the efficient and Boll ing postmaster of Abbeville spent last sati Day no get and sunday at Bis pretty count Tares borne a Ltd Bis a has a line Milch cow for Sale 8he enal Jersey and a free and Good milk f re and is kind add gentle. If Yon want a Tsiman a gun apply Quick the mrs. Emma Latimer of Lowndesville. Noes upending h while in the City with her its Leon mrs. Ella Latimer. Her Many friends Are Ltd ways glad to see Ber in Tbs Ber Lormer both mrs. Be Piatt and of Alldren left last fiday for Ber Bome in Angusta. What Ano hear along b0ute 3. Or. And mrs. James Gilliam were Ami the visitors in the City last week. Or. J. N. Hlll Bouse of Vicksburg miss.,spending a while Wlton Bis brother Rev. A Gyce Hillhouse of . Ben Evans of Atlanta is trending few Days with Bis Home people on route his Many friends Are glad to see him As 1doesn t come borne opted. Or of Mies Elu abet the pretty Little daughter l or. And mrs. John a. Wii Sod spent Severt Lue Days of last week with her Grandfather Mas. James Evans. For mrs. Jeff Winn and daughter miss Eugene spent last saturday most pleasantly a Ltd Reaves on route 3.justde two hearts now beat As one. Yed on last sunday afternoon about 4 o clock n or. Charley scram and miss Ai lie Fergus i f were United in holy Wedlock by the re1 0 Lenry Stokes at the methodist parsonage Telb City in the presence of a few rela Lvi due friends. The Bride is the daughter efm j0 . Ferguson and la a splendid Young lad a a Vang the esteem and Goodwill of Host Sion friends who will miss her from their Sochi r1r Circle. Elsb Ferguson is cultured and refine of us has Many Beautiful traits of to Jat eminently fit her to reign As Queen the or. Scram of Sharon is a your the gentleman of club character and is now w. Believe one of the prosperous Young Farmei by in the Sharon Section. He is indeed Fortuna in winning the heart and hand of so Lovely Rini Bride. As this Happy Young couple Start of. In life they have the Best wishes of boats na9 friends for their future happiness Aud prodigal Perley. Spa or h. Penney after a few Days illness t up again Aud was in the City last monday of business. Or. Thoyl. Mcneill spent last monday wit or Bis ton or. R p. Mcneill miss Annie Williams who has been quit ppr 6lck is Dow convalescing Able to be up an 5 for around the Bouse. The miss Jane Shanks is spending a while wit mrs. J. 1. Mcgaw. Pm the Young people bad a delightful dancer 0 a pm he ukju1v g would unhesitatingly Render a verdict in favor of the dispensary. That people will have spirituous lion Quorn cannot be gains said and one of the questions to be decided by each to. Voter when he comes to cast Bis vote id on the 17th Day of August should be by whether it would be better to provide a Way by which those who will have whiskey can get it in a lawful manner or be forced to patronize and thereby u encourage those parties who Are engaged in an unlawful Sale of it. I have just read an article published h by the mayor of the City of Anderson gotten up ostensibly in the interest of prohibition in which it is stated that o for the year 1908, there were received or by express at that place in which there is no dispensary 25,000 Gallons of intoxicating liquors. V if this amount of liquor was Contrastive 1 what appears to have been to sold by the dispensary at that place forty the last year of its existence there by which it was shown that there was at considerably More than that sold Byth dispensary. Nut in you will add to this 25,000 Gali Loos All the liquors received at Belton be Hosea path and All the other towns and Railroad stations in Anderson be county which places got most of their to liquors from the Anderson dispensary when it was in operation it will doubtless appear that there is being trunk atthe present time in Anderson county As much or More of the stuff than was the Case under the dispensary regime. It is also contrasted in this article the number of arrests and convictions is by the City authorities during the reign of the dispensary and that under pro. ,1? Hibi Tion with the result largely in Favoron the latter. V this is doubtless True but the same k can be accounted for largely by the fact r. That All of the parties who were taken up and tried for drunkenness procured their liquor from the dispensary ally though Many of them lived in the p country drank it while in town and if they got drunk it occurred while in they were there and for which they be were tried by the City authorities. Whereas parties who now receive their liquors by express take it Home and if they get drunk on it they Are not amenable to the City authorities for be such an offence is so much then for the moral Side of the question. Now let us consider it id from a business standpoint. The net income annually from the dispensary is about $60,000. This is ill divided equally among the City of Abe Beville the county and the schools. Clone the dispensary and this $80,000 in will have to be raised by direct taxa9"Tion. So that the taxpayer residing in d the country who now pay $5 taxes in will have to pay $8.75, and the City resident taxpayer will have to pay just about double what he now pays. I8 if this were Only for one year it would not matter much but it will have to be kept up for a Good Many years As it will be a Long time before 8 the county will have paid the debt incurred in to milling the new court House. This doubtless will be regard18ed by some As a sordid View to take of " the matter but in View of the fact that experience shows that there is about la As much liquor drank and the evil effects thereof about As great under prohibition As is the Case with pith results in the former Case we think it is a most common sense View to take v of the matter. Sene. B v Snake swallows Glass egg. A a. Several years ago or. S s Smith,16 residing Over on Long Branch in of Lumpkin county secured a Glass egg Ai called a nest egg used to fool the old r hens with by putting it where the a owner of the chickens wants them to i add to it. In a Short while this nest egg was missing later it was found where a dog had left it after finding that it was not the kind of an egg it a was after. Some twelve months ago v. This egg wag missing again and could not be found. The other Day one of v or. Tom winners sons a neighbor of or. Smith killed a Chicken Snake or and found in it this missing Glass egg which the owner has in his Possession or once More. The very poor condition of this Snake proved that or. Smith s of Glass egg Diden t agree with lira Dahlonega a m # it. The Abbeville insurance � and Trust co. B d notwithstanding the Dull times have b been turning things in the real g estate Market. D within the last forty Days they have sold a 200 acre Plantation near Troy for$2,000 10 acres in Abbeville for $1,500le 30 acres in Abbeville for $2,000 a housed a in a to in Usu ii in aude me for $ i Usu a build reing lot id Abbeville for $600 an Auer Tion Sale of lots to coloured people selling40 lots at an average of $40 per lot. Is if you have any real estate to sell or wish to buy either City property Ora farm lands see them. It will Cost you of nothing to list your property wit them unless they make a ale. They have some very desirable City?8� property in the Way of unimproved lots dwellings etc., in the City of Abbeville which they can sell at attractive prices also farm land in almost of every portion of Abbeville county n 1,6 Abbeville insurance & Trust co. Phone 118.li" office Over Cobb s shoe store. Tim

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