Abbeville Press And Banner in Abbeville, South-Carolina
6 Jan 1909

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Abbeville Press And Banner in Abbeville, South-Carolina
6 Jan 1909

Read an issue on 6 Jan 1909 in Abbeville, South-Carolina and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Abbeville Press And Banner.

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Abbeville Press and Banner (Newspaper) - January 6, 1909, Abbeville, South Carolina President asks Senate to reinstate troops anticipates action on Brownsville Bill in special message. One negro Leader confesses two Petty officers and All of company Forake characterizes the investigators work As Washington d. The ghost of the shooting up 01 Crown Suie bobbed up again in the Senate with president Roosevelt and senator fora Keras manipulators of the a k mystery. The president sent in a special message embodying the reports of detective engaged in seeking out the members of the dismissed battalion of the regiment and endeavouring by secret methods to obtain from them confessions admissions or important the famous night at the Texas army Post town. The chief investigator or detective is Herbert j. Browne a former Washington newspaper Man assisted by Captain w. F. Baldwin of Roanoke va., chief detective for the Norfolk and Western Railroad and several negro detectives. They reported to the Secretary of War who handed their findings to the president for review. The detectives assert that they have discovered the identity of eleven Active participants in the raid on the town and give their names. They also give what purports to be a True account of the alleged conspiracy which they say originated Wuh company of the negro Twenty fifth infantry. Two Petty officers Are implicated As having guilty knowledge of the proposed raid one of them giving Aid to the venture both before Ana alter it wa3 carried ont. An interesting feature of the president message is the suggestion that the innocent and the less criminally implicated of the negro soldiers be reinstated provided that they now in the face of what purports to be the absolute facts Tell All they know of j the matter. The investigation is Tobe continued. The chief source of the detectives information is Boyd Conyers of Monroe,ga., a former private in Compa y a first tapped by a negro detective and later questioned until he is said to have told the essentials. Another informant is Elmer Brown also of company b. Conyers is said to have tried to commit suicide when he discovered that he had been talking to detectives fearing the vengeance of the men informed on. While in this state of unrest he appealed to senator Foraker from whom he receive several letters. Investigator Browne presents one of these letters which he refers to As extremely of s a Tractive asserting that Conyers seemed to regard it As a mandate to adhere to the false Story told by him before the Senate committee on military affairs and As absolving him from any and All obligations to Aid in uncovering the Browne writes that similar influence were encountered at Many Points adding largely to the difficulties of obtaining admissions of even the most obvious facts relative to the raid. Senator Foraker anticipated the special message when he obtained the floor Early in the Day and read extract from letters from1 former soldiers of the Twenty fifth regiment telling of the procedure of govern ment detectives in attempts to get confessions from them. He introduced an amendment to his original Bill for the re enlistment of these soldiers providing that a commission of three retired army officers be create to determine whether the Dos charged soldiers Are innocent of complicity in the shooting up of Browns Ville As a prerequisite for their re enlistment instead of leaving that duty with the president As provided in the Warner Bill. Immediately following the read ing of the message senator Foraker again took the floor protesting against the methods of the government detectives and speaking for hi3 amendment. To probe atall Street. Committee of Bankers lawyers and la . Albany n. Governor Hughes announced the appointment of a committee of nine consisting of Bankers business men and economists to inquire into the facts surrounding the business of exchanges in new York and to suggest what changes if any Are advisable in the Laws of the state bearing upon speculation in securities and commodities or relating to the Protection of investors or with regard to the instrumental ties and organizations used in dealing in securities and commodities which Are the subject of the commission is to serve without compensation and it is understood that All have signified their willingness to act. The commission has been asked by the governor to report As Early As practicable. Four babes Burn to death. Near Hawthorne eight Miles from. Ottawa Canada four infant children of William j. Scharff a Farmer were burned to death in their Beds. Divorce for John l. Sullivan. John l. Sullivan once Champion pugilist of the world got a decree of divorce after to had told of his inability to induce his wife to return to him in the Superior court Chicago. Mrs. Sullivan is living at Centreville r. I., a Small town Ugar Providence. Bullfighter fatally gored. Rodolfo Gaona a famous mexican of bullfighter was fatally injured in a fight in Pueblo. He was caught by the fifth Bull the horns of the animal Oen Strating the Abdomen. Predict failure at Panama. Since the Accident at the Gatun dam part of which is said recently to Piave sunk the French critics who disagree with the american plan for the construction of the Panama canal have been actively predicting its Complete failure. Report miss Mills engaged. It is officially announced in London that a marriage has been arranged Between Bernard Arthur Forbes Earl of Granard and miss Beatrice Mills daughter of Ogden Mills of new York. %. 1 explosion kills 14 1 of Panama cd caused by premature firing giant dynamite blast fifty workmen were injure others missing and May be Burie under tons of debris at by those blown to pieces. Colon Panama giant blast dynamite already prepared for firing was prematurely exploded in to Workings on the Panama canal i Bas Obispo. Fourteen men Wei tilled and fifty injured. It May be that others have Bee killed for the debris is piled up in a directions. Ba3 Obispo is about thirty mile rom Colon and the shocks of the e Losion was distinctly Felt Here. Numerous reports Are current As 1 he cause of the Accident but the of Ial version from Clebra states the luring the loading of the last Hole he blast the dynamite in this Cuttin was discharged and the remaining Wenty two tons were exploded Ijo Cussion. The holes had not Bee connected electrically As the Dii charge of the blast was set for clock in the afternoon. The Lai Lole was being loaded under the Sije vision of one of the most eff Luiei order men in the employ of the con Mission. Thirteen bodies have been take rom the wreckage caused by the e Losion. It is believed that a score c More Are still under the masses rocks and Earth that were rent an curled about Over a space 800 be Ong by 400 wide. The death Lii would have been appalling had a train conveying 500 labourers passed a . This train steam through the Cut and was barely of it View when the explosion occurred &.11 the tracks were first torn up an Hen buried deep under Sod and Fra cents of rocks. The whole Hillside in the Cut is Een wrecked the dynamite scatter Jig the Earth and tossing huge Boult sri in All directions. A ninety ton steam shovel it brushed to bits under the weight tailing rocks. Every one of the Ere killed. The Clearing away the wreckage continued throughout the night by i much longer time will be necessary co Clear away the great heaps Earth and rocks in the search for toured dead. Hundreds of in Wei working heroically to find the Bodle Here and there pieces of human Flea and Bone Are turned Over with Pic my shovel. The blast consisted of fifty on roles sixty feet deep and spread Oiver a Large Section of territory. Tic last Hole was being charged by Joh j. Keiday an experienced Pujue Quai when it exploded. The athers Wei exploded by the concussion. Held wai3 blown to pieces. The other americans dead include John j. Korp steam shovel engine and j. T. Hummer steam shove Vaneman. Two spaniards were als killed and eight West Indian Negroe the badly injured include b. I Cole powder Man and Arthur a sett Drill Foreman both american the officials at the Ancon Hospital where Many of the injured wer taken report that they Are Doin Well some of the men not bid seriously Hurt. A thorough investigation with Riew to fixing the responsibility in been ordered and already officials Ai taking evidence and endeavouring 1 ascertain the cause of the pre Matui discharge of the blast. Washington d. The Fol Lowic dispatch was received from chief Engineer Goethals the premature explosion of Twenty one tons of dynamite at Bas Bolsi at 11.10 this morning resulted in to death of fourteen men and the a Njuki of fifty. Three or four of the injure will probably die. Following americans killed James t. Hummer Crane a steam shovel Dunn Ellen n. J. J John j. Korp steam shovel Engineer Phillipsburg n. J. John j. Reidy powder Man ii Diana Polis. Seriously wounded Benjamin i Cole Foreman Rochester n. Y. Slightly wounded Arthur 1 Bassett Foreman Philadelphia a w. G. Bell Foreman new York Cit c. W. Hayden steam shovel engine Sandusky Venezuela s Navy a prize guard ship Alix is captured with i firing a shot. Willemstad Island of Cruiser the Gelderland steamed proudly into this port Wil the venezuelan coast guard ship to Alix a prize on the end of a to line. The Alix was captured with i As much As a shot being fired and to capture meant the practical seizure the entire venezuelan Navy. A officer and six men from the cruise boarded the Alix from a launch Ai the members of the Crew were ered out of hiding places in to bunkers and hold. All the prison were run close to Shore in the Laun Arnod 1 Nicotr re radio a Lar Auu is 14 Usu in guv w through the surf. Then the to Lii was made fast to the guard shop Ai the Gelderland headed for this Poi the seizure Marks the first Pra tical act of hostility toward Benezue by the dutch government. Bonaparte not asked. And really he would t be in Taft Cabinet if he could. Baltimore a attorney Gener Bonaparte will retire from Public i next March. When asked if there a any Prospect of his becoming a Mer Ber of president Taft s Cabinet m Bonaparte smilingly said i have not been asked and eve if i were i would not accept the pos Tion. After March 4 i positively a retire from Public women in the Day s news. Mrs. Cleveland accompanied 1 her children returned to Princeton time for school opening. The value of the estate left by i Astor is Given As As much As $ 15 c 000." there is a conjecture that it even More. Mrs. Cornwallis West who recent sharply criticised new York a octet is about to visit that City. Margaret Illington wife of Dani Frohman retired permanently fro the stage. A Short time ago miss Lington broke Down in a perform an of the i n & i Tiff fat 1 pusses ill records they produced $7,778,000,000 in 1908. � fabulous returns in 10 years is the value of Corn alone was q i,ig615,000,000, enough to the interest bearing debt and build the Washington d. Billions of is bushels of farm products valued at it extraordinary total of $7,778,000, e000, were produced in the United states in the fiscal year 1908, according to the annual report of the Secrel tary of agriculture. The value of farm products in 1907, Secretary Wilson declares was four times the �. Value of the products of the mines including Mineral oils and precious 0 metals. I the Farmer he said contrib itunes eighty seven per cent of the raw 1 material used in those manufacturing g industries which depend mostly or g considerably upon agricultural mate13rials, and those industries use forty two per cent of All materials used in Sall 5 John d. Rockefeller May be the 3t richest Man in the world and his in1-come May run up into the millions it but As a mathematician he can hardly i be placed in the same class with Secretary Wilson who deals with billions and scarcely mentions millions g in discussing the farm productions in in this country f the value of farm products in d 1908," says Secretary Wilson is $1,�t033,000,000 Over that of 1906, $1,it469,000,000 above that of 1905, $1,n619,000,000 above that of 1904, $1,w861,000,000 above that of 1903 and d $3,061,000,000 above the census it amount of 1900." i. Then Secretary Wilson makes this d statement during the last ten years the wealth production of the farms of is this country has exceeded the Faber Lous amount of $60,000,000,000. A 1 simple series of Tadey numbers shows the progressive movement of wealth is production by the Farmer in another f form. The value of farm products in w 1899 the census year being taken at ten the value for 1903 stands at 125, for 1904 at 131, for 1905 at 134. For it 1906 at 143, for 1907 at 159 and for y 1908 at 165." f the value of the Corn crop almost be surpasses belief to quote Secretary a Stleon. Corn to the enormous Quan s. Tity of 2,643,000,000 bushels valued hat $1,616,000,000, was produced in k the United states in 1908. Secretary Wilson observes that this wealth has e grown out of the soil in four months it of rain and Sunshine and some the drought too and that it is enough to n cancel the interest bearing debt of the a country and to . For the Panama e canal and fifty battleships y while the figures Are not All at hand Secretary Wilson says that the be indications Are that the value of the a Cotton crop for the first time will is probably exceed the value of the Hay to crop. Sixty eight million tons of Hay s. Valued at $621,000,000, were raised i. During the year. The wheat amounts ing to 660,000,000 bushels was at $321,000,000. Seven Hundred 1, and eighty nine million bushels of e Oats valued at $321,000,000, were g raised,1 the Quantity and value of in other crops Are Given As follows Barley 167,000,000 bushels Worth a $88,000,000 Rye 30,000,000 Bushi Sels Worth $22,000,000 Rice 23,000, e000 bushels Worth $18,000,000 Potot toes 275,000,000 bushels Worth a $19,000,000. The total Quantity of cereals produced was 4,329,000,000 in bushels valued at $2,694,000,000. A to the Farmer who has averaged hardly Twenty cents a Pound for the a. Butter he has sold Between three and o or cents a quart for his milk and in about one and one half cents for each a egg and even to the consumer who id has paid prices much above these,1, says or. Wilson it is a striking fact that the value of the farm products a of the Dairy cow Are getting close and closer to $800,000,000 and that a the eggs and poultry produced on the farm Are Worth As much As the Cotton a crop seed included or the Hay crop or the wheat crop. Secretary Wilson asserts that in the aggregate the value of farm animals i. Sold and slaughtered and of animal products at the farm amounts to a about three eighths of the value of All a farm products estimated upon the census basis. This value is getting closer and closer to the three billion Dollar Mark he adds. The balance of Trade in agricultural it products is very largely in favor of the United states according to Wilson who says " in. A a pry Tifi by governor Johnson of Minnesota ill who called at the White House for the purpose. Among the workers. Y cloth hat and Cap makers at St. In Louis recently organized. The Iron molders Union of North s. America has determined to celebrate its fiftieth anniversary in 1909. Is the trades unionist of Washington a. C., devoted to Union Intel tests has been taken out of the s hands. The executive committee of the Al Central Federated Union recommended that unions disregard the or inters to Union Label because non Union fire Omen and engineers were employed in some print inc shoos. Pom vote ii a huh Pompileo principal nominees gain Over total received by predecessors. Or. Taffs figure is 7,637,676 reports from All states give to Bryan 6,393,182. Full count for Debs 447,051.Republican total exceeds Roosevelt s. Washington d. The total popular vote of the various presidential candidates at the last National election was made known in a official form by the filing of the last of the official vote that of Michigan. The totals Are Taft Republican 7.637,676bryan Democrat 6,393,182deba socialist 447,651chafin prohibitionist 241,252i�. I do Ion tit seen Independence we Watson populist 33,871gilhaus socialist labor 15,421 total for All candidates 14,852,239 this grand total exceeds by 1,341,631the total number of votes cast in the presidential election of 1904, when the grand total was 13,510,708. Compared with that election the candidates of the Republican democratic and socialist parties increased their votes this year. The reverse is True of the candidates of the prohibition populist and socialist labor parties i the Independence party did not figure in the presidential election of four years ago. The greatest difference in a party vote is shown in an increase for Bryan of l,315,2rt Over the total vote cast in 1904 for Alton b. Parker. Judge Taft received 14,190 votes More than were polled for president Roosevelt in 1904, and Debs ran 45,368ahead of his predecessor on the socialist ticket. The heaviest loss is shown by the populists who with the same candidate registered 83,312 votes less this year than in 1904, when their total was 117,183. The prohibitionist candidate Chafin ran 17,284 votes behind the 1904 Mark of his party and Gilhaus the socialist labor candidate received Only about fifty per cent of the vote Given to Corrigan which Wab 31,249 in the previous presidential race. New York 870,070pennsylvania 745,779 and Illinois 629,932 gave Taft the greatest number of votes among the states while As to Bryan the order was new York 667,468 Ohio 502,721 and Illinois 450,810.the votes cast for Taft and Bryan were almost identical in number in Maryland and Nevada. In the first Taft received 111,253 and Bryan 111,117, and in the other 10,214 and 10,655, respectively. Debs received his largest vote in Pennsylvania 39,913 Illinois 39,711,and new York 38,451. Vermont was the Only state in which not a single vote was cast for the socialist candidate. Delaware gave him Only seventy five votes. Hisgen s vote in new York 35,817 and in his own state of Massachusetts 19,237 together formed nearly two thirds of All the votes he received in the whole country. In six states not a vote was cast for him. Nine states registered not a single vote for the prohibitionist candidate. The socialist labor candidate receive votes in Only thirteen states and in Only Nineteen states were votes cast for Watson of the populist party. The vote by states was Taft Bryan Debs state. Rep. Dem. Soc. Alabama 25,308 74,374 Arkansas 56,947 87,043 5,000 California 182,064 107,770 18,736 Colorado " 123,700 126,644 7,974 Connecticut. 112,815 68,255 5,113 Delaware 25,200 22,134 75 Florida 10,654. 31,104 3,747 Georgia 41,692 72,350 584 re a 91091 34.609 6.305 Illinois 629.932 450,810 39,711 Indiana 348,993 338,262 13,476 Iowa 275,21q 200,771 8,287 Kansas 197,166 161 209 12,420 Kentucky 233 711 244,092 4.06c Louisiana 9,958 63,568 2,538 Maine 66,987 3 ,464 1,758 Marj land 111,253 111,117 ?0c Massachusetts. 265,966 Michigan 333,313 174,313 11,527 Minnesota 195,786 109.433 14,469mississippi4,463 64,250 138ssom. 346 915 345,884 15,398 Montana 32,333 ,29,326 5wnebraska 126,608 130,/81 3,524 Nevada 10,214 10,655 2,02f new Hampshire. 53,144 ,3,655 1 29� new Jersey. 265,298 182,o22 10,24� new York 870,070 667.468 38,451 North Carolina. 114,887 136,928 34� North Dakota. 57,771 32,909 2,40c Ohio 572,312. 502,721 33,79i Oklahoma 110,550 123,907 21,755 Oregon 62,350 38,049 7,43 Pennsylvania 745,779 448,785 39,91c Rhode Island. 43,942 24,706 1,36 South Carolina. 3,847 62,289 101 South Dakota. 67.460 40,206 2,84 Tennessee 118.287 135,630 1,8/8 Texas 69,229 227,264 8,52 Utah 61,023 42,6014,89� Vermont 39,552 11.496 80i52.573 82.946 25� Washington. 108,062 58,383 14,77" West Virginia. 137.869 111,418 3,67 Wisconsin 248,673 166,707 28,14 Wyoming 17,708 12,772 1,39 totals 7,637,676 0,393,182 447,651 third marriage at 68. At Norristown pa., Joseph Monro and Josephine Hoff both of Philadelphia attracted attention at the court House when they applied Foi a marriage License. The gave his age As sixty years and the Bride As sixty eight. The Bride admitted that it was her third matrimonial venture. Jewels in Goose s wizard. This is the Goose that Laid the Golden egg said mrs. Durward Cornelius of no. 852 Highland Avenue Beloit wis to her Little daughter Thor Goa As Asp was or Onarine a boost for dinner. Mamma let me Tak the Gizzard to look for the Gold pleaded the Little girl. She dissected the portion which her Mother gave her and to everyone s astonishment found two diamonds Worth about $12 i each and a piece of Gold evidently from a setting. The Field of labor. There Are about 330,000 Laun dresses in this country according to the last census. There Are fifty seven Active Laboi unions in Santa Clara county a 1 fornia of which forty one Are in the City of san Jose. In 1828 the workingmen s party s local political organization appeared in new York Boston Philadelphia and other Large cities. The chinese government has established a school at Shanghai to instruct the sons of fishermen in mod Ern methods of fish culture. I in 4. A latest news by wire general Worthi Wigton Stricke. Washington d. Genera Henry g. Worthington a former Neibec of Congress from Nevada the Fly living pallbearer at the funeral c Abra i Ham Lincoln was stricken wih apoplexy and fell heavily on the Oor f the House. He was taken to Hla c Home in this City in a critical Condi s Tion. T Poison in priest s cup. Youngstown. Ohio it is do believed that an Effort was mad to kill the i eve. Louis lops of St. Bcchus 1catholic Church by placing Strych e nine in his communion cup. During the afternoon the priest hovered betwee life and death. Bill he spoke for passed. C Washington d. Crepe Stative Bates of Pennsylvania ask the f House to pass a Bill transferring 6000 a books from the Treasury department s to the life saving corps. In had a started an impassioned speech by the 0 poor life savers when a was inter b erupted by the speaker. The clerk informs me that the Bill to we h the 3 gentleman from Pennsylvania is and c dressing himself was passed v the � House on april 30," said unc Joe. The House roared and or. Bate grew very red. James j. Storrow for Harvard. Bosto James j. Storrow has p been elected head of Harvard uni h varsity to succeed or. Eliot. Or. A storrow is chairman of the Aston t school Board and a close Petonak v Friend of or. Eliot. New Cotton Mill for Lawrence. O bos Tonat a special meeting of 1 the Everett Cotton Mills of Law o rence mass., held Here the Tock t holders voted to double the capital Stock of $700,000 for the a new Mill. State Grange for prohibition. C Columbus Ohio Resolution Call y Long for state prohibition were Dot t de amid a storm of applause to the g meeting of the Ohio state Grage. Professor Wolcott Gibbs dead. A Newport r. Professor Volcott 1 Gibbs the senior member of to har s Vard University faculty died it hi3 a Home Here after a lingering illness. C m proposed to tills millionaire. Minneapolis min Levi Harriet Stewart a millionaire Bachelor celebrating his eighty first bar they became reminiscent. Many people he said think it an achievement to have lived eighty one years. To not consider it so. Many people tink it strange that i have lived All Thi time and never married. I do not think that is strange either. I a had More than a Hundred proposals of marriage but i have never Felte alled upon to accept any of military funeral for Kear Admiral. Washington d. With fun military ceremonies the body b. Coghlan w3 burled in the Arlington National cemetery. Norfolk and Southern foreclosed. Norfolk Vade fault Havig occurred in the interest on Bonds if the Norfolk and Southern railway the. Trust company of America taste which brought the original receiver Iship suit filed a Bill of foreclosure and judge Waddill reappointed Rhos. Fitzgerald h. M. Kerr and i. K. I Wolcott As receivers for the pro do Raris i a . A world s fair to open canal. Panama Steps Are being Tal a to celebrate the opening of the Panama canal in 1915. It is proposed Schold a world s fair Here. Many pro rent men on the isthmus have indred the idea. Post office opens wireless. Londo the first Post office wire i less station in England was owned i by postmaster general Buxton. It a t situated at Bol Thead on the Dvon Shire coast and i3 intended primarily for communication with show at sea. Or. Buxton in a speech i the opening intimated that series would be scattered through out the United kingdom. England revokes Patent. I Londo the first revocation of a j foreign Patent in great Britain Der the recent Law occurred when one t held by a belgian for makingtile9 5 was cancelled on the ground that there was no valid reason Foi the \ manufacture of the tile not being prosecuted in great Britain i Lead of Belgium. Won t have women voting. Londo the House of lord decided that women graduates of the. Scottish universities Are not entitled l to vote for the University member of parliament. This decision of Iowa representations made to the Wor Chancellor in november by Diss Chrystal Macmillan and miss France Simpson graduates of St. i and Edinburgh universities respect timely. The two ladies Are Masteb of. Arts and they argued that women who had gone through a University course and taken the qualifying de Gree Are entitled to vote. Italian general ousted. Rome Italy. Lieutenant Gen ral Mangi Agalli , has been relieved of his Emman for making Public confidential letters from the under Secretary. Of War general Spato who has resigned j As a consequence. Earth Shock at Mont Albano. Messina Sicily. Several Earth shocks at Mont Albano create a i panic among the people. The Clinch r i and a number of Public buildings Fere badly damaged. Soldiers Settle strike. Valparaiso of Lilethe strike that broke out at the Coll Ahuayo Oal mines a week ago came to an end ind work has been resumed. The movement was put Down by troops Tho overawed the rioters and arrested 5 their leaders. L banknote fraud in Russia. 1 St. Petersburg i of of Nyrl mlin�t19quauuuco a. Us a. Belonging to the state which re i taken from circulation and ordered i to be destroyed have again been it. In circulation. One of the of Cala i has made a confession. Give the farm due credit. Tha the Farmer Seldom keeps a Square str account. House rent and luxuries he its Eldom itemizes on the credit Side of 00 he Ledger. The enjoyment of Rural 1 08 Ife in health and happiness to three an score years and ten he does not pro econ in the sum total of benefits be Tut he charges All the aches and m gains weekly witness. Ee30 that confine the air with the is bring on All sorts of diseases often cause All the trouble in the a while the owner tries All Manor feeding in an Effort to Cut Down mortality and remove the Ideal roosting Coop is no Ilsc t to the front entirely of slats or a and with some Way of letting in at the Hack on extremely warm is. A Coop open at the front Back would not do in very cold Ither or indeed when the weather moderately Cool. Therefore the n space at the rear must have a to cover it and the front should a n hurl fun. End talk. To let Down m the wind blows cold into the p or when the rain would othere beating in Nason in Amer cultivator. " silage and live Stock. V ./i5 silage for is More d in rations for Dairy cows than any other class of animals. In it has been prominent in bring about the present development m thirty to fifty pounds is the 4 Al daily allowance of silage Tor a r. I to. I pm no ii8go Jour i feeder of beef cattle Wilf and that i Ige is j ust As important to the eco i Nical production of flesh and fatal i Dairyman does in the economical i auction of milk. Corn silage will i Nish a cheap succulent Winter feed cattle that will keep the system in and the appetite vigorous. The Mility of silage fed beet is better i that on dry roughage in the try. Stages of feeding a 10 00-Ponnd or can be fed forty to fifty pounds silage and then reduced to about i half that amount when on a full in ration and toward the end of i feeding period. Silage for is looked in with great favor among sheep a # l n. Succulent Zooa is imperative successful sheep raising and the a particularly True in raising finely lambs. Silage on most Farma 1 furnish this succulent cheapen m Root crops. Silage is inclined to i fattening and should be fed la listed quantities to Breeding ewes. Age fed ewes give Strong vigorous lbs and drop them without be fed front two to or pounds per Day per head. Falling sheep May be fed double these count bulletin of the Maryland Perment station. Science aids science aids Dairying was Awn by director j. L. Hills of the Mont station in a meeting of the a Sylvania Dairy Union. He called mention to the importance of keep ? an open mind in regard to new nos. The matters which Are po6hohedin one generation Are the its of the next. Late developments show that the Man Standard which requires a rim Toiv no and one half sounds protein per cow per Day is subject i considerable modification. He had a Good results from cows capable my producing 250 pounds of butter or Are a year on a ration containing e and one half pounds of digestible � Stein. Protein occupies too pro Manta place in the German Standard. He has found that very heavy feed does not give Good financial cow with All the Clover Hay e will eat a Good ration of silage d six pounds of Grain gives better turns than one with eight to twelve funds of Grain. The Grain fed in Cess of eight pounds does not return port donate results. Concerning the milking machine he insiders it a labor Saver easily waned a close Milker better than e average Milker. It has been in a for Over three years but the to put it on the Arket believing that it is not yet infect. He believes that for the Laryman having thirty cows or More will be a Good investment. He ars however that it will discourage e testing of individual cows As it inks two cows into the same can. His experiments had shown that manipulation of the cow s udder does t except after a poor Milker. Me other ways in which science ha3 1 j o Rel kit of in a Lii Waii j Ina Ai w Ujj no urination of milk the improvement Salt and the study of ventilation. T regard to this do not use Metal in in ventilators As it causes a Conden i Tion of air and consequent moisture i weekly witness. I he could t put it out farther. A doctor to Gilbert aged four .4 put your Tongue out Little Gilbert protruded the tip of is Tongue. , no put it right the Little fellow Shook his head film Eakly and the tears gathered i can to doctor it s fastened Chat

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