Abbeville Press And Banner in Abbeville, South-Carolina
17 Feb 1909

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Abbeville Press And Banner in Abbeville, South-Carolina
17 Feb 1909

Read an issue on 17 Feb 1909 in Abbeville, South-Carolina and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Abbeville Press And Banner.

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Abbeville Press and Banner (Newspaper) - February 17, 1909, Abbeville, South CarolinaSinge Long de Road. He was Des de happiest Eree tur Dat de Roun wort Ever snowed. Singin Long de Longde Road dreaming in de night of a Mawkin Sweet in Bright. Flinging wide de shatters Fer Ter let in Allie Light Happy in de realm of de Harvest what he sowed. Singin Long de Long de Road Crost Fields whar Birds Wiz winging Dey Heerd his voice a ringing. In de toilers stopped Ter listen enter bless him Fer his singin. Geared Lak it fetched de Sunshine in lightened up de Load. Dat singin Long de singin Longde Road in it s s work Ter do whilst de Light Shine Down on you geared Lak de Birds Dey Heerd him eur de foil for Omenn of a \ i . ,. Of Des de happiest Creteur Dat de Roun Worl Ever snowed. Singin Long de Long de Road Fin de darkest Day Vuz Bright. In trouble say. Good night Fer he Des the owed wide de shutters in let in All de Light Frank l. Stanton in youth s companion. & i the fairy s 8i Silver Bell i $ from the scandinavian "fev3y Jan s. Remy. V far up in the Frozen North in the land of the Midnight Sun. There is a wonderful race of fairy Folk known a the underground people or the Little Otodle of the Hills. Of but they play queer mics and marry pranks these wee Brown Folk Clad in Dusky suits just the color of the Earth in which they live wearing on their feet tiny Glass slippers and furry Caps of Brown finished with a Silver Bell adorning each elfin head. These Caps Are possessed of magic Power which makes the wearer quite invisible to mortal eyes. So though one often hears on a Moor Light night a soft whispering and Low Rustle while walking through a lonely Forestor Over a Moonlit Meadow land strewn with one often sees by Daylight the grass pressed Down by the tread of dancing feet the night never sees the elves themselves unless he be Lucky enough to and either one of the Little Caps or its Silver Bell lost by some careless dancer. Now a Shepherd lad of Norway had heard so much of these Little Folk of the Hills that on one St. John s eve he made up his mind to wait for the fairy Folk All night of the top of a very High Hill which was their favorit dancing place. Who knows thought he. I Mav be Lucky enough to find one of their magic As soon As the night fell on this magic night of All the year the Shepherd stole away to the top of the Hill and lying Down in the very deepest Shadow he could find waited in silence for the fairy Folk. Exactly at Midnight the chiming of Silver Bells and a Gay mingling of chatter and laughter sounded Over the lonely Hill top then a Rustle through the grass and then a whizzing and a buzzing that showed very plainly that the Little Folk were whirling round and round in the dance tumbling and sporting in the Moonlight playing All sorts of merry pranks and tricks. The Shepherd could not see any of this merrymaking you know he could Only hear the mirth and Merri ment but All of a sudden something Cool and Slippery touched his hand and one of the Little folks set up a great . My Bell my Bell i be lost my Little Silver Bell you May be sure the Shepherd lost no time in slipping that Bell in his pocket for of course that was what had touched his hand As it had rolled from the Cap of its tiny owner. Now he could see the Little Folk running hither and thither in the most distracted manner. One Little fellow was in great distress. He peered in the hearts of the wild roses he poked his wee Finger into the Bluebell scup. And searched every Ade of grass. All in vain however. He could not find his Silver Bell. The Shepherd in the meantime knowing what a prize he had found was running Down the Hill As fast As he could and never once did he pause till he was Safe in his own cottage. He tried the magic Power of the Bell the very next morning when he led his sheep out to pasture and found that All he had to do to guid his sheep was to wish the Way y should go. And then ring the Silver Bell. A. Once the sheep would meekly turn in the direction he wish d. My but this saves me a lot of trouble and work said he. I will have to be Given something pretty Good before i give up this now the poor Little Elf who had lost his Bell was having a pretty hard time for not one Wink of sleep could he get until he found it. Thee. Too. By Laws of his race he could not come to the upper world in the daytime in his True form. So he Scurrie 1 Over the Hills and through the valleys of Norway in every form of an Imal he flew through the air disguise Das a Bird he crawled on the ground As a Little Green Snake How Iggleden the Earth As a wee Little worm and in the shape of a Man he even made his Way into churches houses and barns searching everywhere for his lost Bell. So passed Many a weary Day. And the Little Elf had grown quite thin and ill and his eyes fairly popped out of his head with weariness. But one Day it happened that in the form of a Bird he was flying Low Over a Meadow where a Hock of sheep was grazing. Some of the sheep had Bells on their necks which rang with a soft tinkle tinkle tinkle As they moved about. There s just a Hanee that my Bell is Here thought the weary Little Elf and in a soft Bird Carol he gang this Little sad song alas my Little Silver Boll pretty sheep if you can t la where is hid my Silver Boll. Toll me quickly now 1 Pray t have not slept by night or Dav since my Bell was taken the boy who was keeping the sheep heard the words of this song very plainly and Luck at last was with the Little Elf for he was the very Shepherd who had run off with the Bell and it was now Safe hid in his pocket. Just at this moment the sheep started restlessly to scatter about the Field and. In order to bring them together the boy rang the magic Bell. At the first sound of its Sweet tinkle the Little if knew that his search was ended but he also knew that he would have need of All his cunning to win the Bell from the Shepherd. He at once flew Down to a neighbouring Thicket and changed himself in the twinkling of an Eye to an old woman dressed in shabby ragged clothes who with sighs and groans limped across to the Shep Uci u. Bid you Good morning said she in a cracked tremulous voice. Can you Tell me How i can get to Bergen the Shepherd still held the Bell in his hand and As he turned to answer her the old woman exclaimed Well Well did Ever a body see such a pretty Little Bell and the merry tinkle that it has Why it takes the lameness out of these old legs of mine come my gentle lad i la buy the Bell from you at any of. No you wont grandmother said the boy with a laugh. Money could not buy my Bell. See Bow the sheep obey its Silvery notes and. Sure enough at its gentle tinkle All the sheep turned to follow where it led. And see How All care and Wor re vanish at its merry chime Why i have never known real Joy until i owned this Bell. I d not give it up for All the Gold in the perhaps the sight of Gold will do More than its sound thought the shrewd old woman and stretching out a handful of Gold pieces she said Gold will buy much Joy for Heyoung but will not give Back health to the old As the Little Bell does. See i la give you ten times this sum for the the Shepherd was a kind hearted lad and he really Felt very sorry for the Little old woman and he said no Gold will not buy my Bell but perhaps you can give me something Elst that will take its he Bega to suspect now that the Little Elf stood Here in the Guise of this feeble old woman. Certainly i can said the old woman and Drew from under her ragged Cape a Little White stick on which were carved Adam and eve surrounded by their flocks in the Garden of Eden. This shall be yours in place of the Bell. The cattle you drive with it shall always be fat and Well. As Long As you own this stick you will succeed in everything you undertake. You will grow wealthy you will be Wise and Good and you will marry the most Beautiful woman in the a said the lad now i will give up my Bell and May you Good Mother be As Happy with it As i have so saying he Laid the Bell in her outstretched hand. To his amazement she at once vanished from his sight leaving him staring at the place where she had stood but the Little White stick in his hand commenced at once to work its wonders. For these Little people of the Hills do not dare to lie All sorts of dreadful punishments await them if they do. They Are changed into moles bats snakes and All sorts of unpleasant creatures and cannot resume their own shapes until they have kept their word. The Shepherd rubbed his eyes in wonder As he saw his flock of Twenty sheep increase until it filled the great Meadow and his one dog turn into a dozen that ran hither and thither keeping the great flock in Ord or. His own rough clothes fell from him too and he stood in Rich garments talking to two shepherds about the care they must give his flocks and his herds. He walked homeward dazed and astonished at his own Good Fortune and in the place of his Humble Little cottage there stood a great mansion with servants waiting to do his bidding. Then. Too. And this was perhaps the Best of All he was Given Wisdom to manage Well All the wealth that had so suddenly come to him and kindness of heart so that he did much Good with his Money. Is it any wonder in View Cfall the stood things that came to him through the Little Silver Bell that the children of the far North love very dearly and Are always looking out for the Little people of the Hills?.christianregister. Warship libraries. One of the Foremost Book shop men in new York said yesterday write an article on red tape is. Economy in the United states Navy when a ship goes out of commission for repairs or for any other purpose at the Brooklyn Navy Yard everything Loose including the Library is removed to the storehouses. When the impediments from several ships have accumulated they Are advertised and sold to the highest bid ers the books in lots of from 5000 to 15,000volumes. Many of these books Are of High character and when sold Are As Good As new. The government receives but Little from their Sale. When the ships Are again commissioned Neir libraries Are filled with new books at great Cost Many being identical with those sold.". New York press. Free advice. A Man sat for some time in a restaurant looking thoughtfully at his Saucer of melting ice Cream. At last he left his chair and made his Way to the proprietor. I see you advertise that you make your own ice Cream he said in a confidential tone. I do. said the proprietor. Well said the Man would you permit me to give you a Pointer 1 won t charge you a cent and it la be Money in your glad to hear it i m sure said the proprietor. Get somebody else to make said the Man in a horse whisper. Youth s companion. The name s against him. A Mehoopany a Man went into a Cave and slew a Bear single handed. Of course he s a hero All right but it is going to bother Fame a Good Deal to remember thai he hails from Mehoopany Cleveland Plain dealer. Rather i Irish Foreman to applicant for i vacancy at present and that s filled has t turned if he does t com jabber there a folding receptacle. A Massachusetts Man has come to the Rescue of those who do not like to carry an armful of assorted has devised a receptacle which when open is a spacious Square a Box with a rope handle and which can be folded into the space a thin Magazine would occupy. The receptacle is made so that its Walls fold in and lie Flat on the. Bottom. It can be of either heavy paper heavy Canvas or Metal and can be manufactured cheaply enough to enable progressive merchants to keep a Stock for use in place of paper bags and other receptacle which Are a Handy to carry. By the rope handle it can be carried As easily As a leather bag and will be a Boon to commuters and other people who cannot wait for the delivery wagons. This device will also make a serviceable and convenient lunch Box for those who take their lunches to and from work. A my Talbot of this description will be found useful in a Hundred different ways. Washington Star. Japan is building a 1100-ton torpedo boat to have a Speed of thirty Ninemires an hour and to carry a heavy gun in addition to four torpedo tubes. All or or. Townley we. Has just arc course you la have those Trees Stra Ghl punch. Treatment of Grain. It would almost be impossible to even approximate the amount of _i1money lost yearly on Grain which has become moldy Damp etc., and consequently unsaleable. Attempts have been made to overcome this tendency of Grain to mildew and rot by design 5ullism. Ivory sure an there was Only one but the Man we be got Here to Day be to Morrow we shall Send him Home you the sketch. Race Between engine and horse. It has been some time announced that the new machine for travelling without horses being impelled in. I tirely by steam was matched to run Twenty four hours against any horse in the kingdom. This bet so novel in the sporting world will be decided on wednesday and thursday next. The machine is to Start at 2 of clock on wednesday on its ground in the Fields near Russell Square to demonstrate the extent of its Speed and Large sums Are depending on the iss Elondon observer. Cruel mistress. 8ipr now i understand Why it is that i always sneeze when i have been listening at the door. Mistress has put some some snuff in the j Rustige Braetter. Sorted soil. be. To Rev de to take a country cottage of veiled up a bit they be got horribly ing buildings impervious to moisture and dampness in which to store the Grain until wanted. Even with this Protection dampness still attacks the Grain. More recently Grain Mer chants Are attacking the problem from an entirely different standpoint. They Are now working on the idea of thoroughly drying the Grain before it is stored in the Grain elevators the theory being that the Grain contains Loo much moisture when received from the Field. Inventors have accordingly been designing machines for drying the Grain Many of which Are now in use. The latest apparatus of this nature patented is shown Here j this machine consists of a tank con Taining a treating fluid with a drum mounted to rotate above the tank and through the fluid. The Grain is automatically delivered to the drum treated to the fluid and afterwards ejected into a Chute. In addition there is a scraper which skims the Grain after being washed. The fluid contains ingredients which eventually cause it to evaporate at the same time carrying away All moisture in the Grain Washington Star. Standard Oil co. Sims t pub willing that Missouri help run its business. Wishes to prevent ouster remarkable proposition for state control was submitted to the supreme s attorneys Hope for acceptance. Jefferson City Torather than de driven from the state under the Auster decision of the supreme court the Standard Oil company of Indiana has proposed that the state of Missouri go into partnership with it ill the management of its Missouri business. The remarkable proposition for state control was submitted to the supreme court. The Brief proposes Chat a new Missouri corporation be formed which shall take Over All the Missouri property of the Indiana company and succeed to All its business in this state. All the Stock of the Aew company less enough to qualify directors shall be issued to and for four years stand in the name of two persons selected by Testate and the other by the Indiana company both selections to be approved by this court. These trustees shall act As officers this court sub octto its control and direction so Rote the Stock and keep vigilant supervision Over the affairs of the Companas to see that it conducts same in a Way that is fair just and lawful and that proper treatment is accorded to the Public As w611 As to the property company and its real owners. If Ever As to any action to be taken or pursued. The said trustees cannot agree the controversy shall be submitted to the judges of this court or some one named by them As an arbitrator the decision of the judges or their arbitrator to be final. The Stock of the Waters Pierce Oil company owned by the Standard Oil company of new Jersey shall be sold and transferred to and become the property of the Missouri company thus formed or in lieu thereof it shall be transferred to Ana held by said trustees for the same the company s attorneys have Hope that the proposition will be accepted. According to this plan the state would have no financial interest in the business but would have half of. The management and could fix prices and determine conditions of sales and the method of handling the business the court to Settle All disputes. Court closes a savings Bank. Order permits business to continue pending reorganization. Boston Massy an order of the supreme judicial court closing the Greenfield savings Bank of Greenfield and suspending the payment of further dividends it is hoped to eliminate the unproductive assets of the Bank and eventually throw open its doors to its 7000 depositors who have entrusted nearly $3,000,000 tits keeping. The Bank is one of the largest saving institutions in the Connecticut Valley and its closing at the request of the savings Bank commissioner Pierre Jay came unexpectedly to the depositors Many of whom Are Mill hands and working people. Mexican railway merger. E. N. Brown is president of the new company. Mexico Cit the physical merger of the mexican Central and National railways has become effective and the mexican government has taken Over 7012 Miles of line. E. N. Brown has been named president of the new company. S. M. Felton formerly president of the Central will remain in Mexico As the representative of the minority stockholders consisting of a group of americans headed by h. Clay Pierce. The financial corporation of the Central of which or. Felton remains the head is not disturbed by the merger. Denies 80-cent Gas rehearing petition of consolidated s lawyers fails in Washington. Washington d. The supreme court of the United states denied the application of tiie Wonso Vaamu us company of new York City for a Case involved the Validity of the eighty cent Gas Law and was recently decided against the company and in favor of the Law. The company made application for a rehearing on the ground that the decree of the court was inconsistent with some of the conclusions set out in the opinion. The effect of the denials to leave standing judge Peckham decision. Poison kills physician. Or. R. H. Holyoke of Lincoln neb., found dead in Chicago. Chi Cagor. R. H. Holyoke of Lincoln neb., was found dead in his room at the Windsor Clifton hotel. His death is believed to have been caused by poisoning and the police Are investigating a theory that he accidentally took an overdose of Medicine. Farms of Thomas seized. United states marshal will collect debt of $25,11-1 at lycj4x, a. L. Thomas seizing three farms containing4 95 acres in the interest of a debt of 525,144.90 against Thomas held by the people s surety company of new York City. Thomas is a broker in new York City but formerly lived in Lyons. Shot wife and himself. enraged because she would not return with him to Georgia or surrender their seventeen months old child Edward a. Mizer of Atlanta intercepted his Young wife at Wilmington n. C., shot her and then blew out his own brains. Billik goes up for life. Herman Billik of Chicago after two years imprisonment during which he has five times been respite from the Gallows was taken to the state Penitentiary at Joliet to Servo life imprisonment for the murder of Mary Vrzal. 0 latest news. I. I i t by wire. i Bank wreckers sentenced. Columbus Ohio cashier j. S. Prettyman has been sentenced to seven years in Leavenworth Kajah Penitentiary Jacob Kapner to seven years and Hia son Abraham Kapner to five years on conviction of wrecking the first National Bank of dres Den. N s boys begin 30-year term. Q Bridgeton n. Jherbert Gregg it and Cline Wheeler the two boys who were sentenced for thirty years each for complicity in the murder of old v William read at Vineland were taken to Trenton to begin serving a Moil Sci m. To Vaiuli Iuo Fiauu Sonoff the murdered Man was con n a acted of murder in the first degree. Nhe is under sentence to die. Divorces Young wife. � Des Moines Iowa ninety one years old and deserted Jacob St. & Lawrence has obtained a divorce in the District court Here from a Young a wife who married him three years w ago and secured his Money. H Evans had secret orders. Cincinnati Ohio. Rear Admiral t Robley Evans in speaking Here in & Der the auspices of the y. M. A., said that when he parted with Presl to Dent Roosevelt at Hampton roads a starting on the voyage to san fran to Cisco the president gave his final instruction sin secret. These instruct Ticino Admiral Evans said would not be made Public until he or Roosevelt n or both were dead. & Fvank for presidents widows. Washington d. Frances Fol p am Cleveland widow of president Cleveland and Mary lord Harrison t widow of president Harrison were a granted the franking privilege Dur ing their lifetime by Congress. I flirting with Golden \ Kansas City Mothe code of b ethics which henceforth will bind 5 its members to treat the consumer according to the Golden Rule occur � pied the attention of the southwestern lumbermen s association. \ life term for train robber. Helena Mont. Federal judge g Hunt sentenced George Frank user convicted of a sensational to Rah Rob c Bery on the great Northern to a life term in the military prison at fort c Leavenworth. T 3 woman drugs Farmer. E " Eastport Methe victim of � thugs Jhn Johnson a Farmer who went to Boston to collect $600 due on a mortgage returned to his Home Here after he had lost his Mon Estand Bee almost murdered in that City. Johnson said he received the Money from an attorney there and that after. Returning to the boarding place the i hostess offered him drugged wine. R midgets visit president. Washington d. Three of the v smallest people in the world. Countess Magri the widow of Tom. Thum her husband count Magri and Baron hands with r the president at the White House. Suicide kills her pets. R y Chi ago 111unwilling to leave her pet cat two dogs a Canary Bird 3 and a Robin to the care of others mrs. Emilia Tilman killed them and her b self by turning on the Gas at her residence. .0 b i do rare of ii m _ Iii ii Bellow fever in Barbadoes. Kingston jamaican epidemic of yell cow fever began in the Island of Ujj Barbadoes. There have been twelve deaths. A strict quarantine against 0 the Island is enforce Here. A japs look toward Chile. F Santiago Chil Tadao Kamiya j1 manager of the japanese Oriental emigration company is visiting c Chile to study the general prospects of the country.? below Zero in Italy. Milan Italy. Lombardy exper fenced intense cold weather and the � suffering among the poor was very great. The thermometer registered ten below Zero. U v Czar appoints Dol Goroski. St. Petersburg Russia. General adjutant Prince Dol Goroski has been appointed russian ambassador to Rome in succession to m. Mouravieff Odessa to have an aeroplane. T Odessa Russia the Aero club a of Odessa has ordered the construe f Tion of a Delagrange aeroplane. The Price is to be $500. V France honors Binns. T Paris France. The government j has decided to award a medal for life saving to John Binns the wireless e Telegraph operator of the Steamer Republic for his Fine conduct after d the collision Between that vessel and the Florida. N Steamer from Baltimore lost. I Nassau n. The British steam b or Clomere Captain Jones from bal w timbre for Vera Cruz stranded or a Pensacola Cay Abaco Island. She it will be a total loss. N new Rector at Rome. Rome Italy or. E. T. Shanahan has been appointed acting Rector of the Catholic University. Gomez hits tobacco monopoly. Willemstad Curacao. President Gomez has issued a decree declaring w void the monopoly for the Man fac w Ture of cigarettes in Venezuela per mitting every one to import tobacco i and manufacture it and announcing b that venezuelan planters were in s tirely free to raise and prepare their 0 own tobacco. H Intro Ness attempts suicide. St. Petersburg Russia Baroness Tiesenhausen. Wife of a court official made an attempt to commit suicide at the Winter Palace by taking Poison she was removed to a Hospital in a dying condition. Tarred statue of Queen. Q Bombay India hindu who has. I been a student of the agricultural c College for two years and who has c been acting As overseer on the gov t Ern ment farm has been sentenced to a year s imprisonment for smearing $ tar Over a statue of the late Queen r Victoria at Nagpur last november. C � a Fri 7x3v kor a go Felen Money Imbt United at Spring Lake n. U to. A. H. Osborn. � re Vic " he marriage has the pull Sanction of the roman Catholic Church says or. Maloney. Philadelphia Pamiss Helen Money of this City and Arthur her Ert Osborn of new York City were married by Rev. Stephen m. Lyons in it. Catherine s roman Catholic Church Spring Lake n. J., where n i Lartin Maloney father of the Bride As a summer Home. The announcement of the marriage As made by or. Maloney that they Fere married with the full Sanction f the Church. The marriage of miss Maloney larks the end of an International Rolance that began in october 1907. Then Helen Maloney eloped from or father s summer Home at Spring Ake with Samuel r. Clarkson of Ion Don who had Betm a guest of or. Baloney. Or. Maloney found his daughter a London and brought her Home. It Ras Learned that she and Clarkson and applied for a License to wed in or Gibraltar capt. Edward p. Qua rough commander of the battleship Georgia is under arrest on Board Hia j in vessel and will be tried by Coutaa Rialon a charge preferred by tear Admiral Wainwright that he Ras under the influence of intoxicants t a reception Given a few Days ago i n Shore. The Captain denies the charge is defense will be that he was Unera heavy Strain during the last in of his vessel on account of rough Eather on the Day of the reception in had been on the Bridge since 4 clock in the Mornine he did not rink anything during the Day and in partook sparingly of. The the dinner which preceded he reception. Fatigue was responsible for his appearance n j. Gilmer Speed a suicide. Writer for magazines and onto Edt Tor of Leslie s. Mendham n. Jjohn Gilmer i peed the Well known author and journalist once editor of Leslie s weekly and it times connected with numerous newspapers and magazines a new York shot himself through. He right Temple at his room in the Phoenix House at this place. He -1 or Tiah Narf a half. And. Ivou a Uduc vui9 Hough local physicians tried to save do they were not successful. So far As could the Learned he had Hown no indication that he was contemplating suicide. At the time of the death of his Rife mrs. Emma Stutz daily Speed rom whom he had separated by. Speed refused to claim third of her50,000 estate As he a Field have done under the Laws of Indiana where her Rill was filed army clings to horses. Var department at Washington d.c., decides against autos. Washington. D. C an investigation of the Cost of maintenance of automobiles owned by the War department has led the Secretary of Var to decide that hereafter automobiles will not be used by the army in Washington except where it. Is shown hat need is imperative and justifies the additional expense. Tog frighten schildts death Libert Winner saw dog which big him seven weeks before. Philadelphia Paalberg j. three year old child died Here rom fright caused by seeing a dog y which he had been bitten seven reeks ago. When the child saw the Nimal in the Street near his Home Heel unconscious and died soon a Terrard. Wife tells Oil murder. 9 after quarrel Over Money she show her husband. Sharon a. Unable longer to withstand the searching examination hich lasted seven hours mrs. Eliza Arry. Arrested on a charge of Havig killed her husband James Harry Roke Down and confessed that so hot him f owing a bitter quarrel ver her not aying Bills with Money e had Given her for the purpose. Trust cannot use courts. Supreme court at Washington d. Denies its right to collect debts. Washing. The Case of the Continental Wall paper company is Lewis Voight & sons of Cincinnati Hio was decided by the supreme court of the United states in favor of he Voights. The suit was brought on a debt of r 7,000, the payment of which was existed on the ground that the paper of Nav is a Trust

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