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Abbeville Press and Banner (Newspaper) - February 17, 1909, Abbeville, South Carolina Lady on the sequel by mrs. O chapter i. I continued. 1 shall you both like it so very much then said lady car sit Ting straight up with a look of Pale Resolution in her face which did not seem called for by such a simple de termination then children you shall 1 Hurrah cried Tom that s the jollies thing i be heard for Long 4 that s exactly what i want " i want to know it he cried i do want to. Know it before i go there and Settle 1 lady car turned her eyes upon him with a wonderful inquiring look. Nothing indeed could be More Nat ural. Yet to hear that some one would go there not for holidays but to Settle Down oppressed poor carry s soul. She faded into whiteness As if she was fainting. It seemed to her that his father looked Over Tom s lather whom the boy was so living image As Peor a Foa foil on/1 of Fri cup la dct1u, Siut of Tan Usu Gnu Jcj Luu with the features and the eyes and the aspect which poor carry had so feared. Beau cried both the Young people in one voice of i believe it s his doing Tom he must have a hand in it Beau next holidays we Are going to the towers. Mother says so. We Are going next holidays to the your Mother is full of sense said Beaufort who had just come in. I knew that she would see it to be the right thing to poor carry she Felt As if she could not Bear it this sacrifice of All her own feelings and wishes. She said to herself that she could not do it that before the time came she must die and perhaps there was a forlorn Hope that this was what would happen in her heart As she sat and saw her husband and her Chil Dren rejoicing Over the Tea table. % most naturally most justly she knew at least it was but natural adjust so far As the children were con corned. She had to give great orders and make Many arrangements about the opening up of the House. It was so Long since it had been shut up. Tom had been Only six and now he was j seventeen and a half. She wrote to 1her sister Edith and to Edith s Hus 1 band John Erskine As Well As to 1 the pastor on the estate and the ser vants who were in charge. And there were a number of things sent 1 from town to make it 1 to make it habitable she could not � help the feeling that this was what 1 he would have liked least of All 1 when she remembered the wonder 1 fully costly Cata Salques of furniture � of which he had been so proud and 1 the decorations that would make poor Edward miserable. Edward did not 1 mind the fact that it was his Money 1 which made Easton so comfortable but to put up with his wardrobes and � was a different mat Ter. Even in her humiliation and c in the much greater troubles she had � to occupy her she could not help a 1 j j 4 in i o a i Ai t Sun user 10 Iutuk us. Suwara in uie midst of All those showy relics of the 1 past. Eleven years had not dimmed 1 her own recollection of her own sur c rounding. She remembered with an acute recollection which was pain where everything stood and sent de tailed directions As to How All was " to be altered. Dear Edith do see t that everything is changed. Don t � let anything look As it used to do. It 1 would kill if the rooms were left As they were she wrote to her Sis Ter. see that everything is 5 perhaps it was by dint of having 1 thus exhausted All feeling and fore stalled All motion that when she 1 did find herself at the towers at last it was almost without sentiment of any kind. Edith had carried out her consigned. Very Well and she was standing under the much mediaeval c doorway to receive her sister when c lady car drove up. The Sisters had not net for a Long for several years and the meeting in its of did much to break the spell. Carry awoke with wonder and a Little Relief to find herself next morning in her old House and to feel that she did not mind. Torrance did not meet her at his own Hearth he did not look at her from the Balcony he did not follow her about the corridor. She was very much relieved after All her imaginary anguish to feel that the reality was less dreadful than she had feared. And it was something to see the children so truly Happy. The quiet Little Janet who said so Little was quite roused out of herself. She became almost noisy Rushing with Tom from the top of the Tower to the very cellars going Over everything. Her voice mingled shrill in the Hurrah with which Tom contemplated the Flag of which he had dreamed the sign of his own domination in this House of his fathers which was to the boy As if it had been the shrine of the noblest of races. I see now he said that rag at Easton was All a Sham but this is the real thin sport and guests who came for curiosity and the great country people / who were friends of the Lindens and 1 the smaller people who were friends 11 to. Car. Of a Lite. Oliphant. 5f Torrance. And with both sorts of these visitors carry could not help perhaps she Only imagined hat though her husband and herself were treated with great curiosity it was Tom who was looked to with the chief interest he was the future possessor of All. Though she had entire Sway in the House As she never had before yet she was nothing but a Shadow As she had always been. the children would have liked if possible to ignore her too. As for Tom he got altogether beyond her control. When he was not shooting taking upon himself premature airs of the master he was Riding about the country As his father had done going to All kinds of places making acquaintances everywhere. He cams Home on several occasions after a Day of roaming with red eyes half falling half leaping off his horse making his Entrance audible by All the tumult of rough Revi Lement calling loudly to the servants discharging oaths at them for imaginary delay. Vic a o Ninnor i jl1c ill Lillic Lul Juu a car Only suspected it with alarm which everybody about stilled As Best they could getting the Young culprit out of the Way. The matter there is nothing the matter Beaufort said coming to her a Little Pale but with a laugh. Tom has lost his temper. He is vexed with himself for being late for dinner. I la have a talk with him by and is that All Edward she said. What should it be More her husband replied. But on another occasion As evil Luck would have it Tom made his Entrance just As a party a Large one in which his place was vacant was sweeping across the Hall to dinner and his Mother who came last had the full advantage of that son standing All be spattered unsteady his Dull eyes fierce with angry Light. Hallo Mother i a bit ate. Never mind 11 come As i he cried steadying himself beating his Muddy Boot with his whip. Lady car threw an anguished look at the new Butler who stood splashed and indifferent at the floor. There was not even an old servant full of resource to coax the foolish wretched boy away. She had to go in and sit Down smiling at the head of the table and entertainer guests not knowing any minute whether the boy might not burst in and make his shame visible o All. In the Millst of the sounds of the dinner table the talk and the ing of the knives and Forks and the movements of the servants other sounds seemed to reach her ear of oud voices and noise outside. She lad to hear it All and make no sign it talk that her neighbors on each Side might not notice with what was almost no siness for carry. Perhaps Hough it seems More horrible at such i crisis to be in the midst of the compulsory make belief of society it is letter for the sufferer. She kept up never winced till the dinner was ver and the endless tune in the drawing room after and All the tests who were from he neighbourhood to their Homes Hose who were in the House to their Ooms. Then and Only then did she Lare to breathe to give Way to the devouring anxiety in her mind. She lad Bidden her husband Ligac go to he smoking room or anywhere with he last guests and she was alone rhe whole House had been changed he old furniture displaced All its association altered and yet in that moment everything came Back again the Cata Salques of old the vulgar Piena ors Oia creamy boy the boy she tight she saw his father come out before Ler As she had feared to see him All hese years saying with his Oil brutal Augh your boy none of yours Fine mine chapter Vii. Beaufort behaved very Well at this Risis of Domestic history. He. Shook of his usual languor and became at nce energetic and Active. What he Aid to Tom remains undisclosed but e spoke to the boy with great orce and even eloquence represent Ungto him the ruin entailed by cer sinbad habits which More than ther vices probably worse in them elves destroy a Man s reputation and degrade him among his Fellows Rhough he was himself a Man Over Efi Nedin his ways he was Clever enough to seize the Only motives which were Likely to influence the uder nature of his Stepson. And Hen he went to poor carry who in his Home of evil memories sat like a Host surrounded by the recollections f the past Antl seeing forever before Ler eyes the disordered looks and excited eyes of her boy. He was not Ilas the son of her dreams the Hild whom every Mother Hopes for who is to restore the Ideal of what a Nan should be. Many disappointments had already taught lady car hat her son had Little of the Ideal in line and nothing or next to nothing of herself hut. Still he was her son. And to think of him As the rude and iolent debauched of the Countryside seemed More than she could Bear. Beaufort came in upon her miserable seclusion like a fresh Breeze of comor tand Hope. This was so far from Lis usual aspect that the effect was doubled. Tender he always was but of Day he was cheerful hopeful full 1 Confidence and conscious Power. There must be no More of this he ried. Come carry have a Little enrage. Because the boy has been a ool even is not o say that Piliere is anything tragical n ii or that he is abandoned to bad Lalith it is probably scarcely his Sui i at All a combination of Circum i in we nobody s fault. Indeed. Imi if nil Man forgetting he was a Joy persuading him out of supposed io3pitality to Swallow something the Joy s head could not stand. How was i r. The boy in his innocence to know that he could not stand it it is a Mere Accident. My love you Good women Are often terribly unjust and sweeping in your judgments. You must not from one Little foolish Misdemeanour judge of Edward she cried judge him own boy All that i feel is that i would rather have died than seen than look that dreadful look in child s nonsense carry. That if. What i Call judging him. You should never have seen it but As for rather dying would Tom be the better for it if he had lost his Mother the Best influence boy.?" she Shook her head but How to Tell her husband of the Specter who had risen before her in the House that was his claiming the son who was his his heir and not carry a she did not know. Influence she had been helplessly the Side of the father and in the Depths of that dreadful experience carry foresaw that the son so like him so moulded upon that Man whom she had feared to the Bottom of her heart and alas unwillingly hated had now escaped her too. There Are moments which Are prophetic and in which the feeble St vision sees Clear. He had escaped her if indeed he had Ever acknowledged any influence of hers. As a child he had been obliged to obey her and still As a youth the influence of the decent tranquil Graceful household at henceforward Tom would compare so contemptuously with his own place and the wealth which was soon to be kept him in a fashion of submission. But Tom had always 1 1. J 4. V.i-. A Moltu Attao at ins Mukuei Gnu Coco in which Defiance lurked. There had never been in him anything of that Glamor with which some children regard their Mother finding in her their first Ideal. It had always been a weariness to Tom to be confined to the restraint of her society. When they were children even he and his sister had schemed together to escape from it. She was dimly aware that even things Are hard for a Mother to realize but there Are moments when they come upon her with All the certainty of Fate. Her influence she could have laughed or wept. As it was with the father so would it be with the son. For that moment at least poor carry s perceptions were Clear. But what could she say she said nothing not even to Beaufort could she disclose that miserable insight which had come to her. Your own can you blame them to another even if he is your husband How say that though so near in blood and every tie they Are alien in soul How disclose that sad intuition carry never said a word. She Shook her head not even perhaps to their own father could she have revealed that discovery. A Mother s part is to excuse to Pardon to Bear with everything even to pretend that she is deceived and blinded by the partiality of love not to disclose the profound and unalterable discourage rent with which she has recognized the truth. She Shook her head at Beaufort s arguments leaving him to believe that it was Only a woman s natural severity of judgment against the sins with which she had no by and by she allowed herself to be comforted. He thought that he had brought her Back to Good sense and the moderation of a less exacting Standard and had convinced her that a Boyish escapade however Lamable was not of the importance she thought. He thought he had persuade her not to be hard upon Tom not to reproach him to pass it Over As a thing which might be trusted to his Good sense not to occur again. Carry did not enter into any had by this time come to understand Well enough that she must not expect any one to divine what was in her heart. Meanwhile Janet who was vaguely informed on the matter and knew that Tom was in disgrace though not very clearly Why threw herself into his defense with All the Fervour that was in Ner nature one went Ana Sai by him while he lingered Over a late breakfast with All the Ruef ulness of headache. Of Tom what have you done she said. Of Why did t you come in time for dinner of where were you All the afternoon we were looking for you everywhere Jock and Jock was an Erskine Cousin the eldest of the tribe. What does it matter to you where i was said the sullen boy. Tom everything matters to said Janet and for one thing we could t make up our to be continued. Most popular name for brides. Ana was the most popular name for brides in 1907. The Maggie the marys the Kates and the roses All of whom have in past years carried off the Honor must Bow to Ann. Thomas c. Smith the application clerk of the marriage License Bureau has for years kept a record of the most popular names of brides and his records for 1907 show that there have been More brides with Ann As a handle to their names and surname than any other. Katie carries off second honors j Ana , once us up Puiyip Unnue Back to the seventh place. In 3 90g Maggie won first place but now she takes third place. Or. Smith places the ten most popular brides of 1907 in their respective standing As follows Ann. Kate. Maggie Elizabeth. Sarah Carrie Mary Rosa. Emma and Clara. Philadelphia bulletin. Prompt. Tiro in in limit re. I Igboji in southwestern Missouri said a St. Louis Man. I had occasion recently to visit a town in that Section and while waiting the pleasure of the president of the Bank i had business with caught sight of the following notice posted on the door of a Church across the Way " there will be preaching Here next sunday Providence permitting and there will be preaching Here whether or no on the sunday following upon the subject. He that believe hand is baptized shall be saved and he that Beli Eveth not shall be damned at 11.30 a. A s monthly. The snakes of the Indian Empire. Major Wall s valuable Wor in identifying venomous rep tiles. If you hear the word Snake 1 India cobra instantly and Nat i ally comes to your mind As the cobra is generally supposed to be the mos deadly of All snakes in India. there Are other snakes which Are eve More dangerous and it seems that to cobra must descend from the Hig Pedestal on which he has been place and do his basking on a Back seat. India offers a limitless Field for to study of real and maj latter Are innumerable ethere Are few Anglo indians wac have made Especial study of these ii Verestin and important reptiles contributed any original matter c the subject. Moat of the Indian res Dent s information about Poison i reptiles of the country is derive from books written by europeans s Home whose observations have Bee confined to Glass Jar or museum spec mens. Recent research and investigation have Given the medical prof Essic much foreknowledge of Snake venom than it possessed formerly and to unfortunate sufferer from Snake by has a fair Chance of recovery now Days if he has instant and Intel Liger treatment and the medical attend i knows the species of Snake which i the biting. The Poison of the con Mon Krait is twice As virulent As Thi of the cobra while that of the to common of sea snakes is eight Tim More deadly. With increased know Edge of Snake venom a More ration treatment through ant Iverene i been introduced into practice but a i Neathal vol Cha Afton fun to Hsio Coo Cubiat Buu v a x � Cian should correctly identify to Snake which caused the trouble i that the strength of his Poison be known and treated accordingly. The Indian medical service h produced a specialist in Ophi ology major f. Wall the Only Anglo India of note who has made sufficient stud. Of the subject to be considered a firs hand authority. For several Yeai major Wall has contributed to to pages of the journal of the bombs natural history society and else where a series of Well written an admirably illustrated articles on ii Dian snakes which should tend to ii crease common knowledge of the enemies of Man. Major Wall has recently collected these articles and with an in trod tory chapter has published them in brochure. He gives Clear Descry tons of the thirty four species of poisonous land snakes of India Burma a d Ceylon in nearly every Case supplemented by illustrations which i the chief distinguishing character tics of each. Illustrations and text Are so con prehensile that identification of an particular species becomes ea3y, Hov Ever mutilated the Snake May a been by its captors. The Little to ume will doubtless become a Tex 1 1, to on Nihon prs an Uura Uili Vaif Xiv it others who after mastering Majc Wall s simple system of identify cation May place any poisonous Snake in ii proper place and in a Case of Snak bite prescribe the required treat Mei for that particular species. Majc Wall has done a great Deal to familiarize the people of India with the snakes and it would be Well were h example followed in other countries inhabited by poisonous snakes. I m., in the new York Post. The canny Scot. Scotsmen Are noted for their Cai niness and a Story told by a lanes Shire commercial traveler who a up in Aberdeen a few Days ago show that the men beyond the Tweed Ai still worthily upholding their repute Tion. The traveler in question of asked by a prospective buyer to sul scribe to the prize fund for the Loci Golf tournament. He parted with ave shillings an As he was interested in Golf he r marked that he would Lik to be key informed of the Progress of the Ioui Nargent so that he could look out pc the result. Of said the customer As 1j picked up the five shillings and place it securely in his pocket be need Dae that. The tournament was he last this was rather a staggered for to latest contributor to the prize Fuji but he retained curiosity enough t inquire who had proved the Happ Winner. The guileless solicitor for sul Ascriptions was quite undaunted Hov Ever. The Winner he said Coyl of just . Avoid the evil Eye. Very curious to the occident mind Are some of the ways of Arabi and other Mohammedan countries a traveler says one of the object of the most anxious solicitude pc Mohammedan parents is the shield ing of their children from the eve Eye any person expressing Admire Tion for a child except by pious Mejac. Lation or the invocation of blessings upon the Prophet fills the heart the Parent with apprehension. The children Are to be taken into tic Street their faces Are often eve smeared with mud or Greasy sul stances lest their comeliness Shoul attract attention and in order tin the person of the child itself Shoul escape attention Gaudy and glittering ornaments Are Hung about it an written charms sewn into leather medallions suspended from its Paul Cresiski s diet. Prior to his appearance at a Concei Paderewski would not thank one pc a piece of the finest Turkey or for the most toothsome Christmas Puddu Ever made. On a concert Day he Eal nothing until it is concluded exc i one soft boiled egg. When it is out he takes a Hoarty meal which he i Joys thoroughly As his appetite excellent although he is so Absten Ous. During the concert he drinks soda lemonade made without Suga it need hardly be said that this 1 net intended As a stimulant. After the concert he permits himself a dra of some malt beverage,.tit-bits, 5unbdi Chicol in International lesson o a ments for february 28 a 3t it subject the gospel in Samaria j n 8 4-25.golden text acts in commit verses 14, 15.-c Centary on the lesson. Time35-37 a. D. Place Samaria. Exposition. Baptized y the holy ghost As Well As with a. Or 14-17. The apostles gladly to Cei Ved the intelligence that the i spiked Samaritans had received r word of god. They sent their n Best men to Foster the work. P and John on their arrival found none of the converts had received holy spirit. Certainly Amon old company of baptized believers to it were some regenerate persons Bush Are distinctly told that As yet i holy spirit had fallen upon non they were precisely in is position of Many in the Church Day. They had believed the t concerning the kingdom of god the name of Jesus Christ and in been baptized but they had not received the holy spirit As a dist a and definite personal experience it important did the apostles Regar it that believers should receive the 1 1 j spirit that the first thing they fitted to was this. They Evide " thought that the Way to obtain in holy spirit was by prayer v. 15 St Luke ,1.1 -13. It was now years a a Pentecost and still we find the a 1 ties praying for the holy ghost Ai cannot improve upon their met is the reception of the holy Spiri it these Samaritan converts was nothing so very definite and Mai that Simon saw it. It has been in Gued from the fact that the Apos 50 Laid their hands upon them that y holy ghost can Only be Given by laying on of an apostle s hands in As the apostles Are no longer 1 n us the gift of the holy ghost i for this is strange 1 and contradicts Plain scripture Tely ing for it was not an apostle to merely a certain disciple who is hands on Saul when he received in holy ghost acts 9 10, 11. To household of Cornelius received holy ghost without the laying o any one s hands cd. 10 44 Samaritan believers did not hav spend weeks waiting for their a it came the moment 3e conditions were fulfilled. It a everywhere in acts after acts 2 id ii. Baptized with water Bat c regenerate 18-25. Simon desire a buy the Power of imparting the spirit. His heart was so Thorou corrupt with selfishness and cd Rusness that he would turn god s into a Way of unholy gain. P brought a Stern rebuke and v re warning. It is All Yery solemn. S there not to Day those who Are 1 ing and praying for the baptism 1 j. The holy spirit for their own aged ozement or gain an Vangy once spoke on the baptism with holy spirit. A pastor As he Ware Home with him said that is 1 what i need. I must have the t Tim with the holy spirit. I am d getting $1200 a year. If i had r baptism with the holy spirit i Bel i could get $1500." that was Fri Ful but this pastor Only put Plain words what Many another2" dimly Felt Aud for this reason. Longed and prayed for the gift. R All such Ponder the solemn word 1 is. 20-23. Such a View of the a r reveals an irreverence toward is and a selfishness so profound a make Pardon almost impossible j 22. The one who thinks that g gifts can be purchased yith does not know god nor the Metal of his Grace. All of god s gifts gifts indeed. They Are not to be chased but received is. 55 1 e i 6 23 Eph. 2 8 rom. 11 6. Is had believed Philip s doctrine is had been baptized with water v. Is but he was an unregenerate Man heart was not right in the sigh god and he had no part nor to this matter. The Only one who part or lot in the matter of the of the holy ghost is the one will heart is right in the sight of god Heb. 1 9 acts 5 32. It mat. a Tanvi Alviar nor a Forte Ora Rinh a " Ith sight of Man the question is our hearts right in the sight of to we need forgiveness not Only for a outward acts but also for r thoughts of our heart. Simon a the visible Church but never the the be was in the Gall of bitterness a the Bond of there is a Gall so bitter As the Gall of sin. T1is no Bond so Strong As the bom iniquity John 8 34. Simon did want to draw near to god himself in asked Peter to Pray to the lord for 1 3, he does not appear to have Beer of sorry for his sin As he was frighten at the possible penalty. According tradition Simon did not repent became an enemy to the gospel.3" apostles did two t j fied of what they themselves Kne y the lord of. Luke 24 48 acts 1 and preached the word of the to the word translated preach a they did not preach Mons but just talked the word i the lord. Notice carefully wha was they talked not their own Idia but the word of the lord. On to 3 Way Back Home they took Opp Ortu to of declaring the Good tidings in r villages of the Samaritans thro 1 which they passed. Their pre Jud in were breaking Down rapidly. To method of preaching is worthy of tation just talking the word of lord and declaring the gospel s ennui Newto n lived with broken neck. In at a Coroner s inquest at Alai n ga., into the death of Frank car a sixty years old it was testified t d his neck was broken seventeen be ago and he had lived without ser inconvenience from the Accidio Carter died of apoplexy. When s police found his neck was broken to suspected foul play and ordered 3 inquest. The testimony that his n had been broken seventeen years accepted As satisfactory. A car to drink milk. In Boston mass., professor p. Harwood of the Massachusetts St r Dairy Bureau told a convention milk producers that there had b g a decrease of 10,500,000 quarts a the amount of milk consumed in to state during 1907. He attributed t decrease to the alarm Over the act iteration in Wlk. And said the important thing to be done Wasis bring about a restoration of c Tidence. A a Uncle Sam owns one fifth. 3 the forests owned by the Gove ment cover one fourth of the to it Forest area and contain one fifth All the Timber standing. "1 bitter War on intemperance. V soldiers fighting this curse i greatly cheered. The unconquerable friends of old King Barleycorn do Are looking Mournful and forlorn i. And Well say. I they look be there s a plan new grown to oust the old King from his throne i and Pluck his Crown to 8 6 it started with the c. T. U., of and Laws a Mussy How it grew Wom just like Man s thirst for drink and disaffected subjects cried old Barleycorn must step i. We want another King to Vith of course pretenders soon arose to vat and which will win out goodness knows. A re h the Long lines never Stop j but those whose friends seem least afraid Tvr Are Gallant Young Prince lemonade the Ana Princess Ginger pop. To very to Eter to throw out poor King Barleycorn or that they plot away from night to morn the from soon to very late so this they la get him yet but this is Plain though he May of expelled or slain to Ere hell never abdicate. Twe Richmond times dispatch. Mite pc compensation. To As is known to All our readers the Ruth All absorbing question agitating the and Temperance people of England Toha Day is the demand of the liquor Deal of re ers for compensation in cases where 111 inc the magistrates refuse to renew h sex so census. The Rev. G. Armstrong a d it Wesleyan methodist preacher of eng n Ioly land in an Able article printed in the be end methodist Temperance Magazine gently turns the tables upon the liquor men the when he says Justice demands or of. That the publican should compensate St after the state for the unspeakable dam Eil pos Ages his Trade has inflicted upon the following Are some of the Hod. Items of the Bill which he says the a t by nation might fairly Lay against the Ime traffic ked item 1damages for the deter or in a action of property in the neighbourhood ties of the License. For the item 2compensation to employ j the ers for All that they lose on mondays Jyh and and at other times through the a 111 of Vita sence of tipping workmen from their not work. Logic item 3compensation to employ � Ach ers for muddle headed work done by a Dut to Zajf numb leu. Laid item 4-.the Cost of the support of the e All drink produced paupers and Pau in the per lunatics. � the item 5the Cost of policemen a n of judges prisons and criminal pro 05 the Medure As far As they Are due to a e to drink. A Peil. Item 6compensation to families the for death and sickness of members s so of the family caused by drink. Item 7damages for All accidents shipwrecks and the d to be. Joly item 8damages for All skilled e Ghlyn workmen whose education has been Ivet costly to the Community and who be gift have not Given the number of years his service in return that might have fwu been expected from them in Conse re Quence of their premature death w. Arig through alcohol. Wit j if the state allows this traffic ran which has acquired such swollen co list wealth by Means of an unearned in a the Crement to go soot free with what it liked has Sot the Trade ought to consider pjju6j that it has been treated with i merciful w Bap. Magnanimity. No now does the liquor traffic clamor for this Justice had better take care How eve it utters that Jirayer lest god should Lek answer it what does the jaw or 77 into of say is 3ustice for the of that a 1 gored and for the owner who know finely it does the liquor traffic let As for Justice then Justice let it. P1 s in be Justice for broken hearts for i Lottei desolated Homes for commercial Dis we q0 j Aster for the manufacture of Pau eve t pers lunatics incapable and Crim cd finals. Justice for myriads of Little children perishing in hunger and c Mey squalor and reared in filth disease an 10dg and moral corruption to be the Are Scourge of society. Does the liquor co traffic claim its due compensation w a he what is it the curse of the right an. Mon eos of whose uttermost Wrath a and rests upon All systems that make Yaj ,0 i traffic of the manhood which is so 1 precious in his sight that he has re seemed it with the blood of his or a has veg Ift Good advice for everybody. It Rose no one. Will charge Field and Al i. Stream with being a prohibition or beff8 . The advice that journal gives hit on the drink question is All the More he a a valuable especially to those who Fol co Rod. 0w 6p0r, in Northern Woods in the or Winter time. It says Iti alcoholic liquor is generally worse a s in than useless in the Woods except in Arliess the most extreme cases. Hot Tea will Fri and do anything that Brandy or whisky of no will do As a stimulant and do it a Ellere whole lot better and it is easy too i carry a sufficient amount in your i not pocket to last a week on the Trail. In Efini so. Cold weather especially you should i use no liquor on the Trail As it leaves be 1 so you More susceptible to cold after its the temporary effects have passed than pro to you were before. In Zero weather Tea Pribut is a Nee Saver and liquor is a Kier. Tithe very few Mountain men of expert Ai wit ence carry liquor even though they the of be habitual users of it preferring Tea Blas a cold weather drink in the cold Cor thin air of the High country and use us sans it freely. Tea can be made in a few so ser minutes under almost any Circum stances and will Brace you up wonderfully at the finishing end of a hard was trip in coid in. Lie pity a the not logical. R ugh some say that though moderate Haines drinkers they Are Loyal followers of of heir the Saviour of Mankind. Can this by Iii be True if they continue to drink that f0the which ruins Many thousands of those athe for whom he died Ai a novel Campaign for Temperance. Nta right has always been on the Side Ter the Temperance forces but in Days at hat past the saloons have often had the to ars most effective tactics and the tactics it Ous rather than the righteousness of the mint. Cause Nave prevailed. To aay tins Foi the can no longer be said. The methods. Hey which have served the saloons so Well the in the past have been adopted by the Elj Temperance forces and have been was cleaned up and purified and made to a serve the cause of righteousness. I chief among these perhaps is Adver Al using. Pm ii. At6 questions for pastors. � have you a Temperance commit Entee. Do you occasionally have special t10 Temperance meetings re the How Many of your members Are a pledged to total abstinence � of will you try to get your members � to to sign a simple total abstinence of pledge seat fort Plain. It. Y., Alfred Bil is in. Lington a Veteran of the civil wan d ital murdered his son after both had been 0j drinking heavily together. Rum Anco in affection cannot thrive Side by Side pistil. 1 Fique Hooi i Martha or Maity. Cannot choose i should have liked at much 1 sit at Jesus feet,.to feel the touch hire kind gentle hand upon head his drinking in the gracious words a said. Id serve him of divine in ploy � minister and give the master Joy Bathe in coolest Springs his weary fetid wait upon him while he sat at meat worship or ? a that Elbest which he Calk .be it toil r re to r \ labor for him in life s Busy stir seek his feet a silent worshipper. Let him choose for us. We Are not tronc make the Choice. Perhaps we Sahoum go wrong staking Zeal for sloth in Loving so fail of both. Home Herald. It is hard to be Rich and Good. � Why should material Prosperity aft it unfavourably the righteousness of people is it not reasonable to pet that those on whom a Benefont creator has showered his Bounty an unusual degree should be drawn Are to him and become More dilantin their obedience to his commandments the Bounty of hit evidence Calls for larger gratitude Ronger Faith More constant shall we think of a Sod in has been highly favored by i v ther and granted every wish turn away from that father to spend 1 s substance in riotous living yet is it not True As a Rule that Ose who have received most Are the Ost ungrateful do not the sons Lulu item pared i Uneuy Iuliu uni Day have not the children of Xury Eroe rally made Shipwreck of a the same is True of nations Jun dance brings luxury luxury bet corruption and corruption Enda ruin. Or. Wesley had hard work persuade the people called Metros Toto live As Well in Prosperity Aby did la adversity. His doctrines Ade men upright and industrious Dusty and integrity were followed r Prosperity and Prosperity almost 4 a tally caused religious decline. Any of the followers of or. Wesley came prosperous and Prosperity sex Ted its natural effect on their lives. 3 found a remedy. He adopted and Omil gated three rules firsts Ake All you can second save All in can third give All 70a can. Iring strictly to there rules anyone a become prosperous without Dan to his spiritual the american people have reason be on their guard against the. Ruli Nich has overtaken other nations e hear much boasting of a Paral i lied Prosperity. We see evidences the increase of luxury which such editions begets. We cannot help eing the overwhelming corruption allowing upon the heels of great asperity and National indulgence hat shall the end be America is it a land of destiny Iti such a sense to be exempt from the operation of e unalterable Law that what Osver Man Soweto that shall he also reap. 3 that Soweto to the flesh shall of e flesh reap corruption.". The times Cau for larger liberality r deeper gratitude for More Comet consecration. We Are not/own5,but stewards. We have nothing Lich we have not received. For Ery Talent we must All give a unt. Much will be received from Ose who have received much. If Arches grow wealthy preachers lass Money Bishops Lay up treas Supon the Earth christians hem sordid and covetous while the old Lieth in wickedness and ignore no dignity or sacredness of office 11 save anyone from that word Lich is so terrible in the a Abler Hou advocate. When refining was needed. Add knows just when specially be re affliction is needed and he times sending accordingly. We May not ways feel that he has chosen the at time but we May safely Trust in in this. Two men Tho Jore avy responsibilities and who had to a time so critical that their Ocer discharge of those responsible meant the difference Between Ilure and Success for themselves id Many others were both con anted borne Down and Well Nib arcome by entirely unforeseen and tra Ordinary affliction. Asking each her Why god had seen Best to Peri this added Burden when thir Ici ency in his service so plainly delude that they should be at their 4 St the Only reasonable conclusion by could arrive at was that god had Bably done this in order to in Cove the Quality of their work at a be when Quality was most needed id the outcome seemed to justify air belief. God plans nothing but Essigs for us All but unswerving a fluence in his Lover. Our Only re title to the . F one sin. Never trifle with one sin. It la e a Little Cloud which As a poets said May hold a Hurricane in its Asp. The next sin you commit May be a mighty effect in the blighting 4 your life. You do not know the reams that May flow from that Untsain for sin is a Mere act but a Fountain of evil. Drew a. Sonar. \ piety a Means. Piety is not an end but a Means of Taining the highest degree of Cul re by perfect peace of mind. Hence is to be observed that those who Ike piety an end and aim in itself r the most part become hypocrites Goethe. Cleaning up. A cleaning up should be a cleaning and not a moving around. It will t mean anything As a whole Toov Elup a Load of filth from one ice and simply move it to another Phipps owns great Island. I by the recent Transfer of the title. The former residence of Charlesb a or inf Teloh nor we annal la j t Klui cat 40�auu, ass., on the South Side of Cape Coq Henry Phipps the steel magnate new York and Pittsburg acquire ill Possession of the Island contain g about 800 acres. This is one of be largest individual holdings of ashore property in the state. Great 4 land is an Island in name Only an $ t in fact and boldly projects a to Vineyard sound. It has an enor hous water frontage and a Large covered with Woods which at do a "1

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