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Abbeville Press And Banner Newspaper Archives Feb 10 1909, Page 1

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Abbeville Press and Banner (Newspaper) - February 10, 1909, Abbeville, South CarolinaThe Abbeville press and Banner if7 by w. W. & w. R. Bradley. Abbeville 8. C.,wednesday, february 10, 1909. Established 1844 special a pictorial ready Algeria special age prompt att free a rare Opp Ortu forty piece with every stove or Range in the next thirty Days we forty piece beautifully Dei Celain dinner set. We car from such As the old Eliab Iron King economic the Liberty b great Majes we want our friends to be some sets of dishes. Call a Abbeville i the Best Fertile that the yield of Corn from the r creased by intelligent and Liberal be demonstrated. Large crops of Good land Well using the right kind and and proper cultivation. Virginia Fertile will greatly " increase your yield per in some cases remarkable results hav or. W. Caruthers of Sumpte cannot express the value of your Fei of other companies goods that it wybrands were they Given free and put i say to be a fact. 1 made a test or the land your fertilizer and on the Oil Izer same Grade the land received / kept a Correct account of the Anion Andigo $300 More from the land on fertilizer than i did off the other torn from the land on which i used write today to nearest office of company for a free copy of the be almanac full of the most valuable a planters and Farmers or ask your fert Virginia Carolina very Low washing and re in a i a / �jiia�5v air line account of the presidential in Board will sell round trip tickets ire 28th, March 1st, 2d and 3d, with fir. Turning not later than Midnight a through sleeping and dining ruled coaches. Following Are rates from some Abbeville $10 25 Calhoun Falls 10 70 Carlisle 14 10 address any of the undersigned ing car reservations. Special rates \ More travelling together on one tick j. D. Miller agent j. J. Puller a. G. P. A., Atlanta a. Notice Ril iss1 review about Mai on s. Sin for mention Given to my free nity to secure a dinner set i purchased for Cash with Are giving a handsome sorted Semi vitreous por Rythe Best line to select be i � it faultless grand Ange and the � tic Range. = cure one of these hand a it once. H ird Ware co. 0 p d Zers for Corn average farm can be greatly been repeatedly Corn result from preparing the e Quantity of fertilizer Good seed 8 a a Carolina Izeris a acre " of Corn or any other crop. I e been obtained. D r a mint. Fla. Writes words Milizer. It is really so far ahead 6 uld not pay anyone to use other of in the Field. I can prove what i five acres. I used on one half Ler half another company s Fertil o the same cultivation every time. It of Mottey i got off each half 0 which i used Virginia Carolina 0 half. I got four times As much v the Virginia Carolina chemical a in 1909 Farmers year Book or id unprejudiced information for Lirzer dealer for a copy. V chemical co. � a sales offices a Durham. . Charleston s c. B Baltimore my. Columbus a. Montgomery Ala. A Shreveport la. A o d rates to Ron d. Turn. In Dard of railway. I 81 it 0 Augu ration March 4th, the sea b m All Points 011 its line on feb. Al limit to leave Washington re Rich 8, 1909. � h a service and High Back vesti by c f the most important stations Chester $13 60" Clinton 14 70 Greenwood 10 80 b for further information or sleep t vill be made for parties of 25 or u to. A a Abbeville s. 1. W. Morrah t. P. A., w Atlanta a. A be. Pattern Ich 1st Imons Ville s. In orders. Troy. Last Friday sight reminded us of jul Veattor a driving rain and heavy Thund it saturday dawned Clear and warm. Prof. W. R. Bradley of the press and Baler. And a most excellent Quill drive same Down from Abbeville to see Bis pares lev. R. F. Bradley and family last week. Or. T. G. Lutes Bas in some splendid Sto ind be is ready to sell or Trade. See blk ii Stock Stahle. Miss Daisy Young in a pleasant Way ent awned a score of her friends wednesday eve Ling dancing wan the Centre of Georgia Kennedy who Bas so Accel ibid taught the Henderson school near Bei 7111 soon leave for her Home at Bellevue. Mrs. Sallie Tolan and Little son Kobe spent from Friday until yesterday with b Mother mrs. Susie wat Kent at Lethe. S Escoes the Fairfield school near Here. The Grain crop together with Garden Peluce and Sweet potatoes suffered much fro be recent freeze. Moat All the potted plan vere killed. Rev. H. B. Blakely s congregation beside member of friends of other Denom Naploi ave him a Nice pounding Friday aft Toon the Surprise was a pleasant of my after filling pantry and wardrobe a no Lurse was Given blk. It will be Remet tired that this Good family lost heavily be Way of lot blog by Are last we k. Or. W. S. Home and Little daughter Edi if bet la were Down one Day last week. Anew firm in town beaded messes Klind Greswell. Gall and get your fresh i Erles. Tomorrow at 8 o clock p. Or. R. Crawford and miss Mattle Brown will need in marriage Iby their pastor Bradley. We Are sorry to hear of the nil provi of or. T. P. Croswell at Hub t Harrisburg. He Hai been sick for time. A. A Kennedy one of oar Best Mitlee ,8 Well gis Farmers Baa a Garden of Cabba Bat equal any in the state and better Tbs ,11 he is not Selling but giving them to to Telg Bora. The people of Buffalo Are charmed web eur new pastor. Or. Dwen of Georgia b ibo with Bis family move to Mccormick. Mrs. Susan Brett one of Bellevue s Deare and sweetest mothers celebrated Ber 77ilrtbday anniversary on the 1st Day of la month. All the Oil Loren and Grandc Baldri Pere there to help enjoy the occasion. A dinner Snow As this excellent family i reps Elias immensely enjoyed. We Ali r r this Good Mother Many returns of thay with her Bright smile for Aland at eve lug time May it be Light with Ber. Bellevue. Miss Prentiss attended services in to Ipi Bhopal Church at will uni Ion on the fill Abbath and was the guest of the mass Ndrews. Miss Clara Wideman attended the Box Pari t Lethe Friday no get. Theo Alldren and grandchildren of mrs. Brett met at Ber to Bayou monday to a orate Ber birthday. Or. 01 lie Andrews of will Langton left londay for Atlanta where be bus a posit Loi tie general opinion is be left Bis Beart 1 e revue. Mrs. Clan Soales Hon. And mrs. Belto Watson of Anderson have been on a visit Slat lives in Bellevue and handover. The cold weather last saturday served i retry badly the water works were Frozen sme Oftle piping burst most of the flow is were killed the Young Ohl Kensall diet and it was almost impossible to keep War 3 Chioso room with a roaring lire. Or. W. D. Morrah attended the meeting Kair at p q to t no Thor Ohota n Lortha Art com panned by his family and were goes f Are. Mclee. Miss Cromer teacher of the school at Sam ver was at Lethe Friday night. The water works of or. Harvey Robins of f Troy were completely ruined by the ool Reather. Supervisor Stevenson was in Tbs comm Ltd wednesday looking after the Long can us Little Elver Bridges mrs j. B. Bra stand Little daughter Helen Dent wednesday night in Mtcarmel gues f mrs Black. Hon. W. P. Wideman will lecture at Bellue school Boue before a great while for to Refl Tofte woman missionary Union Rodg Cane. No time Baa been appointed Yeut arrangements will be made at the Najle Etling. Or. And or. Mattson or. And Are. W. I Rutt Seoi monday with relatives. Or. S. P. M Arrab was in Abbey life to ends n business. Or. And mrs. Hagan of Lethe were a Bevelle thursday. There is a decided change in the Wrath Vlad it is almost warm enough to be will t fire. Or. 0. H. Mornh a the guest thursday get of or. J. W. Morrab. They injure children. Ordinary cathartic and pills and Hars physic cause distressing complaints. You cannot be Over careful in the select to f Medicine for children. Only the very Gei est Bowel Medl Olnes should Ever be Elvei Ordinary pills cathartic and purgative Aijo Apt to do More Barm than Good. The Luse griping nausea and other effects that Are frequently health i Troy Long and a life lasting annoyance. We personally recommend and Guarante exalt orderlies As the safest and most Eudale remedy Lor constipation and Assoc the Bowel disorders. We have snob Absolum filth in the supreme Virtues of this remedial we sell it on our guarantee of Mone ack in every instance where it Falls to gov a lire satisfaction and we urge All in need Lyngby Side track. My orders wan to meet i cond29 at Long cart. Second 19 was to Tat Side track at Long Cane. Second 19 had t arrived at Roe Ewing when we passed. Second no. 20 run by place where they should have stopped. There is a Little Short sidetrack at Aoa not sufficient to pass second no. 19.q,. What was result of wreck a. Two entices was torn up several cars three me killed. Names lather h. Nickles Clyde Moore and Dave Beard. Both trains second no. 19 and second no. 20, was late on no. 20 had the right of Way. Neither one was sidetracked. Second no. 19 should have taken Side track and Keooud no 20 should have walled till they were . M Jones was Engineer on soon do. 20. This was done february 2nd about 9 40 o clock. A. What time was second no. 19 dead a. Second no. 19 was dead at 10 27 p. ,. Who was Engineer on train second no.19? a. Clyde ,. Who was fireman on train second no.19? a. Luther h. Nick . Which train was David Beard on a. David Beard was on Seo Odd no. 20. A. When did Yon realize there was probability of being a wreck and what did you doly toward preventing it a. As soon As i or would see that they was not in the biding i a ecu Buo via Avo i us i us n a. I understood Yoa to Bay that Yon had r Truere to meet at that siding. Why was tits that Yoa Dada t wait there Lor Herond no. 191 a. The Engineer run by be has the control or the pulling Power of train. W m. Jones at was Engineer. I Jaq. Did or. Jones blow for any signals 7 a,5r he blew a meeting signal. E q. Did Yon answer a. ,. By what Alghi were you expecting to t a Etseo Ond no. 19? a. By train orders. Q. Did you have any non air cars next to your cab a. No. 1 it q. About what rate of Speed were Yon run a plug when collision took place a. About be two to six Miles an born. Q. What was the other train doing a. 1 o could t see them Bat they evidently were m coming to meet q. Did Yoa All top at the biding at All a did not. A a. Why not As i stated before the en3s run by and be had control of it in q. Did the Engineer assist in stopping the a train after the air had been applied ? a. He.1 be did t Nin e. Bailey sworn says a. What position did Yoa coca by on that to train a. I was flagman on second no. 20.,q. Where was Yoa at when Thor ool Llalon of took place a. In the cab. � / o q. Who was the conductor a. J. E. Bailey. A. A. Welch had the right of Way second a no. 19 or second no. 20? a. We had a meet a order there. A was that at cant a. No at Long my Cane. E a. What we the result of that meeting to a. Second no. 20 ran by meeting ,. Where did you meet second no. 19? a. A a a Carter of a mile North or Long Cine. Be what was the remit of the meeting a. In three men killed named Luther h. Nick Lea Lis Clyde Moore Aad Dave , or. Bailey la it Onlea of the Railroad the Lor the flagman to see the Ordera a. They it should read them to . Did you see orders a. No he did by not read orders told me that we meet the second no. 19 at Long Cane. Is q. Was this in Abbeville county ? i snp9npose so i Don t know anything about this county. T Jyh w. Jones sworn says at a. Yon was Engineer on what train a. I a. Was Engineer on second no. 20. I had a meet order on leaving shops with second no. 19 act Long Cane in this county. Of leaving the Bhopal 1 thought it must be about time that second no. 19 waa dead on schedule. Got suiting my time add watch and found that Bev were dead on the to Bedale at Lona 3e Cane at 10 27 p. I passed Long Cane 10 88 h p. According to my watch. Did t find e8 second no. Is at Long Cane and a they waa dead on the schedule 11 eleven minutes to la Cord log to my watch i had no right to atop at Long Cane so did t Stop just kept going j and the result was i met them North of Long in Cane. Afier the Accident i Mel conductor Batley my conductor and made the remark d to him that second no. 19 waa dead on ached ule. He said not. I told him that they were because they were dead at Long cane10 it p. Then we compared time and a round that my watch was a hour ahead of i0 his the result of the ool Llalon was that three men killed and damage of property. The 18 men were Clyde Moore l. H. Nick Lea and 3 Dave Beard j. A. Nook los sworn says 1. N m. Flat lao of Dan knt Aono Alf inn Vigil ii Anicot Atria by a m Hoid on Seaboard air line k. A a. Conductor. Or q. When was Accident a. Feb. 2nd, id 8 Abbeville county at 9.88 p. M., at the 127 13 mile . What was your orders a. My orders was to meet second no. 20 at Long . Was second no. 10on time a. No about 11 boars 20 minutes late. A q. Did Yon get orders at Greenwood got orders at Greenwood to meet second no 20 at Long Cane. My first order was to e meet second 20 at shops. When i was ready to leave Greenwood my meet at shops was annulled and give me meet orders with seo18ond no. 20 at Long Cane. I left Greenwood at 9.15 o clock expecting to meet second no. 30e" at Liong Cane. 1 met second no. 3 Bead on collision at 127 1-2 mile Post the results of a.1 this collision Engineer Clyde Moore Firel Man l. H. Nickles brakeman Dave Beardt was killed. I do not know Why 8econd no. J 20 passed Long Cane holding a meet order with me at that place. In physicians certificates. In or. Gambrell born says i am a practising physician and was called or to wreck at Cada siding Abbeville constr i tuesday night feb 2d, 09, about 11 o clock. I examined the dead bodies of Clyde Moore in and Luther no celeb. Or. Moore came to his death from a broken neck with other Bligh bruises on the body. Or Luther Nook Les death was the result of fractured and lacerated left Arm and both legs As Well As other bruises Over the body. Gambrell m. D. David lower part of body from n Thorax was burned into a Crisp one Arm burned up and wound in right Side of forehead. L. H. badly mutilated left foot Cut off. Also left Arm Chest crashed left Arm my Tuuu ii jul pump. Clyde broken and Chest Rush eed. G. A. Neuffer m. g verdict of the jury. A we the undersigned jurors find that l. H. A Nick leu and Clyde Moore a death was caused e. By a head on collision on 8. A. L. February 2, i. 1909, year Long Cane Abbeville county. P k. Philbon Foreman. V m. B. Reese a c. N. Hamlin James Taggart j. Seal a j. L. Clark w d. Keller Charles Cobb j. W. Mokee. Jr., d a. H. Barnett Jim Floley g. W. Sorrow. 0 we the undersigned jury and that david16 Beard came to his death caused by a head on r collision on 8. A. L. Railroad february 2nd,p 1909, at Long Cane siding in Abbeville w. G. Chapman Foreman. Nam. Barnwell a , . Eat in. Jr.,l.1 j. A. Shraeder k. B. Link do. H. Hill Robt. Cochran e j. W. Mcllwain a j. Spotts. J Lewis n. Namey i g. D. Graydon. 18 m � 5 Foley s or no laxative ours constipation and liver trouble and makes the bowels a healthy and regular. Or no is Superior of pills add tablets As it does not rape or take anything else c. A. Milford co. B if it is leather goods you want Milford has what you want. New s Are an Rhi. In tit a for Iii a season Flaxen f j -. 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Round trip Ratee from principal Point Abbeville $16.25 Greer Anderson 16.10 Lane Blacksburg 13.75 Orang Camden 14.05 Bock Charleston 16.40 Sparta Columbia 15.05 suite Greenville 15.55 Yorki for detailed information sleeping Ca regular and special trains apply to Souther address j. L. Meek asst. Gen. Pass. Agent Atlanta a. Bring c riving daily a iddon below a be liable go pc l has Tiess 90-Inch Linen Lin 90-Inch Linen at 50-Inch Linen suiting fabric that has the Dainty skirts a id boys suits i site material in All colors 1 /. R a rivals in Beauty the in d embroider from 3c to $3.50 p All gone. Fri 10c store of Basin miss id id Thell i Dickson. A duration Church t in rates to Gas mrs. I in d. Ters Oft railway in Southern railway will and visit from All Points at greatly missive iry 28th and March jut 2nd supp Hlll turning not later than mid it Tope a As follows the lad Wood $15.80 a Vale nil ,. By 15th f15ts or Ebarb 15.85 Hiu 13.05 talk men burp 14.65 in 14.50 he lie 13.60 r reservations schedules of gradient n railway ticket agents or Touet Solvedt f Foley s j. Lusk tace any div. Pass. Agent a y _ Charleston 8. 8eetb0 Tore be r1fjoods 1 & co. 4 w of the. Jcj la i w �3inen 75c per cd $1 per cd 50c per cd we is miness and crispness. 9g41 or in t2/r inc to 25c. Ost exquisite Rajah a. I re. Vol. 5 i. Ries d. A i " a Many. West eid. V. Id i paragraphs and news items buted by miss Lily Templeton. My Friend of or. John my Harden 10 know that be is much better after Ite Hook for the past ten Day. Bile Vla Ansel and or. G. A. Vols anal e to Atlanta for a abort stay with mrs. Ham via Anaki. Majro in Ai Uruo it week the great of or. Code Morrace temp Bill went to Charleston a and was the guest of Hon. And i. Hemphill until sunday. Sherard la in Iva spending a the relatives. L. Damn entertained two tables of Sot thursday afternoon. Those who mrs. Darsn s hospitality were mrs. We mrs. 8. O. Thomson mrs. W. 8. Mrs. Lewis Perrin miss Plevna m Willie Calhoun of Atlanta miss iry and miss Russell. Lawson and her children have help Home id smokes after spending in Here with mrs. L. H. Russell. 1 mrs. W. A Nick Lea of Hodges were to monday the guests of or. And a Graves. R. Robertson spent sunday in the a left monday for Richmond va., s goes on a business trip. Rybas Luln is at Home again after ded visit to her sister mrs. W. . Lenry sign was in Charleston last guest of Hon. And mrs. J. Hempfe Days. A Lille Calhoun has returned to her Atlanta after a pleasant stay Here 3. Lewis Perrin. Into Lynette Hammond and or. V. So leave id a few Days for an extent Cuba and Points of interest in. 8. Simmons entertained the club afternoon at a very pleasant meeting. H. Farman la Here from Monroe. N. Ding a while a Ltd her aunt . Tart Baskin went to Seneca monday Ess. To Mae Brownlee is spending a while a the guest of her sister mrs. J. A. Ary l. Robertson will entertain the Tab Friday afternoon at the nasal Dies Aid society of the presbyterian lad Belr regular monthly meeting afternoon at the borne of mrs. J. 9. If tur love is in Monterey spend Lew. Her sister mrs. W. T. Cuni. Icard Hill entertained the Daugh confederacy at the regular meet Day afternoon. A very delightful was enjoyed. Roper and Little miss Ellen san Rockhill left saturday after a plea thereto mrs. D. Brown. Y Alboan Baa returned borne after the Winter a Ltd friends in mass lode Morgan Baa gone to Monroe. N. Ida a a Ltd nos borne people. Valentine party. Ilea of the Cpl Roopal Boroh will give Ine parly monday evening feb Ratthe Home of or. V. D. Lee. All tally invited to come. A Small and 111 be charged. Refreshments will 1. This will be an unique enter1and a pleasant time is anticipated. . Jve is the name of a German chem Lola one of the Many valuable Inion Foley s kidney remedy. recognized by med Bookland authorities As a Urlo avoid my Antiseptic for the urine. Tak Wildney remedy As soon As Youn irregularities and avoid a serious c. A. Mullord & co. Be Nice plot urea at Milford a Book Ore buying. A

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