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The Heritage Microfilm Family of Products and Services

Through our flagship site, we provide genealogists, students, historians and other researchers access to millions of newspaper pages. Growing by over 70,000 pages every day, is our public portal to historical news. In addition, we have fostered innovative relationships with others who gather and publish news or provide access to archival newspaper content, such as educational institutions, governmental entities, libraries, historical societies and current newspaper publishers.

Some of our larger or more unique collections on NewspaperARCHIVE include:

Institutional Programs

AccessNewspaperARCHIVE is a program through which libraries, schools and other institutions can provide our online resources to constituencies ranging from private historical societies to local and school libraries, college campuses, or even entire states. Hundreds of institutions worldwide are taking part in this program. Some current participants in AccessNewspaperARCHIVE include:

  • State Library of Pennsylvania
  • Houston Public Library
  • State of West Virginia
  • State of Wisconsin
  • University of Alabama
  • Library of Michigan
  • University of Texas at El Paso
  • University of West Indies
  • Whitgift Foundation (United Kingdom)
  • Winnipeg Public Library (Canada)
  • University of Glasgow (Scotland)

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Publisher Websites

We also work with individual newspapers and libraries to provide access to their archival content through a variety of branded websites, ranging from standard sites offering users tools to search, print and save content from an individual publication, to fully customized portals for larger publishers and institutions to integrate with their existing websites.

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