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5Th Army Stars And Stripes Newspaper Archives Sep 6 1943, Page 4

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5th Army Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - September 6, 1943, 5th Army front, 5th Army front Paye i the stars and stripes monday september 5, i&Quot.3 wac meets Kin pvt. Mac West no relation to the buxom movie actress is i coling much better these Days and she a a very Good reason too. Recently Mae no t her brother Niles at the red Cross Here in town. It in t for you and me to know what they talked about but you can bet your Best ii shoes that they had a swell get together. Because of military Security Niles a Motorman 1st cd. In the coast guard. Hiti quite a time getting in touch with his sister. He used ail his ingenuity anti finally located the whereabouts of but West through the Apo. This in t the first time that these two have met. Once Lief Ore Mae met her brother in Norfolk a. Niles and his sister live at Nib Smith St i eel. Peoria 111. They have a third brother in the Navy who was at Pearl Harbor and holds the rank of tin family. He is chief Petty officer production up Washington sept 5 air plane in the coiled states increased 111 per cent from july 1912, to july 1943, it was reported yesterday by Donald Nelson chairman of the War i eduction Board. Allied production of War materials of All kinds is now outstripping the Axis Throe to it it one recent figures of schedule Messina canadians Landing on the beaches of the italian Mainland the other morning upset All carefully pre arranged schedules. They moved too fast for calculations. Objectives in the Canadian sector it was reported were taken far ahead of schedule. One correspondent said they were streaking ahead like scalded cat a the f St Canadian formation made such Progress it was soon taking objectives assigned to the second formation. In some places according to report his majesty a assault troops did not fire a single shot in establishing a Bridge head for the main Force. Lineal italians once again As in Sicily largely acted the part of a reception committee. Italian soldiers came Down from the Hills and surrendered in groups. Loss costs wac pvt. Dorothy Millard lost something very unusual but very important she does t know where or when but she thinks that she lost her Short Shorter Dollar when she showed her pass at he. A Short Shorter is a person who has flown the Atlantic at one time or another and is initiated by giving one Dollar each to two members and in it return these members sign her Quot identification card Quot Avrich is another Dollar. This Dollar must be carried on the person at All times so that when two Short Sorters meet they must show their Quot identification in Case of a slip of the mind or like in Dorothy s Case it is lost it costs a Dollar for every member that asks to see it. So far pvt. Millard has had to pay 28 dollars. Once she went without eating for three Days so that she would t have to spend her last Dollar. So you can see that it Isnit the Money involved that is causing her such anxiety it s really something she values very much. On the face of it is written Quot Short Shorter a this. Is to state that Dorothy Millard is a member of the Short Shorter strike Istanbul Germany a troubles in the Balkans took a new turn today with the breaking out of a new in it ral strike in Greece. The strike developed As a protest because bulgarian troops have or ten fled their occupation to the whole it Greece except Salonika. Throughout the Balkans unrest against nazi Rule is Strong. Anti nazi demonstrations have let Een trestle it in Hungary and Rumania. The unexplained death of bulgarians King Boris a s the spark touching off Balkan turmoil. Record Jap bag Allied Pacific Headquarters destruction of Jap planes in air fighting throughout the Southwest Pacific reached record proportions during the month of August according to figures released yesterday. In that month. 584 nil planes were shot Down or otherwise destroyed. Allied bombers operating. In Tho satanism area of the new Guinea Battlefront dropped 1,000 tons of bombs during the month in bombing operations Over the fairs As soon ast in Allied armies drive sea expulsions around the Solomons and the germans from their soil it was stated new Guinea Allied planes destroyed More 1>v Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands than Soo Small japanese surface Craft in in a radio broadcast. Dutch make plans London the dutch people in exile and thousands of those who Are now in nazi occupied Holland Are making ready to take Over tile administration of dutch of august.550-mile front Moscow the Battle line where fighting is flaring in Russia now covers an expanse of 550 mile to i rom Smolensk in the North to the sea if Azon on the South. Over this vast stretch at least one half of the front each Day brings Forth its news of Imok Irant conflicts within the territory involved there is every variety of natural resources from the forested legions around Smolensk through the Wheatland of tin i mine to the Industrial Section around Tulino and the mining j re As of the Donnas. Washington in inn i Lorn Rome state that a representative of the Vatican City i coming to t in United states probably the governor general of Vatican City Secretary of state co Dell Hull said he knew nothing of a Vatican Envoi coming to discuss traffic Jam Sicily the Assembly of men and vehicles for the invasion of the italian main Lar d was described by one War correspondent As reminiscent of a pre War London traffic Jam Only magnified one bundle thousand times. For to Days vast numbers of men and equipment moved towards the invasion ports. New and Complex Road signs sprang up All Over the country to guide columns Down the right courses to the beaches. Queen Wilhelmina speaking from London where the Netherlands government was established in May 1940, after the German invasion addressed her remarks Over the radio Orange to her compatriots in the homelands and All Over the world. Quot i Trust that very soon after the arrival of the military authorities of the Allied armies the great moment of my return among you will come Quot said the Australia id planned by u. S. Jewry new York. Sept. 5�?the american jews of new York City with rabbi Israel Goldstein As chairman Are holding meetings to discuss Means of aiding oppressed Canberra Australia John Curtin Ansern liar a prime min is r presented mrs. Jews 0<�?~ nazi held lands. Their five Point Franklin i. Roosevelt at a state luncheon at Australia s capital with a journal kept by the British explorer James Cook who discovered Australia. The lunch on w is held in the banquet Hall of the Par intent House. Mrs. Roosevelt has been program includes a Sharp warning to the Axis nations that there will be retribution f6r All wrong Dene to jews now helpless before Axis misrule. Moscow approximately one month Busy filling scores of engagements during Atter the russian Triumph at Orel Gerber visit to Australia. Man news commentators Are referring to _ the end of the Orel Battle writing it the new York Quot tin la urn Quot gamblers in successful German withdrawal. Berlin new York City have been warned by mayor commentaries Moscow reports affirm that Pion to ii. Laguardia that they had better in the orderly German withdrawal the Start looking at once for legitimate work nazi troops effectively dealt with la rus of lev face the Prospect of arrest. Is an armies
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