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5Th Army Stars And Stripes Newspaper Archives Sep 6 1943, Page 2

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5th Army Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - September 6, 1943, 5th Army front, 5th Army front The and scripts i nit j St army new spi a i Pic i a a. I of. 7 a a >11 year a of today Ami in i j til in for a 4 the it. Is. Hit the Ai. In it i cd in Ennis Ltd it. A made of no get Vic Ltd by a in a Sig n i in Tel i it 11 i lit i a i r1 Quot i lilt4 slats a ii cd stripes Mobile unit. Aug by. V s. Army. Contents passed by i. S. Censors. Net mailable the u. Is by individuals. Datebook american Ria it c Ross arc Iii is Trio Ami Starr Chandler pianist at i a Quot l Ami is hour at Liberty theater. Second Pule Pone Tom in m a Bur lab i hot at it movies Liberty theater his a i 1845 hours. Movies a red Cross theater 16 m and 1900 hours. In Homer soy i la is a dreadful sea monster Dau Gatei of , with i i m i u4 it i Heads 12 Lect and Volta like Iii 11 p of a Puppy. In late author and in it she i a inc in said with Dou head from her loins. Sin dwelt in a eave in a Mph my k it it it of which she stuck hoi Heads it it ii for Marine creatures and end Al dime Eamen out of passing1 miss. Within a Bowshot was another Rock under which dwelt Charybdis who thrice a Day sucked in and thrice spouted out the sea water. I lot min these Rolt is Only Sletis i id soy i la Smit bed a men out of h in Intel Cia. Pm limes it a. Ii v Charybdis whose position is not defined Byju rain announce i ti1 in the last Harbor i pricks it Ai. Kab a a i Nan pen in in i Iii he. V As hat Bitis a i Mph i v Iso a a a. Rapt ii i of Sovo 1�?Tossi i in port allo Tor the Sovi on Piest of the hoi it ast of the St rail cd a i mod. I pud i n a Iso a a iop con Nuhs in tin. St 11 a p i Al big i of r re. Aid in company with British an who and other Allied aircraft at St. Onmi occupied Northern in i in Ana l in pianos raided Tete. In Egypt i Arti Aid Bounin s had Boon pushed Back v. Of How Fields through v. H cd it a new on the nip it Ltd a it a a \�1 i a a a. A a a of been made on various islands in the South Buss steam roller London the russian offensive with its steam roller movement of thes past few that variously ration. Weeks has moved Forward As a., e opa Edia Britannica w., 11 a i v i la i 1#% \ v lit Bil i Quot vol i v i Yaj 11 i a a v Ai f i i Homer were localized in the Straits of Eastern Solomon group Ashington said. Messina scylla on the italian Charybdis c. S. Forces on oui Dale anal shot Down on the sicilian Side. E Fht <>p18 Jap let la Nch with damage _ ,. I o i. 4 i american Shore positions lanes in the in Ovid scylla appears As a Beautiful <ira.a, a a Are being steadily Iden beloved by the sea god Glaucus Maiden beloved by the sea god and other deities and changed by the jealous circe or other rival into a sea any undertaken by the German army in the very heyday of its triumphs of the Early Days of the War a Reg analyst pointed out. J in the Early Days the nazi troops had such tremendous advantages in air and reinforced and strengthened. The chinese continued their drive northward in lick Imp reaching the outskirts of Tung Yang East of Kink a provisional capital of the province. Rail target Sicily the Brenner railway system Over which More than one half of the War supplies shipped from Germany Italy Are carried has been a chief target of Italy in the past few before the invasion of the Mainland this line was pounded a Flat tops up Washington a american aircraft such irem Enhuus my it no a a. ,. Junior. What armoured superiority As Well As mobility Carrier plane strength in it a Doug what that their armies were Able Progress exit was at the chinning o Mccain Are earned has be Tremley rapidly in nearly every German stated by ice Admiral John s Mccain Over offensive it was stated now the russians u. S. Deputy in it Drys. In the hours Are grating with no such superiority a the air. The Mainland thin i. A a and Are not confronted with Green and ill american sea and ail Powei now is dior Only and the pounding have con equipped troops As were the Early Der being coordinated in such strength he tinted mans and yet the russian Advance has said that eventually a major Poi i Ion o although flying Forti esses had been As rapid. The japanese Fleet will be sunk make a journey of some 1,500 Miles in the Days come Tho commentator a also Are going Knock out of carry out these raids heavy attacks were affirmed it is not reasonable exp sect the air every fighting and bombing plane made on the Northern italian cities of Bol offensives from either Jade gain which Japan has he said. To pointed Zano Trento and Bologna during the centum and move Forward As rapidly As Tjie Lect it raid on Marcus Island As an hours preceding the Mainland invasion did the German armies of the first year example of what the japanese May sex these three cities Are key Points along or two. Now the use of land mines the pet in the near future on their Home the Brenner system. Effectiveness of anti aircraft and anti islands. Vital Bridges were hit in these at tank fire and other defensive improve a a tacks and the All important Railroad line ments will operate slow up any and. Was cute in several places. From the first Vance he said. Axis Jet Tbs assaults on the night before the four Sigi by the nervous Axis had Waves of clock Dawn invasion Only one fort fail 11 s casualties of reconnaissance planes making Tours of of return. U. O. Uay a Illge invasion forces were being As Basic object of All of these raids upon Washington a in the ii months ,�?~ Lea luring the Days preceding the the Brenner line was isolate Southern Ainee the entry of the United states into amunds on the italian Mainland. Reports Italy. The War. Casualties in All armed forces and state that thege planet All kept such merchant Marine of the u. S. Total More extreme Heights they could be heard but than 100,000. These figures include those a u killed in action wounded missing and taken prisoner. Naval Celebration Washington sept. 3 a the. United _ q. States naval flying corps is observing the there is one i in this area who re wow. A a Quot a of ii. A Quint item in chives rest sect from All and sundry. Even Washington new and revolution a 1 was o g i t.,his top sergeant and co add the a sir Ary planes will he used in the near future menant in our Tais i any orders Given him though his rating it was stated by Gen. Henry h. Arnold air a Ion ant o leers. A is that of 5.chief of the army air Force in an aril ,2 ,72 Al Ying it in i s i can you hear the top kick a a you re Cie in an official army publication. One my 30.d00 pilots this. Year and b 0,0 a elated for up or Quot sir police the such plane will be an extremely Large . Under its command Therese area. Bomber which will Dwarf the present Fly 12 aircraft carriers and 2�k but there is a Good reason for this ing fortress. It will carry half a Carload air airships when the year building respect for this particular signalman. He of bombs across the Atlantic and Fly Home Gram is ended the corps will have <,5w is 5 Joseph Sirr. Non atop. A Quot a Olane
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