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Old newspapers hold secrets that are waiting to be discovered by you. NewspaperArchive has content from 16,078 publications and over 3,459 cities from all over the world—big cities, small towns, and everything in between—but we focus on staying close to home with newspaper publications from small towns, where you are more likely to find your family.

Large newspaper publications generally have articles detailing world news and big events in the city, but in smaller towns, everyone has a greater chance of being featured in the local paper. Newspapers in small towns usually include more details about everyday life—some articles might even mention who offered prayer at a local church event or which families left for vacation. Your family could be spotlighted several times in a small newspaper.

Find your family’s story in old newspaper articles, save clippings, and pass on your family legacy.

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Keep track of ancestors, historical figures, and other important people by creating people. Or look through the many people already created and become a collaborator on their profile. Using the people feature, you can collect newspaper clippings and organize them by person. Using this tool will help you stay organized as you complete your family history or learn about historical figures.

Get to know your ancestors by saving and collecting their stories.

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Historical Obituaries

Obituaries are one of the greatest tools in genealogy research. In obituaries, you can find birth dates, death dates, and names of family members, enabling you to grow your family tree and trace your line back further.

Obituaries are also a great source for getting to know your ancestors. Read about the cherished qualities your ancestors possessed and get to know them by learning their interests and reading about their impact on family and community. Search our vast bank of more than 108 million obituaries and find family members, stories, and dates.

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Customer Reviews

NewspaperArchive has been like finding a pot of gold for me. My family is from West Virginia, and I am amazed at all the articles I’ve found. I also use NewspaperArchive for genealogy and have found lots of obituaries and other amazing articles.

-Darlene O.

I use NewspaperArchive almost daily. Initially, I purchased it to do research for my family genealogy. I have found numerous articles relating to family members that provided information I didn't know. I am also putting together a program for our historical society using old articles, advertisements, pictures, and other items from NewspaperArchive.

-Chris H.

About a year or so ago, I became very interested in the history of the town in which I was born, raised, and still live in today. I discovered that NewspaperArchive was the only site that had copies of my old hometown newspaper. I have become so wrapped up in our local history there have been some days I have literally spent an entire day perusing issue after issue in our local newspaper, and I love it. Thank you, NewspaperArchive, for helping take my newfound hobby to the next level.

-Tom D.

I started using NewspaperArchive to look up information about my dad, who was a jockey. Now I look up everything! I love to look up articles on people–the way older articles are written is much more vivid than today. Even if I search for a person and know it's not the right one, I read those articles anyway. This is the best money I’ve spent!

-C. Jackson

Find Historical Articles for Every Day

Use our This Day in History feature to find articles about any historical event. Search by date and see every newspaper published in a given year or day. This tool is extremely useful for historians and researchers interested in events that changed the world. Also check out what happened today in history!

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Free Historical Newspaper Archives

Check out free clippings and articles in our free newspaper archives. Browse through collections of historical athletes, art and entertainment icons, wars, and more. While the free newspaper archives have a lot to offer, there is much more to explore with full access to NewspaperArchive.

The NewspaperArchive team is constantly adding newspapers to the expanding collection. We collaborate with libraries, historical societies, and newspaper publishers to make more content available to you. "This content is a small subset of the entire NewspaperArchive collection. We work hard to bring billions of articles, millions of pages, and thousands of newspapers to NewspaperArchive. Most of the content on the site is exclusive and membership is required to get full access.

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NewspaperArchive FAQs

NewspaperArchive is an online database of billions of newspaper articles and obituaries from all over the world, spanning from 1607 to 2023. NewspaperArchive is a great tool for genealogists and historians, providing dates, names and stories, about individuals, communities, and the world.
Historical newspaper articles can be tough to find. Searching for free on sites like newspaperarchive.com is definitely the place to start. Here we not only help you find the historical newspaper you're looking for, but we can help you clip and save articles that are valuable to your research!
Online free newspapers are few and far between. Fortunately, NewspaperArchive offers all the functionality to find the newspaper you're looking for by location, publication, date, person, and more completely free. We have a free trial to view newspapers, and a section with free articles and clippings.
While there are several avenues, Newspaperarchive.com provides completely free access to look up Newspaper articles from 1607 to 2023! Search for free by location, date, name, or other keywords to find your family in newspapers. Gain full access to all features with a free trial.
Because of the wonders of technology and the internet, so many historical newspaper archives can now be searched, clipped, and saved right online in a digital account. Subscribe or try a free trial in order to clip articles and save them to collaborative people accounts.