Saturday, January 1, 1921

Wyoming State Tribune

Location: Cheyenne, Wyoming

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Wyoming State Tribune on Saturday, January 1, 1921

Wyoming State Tribune (Newspaper) - January 1, 1921, Cheyenne, Wyoming 1 to Friend May Learn Something of W ___i_j_______ QBgYJBNNE. WYOMING, SATURDAY, JAN. 1, 1921 Member Associated Prew PRICE FIVE CENTS STAGED800 HOMELEJ CHURCH NEW Pm- Raporter nad t Them fat 'AGE ALL SET CHAMPIONSHIP Calif.. Jan Ail California's led today to where annual of roaat crowd of viil- at The thrw major first WM floral pafaaat. Kora than a flowers la the c- for waa th have been which con- ,t. aeconil eaat west game the teams of Ohio unlrertlty and thj Unfrvratt y of California, which at third erent waa tournattttt ball tonight. n PLAIN CLOTHES MAN FINOS DRINKING AT DANCE OH DIE Nil For State Tribune's Big Sport Extra Tonight Wish., high school and the famous Witdftoth. r-ulU in th. Ble Final Bport ON THE STREETS BY 6 O'CLOCK MY PUNNED TO PASTOR CHURCHES DO THEIW LITTLE TO SHOW THEMSELVES WORTHY OF THE CONFI- DENCE OF THE BREAKFAST ALSO GIVEN MEN AFTER NIGHTS REST IN FAMOUS EDIFICE IRISH SUSPECTS LEW II FIST LIFE WITH JOIIU KICTIM CROWN FORCES ttUfS IT THEIR HEELS Oil fTW B rkTTni.TlS JgUl. A Qf poHo. actwlg fact Jaa i atld a IB light K by, of a do-' In mott who ww. w ta rto oiSr Other, to jo and There UBODC tM hotels, oalwrttt him to leare w k tO SBT- The P, C. bttt to br and were to In hundred the nu n BUM! W wltllns; to such ctaj OTOT without of the poUM tor, a ot Outatde of tin of _ tba glad Mow aaharod IP close that no eoon- aafe for of to dtf onti jawtfry aha if for day and night two nights running in hqjels regarded as safer than homes of sympa- thisers and hence the frequent in vmslon by the crown forces of ere i ihe best hotels in which the or- dinary fitltor is startled out of his sleep and with a pointed at him Is required to lie sutlsfao w- houses are re peatad acain and again after fail- ure to find the wanted man, in that be must turn up sometime, thinking the has been abandoned H is that there are on north of the city in which eaaflfeflrfUy these IDENTIFIES TWO OF GOLOHED MEN Colored men glTtng the names Of Arthur and H, Under- wood were Identified by Mrs. Daisy Odom late Friday after- noon as ths two who had attempt ed to assault her Thursday Still in a nervous state from her eiperience, Mrs Odotu nas to the oity-oounty building from St John's hospital, and coafront- ed by whom the po- lice had rounded np on ausplciou that might knowledge of the case. She at once declared that Nave was the one who had Htood guajd at the door while bis companion had made the attack. She not positive as to the features his face bowevei owlns to t'ie fact that the guard had worn !i over the NEW YORK. Jan. hundred homeless and IB- employed men started the new year by sleeping in the of one of the historic New York churches, St. Marks, tt the Bowery, early today. men were part of a more than" met in a Bowery hall on and planned to break into church If admittance refused but when approached <ft ond avenire, they found it brilliantly illnminated, with rector, Dr. William Norman Guthrie, waiting for them with an invitation to church6g do said 'to show theia- worthy of the confidence of the friendless, and surely community will not compel the churches ions to lend themselves to sufh irrenular uses Dr Guthrie then told the j Burglars Take Much Clothing at Beatty Home A "high-toned" wuad of second birds paid A unofficial PridBT night to the reei- denre ot C L Beatty, while h? and hia family were at the Mason- c temple attending the masked bull and annual social of the Noble Order o Ithe Myetic Shrine, nearly every item clothing arrangements had been made to give fiom a substantial break- fast 1 hern no dKordir ud the men listened to the rectot with respectful attention fit Mark's church was organ- ized in 1791 In a crvpt under- neath tit? churrh is buried the body nf Peter one Of tho Dutch Roicrnors of York waafiSdattha __A O( H F9WUWL drosa, a to have takam A rlM that the Moowtt of ftet ttwt During Party omouK, in. a y 1 f. ott atrMt ot Jam. l.-Tho Only a fconrt state fa f af tor a HMt of pfir 1080 ____ the hmrtOB. Two mm wxundod DAVE PASSES ON last, Edna, the wife of mounmftnt in Hd shot WMod hylito MM. Jordan. ww a New The Bear Sez COURT AT IWlfTE KWSE GXPITOL rtAKCIICO, Jam. Poor all from tatal ttHrton todar. mart. b-iag attaekad to Star Jotut by ot LOVPOW. with a Mfer For toalcht and Rising tam- per to- night. For WfOffl- fair tonight and 8 n a d a 7 Uttr. HEW CHXMPIONS OF tm TENNIS AUCKLAND. N. Z Jan 1 iiam P. Tllden, II of Philadelphia and William M Johnston of San Francisco made a clean sweep of the Daris cup lawn tennis cham- pionship tournament by defeating Gerald F. Patterson and Norman R, Brookes here today in the iflM arents, terminating the urnamant, Ttlden defeated Put- tenon, 8-7, 1-2 6 S and 6-3. while Johnston boat Brookes 5-7, 3 6'I and _________ Judge Not Named Until Next .i Lraiii N'o appointment of a judge 01 erchestra. the Sixth district, to Ralph Klmball, hy OOT- ernor Carey Samrdav It TU announced that mat- ter would not be finally decided until Monday, th" day the new Judge will begin his term had been employed, wan taken Jxrfore the She 1 Pfttd he was the one who taken the lead in the atUck though she related that nt time had worn a different coat and bat Willard Jackson, the color' man arrested at Brighton, CoU, Thursday night, will be brought, back to Cheyenne, but the tdetm flcation of the other two probu'ih will mean that be will not be a< cmed of connection with the af fair Instead the officers prob ably will try to show that he was concerned In robberv of Ar thur Barrett on the South Side the night "Count Barrett held at the county jail for a day, hap re WAJHWOTOH, D. C, Jan. Sbjuifoa HOUM amd (ronsds to of praaMMt-BlMt Hardiat Hlx Killed .s oaa woman, and that may account for the fact that onlv clothing was 1 iken TMs the thiid tlpie that i lie lieattj resident e has tieen the httrslnrf- No tidings an tn tlie Invadi rs bern Noise Sounded Like a Barrage i i made Friday night to heialil the new iear in and to cirtie th cold out reminded one of .1 minewifor barrage that Krftz usetl to and scare the al lied ttoops with Fverv conceiv- able article would produce ix uoise was UHed with all tho Tim of the hhppy populace, and eien sprinkling of men, who wern from n racket manufactured in the f-tates in 1921 are esti- mated at a of Special Music at Choral Services court rw ot GOVERNMENT MACHINERY PAUSES FOR NEW YEAR people, i ritv of bunk the era- tct Wyoming, monthly bank clearings that often ex- i frw woaks ago and provinK attrartivn to large There will he H special the rhotr nnd rocal solos tomorrow OMAHA KNTOCK (IV1AHA Neb Inn 1 Hog receipt" 4 Sfin arkt t active, Mrad-v tn 10 lington and Colorado A South' ern railroads. heyenne, at the of tlie Yellowstone aad hlphwnyg, is pMeway to of Inmiiia Tjl low-tone ITstasi and Mountain Narioaat A tAttrist hesntifnl monntRin scenery, front fishing Wg hunting within 2O miles of limits that annnallf attran from all parts. i hfTetme, an ideal nunumr r> son has a mean ot during the nit r inontllh. of F Mititler the world- f umiils rowhoj relebration lH-t week In tlie capital of Wy- nmmK i" thp political f-entrr of J one of thp greatest produclnir In th' union I imo n of homea, I Ihf seroml lareest mili- J] higher I barely People Find Them1 in Home as They Head bad left his nffiro Friday upon, saying he would not return Mrm Bead's bodv had been carefully laid out after death, while that of her luiRbind was Fail to A p p 6 a r KINGMAK. Arlt, 1 When CUnde U Head, aMlstaat piMtiiiaatar at OatmiA, and his wife failed to appear at a New Year's dtnoa, frlaata want to tduad Tiim and hla on thooght, that Mri Head had first No written information on tlie oaune of the tragndy was foutir1 Ibe younit ronplft had been rant only four months 'r. ntP to lowe- i 7" cents lower lanih" Bh ep r, feeders the Cardinal Gibbons Rallies From Relapse; Improves lefulinK tin- In the west. I The arrh was r, nitn for hrfiftklnsr n or t charm of a witch or uplrit. M vi riMORE, Md Ji'i i Cardinii r-.ibboiu rallied from i relnpce "f yesterday nftei .i a i th v t-ut and mini -o r u pi T pa. i i r Id o <-IOCK thin 'flu nim M Ml wh i lu i t' h IM! BF BE MS'S BtlURN IIIWND iniii- I LONDON, Jan 1 Reportt that Samopn de Valera. "prwtl- dmt Of UM Irtafa republic." miand hate arflrad In Iralawl, varioatty. aad aow hai la aaoartala. the statement of Harry da. U ..pressed nnd the Dublin Bolanl, aaoratary to 10 CaaWa yalera Bfl elected memher that to the matter of waa entitled ,_ k_4 fA H'-e RtAtert thflt thn ordinal han thn last sacrament It was the Hecood he has racetred nv treme unction. 4 tary post In thp I'nltM Statea, I ntt T> HIKHM In i cnnf the we i iH in Htti] rl< hesf He thp leu I nf tlid state, fine of of the 1 "xnfl "t the larjpwc iml railroad i I" the cmuitry and two j million doll'" I witter one ot I ftiwxf In the i jif-M nif tlie hub of Int, li i- the finest mllrcmd I Mhopn in the Union Pax-iflc ays- 1 tcin, with an annual payroll for i nnA l ton evrMwlbnt I i ooclaJ and renter of Wyoming f.-nr nrt Mitrtl to tulviinmnent ft Of Hating ftMhanfO, chtb and Hotarf [JI W) vnuiKr onputtsntlana r eolBmarclal fit the city i 'SPAPFRJ