Thursday, September 21, 1905

Buffalo Bulletin

Location: Buffalo, Wyoming

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Text Content of Page 1 of Buffalo Bulletin on Thursday, September 21, 1905

Buffalo Bulletin, The (Newspaper) - September 21, 1905, Buffalo, Wyoming THE BUFFALO BULLETIN. THB IS THE ONLY REPUBLICAN PAPER IN JOHNSON COUNTY. VOLUME 18. BUFFALO, JOHNSON COUNTY, WYOMING rHUKSDAY. HKITEMHKK '21, NI'MBEB I. t ft ft ft 1 ft ft t ft PubHo Land States net of ust 4, JHlffi, ChajlesU. Mmlff-t of Uuf fttlo, couniy of .Ttihnsoti K aiu ttt ate meat No fur the pui ohaac of theei awi. Sec and ol nwi Section Jft, Township s Utinpa K4 wcet, and will offei prtu ui show thiit the hind Bought Is mi i Its timber or stone i for ntzncul tural purposes and to liin clnim to said laud r nnd IVteJver Wufffl-lo on Tuesduv, the 7th day it Nmtmher HWi He names KB sv William H Wilkerponand WlUIum bublpr of Buffalo, Wyoming, A b and Sheridan Lewie, of Hdp lum oraing und nil pti M ns cluiminK HdverHftly tho abme-di p nbrd lands arc requested to tile theb la mtj in thin office on or said of No vember, 1905 o24o2fl F W Daniels Timber LonC. Act T 1HT8 notice for T I nd ''t und Julius Jl of llufTmu, F sl4oli) Huyibti r ConftullUnttMl KiiLtUr fur nil for uiii Orison NcMlda lint! irtbliiL'UJti exltndtd unill tin I'nliln. 1 um] StaH'H hj act wf 4 JiHHt of huM thi- iJnv d iu this nllicL sworn No jiJ2, for Cnc pit r> hum of th< so} of b< tloc No 1-1 lowtshipNo 47Noilh Nil K7 U iiiul wlit oJTor mouf in lliui the lund sought vuluiOili foi Limber or Hum nr it ullunil pin jxisi H und Lo titlilish hiHtliiim lo Hiiid lund lit fore Ihi r aud Ki ivt r o! itiw utlitt. uL Huffulo on I n uu; the lOih nl f Hi nanii ns il'min K Utiirci Hurntl A Jitam SlabUr of Hull .1.. P Parks of <.r ub my an 1 nil j ei-sons i ud iho iibfiM. disirlhetl lunUs UIL itijucfited to ti'e ibt'ir dainiB in thin on or hi furt baitl lOtli of h DA vi vi A lit r Tlulirr Laud, Att June n IM78 fur i'ublti utlun L'nitPd States Lund Olllue Buffalo 2. ]y05 Nolim u boreby that coinnlmm e 4 J Tbe UniYersally Popular Brands of I Flour j[ "ACME" AND "BUFFALO" are for sale bj tbe j Biitidio MamiteGWinQ Go. tar States Land Office, Buffalo, Wyoming, July 24. IWi Notke fa hereby that in compliance with the provisions of the act of of June 3, 1878, entitled "An act for the sale of timber landa In ihu States of California, Oregon, Nevada, and Washington as extended to all the Public Land States by act of Auiruat, Hattle of Casper county of Natron a, State of Wyoming1 hastbleday (Hud in thtsom'i.e hare worn statement No 431, for tho purchase of tbe BwJ, of Sec No 26 (n Tp No 42 N II 88 west and will offer proof to show that the land sought is more valuable for its limber or stone than (or nericul Lurul purposes, and establish bcr dalm to said land before the Register and Receiver of this office at Buffalo, Wvomlng-, oo Thursday, the 6th <Jaj of October, 1906 She names as witnesses James H Uouah, Essie Rousb. Harrv Britz, and Murdo McLeod, all of Caspor, Wyoming Any and all persons claiming adverwelj the de scribed lands are requested to file their in this office on or before said 6th day of October, IttO'i F. W 1 LUDOP No 7, K OK P ThurpdRj S H OOTHRAN nt uf Interior OHii o nt liuifiiln m.' Austin -Notui'U thuMht, follow named nCUltis htwve ult il of ttiLeniion to mnki Until pi oof mi their 1 1 u minims befui o thb Hoyiulf i and t uf lb< L S Land UHIte at liutTuli un October 12 lo wit Danitl Publow oflljuuk ny do mode Mfimt1-fltead Ullry No 1UOJ, loi nt-ibwj Sue {2 Ip 41 bet 6 Tp 40 N H Oth P M WitntSMb Urn il L, I 1) C larenco F Sax ton PdwatdO Houi k and illmm Hodgu, ail uf llouok William Hodge, of Houck U who made cnlrj Nu fur ilti, bci ntf ci i 2ii and nwi bp hereby given that in ex with the provisions of the nut f congress uf June 3, 1878, entitled1 tttt for the sale of timber lands in ihe States of alifornla, Oregon, NftvmlH and Wash inffion aa ixtiudud to all Public Land States ait of Aug ust 4, 1892, Maggie Adams, of Cnflper couniy of Natn mt slate of Wyoming this dtty i 'd in this of fire hoi eworn statement lortht purchase of tho nwi Section and nti Settlui 8, Township 41 N, and T. STOCKS Land, Act June 3, IbfS. Notice for Land, Act IH7M Notice for 1'aliUcntlon Unitid StaUs Lund Office BuTaln Wxoaiing July lo l'KJ5 Nutm ib Hint in with tho isiuus of the ai t ol Couy n o JUUP i I87H tnutlBtl 'An ncifDi pi ovisfuns of iht act of of June 3, 1878 'An at l or ihe wile uf Umber landh In the StaU-h nf t. niifornia, Oiegon and Hilton TerriLorj exLeiidtd all Hit, Public, J-rfind SLn rt bj acl uf Auy ust 4, JB9i Pijdi Mwres of No-wood, of Horn, StaU; of bus tbib du_y died Mt every flret nnd third buturlHVs in each month JUtiV A GATCHtLL, Com T I) BhBH, AOj't Status Land Office, Uuffalo Wyoming, July 14, J905 -Notice is hereby given Ihat m compliance with the provisions of the art of ol June 3, 187ft, entitled "An net for the sale of timber lands in the Suites AKHII NO FMonta lirnt und ihirtl Territory as extended to proof to show that tl f IIIDU sought is more valuable for its t mbtr or Orejjoo, Netudu and his Hwnm btalemeut Nu 440, fm thf puttlHtbii t thfowj swj O U I- hall LJNDRRTAKHR AND SKILiLRD Public Lend States by acv of August 4, 1892. Fred L Newton, of Kaycee. county of Johnson, State of Wyoming, hue thiM dav filed in this office his sworn statement No 421, for tbe purchase of the set nt J net sci, See 11, and wj swj, of Section No 12 in Township No 45 North, Range No 85 west, and will offer proof to show that the land sought U more valuable for its timber or stone lhao for agricultural purposes, and to establish bis claim to aaid land before Register and Iteceivor at Buffalo, Wyoming on Friday, the of Septem her, 1905 He namps as witness George Opel and Emma Newton, of Kaycee, Wyoming sod Charles Burgt-r und CharltaWaegele, of Buffalo Mjomiair Any and dll peivons claiming advert iy the described lantli are for agricultural purpoteu and tu eftiablish her claim, to so i land before A L Coletnan U S i at Bigtrails, Wjoramg, on the 28th duv of October, ItW-j blie names as witnesses Altai Pendertruft of Big trails, Wyomiog; ios Cieorge B McClettan, nf Nottooti Edwin W Adam- of Laiptr Wjojuiofi ADJ and all 1 1 lanu Ing adverneiy the ab depfribud lands ure requested tod ihiu tiaims m thisoffiopouoi before si d isih daj of October. I90o F W a3o5 i tgwer Timber Land. Act Jnnr 3 1K7U AolJce for Public Land Slates by act of Auy UbL 4, 1H92, Bryan Lwnp, of fitib inj; tounly of Johnson, stale of haa this da> liled in this of bi o his eworn statement No 422 for the Of the M nwi, Si c li and iiej fwi olbtc No 14 in R 77 W Ub P M and uill otTt r proof to show thai the land t is more vnJunbie for its timber or Lhau fnr ultural purposoo, ana in establish claim 10 said land the ULU tiler and Rtcewer L s Lnnd Otllte at Buffalo Wioromg cm SJnutlav, the of SypUmiKt HO) Hi. names at witnes-cs lohi aud harli DtviK nf 'Irahns? i _ Uf i tiaiiiiuo lid of Un Jitl UHninj; Auj and ill pcrenno t iu_ the dtKjvp di son hi binds lire n guested Lo file thtu t H ruin th orllte on or U.fme swiU of Sspleujbre F DAVIFI ni sej and it J of bet-tion No 14 in Township No 4lt North HHRKH No 80 west und wi'l offei proof lo shfivv ihlit tlif nni) (tniight Ib more its tnn'Hi 01 stone than foi agricuUui al purjrfMWi, to his rla ui 1 i sud land before A L I s iHimmidslouer, al Htfjt rrtil1? OD Alondaj, the nh dA> uf Octob. r He naim.b at w ultti be very P Pelligun, b rank Brower, and J lomas Vialpand- all of No wood Wv i ming An> ami all persnob claiming uhiisoly thy i IK nhel lands ire requested lo 1 U tin if claims in thin olluo on or bti ttid day of Ot u D OAUU W bee T F RH.L (OVIMAND NO 71 IPANfSfl WAU VFTKKANS Me4u ttemtid and fourih Thursdaj ut eaiJh E SWFENFY W E GOSSFTT Cautal n Adjutant full line of Burial Robes and Undertaker's Supplies of all kinds. Elegant for both adults and children s funeralt. Every modern convenience for conducting funerals, including the new lowering device, and the -church truck. Enbalming done by the most appoved methods. I3.xperien.oed Funeral Director. PHONE NO. 7O BUFFALO. o CAMP Wo 5199, M W J Meetd stKund and fourth Saturday catfti month Jn I O F Hall at 8 00 JOHV KALTFNBACH. V CL J I) I.ALLCP, Clerk HA.PTFR >TO f S, Order hiwiei n blur Meets every second, and fourth 1 hnrfltliiy in month >n Miisunit hMl us 11 T AW W M s j f- LLA f1 K LA i b, bee. on or before said 22nd day of September 1905 F W DANIELS. Ji20s21 Land O1 p BitTalo Wjommp, Sppiember r Noine ishereny givea that iacof ('Mmi with Lbe provisions of the act u' uintriefab uf JuDtl 1878, entitled "A i nt for tht s ile of timber lands In ilt, bttu-sof Cnhfot-nia, Oregon, NevfK1 aid U ash lor as ndtd to all P jhllc Land States I (if ust 4, Frederied S uf Utattville count> of Big H -n suite of Wjorning- has this lit id i his of bee his sworn biatemenl 171 fur tfce p-ichase of the nwf uf the swi of Secuoa No 21 in I hip No 4f> N No SG 6tt M and ft il offer prouf to bhow that the land is more valunblt far its tunnpt tind W establmh his claim to said b n er at Bigtralls 'W timing on Stilur day, the 25th dav of iNcnember NUT He nampB as Joapph mand Rooort A aln I lunrr 1 Lhaifittld, o f Kianna M Sht 1 n of 11 j. trail" WyomiDg and all j er soiio Llaiminj: iidvtr ly thf ab thHir 1 1 urns in this (1 e on r be'u P sjnd Nuvr n'ltr B7u9 F W Um iris. fur 1'nbilpnHou Land ofin n Bui' Jo joming IN, N iu H htrebj that t) ullowirij nuratd seLtlei IIHS filed DOLIU of his m ntion to tnakt i prool in -tupixwt of lium and thnt said i u will he madt F K f OLKjF NO fi DArOIiTLRS OF Hi llf-KAH 1OOF flrwl and third Wednesdays of naLh month ut 8 00 Murf JLUA iFNaEN N" G I Buffalo Lumber Co. i FRANK SMITH, oT the Interior Land Office at Buffalo Wyoming, September 11, 1905 is hereby that the following named settler bis filed notice of his intention to make final proof in support of his c'aim, and that said proo! wil] be made Injure acd Receive! U S Land Offiiie at Buffalo, oa November 2 viz George W Opel, of Wv-ommg, who made H E No IKW, fur tbe ei swJ.Sec 12, nej nwj, nwj- ne t Section 13 T 45 N R, 85 W 6th P M He names tbe following wunessts to prove his continuous tesidence upon and cultivation of said Charles Charles Burger and Frt i Newton allof Wtoiui Lewlh W Opt- of F W DA MPLS B14019 Timber Land Aft Jnne 1 1S7H Aotloc for Sifito-. Lind Office l.iiftVo A tip, Kit 11H -A n bj n in tijuipli tin e w ith th( )Uf ot the at i of C mprtMiof fur l CI Utl il H I th -Jilc nf Lltuher lands in ihe Side rf Laiifoinii (Jiipon iNuvadii and ington itiiilorv ad exundt-d tu all tht Piibl Lind Siatne IM act of Aufj ust 4 lath son Fllioit of Butfulo count j (f lohnson nf hns Un-- nav filed )n tin- ottlie hi? sworn it iiein ul No 4 tl fur ihi ur i is( jf ihe I nt 2 md J ;if r SM OD f Iimn-hip 4'. N Uanyi 7t> wpm Kth P M atdwil it' i f t i-how that tti liu d if imirt ihli tot ib tin 01 out iliwn f IIH! J irioais to t-lfiti'i'-h bis lui n lo (l IHF M t fon the tcr nwJ lw uvfi 1 Liindoinu ul Huf-fili it MM dav the 2-td of (h t ijP( i Hf H ifl) fr wit m Iriuk ditcht 1 SiniUfl I Mi Ni t t fa mi-ton "rut U Mi r nil uf nmin m 1 H'l JKM- i ib tib it OHM i ihed 1 tt d- an r (jilf1 (flu f tin ir i lull l- 11 llil- i n i he'i i 3tin) ZJd v i f 0 Uf r l'i iPoi i Ifmliff I niifl t 1 r fur I'tilHlrinltui ni 11 j nd (Jl'i 11 ilTilo i u. ntr it i n ft r 1 Not i h i t _ tu n If n ma it' ill. [i nsnt ht 11 t uf nf iitn t nt t r tl 1 nf uu v r in Hit at of (if un _nn N find 11 1 i r i U r an t U 1 U) ai ib 1 'i I i 1 1 -ii it .1 H i f 4 I I Jti ner- i Hi i lot n-i n -i t< i un f 'm- (hi- li J in m-i H Ju n "ih IWi Ihumaa I DHMB uf Huffilo Wvora nir who 11 F N i IbOi for the iitwt 16 ni Sn 12 1 52 N H K.1 wept tub P M H uiimts Ih tnjj witn sses to hi-' IJTIIH ri ('em t UJKMI und tullntition of said Imd nz A Hi Jl less HI bail" 1 Butll and TurutbO ul) uf But fad. U Timber Land. Art rt F nis ft oj FFUhKAI, S Unuit, John A tliner, 1 nm I s AiUimtj T F JlurJte. Chey-< tiny r S Mttrshul Frank Qndftell, Cbej enno I b A C IJan son Clitj cunt, U S Dfpvrlraonl Revenue Collector, H (..lufikf l lUtflster Lluffalo Lund Offlto F Darin K Heipivfr HuJTjilo I-aijd Otlii.e K U Maibtr Huffulo traaster W P Kewj" OfFHKBH (T S itiatoi bran u F VTitrrua I S Spnator, Llwrenre D t i i. nin Miiu Prt usurer C Ir> tnr-C.IM M nne Stme Auditor AtUrriM (.fturui, J A an OtMlU 1. Sr udt'nl of Put i t lutiirui lion 1 1 1 nan i not 1 irlj, f 4th Distrli t, H Piiriml t ButTnlo 'ilnlt t npineei C larpnce Lh ennn DiMsi n Supprlnienaeoi ritvuk H bioLU bhcildrtn _____ VI T ft> t> S( niiUtr Jnbnsuu J K p nt-jimpd UuJjwrd nnd Thop <j bmiti ociiin T 4 Ciimlnrr A i. arlun Loio Aad uuulta nt nn l lerk B B i t r Ti.ewirw 1 J l i 1 v T iperint-etwii ftt Miib 1 i shi ill M Kt-nntcU iiipinUm. AinnhftM N l- Imiwii OPFH m Il-nn' u i iu i cru. l H K U Tr r W K nn fm f )m< n 1 U i- K i l i Land fetal 11 t nl Aiif n-L 4 IH'U HMbLei 1 miinrt nf Hjf fiiio c of n P ftf mint; h ii- lliis. nli d in ofTin lioi swotn -UiUm nl So -l-i foi tht pun na f the j spj 1 J if 5 ainn Nn it) 1 -h p N i 4l> N lUtiKf N Hf i mil w II i IT r i t f o '-him llmt U s u_t t is in wit iable fi r itf, t i -ume than F I HuriLUlt IPH! and in Lrlot ir lier dun Ul si d Inn I h f' re th Ut it r an 1 en r m ihi'Tiiln HIHI _ u PI the l if O< lob i 1 T -il nin t Mi t -Un 1 i nlid- 11 tun H.-KM -JjHiju i njnn l mid Imutii f I LI in 1 f Hi i i nnd i t f, win L. i Hi ab< v d H i h n TJmln r I nut! Art JUPT- t States Land Offico BuTulo July IS JSXO NUH.P is hf reb} given that in complm i t the of the ait of Cut of June S enuiled 'An m. t f r Hit of timber lands in it nf CHhforoin, Oregon m 1 asli log ton TerriiT as extended, m u'l 1 1 t Public Lind Stales act of 4 1902, Albert A of Hjtfmn ot Jotinwn sttile of hat. this filed in this office li swurn fltiiLetneni Nu 4i> for the pui In-ecf tho si SPI aid i 21 Township 48 N Itmirf m U (Siii P M Bnd will offer tu tb w ti I the land bouulil lemort valuiihK f r H-timbtr or fllone lhan for ayrn Itu purposes, and to his i 1 1 m 10 naul Itfod b( fore the Ilyg-ister n I K> i elver at Buffalo vominR o i Mon the Soih dttj of Septeuitiei iwtt Ho names as wltnewpH Di t ir Bitiwn Ed N bcotl JoHiah 1 land and lto> J Ptck all of H i Ta u U iominfj Any and all pereo' s um ly the hbove di wnlx d lands Hro rt-quwted to file i laims In this office un or before said SJtb j20e2l 'f.W nantrlfl, Reei-tor Timber Act 3 1HTH llQtlcr (or r ACI 3, 1KTH for Piilillcnllon t nited btateb Litbd Office Kufal 21 Vim hen that n omph m tht p'uMfions ol u-t 4 Ilium li bmiih of Mi fnln toutifi of u siate (if v oni nir lia- d n d in thi- i IH aim mt in NO 4-tS fui i ht pun uf tht J -ej Set t ion N Ip on N Hut ue W and wi) fTer jironf tonhow Ihi the land M more turn timbti or M-an" than f r Jlirnosi f his i latin t and K- i it or, at fFa un the Bi h nf Octobtr 14tl> Re les an mtini John V1 Sunder Huhtrd M Kemu U Joseph W Todd und ?M( 1 Storlts all pf BufTilo Anv and nil u -Kins Uiuinii c reel} above rntjiiffttrd to filo ihelr claimH in thip on or btfurt Raid 6th diu o Ofttip aV HnlTllo, nc 17 hi n 'n thfti thp named ft it r flit d nolki rtf hin h to mnift. Una) proof in supixiri t liin clium aiu Ihfll Rrtld prwif will ht- mHiielwfor' n and Ittreivpr S Ofil .i 1 llln c] tj tif Ni M IIIIK r Hifi Land t UTlco Mi U Aunufl 14 1'tOo Notiie H h< r( h( tbfi( iu inn tht prm i-s of ihp ii t if nntftp-h f unu -t n ul nf tl i bt i 1 indr- n iht ttit t i dllfi rillii On tim N. in Un f HH.IJ t 1 nl it xi t ndt il t ft l P Ii 1 1 nn 1 Si it M nil n( j-i 1 s J M i b M i in ni of Hiif u u (inn tt luhn-.' -IB t nf n nL U IM JHI (n i ihim 1 n hi HI, u t i 1 N i 41- ft r ih. j -IMM -uf i N 'u i i Km M 1 i N N lUnct N' UIK u 1 w i If r pr (.f M uui t-biil Ih Innil h vii.r I it m r> li r HUD u tui il irjn ail t-i t rpHOTOAS D. BEBB. Attorney at Law. BUFFALO Stoles Ijind Office, HufTilo Auifubt 2 n i t, lierrbv that in compliant the uf tht act of r w Joop3. J878 pntitled An HPI fur tin sale of r landu in the Oregon. Nerudo, aod 10 till iho Public I And Sink's bv at t of Ufit "4, 1W2, John J Gelwltufin nf x, countv of Job neon, [DR. W. O. OWEN. DENTIST. BUFFALO, J F! LOTT Q B MFLUKUM DRS, LOTT ud IELDRUM bysicians and Surgeoas, RUPKALO. COLIC, CHOLEBA AND Diarrhea his cworn Rt-atemeni No 431' 'nr [lurthftse of swj ber Soc M fjnel Sec Tp <5 N U 'S W and will ofTtr Ut thin Lhu hind POUtftit U more MI nbU for (w timber or none fhnn igricuitural purpocos sh claiin lo fftid Innri forp the and c office MI Buffalo. yomim. on Ihe 7ih of u 1" f 1 'Itand. Hichard Voting. 1 r I (ind i of Buffalo Any nmi aif ftonn dflirning tlic A'trto dcuctibod Undtf uro ronuritKHl in Hip IhHf rlftiros (n t office on or If for p Mid lib day of OriAhr r, IWifi TfMfceir Act It. ol WUHnm J'oin DOLCHMI! nt Mmoirorjh lomlni' whoroaiJt IJ f Nn Kin (QI the Kj Sfc H mi n-i nwi h. r rp 44 N K M flih 1' M Mt thf foliuvlnt! dcncP upon ind fiUotl Of lau 1( i'< tlft hn Untidrr of V v mine How ml .-ft Tuniilhun Iliifrnlit r V PAMt-ll n24-2S r I'otlllrMllllM pfpfirlrnptit of ihr Interior, H JW5 Nottif- h.rclu flUcn thnl (..ay N'ornl, <f HuTnlo. V tnjT. ,Tobn P Hrnm hnofilid of iniftillon to mnk pnxif of on Iflorf rlalra 1179 for ihf m 1 ni I'd Ihe Bnrt 1 on Sit tii rd At ihp 21-t tint of Of lot (r ItftS He ffi'-'onlng M< R reel imalion of lunil Alfred H. i H vnl "i n L U i 1 IM K wn u nl hi.n 1 lin) nnjr t nr 11 11 ft T 1 1 'n. r mil umnnp j ,.m i t n I. nan1! of hint n 1 if i innkc x Am B 1 F" r f ntil or hf r rt n inn Ni M OP i Hm nt lh" v r i r 1 1 i t 1 1 i i K. Church. SU TH r f Al 1 HI H H Sui dm srtinol snndni m ri if d in j i lf> V N' rn tu sfrtirf OIM mf n n' 1 1 n t r o-c- nl li i-l i f rlnt' lor ai V) PR. W. E. QOSSETT, BUFFALO, WYOMING, Office In Myers Hotel raoisK promptly uniwered at Kit Patrons In the Country must secure Transportation. few doKi of thb nmeiy trill Inrariiblr care ui ordtauj ftt tack o( dUrrhn Jt hu bMn In nine tpj. demlca of vlth perfect It out QPOIL In tbe mort ftUacn ot crvxop oollo It for nmmer dlarrbek tad Inftuttam In eblldrra, ana li meuii ef urlng tbe HTM of y Wben iWlnoed wlUi and nui of a mini m 1 i1 i t (t 1 r Jo If 11 f ini. 1 U ni] 1 li i f i r ft 'i il f-rnntchn P P 11 1' 1 HiU- r ol t rt DAMH.H TJmltrr I T 11 h 11 r N 1 1 r 1 ,1 v I 11 iJ.T, o MI i L t ifl i b b 1 i L r il nl r V r 1-nl.iu o L iM n i 1 r >t ii of MI i nn ui rriik, n M- 1. t ii No Inr Ih- J rt 10 1[ S R f-I W fiti f 'dt-r ]ULi-.ur n d 1 n nl 11 Tftlo M i nk nn ffni'e II. 1 i o' fi Ho r M.. 1" rt r i 1 ftnd n i W ill am r In M I' o nnrf II 1 t r i VUnrHfiff f tt 1! rfl-t LVKt 1 CHVRCH I1 in-- i K i -w 10 V M. n ntf Pr 11 M r r jin 1 Pin hf'umpf-iirifThiin-lniii I "1 W. B. HUFFMAN, DENTIST. Night Calli Prompt-lf or-ftcf CH MYKBS Scma. flVFPAO, COKCREOAT10NALCHVRCH A f) Pwtnr k V A M S' llVl P r. "1 P I <-n nt fc R firi ll i 1 V J in it c IM OfBoo Koffftlo prfbjf thnl In Ihe of thp nrtol ot Juni 3, 1W2. onliUrd "An rul for ihf IP of llmVr IdDdt In ihe of In tflop extended stn'fi Ift'd nfTiff- HnPnlo Ndi) "1 orinliii t d r il P nfilf of tliultt r Inn J1- n the llY

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