Thursday, August 24, 1905

Buffalo Bulletin

Location: Buffalo, Wyoming

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Text Content of Page 1 of Buffalo Bulletin on Thursday, August 24, 1905

Buffalo Bulletin, The (Newspaper) - August 24, 1905, Buffalo, Wyoming BUFFALO BULLETIN BULLETIN IS THB ONLY REPUBLICAN; PAPER IN JOHNSON1 COUNTY, VOLUME BUFFALO, JOHNSON COUNTY, WYOMING 1'IU USDAY. AW I ST vW, IJMI5. M JU'MI Tbe, Popnlsr Brands of J Floflr "ACME" AND "BUFFALO are for sale by the Bufidlo MnlactuFlDg GoJ Electric Llflftts, Fixtures and installation. Z. T. STOCKS UNDERTAKER AND SKmiARI RMBAIaMEIR A full line of Caskets, Burial Robes and Under- taker's Supplies of all Elegant Hearses, for both adults and children s funerale. Every modern cqnvenience for amduct- ing funerals, including: the new lowering dence, and the church truck. Enbalming done by the most appovea methods. Experienced Funeral Diraotox PHONE NO 7O BUFFALO. WYO Hindoo NOH Key. 'It la cotisitltru! nn Insult and ex truraely Indelicate in It id In to refer to woman a iiom iinK hut HO in mo ask toe, but IB tlint Ucmcr they hold in their Unit I must tell what I Bltonlilu t BIIJH ItUBHell Is the badne of eieu moie sacred tiiau our uwJUhix n) ways with thy icwlJU'Ht and most benu tirul Jowdrt a uimum JIOSSCBBCH and Uio shy iv 111 Itli A ruby with two peurln in the fmorlte, as BJ mbofUInK u lie irt betv, ocn two guardlaimof iMBOQiowhat Sol UK out of fashion under English In flueiice The fc-oninji Indies uud Zo roastrian do uot them, but orthodox Hindoo woman, has licr pik rhiibl or 'nose te> as It IB also raJJwl tutimllj tno, our of fire clous Jewels anil tostlj pearls, the oth er n little plain cold hafuty plu, whii h 10 (dipped lu JiiHt us the Kreat circle Is being dratt n out for the now must for a iiiuinynt be left free Jen el Crafts of India rt "I nnil Final ITrt.ol Vitlrc fur 1'utillcatloti Department (if tho lotii r Tjui i Olllot at Buffalo, ust 'Aii. Ih. I 7 HKJ6-Notice I, Unit t.cun AUUUHto Cliabot K um 41 Wtomfnjf, has tiled n i imcntlon to iimkn t i Jt 11 him! claim No 1104, for i hi i m 2 A mi uwj. Set 4 4i Mi Sit S.i Tp 44 N R 80 Hh 1' M befoto the and I' IMP I b 1 and Ottlce at BufTulu nnlnfr on the 5th u tolu i JfHW HenimitB toe To n iir t s to piovo the, oomplett! i r L um mid rt claniatitm of paid liuxl 1 liomus fiurrfh Uarnea O Hums i Muffnin, (hiibni cf Nnwood William P I'm l jfOuub, P W To WHOM IT MAY CONCH Is herein gnen imUrMfroed hna pttitimu'i l if} Coinmmciot it-, o' I' County for a'! "yi-t Upirituourt nialiHi if j liijuiirs at telHil for n pi 11 beginning mi Juh 1 IKii-1, A'luii s v cf Sultonii "tin tins tins aicil In tl mi n Htnii nitnl No I >it' of im uwj S snlii Sauil n M L ikni in I S CoiDIllls-i n r liimrniK on Siitju'iu JHth c] n of lobei Sin n IK an ttllnoHsis Alliu Punk >F I trui s U uimirtfr Chrti H i i Oeorift H MiUuiHn of Nuwmni oralnu bUin W Ailant" of I 11-1 11 ii a Noll, i for l'i rill I Sl lit and ult pi nc i bo abpu ii< s Innds inn lo Ii1 iht i m tjiisotlii 01 txfort wild 2hU li'Oo I W DA MI aloi H norp nna white MRS around tfieir heads u h u raj1" ur t Tlier wore for the pnrt nu dab- hw lu suit of tattio Trlth n rort star on j and lEeceiu i Buffalo, i u 'but the Inn J Ualjiblefnr UR ii nn fui ran in ihiti each shouldor tlio mirk of theli call Tbe Iptteis incased- In a waterproof paf and pecured to tbe end of a bamboo pole With this his sbontder and a pnlr of fragile san dais on his feet the ranuer started on his long journey, maklus to bitunlij the 9a> of O i He s ai wiintsse0 Iland, Iliehard Anx-ind i J iluiib c t l foi hert In h U carded baiuboo mu7r4cs i urumty lion p i !U1 euuusb only those cattle that art ntw tjwn K fown hip .2 Nun R 82 ly Importpd from the pliin1? are fanllv I' M HL fo i< n_ afTet ted The n Uivoq In lit TO tli it the Mini s to pi hn i minuon-i r of OL. TotU c for P im h oft at ImT plvf n that tin1 follow n i. n nnt'd K ll has Ijltd nulii t) o' h M iu t li n U> TD i dniil pmof i i snpimi i i f in i nui ti bald pit i f ti 1 i ma 1 1 f I t ut I i L il i (i Ui 1 i 100 M Of A" ill SiLiinliu m In H UI tV hHlO TV MUCH C1 1) i t clork NO 13 i itnd m euch nuiulb m. CARS W M A I KF U S, Sfi 11 vm I nui F VI b DAlimlTfcKS Ul Iin ill I O O F M II-IM 1 ind lliiid off ill] mi Mil N I M II SMfl If N C I Sci y tl with mrt) i 11 i I S tin 4, 'N U nf r tit it) M i "f iiiiuti th ft I vi ft N t i 1 hi, l F I l] t til t f DAMEI ALVIN BENNETT Attorney-at-Law, BUFFALO, i WYOIV1INQ. Cmnplolc plats of Government land eonHintly Unpl on hand Land for title Anaorlnud wUli respmsible altornev0 at tngUm, D C who ulu r muiu i-s bwfore the Commissioner of iba Gen pral Ijidd Office i cms, c ei SIN BLnKE. tr LAW Gonrral prai Iu i in fohnsnn ploiirth I p pirtmttjt Tilpulnm. I" thploiirth Imlii m Difitrii t thp olTii i. an I Int pirtmttjt Shcudan, BEBB flfctorney at Law, BUFFALO WYOMING IDp. w. OWEN. DENTIST. BUFFALO. WYOmlNQ n LOTT n MIIIH DRS LOTTtDdVELDKUM fipciao? ao1 RUfFAI O. WYO W. E. GOSSHTT. Office In Myers Hotel PHOXF ppomplly animf red lit nil Patrons In Countiy must BeCure Transportation. 3. HUFFMAN, (WrtCBrt MYKRS HOTKU 'AO, SUMMIT HOTEL Z. T STOCKS Proprietor For more than 400 n of land, FI, men us the Montcros de Is rub enjoyed the exrh slu prh tlege of oier tbe shim b( ri of tbe kings aud queens of S iin Thes are bound bj tradition to b b r M II' iinti LUPII Him riKoiliii R Tuhn- i i I 1 I 1' in ilT.l Inhnuiiii iinti li i i li "'i i i u 1, In v ih it' i Ml J !l< I1' II I p t in l'i jnuv i I iu K -i I' i I nnil i I'filn l j. I i-H l'k II -l I i li u '1 urt luhn A Hmpr ,i ii i I I I'.ini, Hirj 1.1 il I ifuiKel] t i i ni! A Han r i nl 0 iti 4fd rl T tno Iriohiiun who l'io nn ll) pnri IIT-" Mh i i 1 1 i n tlonilltr of tho Araerlenn ''ii'l No Ttl 'llt U I'nt, Iflllljnn'bojflhbowlf Uil" irnf ..ffer proof pounthry nlnt overrun wld tb IrMi jiinmiilo fnr n- an' j-it out of all th' sumw In th T'nion i 0 J0 not wnn on Irish nnnip ,6nd b( for( Jlo Ii( an r" nronff replied Mike }rcr of ihin (iH'bio, U >r rr the mftlter wid mp nn MnndHi llih dav nt s i> u IKki HO rCflkovn dfort'e Knltrntta'k 1 Mv onld the whrxe fifiitie fo ba Endlcoi over In tlip 'Anil mine Ahwrvnl DmmAn wl name Ad n ink, "wprp the o-iclnnl iopi of tbe pxixjca of Edrn Cblcaffo Trlbnne i f If 1 SI 1 i imru l U i t m >if pji t n I [i t i tn pf-m i-ioiip I lh I IT I emu f if timber in H i e ni tit tt FHR 11" <n J ol ih 1 i l f r ihe ic' 4 Is I Slftl. 6 Of WOiwI I .h r h mn i hMrtc.Vnurafr J l! Nl i n Riil wirk 1 K il i i MIII it ptt 'raino KMUnbick of RufTurfi n Timum i n i i in till i ffl- r hi- rr i n i 4J1 l Anr And all pi ilnimfni; tin I' ih I Hnn sUti M i i f Am; HP pur h.-t i i tbo mflt allpRory of tlip tfllp of Orphenii, It utmiai, li KnlhnslfiHra U the of nnd :roth no TIctorlM without It -nulirfT To r.. rllttliblr you it of wlvdoui OfTlcn ItliffKlo nr-f n-i nf It i m i: I S t jjiiM.i I n-liuw Uni mm mil, il r If l fi t iirliruiutiral It r i It u (.r -d t n j Will MMlf .1 >i njhi j ton I i HI U t H' A fill hrfnn il Hullflin 11- rim of I'.r, .Tulv i-i Xoiun U icmr on J hcrrbr (rlrf-n (nut trimvlUnrp wfth 'nt rr tic narv proiUionnof ihp of of IM n r llihm] M Ivf-iod S, Ift7ft efiliiVd Aill ftfl for th' iih V ml i r ftn s Ur" I n I nli i of limber IM Ui sunk'. o Hi o Ui >rriii t t nlffmnlfi.Oreeon arid Witfh JAnt nnd r- <t TcrrJforr, f-tifmlrd to flll r l' flit I'I-H in i ,1 Ki nni ill 11, r fr h ,i ilr 1 I I I f, .noil s r n, n uniitit, i "il ill I U s ,pi i Int, nuf ut

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