Thursday, May 18, 1905

Buffalo Bulletin

Location: Buffalo, Wyoming

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Text Content of Page 1 of Buffalo Bulletin on Thursday, May 18, 1905

Buffalo Bulletin, The (Newspaper) - May 18, 1905, Buffalo, Wyoming THE BUFFALO JOHNSON COUNTY. MI.Hi 4' 5 Tlie MYersally Popular Brands of Flout ACHE" AND "BUFFALO are lor sale by tlie SBuflalo Manuwurina Go, Electric Lights, Fixtures and installation. ANTHONY'S TEMPTATION By CHANNING POLLOCK I9CW br Ckumtal lla Anthony paustM tucrlpt, to listen. BodsllB, P Jones Stocks, "What In if Inquired Stella Mat <hew, ylonplug In tlie middle of ber dish Trashing and rhe Oood Old Samuicr Time1 A cheek? Anthoni who haO come to be known la publishing circles as Stella Mat thew's did not answer at once Ills face turned n shade redder and he ..rammed the envelope which the postman had glien him Into tho re cesses or his Inside pocket Stella tlttnf down the dish rag and thniat hen-elf Into the doorwaj between the kitchen and the combination dining room and llbran Wd ;ou get a she persisted I eier get checks? Anthony re turned smauelj, jet with a njte In hU voice that Inspired pltj Keturmd with thanks Rejection does not neces larlly Ittlplj lack of merit That s the holding the uiau 111 t l If JO AND A fMH of Caskets, Burial Robes and Undertaker __ Jiuppheb at alMnndff- if "T'T MI'CT' "AY June JULY 27 JUG. We stall carrj a full line or Lumber, Lime, Cement, Fencing Posts, ind Foand In an Dp-to-date Yard Give us a Gail and We win Save Money. w ordrt shot o i brulu Hit-Bin till. ilfllKKh 1 CJ uhj RhmiUtii t tllL I Ot t f uirami us lih II lilt U l tUIX Iff nj tlat he f one klu 1 ui in of jolts t 1 to rt'iuink at U h) btellu tbe nap of hu i Mlilng but a u hi tuiilj 1 bi lonn d If slit 1 slie M ouldn t t, I lliut liu n ut his elbow u ii flrm ronn ui cr plnce il d It Stihi1 i of Uie npint isk wl ?rt In ir slutf to tie I II lit rig it rlfilit bill i t n ilrui i ed Ii 1U mibli lit roil 7fd us i i bad o ie f Thy piltrv lit had l.AU r tlif k i Hure nnd b K b i t i Utirt I as lie 1 I doiu ttoatPti hui ik n i haseT of nult 1 Into li it UK. Du i U ill tllL "Oil t 1 Oh Bodallo, Bed Mere association sudden Impulse Itito uet was In bis i elope was before b tills contribution go i tils signature? Its u (ouipueltion would 1 a tilumph, and An bad earned a trlurui another "I a i tbej be cornel the ofllco And l could gutn iiolblnff l name with tlio dollars, wbitti make up to ber In a gtclla van hla wife to her belonged to i wbtit be waa going t cure Sbe In u found a wnj to bf b Anthonj seized li and signed ibc IHXMI hand, tliou be folde 1 It In tbe pQvclope in him open tht merit aud came out TrVflB going To ma l Decode, bo told b r back But he dltln't coi Once the envelope 1m tbe box his guilt tlir and rose tu face bU suddeuh aa tbe ten I to him thnt he waa i i excuses through wb at bis act melted u ejes of an accusing i dared not return to t n bis wrfe i.reat hea be asked hi at the comer aud 1 he kept repeating as t riPtl him along to his v All through the tl i his plight perslsteuth mind bat If tlie e recopHzed Stella i and wrote to ask l If be failed to keep he f r 11 neelag tut especial number of tit uiugiziit lu which the poem was i i i 'iwl I" ther of these events ut she l think of him? Woul 1 lit her re I spect end her coin 1< t alt Absentminded! Maria ASSOCIATIONS CATHEWNL I904 It would liaic botn Dr lardiue ami to bit i i on a ctttnln Jumuu mi i fear It-doc HU t mutter t t lie WHS In a bad ttmi I yond disguwt with b and life HO tonsnt make hla outward aoti us toinatlc so separalt wtn ll Inner atlf let professional hit It Tbe putlPiiK In tin I Ulfferuut. as tit hi i In btB tuur of Inspection un UBiml Onlj ui. girl with the ilcHrmsn of laid Jior btuul on bis u- ed her temkih nnd bettbir bt uiniin i dear Tiling 11 f-t'J K' It was not Uit t tllOMRllt Of It Ilolj l1" qilPrttlo'itHl an he INK ud of tht In ltd nurvp life to tbeivorld nnvwin gone halfway a to atttnil it i i- erution nn tbp iinii b i i 1 Hu was not ntiO'win In ll a 1 tin i i lie turmtl Tr i tl I forpet be h ul Ih of a I afnjotto The head nur-t 1 port tie locked at mall I can t read It tonight aloud Tbe to[ one cnmo eenfft r tbe hpid i r marked Important" BOftlj Dr Jar-dine broke tbe wil WAS IT A at th. 1 Elthtj-f The rth Blrcf ui Imporlli ond fiuyr the It ft end of the all loi ALVIN BENNETT illnmy-at-Law, BUFFALO, i WYOMING. Complete plat! of Government land onn-mnllj liepl on hand Ijinil w nut title Kuu'-inlcccl with atloniM- at rnK...n.D C who look niter the GoramlkDlonur o( tho Oen oral Lund Offlte f LOH48WOH BHtRlOtn IVTOK ATTORNEYS AT LAW General practice in Johnson sort of thlnrf send me I i I whut it la the; like about jour stories "Why nothing specially dear re piled his w Ife fane wiped ber arms ou I her apron that she mipht put thtai about bis neck without Rolling sblrt i You write ever so much better tl ID I oulj 1 e been nt It longer ou mustu i get discouraged strlkt it hi time Time' Ive been at tt two ]So Stella I guess it s a tin d and tnentj (He u week fjrlulie th real of mj life hai s tbe K u o wuy? In the face of iuch hopeless. as thla Stella felt her prtsuice wo B, t' nn usetpss She put up ber b J be kissed and went bti.k to mt if ber struggle with the toffee cii[ R bad seen Antliun> down uri fti i of late and she bad rtt JRI M 1 n tbU herrtskkness tbe one mala tf Hi she might not trj to t rt b oj Her attempts Indeed seemed ouh to ir rltate and annoy tht blc s juare chinned felloe whose defeat s> much the harder for him to be cause of her success Anthony loved blf wife as a great many everyday men Fti 1 do In t (It 1 r t i Hi n of (h f r li r wlion it ti nltl 'ice of the llith "There s n h ttoi for you f" ade I dldn t k n tiling Tou will rou dt ir tbony sb >i ed, Ibe newppaprr n will b he ed bnd printed three or four of bla i mancfs and scores of his bad complimented him on their Surely tbe magazines ought not to bo difficult after this' As a matter of fact they hnd Who is the Most Popular lUUllf) IJUUJ no( ri-RH ible TAHWCAM ,ri N ilUHNMlN liUUN 1 if turned tohlm alwn'" 1H VUUili 1 Md a m.nn on thooivr fir llPr TV flft joMcitiidc In tlie tuan who met Itlu the din IIR rooi It a frnm flip I1' yon aeut tbem f t It make roll t So unil MTOle Into tl o I linn nn 1 the duor hi ilnd t in It hn 1 c fill <1 be ilu "I innnev? Nntli I I, n Uin wnrll n Imlure him ti t "fb It He tint kind of n th f I A few minutes later Stelln flnnlK re ,ohed not to angrr nt anvllilni; Anthony (IW "li' I denponilent O.WIIP-I the iloor anil "tar. 1 nt him ni K Bhe looksobniPJ lln No he oTtiltnntlT ilropi Inn on the tl.e n of piper he hn I hr d In hH linnil No A rctunir.1 mniiunrlpt-tlinnl Owl1 will give her a free trip to Portland Fair. The njr naturally looked payment of 00, one 5 eai 's DR. W. QOSSETT, BUFFALO, WYOMING, Office In Myers Hotel FHOHK all Patrons In the Country muatl secure Transportation with norne contempt found n fnlrr tn lull lili If Mi lln fir h nior Subscription, entitles you votes for your favorite merely tho mn-e n r( r 'i It wns lie who muct prill 1 1 fr n -be Anthojy Mltthew foet o 11- In Somrhon II, "e fcvt (be rrownlnit Tliere ni rtfnrine thnt hh mipprlnr lift clit Vnt'ioiv dM not wr'te Mrin Hli work Inrlnl tli" n of br-rp. flnil lie rrmrV I n ttr dsnnet wlilrli the flulfl the nliflit Iwforc nn Hi" flov, li le Itor df the Dccnile Anthony hnd roid h" kni-f (hnl It young lady Address POST Sheridan Wyoming tb Tip Borne dnr 1 a man who off that pe-nllar odor whlrh onlv tbi- I arber chip ,me dnT I hope to mi t who fin tell me nhy I tie t P to 'he I me iw than nnr lip 1 p-rt -oltli rind n'v I no er harp IIP (Olirnge of my In nn'iei- tlnn with It I "iippow It' fi-ol tbnt nfur I paid Jl n hnlrmt nnl r e itn fnr n bnre Iwn wli 1 Into a dldnt want I M Mil em dredi of Ilrrpn I p prom 1 will whisked Cut 1 will and CO- HUFFMAN. DENTIST. SUHMIT.HOTEL.: Z, T. STOCKS. Proprietor, Electric Liprhts and Other Modern Conveniences. Inn found miwll Ir fpnn r.nnl n r" iHlnB In rrlf nnd wl.l t l'! Ctlln t OFF1CR IN MVTR1 HOTBU 'VYOM1SG. would -it .f I'M" 1 ke n ]IT t. lliere n 1 nn il-i r 1 I ofln re i njT tint trHhoin n kins tho mnnlclt.lfrc In fie tint rii-n nnl I inn 'fl "iT o'trwnt nnil llc'it IIT flltnr mill trtlBh n-' rlnthM in' n floor Now (in IhMl I mcnt W hMCToT tl ere In nho il It I the PHONE NO 7O. B'JPFALQ. Tlmt" UTRI wrr to u r s lin in1 111 nml 1 111 II 1111 I I Mill I "HI (l llji InmLi ml Ll IliliK Hi "I'M III -i 1 lln clink lit slhtr c ICIIIL fi m Hi acroH UK linll I i HUE tin 1, tu MlKl'i- 1 I' "r nl c iiiln 1 f i tunnlnt "I' 1 llHn Illl I It t lilt 111 1 I Of 111 II III 1 I I III'tcml <it 1' "ut 1 x r i i A mi ii it H liiil i otlj tlnliili r in nml "li' vllli u h" n i- HI i uli iinuful "f I" r trunlit Hr 1 niliii' hi <1 llir hurl, t i nntul 114 i H nml butnwi'il hi-i li Inch inlimlli I" roni n ti i li HIM li llir 11 i" -1 II, c ice W "ill -h bl u] 1 lu I u III 1 It J U H ii ria M list nil. llftnl U Inn anil Hum 1 Wrulttl I I N I fir Tut rni i li 11 li 1 nn unil 1 Hi ndi n I llllll I 1 Mj 111' i tlie innii hi 1 1 t in lie nlu hil f niie hni In 'I c.rc 111 It i 11 1 linn Pt Ik 1 hhi lie n nil" 11 I' Ir n] Tlie note wai EO elm rat tt. sitmtlon so fUtiiin a tlin of work an 1 stn n 111 nn oMni. nyllilni! off l ir-nch her Imt rrtrfnt IIR "fiinllntr i Ihn le 1 n I He In- i irtreitlni irrr kf Tli 1 nnl in Dear Brother hfard of i- Te fitr ahlre up 11 t iBtcr r tin mlnut Cornc-Hn no j ou there Unit be b-ick I fore ;ou rot Xntbony wiped tbe Ir, 1 h from I Jut I his brow at the tli iiln mlgit even ceoso to love blu It vni a bard eight I mrs f i- the r'ty editor of tbe afttri ju pn] f win h paid for tlio Matthews llvellh iou It was a harder evt i ng which 1 roni. it etelia B welcoming kiss and ber hilf I burt Inqu'ry What took yu i IIMJI suddenly this morning r lln k tbat eiifuiecl was hardest of "U Hi bnd becon e BO morbid ou the sit j t of tbe sonnet tbat be was afraid t t ij the one backward course that ed Itself to blm-that of writ 11 tin. editor that a mlstnlce bad been inn !c ir tlie tbnt astute, p u tli man should miipect the tn tl H- eves fornie-ly so frank nnd hunt at rnrcb met of his wife ubj i ered thnt --omctliinB n On the station 11 e fi r saw tlie nuuiNer f i lucade Oulv n n dajs In i i il 1 ]le bad l e 1 Stell0 s Mt Ji the p n h ......_ _ _ 1 taslon Snpi nc it hniptncd to lieen nstd i t! it i-inu His were shaking "1 i be tnrni 1 lln In lenf anj 1 f K T 1 tori nl long I to laugh nr Ihlb iLInc pluvlng Ibe lo I nlth me hi cw 'iwert to In n f I cju t sto id it much longer I to tell btella all nlont It lie fullv Inteni -d to do BO wh n h opened bin do ir u id BIW tbe 1

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