Thursday, July 4, 1912

Big Piney Examiner

Location: Big Piney, Wyoming

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Big Piney Examiner on Thursday, July 4, 1912

Big Piney Examiner (Newspaper) - July 4, 1912, Big Piney, Wyoming VOL. 1. NO.-( BIG PINKY, THURSDAY, JULY 1912 YOU GAIN .KBMMHW3R SAVINGS flANK nnd TRUST CO. Your Mi'o 'e nliMvlulo Hrcut-itv, cij I'liynicnt !iy iiniriiliM'ill'Iifipiil.ihli.1 ivi'l'IplM in (111] Idl'lil 'if 1'lli.lin'nll by I'huuk ninny u Imp; Irip; Ibii Inm'iln of r.jid it ili.'i> wii.ii ut) IIM with cmcli olhor iiml l.iys the .'.winUliiMi for lUMiommotliilioim whon yrm wmjlto pimi ontlyuiirriwniii'nis with iiimin, Mrory tiourloBy iiiid fiii'ility in ivjiidrriid llm IIH v.'rll im i-iiliu1, Don't will uiili! you With ciriKHll, Kemeriir' Sijiiiiip Itit Go, KeHiiaorer, xrn HOAD ll'ii I'OMiiiMiid ifono iiud (hn I nuil biggusl "I'oiirlli" ovoi1 in liintiiry of ilijf I'iiii'V hiui jmsnodi All day (hoy cm Voiil liouhler, .I'inrdaic, Nowforl 1 rtl" lo Dimiol, Keniin-jrcr, iu fin. uf uuido i iii 11 in i i f i.....i' ,i from ovory pnii of oompuim, Ih, luynl patriotic noun of Wyoniii, Klilhwod with IIH to oolobruto oin "II Iliu NEW .BlftRarp-li Ranciens BRdSfockns Sp Siore Clothing ItoolH Ha-rilv.'iii'c, Croccriw. 'don't lot ailyotio iiudorHjIl IIH whoii to (jnr.Iily coinhujru- iiuii. LEAVK THE Ol'AL 150A1) AT THK ORAHAJI HANOH'AND YOU COME WHKO'rj'ro TUK H oskin Company's Big Store ..T H E. BIG PINEY ERCANTILE COWPANY V- General Merchandise ....Farm WYOMING Moyntain Trading Company The Reliable Store EVERYTHING For the Ranch and Stockman The Largest Stock elf General Merchandise in County Phoiie, Write or Call Wyo. nations Wrflidfiy, frhfl Imppient, lic-fllhicsf, jollimil., moNt vnrofnll I'ojiipniiy, 'l II- I'iuey ditch cm which Mr. in working nl pi-c.sini will he cum. I'lotdl nhuiij of f hid'month. ..if Mint ov.r gathoru il. wi" inidnenrlyallionmiiidoffhom In- f-'t nnd n.rry I The. morning were rtevo wi" to llln jmlriyliJ oxcrciiins. Fir.I.! mill will lli.nri '1'lii.i'iH :i vi i-y Orlimd liliick rooitod tli'o charter uf our' Hlxirliciii'jTIln Declaration "I :iicd, followed by ftn c.le.omt) by lion Joseph'.A. .Hla'clc which was rendered in tin, Uis-'oM lime'Is HO we'll''filled by mil urc nii'd 'ability. 'J'iiwi cmno (lib toHt of good Ha- tureil i-iviilry iii n work, u dtiid'of ro'cl; work h.jnako it n ms 1 i i, -Most ul this 7'-- luiiiiili Innd, between .A'ciidow Cat I'iiiby, iho other (lie I rouni lured rivalry in n gine of well rinycd i i "l' baseludl between tfewifork' 'rion Piuoy, in which tho visitors won by Iu tho afternoon the crowds ftgniii fjftlliorcd at the track for the Hportu program. Horse racei, relay foot races, little girls race, bucking contests, wild horno a lid HO on in endlesu clumga of and nmusonicnt, The iifteruoon passed awny amid fun, fun, frblic, andgenuuio goodnature mid oujoymont In the orening there wus a graiul display of followed by n Hjileadid supper and ball. The music was furnished by piaiiu violin find bnnj'o aiid win all tlmt could be desired. 'Iho dance con- tinued until day break when a luiji- py 'contented crowd began to dis- pors'e each declaring it was best time ever. the ''Next-year Big Pinjy hopee to V V '.I able' .'.ever .bjjjjgfi nnd bettor enCortfeiumont. :pjiC wo cordially invite you to com again and to como every year. Neit week we will publish' n lis of all the winners' in the various events. During the dance tho gentlemen who did not dance were entcrlninec with a wrestling match liul! overhead. The dancing which ivas hugely enjoyed. of lf this district oiithusiiiKtic, and more than ever, (lint tl Hirer in general and the flidfrict have a future. -Wo miro (hat (he land will like hot cukes ut umnty onco juit on the market and thert is no doubt that the settlers will do Tory well if (hey coma pro- perly equipped and ulid; to it. No. Report of the Condition of The First National Bank of kvunston, in the Sluto of Wyoming. nt J.U. Jti...t'l_lJ 1 I r June Mth, RE50LRUKS 'JlOll, Passes Away Jlrs. Jonnie Elizabeth Bougher died ut her home in Muson, June MB, i'Ji'i. Jennie C. Boughc-r born in Utah, May 1888, being 24 years old at the time fjl her :leatb. With her parents she moved to this section of Wyoming [some thirteen years ago. She was married to Ralph Bougher, April 3, 1911, eiuco which time they have lived on their ranch at Mason ulioat '20 miles west of Big Piney. Her child, whoso bprth cost the mothers life, is at present quite sick. Iu tho sad berievement that has befallen the family they the sympathy of the friends and com- mqnity. The funeral service was conducted Sunday 2 p. in., from iho home of "Wilfred Nichols, Kev. D. D. .-Reese officiating, inter- ment being made in Big Piney ceinetarj. Card of Thanks desire to thank the friends aud neighbors who so kindly assist ed u? during the sioknesa and death qf .our a.ud daughter ifre. Jennie Eliaibcth Bougher, for the many beautiful fioraj trilAites. Bot'OHEll, ''Mils. A, E. B.w.iraiN, at the Loans and O'firdrafts, tectired'ntid ulmeourod............... U. Bonds to Ke.eiu'o sp, 000. U, bonds, to secure, .U'. dlsponit.s. To 'fcdcui'i! postal sav- Other bondu to secure postal iiondn Securities, etc... 17 Banking house, fnnii- turc.aiirl fixtures...... Due rom Nut. Jin (no reierti! agcul: i... PIIO fum Btnto ftinl )iri- vutehank nnd bankers Due from epprOTal res- erve agents.............. for Clturing Notes of other nntiuiiiil banks..................... Capital A d' Miiliririit WiMi UVIT li.1) i-i I il IH In., i'uim'nirhi Iii Vdtir tuiniin" -i l-v innil. [mid Wholesale and GENERAL MERCHAN- :'.D2SE: of Eleganj: Potatoes Also Seed Potatoes Knrly Ohlu Ivirly King (Me carry a Cargt <i Complete of Our Price are Low and Cbe first Rational Mixture of Many Nations. Lonis N. Parker, the dramatist, born in France; his father wan sii AiiiQrican. his mother en Koghsb woman; his ftrnt language was aid he wu olucated In Fractional paper c cy, uickle and cents-.. SO Lawful mosey reserve u hunk 40 Legal tender. lledeinjilion .fund uilh U.S. 'J'reasurer, jier cent of circulation...... f. it block paid in... (100.00 Surplusfundu............ Undivided profits, less cxpeiiKCH faxes paid National bank notes ouLsl iijiding............ fill, 000.00 Due to other suhr ject Demand certitic.-ife of deposit. Tiujo rertifiuatc uf da-. U.S. Postal MH Deposit.! of U. S. dis- ollicnrs....... ii, 1K8.SI! Total....................... State 01' Cwi; 'y 'r. Tint.-. I, i'.I-.; ies Stone, (.'ushjpr of the abpye.. do soU-innly IIV.'.-K {-ho htiifeinenf, is Remmcrer, This Banks Stockholders u This (Section and iind li... Which the IVi.i'lc Our Capital is Our Surplus I .ills are Our Total Rgjourcc.s ;.i-e Wo invite your .-.nil prnniisf (ml, eoiirli'oiis Ireidnicnt. OIL JiieLYGEO 'i'.'S STOXM, (V-ljier. Atfffil.: .'li.-iii v. John Arnold, IIKKVIAX, 'c-tarv i'ublic. The Futuse Wealth of the Green River Valley Peter S. Keenan, Prop. Kesiimerer Wyoming and Watch This Spaca J, .W in all Convi Ofiice I'honi! 72. I'.f-siilcnee i'l Notary Public KEMXUffiElf Whon Call and '.VAN S. JON" Aitv .-y. and Krrnr.'-jxi Us

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