Friday, June 8, 1923

Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune

Location: Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin

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Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune (Newspaper) - June 8, 1923, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin DAILY TRIBUNE TENTH 3033. SENATOR'S WISCONSIN RAPIDS, WIS., FRIDAY. JUNE 8j 1923. PRICE THREE CENT! DELAYS TAX BILL THREE PROVISIONS OF SEVERSON LAW ARE STILL INTACT RECENT DECISION OF SUPREME COURT GREATLY DECREASES EFFICIENCY OF STATE LAW LOCAL ATTORNEY HOLDS Attorney C. E. Briere, who has made a thorough study of the Sever- lav.- since us' passage and has fol- court (tattles in which' the con- stitutionality of the- Jaw has been ques- tioned, in a statement toddy, regard- ing- the recent decisiuii the Wiscon- sin supreme court in which it waj found that the of private citi- zens must upheld even at the ex- pense of the prohibition law, which. according to Justice Eschweiler. who rendered the decision, violated these found that the rghts of private citi- rlght, said in his opinion, only three provisions of the Severson law are still intact. They are: A person may be convicted if it is proved that liquor is actually sold by him. A person may be convicted if it is actually proved that- liquor is manu- factured by liim. A person licensed under the Sever- son law to sell soft drinks may be con- victed of unlawful possession of liquor if it is. found in his possession, but only- the premises of a licensed person may be entered by prohibition officers or any other officer and searched with- out search "warrant- andun -.this" event, the supreme court decision holds, "the >earch must be confined to the actual business premises or places easily ac- cessable, such as an adjoining- room, anil to search the owner or bartender j. search warrant must be obtained. This interpretation was given, in the case where prohibition officers had a warrant to search a licensed place opf-rated by a person named Pecka. but found liquor in the posses- sion of Jokosh. This warrant covered the premises only and the search was nut authorized by law. League Counsel Talks B. N. Hicks, legislative counsel of tlis: league, in a statement to the Associated Press today, at Madison, pointed out that possession liquor in homes never was prohibit- ed by the Seve-rson law. "In this respect, Mr. Hicks said, "the- law is less stringent than the Vol- stead act. which prohibits possession a> as sale. The supreme court decision, which Mary Bastie." Mr. Hicks said, ''merely .-aid that the defendant in this, case had not violated the provision of the Severson lav.- for the reason that she had the liquor in the kitchen of her home next to the room -which had for- merly been used to sell non-intoxicat- ing' Honor under license, which had Ijeen revoked prior to the time of the Will Use HIGHWAY Local Violations To Test Law ORDINANCE VETOED CHARGE T M R K E Youlh Hurt in Accident py II i WAQ nnCMII 10 Stricken With Tetanus OF INTEREST. Cecil Morgan of Nekoosa. who with H' Densmore. Buchanan Two cases, one in which Chris Sie-, mienski, town of Wood, is the was injured when the auto- ant, and the other in which Car! Erick- j they were riding went son and Wesley Clapper, both resi- dents of this vicinity, are the defend- ants, will be used as test cases of the recent supreme court interpretation of the state dry lav.- following- announce- ment from Wil- liams that he would jn-osecute Sie- mienski for possession o'f still and liquor and the other two for having liquor in their possession. Both cases will come up for preliminary hearing in a short time and will be watched with interest by both wet and dry ad- vocates. Find Booze and Slill Sieniienski was-arrested Wednesday by Deputy, Severns, Pittsviile, who, armed search' warrant search- ed the premises of Siemienski and found a still, not in operation, and a pint of bsoze. When arraigned in Judge PomainviUe's court, Thursday, he was granted an adjournment until June 20 and was released under cash bonds. According to Siemienski he had been making booze for -his own consump- tion, but has not made any for the past two years. According to the in- terpretation of many lawyers a con- viction on. the grounds of manufacture through the guard fence on Highway 10 near Springville on the morning of May 23, iias developed tetanus and is at Riverview hospital. According to the Nekoosa physician who is attending him, no immediate anxiety is felt over Morgan's condi- tion. His jaws are set so that he can his SAYS ORDINANCE ADOPTED BY COUNCIL TUESDAY GOES TOO FAR TO SEKVK USEFUL PUR- POSE Veto of the arterial highway ordin- ance passed by the common council at i IK meeting: Tuesday, 'evening- was an- nounced todaV by Mayor 0. It. _Roe- iiius. This is the first" time since he took oiiice a. yeaifago. that Mayor Morgan undoubtedly received the te- tanus Infection through the scratches which he received in the Spring-vine accident, it is said. Big T.B. Fund Successful; Expect Veto (By Associated Press) Maciiscn. "Wis, Vvis. June S.- -T h e onlv be obtained when booze is j Schumann 1" bill appropriating Sl.- found in fhe.actuah process .of manu- facture. In this case "it Continued on page 7 SENATE ENGROSSES WEIGHT TAX BILL .annually 'for bo'vine' tuber- unanimously passed by the senate last night, after attempts had unsuc- cessfully been made to -reduce the amount- to and Senator Haber said that he could announce for the governor that rhe appropriate bill would be j vetoed, should it go through b o r h He declared that funds are v houses- Mr. Hicks declared that the anil- prohibition had little reason for jubilation over the coun holdings. Court Decisions In a series of decisions, thfi supreme ooiirt. has ruitrd ihat: Nr, fK-rsr.n who is not licensee! to sHi soft drinks under the Seversoii !uw may be convicted of unlawful pos- session of lujiior. although a barrel of BV A VOTE OF 17-l-T THE HIGH- WAY COMMITTEE'S BILL GOES THRO U C H UPPER HOUSE; MATE OF GAS-TAX BILL. not available in the treasury to vote I it. His amendment -cutting the amount to was defeated" (By Associated Press) Madison. Wis.. June senate early this morning, engrossed 17 to 14 the highway committee vegiht tax bill imposing a graduated fee upon auto- mobiles, ranging from' to Will Raise The measure would raise annually from car owners and is a companion to the two cent gasoline tax bill recently advanced. -The upper house vote came after a that- extended through the morning and was renewed at night, continuing until well! past midnight. Application of this fee ranging from SlO to would produce to go into a central fund, together -with the from the gasoline tax. Of this total of seventy-five per cent would go to the state for con- struction and maintenance of "a 10.000 mile state trunk highway system, and the twenty-five per cent Temaining' would be returned to the counties to used as the county boards direct. Blue Laws Survive The Wisconsin blue laws survived an attack directed at them in the senate when "PP h.ouse? :l VMe may be found in his possession. The'person of no individual may j l.y any prohibition or other without a search warrant- No automobile may be soarchpd for j iinuor eise a i. of 3S to 12 killed Grahn bill, ai- ready passed by the assembly legaliz- Coniinued OJT Manitov let for a the Manitowoc here, it :s an- by A" 35. president of the company. ing- Sunday amusements, shows, sports and dances. Advance Credits Bill The Price joint resolution, ainend- jc the constitution so as to empower the state to establish a system of rural credits for the development of its agri- Comracus haw Wn waf addition to Search for Girl Slayer Extended to Milwaukee adopted by the council, went too far in including streets far from the center o. the city where there is no real siee-l1 of such stringent ti-aftic regulation. j Favors Principal j "T :im in favor of aril arterial high- way ordinance that will serve a real j the mayor said, "but I feel that the measure adopted by the coun- cil defeats its own purpose by subject- ing motorists to a needless inconveni- ence. It was my hope that the council would acopt an ordinance designating: the main route through the business district as an arterial highway, and possibly also Oak Third, and I think there-is still a possibility of such action being taken- at the next meeting. Hit Roads ._- The arterial highway ordinance adopted Tuesday evening- designated sections of all state trunk roads en- tering- die .city as arterial highv.-ays. and; requiring- all vehicles to to a full stop before entering- them from side streets. Conversation with automobile driv- ers and other citizens convinced him that there was ne popular approval of the ordinance as adopted, the mayor S CityPoin tMa n Badlylnjured In Explosion -John Christiansen of C i t y Point is at Rives-view Hospital with both eyes apparently out and with other injuries that may prove fatai as the result of the premature ex- plosion of a charge of dynamite with which he was attempting 10 blast a j stump yesterday. Believing that a fuse to which he had touched a match had not ignited. Christiansen was attempting to light it again when the full charge explod- ed within a few feet of him. At ilit hospital it was found that he had suf- fered a great number of severe flesK wounds in all parts of his body, pur- RUMOR FOUL PLAY IN DISAPPEARANCE OF BARNEY MORAN UPPEK HOUSE TIED UP UNDER RLU-: WHILE STATE POLICE ARE TO FIND MISSING SOLON. President Harding, In the fez of Aladdin Temple, Columbus. O-. -which he is a member, snapped as 'he rode in the parade the Shr-n- ers at Washington. D. C. ST. PAUL GRANT AIDS FORD PLANS ticularly ders. about his ce and shoul- Shriners Leave Washington As Con vention Closes FLIVVER MAGNATE WILL SHOW AMERICAN PEOPLE HOW TO PUT IDLE WATER POWER TO WORK (By Associated Press) Washington, June three Pullman car citie? which housed thous- ands of Shriners attending- the annual convention here, had dissolved Into special trains -today which began the homeward exodus in the early hours. The conference p r o g- r a m was brought to a close with a pageant anc- dance on Pennsylvania Avenue last I Madison. Wis-.. June myster- "ous disappearance of Senator Moran as the senate came to an today on the tax problem, caused the jpper house to be tied up usder a rule while the Sergeani-at-Arms C- -I. Laicht was directed to ask police offi- of the state to aid in rhe for the missing member. Charges of "foul play'' were made on the <enate floor by Senator Geo. B. as" Senator Moran continued remain out of the, two day hunt that has covered northern eounties. Yote Is Crucial The vote of the Rhlnelander senator is crucial in the tax fight, with the. announcement by" sscialist members that they are going to vote for Gover- nor Elaine's Faced with" a vote on the question ivhich means a changed tax .policy for Wisconsin, the conservative senators "iemanded that Senator Moran be brought into, the chamber before.the issue could be tried- He is expected co oppose the tax ..measure of the pro- gressive regublicaris. No Trace Found Madison. Wis.. June where- _ j i nignt, but tne pageant was being- re- j aoont5- of. Senator Moran of Rh peateu todayJfor" the Sen- Ingtoii school children. ate actjon on the tax biHs (By Associated Press) Detroit, The grant- mg by the federal power commission opinion that it was undesirable. (By Associated Press) Chicago, III., June police operatives of the state attorney's of- fice today extended outside the state their search for the blue-eyed, smilinsr girl bandit who slew Aichard Tesmer wealthy insurance man at his home here Tuesday nig-ht. Mrs. Gertrude Gesion, foremost among- the dozen or more suspects, is being; sought in Milwaukee where she recently is known to have stopped at a hotel. Discounting the theory that Tesmcs- was killed by members of a ring: a? automobile thieves, -which the insur- ill Boost Farmer-Labor Campaign for Presidency Madison.- Wis. The advancement of the' Farmer-Labor party for the presidential campaign of next year will "be the chief object of a luncheon by the Federated league at Madison next Tuesday. The meeting is looked upon as an to the Forti Car Company of a license to develop -at the gov- emment dam between Minne- apclis and St. Paul, -will give Henry Ford "a good start toward' his cam- paign to show the -American people what can be done by the use of -water organization meeting 01 the league in Wisconsin to push the party's inter- ests in this of the country. "It is the most; hopeful movement in America to bring about united pol- itical action of the workers of hand and brain." an announcement of the league on Thursday said. "The new party movement offers the only refuge in sight for self-re- ance man had vigorously prosecuted. (specring progressives in the psvs- ihe police say they are convinced that robbery was the motive for tha hold up of Tesmer and his -wife, which end- ed in the former's death. campaign of next year. Milwaukee. "Vvis.. June Ger- j tru.le Getson. wanted in Chicago in Horse Racing- in Public Parks Approved by Elaine Madison. can now program today for the Shriners re- police in the cities where the senator Js maining over. j acquainted, which would throw any The conclave rose to a climax ofHight-6n his whereabouts since last, festive color and crowds last night, j Tuesday night.. not even eclipsed by the "inaugural j While the sergeant continues-his scenes on the avenue. The sudden i search, the upper house swarm of the crowd, estimated at more I ('ier a rule, is plowing.along ,on" other than persons, on the Avenue 1 business. It was somewhat ruffled somewhat disarranged the plans for 1 when it learned that Senator Max; the spreading of two tons of cornmeal. j Heck of Racine had personally ob- thrown on the street in preparation for 1 tained leave of absence and had iefc the "dance of the. states." i the chambers, headed for home. The dance got under way and con- j tinued for more than an hour on a power, now being permitted to go to "it .was persons close to the motor manufacturer. Announcement that the license had been granted, giving- the Ford Com- pany development privileges for fifty years. was made in Washington last TwclvC-YeaT-Old Girl night. It was learned locally that the Ford company plans to go ahead im- mediately with this power project to build a large plant as soon as possible that will employ between .3.500 and men and that ultimately will be enlarged, to permit employment of about men. It will be the largest of the Ford plants using -water power for mainten- ance. The leave was cancelled at once and sergeant-at-arms brought the sen- i ator back to the chamber after taking stretch of eiarht or ten blocks to the 1 strains of band music distributer! bv i hh" from the railroad station amplifiers over rhe An erTort 1S to be made iats thl5 j "-en-oon to raise a call throv-ing over I a vote or. the tax question until next week. Br that time it is thought that Senator Moran may be located. Is Champion Dishwasher jSheboygan Will Have 'Discuss Reply to Latest Berlin Reparations Note Paris. June are keening in Paris and Brussels constant comiymnica- connection with the slaying of Rich- j run horse races in her public parks tion the advisability ard C. Tesmer. has been located in a and charge admission for these of making a reply to'the new German events. The committee on stale affairs bill with such provisions was signed by Gov. John J. Elaine on Thursday. The governor also signed the joint the exact location. to 12. will be present- rd to 250 boys and girls at the annual T'odge county rural school commence- ment here on June THE WEATHER Nine Attorneys Battle for Verdict of 6 Cents Superior, Wis.. June attor- IVIichigan city. Harry McCrony. cap- tain of detectives of Milwaukee, an- nounced at noon today, j Capt- McCrony advised Chicago 510- ice and said that capture could be af- 1 fected in short order if no time were j Committee on finance bill abolishing lost. Milwaukee oSicers did divulge i the war history commission and turn- j ing the work and gathering ami keep- ing war history of Wisconsin over to the state historical society of Wiscon- sin. Another bill signed by Gov. Ttlaine is one by Senasod Hirsch creating the office of superintendent of garbage collection and disposal in the city of Milwaukee. Democrats Meet Tomorrow to Plan Future of Party Fair tonight Saturday folfowftl by unsettled south- west portion, rising temperature tonight southeast por- tion Saturday. j (By Associated Press) Madison. Wis. June of Wisconsin will meet at Appletor. tomorrow to consider reorganization of their party and the development neys battled Tor two days in a case j of issues that will be brought into the j which resulted in an award of six.campaign for presidential electors in cents-for the plaintitT and in which the! April, 12-1, as well as in the Xovem- right of a father to slap his daughter's [ber general election of that year, face was involved and tried in superior Local leaders of the party are pre- paring for the conference which they court here. The plaintiff in the action. Mrs. believe will mean a rejuvenation of Katie Johnson of this city democratic organization that her father, John Palmer, "had. state. the maliciously assaulted her." They expressed the opinion that The jury hearing the case, while the democrats should take advantage agreed that Palmer had slapped the of the division within republican daughter's was-agreed that ranks to advance their position. there was "some provocation." The j------------------- rdaintin" was given "damages" of I annual picnic of the cents. She sued for j Sauk County Guernsey Breeders' as- Seven of the nine attorneys rcpre- sociation will be held at Lime Ridge sented the plaintiff, on June 14. Wife of Store Magnate Insured for (By Associated Press) 111. June life insurance police, said to be the largest ever issued to a woman in the United States, has been taken out by Mrs. Evelyn Marshall Field, wife of Marshall Field die Third of Chicago. it became known here today. Her husband, head of a LaSalle street brokerage firm, and heir to the Field estaU, is named as sole beneficiary. Mr. Field is said to carry more than a million dol- lars insurance, all of which is in fav- or of his wife. reparations note, by ignoring it en- tirely as not susceptible of forming a basis for negotiations. In the event a decision is reached that a reply be made, the French gov- ernment is reported "-to favor a curt dismissal of Germany's latest truce. Belgium, on the contrary, is said to j 120th Service Battery (By Associated Press) Chicago, 111. -Tune vca: j old Gladys Rahn of Belhvood, lilAvhc j "never had to wash dishes at home.' 1 Company A.. 126th engineer bat- became the champion school girl disc j talion. Sheboygaa, be transferred. washer of three townships, when. ir. a contest with twenty-seven othei girls, she washed, wiped and stacked two plates, two saucers, two knives. redesignated. and assigned as sei-vice battery, 120th fieUi artillery, to take the place of the disbanded Port "Ecl- i wards serrice battery, according- to an two forks and two spoons in two arsd j anr.ounement by the adjutant general's one-eighth minutes. office, Wisconsin national guard, st I Madison. Battery B. of Stevens Point :s re- C- i tiesienated Battery B. to take the UlVCn O1X Months Sentence 1 place of the LaCrosse Battery, which Point Liquor Retailer Is I Is made Battery B. Stevens Point. i proprietor of a saloon in IHolstein Breeders Hold nr.itnwest comea- 01 the public 'square, i sentenced to spend six months in j ic 1 j. Annual Dale at the county jais Park in circuit judge at the same time declaring tha; County Koistein association held at by Judge Byron B. j court yesterday, the The consiamnzent sale of the Wood. he believed Landowski had permitted the Round Bam at Marshnefd yester- j himself on the stand during- his trial. I day was welJ but prices be desirous of wording the reply in f "Landowski was found guilty bv a j only fair for the high quality anvmaU such a manned as might leave the way juiy in circuit court Tuesday night of that were put up for sale. open fora further parley. a charge of violation of the -prohibi- j The sale was marked by the lion law. Edwsrti Jansecki. Lar.dov.-- I of buyers from outside the state, but ski's bar tender, who was tried at the j there was a good delegation of Wis- saine time as the saloon proprietor on i consin purchasers on hand and no a similar charge, was found not guilty, j nculty was experienced in disposing oc i of the animals OsTered- Long Secret Marriage Announced After Crash Ashland, Wis. June auto crash which resulted in injuries to four women h e" r e yesterday also resulted in announcement of a mar- riage kept secret for two years. The car belonging to Rudolph Kamm collided with a sedan belong- ing to Reuben Engholm and driven by Miss Esther Peterson.. The Eng- holm car was struck and.four young women occupants seriously cut and bruised. Following the accident, Miss Peter- son announced her marriage to Mr. Engholm at Virginia, Minnesota June is, 1921. m'----- Marsh voted to camp here. city council here li a tourist's May Announce Reward for Capture of King Benjamin (By Associated Press) St. Joseph. Mich.. June Possibil- ity of a reward being offered by the state of Michigan for the apprehension Drastic Prohibition Laws of "King" Benjamin whom a wan-tint char Puvnell, for ing statutory offense has been issued, was being dis-- cussed here today pending the arrival of Attorney General Andrew Dough- erty of Michigan, after a conference with Col. Roy C." Vandercook, head of the state department of public safety. Governor Groesbeck is said to favor the offering of a reward, and actioii will be taken by the state administra- I live board scum, it was indicated. St. Paul, Minn. With the passage of amendments by the 1925 legisla- ture to prohibition laws of feet. Minnesota stands out preimincntly in having the most drastic prohibition laws .of any state in the Union.- Under the provisions of the new, laws it is illegal, to possess a formula recipe or directions which are do- signed for use, or for, or in con- nection with the manufacture of fci- toxicating liquor. The law that it is also illegal to any apparatus, implements machine or de- vice jugs and other containers, tiffed in the manufacture- or .storing of liq- NEWSPAPER!