Friday, January 10, 1862

Whitewater Register

Location: Whitewater, Wisconsin

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Whitewater Register (Newspaper) - January 10, 1862, Whitewater, Wisconsin _ i-i I'fli'-'e -irKl ,V s M' per annum; pil t; i it-y ?_ _ OK 3V tl I vr f v in tr'jU'll 3m Gm 10 00 8 0.) 00] Oi) lo IX) w is 110 'jri'iKi ixt j 25 ix> j 4o mi! jU 00 IB "fro tro'oo "ao 00 "-to oo 75 00 V. WHITEWATER, WIS., FRIDAY, JANUARY NO. 251. GOODS Mi) uinif be marked the i 1. Hlt'l ttlltl -I <'-ivl Aitrcr- ,f, O! ttiuii'if ant Mnrrta-ie A'u- III i, half i ffjr tfifir ttl rttlff. invariably in of thfir of and at the lowest putsssibl i prices. Our General Dry Goods Department Will alwnys In- well suipplk'il with tin- host of ttftrttiiiy and iill wiifiiis; 7'nWc II. P. T1IJKJ-.K. ..j 'h' tii'ii-T pri'piirfd to A. TAXXEH, .ilth ItinMiiiu to .ili-i' in Crockt'i'V. Car- lltmt- J. It. vaiii-ty the vfincty clieape-t. S'Jr-tiin tho Wt'-t; bluek aid (ill and prices Ottntunii ifvxtni- 3l> i inoa. jtrintoil and j l.un DrtttinriP jit'intLMl and pl'iin of :ill kinit- :uni tjiiiilitU'W. fur 1'iivs, and (liils: C" itfi-> and C'OSM- ovtn'y variety, tor hoth Men nul Boys-, and every nrttt le'iisually" wantuJ for either Lndios or (Jenllemaii's wear. Hy thr of Goods at IMP fort- tce.-i. hope to iri'-rit a cfmthuiitiico of cull sillil '.rive 11.1 a look CAM; ic io. IMBB i K A re., 1ST Kii'.-t V.'atcr Str cot. Wis. Book Stationery Store, mid fii'taif-, 1G7 AVatcr ,t, TO II j'i.i'-' in 1 K VCII AX UK fi ivll ill'- 111 till' t- i-'ieneli and Arnuricau Sttiti >nery, aiid Jtibklee, th Cluach Uouks hy the or jlun- Icili tinm-1 -k. St.. A i.u ire iiiieiit at low the clicapi pnbh-hcd, Ciiohi solicited, find Tl-ntUV -s. S' houl Ap- pn'mp'lv stn- CLKAVKli. i t -.ilc n -mn- i i A H. sn J. U'HICICI.IIH, -nit. c [ iii' 7 M 1 In !1 Iill'l 7 t i'rost. 1'. .M. OS Paper Warehouse, Clark IllltioU, POETP Y Our Secret Drawers [From OIK-IS a Week.] Thcro id secret drawer in Wherein we lay leur renu The T rv ho-trt riil'c of tune that's'gr'no; fid tlelJKhts of childhood 1 ho cuckoo's euilit.-st The merry hnvtnsikin t l e.s in tho -tlie robtu'o nest; nnxind our WhiU- ilio wind n Tho gold on nooks, aoror-5 the u iudow panes; tiooKs, fountiim.s and the tJ.e tuiry landscofH! of our franco" n.iine. turn have no A! theso in some hidden corner ]j0 itfiin the my-lory of that seeret drawer Sto'nei7IC stranger hands may Yet none may guzo upon its guarded MI SG Uio and 31, in 11K KUST, i' 'V ii ii If T i iltik'.. AX rPAC'J'VIfErtS i.C nil K.ii.U i-.ii.ii .i ciu-ii isuar tc.. Hi wholi'Mily am1 -ollciteil. AOKXi'Y U. J'l int finrl for Fine (hi; tt le J7 i Hftail. JS (irders irotn li' III'.! HI- el. _ 1H XVIIITM A TEH, >iu'ii ,t- 1 'it cnrrent i Hats and C. 11 Vie. 'nt. MIY s L'ltKAP FOR CAfSlf, AT .1. H. t ut t'l' I foriier of Jin lit Firs t Streets, Whitewater, u i; C', to. Kit. llfi i oi'iier T'll nil Main Metropolitan Store. JMM, War Preparations in Canada. [Ki-om the New Voi'k KHGUI.AK TKOOI'S IN LA.XAOA. At the time oi' iho out of tho re- bellion in tho Southern yiutes, iho force of regular troops in ihe provinces was exceed- ingly small. Several Intel been drnJU'd to the Crimea nnd to India during wars there, anil they had not been ro- Thf-ro were ihoii in Ihu Province a le of brigades of urtilliT-y, ono bi.italion of infantry in Qtifhcr, one in' Montreal, one sit Toronto, and ihe L-jinadian rides tit vari a tola! forri> of about 4.500 men. In July hut two bathiiiiHH of infantry, the fourt'h battalion of thu rifle and a battfry o! Armstrong mirih wet'i; brought to iho Provinces by (he (Ireat Eit-tem and the Golden Fierce, arid the reg- ular force in the (Juntidas was thus uuirmtMU- ed to about nion. This H tho figure at which it stood at the timo thp Trent a Hair broke nut. Since ihcn wo heard o! roinforceinpnts on a very (urge scalp heing -soul out. We d.) n..t how far ll.e peaceful solution uf our ditlicully with Eng- land IIIHV iitl''Ct tho traiiimjs.-ion of troops to (Janada-, bul it is very that will, while war huns, kc'ep a much larger force in tho American dependencies ihan ,sho bus hiihr-rto clone. Il has been iil- rojirly announced that the IVi-siu, w'th nno M'niinenl, and tho Auslrahi-iiin with anoth- er, nru ou their way to Beside.- Ll.H, two regiments bioui; it lo Halifax during-Iho summer, havo started, overland, for iho s-time. Tho Londoti papers made mention of various ftlier and Inil laiii'ivs as under i'1'ders- for ini'nedi nle departure for foreign serv ice in America They include two of guards, four battalions of lino i- Iwo batteries of arlilli'iy, a Latiaiioii of hirHjers, and a hrigtida of Adding together, then, ihf force already in Canada, the t rotip.- on iheir way thither, nnd the regimeiih which, iiccoi'ding ihe iate.-t advices, were under orders to leave for Ihe Provinces, e Und that Lho Car.adas will, within a month. b. over, for tho of blockado, the oh-itriiction of tho matn ohanne! is entirely s ifiicient. JlaQ'u's chnn- nnl i- so difficult thut tho .Nashville failt-tl in Ihe auenif.t to e.scap by it, although imxle by daylijiiit, and wi h two on bourd, and if it should b' renderc-d more eas-tly navigable in smy vtiy, it can be bloekadod hy a i jrcis which is tusalilo to watch that, and an. tlu'r nt the same time. And as to in the pa rt oMh chan il couhl only ht! done by first .sili the batteries on Sullivan's island, tl not iSiunlor ilsflf. There wasexoclle it and tho difll- cull jub of in the posi- tion aeC'din 'd wilh thr tn.i'-t perfect The uiu.-ts and were then ent awtiv and vt. a3 >at. and iho work d'Uto rehi-1 -leana-r in watching the opera ion. but it did not ap- proach near onoiinh. to interloro. lettter from ihe Cahawba. ic'cornpnnjifnj the expe- dition, says: '-A! Mj.eraiions the fleet were in M online, Morris and Sulivrui'b Inlands. Suini.-r, but, not a nuiM could lilt a lint ei- to imperil cr arrest them. The (ire wh ch the oi hiilfthncity was u trivial mi-iWrtune com- pared this Jin il disaster. li.> di.-tant About Saltpetre. From the New York Sun. The news brought by thi; steamer Eiiropn of Lho proclamation of the Queen uf Kng- liind, prohibiting the export from the United Kingdom of gunpowder, brimstone, nitrato of soda and sttllputru, is stimulatinif ppecuisi- tion in the former article., which our market is ordinarily supplied almost wholly from British sources. Ttio price advanced yesterday to fifteen cents u pound, from tho quotations of ten cents and eleven cents for the week previous, nnd parlies in this city are endeavoring to cocuro sutHdent control of the market to fix price to suit tharu- solves. Tliey shoulit be made to understand, however, that government will not pci mit unwarranted combiiuitions and in an articlo of such prime necessity iti time of war, and if occasion eali for H, tho stoclt in market will ho taken possession of at n fair price, to bo Used without regard to merely private intcresls, Though we have at present a largo supply on hand, the proclamation of the Queen, jf long carried out, muy occiisum us some in- eonverrienee, nearly nil of our saltpetre is dunved frcm the British poss-efsions in In- dia, some of it being shipped tit Calcutta, HT d the rest coming round to us through England. In its crude state, ns nitrnlo of potash, it is found abundantly iti the surface of the soil in the Indian kingdom of Oiide, nnd to ton HI extent, also, in Egypt and Southern Italy, though the amount import- ed from Iho Ittttcr countries is Large quantities of nitrato of soda, or South American saltpetre, as it is called, are ob- tained in Chili arid Peru, nnd this may bo ea-iiy converted into iho purest of .saltpetre, tis it during tho .Russian war, when iho market? of that country wero supplied with sal'poire thus manufactured iu this country, and nhipped to by Saltpeter can he obtained in tho United States from the limestone caves that abound in Kentucky and other sections. This was almost our only source of supply during our hi-! war with England, which cut, us off from our dependence up'in her Indian pos yielding fifteen per cent of nitro is said to bo found near ;lle, Tennessee, in quantities sufficient to supply the entire country, though just at present thn i.s not likely lo help our governrrienl much. i.s an artificial process, too, for manufacturing snltpotru from of decsiyi'itr vrgctuble and anirmtt suh.stance-, mixed with old mortnr and othur rv'fuse eal- e.areous earth. T3ut this i.-? !i slow two or threo so thai it is not available in an emergency. Itischi.'fly used iii Germany. The wais of Napoleon compelled the French to of iho ro.-t of Ihe world in their supply of ihi? proinin'-nt ingredient nl' tho gunpowder ihey u-ipd sn Istvi-tily. and a process wa- then invented hy Iho French chet.MsH for makinif sallpeti o Iroin old planter rubbish. Tins ensibied Franci- to dispense eiui'-ely with a foreiLT) supply. ihe oinerren A Daring Exploit. Captain Spencer, aij to Gen. "Wool, re- cctved iuformation from two ladies, who went from Norfolk to Fortress Monroe with nflasrof truce, that neur midnight a six- onred boat waa to leave Norlolk for Rich- mond, with money for the pay men t of the rebol soldiers. Ue requested perniission of Major General Wool to attempt their can- turo, nnd WHS tolil not to place too much confidence in the information Nevertheless, was given, and selecting two good oarsmen on whom he could roly, with their oars murtled, he start- ed at dark nnd awaited tho coming of the enemy's bout. Uo liad previously given directions to bis men to pull directly for the boat, and on tho moment of itriking, to back water" instantly. About midnight tho boat WHS hoard ap- proaching, nnd taking station in tht> bows, with n nine-inch shell in hands, he gave the order way." The mo- ment his bows struck "robeI boat, he threw the shell into the middle of it. and was himself drawn bnck, luckily receiving no injury from tlio e.xpiodau. Not so the boat and occupants, however, the former of which was broken in Iwo, und the latter were scattered in all directions in the wa- ter, not, however, before discharging their pistols at him, two balfs going through his cap and threo perforating bis coat. Tho men wero I hen told that if they sub- mitted quietly they ivmild be saved, other- wise he- would leave them to their fate They pvoferred the former, and arming himself with his pistol in ono hand, n dirk (taken by him at the battle of Bull Kim from a in tho other, ho look them in his bout, ono by ono, handcuffing thorn ns they wero pulled in. In addition to which, from the stern of tho enemy's boat, which floated, ho took in gold and in tlu'ir worthless paper money. It was with sorno difficulty Unit ho reached thn fort, the ijumvalc of ihe boat being almost level with tho water wilh its increased freight. How John Brown Saved tho Capital. i- it, i taintv. for it, is n, An to this, presented 'i u! wa.s worked out lireat v an H to foretell, with ccr e.-snril y tin ex penmenl, le a tidal harbur like >ilv now whieh ly Caplani with M-ientilie sKill; anci for it> yires-ent sueoe.-s i is enoatrh to know that acee-b by the mn ri ?hip ehahriel is tuaily cloiod. Tho bar is pavid granite, and th haibor a tliiiiLCof the pa-l. IIAVINC; tlio isitere-l ot In'- la'e pi.nner. UK- Melri'jHilHan tun I PI-OU.-.H tlie pilhllf Mll'l In-- eti-lunierh that lie trie in -ill it- Iji'.nu'lios. a! in tUm-h. ou Center ,-U-e ilc'.ivor to Uecji ft lull a'-.'-fiitment of >P Bifine'h 'in United reined, it is would t-rt In ml Faiuily Groceries anil tic-i anil wili utuiert any -innSc.i m I h HeViil keep on luii 1 She lie-tifuai- of Kl'inr. iiif-.i.'Us. hsill' .iml ijiuut -afk-. bo immediately in- to at lea-t .'iO.ODO men, scale upon wjbich warlike rirepui a- >re.iii'titk's. i tictis have hoen cnnducied in England, lead us to infer that this liyuro L riot above the mark. CALLING OUT TH i: M1I.II I A.. On tho 20th of December an official order V, ill H< 1 t n- ef tic-i anil wili utuiertnU'' to '-ell aa low a- any -innSc.i m I he- ,'eul i She- t( r it VS I! VSSBTT .N. S. .Ml in i Main urul i. (iiitjil JjHery (on ,i-e eat pa.---enner- 1 (H 1-, -.He j lei. nii't Ihe Iteeirm bu-liel <.i II-M in l.i tie' mill pwo- "f In- eoittiileni will tie entn el< all !r.! hy the H-: line, ve Jinn ii- a-- to JAMKS FKllh'ALL. Whi'euatrr, Dec. 1800. _ ______ _ Whitewater Paper Mill, r in U.met'i'V, nil j ei Hhee in JU IrojU'l- V. CROMBIE GANTLEY Proprietors, H ai e. -eini-ni. trim-no I nil u uh a- 117 ti-v, Hull Is v in i.M- .shnmlf. 1'nr Milwaukee. II. s. of nml cr in NEWS, BOOK AND WRAPPING MA11KET PRICK ii HI Di. C. M. foimeity of h.i.i eleven vein'-, if-no nnd i line of Itulliisf, tetitism i'f Hunk, County, the fuel that iio low rates any other e-itnl was promulgated reqnirinij the formalion of ono company from each battalion of the .sed- entary militia of Canada, At Iho present time .some accoun t of the organisation of llu Provinci il ililitia will prove Tho militia is divided into .sedentary und 'active. The foi mer consists of all mates tho ago- of eighteen and sixty, not j dt-qualiliod by law, and they arc again divi- ded into service men and reserve uion. The service men arc between tho sees of eighteen and fortj-u'vo, and the of forty-five and sixty. In limes of war. invasion, and insur- rection, ibo only males between tho ages of oitihteen and exempt from mi ilia ser- vice ai'fl, judges, clergy, professors of colle- ges, and teachers, and keepers or others in charge of prisons. The "service men are composed of two classes ".First class scr vice men" and second class service the former being unmarried men, and wid- owers without children, and the hitter, mar- ried men and -widowers with children. The tinnmrmd men are, of course, taken There are, nt present, in iho Cwmtdas, 450 of militia, and the organization of Revelations o a Rebel Woman. The Baltimore co n-hpotklcnt of Liie Phila- delphia Inquii er ites, under date of the .lUth tilt: A whf o nnnie ib Bradley, was cd on board the Gfivryittna, we >-hall lind ourselvps equaih' indej thouffh mean whilst uo ntay havo to to rendered >till moro taut bv the yeedv spirit of The price of saltpetre is a! all linble to cvtrv'ine IliieliiiU ions, nceordiiig to the warJikr, or jic-aceful of did'ereni iiatums. It reached highest point in ITS'o. being quoted in at 17') s-hil per cwt falling dur'ing the no- li vo shiltir-sis. (Hll) The Washington correspondent of the Boston Journal lolls the following pingulur story, of the way in which John Brown's la w- ic-. ylvaniu. After Brown and his party had boon M-eiired, the powder was placed in one of tins bnck buildings, it remained tilt April When tho United State- troops tumid that Iho Virginia forces were preparing to make a doocorit upon '..ho ferrv for the purpose of CEipliiring tho they looked about for ammunition. They did not i (slaie tu vMhit the magazine, for th-To were sharp eyes which watched every movement, add an attempt to lake powder from would precipitate tin attack. Then it wa.- that John lii'own's powder was valuable. It i v. in sma'l and where il could be taken and distributed unbeknown to out 01- jt iti (litJcruni, tho trains woro laid, arid just as the Virgin- ians Uiought the priao was their-, they found the, flames woro ahead of them. Jt was do.-igncd that tho several thousand stand of arms there stored should distrih ttred in Uitltimore, where, us you know, the outbreak immediately occurred, and thai South Tho N. Y. Express n correspondent with our Rrmy at Port Royal, wboM toe- count of tho sayings and of the uf that region differi from the editorial of thai laoio Express, though acreeittg with tto itate- ments of our own correspondent. snmplo, taken from iU account of the burn- ing of his cotton-houses by Mr. Hugh Wil- son and the escnpo to our soldiers of a por- tion of his slaves They asserted that they had long been ex- peclinjr and praying for our coming, nnd they hud determined whenever wo should arrive to make their way instantly to Cupt. Atnmen offered them permission to return, but tlumgh they gnid thoy had left their wives and children, would kill if wa go and tbcy preferred to remain. When asked why they left their muster, thoy av least a thousand nffft-oey have aaut my the lirxt fiv weeks that ihey batlhf frtaletl, gat only a peck of corn (S j lhcnoo tt bc C K ibis on In r arrival from Uld Point. She hail.-; der a Davi.s. in the S from Uicl mond, via Nor'olk, un- of truef, with a from Jeff. t.o i-? 11 M rylander. but has been uth somo time. On her person, any utul at a- _ west. A full supply of County. Men hunts'. And company of seventy-five privates, bo- sides officers from each, gives a total force of one about FORTS AXI> After Ihe mititnry authorities had resolved to fortify tho frontiers of Canada, General Williams visited in person some of the points tSial would need defence in the event of war. Ue traveled as far Collingwond, on Georgian Kay, and there tho construction POSI. A T1 ,nd of two batteries, to be mounted wilh Arm- HiK.H.rt slrtmg suns, was commenced secretlv concealed mdcr the lining of her bonnet, wrapped ar >und her board, in her under Barmen s, and clfcewhcro in her stocking', Arc., w ro stowed away some fifty or'sixty Sette s from various parties South to their frkn Is hero and olsewhero. On search'd at tin police station she tried to cat and swallow ono of the U't- iers. She rrsi-ted boldly, but had to up finally and disgi rije the contraband car- po. Ono of the let era was addressed Lo the Hon. iioverdy Job ison, from a person who luid a relative a p isoncr, asking liim to secure his Tho pipers and docu- ments found on 1 hi woman have, boon for- warded to the auth .rities H Shois hold ti pri oner. When informed that it would becoi 10 to search her she exceeding.y bold, and threatened to i-iioot Lho and lo males having her in charge. Stie had kept n :ort of diary, going buck a week or ten in which wero noted special events. Tl is gave iho pric-j of tea in Ilichmond at to por pound, coffee por do; salt. per tlo molasses 75 to 80 cents per Kiii'on; htiiird SfOto 50 per week- fronllcmen' dress ooots ?'Jo per pair n the maikel report for Iho wei Nov. 'lo. IHot, tho quotations thiriv-eiirht to forty "-hillini thirty lo thirty four in September, when llv market was iartrely supplied. An un- preeodonled demand ha-' ari-en sirice, which s wept tho market and stimulated prices. Incident of the Siege of Lexington. fFiom Cul. .Vnv Vurk [.OLttU'e.] Tho battle rayed until 9 o'clock, when a sortie wa-. made, and Iho enemy's Colors wei-ts captured from a regiment of the aiils. Tho firing paused from 11! to 3, and at 3 o'clock in Iho morning of Iho 10th the whole line of the enemy opened. The be- sieged had used up their last drop of wi.tor, and all day the finny continued. The my captured their surge on and their cliiip- lain in iho hospital, so that on this critical day Iheir valuabto services wero not availa- ble. Capt. lloritu-ty was obliged to pur- ''orm amputations all day wilh nothing but razor. Even tho water that wa.-> used in these operation.; was eagerly drunk by irn- nUientmon. On the 2nih tho battio was jiuieluucd, and tho enenty udvanced under cover of hemp b.ilfp, in order to cover up So .John Brown's powder saved the capital. All of this wilt appear, I am informed, v, ilh satisfactory evidence, in the report of tho committee appointed to inves- tigate the Harper's Forry a flair." "John UHMVM'S boiij lief (noiildvrmji in the JJui In.s soul us miirelun.t; mi." Gen. Kelly of Romucy. Levi Slann, u frve colored resident of Now "i'ork, has recently from tho South, whore ho has been held a piiaom-i- there dnco thts war broke out, when he wa-> taken from the steamer Star of tho at i tulianobu TOMIS. llu win trcnVed bnitatly ,a Now Orleans und Alontjjouiery. At tho latter place he. wat> incarcerated, ot" his money and of the value of fctiOd, -tripped hi? clotl.iiig, and received liundiod und Why lashes- from a letalicr about four Jeet long and one hall'an inch thick, in tin; hands of ono of tiis perseculurs. The fctripes woro laid on with much ouch blow hiceratttig skin, followed by of blood. This bi'utnlity catted tho piisoner to .-jink from exhaustion, aiid until he wa> thought to he iu a dying tondilion. siud of by without anj The tmc'U or r any l 'ii'i. o: Si.itc. nn n't1-. I5v hoiioi-- '.W Milliucry J. p. worm ___ ___ January Appointments V. C. PB1CK, of alo, N. for at Forts arc also to bo erected fit Ports Dalhoii sio and Colborno. At Toronto exlen-ive have been commenced. A battery of ten liO-pmuider and fine Armstrong will, when fini.-hed, command the wilt command the Western nnd Northern Railroads. Batteries, each to mount gun-, are also to be erected the banks of tho lake for the further protectiuri of the harbor of Toronto. Kins? ton i- defended by a fortress that. prr pair for lovo scarce1 scarcely any ladies shoe- to be h.ul or monpy all kii.ds orproviaii-ns she had 'kissed Jefl Davfc" hand and spoken with many Onfod >rato office m of high rank. Beiiurogafd, acco ding to her diary, was greatly displeased -vith sumo of his generals for being so badly lefeutt'd at The Exhibition ._-. next to the ono at Quebec, is probably the -.1 f..r I s h. rho side. >f i-_'. linti'i t'or- tors ntay -cat. I'riee devotes 'Jan. 3ft. alllet- ol m'ltr Th IvHliK-y, aiul nil and Prwi- j on nnti-.n. the emi-e of ft hy .mios.-sm.H but_ti) Liver. Our praotiet- of from at! others, 'know on needed u> UnowlwJ'Jlf1- Wrongest in America. Of the citadel of Quebec we have on more than one occasion iriven n minute description. i Every American traveler is familiar with it nnd'frwarft disposed to question iu tm- a fortress. These defensive as 'corks. well as those opposite int repair, arid require ro atieniH'H at t be prf sent time. treal. the commercial cnpilal of the 1 i to be tho only place undefended St. Helen's -s f.-'tS-er. A tJi'.-.-ii'tin i for the -ti> th all the tho mir our in .iHr.. f..r "re dofloiont. eon-MntlT (turn and .-tore. Xo. 2 Centrst H H nnrt as eonsultation js n-ci'._______ out noth- From t H) Chicago Post. After tho expo ition of bia theory, Mr. Kurov intr duce'd vhut struck the audience u "mod subject-a furiou-a black who'had sourer touched tho platform than ho b.-fjan ptunjjinsr, and dis plavint; his hccla 1 igh in the in a manner that truly en to all pr.-sciit. 'mt-r imcnl was by thih dUiday of on tlnj purl of th( -pemiriflv irrepres-iible stallion, nnd at tin same Uiiio nj prehension %VH? manifi-M that Mr. K u iless he cnreful. ins brain? kicl fd out. Thnt gen" hnwt-ver, showed .erfect cnntidcnce. l piirtnt'r, he suwoe submit t< luiiiiun hund. Tl avoid tho "confusion pits that had been placed entirety and mines around the entrenchments'by the forces. Thf-re wi't-e two find within und ictt of each other, playing for throe hour's, so close Wits the fighting. At length, under cover ihi-ir huinp-bahji, the enemy advanced in sufficient numbcn to overwhelm Iho two companies stationed at one portion of the; works. But throe cornpaniea of tlie Irish bravely catno to the rescue, and for tbirly n.inulos Your hundred men stood faco lo face and bayonet lo bayonet, and the re- sult of it was tho enemy was driven [Apphuiso.] liut, at Iho am.nnni- tion beyan "to give out. Gun after gun wu.- silonced. Sliil there was no water. At there came a rumor that there was a flaif of truce. Tho firing ceased. Ge'iurul Price1 sent a note saying: ti CohiiH'K why has the firing ccftsou He turned tho letter over arid wrote on the back: Goncml: Ton my honor I don't know, unless "you have sut rendered." [Laughter.] An Advance Movement Favored. cor. N. Y. WorJrl There feeling here in of an effective lurward movcmi-nt oi the From the Wheeling have been going around the for sortit! days, that (-Jen Ki'lly had buc-n in connnaiid at. Koinney, by General .Reynolds us- sizniiig any reason !'or it. It is Iruo Ibat the has taken place, or will probably iti a clays but Gen Kelly Jias not been Mipi'rsudud. JIo has bt'on rdiecrii at his own rcijucst. Tht- continued ill bcallh nnd stif luring experienced by Genera! Koliy ever sincu lie rt'siitned command on sulliciuntly recovering from his wound received tit i'billippi to do so, would have deterred a zealous and ardent patriot from again attempting to do Held duty. Latterly the old wound has grown so much as to di'-qualily him for all active duty and con- line him to his bed, and be lias indeed been loo feeble to assume tlio cares of command ut so important a as that ass'gn.-d him. these circumstances, General K'-l- loy has d-omed it proper, as it eminently was. to to be relieved from n position whose duties physical debility disqualified him from performing. He has accordingly been relieved, and General Reynolds tians- furrud to his place. Matin, being of a strong. nthUme coiutitu- iion, rallied from the effects of this brutality, ilc was afterwards) told as u slave ui Tusj.c- and put at wort; wilh n iu iho field, lie linnJIy escaped to and appealed toJudsjo Alexander uf llics probate court, who sent him to (Jen Bntgij at Pensacula, und tho latter st-nt him under ;v (lug of triu-o to Fort Uo (hut thi-ri' are many Union men ut who are per force in the rebel army, nnd only wait in hope of u speedy deliveranco by thu landing of Union troops. Ha rep resents the robd soldiery ;i- in a very imperfect stale of di-idptino, poorly armed, worto nothing but sbinplasten for their and very mvngerly cubsis- ted. In order to keep the rebel soldiery to- the otlieors find it necessary to grant turloufrhs to tho meu. Tliis has eti'ect to demoralize the troops, ai they were going buck words ami forwards to llinir homes al- most ad libitum. Mr Mann stales that ho left the interior of Alabama it was that there were upwards of 8.UUO runaway negroes in that state who had rs- caped and are now hiding in the Tfleso slitves huve 'e idea of (he war, What Thurlow Weed Said to Bennett. From the Yurie Sunday Times. and manv of them buvoa vaguu id.iiiB thiitit madft with tho view of their liberation from The innstcsre exhibit tho utmost brutality to their No two of tho latter to converse togeth- er, under pain, in tin; event of being dutcct- c-d, of receiving one hundred lushes. Opinion of John Quincy Adams. Whut order of men under tho most tb- sulule of moiiarchies, or tho most aristo- cratic of was over in Tested with such an odious and unjust privilege AC that of the, separate nnd exclusive rpprencntation ,----i of less than half a million owners uf slaves, ington at his own residence, mid in tho Presidential mansion T in- much curiosity was manifested ns to what, veslmontof in of was, the maUer." Weed is not tho man to 8pecies of property concentrated in the high impend his time with o. scallawag hke Ben- egt of nation, and dtwemina- nett without ft purpose; and our Wash ing- i IhirUsen of thetwcntv six ton correspondent, in a privuta note, gives ft privileyi'd order uf'moo in thu inlhn whir.h nro vm-v r.ii- communilVt ndverso to tllO HgbU Oi Suma months since, it wns publicly an- nounccd that Thurlow the bos- pitalities of the ceccn trie-eyed 1 UL v .IT- von ri ti i to 1 army which has grown dec.J.jd -nee --'J Mlllcmenl of the atta.r. it, IS lit') atfgresa Alter i-titge awhile with his i'd in persuading him to the soothing touch of bic n the. lamer ventured to 2 the animal, but this of tlie ofMce of I1 hftvin. to nnrt s< Wm. street, where matter be hoard however, that any such work? mmenc.-d. Thprc was n report that fort of Chambly was to he put in a repair; but that is some fifteen miles from thf city.___________________ In Gen. brigade, on the Po- tomac the tolrticrs have erected a theatre 40 ThPV nave formed a stock com- the niembcra of own brig- in touch tho fore I option "s? tbc-r brilliant rt.v b-v hlnd of thp Hfiima! the immediate consequence bow.svr, tho k-cturcr succeeded in fsc-iii'nsr frif-nd y feeling by tifiinji one of the fore fret, wbU h was instHntiy strapped up so that not reui-'h m-ro could be done m thu WHY of kii-ki The fore foot was takW. up. horse Jay upon bis mortinjj and "f the nind t -emt'd to coneinde ihnt all nieht will qoert-d wws over. IVw rema- ai.d Mr Ejvr with perfect put hte bands upon tl e'same which ft Stwan m before 1 ad been darting like Hthtnines in the nir. All aorU of per- 'libcuit-a wfr'e tahea with him without i? iabjugftted ;ed thut an extendt-d and succCiesfuK, Vivo movement can now bu madt, and thut it would have a happy effect riot only at homo but upon thubfi whose towards our government is at present The popular complaint of Jii thut we are doing nothing towards ''utnish- inf her with cotton, would be sttlfjd the would bffotJiu less impatient, and U c oc- currence of more emtutca which might re- sult in war, would avoided. At any rate it is suici that a great victory now would cure us the increased syrnpnthtea <f the greater part of Europe and fffectually pre- vent foe recognition uf the Confederacy by trkns-Atlanlic power. and Ketieml though thpy be, an still de- termined not to submit to it, nnd he conse- quently sent Weed to sec Bennett and in- form h'irn of the feeling at Washington. lie- is notified thut if he opened on the Govern- ment his paper would be seized, and In- sent to Fort Lafayette. Bennett "doni'd'' a great deal, but was wlenced by u copy a dispatch dated at tho Herald office, which had been seized by the Government earlj in the war, which proved the Herald estab lishmerit to be in the interest and pay o! Jeff. Davis. The old Scotch traitor wa- completely cured by exhibit, prom- ised to support the Government carnally, especially Mr. Seward. This is the firtf- this' mutter has been made public. more pernicious to the Jnteroitt of the whole, than any order of nobility ever known. To cull government coEittilu- ted a democracy, h to the standing of mankind. It is doubly tainted wilh the infection of and of There is no namo in hinguapa of nation- al jurisprudence that can model in record-? ancient history, or In potilicnJ of Aristotle, with which tt ran Hknd. It introduced Into confitutiun of United .Staloii by an equif- representation of property undti the of itessoin Little did t ha mom bcrs the convention from the State-, or foremen wbutu sacrifice to Moloch was hidden under the uiuk of __ Major Kichnrd S. Smith of I2th rwult in a U. a. infantry ba. been ordered to re T From I Soruit battalion ia with ..Pvt- todaj-. U it Bucknnr will at Bowling Green by a federal force, in a centor of which fifty the right wing fifteen rise Irfl at Racine, 10th Wisconsin volunteers. (Col will go int camp at Racinr Captain Carpenter arrived nl with OR mon for the "Witcontin How THEM. A pr whose bearers were in tho bnbltof lo sleep over bis prencUnjr, bought ft tin whistle, and on S-indaj, when he saw a goodly .number under the tomnoloeeent in- fluence, drew forth whittle and ed u shriek, lo an instant tlio wbole cini- was awake, and upon their feet, jr at tho minister, tt one another, atd wondering tn the name nt human na- ture wu to come Your'e a of smart specimens of humanity, ain't you'' taid thft ditine wbittler, M he slowly around on the highly utonlshed MMmbly I preach tbegmpel to you, go to but I o to the eomlng, in their nctt." TOU Mkt ft all of horrrti

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