Wednesday, April 12, 1848

Rock River Pilot

Location: Watertown, Wisconsin

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Rock River Pilot (Newspaper) - April 12, 1848, Watertown, Wisconsin "Th> condition upon which God hath given Liberty1 to eternal vigilance; whichi-conditioni ifc-toei i.V'at cortseqiuencc of his crime, and the punishment of his i i I-: V .1 fHKAN. VOL. 1. 27. HotU.lVtDtr TCHLIIHCD ITKBT WKUXKBDAY NOIINIM) BT BUTLER WHITNEY, Wattrtou-n, Jrfftrson County, Witconrin. in Cramer's Block West side of the River loTsP Per year, in advance, if not paid witnin 3 months, No paper will be discontinued (unless at the option of the proprietors) until all arrearages are paid. All letters, and communications by mail, must post paid. BUSN E433 DIRECTORY. at law. Oflice in CrairifirV Block West end oi' the bridge, Watcrtown. WAT.Kft KIWMON'S. WTLI.IAM lirTCIllcit. wTlJUAM" T uFrLER, Attorney and Counsellor at Law. Notary Public and Gen'l Land Aijcnt Watcrtowa Wis, Office in 'Cramer's. Hock, west side the river. THEOHOR'E PRENTISS, Attorney and Conns-ellor at Law, and Solicitor in Chancery. Watertown, W. T. E. BOOMER, Attorney and Counsellor at Law. Office over Jones Jackson's Watertown. AV. T. DANIEL DOHBS, Attorney and Counsellor at Law, and Maxtor in Chancery, Lake Mills, Jeflerson county. Win. Attorney and Counsellor at Law, Palmyria, Jef- fergon County, VVis. J. GILLE'JT KNAPP, Attorney awl Counsellor at and Solicitor in. Chancery, lUiidison, T. McIIUGH WHEELER, and Counsellors at Law, Dchivnn, W. T. Attorney and. Counsellor at Law. and Solicitoi in Chancery. IJcavcr Dam. Co., Win. The following: HTMW, comjpbsed-be efc-Prcsi- dent ADAMS, was sung at his funeral l.lth, Lord .of all lot thanks ami To thee forever fill my soul; With hast crowned .iny.diiysj My heart, my head, my hand control.' O, let no vain presumption r se, No impious murmur in any inear', To crave the boon thy will denies, Or shrink frcrh ill thy hands impart, Thy child I am, ami notan hoxin Revolving in the orbs above. Brings some token, But brings some token of thy love, i And'Shall this bosom dare repim.', V In.darkness-dare deny the'dawh, u Or spurn the treasures of the mine, Because one diamond is withdrawn? The fool denies, the fool .alone, Thy being, Lord, and boundless Denies the firmament thy throne; Denies the sun's.rheridian light; Denies the fashion of his frame. The voice he hears, the breath lie .draws; O, idiot, atheist! to proclaim Eflccts unnumbered without Mattnrand mind, mysterious one, Are m'an's for threescore years and icii, Where, 'ere the thread oflii'e was spun? Where, when reduced to dust again? All-swing God, the .doubt suppress; The doubt thou only canst relieve; My sotil thy Saviour Son shall bless, Ply to thy gospel, and believe. A STORY OF LEAP-YEAR. 11T JOK MJLLK1I, Sam' 'Smith. -i saf'.'Islt.-x Year's day in dishiabile; unshave-av ;his< hair was his boots miblacked, and he was Jeahirig back in -his against the. smoking a cigar. 'Sam: thbught to'-himself that -M itwonld be ifthe ladies could only '.i-beiiBdueedrta pop, the ijuestifott'i 8n ancient- privileges. -As -r.lae-1 watching the smoke which sor, graicefalX ly- curled; his fancy glowed witliutfie'-- rdfea. How -delightful ;.iV would 'be to; "have the dear dreatures foMlihg'bn him, ;j tender endeavoring the aifreeablt! 1 As he meditated his hSart1 softened, mid ;he "began to feel ish womanish' 'serisibilit', ;diffusei Sitaelf and'rtioiight.fhe-- would faint, with propriety thelSvst-tim'e aiytong lady should squeeze. his hand; v' .twist jiven to his collar, the last .his whiskers, and with earn brick; iri he descended to the parlor.; M'iss Jones __14 rushed to receive him, klid'pr hand with, fervor, said hcxwj -v beautiful you the Journal of Commerce. miration. Spare the blushes of a modest: young said Sam, oacookdry, or to..hj.s, .face to. hide, l Nay my love, 'XVhy A HAPPY UEXORT. BRADLEY NOYE-S, M. and Surgeon. Darn, Dodge Co. Physicians and Sursfcons, Watertown. Office over Jones S; Jacksons. Stove. it. c. n.wn.Tox. I'l______J. conf. A. II. VANNO'-'TRANn, M. Physician nnd Surgeon, Aztalan, Jeflorson Co. W J. J. JOHNSON, M. D. Physician and Surgeon. Txonia, Jefferson W EGGLKSTON, Physician and Surgeon. Diseases of the Eye par- ticularly attended to. Hustisford, Dodge co.. W. AL Physicinn and Surgeon, ATWOOD, Oak Grove, Dodge Co1 AZTALAN HOUSE, By Manville Scllcbard, Aztalan, Co., W. JAS. L. MASTIMT.. OKO. P. HEHAHII. LAKE MILLS HOUSE. Bv Shniler, Lake Mills, Jefferson Co. Wis. n. n. HUAILKB. WATERTOWN HOUSE, Wiitcrtown, W. By Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware, Booti, Shoes, Liquors, at the Dutch Store, cor- nerof Main and Second sts.. Watertown. WATEKTOWN By L. J. Fribcrt. A complete assortment ot Books and .stationery, wholesale or retail. He has in connection, a general assortment of ready made Clothing. _ ___ 'Xiler in Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware, Crock- try and Medicines, Palmyra, Wisconsin. -1 JOSEPH O. SMITH, Practical Surveyor, Ashippnn. Dodge County Ii prepared to do all kinds of Surveying, Plot injir, in the most approved style. ,.G. C. WRIGHT, Dealer in Boots, Shoes and Leather. East end of the bridge, Watertown, W. T. JONES JACKSON, in Dry Goods, Shelf .Ware, Groceries, Hats, Caps, Hoots, Shoes, Leather, lET At the "One Price west side of the river, T. A worthy young lover once sought for his bride A dumc of the blue stocking school; 'Excuse, me good sir, but I have she replied, "That I never would marry a 'Then think not of he answered, "my fair; Youf was of Diana's suggestion, Since notw tu' a fcol, it in easy to. swear, Would venture to ask you the said Susan turn not away those lovely yes, dark as jet, but sparkling'; as the dimond.: Here let us .resti" -said, she, drawing him to a sofa; ''here wJlh. my arm around thee, will I protest true affection. "Leave me, oh, leave murmur- ed Sain.; "think of my .youth, rience-r-spare, ch spare, my. palpitating- "Leave thee, said .Susan, pressing iiini'closer to and constant'-'reader. AMANDA... vu ry of -restless. She .slates the 'outset, aspiration, A NOVEL AM) PLEASANT The ladies of 'Hartford, Coiin.', gave a grand Leap Year Ball in that city, at the City Hotel, at which severity couples were present. The arrangements of the nine lady mEnagers were .addpted to: the occasion, and every thing was cqhr ducted in the most appropriateqnd ordei- ly manner. The whole order of'ballrbbm gallantry was reserved. The geritlemen were .seated around the hall; and'.the ladies, with cards in hand, were passing along, engaging" partners, and introduc- ing each other to, the gentlemen. withstanding the fact, that thb the lead, there a becoming modesty, displayed, which had the happiest effect. There was never a more happy innocent party assembled in At midnight, supper was The ladies waited upon, the gentlemen, and the entertainment was well dispbsed of. After !supper the, diince wias resum- ed and the party finally broke iip in the most cheerful :ove, is laid that.for years I have nursed for thee a secret pas- sion.. Need I tell you- how each'tatinly beauty moved "me lipw I worshiped- ike a sun the lurid those scarlet tresses how my fond heart was entrapped meshes-'of-t-hbse ma'-gnificetit whiskers-; will-- "rioi: to yield u'p tovthe 'government :of that WM. C. FOUNTAIN CO, AVhokiale Druggists and ManufacUiring Apothi ecmriei, East side of the Books, Stationery, Periodicals, furnished to order, on short notice, and reasonable terms. ELIZABETH Retail and Wholesale Dealer in Glats and Crock- ery AVaw, Sullivan, Jefferson cp., T. L. B. CURT1SS, Dealer in Dry Goode, Groceries, Crockery, Boots and Shoes, Liqnowand Wines, Enst store in the Cramer block, West side of Wis. Persons visiting the JVtacedonian will se6 in the bow two of the guris taken with the vessel from the British. The stamp of the crown letters CJ. R. beneath, tells the' story. An English cockney looking at them" a few days 'ago, said contemptuously: V "It's heasy enbugli to pu.t that stamp onagun of Yankee nia'ke." "Flow long dp you suppose it would asked "Not more than ah replied 3ow Bejls. ,rej6itied 'the pther, "we took 44 of the' gqpSi with the stamp alreddjr on 'em, in ITT minutest" j O'CONNELL General Dry Goods, Grocery and Provision deal- on the comer of Main and Water streets. Watertown. CHARLES B Jeweller, Clock and Watch the Bridge, Watertownj Wiii. East end.of L.J.FAHWELLACO., ImpbrtftN, and dufen in Iron, Stoves fe., Wftv'-of rtw miUsmw, 157 East Hater St., i. A. r. THK DEAD .-A. Mr. Wilkihsibh las written1 to paper, 'ihform- tig the public that he thinks.; iftper 'record of his -deatli; is per e says tbiat ttr of liis'kribwledgje1 lie is k'idkiflg'if Ke; cbuld fittd1 the auljidgr W the repoit meeting; some time singer who lead the psalm tune, finding that his concluding wordiwhicl: was Jacobs bad. not sylables to fill ___ ,__ i_ _ i.. -t ri. -J i, L 1 up'the mUsic adequately, "J-a-a-i-a-l-J-a-a-a-a-foI dc ridele E'WW? gold utility ment iijiap'py proportions, and is ..usual- ly conjidered a necessary .appendage to the pejjon ..Its ..hands.) and.'case, are the. chase'd' and, tysniBhed'': gold. Its the ruby, the sap- ihirei.jif I .open ahd 'find The following article from a paper edi- ted by Ladies, cnHed the Beacon1 Light, ought to serve as caittionary to the ether e'le- be.a. mere and 'those' figures.' without .rh'eannig, are inade bf brass, ul further, 'anil ask; ivhat' isHle it is isadtefstf ks'k what' is' -steel-? the it has 'u-ifi- So ''th'ehi ._..... Jirid theMih s'prtng, withoul! which, the lish. embellishments' vare'., -.but toys that, ia1 not sufficiently but bf ir jwecioui :i r 'i l 1 olern ot die arid pov the age' sp'ririgVs but fievi disoi'dei d is :therefore, this ty> ayd ,.figrimes jibe -hour, resemble ,the master A WORD; TO THE BEAUX. sex. While we would pay all due-deference td the "lords of we would re- mind them of an error to which some of theih' betray symptoms of They seem to imagine that when they converse with ladiest they must of course condeaeendf.vud talk only of what they ;things." If they think this is the true way to secure the respect bf.the.'.'fairsexv" they labor sad mistake.. If ladies, do not knpvy as much debate on this point-7-they like to be.presumed to know at enough ,tp converse on seosibie subjects, ,in good sensible Eng- i_' into.sma ll spirit of [he AyhosK .rr.pye- t] is .directed., .Its. .useless but spj) topaz, ,a, are, the' Its works'of brass are'the mid- by the r. of which the mastej'.' spirits'of ire; and'1' main- ut'u'g'lri a'b'tfx, aiWork', ;tKougHt: 'ei'dept vvh'en it'is Ifbrbke, or watits winding up, spmboH laboring- vvirid the- of society the iron is; to 'the. g'oldi nev-, of, except when they require are .in want or disorder of talk and nonsense, between 'gentlemen and ladies, the. way is usually, ledty gen' tlemen. Ladies', either" firpm sentiments or deference to the stronger1 sc.x, or pre- spine iristandes irom" the suspic- ion thait th.e gentJemeiratldressirig !them dees best he can, often hllow them- selves 'to become murih; more frivolous tjhafr they could miich more so than they would :be, if they whose duty it is to set (he example and lead the way; :would conduct them to more verdaiit'fields and pedantry, whether in men or woman nor do we; believe in al- ways being serious. We hold toa er mediutn.of and pleasantry. JBut'tve confess outselves not a little grat- ified .wheii gentlemefi con verse wit h as. .though they, presumed vis to know nor will we conceal the fact, that by go doing, as least s ometimea, they nourish in us the charitable presumption, that they knpw something too. LET NO.LADY READ THIS. words with a glance of .undisguised ad-i P.EAwp 'have 'ceipt'fpm Vftrj' I' a re- :linve No co'y with- ivhich. I am "contains f DIE AN E'ABY' great many 'ossays., been written on 'the easiest! :ni6de of .bringing to an end this animal life ours. One is in favor of hapging'j another of drowning, and a third' thinks that a' bnHe't through the heart would produce the le.ast suffering. But have an easier way to death than either. Although the object may not be so soon it is as effectu- OK THK I. O. OK O. F. We find the .following, in nn old paper, frcni h spoecjt: delivered by Mr, Ccoper, at-a meeting of Order in Orwenock, Scotland. Mr. Cooper The origin of-tin1'Order of Odd on 3 very great Hntitjait.y. It established .by the Roman bold'iers, in the camp, during the reign cf Nero, in the year 66. At that lime they were called Fellow Citizens.' The present name was given them by Titus C'jcsar, in the year 79, from the singularity of their meeting, and from their knowing each other by night or by day, and by their fidelity and their country. .He not only'gave' them tKc name Vf Odd Fellows, but at thesame a pledge of friendship, presented them with n dispensation, engraven on a plate of gold, Bearing the different emblems, such as :he Sun, Moon and Stars, the Lamb, the Lion, and the Dove, and ether emblems of morality. The first account of tho. being spread in other countries is in the fifth century by King Henry in twelfth century it was established in France, and afterward by John De Neville in Englund, attondcd by five Knights from France, who form- ed a Loyal Grand Lodge of .Honor In' L: ndon, which Order remained until eighteenth century, the reign of George when a part of them began to form themselves union, and ;i portion of them remain up to the brcsem Lodges, which are now very numerous throughout the world, and call themselves ibe Loyal Ancient Otid Fel- Ipws, being a portion of the, orignul body; the Manchester Unity iiof more recent date, although is no doubt of its emanating from the source. Its irst jnlroductibn into Manchester was about the year 1800, by a few individuals 'rom the Union in London, who formed themselvs into a Lodge and continued in ;onriection with them for some timo, when somedifTt'renr.e caused'them to de- clare themselves Independant, und thus any. instructions subjeqt A ns th0usarids have 'tried it. We will er-undertlie signature of Mary, in t. London paper, has sup.phed this' Take several strong cords, fasten them cy, and unfolded the mystery of cooking our ,vaist( as tigilt as vou can a husband, in such a way as to inqke an and let them remain a day or two. pvp.ollent and who esnmn nisn nf him i n i .i> excellent and wholesome. dish of' him exceiieni ana wnoiesome. cqsn m tighten the cords pcraervere one which any la.dy might be .pleased to tili your has the appearance of an see p tea at a table. _ If you wish to, ob- Vill gradually p lige the female portion, of your.. gradually _'-' i f-i T vu vv Mil idi.j i ij.iiu Jtniti uiiu----- Iscarcejy fadto do s.o by !cfihtlot endure work, and will probably publishing this communication from your !mve the dyspepsia1 and liver complaint, co-nfttant troubled ner. :vousness. No matter; the work of death but effectually and aboirt as Lords were th'em up. Others keep them con iri hot water.; while others freei.e them by .conjugal coldness. Some smoth-- ei- them'ilj vari- ance, and''some keep'-'thtm in pickle iift their lives. These womeii nlways'serve .them uji with -tbhg'ue 'N'oiv it [cannot be supposed that bV; consumption will be seated, and ers, anajyOU wjjj gQSy your part- em con- Jn? breath will ha.rdly be imperial' thv manners so moclesii OK delicate, enchanted-Mor'to 'thy good mariagedMn' 'this way; iov was 'mv i'oy: Mv'heart is B'ut tiiey the Cdntraryi-quite deli- J ''we 1 nreserved.' Marvtibiiits ioy.wi _, _ let one kiss from those; 'r'u'by The' bVer-vvrpughi-'feelirfgs1 of'the 'deli- cate ybutli were too sttdrigy'and lie- fainted "rom'excess !l Meanwhile the en- amored maideri nurig1' fondly over; him, the eye' Samuel Smith, gazed" wildly round- the niee'tin'g the; ardent-gaze of his; -Mjoy-' efi" -he-blushed beliiiKd' his handkerchief faltered cipnswbe'h'well preserved.' 'Mary poiiife on't the method-'as follows1 was, once the street by a usual question. the however, you to commit suicid in..any thin shoes anc mtisiin dresses in cold, damp We have never .known this receipt to fail, and it has .been tried with, .'trium- phant success for a great many year's. PERILS OF THE faceit- ous editor of the Albany Kniekberbocker gives the following terrific description ol a storm on the "raging canawl going; or other strode hastily co'mpany'them1 witha'sufficient portion Pesii yal 'in1 L.1 L triivi-. Get'a large jar, called the jar of-care- "The equi.noxial storm was somewhat fulness (whic'h by the ,g66d in its ravages, reaching south hafe a-t Being placed set wpst ns far as the him cve'f'the'fire of'corijugM lbve.: Let be.cjear. i Above'all, let'-the ular and e6ns'tan't.- Cover'him we'll with eqlual quintitit-s of arid- subjebtioni -plenty ;of these by arid -be Very attentive :tb supply the place1 of any that1 may ;waStif evaporationV py: any; 'other' Garnish with' modest, 'becbmjrig'familiar- and ifyoiJ thit'the. ;exiMon i no one' be without .'a' 'Jet :to; of'secre'cyH a-nd-'it wpultl atn'iss-tb little prudignee'and mbdefation; try'this; reteipti 'may' learn i if they' 'know ''not' how 'dish-'is a -husband; ahd'garnished. wartiieeting, ai o oettieoat :oi'brie of-tlie bandsflmjest Niew Jersfeyi.l lake :one of the., Capers j) .thgre would bdi an about iti, na! Irish orator, speaking ot an pppo- int'slove ofpfaisefdescrited'-'as'so -vain iw ithat v'thafc ,he !w6uld .be: coRr ilerited to, jf, it to look up -and read the stone-cutter's pun on his grave. There.aiie inen of ig .me ace.s; "W-fio -yna 1 "guilty of pe'tty1 which an blush ,ti be with.'? wfeen you Paddy w j 'what ;is you a. hugging'. an. dat ar post for .-manv a day or; embracing of ,the; teegraph .posts, near -thjs on "Howld j'er toong nager, playing1 boderatibn wi.d. me now, oe whin A-bacfeetor lofiowrs, Vrbois about ing without taking aim. to iiedc into Sthe _, M Speaking without is ndoseyisays he goes: for past, and security for the far F.S Georgia, and west as fur as the Jordan Level. At the latter place it overtook the Rip-Van Snout, stove her hen-coop in, tcok the bonnet off the stove-pipe blew the main-sail (the near horse) into the canal, and foundered .him. In the height of the gale the weather- guage lashed himself tb the fore-topmast setting pole, and plunged overboard for assistance. After the most untiring ex- ertions he reached'tbe Hvo fathoms of fresh longitude, a new bowline and two bushels of ing to his nearly desparing crew, bent on a new horse, set sail and -reached Schenectady in safety. The owners of the R. V. we understand, intend pre- senting him with a service of (six cups and for 'the heroic achieve- ment.' TAKING; if house is said (a; stranger, rushing into the, parlor of .a sober citizen. was the answer of the latter, what cause am I indebted for the extraordinary interest which you tike in the affairs of V "What is )ove ;but ijriend is hot niihe.'' Women have more strength in their looks, ,than we have inpur mofe tKeirtears than we have Sir .Phillip Sydaev says; ev'en, to''my life, is hers I Pride ii bos-, oms, and yet iffrlbf meaaoesa and infirmity of piny fcindv i A definite .you applo- pize or have kept their names Independent." MORAL gentleman trav- elling recently in a public sleigh from Newburghlo New Yoik, seeing that no amount of whipping could mane one of the horses increase his proposed that he should be 'treated.' To that end, at the first stopping piacH, a pint of gin was poured down the animal's The horse shook his head at such u treat-mem but instantly he started off a high speed, which he kept for several miles without abatement. The driver was delighted. "I would'nt think said he. "It's the first time I ever sew moral suasion tried on n hoss! Itbcais whipping' all to n'othin corri'spoadent of one of the Cincinnati papers status, that the Buena battle field is still covered with bones, conis, pants, shoes knapsacks, And what is most singular of all i.t, that a few Mexicans who were left un- buried are still on the battle fields entire. Neither putrefacation nor the wolves pruy upon them, but they are dried up like mummies. ATA FOR you believe it, aunt exclaimed a pak'-facad young iady of tJie 'upper ten.' 'would you believe it Uncle Solomon here, tells me that the ladies out west actually speak to the and retail store- keepers They must be badly in want of society, musn't they "Humpli, interrupted Uncle Solomon. "They are as badly oft'for society, my dear, ai your father was when he pulled radishes and asparagas for a living, and your mother sold them in the old Fly Market humph MissPolly Dolly A deli iuf fainted. was AN WARNING. hanged lately n A man who a neighboring State for buglary and murder, confessed under the gallows, as we read, that his career of crime began by stopping anews- without pay ing for it. WATER DANGEROUS. We reasoned with an inebriate a few days since on tho vile habit of drinking spirits Why, said he in reply, "water is dan- gerous, very -it drowns peo- lie; gets into their chests, inu> theij leada, and then, too, it makes that :'nfern- al steam that's always blowing a feller __ _ _. __ _ IMPORTANT ir TBUE. The Chronicle 'The bridegroom neglects the printer must not expect to je happy in his domestic relations. It ma been tried, again and again, but always with the same untoward Ye young bachelors-Hind old ones, too, are contemplating matrimony, iced the warning and be wise. Scotch blacksmith being asked He meaning of metaphysics, explained t as follows "When the party tbat lw- ena <tiima ken what the party means, and when party who dintim ken what is Six red and five white ttnp" flag of Libf ria.

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