Tuesday, March 29, 1859

Superior Chronicle

Location: Superior, Wisconsin

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Text Content of Page 1 of Superior Chronicle on Tuesday, March 29, 1859

Superior Chronicle (Newspaper) - March 29, 1859, Superior, Wisconsin u-j Mir MO vwao.'fs i iiu.-f i SSXSH iIATFI-AO tf Lubi-Jii! >.iiij V iA 'bjfei'y. inr-in; R c. at Uw ami General Agent, aCPKItlOK. WISCONSIN. limixlit ntnl until, tnxn paid, And ofn Kvneral ujjtiMy attonlKil to wllfl ii' 19. e. No. bSV Second street'. OF. DEEDS fim ASH OF DKKDS FOil xo.wj sEcoyr> ameur, inarm: from 9 a in (III 1- in, anj from it p ill loft ,At tlio SlgniofVthe HIM, KHIfillT >c IIAYES, ;i i'ii f )t J i Consists in ;Part as Follows: BAR IRON A.SpSTF.EJL'oF'A'f.LDESOniPTioKS.. COMPI.KTK AHSiOHTJIKXT OK 81IEI.P CHAINS. djSTKiitf PUMl'S, ft i 'II At ana Law, 111 and I.aPiilntccoi'm- Kfifi'f ,vn to- f. Bftrf.TA VTA SECOSO ai'KECT, Sfl'KHIOIl, WI3. CKVS. .COf.T'ft Eastern Self- AT THE :-MiT TOUT-MIS BM-MJfcKT amo -oJ Sf AV MOTH PLATE, BpX, :f iVlieht it. iiJ 7 H -I- T iu Sr Correspondence of Courier. (Bit lilipicATlON COURT. muc ..v, w. SECOSO sruKKT, sfi'Kition, KKVOL-VKKS, DR. S. J. CAROLIN, y U 1 S i I A .V A S It C i: ON, lls-ly OilU-i- nil Flrat near (lie Hotel. ri, "P I 'I; K> 'trying the n.e us, to it how straihjn" this tie of U.nion, 'CouVt' Itos-'is States- j firmly Or. V. OKFICK WITH J. II. UKI.I., I v C'll ItOYO M. OKXICK AT HIS KOI I KXRK, of HIM "ALSO A Slil FlPIIfXfi HOOKS, LISKS AND FUES, S1IOVKI-S, BPADKS. ItAICKS, i >.T SOVTIIKS ANn AND SICKKliES.. Cook, Parlor, and Box Stoves, ALSO THK M j gether by its-decrees' iiporjTdnnstitui< n OKt'KKM lilii 't vicinity. UK. OHlcr HI Pt-rrr'i Land I "crvliTxtn I he l-'intillant.i lit: uiiiy becunHuUed al Ollluu. novlT DRAX, IIKALKK IS Ready 31 a <l FCJtNIHIIINO OOODN, VT'2 Seuonil tlrei'l, J-T. ROBBTNS, and Commission Merchant, AND (IKNKKAI, UKALKIt IN GKOCKK1KS ANI> JMSOVJSIONS. m ti'j-iy WIN. HACKER'S l> I'E II li t; .4 G A I, I. F. W Y, 427 WKMT MX.'OM> srHKICT, 1-rlS J. W. IIACKKK. Tin, Copper, and Shoot Ironi Wares. J if AYS FOR 'SALE Steam's Marvin's 'Salamander WIL-UERS' -I'ATKNT WITIf POWDER; P' OOF 'LOOKS, i At New York" 'find warrant U3 to lvveiiilruanlNriii'lliin-ir not, no charge. the Agent for XA1T.ROAD MILWAUKIiK. WISCONSIN TERMS, 41 50 PER DAY. tin VI-MI.K, Second St., next door to Me Coiltlinylon Jilock. Denier In 'i WINES, BRANDIES AND GINS, PORTER AND ALE, TOM A CCO AND S KG A US, OYSTERS, LOBSTERSh.AND SARDINES, I'icUlcs.ancI Ciitiiieil. Fruits of all kinds. Also ngotit for IIOSTETTERS'CELKItRATKD STOJIACII Oi'l'ICftS 1I1S VK.'lvS Hi..' prfsvntJeifon, i ul Nurili In Hie above 'lav liillimcd fur yvMf, III tllO .iirtnoK I.J. u luul kcvptlii'tr House 119 liei'e- i! .1 in iVvi-y rvKpcci. KKAN A KICK. NO. 379 .1. STOBE, BARSTOW M. now recvlvliij; Ilielr >V. iVclll, RKSI'KOTFI'IjI.Y lii'Vs leave- to. cull, the nttun- llnn of the residents 'of and country to Ida lartlc and well nssoVled atpck __________ Drugs, Oiln; Paints and' Chemicals. _- The attention of Dulldern In espcelally vailed 'to hla as- JO JLl O 11.. sortiuentor ill ass, Oils, Taints, and Putty. aecnrately 'eomiioutidcd' from J.USTICE'OF 'THEo Certified ''CbpicS'-'lif pVoce'e'dinAs .were no man m'i.ur'jjrofession fitter 'fort lie office-' learned, able, .industrious; with pride ot--opinion, lie has 'always'broii'i.'lit 'the in- tpjti'i.tj'i.ofiopiireambitionlitnd aiida learned the f.-dtVaiiyi question'! -1 wish'to speak'with jr'rcat 'respect c fresh irbm the that' ''Ther iiot dozeu persons .in-. .Stntes..who Ui.oy liaye of the i i-, I VI th g 'that a of snnmi I "frestiid; re- that we.pugh to 'on the buneh he did not but he.feared came, rejects it- th-3 police; of a wans'an who Was enjra-Kd.in passing .coins'altered in this way." One "of acute detectives on her (rack, mn'd every license'irus :P every license was afiorded-Jicr if we should very soon whole ..bfiimh.. "I hope, see i bronshback into loiind; const! tuti.oniil.hands .beniu'lHed .pcuple 'tlian.'tho shanghais this State. i.ep into this; "campaiirn with pride great conCilence. of- 'success. We loutlive tji.c, present :.-c6niniorcial and :vrith it all political panics and we shall see the.: control of the' nation revert to the hands, of a sound constitutional do not know, but in the wise providence God, the republican.- party serve'd the the democratic ..for -wise ends pc.rniiC-: te'd'tojlo the coiiii'tryjins never ac- in tie.aco. or bit t nn.der a An'y other name, so fa'r ftiiia upon We .had.. iWavs ;and minors' ofi ivnml whi> but naiional have Iriuitiphiijilly .conducted the liliiirs of .the .nation in, every .time of wiil'ouv-y ih'o'nf' and' 'spHnjr''a'iiiotlifir..aiul' will fight dud bury .that, and 1'bo deiiV6cra'ticJ'naj'ty is tli'c .n'riiV- he..nation. .prin- dt also rcliitiVe, to loC1 In thu vuylouy toivnn now, niiil on tliu luku In tlivlr: the United iCopyniissionfrrr-wero not in Jo ulld 3" old J-iva COKFKK. .-ici.il tktilir COKt'KK. i tiramnl COFKKK. i-" i.-ur lluute aVKCl' and MOLASSES. KICK. r. Adainiintlni' and aturlae CANDLK3. a.Tiiiuu and liar SOA1'. i. M. It. It.VlSlNtf i" Hi. mi, KIOS. Hermetically ..Fruits, Meats, Oys- 'Pickle's, Ac., UKO. V. 11OLCO.M1I A CO, OriDmir T: XiIITTLE, Aytnt, (ind, Wholepitle, in BRANDIES, WINES AND CIGAHS, MiiilO-ly N-J. Ipp.RXNDOLPlIS'l'.i'OIIICAOb.'lL'U.-.-' CKI.IiBIIATKD 1'A R'l N A Ilia of the and the niuntilacltiru of ilicae Oraukun, thu natural nnil [either the Validity. tlie constitutionality" of tr H n der i wft i eh'' the riroon'ss; issiiiaa'' -'en Ji C-oicc Brandies, Wines Segars or II. Haznrae nRANUlKB. r.-.-i'ilccfOHT. O l if nnd Cliirrl WISW. f It U V E.1. Vlnfom pnWte tliat liEhl. Httt-d tip liN old Mand, whdre hv will carry on the TAlkOUINO UUi-INK.fd'ln rill llav- .phatically, that the. conrH below', had -errtd1 J iw judgment mVll.m.Dn to-y "IcWe. MnVhSl lonB In the bu.tawi In and -.larire.wesivrn cities, and beliiK determined to ijefend 'Illi.'possession- Of "the SO andprovi'ifonx; li; to a; reasonable (hare of .York fiuhlon received in Ilia cuModyj it necessaryi lking in reoentlj, obaerred Laud WarranU. the 1858, all of which co into Lia own as wss, will withithetn; .will the We shall jo.iinrS'the'canipaijtir'df priil [ent councils an'd-ci'ff'f'.il' riroasurcsi" riot 'with .zuau'iisbntthiek-hcadedp'oliboman' jiot wind1 of.. the lady's by arrest-'." in.ir hci prematurely, defeated the" ji.W snpoi-ior officer. Messrs. Birdsa'll :ahd couot several .huiijreil thousand dollars "every day. When have gone through they ;ohofcl- .the coins into a funnel.and transfer them', to it.b'ag, which is instantly tied, and: sealed, not to be. opened till its' contents are required for: disbursement. ivzro JSVESV BN STATES The elaborate Weekly.; on the coutniui several matters of interest. About< eiVhths of tho .coupons and .'.'-r debt of the United. States are.- paid- at', the .onI. Now York Sub-.Treasury, .and the an inscribed-.-debt, whi-jli.; the is payable-; to partiei it whose names arc entered on R great roll at r.yei-y six nionths-thc nain.es. are forjyarded.jo New as a guide to tha Sub-Treasurer; a the note ,.of.tthe gcnerul .V These'books are nnincs which hold words. tliio of .and .even--; country. Tho bulk of it, wo imagine, is held in Cuntiiicntiil One is'nof surprised find'-' Jacob .George u 'that'll requires f i t 11 >j i l> it 'sk'ill' We the'glitteiiiig and with a- coin' between' tlie "thui'ti b' ;Their rif, -ii> a spurious 'coin strike .apninsti-'tlie countcrj-'they'will1'detect it though-they happen'to.'1'be in any-yards' 'distant. For the .proportion of nllOy'-'tliey .which to -'detect' or' filed' coins. ihlatterly, ''0 rally- belbnfred f to onis have' cither or they :Jiave boe'ir disbmbowclcd.' 'VjThis new s we' a ti hg pi oceis cOnMstir fi H hg off the ll'' TJio this sm e'ro me.thod '.'now as'even 'the nka will -Wot' take plccca1. Bu t bj. fiiill'u'rl banks will taking For detect the fraud. are inittantly <f short tme'sSmSe iwin'e In is --r 000 ,t fAsft IMMitiilvoy ccriti'" turs o.f the..JKuig .Iiaplesjt'o'olt' nnd.V ithe sain'e stciifi'ty'j c? iitbiiivj- -have-1 also- invested- 'satire sepurify; uii.! 'Count Kossi saw.enough, of r0r.-r while fcTfi-f .Soutag JittleilVul vTalicn haV'i fanious.-publisher, 'Pancljoukej .of n'creditorbf the United Scribe, '.vjl enough to give year. A 'careful study iof Anierica appears to have Sldn.fj ieur f -nearly never end, if we at tern pied people" who think' 'J ni'oncy rwcll Iplaced In'., the Unite'd-; cln llcre are_Lord Gencral.-.Zer-v _ nolofr, aod.a.h'ost. of other 1 .'f.dcjpenda on Boacstj, aolVencj :6f the' to leave 'of bb in our j Alexander Op'O'-l'rt jtlte iwhe, security; There M an ithtf i'jnio'ricy" byvia wini1 fa1 with baiie metal, _____ ____ [oinirtp the piflceaVwith Mi much" iskill thatj Lttenstein Grontcnstoin. Fancy a no trace tho .operation was outwardly i tnah-withsnch a name drawing twcnty-aix Tbiy wu with tbe uuall thick dollan fifty ctuto from thia

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