Friday, August 3, 1860

Wisconsin Pinery

Location: Stevens Point, Wisconsin

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Text Content of Page 1 of Wisconsin Pinery on Friday, August 3, 1860

Wisconsin Pinery (Newspaper) - August 3, 1860, Stevens Point, Wisconsin C. SWAYZE CO., PROPRIETORS. VOL 17. I Jin mi. (DEVOTED TO THE AND NORTUREN CITY OF STEVKNS POINT, PORTAGE COUNTY, WIS., FRIDAY, AUG, s A YEAH, IX ADVANCE. IVERT FKIDiT MOKM.SO A T' STEVENS POINT, WISCONSIN C.JSW.VYXKJ ___ IN I cisii Ttu.ns AUVICIU week, three I OH Ililf toliiliia f column SI 00 I 3 5 00 S 00 Th-> "I'lNBRr" rvulitioo, and wortli pmttrntio-i tnu..t lu advance ntcMIoii. forfhr of orporations can only in'trtcj fttlicr. 0. SffAVZK Co., jjljnsuiftii Surgeon. "V EVENS I'OINT WIS. Ollicc OH Clark Street. ISook liindrr On Jrs may bo left at tho Printing Office. S. MARKS, M. JEI., i PI1YS.CIAX AND SUltUEON Slrrciii I'umt. IT Office on Main Street. A. Homoopatliic Pnysician, U'Oltico ovvr Itic WHOLE HUYSSEW SCHEFFER. Point, ivis. 11. llUYSSKN. L. ScilKFFKK. Exclianpf. Gold. Ktlrer. Unftirrrnl titia LAND I'artii-nlar aUeiition given to any with the U. S. I nn.i Ofii.-e nt tliis l.nnd nrnints nnd coin furnished for per sons nt a disinnoc. HKK-JiKBNCES: Kxoliiiiigo ISmikof Co.. Fond i.n Lac.Wij. Allen.CoppA I Mo SwU-lls llurl'or finnb. Buffalo S. T. lla'nk of .North Aiiii-rii'ii. W. J. Bell 4 t New York. Oco. Smith A Ills' Alex Jlitclicll. I'res'l. Milwaukee, WNcoiiFMi of tWikofh. Othfcnsh. FRANK WAHLE, Stovons Point, Wisconsin JhaitfaflnreitaiulUtahrii, STOCK ALK, LAGKK 15KEK MALT, iiOPSit YEAST. All orders from abroad promptly attended All kinils oi'Gr.v good lor cattle aiul liogSiihvaysoi: .mil. GRAND UAI'IDS HOUSE, M. A. ivojuidor loL'.iU'ilin tlip biiMiio5 n.irt of IHVII. lnivin? tlM.ioii-Mj i, IOM- it-ell i-iili'iiliiled in sntisf.ictioii nil ll.i.. for Kin, rtillniiirn l.'ily nu.l aleveii; Point. KAItNKIt CO. DEALERS IX GUOCEIUES and PROVISIONS, Also, Ucctifieri ouj dcalcri in nil liinJs of Ihosj wi-hil.jr to purcliw will ilu wfll lo call examine 'on ihe 27lh ult. Ilic Klu-muii, 910 fi'lrl (if luillbi-r to nillko. Ills i coflin. Ili> leaves n about i WO pounds, and of very larjjn siz... j Times Upon the adjournment of the Senate we went lo the House of Representatives. That noisy body of Solon's is reached by pissing from the Senate chamber through what is called llio "main pass- or hall, running through iho en- liie lengili of Iho Capiiol, which is so long Unit a man at Iho opposite end of the- psb'ngo appears as as H hoy On entering the gallery of the wo saw Mr. PKX.MSOIOX, Due, mild looking gentleman, oocupyinj (he who appeared lo bu engagei in disclwiging tho duties thereof, but fiom the "confusion and noiso" our firsi impression was lhat tho House was not in session. Desirious of obiainin.; a bet- tor view of soon left tho gallery, and obtained admission, rtnmnii iho miMnbcis.on nlea of busincs with Col KIIIIIKH, Di'legato from Dacolah. whu D. 1.0. ..--_ iioin jy.ioi.i.tii, itiio In-t_niiMgo I inu-s i has not d-.-l-n-d for" i 1O llu on side t I He will ink., tlie slump Ii.i-D'.u.'. "s U las and Johnson i OM 'he tables, in llio open 'pice, to iho right of tho speaker. The JIIK T.> UKAII t-ii'jM 'bill under consideration was tho Tariff, which was being read by tho clerk, and l have a deMituu1 and c.-imo to ibis t'ouniry from Galtvay,, asnad, whoever desired to make amendment, moved lo strike out of the STKVKNS I'OINT HOTEL. tlii.ii-.. hear fniin them. in the poor lumse I bill, or to insert, as suited his purpose ATTOUNEY A: UUUXSKI.I.UK AT LAW. STKVENSrOlNT. WIS._ PARK SHARPSTEIW. I COU.NSKIAIKS AT I, AW, Slovens I'uinl, nn.lir fu nil) lif ill K Iilain St., ly .-.T ninl -il for in..) Inn.l.- Spring and Summer of t-'asfiHCtvs, MAS The (iieenfieM i his motion n vote would bu taken, in comparalivo vas disposed Dcwvernt .-mil Lawieiim Stutitial have I Immeilia'.i-ly upon iho disposition of th IVilsJs, In I' Slovens Point, E'lvurli Arr.m.vKr Co C.N six 1.011 .vr I. .w U'.msau, Maraili'in Co.. doors vv.-sl of Ihe t'oi .M'UINGYTi.LK IIOlISK- I'.tl, Tliis House it loeal.'.l on the Sl.-i.-i.- 1' ul llcrlin ll'iiid. .'i mile' inilt'ioi-lli ..I I'' j P o r c u s s i o 11 Matches Sln-enr I'ni'H Wir. tnur Ii 0 W A R D S S 0 0 1 ATICK- J'lllI.ADI'.l.l'lllA. 4 -d 1.....-kin j inn up lln: n.inn's j Xtt' Tin- Dul.iiiju 'ill.- n.-.kl) ii !li.-u iii a ipi ll'ouinl.-. ul' n.i- i- b. i .M man inn' C'ltshiucfo. LAKE HOUSE, IlilOi, nii.l .Mk-liiS-in ft' liusli CIllCAt.O. ILLINOIS s. 11 .V CO., I'miirlrlnrk J. X. BIIAX3S, I'li-ii'iiiKTiiit. lir imreli-tsc.! ll.r lldti-r a, Ilin II.MIM-, nliil I'uvllli! If I f.lli-d il 1.1 a COII.I "f MIII-IIS1-, ll'l'l- U aiv v inr.irni tlin [inlilic llml lie n.n.l u .M raiioiiij oriirr, nliil rr.xly toiicufiiiin.f llin ami Ilie "I in Inil Hi, will ilir.ivi In- llin mnrkel mill I. urll i fi'lr.1 u-uli Jmy wild and liar llo- CfH of TWIN ISLAND Knowlton, Wisconsin. II. UAIICIICK, This well knou'ii .stiind is located lioltv.-eii Wittisnu ti-il SteviflK- I an thr home I..-PII io HI tho (irojirielor in ilelfrmnied lo to ali who nirty fee! dtspoacd 14, IS39. T) A TJTVT A "PTl Jt5AJtviixUtCJJf lusticc of tbc VLAIHK. ruiUou Cannly, Ii, illK'Il. en i T.i" M ..h I I.I III.'I H. I... 1.7'JU. d niio u ..rd.-r l.. di- I-.- and Lu.-, I II.- Ho- I.M.I II.T ..f in-ill .1 ol fb.'.'aK. Tli't ol I'llV, Al-Us siys i mi UK- Li .ollgiy. ie i Tariff bill, a M-ono ensiiud which would ,j I oilier body. Tunniy mem- b.-i.'. .....lie rt'iiir at lliv lime, e.u-h llio lii-bt use ul his lungs, l nl< usu il The Two Convoutions- The regular Uemocratio Convention, which nominated Douglas the ollwr day Usltiraore, was at lirst composed a's near as we can gel at the fact, of -'07 Delegates It requires 303 lo full but South Carolina. Mor- ida, andVfew scnlloring voles wero un- represenftik All aRleil togulber unlil the rep.irt.of lliot.'umniilteo' on Crcdou ostly las undoubtedl portion of tho inmnbers, n men, that Doug v rei-eivo tho nom- in'ation. wiihdrow, or sctedttl. to ihu number'of ul j votes. This Was before Iho balloting for nomina'.ions This should bo particular nolico, us Mr. Hichardson, tho friend of Mr. Douglas had- .1 letter from Iho latter gentleman in h'is pocket, lo bi< produced whenever necessary, nomi- nation. This was lo bo doiu in ciso il was found lo bo impossible" lo get him n harmonious s nomination act of the exialenco of this letter was1, jmilorslooil It h by means becainn and the no doubt hurried their action least its production would inlerfero with their jihns, and :hey havo no eicuso for Tho SusMon left L'35 votes huho regu- lar convention. No course wH'-left for but to attempt lo carry THE MRKET'S.- conuituents. Ii lill'Mhi ihoso n IHU Iho their.................. They therefore proceedi d :o act.'ind Mr. on tho second ballot got out if lUb'votes cast Iho balancti of iho LVinvonlion Ihough present, regaining from voting until after the second billot, ul iiiotfoii of n gentleman who bad been [ircvionsly opposing to mnkn tho v'oio untiiumnns it was and ho was. bj nridania'.ioii, declared [ho choice I f the At the oiher.or s... called 'SocC'dern Con-1 iil.'iim to li.ivi. polled 105 from .0 b-d.nnco ro- POIST, Aug., 3, I860. Vljjur, extra winter per sack, Flour, spring wheat per sack, Hour, Ilye per sack, Wheat, per bushel. Corn, per bushel, per buslwl, I'otaioes. per bushel, Fresh Pork, in hog, per lb-, Fresh Beef, per lb., Butter, per lb.. Cheese, per I.ard. por lb., Kgi'S, per dozon, lUy, per ton, Salt, per hbl., Onions, por bushel, TEXAS A KAKMISU COUXTRT__A San Antonio correspondent of the llo- bilo ihrtury writes as follovrs Tho experience of llio lasffive years is sulticient to establish tho fact lhal lha couniry is not, and probably never will bo a farming-one, nnd therefore Ihors' aro no profitable objects in which slave- labor can employed. Our proximily ID tho Ilio Oiande, tho unsotllod nature of MT.iirsthore, Inn facility with which blavos escape inio make this jpecis of piopcrly very insecure upon 2.00 1.25 75 .60 25 06 00 12 14 12 09 6.00 J.7.1 1.0.0 voles. Of ilm (.'oiivi'tiiiiin (hi I ni'ikiiig inu in-bi use nt in uii'.s, H-n i .v up jnvknd iipontsiilers. sk.'pt up a lo si.cll Ihe 11 i i i.....i T1 u tone, a-i a possi- I or niihl'1'1' alior nil havii ll'.lll'll IIJI .11 M.fls, U-.'ll ch.-iiu. fir Ih.. iiiiiiiihi'rii. fur ihe fl'Mil, so girat was i ih" din ili-u no could 1 heard In nx m.inv in.'in'iri') us Only M.VOII slnies arc s.ii.l lo ji.-ivo had a ii'.d u-pr.'Si'iiliilMii I Ihe western frontier; and therefore, if thero i? a lukowanm.css Of feeling on Iho protonl excitint; issuos, il is only such an indilfurenee as must always at- lend an abvinro of a. direct and the of tho principles contented forarcnotsiiflicient- iy brought homa in this country, isola- ted as it ii, ucograpliieally, nnd'pcculair in ni.iny of its features." f-tT Tho I'oslni'istcr al N'olin, Kcr.-' lucky, writes llio Loulsvillo Democrat as follows from your pap'or that the administration nxe hai been in will notbo Kiaped unlil the head of every m in has fdli'i, io ihu giotiud who dare's to say he is fur Now, gi'iiilnriieii. I havo tho honor of in s.' engig.'d i 'hi'ie pi-rlion. nt'n ir whilst as I :HI, for Douglas to i I''I mil. howi-vi-r. liian Iliav had a talk' fmmiivor twi'iily insiders. They hitior end, nnd don't know of but in this county but what ii. ull deeply depluro thij rupture in our -..l-lioi., n. s ,if .v.-ni i XlxlliJi l-Kl'K tif on 10- I. mill ii III ;-r I III'- .V. IiiulDi on Ilir .M.U' p'l.yr i in l hi- world put j Mi. Speaker Mr. can liesiialo a moment in wit-it should ho ihiiio fniily noininaied nnd Ihe jnrly is enlitled Mr, Doughs S ll.n noinineo oft to its undivided Nc i-. I iiiiii'' nil ihis linn-ihe Mr. Dawhon nnd inanv oilier i- 1 am, sirs, yours truly, II. H. nun proud of great feats of and endiirnuce. men, -i.i -Klili'.'lN' II..W.H.I Ih .ir.lcr n r.i: i Dlt J cliaiiin.-in plies iho who manfully tho iujmiiiaiiuii of don't b.i ambiiiouJ'to do n groat dny's mad MADI-: CI.OTIIISO i vu. Kixns.: biniln- .und in i in d At l-i Tin- Di'llni 1'rrf J'rtJj.iiiiioiin iii c.s, M...., Xtf II III. J liili S. of Miss, 1.1- nt Id. ill lint Klalt-, mi .uhsi.le inio lib. II" ;i it... :.i Ihe el. of la diuk-h.iin-d. mid freedom of Jlr- n'ail becainn Miisliod work. At all iho year, I' AND of List every then, i u-hitlnvi.r bis vii-wa ii'.'iotii'or.i may h ivo ln'i'ii. vniii ihu regularly ii'iiniii'iii'd'ticki'l. Dismijiiiizin -ml I" imlivi.lii d u, i ..f in Mr. i iho y.'.'u- j olf-r.-d "A liill lu j AniiMirs WAIIO'H Exrr.iit- ish .slavery in Moxii-n." Inslamly w is a i-arni .slill in nil was .'onfuiiiill j Ihu Demi-ciats en- i rary a eiiate the nnd ilio' "cuiofl'dvbaiu." While' floor -lit oin'e pc'iph'. Us, and li'ft lio wai the clioico of the i will bo accomplished by doing regularly of Mir.-end- a IJXKI! and niodirntc amounl of work. llian. by ttilh )lbj.k sl.nns on ilu, daddy's WADI.KIGH KIXGSBURY, ..p.vlfnllv I 'la ofstov.'n z P. OKXEIUI. I.AXD AOK.NT, iin.l wi attcml to nil business to -y-i, as buying or 3fl I ing, locating govern A (1 Kllis, Iton. A. Brsw B L Sli.r.istcin, 0 I. 1'nrk. W. Mclniloe, Kennedy A Calkinj.C A Single, Lnwreii-e. 4 Co. ilowc, A Alban. JuJilc JlcDill. Stropo. MaJimn. lion "atk Co. would most respectfully mtlie ciliims Poii.l. nnd to i ame mannor lhat men run how viltio scnst to o in mo in o 4 lit in Uoublo quick Tl tioneermy purposes twecn ilits House and the Senate, as have goitc uui from this it'll will lit; sold at pricer, nliic ilicr with of the com ttie inanuur in wtiuh dcbuto h conduct- ll are now bu-y in cm CASH, or T-x Fannert i'rudoc'-, t'uin or Ivicv, TnitWrai Cnhtt 1'rico. ttll r l.iiiulicr orMtiuitr QUI.VN ro; lltunicy> A: ALL luitiiiret llii'ii cme will r ji-ivc cure In) Mtlvuliuu. (Jtliut- row. Mnin ('iiAiitf, itc All ol-.lrri promptly nlltn.lril to At llic Outtnl Wilcutiiin Ware I'.-ir-.t, Dec. I, IS.'S. CJ, is jn favor of tho latter ling ihe hfiivy ciops of wheat which cover our fields in etvrv direction. A I few smiipli.'.i of the early siirin-' jnuinp is in order. Almost an wluv.i nliri'l) uiier want of dignity in mannor and Tin- U-iM -ni'l plniiip. luliy iqunl lo Hln.el WIO-A. ami piu.luc s nil rXlrajjinili- "I Tlicjlcld Hill fully fitc Hi-ie. Gloiions iniH'.s our lam..-is anil Iho lest ul' Sparta Herald. tfe leading Ueriiocrnlio organ ii Wot, and .1 paper of ciretlMicw, (MM also run up Ihe tttg of tbd )tbn- I

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