Wednesday, July 20, 1859

River Falls Journal

Location: River Falls, Wisconsin

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Text Content of Page 1 of River Falls Journal on Wednesday, July 20, 1859

River Falls Journal (Newspaper) - July 20, 1859, River Falls, Wisconsin >V. V VOLUME 111, RIVER FALLS, PIERCE COUNTY, WISCONSIN, WEDNESDAY, JULY, 20, 1859. WBKKI.V DV >O11TKHU< .VDVKK1 IDl.VO, Eeo Yourth Fngo. Iff S T Ii R I 13 S. tin- lliiinv Jouriud. "LOVED AND LOS T." iiv trxo. '11 mi url lim in tliv uiave, JfuvblovKiin. Wilh tin- vii.l, ts'i'laipi'd In Ihy litvOHl, And tin- llimcr taitt tliuir Hnft iiicoiise Ci'ir tin tliy Iwurt is lit ti-it. And wi- nil Hie <lny lime. AiiiJwcnv Iliniiicli'lli" nlitlil mil" fld'l, VS nr tlinik Jimv llic iniiniiliiflit it falling On tin- gi.Hc 'ni'iitli tin1 viokt fud. A in) nft 11 n T 1'j tin- vv iiidnsv ilnii ll'iiif- nrar mi- iHtliine. And I MMiiLliii'i-M'Uii Till, in tin1 Tliv Mjlllj in ii-inu. And ..ft in tin- iniitnU-lit. 'Iliv uliih nr.iwxiii' iiiiind won't Ai.d I I'l-i' ml c.dliiij; Mv fit iihuli-. In 1 In.-i i-. ihlll IMVI-. I n r S1--.1 Hi'- Un K .iill. Mv. hn-.l -tint lliu 11 nil liiiwly, 1 TH3 I I.. M AIM! N.itnn -t Ill-t till' SEARCH. 44, I, I IIVI'I I.I f.n I hn-l. dMii.'d MI I'.ur nii't I'n my -nth eii- I hi- Al.i I'- ll ii jj 1 f A.i I I l t-i tin- 1 f'-r k, Wintir i-nini- ,ind rlumle i. willi -cnrnfiil di if. 1. I'll .i t .1-1 i ith ninny d IIMI fui'idtflm -i'd wliniii I ui-iit In I in n "ovv-tpapor skotch, relates the fol- owing: skeptical, hard, matter of-fnot men talk as they inny, thoio is a genond be- j lief in tlio possibility of occasional coin- inunicntion between tlio natural nncl tlio crnnturnl tlio vi.sibln nud tlio invisi- ble worlds inherent in liumiin nntnro. Thero aio fow persons whoso lives do not conlain nt lonst sonic fuw occurrences which aro incapable of bning satisfactorily explained by nny known laws remarka- presentiments, and simctimei appiiritio: a ovoi1, which seem to bo beyond tlio rcnch of accident or chance, and overcome in with n special wonder. i 'f i i An undoubted instance of tho kind happened to me, whilo in Cnlit'oiniii, in November, IS.jS. Starting from Sacia- mento, nn lior.ic-bnok, for a journey to iho Mokclumtio find tho Ameiicnn Fork, detained three dnys un n lonely ram-bo near tlio Gosumno lliver, a j violent storm of ruin. On tlio fourth mo1- I iiing tl-o clouds broko away. 1 paddled, j swam tlio river, nnd took a fnint trail I lending over the intending to j nir.ko I ticks' Rnncho, 2 t miles distant, among tho foot hill-i of Nevada. I souii, however, I lost tho trail, which I had boon completely washed out by tho Hiding at hazard, townr'l the mountain a sudden blind instinct which I never felt botbio, nncl cannot intelligent- ly told mo to strike n bee lino ina certain diiectiou, I thcrofoie took my bcaiings tho distant snowy j nnd i ode slowly on my maio sinking to her at in tho loose r.iiluinlrd "mil. It was during this ride that I eiiiuc upon four bears, oat- measurable Vavunt Tho air with tho tremendous sound, which'scomed to sweep neat the surface of iho cm tli in powciful wavos, without cclio or reverberation- hoard tlio sumo noise at tho door of the adjoining dressing room. Listening in- tontlv, I bocanio nwaio of a .slight croak at tho dooi of tho communication between the two looms. This was followed, not Suddenly, far tho depths by footsteps, but by tho hushed rustling of tho ing." j tho best tbo first'nnd. bcsl' nnd Thurlovv. I promptest attention from clerks "Is this your Nero. servants, Iraudwitll "Clasp my hand, ii'iy dear fiicml; I man. There is nothing liko it. wand will 'tiaiiainogrifyl things; Dav'roles Chcs- Beauty 'rules the roost' -everywhere. Ii lei-field. "God prcseivc tho nrtcty comes lo "Let tho light "All my pos--e-.sions for a moment of El-zulieth. "Wlwl? i.s thcio no bilking death Cardinal Beaufort. commands cvciybody, from hostler to host. You may yourself bo a nobody; you may have a you may bo n perfccYMuck" of n so si ortand fat that you can't even mako a respectable waddlo. Yqur.fnco may bo pockmarked; your back may be humped; I your shank a perfect spindle, h-ivo loved'my God, my father, and leg n have a magnificent wo- do Stael. along, nnd for her sake, you will bo "Do Giotns. treated 'iJI tho journoy.through' as ino "Into thy hands. 0 I uials master, as courtiers treat their It is .small; vciv small (clasp- I kings. Wo havo t.iod it, reader, m eai- hoc JJoleyn. "I pray vou see mo safe up, nnd for my coming down let mo shift tor Her years and later, mid know.its delight not bothering ourselves with nny over nice disciiminnlions; comfort i r'fl; l Muni VS'inli-i fur Inn oiwiiw-l M I In1 ni.rlil I tiun'il, 1 or Clui-t 1 Mini. i< .ill.-y nn.l the lull I far In-ill .itli '.Mi. I viiullli I f'liujM, Hut nn Iri'.cr ufliiin. all I Wiili'ii Hist anil mnnlil I IIIM wliav.l.v tln-irlmv All ruiiht inihtiiU'il (liiystlii'iiiwIvciiinpriiiM M linw tin- lifi- llwncu nriucii: nlui I" it iiii'iutliiin I'lirislVnvvn Sn fidin my fri't Ilic Of tin- ptdi'i.l W.uM I ,-at I. m with me Air-l Imlf After Hie WnrM'troift ln-il, IIH noli ami d.iinly fmv. 1 iki ilovi n mi ni'il I'illmv to IliHi'licapfiKKl suciu'd M iiuiinian'. t 11 j.rmljKif MreilnuJ Tiirnvil I" III'1 Iwiilltiwcily vv liuiuv I caino, 1-y I KI'V, niul i-jirinKs of Kwcct friuii my Heft Jie.irt, Htiiitti'n by tin- Mime I limkM 1 knew vvcro tliu I fiillovr'd wlicro Iliev li-il, And m ft rmli1, Uiili to tlio weather fiom lib hcnil, 'I liu KnifC I wiiKl'1 mn-kly slmnl, A cliilil n I jiiii KMCmim kni-o. A in! n p-xir Imiilul sl.iu- l.mkM up niul To Hie Hiwilc thnt wl liim fiee Xow inir.irliK t his do- No I kiiownl llw baii-and [inur; lln- (j.illu iM in'" vvonlpile Tin- Iniilcii morwlnnni-lli'il to "ninlly ntnie: 1 IcncltiinJ my Jli llinini- is with the tiiilcnut and tliu weak. A mAYEH FOR THE STRAYING. HY C. nilYAXT. I noli frnin the iMidli-wi day, o nf iiH-riy nnd IM I'llv limk OH vvlio Mmy. in thin land liKiil. In vnlc n IIMII-I.V In ii..nili-il mint b.v utri'aiu yr How iimny nl Ihi-winx of nu'ii tut tin- iiiihMKCM'iitfroni 1 'ice. f f.irth to dill 'rill- yninip. Illi'lllinlflldl A uMlti-ml, lninii'l''K n theme, and then como tho shmilliuwously ehiint'.'d by than before, its weird and supcinatural chaiacler remains tho s-mio. Ivvasuu- cleni'ibly nwakc at the time, nnd could recall neithei fact, i nor fa.iey of n iialuio lo 'ugae-t the sounds; but, T was fatigued, f-invshed, alono in the wild- ernes-, awed bv the soU-mtrly and siioi.ce of tho perhups even more ih'in I my imatjinrtion, aeting involuntarily and unconscious to myself piodueod the illusion. I havo often ob- served that O'liploto repose of the body nftPi-grent fntiguo is continued to a coitfiin a coi- wpondinf; repose of volition, a passive condition of'ho mind, highly favoiable to the independent state of tins imagina- tion. Then, if over, arc in n iit state to hear. "The airy tmifjuc-i tint men''. nsvTirs. On "anils nnd fli'.ics nnd dfii'il wililei- one rrnntlcman afliimed that the old man- If human nature's mnlignors siou, vvhich pulled down by Lord T ----------botbio building the prosnnt one, had tho reputation of being haunted. a late The fuVowincr is a'i fr letter bv Dr. HIVTLSJ.D, on l.ihoi Still, the most industrious of us feel. at times, that wo aio laboiinc; by com- pulsion. Ofton both thospiiit mil the mo unwilling auU weak. Wo aio goaded to Iftbn- by need. AVfi aie mg- ed to labor bceauso wo eaimot enjoy our If-ismo. We labor ashamed to bo idle. bec.iuso we are Many a man, bow- The dream is no less a wonder. How does one faculty of the brain act, so far boyond our conscious knowledge, us to astound us with tlm most, mi expected im- ages? Why should it speak in tho Lat- in tonguo? How did it compose music which would bo as impossible) for mo as lo write a Sansciit There is another interesting fact con- nected with this advciitino. When break come, 1 saddled my mare; and with the aid of tho blazed trees, resumed tho bco lino ot the previous clay. It no easy matter to follow it up and down tho pieeipitiou.-, hills; but 1 had not pro- ceeded tin hour bofoie my couibO was blocked by t lie v ei y much to vvhich I was My blind animal instinct had guided mo for twenty miles, over hill and pltiiti, and hit tho tnigct exactly in the centre. Ono more incident of a moro decided chnitorcloscb the list of my Dining my last visit to London, I uccop- od an invitation to pass two or throe days with a bunker, who occupies a fino cstalo on Iho Thames, near Windsor. The was a pulacc in its extent and tho diameter of its was built by a formci our] of T- ed down by his daily lo'.i, looks fonvaul to Ihe crravo for icsf, and far bo it from me to tell him that ho islook'ngand hop- ing for that which ho will never ospeii- cnee. 1 do not believe there will bo any ttrry in oteinily, or any sueh necessity labor as wo havo hero. If I havo a onipetont comprehension of the spiritual stnto, if will (nx us but littlo for food ind clothing; and if tho labor to which vo devote ouiselves hero slial! train us to acility in tho use of our tho woik hat will be given to us to do thetc will something to bo grateful for. Wo hall havo all thu rest wo want. A sleep century will mako no inroads upon 'tir limo, if wo need any such sleep. But vvho mined himself in cicctmg it. Gar- dens, grtipcrics, and u noblo park, stretch- ing along tho banks of tho Thames, com- pleted tho atti actions oi' 0110 of tbo lovcli cst places in England. When tho Loin for rest arrived, I was conducted to a chamber leading toward tho toworcd on trance, and a group of magnificent ccda of Lobanon, on tho lawa. Tho night wn that they do not mean all this by thoir; Ihun 1 iay diop it, and consign it to oblivion. A man cannot bo totally depiavcd in n limited sense, any moro th'in ho oau be pei fuctly pure in n limit- ed sjnse, or shot dead in :x limited sense. J, G. Holland. J3T liOVE. An editor t'ms reinton a tittle incident 1 in his experience. "Wo were never, kind leader, dcspei- ately in lovebut once, and that was with a aubvri haired girl, with ft freckled complexion, and who had hut few piutcnsKiis to beauty; but then sho had such really beautiful ev deep liquid thiough which her soul in moments of tenderness looked out with a passionito fervor, and in joyoufl miith rlashed and spaiklod with the light offt thousand dew- no were going to say, wo never lcn aiound lur waist, and a siluit song ot joy, 'like tlio music of the was in oui soul. Our lips mot in a sweet, delicious nnd bending softly to her cav wo whispered a tolo of passionate wo proposed little redhead ed vixen refused us misty and so that, after Ilmd brain and heart of tho. idler. Labor brings inon into sympathy with tho worth- y men of fto world. So, thcro is enough ofjoy to bo found in labor, if VTO will on- ly mark its souico, to encourage and con- oxtinguishod my candle, iho room re- mained in almost complete darkness. It was midnight when I. went to bod and I had slept I suppose, until some- where between two or tbice, when I sud- denly awoke, and to my surprise, found tlmt my candle- was still burning. My first idea was that I had forgotten to ox- tinguishol it. Closing my eyes whilo revolving this question in my mind, I oponod luom.iigain upon a room daiken- ed as belbio. Through tho. uncurtained window I detected a slight noiso door, as if sonic ono cauiinu-ly 'try- in to c.iler. Hut "t- the v .1- -nrt: AX MAST. idl Dr. HOLLAND thus speaks of au man. "No truo Christian can bo truly an in dolont man. Ho must necessarily kr-v tent us, even if thogioat end of labor bo somewhat hidden from us, as it doubt- less is from multitudes of mon. 't ___ __ 1 i A lazy standing bv his brother's work-bench; vvjiilo tho latter -was slmrpon- a snid, "John, why" do -yon work for a 'A follow with yon i tala.its should1 not dcgrucjo himself -by manual 'lab'or.-'l to svct..roy liviii" bv- niv 'wit'..'-' "Wall, -Friin'rf, legitimate channels of method ical, vital expenditure, or his Christianity will bo a very weak affair. There is 1 ally nothing left to a genuine idlo mai who possesses any considci able Jogicc o vital power, but sin. A- nnn who lin nothing to do is the devil's .playfollovv.- Hohfis no clioicc in tho matter. Ho ca find no sympathy nny whcro else. Goo mon find nothing in him congenial. Ii clustrious mon havo no linio to devoto to him, and would have no sympathy with him if they had. All tho decent world is in longiio against au idlo man. Every- body despises him, whether Lo bo rich or poor. Everybody fools dial he is .1 nui- that he is a who refuses to employ tho "powers w.'th which he has becii endowed, and. declines contribute quota to tho Hippoi t of tho lace. Ho is. driven by Iho very necessity of his po- sition into secret or open vice, and ho finds in obedlonco the calls of tempta- tion tho only delights that season an oth- erwise insipid life." TMK CONFESSION A cloud was scon to pass ovor tho fair catures of Mary. Tho lustre forsook her lark eves. Her spirit seemed troubled: the lilv nmv. on that young ehoi.k, Wlicre 1.1 s DIIIS llie Ten times that evening diJ Harvey im- portuno her to acquaint him with tbo cause of her not a word es- caped her lips. Sadly and fuii.tly sl.e "At d now and then n uigh she stole, And to fluvv." "Breathes thoio a wietcb so base as to injure vvord-or ac tion? Tell me. and by thino heart a1 pure as hcav en I swear novcr lo rest till I've redressed thy wrongs! Is any awful locked up in Ihy I must not know 2 Tell mo the and by tho ringlets of thy hair I'll swoar never to reveal it, though the blackest tor- ments lack mo! pour out thy tbino own Harvey >ohat lies heavy al thy She. placed her fair hands across hor languidly in her lover's faco, and the low breathing" of wn' expiring thus confessed: "'27s them green ap- ples, Ifarv." To n out of employmonf, pro- ciibed, marked, there is tiotliingso tcrri- as the impenetrability of tho closo links of society around him. _ Even nan sccuib lo'lmvo found plnco; ocks step with his neighbor, snd tbc'vast moves on. Ouco out of tbo serried order the unhappy wretch cnn nev- er icsumo his position. lie finds fie fifth wheel of ft coach; there is" noth- ng for him to place for liim'at ;ho bountiful board wbwe others nro [lo nun-Etaivo or drown himself us ho ikes; die world hns no use for and will not mi.ssbim." Wliutan Editor Might Been. Holland, tbo editor of the Sprinjjflolil (Mnss.) has been up to .Ver- mont, where bo csmo from, aud be thus ikctches what ho should havo been if ho liad not left homo nnd become editor: correspondent would bavogrown stalwart and strong, with, horny: hands, and a face as black as tho aco "of, fpudw. lie T-ould havo taught school winters, worked on a farm summers, and haying fifteen days in July, Ukon for pay tho iron work and running gear of a wagon.' At two nnd twenty, or thci en- bouts, be would have-begun to pay Atten- tions to n. girl with a fathcV'wprfh'two thousand dollars, and a spit curj on her girl who went to singing school, and sat in tho and without opening her ty girl any .way.' "Well, afar seeing-'bfr homo froni" singing school, two .or tlitoo years, taking her to a Fourth of'Jojy'fot- nbout n< dollars togbthcr, he vvoidd mirry sotllc down. Years Would passnw liatgirl with n spit curl would Ua en as sure" ss .y ,ovcn boys four inve had .1 time in bringing ttiom'npTVnt .hoy weald soon be ablo to do the niiJfciug, and help llieir molhcr wash" dnyii, jetting Inst. I itllo still'in member of ihc LogjslHtureJ' an assessor af.'d'.school committed A FRENCH regiment rft tbo "battle of Spi res, had orders to give no ter. A Gtirmau ofllcor being begged for his.lito. replied man, "youSmay ask me ar.y other'favor: but tor you1, life it i? impossible Kate L. K., writing to one c-f the most popular magazines of the dnv, on the sub- ject of kissing, says: am va'n eno.ugli to pride myself on being a girl of and I dearly love, and can appreciate good I should quite as libf have a nico sweet kiss as a Cashmere. It is to mo ono of life's swoetost enjoy- ments; some of my happiest moments havo been spent in kissing.; A rich tv kiss, fiom plump, rosy, u'mnoustnchcJ) will last ono vrboV dnv." Vou are a girl after our own beort Kato come this way and wo wilt years. In tlio evening of my pipo in'Jmv-m'onth, cider in the collar, anil n newspapernrmy hands, I should sit mid look over the kcts, through of wonder why sillvr piece as this should bo CUSTOM. Wo lic'nrd at- tempt to illustrate .what I musnilvistratc Walking..ono.-day, -I, met with' n perfectly-beanUfnl-diUd-Tiie'licr ;cy'cs, its smile enchanted Vne. .j lookiHt it in admintliou i

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