Thursday, November 26, 1896

Racine Journal

Location: Racine, Wisconsin

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Racine Journal (Newspaper) - November 26, 1896, Racine, Wisconsin 26, 1896.---TWELVE PAGES. THE US! Performed by the'Klembens-of1 the Racine County .Board. BEFORE ADJOURNING- SINE' DIE Was tho on There Was a "SUnMnR.- Xover Witnosnad It -was o'clock yesterday '.after- noon the Racine .County Board of Supervisors adjourned sine die. Mem'bsrs claim thut it was the 'short- t jwmbens. per diem, was a con-stdenbJe le.-is -than in '-former years. Supervisor Sheck of Raymond, (Iran- the largest amount, Su- pervfaor Schenkenberg ot" Wa-Krtord, was accused last year with receiving the largest- amounts bin- this -fall he crows wages amounted to but Chairman E-la pocketed 00, inehitting extras. Bills'bE others ranged from to S4S. The closing scenes-of the economi-1 cal body, as t'he average man has dubbed' the eighteen mrn, were inter- esting indeed. No sooner had they come to order tlinn the .luclidary com- mittee, through the chairman Prank G. Ticknor, reported on t-he bills of Soreuson, -S. C. Bucnan and "Gar- look, of for opera-ting upon Nels the man. wlip. hart his skull fractured in .a row with Attor- ney Mother. The bill was returned wfthout Supervisor Slieek -moved that the bill be laid on the table. Supervisor Rowlands moved that it bs allowed S75. and Supervisor Holmes of Burlington, wanted it allowed at 545. Mr. Sheck it wns not a proper charge fligiunst the county and that- it wa-s a city charge. Supervisor -Schenken- berg-favored allowing doctor S15, a fair charge in his. opinion physicians only charged thev went into the country tended such cases. District- Attorney Nelson wns called upon and gavi- the Hoard to understand tfat S7J wi..... fair Charge, und that if it wns there miffM- 'be an appeal, nnd cost would be a great deal more he could not tell what the-jury would do when they heard the evidence. were taken on the various amounts suggested and the' bill was Allowed at a cut of the members smiled, rubbe'd their hands and believed that they had. done then- duty and pleased the taxpayer. The next person to come under the scalp-in- knife was Superintendent of Sohoois Morse. Ho rendered a bill at SKH.Oi. but. i IIP committee to whom The bill was referred, reported in favor of allowing it at claiming that S104.02 was not a proper charge t.he county, it hii-ving been contracted -for stationery. Mr. .Morse was present and conkl oirly-smile and bear it. Schfnkeuborg. of the 10 settle with Justices, .nti others, slowly nrose bet.we.en the sheric'M office avwl the Tlncine County -Asylum. '.Mr. Klein one of the trustees oE tho asylum, thought the matter should he investi- gated before going ahead because tliey-wanted -the best line possible. Considerable'argument prevailed and t-he resolution was laid on flic "-fable On motion of Supervisor Zimmerman, and S200 which was appropriated two years ago for this purpose was transferred to the general and rhus settled the asylum -telephone sys- tem. A resolution was ofl'ered -and adopt- ed that Keg-ister of Deeds Frank Roberts bu pnid for re-copying old ri-eords in the register 'o'C deeds office, running' tram. 1939 .to 1331. Mr. Roberts distinctly told ihe board he would not- flo the work for less than still they -passed 'the resolution. It is safe to say the work will not be done. Several other wise things the board did 'was to report against nllownii committee to investigate -matters in regard to workhouses; refusing to al- low the committee to report on the necessity ol a municipal court, eic. The Pinnnce committee reporred Thai the amouut on li'a-nd in the coun- ty treasury and with what was due there would be. The Brought in by the' Jury in Hodges-Wilson Case, AGAINST MR, JAMES WILSON ArCuments of tlio Counncl Mnflo Yester- day .Tory Wont Out lit and Reaoliect a Verdict at 8 amount to be provided for'fiy tax was S46.934.SO; amount of or- ders issued t-his-session. The amount of school tax levied by the board includes for Hacine. _ A resolution was adopted thanking Chairman Eln. for his courteous treat- ment., and to Clerk John Dixon and his deputy, and the board adjourned. While many the members of the board went home, a good majority re- paired to the Racine County Asylum and took part in t-he annual dance that occurred last rii-g-ht. as when at- THE HUBACHEK Xo- Is Tried in tin- Circuit Court The ease of the State of 'Wiscon- sin vs. Frederick Hubachek. charged with malicious mischief, is on trial in the Circuit court. After consider- able difficulty, this morning a jury was obtaduecl. Tlie complainant -in t the case is Monday afternoon the Circuit court room was crowded to suffoca- tion. All of the testimony had been heard in the celebrated dam- age suit of Mrs. Cl'ara. j. Hodges agiiinst James Wilaou and the argu- ments were to be made by the distin- guished counsel of the -parties inter- ested in the litigation. Kearney, Phipps Thompson appeared for -Mrs. Hodq-es and Palmer Gitliags, as- sisted by Congressman 11. A. Cooper, took care ol Mr. Wilson's end of the case. All.kinds of surmises and specula- tion were indulged in by the outsiders a'nd wafers were made as to what tlie verdict, would probably be. Conserva- tive men who had much experience in such cases believed that t-here would a disagreement, others that a sufli- iiniount would be allowed to the costs with it. Wild esti- mates beliercd that the amount would reach T-hi: arguments commenced Mr. Phipps opening and Messrs. Kearney, and Cooper following in their turn. It was tin able argument all around and both sides could not have fbug-ht. tlie case more stubbornly or presented the facts to the jury more eloquently. Judge Fish's charge was able the jury could not have been better 01 more thoroughly posted on the law with reference to such cases. They filed out (if the court roon: about and were in the jury room but a short Time when tlie bailifl: took them to the restaurant for supper. Of course when they satisfied the A :NEW BANK. Kftcino GontJemim In to the Keiiosh'a- 'papers there-will be a'' new ;bank -established in tlie Dan Head building at Kenosha, January-4. ah'absohite -cei- tainty now. It is iiijide.' the fact that enough capital has now been subscribed 'to assure its coming. The new institution will 'hive a capita] stock of There is now. sub- scribed this sum. It is hoped tbat'the'rest of the amount will be taken between now -aud; December 7. That is the'date at which the sub- scription books'will close, and all the remaining- stock'not then taken by the public will be. taken by some of those nlready'down' on the 1300115. The subscription'books ai'e in the of French Robinson, where hey are open to any one who desires to subscribe. It is the aim of the new company to hnve the stock spread out among as wide' a .number as'possible, ind any one who.desires stock may obtain it. The-main object now in opening the'-.books to every one .is so is to leave no sore spots after the or- THE. CM! He Remains Monarch of Thanksgiving Table, Our DELIGHT "AND POOR tincoltt Insnefl tho Fii-bt Nn- tlonnl Proclamation SettlnR Apart T.ast Tliurndny in m n Day of TliankBclvlnK. cient carry of the bank. No one will that he have an opportunity to say haft' no "chance of getting any of the itoek. The company will organize three days after the subscription books are closed, ivhifih would be Dec.'10. At this time officers will be chosen and everything placed in readiness for the of the'bank on the'date set High cst of all in U. S.Gov'f Report. PURE inner in an they felt better and more John Ziramer, one -of-.tKe proprietors j t, Or the case of the .defunct. Waukesha saloon. The m" the and story of the building" at the corner of Main and Fifth streets being rent- ed for the- saloon, the opposition i thereto -and t-he petitions sent to the city coun-cil, are well known to the Journal readers.- A handsome sign was painted on the north wall of Hie building ami one night it was wliitewashetl and Mr. Hubauhek was arrested on charge of having conunittetl the act. fqr the reason traces of lime we-x- -followed to his home in the rear of the saloon building and spots were discovered on his hat. The first, witness on the stand was John Zimmcr who testified ir. regard to being one of the proprietors of the. saloon; tin: sixe and color of the sign and the fad that he discovered that it. had been whitewashed. 'Police-man'Edward Schuir.neher tes- tified tliat he investigated t.he case: and the amount, <rf damages, ii any, t-hat should be allowed. In the meantime crowds waited and wondered' how long the twelve men would be out and if there would be heavy or light damages, for after heari'ng- the arguments aud charge tin- i-oiirt, t.he majority could not bring themselves to settle upon any- thing. Word came from the jury room shortly after B o'clock that the jury had reached an ugre.inorrt and Judge Fish wns notified and was soon in his j opeiur.? above. The organization of the company is largely in the hands of Fred Eobinson, of iVs'eine, nnd Harry Robinson. Tncy hnve been working very quietly 'some .time" to' get the necessary capital stock together and having suc- ceeded iu raising stated above have, decided- to throw the books open for the reason stated. HOARD'FOR THE CABINET. Kuniiis Dairymen JTor Sec- retary of Agriculture.' ABILENE, Kan- sas State Dairy Association gave Governor Hoard of Wisconsin a most enthusiastic boom for _ secretary o: agriculture in a specrial rcsqlutiou favoring'life appointment. The reso- lution set 'himself to the dairy i-ntereRts-.of the M-anv years .have passed since Pres- ident Lincoln issued the first natioji- proclvimation .setting apart the Thursday in JTorember as a day of Thanksgiving- for gcn-era-l blessings, exactly in accordance tie time- 'honored Xew England -idea, which, from that'tirne to the 13GD to has carried its sincere joys to ever-widening- circle, until to- day .its observance is universal throughout our great, country. Two other presidents had proclaimed a general Thanksgiving day for special occurrences, as, indeed, Lincoln him- self had done, previously, but they were not in the- spirit of rare old Pilgrims established ihe festival as a day of Thanksgiving- to God, not for any special blesftrng, but for all His constant mercies. It wa-3 not, therefore, 'until 1863 that, from u. purely New England imsritution, Thanksgiving day became a national festival of rejoicing, uni brated ii-om the pine ersally cele- forests of Maine to the surf-washed shore of the Pncific. Looking back over the MURDERED A MINISTER. Rev. James Miller Found Dead iu. a c.itur, Tll-i Alloy. DECATTJE, 111., Nov. 24.-Kcv, .Tamos Miller, 'pastor of the Grace Methodist church of Bloomington and formerly pastor ot the First Methodist church' of this city, was found dead in- an alley- en'rly this morning. 'There was a bullet-hole in his forehead 'and- a revolver was lying, near. His pock- ets had been rifled. The murder was evidently done by footpads. Kcv. Mil- ler came here to -visit his son, Dr. Jojrn Miiler and had evJden-Jy just arrived from Bloomington. 'Being thoroughly acquainted with the city he doubtless started, to walk to the residence of'Dr. Ca-ttouar, near whos' residence the body was found. EC Miller was one the ablest and best- known ministers in Illinois. ANOTHER MINNEAPOLIS TRAGEDY rfao Vr'oinairFounrt sidewalk. ,........_ _ 'Minn.. Nov. bodies ot Herman Myer and Nora Richardson were found on the sidewalk in pools of blood on the Says.He Is Pleased With the-Situ- atiori in- Cuba, CLAIMS CUBANS ARE ROUTED Despite it Believed Sudden Arrival in Havana Practically .1 Happy. IIATANA. Nov. The unexpected. arrival of Captain-CJencral AYeyler the province of Pinar Del Rio, without having succeeded in forcing Dead of ft more than a quarter of a century tha t i south side this Myer's T.haalcsgivJng day has been most pro- lific in important events, and that the sweet New England Jestiral has "oeen signalized by joys and sorrows of more than passing moment. From ihe headquarters as Chicago came t.he tid-ings that this Thanks- giving is going to be turkeyless. be- fin-de-esiecleeproure of Pork- opolis 'has risen above the plain do- mestic taste of the New England bird. almost shouted a Main street butcher, who was asked if he confirm the fearful'news, "would you clutched a cv.ry.ham i3C1. of which was empty, llnee Dili lets entered the woman's body. My- .ifa'ceo to a. general engagement is causing much comment here. Many rbmors .ire in circulation and it. is as- serted that Weyler's return means that he will shortly return to Spain. This is denied. However the impres- 'sioii prevails that there will be im- portant changes here shortly. The correspondent of n local paper had an interview with AVeyler previous io the latter'? departure for this city. He gathered from his statements that .he may not resume the personal charge'of operations in Pinar Del Rio. i-.i w .-------Oj- i VIA s was shot near the heart. 'Letters said he was content wjtti tne in Myer's pockets showed that the-! go on the street without pants? No? west because of his friendship shown In his public life and his work in j that direction in a pnvate" capacity. The association' adopted it nMnl- mously without dtecussion. and se- lect-ed .7. K. Biirton of this city to present the same TO Mr. McKinley, The association members were much pleased with Hheir action, as it is 'believed to be in direction of a'resOgnition-oC their inter- in the national agricultural Well, neither will tho people of city -eat a Thanksgiving dinner gi de- that ho followed traces of the lime to w t-hc rear -of Mr. Hubachek's home on! j.' Chairman committee Constables ai to his feet and proceeded to read report on .Tusf.ce Morey's bills. JFis voice was barely uv.dible when lie i-ommeiu-ed and flic .au-mbcrs of the called, "louden" and his voice -found a higher pitch. The report said that- Justice Morcy hud. rendered for and that the- com- l recommended it to be allowed at S4.0S. or thnt over if 104 be disallow- ed, -and the whole board 'voted to adopt the report. Then he read the report on a bill of of Justice Mercy's und that it- be allowed at "tOii.TT, a cut of and the report was adopted without n dissenting voice. Proceeding Mr. Schekeiibi'rg read the report on Justice W-ent- worth'rf bill. It was rendered at ITli.lO cind w-as at. SCKl, a cut Of Again tho, report was adopted and then ti resolution was adopted similar to the one of a year ogo, quoting the. law upon, whic'li the redTictions were made; Then Mr. Schenkenberg sa.fc down anil the re- -pcrtKained circulalion that he was a little nervous and that he had his -n-aj-horse at entrance of the courthouse to_go home as as possible joiirned. The other day tlie bonrd contract for medical service Fifth street and that lie spots of lime on. Mr. Hubachek's hat-. George Olio testified that he sold nslaked linw to Mr. Hn'ba-chek the The foreman of the jury handed the verdict to the clerk, who read that they found dar.uiffes for the plaintiff in the sum of After thanking the jury Judge Jfish discharged them. The verdict was a. great surprise to everybody ns it was. not believed bv the attorneys for the plaintiff -ould be such a large figure, one of the largest nmoimts day before the sign hitewashed. Attorney Walter Palmer was called to the Ntaud, but his wjsli-raony was objected to and stricken out. It was in' regard to Mr. Hubaohek having culled upon him nnd asked him if the sign in question coiikl not be The sheriff tesiilind that when he went to arrest Mr. Hnhachek he was cleaning off his luit, Justice Wcntworth testified to hav- ing seen spots on the hat niter it was cleaned. Court adjourned to this after- ever <nven per partment A -member of the legisla- tive committee' said: have suffered in t.he west by reason of the discrimination in favor Kittle feeding, 'cattle raising and crop production as aga-ins: the dairy interests. been, compelled wait on some tree planting theory til is th- And across the .river at a State street market the Journal reporter was talked to in this wise: "Miwl what I sny. The rurk will be on the turf long after you nnd I hnve ilisnppearecl under it." These two opinions are not enough TO show wha.t d-alers in two of the re'lail supply markets -of the city fhiuk of the future oi the Thanksgiv- an WHS about, to'become a moth- er a.ud urged Myers to come to Hugh- ville to marry her at once. It is thought that Myers killed the woman and then took his own life as the re- sult of a .quarrel. ing turkey. Then they gave a lot of facts to back up their statements. Thc turkey is popular not only Thanksgiving1, bu to s'ome extent, a he i-s distributed CANNOT.FINDTHE AIRSHIP. LlCUe 'Credence yiaord In the Story Frora.-Ciilirorniu. SAN FRANCISCO, Cal., Nov. The story of the airship is not gen- ur'allv 'credited: The inventor -fan- not be found, and those arc re- puted' to have seen it are not willing to give definite testimony, George D. Collins, the attorney, whose name has been connected with the inventor as .Til -applicant for a patent, admits course "of the campaign. Itubi hoping that he was retained for such vices, but ridicules the story the Sacramento flying machine. He says the story is a. but declares his client is'working on a machine whit'h IK a combination ot the aeroplane and the tailless kite-. Attorney Collins, however, says he has not seen the ily- which .he discredits as cct performances. The is still with- over three of ing machine, to its allcg ncl, name of. inventor hus I'held, and cannot be the sou for 'damages nn- circumstanees, in Ka- der t.he existin cine county. It was learned this morning that the first ballot of the jury was re- markable. The amount of diimage written ranged :from to that the amount was whittled down to Thn jury are very in reference to the other bal- Attorney fiiwinffs made a motion or a trial which was overruled Judge Fish, and the case will be nrried to the. Supreme court. NO UNDERSHERIFF YET. tnny CnndliliiteH Jn tlio Field For tlio I'oslth.n. It was currently reported this after the meeting ad- awarded in the middle district. Somebody report- ed something about the physicians who (rot contract; and the "s about to reconsider the vo tlhe job to' another doctor board action at called and.-plmaly- them ttat could not legolly the -contract, aud he ted W1LL ALL FIGHT. Kexult of the CountT Cnttlng City M-arshnl Manderson, ex-ifar- shal Easson and .'Justice Wentworth were interviewed this morning in re- gard to What action they would take in regard to the Supervisors cutting The gent-lamen arc look ins up the mu-Wcr, but there great ninny things 1o consider, rot- instance, t.he first thing necessary is lo take an appeal to the Circuit court and in sue'h an event it might be next. April before the cases could be heard and t'hen would come the de- cision, of the judge which might be delayed a long'time. The appeal to the 'Supreme court, would follow nnd as that body Is Mud to be two years behind-ill their business there is no telling'when decision would be ob- tained. Justice Morcy was also seen niict said most emphatically: "i wU tig'ht the case to the highest court! and to a <" re similar oases to-oonvince the action -TV motion to reconsider was withdrawn. Supervisor Ticknor moved that -aside for a lelep'lione- syste The most remarkable acquisition -tc the'British museum (luriTig the pas vcar was that of editions; anc translations ol the limitation- o Christ." or a new kind.of seed vats while our cremeries were getting no attention. Governor Hoard is not only thorough- j as well, buy ly familiar with onr needs, "out he is just the some. disposed to give the western cow n lie is of the old Jorry Ensk school, find will make a head to the deparimcnt who -will deal in facts, not theories. Kansas has not muck to sny, perhaps, but we propose to m-nke" u fisflit ;for a recognition of the principal feast days of it appears that when turkeys are denr the poor ]ieople ami the middle class them for i-hesc holidays a friend oi agriculture in the cabinet, We. will 'follow up the wesi.'s needs in getting diversified if. we can. morning Chut Sherifir-eloet John Wng- had liecided to appoint i'ra.nk Sch'n-eider his under sheriff. Mr. Wag- was seen-nnd said that he had ot'.yet-decided who .he would ap- point, thnt, Mr. Schneider was. bein? considered with many other candi- lates. The names of candidates men- tioned tihus far -are Frank Sehneidur, John Sieb. E. Evans, William '.Ntiir- phv. Captain Clinton rutnara, Rob- ert Mutter, Fred Pflstcr.Cla-us Harms, Joseph Kashenreitcr nn'd u few others. Eev ON TEMPERANCE; Sarroon on La Salle resolutioii with'-a. petHion to Mr. Mc- Kinley wiiich will be sig-noc! by near- ly every creamery man m Kansas." GEN. KARRISbN'S HOME ROBBED, A Toroli' Cllmlior Awny Wltk ft Gold INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., Nor. A burglar visited the residence of ex- President Hnrrison's last night while the family wore in the .lower part of the house. The thief climbed upon a porch and entered the library win- dow -and stole-.a gold and a small .amount, of money from 'Mrs. Harrison's room.; It is believed he was frightened beforo anything else was disturbed. The watch be- longed to Mrs. Harrison's first hus- band.' General Hnfrrison has offered a reward for its return. JUDGE C. C. NOTT IS PROMOTED Prntildcnt Cleveland i'Hls tlin Vacancy In tlio Court of Clnliiis. WASHINGTON, Nov. Proncliert Tomporftnce. Trinitv M- 12. church, on street, was filled with quite a large congregation lust iiight, nl.t.raeted by "Why. these'folks would have their turkey's if it cosi 25 cents a pound. I have known people to j pivwn their cloblws for their Thanks- giving and Christmas said one dealer. When turkeys ore cheap thia class o! people have them very little the whole year, so that Thanksgiving1 brings with it the desire 'for some- thing extra. The poorest select a While those better off try the higher priced wild birds. This year, for instance, turkeys have been low- er than ever before. "We sold more turkeys this sum- mer and fall than we have done in years" snid a State street butcher. Some gnvne dealers say that the , of the turkey is so sa-tisfying- that it will never 'be supplanted by till at of any other fowl. There is no the nimouncenuait -that 'Larson would preach on of "Temperance.' A. the snbji'.et The revel-end gen- tiemau preached an oloquent sermon from that sUnrdpoint. He condemned the. liquor traffic and saloons oniJ giietl in favor closing them up-i.-for- He against' snloon-.-men being nominated at atid wae.-glatl w'hen he a man. being defeated. caucuses heard ol such NEW WARDS PROPOSED, A Move on Foot to SH For many years there has been talk of establishing more wards in the city, but no definite action was inaug- urated. The large vote polled in both, the Fifth and Sixth wards wo'.rlr. cer- tainly, warrant cutting these wards -up nnd making three new ones and ;he Seventh and Fourth could each stand a new one. .15 could possibly the Third ward. This would give the city fif- teen supervisors in the County Bonrd and do away with the country having the majority and defeating every aMivc introduced by the. city mem- if it did not exactly suit, their and ideas. Petitions will be circulated dn a few days for signers ind property owners will be requested to sign in favor of establishing- and roa-king- fifteen wards in Baoice. WILL .DINE W-ITH THE QUEEN. They sentiment thoroughly in their is merely a question of taste, Ne.w J id'ens. that it that the flavor of- the turkey is irresistnble to be overthrown in favor of. Avlld game. Wliile the tjhe well-to-do can have too of that rich and ident, filled tlie vaea-rrey in the chief justiceship, of .the courc of claims, caused by the d_Mith of Judge'Richard- son, by the.promotion to that office ol1'Judge CliarlcB C. Nott. now a. mam- ber of the. court." 'TheClatter's place wns filled by ;the a.ppoi-nt-mo.ut of Charles B. .who now holds the position of-assistant attorney gen- Brtil in.-the' department of justice. THRESHIN'G "ENGINE EXPLODES. NEW 'G'-ee-fiald- and Lanofcr, farme-rs-, were instantly Jcilled by the explosion o'f a. threshing jrnachine eng.uae. ___. scruab and grouse and partridge and the like any time the wont, they stick to turkey for tic main, feature of'the Thaj-ilosgiviJig -table. In the selection oC McKJnley and the triuiivpli of sound the man who works with brain, or brawn has everv -ooson to eo t, drink and be merry "next Thursday. A good many too will think enough on their nar- row escape to give.a fair amount of thanks.- All this is.-.not conducive to tlie lonjjo-ritiy of tlie to t-he confa-nry no Unite tan ding. A. NOTED TENOR DEAD., ROME, Nov. meagre par- .iicBlars.. obtainable regai-ding the -death: tho grea tonor. as'he died at his home neai P.armft several days ngo, after a-'lc jllne'ss. LONDON, 'Nov. and ilrs. Bayard Ambassador "commanded" to visit Windsor Castle Thursday to dino wish the Queen, ajid sleep at the castle that night, tharefore'Bayard has -been caucel'h'.s engagement to be present. at the Thanksgiving dinner .by the American colony- Awarded Highest Fair, MOST PERFECT A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder.. Free Alum or .any other -40 YEARS THE STANDARD. Fie entered battle io the com- bined insurgent, forces. The insur- gents, however, retreated southward. Ma'ce'o's present whereabouts arc un- known. The Spaniards are'unable to find the insurgents in the mountains or on the plains. Only -a few bullocks and-calves remained in finar Kip, which the Spaniards would soon fin- ish. The Spanish soldiers showed themselves courageous at every oppor- tunity. 'Weyler added: "But enough til's' 'been'' done until- fhe end the year. I am going back- to. Havana." asked when he-would return he sniiled-and'said: "I. car. never; say what. I shall do." In insurgent circles it is. claimed Weyler's return without forcing :m engagement -with- llacco is equivalent to a Spajiisii defeit. NEW YORK, Nov. World's Ha-vana special declares that the Com- petitor's 'prisoners have been tried by court-martial in Fortress La Cabana, in spite of Consul-General Lee's- offi- cial protest, filed just before he left Havana. Despite Secretary Olney's in- timation of disapproval, tbe Competi- tor's, crew and Molten, the American newspaper correspondent, will be tried by :i drumhead court, with no representative of the United States present -and the prisoners will be al- lowed neither an interpreter nor coun- sel. It is expected that all members except those proven to be Americans will be shot, and the Americans sen- tenced to imprisonment in a Spanish station the coast of Africa. WASHINGTON. Nov. at the stato department develops the' fact that officiate are loth io believe the story from Havana, of the sum- mary, trial of the Competitor prison- ers. Under our treaty with Spain there is a provision, for publicity in trials and representation by counsel. It is believed that Havana authorities would not so flagrantly violate this agreement. From Spanish sources it is3 learned the nature of the proceed- ings have been misconstrued. The men were not actually on trial but under preliminiwy examination. Inquiries are also being made in thia country as to the citizenship -of lie ac- cused men. It is declared there is no- intention of dealing1 with the Competi- cor prisoners harshly or unjustly. A dispatch from Jacksonville, Fla., last night, saying- a cipher telegram from Havana had been received stat- that General Weylsr was driven return to Havana through fear, is discredited here- The SpimLsh viow js: In the first, plaoc no private cipher telegram is allowed to be sent; froni' Havana. Again. Wevler, being not oiJv the coicmandor oi the troops but Governor-General of Cuba, cannot long'absent himself from Havana, on account of pressure of official busi- ness It is furthermore claimed that tho war has resold itself into chas- in- bands'of insurgents about the coirntry. as the Cuban strongholds have been broken up and it would bo absurd for tho captain-general to do such insignificant, work against strag- glers, j_____.______ IN A RECEIVER'S HANDS. STREATOB, HI., Nov. Sireotor Street- Coanpany co-ised- operating its plant, and has go-no into the _ of a receiver. ing1 The -road was built six yeois ago and cost 'a 'quarter ol a million, dollars.