Monday, March 1, 1858

Racine Democrat

Location: Racine, Wisconsin

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Racine Democrat, The (Newspaper) - March 1, 1858, Racine, Wisconsin VOL. 41. A YEAR IN ADVANCE. THE KACISE DEMOCRAT I 1'Tir.v 5IOXD.A Y MOKNI.VG in tlir fleinocnit liuihliiipi, tlio linker Homo) bj Z. C. AVcntm'orUi. Fur olio .war, in KATKS 0V ADVERTISING, lilies or lew. Nunpariol, makes Ono yqonri', Tlirco Sijium-3. Quart IT rfOiil., ThiM uf I'd.. Oluum 1 V 'k 1 Mo, a JIM. 0 .Mw. 1 Tw 3 00 4 'o, VC Itaclne, JOH.N- CAltY'S OSoc. orer the Il.iciuc County Dank. Main St. Jticlue, EMEUSON MAHSKALL. Att.rneri tnd Couiuclori corner Mnln Tklnl-lU., H. WAIlXElli CO.. "'out for, for it never can; and "it is a strange fact that where the sorrow and ony which is caused by an act of thatkind, is most pressing, most potent, where the wreck and ruin that follows is most irre- trievable, that there the world looks upon it most carlessly. The fiend often too of- ten, turns from the sad page of grief and bitterness with scorn, where the occurrence is in the poor man's family, the poor, hum- ble and obscure, and yet you well know every man within the sound of my voice that upon them it falls with heaviness. The high and wcalthv wealthy are always called the cannot un- I 1 j T ii jv Ish- j therv d ;il! blld; n5iri you strong. So, --fa---.: when you re sorter weak, keep front, but play cautious. ]3c satisfied with bold n pint. JJany's the hand I've seen cuehercd cause they played for too much. Keep your eyes well skinned, Bob; don't let em uig yon. Kecollect the -a mo lavs as much with the head as with the hand's. pass into oblivion. The blue-eyed girls of old sang those same strains with all the enthu- siasm of .1 new and holy religion. Thev had been bound down' to priest, prayer- book, and rosary. Thev had raised ado- Be temperate; never wtdrunkfor'ti'-cn U'C of the Xjlorl'u-" virgin, and bent nnblushingly before the carved semblaneeof thc-Savi'our of sinners. roof, but along a'grander arch, the eternal j 4 thousand I reckon IP'IVrtlle n 1 i" I jf i i wwtnii. j J. sir, said the clerk of the Peytona. "Well, stop at. the. first.-wood boat.' And the Peytona pufied on -until a wood boat was. seen moored to'the'shore, with -i' and stamped it with thatfaith's immortality. Hence it cannot die 1 Xeithcr nieu uor angels will let'it no matter how pood your hand, you won't know how to play it; both bowers and' the aee won't save you, for there's surtin to be UnoKmiy, Main-it. Otlic1: one doornortti r tic Citjr lijnk. ini.lcr iho Hutur llumr, i DHS. GILES A CLAUK, HnMolor4T1ltc riiv.HiriAN.-, .Main- corner South of Church. rear, on Suvcii'.li-m., llucine dcrstand why. .1 know 'it is very fur from being the case. The wealthv man, I am sorry to say it, is not always the high man definition of a high man is the'high in heart and clevaled in sentiment, the noble in feeling, the gentle in action, and I look for him and reco'nixe him as much ditch, where, with a shirt :i mis deal or soinoiliinr; -Vnd another thing. Bob, (this was spoken in a low don't go too much on the wo- They h.-id knelt and at the dark confessional, placing their lips to its cunnic piles of vidrd wood around, and a'smnll uniii, with .his.trowsers rollcd.-up, rind his hands in his pockets, shiverirjgon the bank beside his boat, in.the chili December weather Wood boat, sang out Captoin Shall. Snjal.I nian in the disLinco', Falloo "Want to sell that Small man in the distance, Yes." "Take Atchafalaya Small nian iu the Yes." "Bound, to, said Cnptnin.'siis be expected to much butler.; the poor things need to'supply animal heat. It that bmteHs-Wd 'in. emulsion, in'the the address tos delivered de- urnr. oily gobules, of liverecl by the Hon. fetus Boo e-bCin bumfs these'ftlms, Several regiments paraded and wlim or butter, _ being specifically of called upon Mayor ightei than the.milk, rises, to the surface Oily Hall who -ave' tr-e'.r 'hcartv Mid concretes. effect is always ac- x-mpauied by the formation ofjastic acid rom .the. sugar .of '.'.But .below- a cmpera'ture of-50 degrees, this formation nflastid acid dues.not take place; the .butter will not .comer- To make Ijnttcr couic, then, 'we would sdvis'e hotter fuod.fordie cows. In addition to the straw' or -liny, give some sliorls, a few- mangel wurtxcl or-beetsj and, what is best of Then your; milk will churn butter, and to get .is out .will not he difficult. Place-the milk whore it will not freeze, and'tlie cream in a tempera- ture of about 60 deg., and keep it till1 it gets sour, which will not'bc long if the come. The 8th a 71st regiments were re- 'ceivcd by'tlie Mayor. v Hoii. 'Crosby; formerly State .'Senator.'from city to-day. :u Feb. .22... The .anniversary, of Washington's.birth- driy was observed here "to-day, is .his Farewell Address and iii'iii- in the streets snd by numerous social gatherings in tie evening. V.1., 22.- The: celebration of the anniversary of the birthday of Washington. was a grand affair.. The procession moved at ..-ten temperature is uniform. Avoid it' notwithstanding the ur.faver- in the day and freezing it at night; such state of tlie weather, made a grand wrought portals, told the choicest and most sinful emotions of their hearts into the I The boats boumfd'own stream always men; queens in kinder poor cards the more f, r some-] to'come'around, with their bow pointed yon have of 'em, the worse for you you GOJ -Cy n'OTC might have throe and nary a trump." I 'and intercessor ana (.Christ. .Luther had, as it were, nailed :i course will turn the cream bitter instead of sour. In churning, the temperature should be (in winter) as hi-Ji: as when the cream is placed "in the churn up cy feared stream, (o- resist, the current, of But Luther, intheface of the fath- H.L.II... ers, had thrown down his rosary and re- fused to acknowled there's sartin to be ono out of four. And above all, Bob, be honest; never take a man's trick wot don't boloiiK to you, nor "slip" cards, "uig" for then, you can't his anathema over the openings of the sometimes ly, and have to. before they reach the laudi'ii SO it was. in this instance. confessional. Luther had hmdicd 1- i take Atchafa.i they encounter a bis take a sweep, of some place. "So you'll the JAMES TOMLTNSO.V. er anil etc. In Vuruittirc. hgldlcfy c.t.-rleil on in ulllti D. SLAUsOX i CO., Lunilic? Ytnl. Uacine Lath. Pliin- 4flU I'Uned nt paid the captain as the for wood, will an- P and about 70 dog. when the butter comes. A good thermometer churn is of urreat advantage in winter, as w.t-11 suimncr. uot because it has a thermometer, bill'be- cause of the admirable it affords of placing warm water-outside the display. .Gov. Wise, in the U" j welcomed visitors, J.I. .Thompson delivered .an ode and name of Virginia. Senator Hunter the oration. 'ii'iiury i. J.G. Uu'NKOE, The rich man can make for himself a home everywhere, and he can command unbounded visitors and attendants. M his new home he can loll ;o his sumptu- UcAlrrlnll.i.'.lvraro.Stovei.Iron, A-ricultiinil luiiilnmeuls, mit! BV lias trieilds; til ry In 11 .llnln boon OF ITS Boston Er- ling Gazcttu tells the fol'ow abominable ory cm a good old Christian A pious old ;nllemjin, one of thesalt of the earth so'-' wont into the pasture field lo catch a holy relics, pretended miracles, and jproaelicd the" shore saving power of the priesthood, and with Tas said the small man. Q1 w'" take it 1" said Captain onall, (meaning nt what rate.) Take it said .the small man. What do-you mean by even Cord fnr i-orij, Ciiflaiii" "Put her round again, said tiipt. nnd wood up at the next I reckon this fellow lias been by somebody on Wine. 1'rcts." J Will trndcrdraining Pay. This-depends on eircinnsiances. Jf i-'ood naturally nndcrdra-'ned land can bcobtsin nc JU1I.V SCH.NEIDEU. ways has friends; the poor man rarely Ins' IC llCld a mare those frinids come to with i to lo ilo (their faces all -lad with smiles, or wreath- ,T i fed sadness, the occasion stirs for I do- M. CAliHOLL. nccor llenl K -tti ii tul Ilii.- (iiii will f, Ji in-iiinnico, CVIU'C- ivM within tlii; sjilniio ultt-ntiuii. FH3SH ARRIVAL ox Boots "i occasion, be it what it irrie or of voices and jrra'eos of the thrnnp are always ready, if griuf press at the riuh inan's heart, the silken voice of the parasite distills into his ear the well -pared imi.-ic to sooth him. If, fora hide her into the belief that she wa ir it; but she was not to be deceived by any such specious act. She would come and then dash off a-rain, until the u-ood man was fretted very balliy. At last.he .sot her into a corner briers and TIMS DAY UKKIVKU u I Ttiut-nr of AND Stk .inil .tjiiv; A il iti tins citjt wnir, fur LjuJ vJAplfil t i Minium- ttJ. fi'tiriif ctintr'iuliciinii, 1 will nrticli- 1'ur niutifj ttnui miy -liniliir ll.'hnir.'it in t hit city. ]f vou Juu': belii-vi'" ic, yuii iii !ft. oucduorXorlliofUnionllnll lae.Mdjr t-. j-tl i v.' LU Jl LIU. It 10T Jt 1 1 i like this for which Smith at' "i" llCT, she bounded over wall and lelt him sprawling amoii" the 11- JB. Koss, DENTIST, TT it., vi All o la tlto AS hh yITlce to oil SIXTH-ST11EET, OneHoor from tliecpmrr of door to tho hurch. ationi rurnwtvil u> liH will he in'rfn Mt jKiisililc IiUHU'T, for ilunvtitity Mid u FOR SALE, At tills of- flci% R In A StrattutiN Mci'citii'ilc The Kin CIcVt ilusiruui; of t.cau tlo no un tiavt? hh at iluitr AlliMtr. Any k in tln-ic bk- by iijiplying at t rich, man should .-triki: with llie arm the betrayer of his honor and his peace, the public voice cries out at cnce the deed was righteous, the death was mer- ited, he hiss but acted in obedience to the dictates of his nature, sustaining his own ascred rights. A trial fur him is but a form. He comes before the tribunal with a proud and lofty bearing, wliich proclaims his feeling of security, and he at lensth goes forth with the plaudits of the'world ringing in his ear; he gues forth asain to plunge into that ease of pleasure which lies 'strewn in bacchanal profusion before hiin; His wife, she never had perhaps, undivided possession of his affections; the gay world always perhaps, divided it with her. He has one attraction less now, and it is one as soon supplied by one with fresher lips and brighter eyes. Xot so with the poor man." His home is the centre of all his is his earthly paradise. The wife who reside? there is queen of all his thoughts and af- fections. He comes home at even-tide, and lulls over to her the earnings of the bushes. 1.1 is Ch hristian fortitude cave way, and gathering himself up he cried, hell." The ejaculation had-passcd his lip? before he thought, but immediate- ly ooiiscinus of his wickedness, he said- and tearful Praise God from whom nil blessings flow." Can you find a tomb iu the land-whore sealed lips lay that have cot sun" that lime.' Ii they were grey old man, thcv iii'.d heard or sung Oid Hundred." If -Jthey were they smiled as' their mothers rocked them to sleep, singing "Old Hundred." Sinner and Saint liave'joined with the endless congregations, wlicrc it has, with and without die pealing sounded on sacred air. The dear little children, looking with wondering eyes on this strange world have lisped it. The sweet young girl, whose tomb-stone told of sixteen summers, she whose pure and innocent face haunted you with its mild beauty, loved Old Hun- and as she sang it, closed her eyes and seemed communing witli the run: from SL5, to S2U per acre, it Would not pav in all prob- ability to expend S20 per acre in under- draining low, wet or springy land'; but in all districts where land per ncro nothing pay bolter than .to ex- proved a cure for a leak." "end ironr lo per acre in judic- jns iindci-draining. The-labor of Culti- LEAKS Si.Mi'Ly The Lvnn Xews says "Some ycsrs ago. I had a leaking "L" Every north-cast storm drove its waiors. in. I a composition of four pounds of rosin, one piu't linseed and one ounVc red applied it hot.with a brush to the part where the "L" joined the main .house.. it has never leaked since, I. then inendcd the composition to my neighbor, who had a lutberan window .which leaked badly. He applied it, .and the leak stop- ped I'toadc juy water cask tight bv this cunipohition. and have rccouimcndcd it for chimneys, windows, ic., and it hns always EniTOii Sririn-ficld -Nonparicl got up'a nica little story about a -Mr. _B H. Andy leading (be young men of that village and swindling them out of their money." The cdi the Columbus Fastsnappcd at the ba'itnud swa.lowed it after the following fashion The Springfield notices the case of Mr. B'. Ii. Andy, frotu New who has swindled xon.-, wiio lias swindled .the citizens of U1G :IS ]t oltc" Springfield pretty extensively. Be Wl" be your guard; for now is a time when such as er' vation is much reduced, while the pro- duce is generally increased one-hnlF. and is not uni'reqiicntly doubled: and -ft must fit; the.I'm-rcoM: ,'sncUpraf- <C. J f we gtit Sly- wovtl; of wheat from one acre, nnd worth from the other, and-ihe expense of cultivation' is: SlO'iii both cases, tiie profit from the one is twice as much as from the .other. That judic- ious underdraiiiing will increase tlie crops one-third, cannot bo doubted 'by 'anv one who has witnessed its' effects. If it should j double the crops, as it often does, thepj 'i Site l''u CEMKNT FOR. BROKEN plaster'of Paris into a thick gum Arabic, til! it becomes a viscous paste! Apply it with a brush to the fractured edges, and draw the parts closely together. In three days, uiore or less, according to dvyncssand temperature of the air. it "will be perfectly dry, and broken in the same place. It is wbite, and does not show. and translated th nto a note of triumph. who were soon to claim her. He whosi manhood was devoted d to (ho service of G-ud, A short time since, a highwayman undertook to rub Jlajor Jones, He HOWE SHERWOOD, Seal Eitats Agenti and Conveyancers, MAL.V-ST., EACINB, HAVI fur ulo CITY tOTS and FArmine (liislroniof owpllto Rirvtl] day or week, upon whicli they are lo rely hcicaftcr. for their support, and they count over the prospect of laying by a little day by day, or week by -week, to provide for days of sorrow. He sits there and looks round' the bumble dwelling, and feels no sorrow, no care, 110 wish to wander out in pursuit of licentious .pleasures. Ho .is at ease in his mind and body. She. is by him he silently thanks his God for such Jones in a piece of woods over in. Jersey. He asked .Tones for his pocket book. Jonc-s refused to yield. Highwayman then took Jones by the neck, and under- took to '.'choke him down." Jones made light and kept it up for half an ho'ur. At the oxpiration of that .time, Jones caved. And the hij" his pockets. Tlie eighteen cents. "Is that all you've "Kvery cent." What made you fight so long "Didn't want to be exposed. and he who with faltoriii" feet ascended ,ie profane word j tlic pulpitstcns the white hand placed over his laboring broast, loved "Old Hun- dred." And though sometimes his lips net Oll'y-movci down in his heart, only, move, away down in his heart, so soon to ccns-'c its 'throbs, the holy melody was sounding. The dear white headed father, with his tremulous -voice, how- he loved "Old Hundred." Bo you see this Andy, will S0ek to live by knavery rather than, by honesty and industry." iin had _ We rather think th.-.t-the Facfmii a imbibiM-too much bad'b'r-andy wliciv he was sold so thoroughly bv tho'-Nonpariel OP i little son of Williaur Bennett, of.Chesterfield; Virginia, aged twelve years, hiid_gone to the neighboring woods, accom- panied by his littie sister, not five voars old, to cut down a tree, which, in falling, caught no sooner set foot ,n pom: now sitting in the chair, leans, W peii, and wore busy exploring- the'temple of fists and the saeraficial nltar. when in -..v-..u, came three curious: Yankees and joined our siblc. -The party; other day on-reaehinf; tho'top i thy of .descried a .man. sitting meet A iner- tlie boy bearing Jiiiiv to the ''is liea'd and his side bis hands crossed'over the his silvery locks floating off from his-hoi- iwayman commenced rifling tomPlcs' and !1 down contents Amounted to Bad enough to have only eighteen cents; but a great deal worse to have the world know it." MAKE that in all things, if you do uot begin, you will never" come to an end. The first weed pulled up in the garden, the first seed set .Martyrs have hallowed furrowed cheeks, as'-the" noble strains-rins- Do you: fidtc'ring sound, now bursting forth, now for almost in If yon do j not, we do; and from such lips, Lallowcd by fourscore years' service in the master's CHUSC, Old sounds indeed, a sacred melody. You .may fill your church'-choirs with Sabbath prima donnas, whose daring notes the. steeple and'cost'almost as much, but give us the spirit stirring tones of the Lutheran hymn sung by old and why, but I-uinrked-liiii: at once for one of my. couutrymeu-. As toward I eon help: noticing-the cool He still, the ground, the tree across' Ifis'foJy, was inscii- little a notc-wor- fraihas she wasj tug- long-hours, rjithout ces- sation, for .his release, pulling, the .limbs ".way, attempting to lift 'tree or roll it aside J "Lock up 1" thundered the- cap- tain, of a vessel, as his boy grew giddy while {razing from the topmast. "Look iip The boy looked up and returned'iri safety. Xever look down and Leave danger uucarcd for and push If you falter you lose. Look up. Do right and trust in God. 'SGT Every young man should remeuiber that the world will .ihvays honor industry: The vulgar and idler, whose energies'of body and mind-are rusting for "occupation; may look with seoru upon the' gngcd at his toil; but 'hia scorn' is praise; his'contempt honor. and, in fact, every expedient tender but- excited'devotion would.look upon a: kitchen, fire 'at'home. A German gentleman, named ler.-has just put five millioDii of eggs-bf the "lake trout obtaineded'from :e 'Ontario- and'Jlichigan in streams leading into Lake Saltonstall. has olsoVpnt-'dowri about eggs of the white fish. It is expected that in two or they will'be? pf-ijaar- ketablo size." ture-wis eiiip'Ioyp'd in her up with-him he-bawled ors'to remove another hands bore C. B. HUSTED, INSURANCE BROKER, awtr sweet and precious gifts as those that are around him, and, above all, he thanks Him for the dear, dear wife that met him when he came back, with the bright, smiling in the ground, the first shilling put in the bank, and the first.mile havclled-in a jour- ney, are all important a bogining, and thereby a hope, a promise, it; it up from the beds of the The old' churches, -where-genera- tion after-generation has worshipped, and where many scores-of the dear dead have considerable ot oMavy raound here Anv-news down below- Yeihnin't tuckered On my. asking he had looked in- to-the replied.: Yaasrbut I burnt: the. pnnts though, I tell yew evidence tbat.herlabors-.-ivcre notwantiu c, enthusiasm. .was takeu home in an insen sible state, and for-se.vcnil davs was unable to speak, but is n'ow in 'a" fair way of recovery.' of my warm, welcommg.kiss. How tb'r'ough the world, who might have 'hold General Commission Merchant. lliariy thousand such homes as this that I! up head rind prospered, if instead of !lavc aro around us. Do. putting off his resolutions of amen'dnien't T IFR, Vlmnnil c.Trctrd In tlio input nnf e T i V i....., ttiat l.atu going. to_ limit this and industry, he had only. .made. a pledge, assurance that you are in earnest i ,cn and before''the altar, with what you have undertaken. How wlierc gavc-'tliemsolves-to' God, seem many a poor, idle, erring hesitiuingoutcast from Tcsti- is 'now creeping'and cmwlliiig hia way bule .to very air is haunted :__li.i i i i CYiij-tf nl Merino ItKu'rnnco c.TcctVd' In tlio nipnt j CwnipilTlicii .it Eliolowest nlteM. inndu on vtiLt. tbo utmoit-drji. HiioiDO, Oct. ti, 18S7. 262 ANY person pnrchmo A I'inon .M KLODK- OS. ilirw rmni tin, in Iwitnii.n; tlK-ir cull of Ik "r. cblmcu bj- iu iMct. not suppose that -going, to limit this to the.liomcs-of the "hewers of wood .and (drawers of water." No It is as .much a picture of the.home of the professional man, the poor doctor, the poor lawyer, the pen uilcss miuister of God, as it is.of the poor it'was. of this poor mulatto, William Smith. IJlliUJI OUIIUJ. i lain and Ornamental Painting. Would, you 'take this home away from him who.' has' it? Would you take it away Would you fill his. very dish, with loathsome publication Would you make his homo a den of hissing serpente, Ux-coil upon his hearthstone 'or'iies.tlo.-in'his bed''. Would you phi ngo'your knife into'the Ornamental Painter gory, on his plate'to meet him when he next'came you? You had better, ten thousand times-better do this, than-do.ns the villain does who steals into another', makes his home a wife greet'liiiujwhen he withilewd display J; -Stuith-lav moro..a home, no warm endear- no forni to'-loye no'-'h'ear.t to beat respon- sive1 to liis A ".bit of :n boy" was liis'aunt's lap, and kept'putting his hand into-her pocket, .for whielr his iDotlior re- proved him.' He was loth to kopi so she J 1 1 i' Is' my Frank' going to steal He wFir'have to'be takeu to' Bataviii, nn'd shut up in the jail, if lie does not keep his hands out of Aunt Betsey's pocket." replied lie, 1 care if I am-; .'I can pray the.Lbrd; and he'll let'rae out His with.its spirit. Think.a momcnt.of the assemblcd-'com- pany- who have at different ti lives' .Ue'tuvued a man from-New England, who came up from Marseilles-to the.Atlantic- speaking of New England Ministers-gives the eo'doteof Dr.'Bellamy, which somo-of-' parts..' IQu The fol lo wing''is froni Roger's Ta- ble Talk; 7 Doctor. Fprdyce sometimes at, dinner.' He was a'ladj- pa- tie'ut, when' 'e inspiration of-thc-.heavenly Old. n V g. of Never- shall, ou Old. Hundred airs I heart of'her' he. loves' when ho was yeti His "cafn'e'stin her'dissevered head, all "strong in 'faith probalily'Fmnk'deriyed his aotioiis from himi' A worthy bld'citizen 'of, 'Newport, the laziest A wortny old .citizen ot, who Had the reputation of b'eibg nian alive' among ocks lazy, indoed; tKat'hc us'e'd 'to 'weed den in a rocking chair, by rocking forwards to take hold of tffe to ilproojt a his own h'e1 used old' to 'spot '-'where tautog' might '-be''' 'depended 'on "any -band of ancient ears grow weary of our tongue of singing thce And when 'wb'get'to Heaven', -who knows'but what'the'first tri umphal strain-that welcomes us, "Eo'tliou, 0, Ood'l Ktiiltcd lilgh." J., of 'Iately: re- ceivcd'inine female and Angers or: tlirbugh'Hhe'-bfficcs-of the Consul :at- They-are in 'good'condition and jeiiuti'ful1 white-fleece. It-'-is" stated :that ;he weight-of''the. male fleece'is'-aboift.7 female 5 Pheyare-Carefully ;fed and-' kcpt'Jbi____n on' brushwood and, "It is of'those acquainted'wfth'-their habits nn'd-'native'climate; that'Ohio'is. ad- mirably adapted to their.raising. perihien't1'' at'-sriy rTi'te ell'worfli v of 'a l'Vm--j--n -1 i .mud OU1 see tlie yolcano, and .a.more .delightfully preachers at the .present day would do well' verdant gentleman is not commou. in these to A.young minister who had loadchim- self ppnspicuous-for; a severe aud denunci- atory style of came' to him ou'e day'to' ask''wliy he'did 'not have said'the -Doctor, you.takc-a lesson of the.fisliermau How do you you..want a 'fOUt-L ..Ypu.gct..a little.hook and.a-fine line, yo'ii briit it "throw' it' iu as'-gently as possible; a'nd'tlicn you sit an'd-: wai t -n rid 'hum fi'sh 'ti 11 you cii n get ;ybu get-.a grcnt-cod- the was thinkingwliat his should'ofler to tlie letterl'from'he'r'was ,put.'intp: liis' hnud.-' "'She'too said'the let- ter, "thjU ho discovered u'nfortu'nate condition .in last visitcd'her, hudshe'.cntrca'icdIvim' secret, the ericJbsed1 .BOX.. [Liidjr'jreads''le'gi ..USUJIY- J.V, THE- R-rjRAL Rural You want.- five hundred, dollars.. :Here's the charge five per cent, a- mouth," want it for a year, that leaves just forty dollars _ __ Innocent ed it for two years i thcre'd .be sometKih" coming-to you, eh A lawyer iu one "of the .Western' courts lately threw a ca'nc'aUr.oth'ers The court required' apologize Tor, it. Hc_did so, and While T am about may. as apologize be" fore hand for throwing another cane 'at1 him the first chance I -''I a tele Su'Ao Irislimari elegraph- 'office- a.dTspatch'intenaed'-V' inform employed up'oh1 in cit, of the-de-'' city, _, w IIJL; LI1U Uv" cease'of.a.friend." -If roa'dthus Barney' coine 'home Si, A''coxcomb'; witfr- lU'-accbunt'of thrash .-ft, into .the.jotllCTS complained that lie could'nevcr'gol No won'derl" TcturiTa] tlif; Dnrftir. him.flsliore.i TcturiTad tlic Doctlr, "you ,r. gobutwi'thout-any thing in it." I A seat.on-tlie floorrin'db'cd'.' The'brutish should' thinK the Stau; had better .'buy jchairs, instead 'to ;Fwouldn't ToltfiyGorrirnerciali'- A Jl e at-a'jest.

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